Emmitt Smith's 2020 NFL Mock Draft - Picks 17-32

Last update: Sometime in the month of 2020.
Next update: Who in God name would update the mark draft lot of time?

I've been writing Emmitt Smith mock drafts ever since ESPN unjustly fired him. My reasoning was that we all missed Emmitt's grammatically flawed analysis on the "Worldwide Leader," and I was protesting ESPN terminating his contract. Emmitt was definitely the highlight of my Sunday mornings, and America deserves to hear him once again.

This is my 11th Emmitt mock draft. I can't believe it's been more than a centuarary already! Where have the time gone?

This is what a 2020 NFL Mock Draft would look like if Emmitt Smith created one. This is satire, so don't take this seriously, especially if you happen to be irritated by everything and have no sense of humor.

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Emmitt Smith 2020 NFL Mock Draft.

A reminder of what we've been missing on Emmitt-less ESPN.

Emmitt Smith's 2020 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

  1. Dallas Cowboys: Emmitt Snow Jr., RB, Florida
    Each time I do the mock draft, I recommend the Cowboy draft my son Emmitt Smith IV, the III, the V, Sr., the VIII, Jr. Sr. XII Smith. He my precious boy, the fruit of my loom. He gonna be a real good football in the NFL one day, and the Cowboy only gonna stand to benefit if they trigger the pull on him. This plan do not work because the Cowboy never draft him but maybe they gonna draft my other son the bastard Emmitt Snow Jr.

    Please do not telled Emmitt Snow Jr. this but I telled you a secret. Emmitt Snow Jr. not really my son nor are he my daughter. I have sexuals with his mother, a lady name Liliana Dragonwolf, so he part dragon, part wolf. He gonna be a real good football player because dragon can fly and wolf can run fast and do other thing.

  2. Miami Dolphins: Zack Moss, RB, Utah
    Now that the Cowboy probably gonna draft my son because they need half dragon and half wolf to get them afar in the doggone playoff, it time for the Dolphin to draft the son of my formal ESPS college, Randy Moss. Randy Moss son also edible in this draft and this guy probably Zack Moss, who also a running back but not as good as my loom fruit Emmitt Snow Jr. or even my truebond son Emmitt Smith IV, the III, the V, Sr., the VIII, Jr. Sr. XII Smith.

    Irregardless of who the Dolphin gonna draft, he gonna have a better runny guy than the Dolphin have last name. Him's name is Patrick Lard who sound like a real fat guy because a lot of the guy whom's name are Patrick happen to be real fat.

  3. Oakland Raiders: Michael Pittman Jr., RB, USC
    Family a theme for my mock draft. Family real good but it also presence here. Michael Pittman Jr. probably the son of Michael Pittman III, who play on football in the good ol' day of long time ago when I play football for professionalism. Except unlike me and Randy Moss, Michael Pittman III not a real good player so I have a real skeptical about Michael Pittman Jr. being real good player because he and his father share the same DNS.

    But it do not matter. The Raider real hungry for a running back so he probably going to draft Michael Pittman Jr. Josh Jacob do a real good job last year and he make proof that he can be a real good backup so he probably gonna more than happy to give way to the new running back who comed to Oakland.

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Van Jefferson, WR, Florida
    What a coincidencement that a lot of the son of former guy suddenly appear on my mock draft. Emmitt Snow Jr., Zack Moss and Michael Pittman Jr. all feature and now it time for Van Jefferson to have his turn in the lemonlight. Van Jefferson probably the son of Thomas Jefferson who do a good job of president of the States of United of America before Bill Clinton Portis take over for president and then have sexual in the oval egg that got him peached.

    Thomas Jefferson do a good job as president because he free the slave so Van Jefferson gonna do a good job for the Jaguar because the Jaguar only have one receiver I can remember and him's name is D.J. Chip who just mediocre at what he do.

  5. Philadelphia Eagles: Shenault Jefferson, WR, Colorado
    I hate to keep beating a dead nurse, but there seem to be a lot of former son of football player on this draft year. Shenault Jefferson the twin cousin of Van Jefferson, so that obviously make him kin to Thomas Jefferson, who not only the President of the State United a couple of year ago, but also a former football player who play for the Houston Texas. Blood happen to be thicker than oil so if Thomas Jefferson were good football player, that mean that both of his cousin gonna be great at play football too as well also.

    There are so many catchy guy in the draft, and what I means by that is that guy good who catch football. Who gonna be the first receiving pick in the draft? It really depend on whoms seened as good. Beauty are in the eyeball of the holder, so he gonna decide who best.

  6. Buffalo Bills: Albert Octagon, TE, Missouri
    The Bill really surprise me when they make the doggone playoff last day. And not just because he the Bill, but because he come out of somewhere and go from a franchise that always losts games to a franchise that suddenly win enough game to go to the doggone playoff. The Bill need to keep this momentus going so maybe he going to trade a tied end to help the quarterback, Josh Joseph.

    Albert Octagon probably the best tied end in this draft. That is because Octagon have five shape. Triangle have three shape and squareangle have four shape but I always wonder if there a shape that have five shape but when my son Emmitt Smith IV, the III, the V, Sr., the VIII, Jr. Sr. XII Smith do his homejob, one of the question was what shape have five shape and I finded out the correct question to that answer octagon.

  7. New England Patriots: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State
    I cannot belief that Tom Brady gonna make like a tree and bark the Patriot. I mean leaf the Patriot. He gonna leaf the Patriot because leaf a kind of plant that grow on tree, and leaf and leaf sound like the same word but he not the same.

    Maybe Bill Billick gonna find a replace for Tom Brady. Maybe this guy gonna be Jordan Love, who name after what happens on Valentime's Day. Love the opposide of Hate, so it a good thing this guy not name Jordan Hate, or people really gonna hate him.

  8. New Orleans Saints: Yebir Gross-Matzah, DE, Penn State
    I read story on how Yebir Gross-Matzah are in troubles. He get into trouble for hazing and somebody even law souping him. This ridiculous. Hazing a part of animal life. When cow and horse haze the grass, that mean they eat the grass, so why Yebir Gross-Matzah get into trouble for eat grass? Unlessed he poop on grass and not pick up with bag, he not doing nothing wrong!

    I uneasy about this story and it make me think racistism involve. Yebir Gross-Matzah a fellow of the Jewish faith so that probably why he being law souped. Anybody who against Jewish are call anti-cement so the guy who law souped him probably anti-cement who a guy who really hate cement.

  9. Minnesota Vikings: A.J. Dillon, RB, Boston College
    The Viking probably realize what I learn a long time ago, which that Kirk Cousin not good at quarterback. I learn this when I learn that Kirk Cousin not really my cousin. I call all my cousin "cousin" so when I hear Kirk Cousin name, I think he my cousin, but this do not appears to be the cake because he do not attend my family union.

    I wish I could gived the Viking a new quarterback to reap place Kirk Cousin but there no more good throwy guy left in the draft. Why not instead the Viking finally replace Adrian Peterman? A.J. Dillon the perfect guy because base on his first name, he clearly the long-losted son of Corey Dillon, who use to play football good eight decade ago. I do not knowed how much time in decade but some people say it to represent long time so it must be long time.

  10. Miami Dolphins: Patrick Queen, OT, LSU
    I say before that every Patrick I knowed are extremely fatness so it make sense for the Dolphin to find a offensive linebacker who are extremely fatness so he can protect the new quarterback, the guy I gived the Dolphin on this mock draft earlierness. I forgetted what him's name was so I cannot telled you who he gonna protect. But what I do know are that offense linebacker real good at protect quarterback.

    Maybe Patrick Queen gonna be real good. Outside of fat, Patrick Queen also have the name of Queen which the same name of the Queen Elizabeck who the ruler of Great England. I do not live in Great England but I have question for those who does. When you vote for her to becomed queen of Great England, do you vote for her because her name already Queen so it become real easy to say she queen of England, or was she just the best canigate?

  11. Seattle Seahawks: Shane Lemieux, G, Oregon
    When I learn that Shane Lemieux declare for the football draft, I knewed I would has to put him to the Seahawk. Shane Lemieux probably the grandson of Luigi Lemieux who was the greatest hockey player of all times. People sometime say that Wayne Gatsby the best player but Mario Lemieux always my favorite because he play for the Pittsburgh Pirate who was always good team. Wayne Gatsby play for a lot of team, which remind me of player who go around a lot of team in the National League of Football. I stay true to the Cowboy and always play for Jerry Johnson. I real loyal so I always going to respect Jerry Johnson, the great owner of the Cowboy.

    Ruskell Wilkins good with loyal too as well also. He always play for the Seahawk through his 20-year career so maybe Shane Lemieux gonna carry after his uncle Luigi and also his quarterback and he gonna stay and play for the Seattle Sonic forever, which happen to be a long time, maybe like 40 decade, which probably like 30 year.

  12. Baltimore Ravens: Justin Field, QB, Ohio State
    Lamar Jaskins do a great job of play quarterback almost all of last month. Not only do he play real good, he also play good too as well. He won MVP, which stand for the Most Value Football Guy on the NFL. He that good, I do not exagistrate.

    But then something happen in the doggone playoff. Lamar Jaskins go cold. He cannot hit the broad side of the bar. He cannot throw an ocean into the rock. Something happen wrong, so it up to the Raven to find out what wrongness happen. Maybe this mean Lamar Jaskins need to go into retirementment and the Raven need to begin from square zero all over again. Maybe this mean he gonna draft one of the best quarterback we have seened in a long time from Ohio since Carbunkle Jones come into play football and now he domination the XFL so much so that he now can be consider the best XFL quarterback in the NFL.

  13. Tennessee Titans: Cold Kermit, TE, Notre Dame
    The Titan make a deep run to the doggone playoff, but as the old saying go, when you start a run, it always have to finish. The Titan run finish when they run into a sawbuzz knowed as the Kansas City Chief, so that mean only one thing. If they want to beat the Chief the next time, they going to have to score more point than the Chief. Because if you score more point than the other team on football, sometime you going to win the football game.

    The Titan have good receiver with O.J. Davis and Corey Brown. Now, they gonna need to find a good tied end to replacement Donny Walker, who a little bit long in the mouth. Cold Kermit a good tied end from Notre Dame State even though he have the same name as the green turtle in the Puppet Baby cartoon, the one with Miss Piglet, Oscar the Grouch and Count Chocula.

  14. Green Bay Packers: Tea Huggins, WR, Clemson
    I never heard of any of the guy Aaron Johnson throw to last season except Davante Rodgers. First, he throw to Allison Geronimo who sound like his gender a girl. Then, he throw to Marquez Waldo-Scandals who sound like his gender a scandal. And then the camel that broke the straw's back the next guy name Allen Lizard, who sound like his gender a lizard.

    Forgive me for being sexism, but the Packer need guy who sound like he have the gender of manmale. Tea Higgins sound like those. He have the same name as the snack that people in great England have, tea and chicken, which everyone have a 4 p.m., which might be around noon, I not sure because I do not pay attention in my time class in the Florida College of State.

  15. San Francisco 49ers: A.J. Espinoza, DE/OLB, Iowa
    I was real surprise that the 49s have a strong year and go to the Super Game. But like Forest Grump say, life is like a box of chocolates. You gonna be surprise by what inside.

    The 49s play good defense all years but he finally losted to Patrick Marrone in the Super Game of the fourth quarter. This mean the 49s need defense because championship win defense. I mean defense win championship. Maybe he gonna draft A.J. Espinoza who play real good in the school of Iowa, which located in the city of Iowa. I knowed this from giggology class I took when I was in Florida State College.

  16. Kansas City Chiefs: Trevon Diggs, WR, Alabama
    We finally reach the final pick on my draft mock, and we come full square. We start where we end, I mean we end where we begin with talk about kin.

    I probably name 50 guy on this draft mock who the son of the guy who use to play on the National American of Football. Here another guy. Trevon Diggs the son of Stefon Diggs and he a promise young receiver. He play real good at Alabama State, trust me I watch him a lot, maybe like two time. He make big play and make a lot of impression catch. He should be the third or fourth player draft so the Chief getting real lucky that they get a guy who can make big catch from the Super Game MVP, Patrick Marrone.

    You are welcome for reading my draft mock. I work real hard on this 2020 draft mock, it probably take me five decade. This a real long time, probably like three year, so I appreciation you reading the work of my blood, sweat and cry.

  17. Real 2020 NFL Mock Draft

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