Last update: Saturday, April 25, 2009.

This is an opportunity for you, the readers, to vote on the picks in the 2009 NFL Draft. All you need to do is sign up for the forums and vote in the Reader Mock Draft section of the forums. Click here if you’re looking for my 2009 NFL Mock Draft.
  1. Detroit Lions: Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Matt Stafford: 79.4%
    – Jason Smith: 12.8%
    – Eugene Monroe: 5.9%
    – Aaron Curry: 2.0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – bt_cru: The Lions failed to acquire Cutler. Cutler is now a division rival. The Lions HAVE to get Stafford, who some have compared to Cutler, to be the face of the team to go along with the new regime in Detroit.

    – FBJabber: Of course you have to “start in the trenches.” BUT…the Lions are not an OT away from the Super Bowl either. They have a better chance of taking Stafford and still getting an OT at #20, maybe Defense at the top of Round two, than they do taking an OT and hoping a QB falls to #20..which won’t happen.

    As an organization they have to also put up the front of making an effort to turn this franchise around, putting a new face on it.

    Stafford may not be the “best” pick but he is who they have to pick.

    – RyanWest: With lack of depth at QB, and the considerable depth at the place where you pick later in the 1st, you have to take Stafford.

    If I’m the Lions I go: Stafford, Beatty/Best Tackle Available, D-line/LB/CB whatever is best there with the first 3 picks.

    – JWill442: It is going to be Stafford they need some one to be the face of the franchise. Also linebackers do bust, remember Andre Bruce whom the falcons took number one. I know its been a while but I am still bitter.

    – Paper_Bag: Did Millen sign up on the forums to vote for Curry???

    Anyway, Stafford has got to be the pick. An LT will be there at 20, Stafford won’t be. The only QB likely to be there at 20 is Freeman. And although I like Freeman more than any other QB in this class, the fact is the Lions have shown no interest in any other QB besides Stafford. And a QB isn’t something you draft without a private workout.

  2. St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith, OT, Baylor

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Jason Smith: 48.8%
    – Eugene Monroe: 43.8%
    – Aaron Curry: 4.1%
    – Michael Crabtree: 3.3%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Titans09: Gotta go Jason Smith because the best mini-golfer in the Rams front office is high on him.

    – LoveMyBills: Spagnuolo has said that he wants to get back to pounding the ball with Steven Jackson. Monroe might be the best all around OT, but Smith is still a better run blocker, just what the Rams are looking for.

    – Arichmix: Jason Smith is the best pick here. He has more upside than Eugene Monroe. Monroe is more pro-ready, but the Rams aren’t ready to win a Super Bowl right now.

    – Shoffma1999: I think Jason Smith should be the pick for the Rams. The day of the Rams being the greatest show on turf are done, Tory Holt is gone, Isaac Bruce is gone, and Bulger has been battered and bruised for several consecutive seasons. They really need to emphasize the power run game, and Jason Smith is the better run blocker even with his inexperience out of the 3 point stance. I have also heard some Rams’ fans saying they like Barron at LT (I disagree, but meh) so they may want someone who could play the right side as well.

    – Vincinerator: Jason Smith is undoubtedly the most athletic round one tackle available, and is easily a top five pick. But while Smith is “better” in run blocking, I have seen no real demonstration of this. He played only in the spread, and Monroe was more used to blocking for the type of quarterback who would stay put and not stray off of his pocket. This is exactly the type of quarterback Marc Bulger is, and it would do well to take Monroe for this reason.

    Plus, everybody has known since before the season that Monroe is one of the best offensive tackles available for the 2009 NFL Draft. Smith didn’t get any real publicity until late in the year of a 5-7 team, and the only time he was generally placed above Monroe was when he performed well at the combine. First of all, many teams do not decide to care a whole lot about the combine. Second, it’s not as though Eugene Monroe had a horrible combine. He looked plenty good, like somebody worthy of a top pick, so to me there is no reason to not take him.

    – VBSiena24: Oh snap Walt quotes us if we post something good? Rams will pick Erin Curryz cause he is the shizzle!

  3. Kansas City Chiefs: Aaron Curry, ILB, Wake Forest

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Aaron Curry: 78.0%
    – Brian Orakpo: 10.1%
    – B.J. Raji: 4.6%
    – Michael Crabtree: 4.6%
    – Eugene Monroe: 2.8%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – BobLoblaw: I picked Curry, of course, but I was a little disappointed Ayers wasn’t on the list. I mean, given their understanding of the type of players that fit the 3-4, a prototypical 4-3 DE seems like a virtual lock.

    – PuppyPuncher: Curry is pretty much a lock to go here. I’m under the assumption that the Chiefs are going to install the Patriots defense which requires the linebackers to know pretty much every position. We all know Aaron Curry can offer scheme versatility and guys like him don’t come around often.

    – LoveMyBills: If the Chiefs don’t pick Aaron Curry, I better not be drinking or eating anything when the announcement comes or I will spew all over my TV. Curry will go nicely with that collection of guys they have that perfectly fit the 3-4….oh wait….

    – Scone21: If Matt Millen was the GM, the pick would be Crabtree. Millen is not in the organization, so Curry will be the pick.

    – Paterack7: Orakpo is a strong possibility, but I think Curry is such a complete player that there’s no way anyone can pass Curry up. He can play all 3 linebacker positions because he’s so versatile, and he’s still improving.

    The Chiefs finished 29th in points allowed and 31st in yards allowed (and considering 32nd is the Lions, that’s pretty bad). The Chiefs need a defense, and they need the best defensive player in the draft now: Curry.

    – Simonds: It won’t be a LT because the Chiefs drafted Brandon Albert last year and he did a very good job at LT. Drafting Eugene Monroe in order to slide Brandon Albert over to guard would be the equivalent of drafting a guard with the third overall pick.

    It won’t be B.J. Raji because the Chiefs cannot afford to go DT in the top five for two straight years.

    Aaron Curry’s the guy.

  4. Seattle Seahawks: Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Eugene Monroe: 49.6%
    – Michael Crabtree: 38.7%
    – Mark Sanchez: 8.8%
    – Brian Orakpo: 2.2%
    – B.J. Raji: 0.7%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Symocourage20: Assuming the top three go as expected (Stafford, J.Smith, Curry) this pick – at least for me – comes down to Monroe v. Crabtree. Although there have been ‘inside’ reports that claim the ‘Hawks will take a playmaker here, I see no advantage to the team airing their intentions (see: Smokescreen). Additionally, when the anchor of your OL is 35 years old and breaking down, you don’t pass on the opportunity to select a franchise LT.

    One of the things I keep an eye on in regard to whom a team might draft is where they spend their money in FA. While TJ is 31 years old, I can’t see Seattle spending money at WR PLUS expending the # 4 over all choice at the same position, especially since the team has so many holes.

    With that in mind, I think we’ll see ‘Eugene Monroe’ as the name penned in on the Commish’s card.

    – Shoffma1999: Seattle’s pick should be Eugene Monroe. They don’t need Crabtree because they picked up Houshmandzadeh, and the other WR’s should be back from injury to fill out their WR core. They don’t need Raji because they picked up Corey Redding via trade. Brian Orakpo is a possibility because they could use a pass rusher, but I don’t think they have him valued as high as #4. Sanchez is a distinct possibility, as they would be able to land a successor to Hasslebeck. However, I don’t think they want to pay #4 money to someone who might not start for several years. Thus, Seattle takes Monroe as a replacement for Walter Jones who doesn’t have too much longer.

    – LuckYman: Difficult pick. I voted for Monroe, because I think he is a better player and OT offers more positional value. Also, the receivers may slip (as they did in 2008) and Seattle can get a good receiver like Britt or Nicks at the top of round 2 (where all good OTs will be gone).

    – Ckane138: Monroe. Walter Jones is 35 coming off microfracture surgery so who knows how much longer he’ll be able to get it done. Also the Seahawks are probably much better than their record indicates because of injuries so they can’t really expect to have a chance at another young talented left tackle anytime soon. Too many question marks surrounding Crabtree to consider him and even though signing TJ doesn’t close the door on Crabtree it makes is so they don’t have to.

    – Cougfan: After the voluntary practice the other day, the Seahawks listed Ray Willis as Guard instead of Tackle and reported that the O-Line did not play well at all. Ruskell also stated he doesn’t like to take offensive linemen early in the draft because they aren’t a “sexy pick.” It looks like they are doing everything in their power to fool teams into thinking they are taking a Tackle here to try and trade down with someone interested. Don’t be fooled by this smokescreen. Seattle’s key weapons are aging fast and this is NOT a rebuilding year. Crabtree offers them the best chance to win now and gives them an explosive player to help sell tickets after last year’s fiasco.

    – Indiana Seattle: As a Seahawks fan, with all due respect I think a lot of you are way off the mark in your assesment’s here.

    For starters, I cannot see the Seahawks taking Eugene Monroe. I would be surprised if he’s even on their radar. Remember, they only need to make a shortlist of four, because one of their guys is going to be there guaranteed. The Seahawks have very publically switched to a zone blocking scheme on the offensive line and Greg Knapp, new Offensive coordinator, has made improving the running game a priority.

    In man coverage, Monroe is very good. But he lacks any kind of nasty streak, has questionable effort on and off the field, doesn’t progress to the second level much and his run blocking is very suspect. For example, on a standard running play say he’s watching the DE. The end pulls wide and effectively out of the play. Instead of moving inside and finding a linebacker to block, Monroe will call it job done. That’s not what the Seahawks want from their offensive lineman in this scheme.

    Admittedly, he’d be perfect for a team who want flat out pass protection. On a pass friendly offense like the Colts/Cardinals or a team that wants to protect their QB as a priority (Bengals) then Monroe makes sense. Not for Seattle however.

    Plus you have to take into account, the team paid Sean Locklear left tackle money in 2008 clearly with a view to eventually moving from RT to replace Walter Jones on the blindside. With Jones expected back in 2009, how can they justify three massive contracts to what is essentially three left tackles? The best case scenario is Jones has to retire and Locklear is a very expensive RT. The worst case scenario is Jones plays for another 2-3 years and Monroe doens’t see a snap. I cannot see the team investing $60m in Monroe when he isn’t a great scheme fit.

    For me the Seahawks will target one of Stafford, Jason Smith (much better ZBS fit), Aaron Curry and Michael Crabtree. With the first three off the board, Crabtree has to be the pick.

    Please don’t assume the Seahawks will take Eugene Monroe, because I would be absolutely stunned if it happens.

  5. Cleveland Browns: Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Brian Orakpo: 66.4%
    – Michael Crabtree: 24.2%
    – Mark Sanchez: 4.7%
    – B.J. Raji: 3.1%
    – Chris Wells: 1.6%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – LoveMyBills: Orakpo fits exactly what the Browns are looking for in their defense. The lack of pressure this past year was so bad, it was actually pretty funny. We all remember Tony Romo standing completely still in the pocket looking for a receiver.

    Personally, I would never touch another Texas player this high, but being a Bills fan and still scarred from Mike Williams, I’m a little biased. But hey, Michael Huff didn’t turn out like he should’ve either. Some criticism of Orakpo is that he takes plays off and didn’t give his best all the time. I wouldn’t want to hear that about the guy I’m about to pick at #5.

    – MockDraftManiac: The Browns only mustered 17 sacks last season, which, if it wasn�t for the Chiefs� awful showing of 10, would have ranked last in the NFL. Willie McGinest is done as an elite pass rusher so they are going to need another top rushing outside linebacker. Brian Orakpo played defensive end in college, but at 263 pounds with a 4.70 40, Orakpo should be easily able to move to outside linebacker in a 3-4 system. He had 10.5 sacks last season and is considered the best pass rusher in the draft.

    – VinnyG: Logically this pick appears to be Brian Orakpo. The Browns have a big need at OLB. Sure its a new regieme, but they already have 2 young QB’s who they could keep or trade. They lost Winslow and may trade Edwards as well. However if Edwards was traded the deal would most likely give them a 1st rounder which logically would be used on a WR. So it all comes down to value and need. Corner is a need, but the price is to steep at this position. Orakpo is not only good value, but 3-4 OLB’s are the difference makers of the D.

    – Skip: As a Cleveland fan, the only viable options here are Orakpo and Crabtree. I am not counting out a draft of Crabtree whether they deal Edwards or not, but I am pretty confident that the pick will be Orakpo and will be plenty satisfied.

    How Sanchez or Wells are even a part of this poll is beyond me. If either are drafted at 5, I may have to consider finding a new team despite being a fan for 30 years of my life. If they are even remotely thinking Sanchez, then they may as well not deal Quinn. I fully expect Wells to be a bust in the NFL regardless of who drafts him. I question both his health and his heart. Having him in the backfield of my beloved Browns would just about make me sick. Taking either Brown or McCoy in the 2nd round is a much more viable option and I expect the careers of both to surpass what anyone will get from Wells.

    – BobLobLaw: I’m still not getting this. The Browns were worse on offense the last six weeks of the season than the Raiders were with Art Shell at the helm. Their pass rush is pretty bad, but it’s nowhere as anemic as their offense. I don’t think Crabtree will be there, but if he is I don’t see how you can justify passing on him after the way the season ended last year.

  6. Cincinnati Bengals: B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – B.J. Raji: 31.4%
    – Andre Smith: 25.4%
    – Michael Crabtree: 18.6%
    – Michael Oher: 15.3%
    – Brian Orakpo*: 6.8%
    – Chris Wells: 1.7%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 0.9%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – JWingate: B.J. Raji has to be the pick here, there is a huge drop in big defensive tackles after Raji and not as big a drop to the Offensive Tackle position. The Bengals could look at OT in the 2nd round while helping with a major need such as a run stopper/space clogger in the 1st round.

    – RaidersIn2020: I went Andre Smith here, obviously the Bengals still don’t care about character, signing Tank Johnson proves that. That helps their D line so Raji is less likely. The Bengals desperately need help on the offensive line, Smith can do that, he was penciled in at #2 before all his problems surfaced. He is a great talent. But like the Browns if their #1 reciever is traded then its Crabtree.

    – LoveMyBills: I went with B.J. Raji because I can’t see the Bengals selecting anyone else on that list. The top two OT’s are gone, Crabtree isn’t happening unless Ocho Cinco is traded, and I just can’t see them taking a RB. I suppose Andre Smith is an option, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they took him. However, even after signing Tank Johnson, the Bengals will take Raji.

    – A2X: Well you look what Team is OTC and you see the Bengals. Then you look who is on the board and you see Andre Smith.

    Then you remember all the great stories about Bengal Players and how much their GM loves players that get arrested or have a poor attitude and work ethic.

    Therefore Andre Smith goes to the Bengals. A match made in heaven.

    – BobLobLaw: I was torn between Crabtree and Smith, but since I gave the Browns Crabtree I thought I should stick with Smith here. If he finds a way to drive drunk or pull a gun on someone before draft day he’ll be picked for sure.

    – KCChiefs365: It’s no secret the Bengals were ready to pounce on Sedrick Ellis if he fell to them. Why not take a better prospect this year? Although, to be fair, Andre Smith has the perfect attitude for the Bengals.

  7. Oakland Raiders: Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Michael Crabtree: 58.0%
    – Michael Johnson: 10.9%
    – Darrius Heyward-Bey: 9.4%
    – Jeremy Maclin: 8.7%
    – Aaron Maybin: 4.4%
    – Andre Smith: 3.6%
    – Everette Brown: 2.9%
    – Michael Oher: 2.2%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Symocourage20: Michael Crabtree makes too much sense here. If he falls to # 7, he’ll be the Raiders pick. Prior to his successful surgery (and losing an inch or so on the tale of the tape), Crabtree was viewed by many as the top talent this draft has to offer. Combine that with the team’s desperate need for a playmaker for QB Jamarcus Russell, and the choice is a no-brainer.

    Also, while it’s true that ‘Undead Al’ lusts for speed in his draftees, he loves a good controversy even more. Picture Davis rolling his hands with glee while Berman & Co. ponder the selection of Crabtree over the speedier Jeremy Maclin (An excellent prospect, but much less of a talent than Crabtree)!

    – JoeMiken: With Orakpo and Raji going to the Ohio teams, this has to be Crabtree. The Raiders have no #1 WR (Javon Walker has done nothing) and Ron Curry is barely a #2. Crabtree gives Russell a deep target with Zach Miller underneath.

    – MyCarman: As a raiders fan, I hope Crabtree falls to us if we are unable to trade out of this pick. While Al does love to take sexy speeds, I think that crabs other intangibles might be enough. I also know that Al doesn’t take receivers, but there is nobody that I love at 7.

    – CraigDizzle28: Crabtree will be the pick. al davis will ignore the lack of a 40 time and take the flashiest name available.

    – Scone21: With all of the choices, I had to go with Michael Johnson. Why wasn’t one of the choices a random virgin. Al Davis probalby hasn’t sacrificed one in awhile with his crappy free agent signings. So, he will draft a virgin to sacriface. If there are not any good ones, it will be Michael Johnson (not to be sacrificed, but to actually play).

    – KiiNG: This is like a fairytale pick. Jerry Rice, a former Raider and the greatest WR to ever live, is Crabtree’s mentor. I mean come on. That’s almost as magical as Al Davis’ love affair with Miley Cyrus. If he’s still on the board, Crabtree goes here.

  8. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Jeremy Maclin: 31.3%
    – Vontae Davis: 24.1%
    – Michael Oher: 17.0%
    – Mark Sanchez: 17.0%
    – Malcolm Jenkins: 6.3%
    – Andre Smith: 4.5%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Vikingfan173: Who are Jacksonvill’s WRs? WHO, who… That’s right I bet you can’t name one, well we have crap, crap and crap need to take Maclin so MJD doesn’t have to catch all the balls.

    – Dedrion99: Maclin is a reach, but Jacksonville desperately needs a receiver. Vontae Davis is a reach for top 15. Oher is a top 10 possibility, but Del Rio doesn’t pick too many linemen in the first round. A trade here makes the most sense, but even so at 12 (assuming the Broncos are the trade) all three (Davis, Maclin, and Oher) are still probably on the board.

    – Vincinerator: Personally, I completely agree with Walt’s idea of the trading between Jacksonville and Denver. Makes perfect sense. The Broncos will want to vault ahead of San Fran to take the overrated and soon-to-bust Mark Sanchez from USC, while the Jags would love to move down a few spots, short enough to still get Vontae Davis and far enough to pay him what he deserves.

    As a Chargers fan, this scenario would delight me. If we win all our division games and not one extra-division game, then no doubt we would win the division. Sadly, 6-10 might be good enough to win. I thought the AFC West would be insanely good this year around, but I saw the Chiefs trade for a quarterback who is the same as Tyler Thigpen, but a little bigger, a weaker arm, and no mobility. Then I saw Jay Cutler leave Denver for greener pastures and an NFC North title. Also, I saw Oakland is still the other team. No way we lose it now.

    – Symocourage20: This is where we could see some movement in Round 1. Unless Crabtree magically drops in the Jags’ lap, I’m almost convinced we’ll see a trade here.

    WR is clearly Jacksonville’s greatest need, but I’m not too sure they’ll want to pay top-10 money to Jeremy Maclin. Enter: The Denver Broncos. With a plethora of picks, Denver is in prime position to trade up from #12 to #8 (ahead of Green Bay) and grab BJ Raji, whom they covet as a NT in their new 3-4 defense. In this scenario, the Jaguars would drop down to #12, still get Maclin, and probably pick up an extra third-rounder from Denver. Since trades aren’t part of this mock equation, I voted for Maclin.

    – McWatt: It might be too soon for Oher or Smith, but I’m of the opinion it’s too early for Maclin, too. I’d rather pick a lineman early instead of a receiver…I don’t want the Jags to be the “Ted Ginn team” of this year’s draft. *shudder*

    Plus, Garrard needs all the help he can get up front so that they can at least get some semblance of a running game going again….or at least so that they can keep him upright for more than a fraction of the game.

    Draft a receiver early, maybe in the second round, but not at number 8 overall. Give the Jags Oher (unless a stud like Raji falls)

    – Ravens52: I think Maclin should be the pick. The Jaguars lack explosiveness on offense, and Macln is a dynamic reciever and kick returner. He can stretch the field for David Garrard, and it’s too bad Matt Jones was released, because having him and Maclin as their two starters actually would have given them a solid core of recievers.

    Jamon Meredith is a guy they should target in round 2. He’s got a great attitude, and I think he’s the best tackle without a first round grade (Smith, Monroe, Smith, Oher, Brittan, and Beatty to me are 1st round locks almost, because of the demand for tackles). He’s a solid pass blocker, and can play every position on the line. I actually think he could move into the 1st round if all of the 6 1st-round graded tackles are off the board after Minnesota picks.

  9. Green Bay Packers: Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Everette Brown: 32.1%
    – Aaron Maybin: 25.7%
    – Tyson Jackson: 24.8%
    – Michael Oher: 7.3%
    – Malcolm Jenkins: 4.6%
    – Andre Smith: 3.7%
    – Vontae Davis: 1.8%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Paterack7: I speak from a Packers’ fan perspective when I say we need a pass-rush. Why I didn’t choose Maybin? It’s quite simple. If you look in the past, Ted Thompson hasn’t chosen the “flashy” picks with a lot of upside compared to those who have proven themselves. Now that’s not saying that Maybin hasn’t proven himself, as he’s an incredible player, but Everette Brown is the correct choice here because he’s quick, and you know he strong enough to stand up to NFL linemen. Maybin? I’m not so sure.

    – MockDraftManiac: The Packers have a history of taking best available. With no major needs, despite a 6-10 record, look for the Packers to do the same again. Brown has slipped a bit due to concerns about his size, but he�s still the best player available and his lack of size won�t matter much as an outside linebacker in Green Bay�s 3-4 defense.

    – PuppyPuncher: I voted Everette Brown because I hope that Ted Thompson is man enough not to be afraid of the ghost of Jamal Reynolds.

    – Vincinerator: Everybody knows they need a 3-4 rush linebacker. They may also need a new end, and with both Everrette Brown and Tyson Jackson available for those spots, respectively, then it’s a toss-up. But there aren’t a whole lot of players available for the 3-4 end spot, where as atop round two there are many spots where they could take a rush linebacker such as Connor Barwin from Cincinnati if he’s still there. I am also thinking that Aaron Maybin could drop to number 16, where the Chargers would take him, then trade him to Green Bay for their rounds 2, 3, and 4 picks. This would be ideal for both teams, as the Pack can get their end and rush linebacker, and the Bolts can get more picks so they can take a safety, end, and o-lineman.

    – GBPackersFan24: I wish there was a trade down option. 3-4 rush linebacker is a deep position in this draft, and I think Green Bay would be better served taking an OT in the first round. Tauscher might not be back and Clifton is starting to break down. Oher and Smith might be too much of a reach at nine, though. I picked Oher, but I think they will trade down to get him if Raji is not available.

    Tyson Jackson probably won’t be picked either. Don’t forget, Ted Thompson spent a first-round pick two years ago on Justin Harrell. He has been injured and hasn’t been able to prove himself yet. Thompson will want to give him another year. They will probably get an end later in the draft, but not in the first round.

    – PossibleCabbage: The right pick is Tyson Jackson. The number one problem on the Green Bay defensive line is the strong side defensive end, a position currently manned by Johnny Jolly (legal problems), Justin Harrell (back problems), and Alfred Malone (who?). Jackson is the most complete 5-technique defensive end we have seen since Richard Seymour, and unlike everybody else Green Bay is looking to draft here, Jackson actually has experience in the 3-4 (as LSU ran several 3-4 sets where Jackson played 5-technique earlier in his career).

    This is a very, very, very deep draft in terms of rush linebackers, so if Green Bay doesn’t draft a Maybin or a Brown here they have a shot later at guys like Connor Barwin, Clint Sintim, Larry English, Paul Kruger, Cody Brown, Lawrence Sidbury, Jr, Clay Matthews, and Michael Johnson. That’s 9 guys who have late 1st through third round potential and I doubt that 1/4 of the NFL is going to be taking a pass rusher in the second, especially since at least three (Brown, Maybin, Orakpo) are going to be taken in the first. Keep in mind that some of the best 3-4 pass rushing OLBs in the league were late round picks; Joey Porter was a 3rd round pick and James Harrison wasn’t even drafted.

    On the other hand, this is a very shallow draft in terms of 5-technique DE prospects. There is a large drop from Jackson to the next tier (Hood, Gilbert), a big drop to the next guy (Moala), and an enormous free fall to the next guys (Everette Pedescleux, Nadar Abdallah, and Pannel Egboah), none of whom will probably make it above the practice squad in their first year. Those are the only players in the entire draft with the frame to play 5-technique DE in the 3-4 defense. Unlike as is being bandied about in this thread, Mitch King can’t play 5-tech because he’s short and has short arms (measured 31″ at the combine). 5-technique DEs need long arms in order to disengage from blockers in order to flow to the ballcarriers. Seriously, look at the arm lengths for every single starting 5-technique DE in the league, none have arms shorter than 33″. Gilbert and Hood will probably be taken before Green Bay picks in the second, so if they pass on Jackson they’ll have the unenviable fate of having to reach for Moala in the 2nd or get stuck with what they have.

    Tyson Jackson is the only correct pick for Green Bay here. He fits a need, he’s a complete prospect with experience in the scheme, and the drop off to the next person who plays his position is precipitous. Seriously, you can take Jackson here and pass on Maybin and Brown and pick up Cody Brown in the 3rd round who is only a slightly worse prospect at WOLB in the 3-4 but will fall that far because he’s more or less useless to a 4-3 team.

  10. San Francisco 49ers: Mark Sanchez, QB, USC

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Mark Sanchez: 58.8%
    – Aaron Maybin: 16.7%
    – Michael Oher: 13.2%
    – Andre Smith: 6.1%
    – Malcolm Jenkins: 2.6%
    – Tyson Jackson: 1.8%
    – Vontae Davis: 0.9%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Symocourage20: While Mike Singletary tries convincing the world that his 49ers won’t draft a QB at #10, they’ve flown a 37-year-old Kurt Warner into Cali, knowing no one they have under contract at the signal caller position is the answer.

    They struck out on Warner, but will land their new QB right here, in USC’s Mark Sanchez.

    – Raidersin2020: I’ll go Sanchez here if he’s available, but i think he will be gone by this point. The more realistic pick is probably Maybin.

    – Daphenomx: The pick here is obviously going to be Sanchez. The 49ers need a young QB to be the face of the franchise, Shaun Hill just doesn’t cut it. The only way they might not pick him is if they’re scared that he’ll turn into the next Alex Smith.

    – Paper Bag: Although I don’t think this is the way it goes down on draft day, barring any trades, the Niners will draft Sanchez. They just drafted Balmer, so Tyson is out (unless they move Balmer to NT). There’ll be pass rushers in the later rounds, they just signed Marvel Smith, so I think they’ll pass on OL. I could see a DB but QBs are just so much rarer.

    – LoveMyBills: Alex Smith restructured his deal and they still have Shaun Hill, but with Sanchez’s stock on the rise like it is, I believe the 49ers will take him. Coming from a pro ready offense, the 49ers should not be scared to take him because of Alex Smith.

    – EAkadima15: Granted, Singletary wants his team to win in the trenches, but he doesn’t seem very impressed with his current stable of QBs either. I say he likes Sanchez’s whole son of a fireman/working hard at the combine, doing all the drills/comfortable with the media deal enough to take him if he falls to 10. Again, I agree with the trade scenario Walter makes with the Broncos trading up for Sanchez at 8.

    – Revsoderling: NEW REGIMES MEAN NEW QUARTERBACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    Why would Singletary + Scot McCloughan NOT pick Sanchez here. Let’s see. SF’s only QBs are bust Alex Smith and the erratic Shaun Hill. Sanchez could be back in top-5 contention now, and there is probably no way Sanchez will last here but Singletary will definitely pick the winner, Sanchez. He won the Rose Bowl despite never taking a snap in a bowl game before that! Seriously, all signs lead to a Sanchez pick here. Mark Sanchez, welcome back to California!

  11. Buffalo Bills: Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Aaron Maybin: 48.4%
    – Robert Ayers: 19.4%
    – Tyson Jackson: 12.1%
    – Brian Cushing: 6.5%
    – Michael Oher: 6.5%
    – Larry English: 3.2%
    – Brandon Pettigrew: 2.4%
    – Andre Smith: 1.6%
    – Malcolm Jenkins: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – MockDraftManiac: The Bills dropped off from their 5-1 start last year after Aaron Schobel got hurt. With Schobel went their entire pass rush and the team only put up 24 sacks on the season. The Bills will take the best defensive end available and at this point that is Aaron Maybin.

    – ChiBears56: Maybin is a good fit here for two reasons. One, the Bills need a guy who can pressure the quarterback from the outside. The other being that Maybin is a perfect guy to play the rough and tough defensive mentality that the Bills give off. Penn State prepared Maybin to play for Buffalo.

    – Shoffma1999: The Bills obviously need a pass rush. However, I think they prefer guys who are three down players and not simply situational guys. Maybin might be the best pass rusher available, but I think Ayers is the better player, and should be the pick. Ayers gets wrongfully panned as a one year wonder, but that is not really the case. Ayers was a guy Tennessee expected to do a lot of different things and never really settled into a position until his senior year. He showed marked improvement every season.

    Mayock has predicted that we will look back at this draft in 4-5 years, and Ayers could very well be the best defensive player. None of the other players present the overall value Ayers presents. He stuffs the run, rushes the passer, can shift inside, can cover in short area zone coverage, and has a lot of upside.

    – IckeyShuffle: The Bills can’t afford to pick a situational guy like Maybin. Not when Ryan Denney is your starter. They need everydown talent and Ayers fits the bill. With a team in win now mode (see T.O. signing) you don’t draft a 250 pound sophomore D-end that played in a patty cake conference. You nab a 270 pound senior SEC banger. Stroud and Ayers would do some damage lining up next to each other. And if Schobel is healthy, they could finally smack Tom Brady for the first time in about 5 years.

    – Ivarngizteb: Maybin was too good at Penn State’s pro day to turn down. Being a Michigan State fan, I was at the PSU/MSU game a few years ago. That Maybin guy was running through our offensive line like a maniac.

    – Hotbyoungturk: When you think of a 4-3 defense… you have to think about the best… and IMO thats the Giants and Eagles… Their front 7 is SICK!! The Bills are trying to get there.. The Bills are stout in the middle, and okay at the ends…

    Aaron Maybin has to be the guy!! Speed is KEY to getting to the QB. Maybin has that and the athleticism to be a threat for the Bills. With his age and size, he would gain another 15 lbs. and still play w/ the same speed.

  12. Denver Broncos: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Tyson Jackson: 70.1%
    – Rey Maualuga: 9.4%
    – Brian Cushing: 4.7%
    – Josh Freeman: 3.7%
    – Vontae Davis: 2.8%
    – Larry English: 2.8%
    – Chris Wells: 2.8%
    – Malcolm Jenkins: 1.9%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 1.9%
    – Clay Matthews: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Mleuang81: The Broncos defense, if anything, has speed. The absolute worse talent is on the DL. Tyson Jackson would bring the bulk and strength they need against the run. He’s the perfect fit in the 3-4.

    The Broncos can take a rush linebacker or ILB later, but they already have Moss and Dumervil developing at rush linebacker, Andra Davis on the inside, and DJ Williams who can move around at each linebacker spot. Wesley Woodyard also looked impressive last year and could be in the mix. Boss Bailey has speed to blitz on passing downs. What the Broncos need is run stuffers… when the Chiefs and Raiders tear you up on the ground, you definitely need help and Tyson Jackson would step in right away and aid the porous defense.

    – VinnyG: Poor Denver, they could really use another 4 or 5 good picks. If it wasnt bad enough that they were switching to an entirely new Defense, McDaniels screws up the QB situation. Now Denver has major needs at QB, DE, NT, OLB, ILB, S. They may be in the worst shape of any franchise. At this spot QB seems to be out of the question unless you trade up or trade for Quinn. Raji will most likely be gone and there is probably not going to be any 3-4 OLB’s left worth taking this high. ILB is a big need, but none of them are worth taking this high.

    So, the best value is to take Tyson Jackson. 3-4 ends are not easy to find, its harder to find a good 3-4 End then a 3-4 OLB. Jackson has ideal size and very good athleticism. Picking up Jackson now and trying to find LB’s and a NT later is the best strategy. McDaniels may want some hot-shot QB, but their defense is years away.

    – LSU Alumni Broncos Fan: Being both a die hard LSU fan and Broncos fan… I like Tyson Jackson as the pick. I have seen Jackson play several times and he can be straight up dominant… something the D-line was lacking last year for Denver. It’s still possible for the Broncos to move up to nab Sanchez but personally I say save one of the two first-round picks in 2010 for Sam Bradford.

    – Finnegans Wake: I voted Jackson, who is IMO one of the two best 3-4 DEs in this draft. Jarron Gilbert may have more upside and athelticism, but Jackson played at a higher level of competition and is more generally accepted as a mid-R1 pick. The key to overhauling this team is to revamp the defense, and if Denver is switching to the 3-4 that starts with the big uglies.

    The Chargers, at 1.16, would gladly take Jackson ahead of Denver’s 1.18 pick, to replace Olshansky, so the value is there. Jackson looks to have little downside, and should be an immediate value for the Broncos. If they can add Ron Brace later, he appears to be a better 3-4 NT than Fields, a stopgap, and the line should become the foundation for the D.

    – Shoffma1999: If the Broncos want to make a successful transition to the 3-4 defense they need to follow in the footsteps of the Patriots, and build their defensive line with talented and young players. Tyson Jackson is a perfect start to that rebuilding process. Five technique defensive ends are not easy to find, and Tyson Jackson is a perfect fit. Jackson would help stop the run as well as rush the passer (in a limited sort of capacity). Jackson also offers the versatility to play in the 4-3 if they want to run a hybrid during transition. Then at 18 they can land a premier linebacker.

    – BobLobLaw: Since Freeman has a strong arm the Broncos obviously don’t want him, so they’ll try to improve their front seven. They can get one of these LBs at 18, but there’s a good chance Jackson could be gone by then, so they should take him here. Given McDaniels’ preferences this off-season, though, they may decide to trade his pick for an aging DB, a mediocre RB, and/or Alex Smith.

  13. Washington Redskins: Andre Smith, OT, Alabama

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Andre Smith: 57.3%
    – Michael Oher: 33.0%
    – Robert Ayers: 3.9%
    – Brian Cushing: 1.9%
    – Larry English: 1.9%
    – Josh Freeman: 1.9%
    – Clay Matthews: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – MockDraftManiac: After his no show at the combine and his sorry showing at his pro day, Andre Smith does in no way deserve to be a 1st round pick. However, he has great potential, so someone is still going to take a chance, and probably make a mistake, by drafting him in the first round. The Redskins need a right tackle and they have an owner in charge who often makes mistakes. It�s a match made in heaven.

    – Leo Fender: Although I wouldn’t pick Smith, I’m sure Snyder would…

    – Burley29: Snyder may have a tough time passing on Andre Smith, but I mocked Oher. At some point Mr. $nyder is has to learn from his mistakes and avoid the poison pills, doesn’t he?

    – Geek101: The Redskins need another tackle, and with another exceptional class, they won’t hesitate to take one. Oher is the ‘safer’ pick, but we’re talking about Dan Snyder here. He’ll go for Smith; more risk, more reward. Personally, I think Smith is still a solid first round pick. Did you see him play? He was a dominant force and I would consider his latest lapses a capable issue. He still has that bust potential, but I don’t think he’ll wash out.

    – ChiBears56: Before all of his offseason woes, Andre Smith was considered a top 3 pick. Now, it looks like nobody in the top 10 is even interested. Luckly, Daniel Snyder will reward Andre with a 10-year, $130 million deal.

    – BobLoblaw: I didn’t expect Smith to be running away with this early, but I think he’s the likely choice if he’s still on the board. Snyder loves the big names no matter what baggage come with them, so Smith would fit the bill. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade this pick on draft day, though, either to move up for Sanchez or to get a big name like Quinn.

  14. New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins, FS/CB, Ohio State

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Malcolm Jenkins: 63.0%
    – Chris Wells: 15.2%
    – Vontae Davis: 9.8%
    – Brian Cushing: 5.4%
    – Clay Matthews: 3.3%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 3.3%
    – Michael Oher: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Riot of Violence: Malcolm Jenkins! The kid brings the versatility and skill the Saints secondary sorely needs. He will likely play FS but don’t count him out as a corner. I like the fact that the kid can really bring it and he fits a need.

    – Invisibulman: Easy one. It’s Jenkins. He can play either Safety or Corner. The Saints need both. If they could pick him twice, they would.

    – RockNRollSuicide: Even though I think Jenkins will be the pick, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Chris Wells selected here. The Saints can utilize an Earth, Wind, and Fire system like New York did, with Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas. In my opinion, Bush/Thomas > Ward/Bradshaw. The only problem is that the Saints need a solid goal line/short yardage back, who can be Chris Wells.

    – BobLoblaw: The Saints have picked up some players in the secondary and have Porter who they took last year, so I think they can afford to wait to address the secondary. I think they’ll take a RB to complement Bush, and I’m stealing Matt’s pick of Wells just like Mel Kiper did.

    – Ivarngizteb: Going with the bandwagon here and picking Jenkins. Like I said with Maybin, being a Michigan State fan I’ve seen Jenkins play. The OSU defense was so good that game we left when the halftime score was 28-0 Buckeyes. They shut down Javon Ringer (who was coming off one of his best games of the season) and beat us 40some to 7.

    – J Snazzy: Everything I read about Greg Williams defense (Including comments by former player Matt Bowen) says he runs a lot of man to man defense and puts CB’s on an island. Simply put, they need a serious upgrade or they are going to get torched. Jenkins is that upgrade.

  15. Houston Texans: Clay Matthews, OLB, USC

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Clay Matthews: 30.9%
    – Vontae Davis: 24.6%
    – Brian Cushing: 20.0%
    – Peria Jerry: 8.2%
    – Chris Wells: 7.3%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 3.6%
    – Darius Butler: 2.7%
    – Darrius Heyward-Bey: 1.8%
    – Kenny Britt: 0.9%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Geek101: LB here, DB in second round. I think Matthews is a better 4-3 LB than Cushing, so he gets the nod. It may be a little high for him, but my other thought is Wells, which seems high as well. I don’t think they’ll take wells because Slaton fits their zone blocking scheme so well. They need a bruiser back, but their offense is young and has time to grow, the defense needs more improvement. Trade down is the best option here, but because this is a mock, if they are forced to pick, I’ll go with Matthews.

    – ChiBears56: This pick will be determined by the Saints pick at 14. If the Saints go with Matthews or Cushing, the Texans will take the other. If the Saints go with Malcolm Jenkins, the Texans will take Matthews. A pick like this will make their linebacking core an elite one.

    – PHLBarney: In a perfect world the Texans would trade out of this position because they can probably get the same player in the early 20s as well as a 3rd round pick. That player is Clay Matthews. Cushing is completely over rated because he looks like the Cali G.I. Joe and has the USC effect. The Texans have done well in the draft in recent years (Amobi is what? 21 now?) and will continue trading this pick to the Eagles and acquiring Matthews and another pick later in the draft.

    – Symocourage20: I think Matthews will be the pick for the Texans … just not at #15. The projected trade with Philadelphia proposed on this site makes too much sense. Houston is jonesing for front seven help and Andy Reid has already intimated his Eagles won’t likely stay put in round 1. I can see the Eagles trading up with Houston for Michael Oher (a lineman the team has already professed interest in), while the Texans drop to #21 … and still get their man in Matthews.

    – BobLoblaw: With Jenkins off the board this is the hardest pick to predict. They signed players at their biggest needs other than safety, so they’ll either have to reach, trade down, or go with a lesser need.

    Trading down may be most likely if someone wants Freeman, but that’s not an option here. If they reach, I think it’ll be for someone really surprising, maybe Alex Mack or a safety, but they’re not listed. So I’ll go with the most talent at a lesser need and give them Wells.

    – Coleb576: I cannot see Kenny Britt going to the texans here especially since they fell so far last year, Texans should go with linebackers or Malcom Jenkins. Texans love adding great athletes to thier defense and Clay Matthews fits the bill, with 4.57 speed and 23 bench press reps he has the athletism to play in the Texans defense right next to Ryans and Adibi. Knowshon Moreno is my wild card pick because of the popularity of the 2 running back rotations and the texans will be the next team to go with the fad. Look for william Moore as their second rounder. Go Texans!

    – Trisoman: Let me break down per the Texans’ needs: No Safety here worth taking. Cornerbacks – unless Dunta uses a gun on someone / himself, the Front Office thinks we’re set with him opposite Reeves or Bennett as starters. -shudder- And anyhow, the difference in quality between the top and the middle round CBs is less pronounced than the OLBs; we need depth here, not starters.

    Our running defence and QB pressuring was our biggest Achilles’ heel, but we drafted 2 first rounders on our D-line – though let me be the first to say here that this is Travis Johnson’s last season if he doesn’t make the jump. Adibi and Diles were both injured at various points, both are undersized and neither was a sack machine; while we let 4.5 yards per rush past us. It’s also important to note that Eugene Wilson and Jacques Reeves were our 2nd and 3rd leading individual tacklers – which means our OLB corps weren’t doing enough. And watching Greenwood before his release was akin to watching a film massively slowed down – except the RB was at normal speed.

    Thus, an OLB – but which LB? I think Clay Matthews is more fluid in his hips and can do both coverage and run defense, and probably has more room to ‘roid… I mean, grow. Cushing isn’t half bad and I wouldn’t mind hearing his name, but CMIII is both on the rise and would make a cute story with Bruce Matthews now on our coaching staff. If Rick Smith has his wits about him, he’ll understand the fanbase connotations and make the good choice.

    After all this long rambling, it falls on me to say: With the 15th pick, the Houston Texans pick Clay Matthews III.

  16. San Diego Chargers: Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Michael Oher: 55.0%
    – Rey Maualuga: 34.2%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 7.2%
    – Chris Wells: 2.7%
    – Brian Cushing: 0.9%
    – James Laurinaitis: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – EmSmith12: Chargers are in a real good spot here. They will likely have the opportunity to take Oher who, despite being in some special classes, is an extremely underrated prospect or Maulauga who has fallen due to a hamstring problem. Both are needs for a team not too far off from the tops in the league, talent wise.

    – StanHanMan: Oher has got to be the pick. Sure he has pass blocking inconsistensies, but you can always use him on the right side and slide him over later in his career when his pass blocking has been addressed.

    – KCChiefs365: I said Maualuga for two reasons:

    1. It screws Denver out of a key 3-4 player at 18.

    2. I’m a Chiefs fan, and I want SD to make the wrong decision.

    – Paterack7: Oher is an extremely strong possibility, but I think the Chargers will opt for a defensive player. With arguably the top offense in the league (2nd in the league in points scored behind the Saints), I think the Chargers will choose to bypass their first round pick for an offensive player and pick a defensive player.

    The best defensive player here is Maualuga, and he fits a need of a 3-4 inside linebacker for the Chargers. Yes the Chargers defense will instantly improve with the return of Shawne Merriman, but what if he isn’t as explosive? Will the Chargers rely on Rivers’ arm (and hopefully LT’s rejuvinated legs) to carry them into the playoffs? The Charger’s management isn’t stupid, and they’ll make the right pick in choosing Maualuga here.

    – Symocourage20: If you believe that Michael Oher will still be on the board at #16, then there’s a good chance he’ll be the Chargers pick. If you believe, as I do, that Oher will be eating cheese steaks with Andy Reid after the Eagles trade up for him, then Beanie Wells might be the pick.

    Tomlinson is pushing 30 and Sproles is a glorified 3rd-down RB, so selecting Wells would fit the Chargers plans. Also, it’s no secret the team has shown tremendous interest in the RB.

    – FCBolt: Oher is the likely choice here. His talent level is head and shoulders above the other guys in this list. And the Bolts need help on the OL. Turner has said that he’s happy with Clary. But that’s possibly a smokescreen. And when you can get a talent like Oher at 16, you do it. As far as drafting a ROT at 16–keep in mind that McNeill at LOT has had 2 very mediocre seasons in a row. That’s likely cause of injury, but if he doesn’t get better, he will be replaced. So Oher could offer help at either spot.

    – Mttrice: With Goff gone there is a hug hole at RG. If the Chargers pick up Oher and stick him at RT then they can move Clary from RT to RG and all of the sudden the Chargers have a good O-line again. They don’t need an RB this year and AJ Smith wants to win it all NOW. This pick should greatly improve the Chargers (which sucks because I hate the Chargers). Hopefully they screw it up.

  17. New York Jets: Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Josh Freeman: 40.8%
    – Chris Wells: 25.5%
    – Darrius Heyward-Bey: 11.2%
    – Percy Harvin: 9.2%
    – Kenny Britt: 5.1%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 5.1%
    – Hakeem Nicks: 3.1%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – MockDraftManiac: The Jets have done a good job of building up their defense this off season, but still need a quarterback. In my opinion, Mark Sanchez is the best quarterback available, but head coach Rex Ryan likes Josh Freeman a lot more, because he reminds him of Joe Flacco, the rookie quarterback who led Ryan�s Baltimore team to the AFC semis last season. I�m not saying Freeman going to do the same, but they are very similar players, coming into very similar situations. Freeman would also be supported by a strong supporting cast, as Flacco was.

    – Pheltzbahr: New regimes might equate to new Qbs, but bear in mind this is not a new regime. Tannenbaum is still the GM, Schotty is still the O Coordinator. Those two have their fingerprints on all 3 young QBs on the roster and to add another such as Freeman is inept. Do you really think a team built to “win now” is going to throw a raw prospect that has no exposure to their system over Clemens or Ratliff who have been working with the current personnel?

    The Jets will either trade up to get Sanchez if he falls (Another bad move) or take a WR or RB at #17. I’m sure Rex wouldn’t mind another back considering the type of offense the team will be running, but the real need is at WR. I voted for DHB because he can be a legit deep threat opposite Cotchery and open up the run game by keeping 8 out of the box.

    – Blazedestin: They tried one season with a QB named Brett. I think they’ll go with at least one more season before they give up. Wells could form a devastationing* three headed running monster with Jones and Washington.

    * – Intentional.

    – SuperUberBob: The Jets like to see Ratliff and Clemens play for the job.

    Thomas Jones is at the end of his contract and is past his prime. He’s probably gone after 2009. Beanie Wells + Leon Washington could be a great tandem running back set up for the Jets.

    – VBSiena24: The Jets always, always, always, take Ohio St guys in the first round for some reason. Their GM has taken one 2 out of the last 3 drafts (Nick Mangold, Vernon Gholston). So I gotta go with the guy who makes the most sense in this scenario, Chris Wells. Probably not the one I would take, but hey I’m not the GM.

    – Finnegans Wake: I voted Freeman here. Not sold on Clemens or Ratliff, but figure they’ll have a one-year leash as Freeman learns. He’s going to need some coaching up, but he is an intriguing prospect, and a high-character guy FWIW. RBs are fungible, and I expect the Jets could wait until R2 or R3 for a top guy. Rex Ryan might like to go with a defensive player, and was very excited about DL Jarron Gilbert, but he’s not listed.

    Harvin is IMO too risky, injury-prone and in search of a position. He’s not a pro-ready WR by any stretch.

    – ChiBears56: Though Thomas Jones is getting up their in years, new regimes mean new quarterbacks and with a draft that suffers a significant drop after the top three, the Jets will not pass up on the opportunity for a franchise quarterback. Other doubters say that Freeman is too raw to be drafted this high, but Rex Ryan and the Ravens took a chance on a similar player in Joe Flacco in last years draft which paid off in dividends. I predict that Ryan will follow what the Ravens did last year.

  18. Denver Broncos: Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Rey Maualuaga: 52.0%
    – Larry English: 13.7%
    – Brian Cushing: 8.8%
    – Vontae Davis: 5.9%
    – Ron Brace: 5.9%
    – Josh Freeman*: 3.9%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 3.9%
    – Chris Wells: 2.9%
    – Connor Barwin: 2.0%
    – Darius Butler: 1.0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – MLeuang81: Maualuga. One of the reasons the Broncos defense has gone so sour over past few years is the lack of a strong physical presence on the inside. It used to be Al Wilson, but ever since he left the defense has been bad to horrible. Andra Davis played ILB in the Browns 3-4 I believe but neither him nor DJ Williams can really play big like Maualuga can. Maualuga can take on blocks and open up DJ Williams to do what he does best: make tackles. Williams will be far better off with a stronger ILB next to him to take on those blocks and lay the lumber. As I said earlier, the Broncos defense is built around speed if anything and Maualuga would bring the physical presence along with Tyson Jackson at 12.

    – Riot Of Violence: Rey Maualuga has to be the pick if he is still on the board at 18. Rey will bring the back a hard hitting and fiery attitude that only a true leader can bring.Which happen to be very key elements for a rebuilding defense to have.

    I like Rey at 12 and love him at 18.

    – RockNRollSuicide: I can’t even believe that so many mock drafts, and more disturbingly, Broncos fans have the Broncos either trading up for Sanchez or drafting Freeman. If Denver does that, McDaniels is essentially admitting that he traded away an elite quarterback and got nothing in return. Part of me wants to see him draft Freeman so he could get fired on the spot.

    – PuppyPuncher: Larry English. He can complement Elvis Dumervil in a LaMarr Woodley role and help out the pass rush.

    – ChiBears56: Something positive that Josh McDaniel’s wants to do with the “New Patriots” as I call them is he will push to get top tier linebackers. Rey Maualuga is the best middle linebacker available at this point in the draft and fills a need for this team.

    – VinnyG: In an attempt to put together an NFL quality D, the Broncos should follow up the selection of Tyson Jackson with Maualuga. There are very few good ILB’s in this draft and even fewer 3-4 ILB’s. Selecting Maualuga here allows them to take Ron Brace in the second and adress the defensive backfield later.

    – Geek101: Rey Maualuga. McDanny really, really likes Orton. He will be better with an actual OL around him and some big-time receivers. With two firsts this year and next, the Broncs MUST take the best player available these next few years. Drafting only for need will get them in trouble. The Ravens have had such a good 3-4 defense for the last decade because they always take the best player available.

    Although the Broncos REALLY need an NT, this is a weak class, and they should capitalize on what they can get in Rey Maualuga. He is no Ray Lewis, but he fills a need as the punisher in the middle of the defense and will probably be a solid to near Pro Bowl player for the next decade.

    They can manage with a project NT in the later rounds. Their defense is not going to be elite anytime soon; don’t reach for a need, draft best available and get some pieces together. If they think they can grab a LB a little later in the first, they might trade down, but who would trade up? Rey Maualuga is the pick.

  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Peria Jerry: 45.7%
    – Robert Ayers: 26.1%
    – Michael Johnson: 15.2%
    – Vontae Davis: 9.8%
    – Evander Hood: 2.2%
    – Darius Butler: 1.1%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Longhornfan24: I don’t see how it can be anybody other than Peria Jerry. Even before they lost Jovan Haye they could of used him. Now, since he’s gone, what do they have left? Hovan and Pat Sims? DT needs to be upgraded

    – KCChiefs365: Peria Jerry presents better value and less risk than Michael Johnson. Plus, I don’t think MJ will even be here, although that’s irrelevant.

    – Invisibulman: All indications are that they would love to take Josh Freeman in this spot. Failing that, I think they look to rebuild the defense from the inside out. Peria Jerry is the best DT left on the board, so i have to think he is the pick.

    – KCinMan11358: Jerry is the guy. They haven’t had anyone to replace Warren Sapp since he left. This guy can fill that role. I don’t care what people say he played in college, 3 or 1 tech. It’s a matter of sliding over. It’s still the same idea: Smother the guy with the ball.

    – Matt McGuire: Peria Jerry does not fit in Jim Bates’ scheme which emphasizes run stuffers at DT. Tampa can go with a nose tackle later on (Marks, Brace) and draft an end or corner at 19.

    – Scone21: I don’t care what people are saying. It is Peria Jerry from Ole Miss. Some say he isn’t wide enough, fast enough, or other things. They need to shut up. The Bucs need a DT and Jerry fits the profile.

    – Geek101: I don’t think the Bucs will take the risk of Johnson, who seemed to major in taking plays off. They have Gaines Adams as a pass rush specialist, and their run defense was atrocious down the stretch last year. With backs like Bush, Stewart, Williams, Turner, and Norwood in the division, run defense has to be the bucs top priority (considering they signed Byron “The Wind Up” Leftwich for the hole at QB). Drafting a situational pass rusher would be a mistake, and the Bucs would continue to let their division run all over them. Jerry is the pick.

  20. Detroit Lions: William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – William Beatty: 60.2%
    – Eben Britton: 20.4%
    – James Laurinaitis: 6.5%
    – Robert Ayers: 5.4%
    – Peria Jerry*: 3.2%
    – Vontae Davis: 2.2%
    – Darius Butler: 2.2%
    – Evander Hood: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – MockDraftManiac: The Lions have to protect Matt Stafford if they want him to have any chance of being a good quarterback. William Beatty will allow the Lions to move Jeff Backus back to his natural position at left guard, successfully upgrading two positions along the line at once. That is definitely going to help Stafford long term.

    – Symocourage20: If the Lions commit to Stafford atop the draft, they MUST offer him better protection than the team gave their signal callers last season. They’ll draft Beatty at #20, team him with RT Gosder Cherilus, and move Jeff Backus inside to G where he belongs.

    Note: Since January, I’ve only had two slots consistently remain the same since my initial mock for round 1: #1 and #20. Stafford and Beatty will be teammates.

    – RockNRollSuicide: Rule #1: New regimes mean new quarterbacks.

    Rule #2: Games are won and lost in the trenches.

    Beatty it is.

    – Geek101: William Beatty. Robert Ayers should be on their radar, considering they have a coach who holds defensive linemen at a very high value. But taking a QB #1 overall and not building him a line is just begging him to be the next Tim Couch, David Carr or Alex Smith. I go with Beatty over Britton because despite him being more of a raw prospect, he has a higher ceiling where as Britton is more pro ready, but may not have the ability to play on the left side in the big leagues.

    The Lions are probably three years away from even being competitive. They are building for the future and will need to give Stafford some help to develop. They can afford to take the rawer prospect. Besides, I’m a Vikes fan and I want Britton to play RT for us.

    – Soup: If you’re going to draft a franchise quarterback, the only move that makes sense is a left tackle to ensure he doesn’t become the next David Carr/Joey Harrington. I’m pretty sure that the lions didn’t like how Harrington turned out.

    – LordOfPotato: The Lions need to protect Stafford so grass stains don’t ruin his new jersey. I personally like William Beatty over Britton. I could see a DT, but I think we should wait until the third round for a DT. We should land James Laurinaitis in the second, if not, Clint Simtim or Evander Hood.

    – luckYman: Assuming Stafford will be chosen first, Beatty makes most sense as future Left Tackle at 20. “You need a quarterback, you need to protect your quarterback, you need to get to the other quarterback.” Beatty makes it 2 of 3.

  21. Philadelphia Eagles: Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Robert Ayers: 25.0%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 23.8%
    – Chris Wells: 22.6%
    – Brandon Pettigrew: 19.1%
    – Kenny Britt: 3.6%
    – Sean Smith: 3.6%
    – Darrius Heyward-Bey: 1.2%
    – Michael Johnson: 1.2%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – BobLoblaw: The Eagles always draft big linemen early on, and probably won’t break that trend if a talent like Ayers is still on the board. I know Eagles fans want offensive help for McNabb, but the team obviously doesn’t care what the fans want when it comes to the draft. Besides, they “helped” McNabb by wasting a ton of money on bookend tackles who gave up 18 combined sacks when they weren’t going up against Ware, Osi, Tuck, Fat Albert and the rest of the NFC East pass rush. I mean, what more could the guy ask for?

    – PuppyPuncher: Robert Ayers because he could be prototype LE. Do you think the Eagles will draft anything that isn’t a lineman?

    – Scyte&Hammer: Pick will be either DE Robert Ayers or one of the RBs Knowshon Moreno or Beanie Wells.

    I voted Knowshon, they will need a replacement for Westbrook very soon, although Beanie would complement Westbrook better (Westbrook speed, Beanie power).

    – Ivarngizteb: Brandon Pettigrew. Tight End isn’t the team’s greatest need (Defensive Line is) but Andy Reid never does what he should do in the draft.

    – Miller33: Andy Reid is a guy who drafts for value, not for need. He took a QB first in 07 when he wouldn’t need one for maybe 4 or 5 years, and he took a DT first in 08 when he had a young promising pair already. If either Wells or Moreno is availible at this pick, I say he goes for it.

    – TheBigOk5: Moreno is a talent that can run, catch, and block. All 3 of those are important when running a system where the Eagles pass 60% of the time. In order to get past the Westbrook stage, the Eagles need the player most like him, and that is Moreno. Wells may be a power runner, but he’s not a pass catching back. As an Eagles fan, I’m much more high on Moreno.

    Ayers doesn’t even seem like a possibility to me. We have a lot of money on the D-line already with Bunkley, Cole, Abiamiri, Parker, Clemons, Howard, Patterson, and Laws. All of those players have talent, and they all provide sacks and a great run defense. Getting Ayers would just force them to build another talent when they don’t have to. Clemons had 8 sacks in Oakland. Abiamiri is supposed to be a great talent. That’s enough to man the opposite side of Cole.

    Pettigrew also becoms an option. However, the team relies heavily on pass catching TE’s. I think they do get a blocking tight end, but a cheaper one later in the draft because they don’t need a pass/run blocker in the first round now that Peters is traded for. The Eagles offensive line is very dominant at this point and with giving Celek some time to work on his blocking, they will be able to stop most run and pass blitzes.

    – Shoffma1999: Everyone knows Andy Reid loves the big men, and it has served Philly reasonably well as Philly has been a perrenial contender for multiple years. Robert Ayers is a player who would be a very good addition to the Eagles aggressive defense, and would offer a nice counterpart to Trent Cole. They can always add RB, TE, or WR at a later point.

  22. Minnesota Vikings: Eben Britton, OT, Arizona

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Eben Britton: 45.6%
    – Vontae Davis: 19.0%
    – Darrius Heyward-Bey: 12.7%
    – Alex Mack: 10.1%
    – Darius Butler: 8.9%
    – Kenny Britt: 3.8%
    – Evander Hood: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Draztek: Eben Britton. Ryan Cook is horrible.

    – Mycarman: Instead of trying to get a young QB to fit a great Defense like Pitts and Baltimore do(who trusts that success), the Vikings settled for Sage. Let’s put it this way, if you are going to prom and you have to choose between the overweight senior(sage) that you know will go with you, or do you try your luck on the kinda cute junior girl who’s on the BB team(sanchez or freeman)?

    Ok, maybe I should leave the analogies for Walter and the pros, but I just don’t like settling on the overweight senior… Instead of QB, the Vikes will grab some sort of line help or CB… It doesn’t really matter because either way they will be the underachievers in the playoffs next year. If they even make the playoffs.

    – Boss Hogg Lou: Eben Britton is the last of the First Round OT left on the board when the Vikings are up to pick. I doubt they go with a DB, because their DBs seem to find a way to cause turnovers. They could use more depth in their secondary, but I think Brad Clueless feels just fine drafting weapons for Adrian Peterson. If I were the GM in Minesota, I would either draft Pettigrew, or package a deal to get Boldin from Arizona. And IF, I were able to pull off the Boldin deal. I would have a Lake Minnetonka boat party. And Walter, your invited.

    – JDBrocks: I feel that Kenny Britt has more talent at his position than Britton does at this, but the pick could go either way. Britton has the nasty streak that Cook lacks, and does not have problems with snap counts. The only thing limiting him is his arm length. Britt is a Braylon Edwards/Terrell Owens/Larry Fitzgerald type receiver. In no way an I saying that he will equal their NFL production, but he has that build and that kind of speed. He’s also the Big East’s all-time leading receiver.

    I would feel more comfortable with Britt in the first, and a Meredith or Kropog in the second than I would with Britton in the first, and a Brian Robiskie or Juaquin Iglesias in the second.

    – MikeTheDudeV2: Britton fits exactly what the Vikings are looking for. It’s a match made in heaven.

    – ChiBears56: Adrian Peterson will have to sop up his drool over the massive 6’6″ 310 lbs that will clear lanes all the way to Deluth, MN.

    – GBPackersfan24: Vontae Davis will not be selected by the Vikings. Childress is on the hot seat, and Griffin/Winfield is a solid cornerback tandem. Charles Gordon looked promising last year before he injured his ankle. At best, Davis would be a nickel/dime back, and that really doesn’t help Childress retain his job. Instead, they go for an immediate starter on the offensive line in Eben Britton. He can slide in immediately at right tackle to replace Ryan Cook, who would compete with John Sullivan for the center position. Alex Mack would also be a solid pick, but Britton offers better value at this point.

  23. New England Patriots: Larry English, DE/OLB, Northern Illinois

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Larry English: 29.6%
    – Brian Cushing: 18.3%
    – Vontae Davis: 16.9%
    – Darius Butler: 12.7%
    – Michael Johnson: 7.0%
    – Connor Barwin: 4.2%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 4.2%
    – Chris Wells: 4.2%
    – Brandon Pettigrew: 2.8%
    – Jarron Gilbert: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – TheDustyFootPhilosopher: I am confident New England will not take a corner in round 1, for some reason Bill hates doing that. After they lost Ty Law, we all said they needed to get a corner in round 1. Same with Asante Samuel. I voted for Larry English because let’s be honest I can see them going no other direction with the pick, they need to get younger in the front 7 (especially at LB), and most of the top 3-4 prospects are off the board with the exception of English.

    – DaveM1962: This is stupid. Rey Maualuga was chosen at 18 in this draft. Why would he be on the list to vote for. He’s got the second-most picks in the voting. What’s the point of this then?

    The Pats are always hard to figure. I know Bill went to Conn pro day to check out Butler, but they don’t like to take CB’s in the first round. If Maualuga is there they may want to solidfy the middle with Bruschi done after this year. Larry English is a big possibility. They can get Conner Barwin at 34 if they want him. They could trade up or down too. I pick English for now.

    – SportsMaster: I think the Pats should go with Chris Wells or the best availible RB at this selection. Yes they have a glaring need at LB, but there is not one worthy who is on the board of the 23rd selection. They have shown much interest in Connor Barwin and Larry English, and Barwin and English will be there at 34 when the Pats pick again. They need to stabilize their running game, and Wells I think is the best RB in the draft and hard to pass on at 23. I say they go with Beanie Wells since he is on the board, and draft the LB they want at 34.

    – BobLoblaw: With so few needs the Patriots can go best player available here and try to fill the few holes they do have with their 3 second rounders. I considered one of the running backs, but with the signing of Fred Taylor to go with Maroney and BJGE, they are pretty well loaded at that position. The Patriots love to draft TEs, though, especially versatile ones like Pettigrew, so I think that will be their pick here.

    – MockDraftManiac: Two months ago, the decision here was between a cornerback and a linebacker. Since then, they have signed cornerbacks Shawn Springs and Leigh Bodden and traded linebacker Mike Vrabel. It seems that decision has been made for them. Michael Johnson is one of the most athletic pass rushing prospects in a while. He has been compared to Julius Peppers and Mario Williams. He might not have the motor, but you have to think a team like a Patriots will think they can bring the most out of him.

    – Riot of Violence: With Malualuga now off the board the pick has to be English, he is the perfect type of player for the Pats D.

    – Invisibulman: The Patriots love to take LBs in the first round. As much as I hate this bunch of cheatin’ $%!#$, they’re not stupid. They won’t take an overhyped potential bust like Brian Cushing. Toss up between English or Johnson. I think Johnson presents better value at this pick, so that’s where I went.

  24. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Brandon Pettigrew: 59.8%
    – Brian Cushing: 14.6%
    – Vontae Davis: 9.8%
    – Darius Butler: 6.1%
    – Larry English*: 2.4%
    – Evander Hood: 2.4%
    – Michael Johnson: 2.4%
    – Ron Brace: 1.2%
    – Clint Sintim: 1.2%
    – Alex Mack: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Stupac: Brandon Pettigrew is not just an extra weapon for Matt Ryan. His ability to block on the edge helps Burner get to the outside and could provide that extra bit of time for Ryan in the pocket. There are a lot of quality pass rushers in the NFC South, so getting such a balanced TE in Pettigrew almost fills two needs for this team.

    – MikeTheDudeV2: I gave Brandon Pettigrew to the Falcons. It would be another offensive addition that would give my Panthers more to think about when gameplanning.

    – PuppyPuncher: Falcons are set up so that they rely on their offense to create leads and then have their personnel geared towards the pass so they can maintain these leads. Darius Butler is a great value and helps out a so-so CB core.

    – JonP17: I really doubt the Falcons will take a TE in Round 1 when this draft is so deep at that position. With Clay Mathews gone the Falcons will probably take a LB/DE hybrid like Larry English or Ziggy Hood who has catapulted his way into the 1st round.

    – MockDraftManiac: The Falcons defense was not good last season, ranking 24th in the league in yards per game allowed. This offseason, they have lost five defensive starters from last season, Keith Brooking, Michael Boley, Domonique Foxworth, Lawyer Milloy and Grady Jackson. Jamaal Anderson, at left end, only had two sacks last season and could be replaced. They also need a tight end badly. Because of all of those needs, this pick could go a number of ways.

    However, the rest of their needs can be addressed in later rounds. They have a lot of depth at corner, but they need a legitimate No. 2 starter, which Darius Butler can be. They won�t be able to get one in the later rounds. Butler can also double as a kick returner, which the Falcons also need.

    – Riot Of Violence: Brandon Pettigrew,

    Just think if you thought Matt Ryan looked good last year give the kid what every young QB loves… A great TE.

    – Trisoman: I’m not a Falcons fan, but I wanted to punch someone when I heard they offered a 2nd rounder for Tony Gonzalez. I mean, REALLY? What is this, Madden, where your trade for an ‘icon’ brings up your reputation and all your star players feel warm and fuzzy and agree to contract extensions?

    That said it does prove the Falcons’ FO is desperate for a good TE. Might as well make their own legend in Pettigrew today.

  25. Miami Dolphins: Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Vontae Davis: 41.7%
    – Darius Butler: 22.6%
    – Brian Cushing: 10.7%
    – Michael Johnson: 7.1%
    – Connor Barwin: 6.0%
    – Kenny Britt: 3.6%
    – Darrius Heyward-Bey: 3.6%
    – Hakeem Nicks: 3.6%
    – Ron Brace: 1.2%
    – Brian Robiskie: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Geek101: I went Vontae Davis, because the Big Tuna knows how to draft. Corner is a need, and Davis should have been gone long ago. If he’s still available, I don’t see the Fins passing on him, unless they really like Darius Butler, or feel WR is a bigger need, in which case I see them going with Kenny Britt, because he generally has a higher grade than any of the other WRs left.

    – MikeTheDudeV2: I went with Vontae Davis. He has incredible ability and potential. And I believe Parcells has confidence in the staff he assembled to instill discipline into him.

    – VinnyG: The Dolphins need a DE/OLB for the near future, but they have a pressing need for a corner. Will Allen is good, but he isn’t good enough to be relied on as much as he has been. The choice seems obvious; this is after all Bill Parcells’ stamp on this team. Yes he is not the coach, but he doesn’t take a job to stand around.

    Vontae Davis, while he is a great athlete, people are questioning his intelligence, maturity and ability to be coached. Doesn’t that sound familiar. His brother has those same concerns, and despite having the best athletic skill set in TE history he is not even close to being one of the top 5 TEs in the league right now. Darius Butler is a great athlete, and he is without the character concerns. If Butler survives to this pick Parcells makes the pick before the times up.

    – That1Guy54: I have a feeling Miami would go with Darius Butler here.

    Miami has a big need need for a CB after losing Andre Goodman. They have Will Allen who is good but they have Jason Allen next to him. Darius Butler wins over Vontae Davis because of Davis’ questionable character and also because of Tony Sparano’s contacts with Conneticut. They got Donald Thomas from UConn I think in the 5th round last year and he could be our starting guard.

    – Joey Potter: Darius Butler has really grown on me in recent weeks. He is quick, has good hands, and a good nose for the ball. The Dolphins would be good to take him and hope someone like NT Ron Brace or WR Brian Robiskie falls to them in Round 2.

    – ILoveMeSomeMe T81: Walt pointed out that Parcells’ frequently passes on skill-position players in round 1. Given that Miami’s pass rush struggled last year, this pick should be a rush linebacker. This is supported by the fact that Parcells goes LB in round 1 more than any other position (4 times in 12 years, if I remember).

    CB is a need but you could have made that same case last year and Parcells didn’t draft a defensive back at all. In fact, from 2004-06 (Parcells’ time with Dallas), a defensive back was never selected higher than round 4.

    With no 3-4 D-linemen worth taking in this spot (except maybe Brace), this pick should be a linebacker. I say Barwin is the front runner if he’s there.

    – TheBinz: I voted for Vontae Davis, He is the most physical Corner in the draft and can play zone or man. He is athletic, and the only reason he fell this far is because of character issues. The Big Tuna can control that, look what they did with Ricky Williams. He is now a… medeocre back-up but the point is they can control their players. and Vontae Davis is one of, if not the best payer at his position in the draft.

  26. Baltimore Ravens: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Evander Hood: 41.8%
    – Kenny Britt: 19.4%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 13.6%
    – Brian Robiskie: 9.7%
    – Brian Cushing: 6.8%
    – James Laurinaitis: 4.9%
    – Darius Butler: 1.9%
    – Chris Wells: 1.9%
    – Sean Smith: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – VinnyG: They have to get Joe Flacco a weapon. There are other good WRs, but none seem to have the potential of Darrius Heyward-Bey. A 6-2 WR with 4.3 speed is hard to find. If he was in a different program his development may have been further along. I think with coaching he will be really good, I think he is the pick here.

    – Finnegans Wake: Seems this could be WR or CB, as there is a cluster of talent and need for both. I can see Darius Butler, but I’m guessing John Harbaugh wants to develop Joe Flacco and give him some weapons. He has aging targets in Derrick Mason and Todd Heap, and it just seems that the Ravens have been forever trying to get a passing game going, and Flacco was throwing the ball to Hey Bey for his Pro Day, so it seems like that might have been an audition.

    – PuppyPuncher: Darius Butler is too good to pass up.

    Domonique Foxworth could be a great #2 and Fabian Washington will look better as a nickelback. They need an elite talent like Butler.

    As you can tell from my signature, I’m the Ravens fan here. Do you wanna doubt the Ravens fan?

    – MyCarman: I just don’t see a WR here for the life of me. It would be much easier to trade up in the second (or wait because of the large second tier of WRs this year) than to have to reach for a receiver. With that, they take Darius Butler. It might come as a small shock to some, but do you really want someone who has the work ethic of Vernon Davis? oh wait, Vernon… Vontae… I wonder if they are brothers or something???

    – RockNRollSuicide: When you look at the Ravens needs, you’ll notice that most of them were addressed in free agency. Derrick Mason is 35, and even if he is the next Joey Galloway, that gives him three quality years left. Baltimore can afford to draft an explosive receiver like Hakeem Nicks and use him like New Orleans uses Devery Henderson until Mason is ready to retire. Except, judging by his performance against West Virginia in the Meineke Car Care Winter Practice Game, Nicks might actually catch the ball at the next level.

    – Ivarngizteb: I went with Darrius Heward-Bey. He’s just too much of a guy that can be a he’s past all the defense, wide open touchdown Baltimore! He’s too fast to pass up here, and the Ravens want to give Joe Flacco good receivers.

    – MockDraftManiac: Derrick Mason is 35 and has only one more year on his contract. The Ravens need another wideout across from Mark Clayton. Darrius Heyward-Bey can start in the slot, providing young Joe Flacco with another option before moving into the starting lineup in a season or two.

  27. Indianapolis Colts: Evander Hood, DT, Missouri

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Brian Cushing: 47.4%
    – Phil Loadholt: 12.6%
    – Jamon Meredith: 10.5%
    – Darius Butler: 8.4%
    – Jared Cook: 6.3%
    – Chris Wells: 5.3%
    – Evander Hood: 4.2%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 4.2%
    – Sean Smith: 1.1%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – VinnyG: Let’s face it, the Colts are one of the smartest-run franchises in the NFL. It’s no secret the interior line has been a problem for quite some time. Unless Perria Jerry and Evander Hood are gone, there is no way they don’t draft a DT. Not to long ago Indy had one of the worst run defenses ever. They make the choice here that not only makes their defense better, but essentially makes the whole team better. Simple really, solidifying a weakness makes you strong, that is true in all phases of life

    – Pick6: Evander Hood, DT, Missouri

    I can’t see them ignoring DT early in the draft. The question is how highly they grade Evander Hood. If they like his value here, it’s a pretty easy decision.

    – MikeTheDudeV2: I really like the idea of Kenny Britt going to Indy. And I’m sure Peyton would like it, too. I believe he could be a #1 wideout in the NFL. Or atleast an extremely good #2 (much like Reggie Wayne was to Harrison a season or two ago). He seems like an Indy-kinda guy as he is extremely talented but has almost no ego and seems like a very team-oriented guy.

    – Invisibulman: This is my team and I’d like to think I know them better than most. A lot of people are going to have them taking a DT, but i don’t think it is going to happen. With Bill Polian, it’s almost always offense first. Running back isn’t as big of a need as some seem to think it is. This pick will be a WR.

    My understanding is that Hakeem Nicks is (or at least was) No. 1 on their board… so why he isn’t listed here i’m not sure. The Colts have worked out both Kenny Britt and Brian Robiskie. It’s almost a toss up between those two. The tipping point in my mind is the Colts affinity for Big 10 players. Britt is also a bit of a “me” guy which does not fit the Colts style. In the end i think they will prefer Robiskie’s hands and route running ability, so he is the pick.

    – Skiptastic: Well, the Colts are my team too, but I don’t have any sort of scouting insider info or great insight into what goes on into Polian’s head. I just have my own outlook and desires.

    So we get into their needs, which are DT, WR, RB, and OL (mainly interior). I think they are satisfied enough with their OL to make that wait until the later rounds, as Walt has in his mock draft. So then we get to DT, WR, and RB. My personal preference? Get Knowshon Moreno.

    The Colts running game was painful to watch last year, a combination of an unhealthy line and an unhealthy Joseph Addai. Without him and a truly threatening backup, Peyton Manning had to have an MVP season to get them into the playoffs (and lots of luck in many games [Vikings, Texans especially]). I think a running back like Moreno could take the offense to another level, and there is a need with Dominic Rhodes now out of Indy.

    We love our SEC backfield. We can keep it that way. And with Moreno only being 21, we could keep it that way for a good long while.

    – TheBinz: I could buy into almost any of these picks.

    Robiskie: Need to replace marvin to keep Gonzalez in the slot.

    Moreno: Addai cant hold his own in the Indy backfield and moreno is a top 20 talent, but given the situation with not a huge need for RB’s in the top 20, and even if a team like the broncos or jets need a RB there are bigger needs that will be addressed.

    Laurinaitais/Cushing: Linebacker is a need for this team especially because they are so undersized, aging and injury prone. Which is why Cushing would be the better of the two options. Athletic, smart, strong, and durable.

    Hood: Although DT is a HUGE need, this is a little bit of a reach for him in my opinion

    – Will54: It seems like Indy’s No. 1 goal each season is to get Peyton Manning weapons early in the draft and than add some future replacements for the defense in the later rounds. I just can’t see them going that route when they have DT’s weighing 250 lbs. They need some beef in the middle and in this scenario Hood is the only viable pick so they almost have to take him over another receiver.

  28. Buffalo Bills: Brian Cushing, OLB, USC

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Darrius Heyward-Bey: 31.4%
    – Darius Butler: 23.3%
    – Kenny Britt: 22.1%
    – Hakeem Nicks: 8.1%
    – Brian Cushing: 5.8%
    – Vontae Davis*: 4.7%
    – Brian Robiskie: 4.7%
    – Evander Hood: 0%
    – Jarron Gilbert: 0%
    – Alex Mack: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Leo Fender: Hmm, quite a change of scenery since they traded Peters after we made their pick at 11. The tackles availabe here are big reaches.

    Hood or perhaps Cushing seems logical choices. They might also look for a safety after the whole Taser debacle earlier this month. I’ll still go Cushing though.

    – Symocourage20: Obviously, this mock draft began before the blockbuster trade of LT Jason Peters to Philly. I’m convinced that the Bills will go Michael Oher at #11, and follow up with Larry English at #28.

    Being that both those players are OTB here, I went with Wells. Marshawn Lynch seems headed more in the direction of Travis Henry rather than Thurman Thomas, and Wells is good value at this point.

    – 49ersfan: Of course, they probably would have gone OT at the first pick, but lets pretend they go with the surprise pick. They definitely need a LT now, so even though Meridith is a reach, they need to take him.

    – ILoveMeSomeMe T81: I hate to beat a dead horse hear but I have to agree, none of these choices are appealing. I picked Cushing because the Bills lack athleticism at linebacker. While Cushing’s football IQ and pass coverage ability come into question, he would probably still be an upgrade. An OT also seems likely.

    – Dave from Buffalo: Since they already went with Maybin at 11, OT, TE, and OLB are the only realistic options here that fill a need. No 1st round talent is available for OT or TE in this mock, so to me its obvious, Cushing.

    – EAkadima15: I agree Buffalo would love to see Pettigrew fall this far, but that seems unlikely. I went Cushing as well. Buffalo will really have their fingers crossed that an elite LT will be available at the 11 spot now.

    – LovemyBills: I don’t know where all of this “clearly the Bills are going LT at #11” stuff is coming from, but its pure speculation. I think the Bills are happy with the guys they can plug in. Personally, I’d love Oher at 11, but the Bills were very happy with Langston Walker when he stepped in at LT for the first two weeks of the ’08 season.

    Cushing fills a big need for some decent value late in round one. No tackles to take, Pettigrew is gone, so Cushing is just about the only option.

  29. New York Giants: Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Kenny Britt: 57.0%
    – Knowshon Moreno: 11.8%
    – Hakeem Nicks: 9.7%
    – James Laurinaitis: 6.5%
    – Brian Robiskie: 5.4%
    – Sean Smith: 5.4%
    – Darius Butler: 3.2%
    – Chris Wells: 1.1%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – EmSmith12: I went Britt.

    However, if one of the Giants’ 2nd round picks gets shipped along with a 5 to Cleveland, we could be on a BPA alert. That could mean Knowshon or Sean Smith. If either of these were the case, as a Giants fan, I would be on cloud nine. Edwards has proved, with consistent QB play, he’s an elite WR with average hands. Edwards will stretch the field and provide a plug to a hole that has never been so glaring as it was in a 23-11 loss to the eagles in the divisional round. The Giants are a team with few holes that include safety, WR, OLB and feature back insurance. With the possible addition of Edwards and Moreno, the Giants offense could be scary.

    – Stupac: Is Braylon Edwards worth a first round pick? I’m not so sure… Is Eli Manning really that much better of a passer than Derek Anderson and/or Brady Quinn? Would you spend a first rounder on a guy that’s dropped more balls than Times Square?

    Kenny Britt’s a Rutgers guy, so he won’t mind the sweet smell of a Jersey fall…

    – RockNRollSuicide: Why is everyone assuming the Giants will draft a receiver in the first round? Did we all forget that they are trying to acquire Braylon Edwards? Assuming that they trade for Edwards, I can see them taking either Sean Smith or Moreno. Smith can keep Thomas at corner while he plugs the hole at safety, and replacing Ward with Moreno is a huge upgrade. It really depends on who they feel will fall to them with the second round pick they got for Shockey. But since Smith has the better chance of still being there, Moreno it is.

    – Vincinerator: They should absolutely not go Kenny Britt. He’s an amazing prospect, but there are plenty of good, big receivers out there. Ramses Barden is high on my board as a big, strong, fast receiver from a small school. Marques Colston much?

    Knowshon makes a lot of sense here, and I really believe the Colts should take him, but not as much as I believe the Giants shouldn’t. If they need another back, they can take LeSean McCoy or Javon Ringer later.

    Can you imagine a defense with Justin Tuck, Mathias Kiwanuka, and pass rushers X getting all sorts of havoc going in the backfield? Well they have it. What are they missing? The dominant secondary to go along with it. They have Aaron Ross, who has turned out quite well, and also have Kenny Phillips back there, but if you combined that with a 6’4 4.47 running safety, then you would have the final piece in making a monstrous defense to the pass.

    – Leo Fender: For me it is basically down to four players since I reckon that WR’s will slide. Either of the running backs (both are major steals here), Butler or Laurinaitis. Given how much they have improved their defensive front seven through FA I can’t see them taking an LB here, so it comes down to a corner or an RB. If you again consider their defensive front seven, you’ll realize that it is a group that will make any old DB’s look good. If you the turn your attention to the RB spot they have a problem similar to the one they have in San Diego. The back-up guy isn’t big/strong/good enough to be a full time starter if your ordinary starting RB goes down. I say they take Moreno here, a real luxury pick, and get a real steal. Earth Wind & Fire just announced their newest member.

    – Giantsgab.com: First I would either expect this pick to not be the Giants and if it is the Giants pick I think that means they already have Braylon Edwards on their roster.

    As much as I really like Kenny Britt, I think the Giants are, (or at least as a fan I am), worried about their running back situation if Jacobs can’t stay healthy for a whole year, which he probably can’t.

    The best value on the board is Knowshon Moreno who can catch the ball out of the backfield, which will also help out Eli Manning on third downs because there is not a great ball catching back on the Giants right now.

    I wouldn’t rule out Laurinaitis either because Reese has shown a tendancy to go Defensive players from big time programs early in the draft.

    – TrueBlueInMD: I want to see the Giants come away with both Laurinaitis and Britt.

    Say what you want about Britt — he’s got size, speed, attitude, and he produced big numbers at a major college program.

    Laurinaitis looks to me like he could develop into a dominant MLB, a great one, he has all the right qualities. Pierce can still play — this season — but he’s aging.

    They won’t both last to #45. That pick is worth 450 value points, our 3d rounder (#91) is worth 136. Jerry Reese could package those two for Detroit’s 2d rounder, #33, worth 580. Detroit needs top-100 warm bodies worse than we do!

    – Invisibulman: Eli – Plax = not so guud akshully.

    They need a big WR who can go up and grab those deep passes. Plus, how often to you get a guy from a Jersey school that goes pro? This is a match made in heaven.

    – Symocourage20: Since the Plaxico Burress “debacling”, the GMen have a need for a tall red-zone target at WR. Enter: WR Kenny Britt from nearby Rutgers. Barring a blockbuster trade for Anquan Boldin, this pick is a perfect fit for the Giants.

    Kenny Britt is the pick.

    – Ckane138: HAS TO be Kenny Britt. Barring a veteran addition they have to grab a receiver right now knowing that Dominick Hixon is the only guy on the team with starting experience. Also the Giants love bigger receivers and Kenny Britt is as big as it gets at this point at 6-3.

  30. Tennessee Titans: Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Darius Butler: 52.9%
    – Michael Johnson: 15.3%
    – Hakeem Nicks: 15.3%
    – Alphonso Smith: 4.7%
    – James Laurinaitis: 3.5%
    – Brian Robiskie: 3.5%
    – Kenny Britt: 2.4%
    – Sean Smith: 2.4%
    – Connor Barwin: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Mycarman: They need a corner, and Darius Butler is beyond a steal at this point as he is arguably the best CB(and might be first one taken). If he falls this far, someone might trade up for him.

    – ChicagoJay: How is Darius Butler still here?? I’ve voted for him a million times, whilst Nick Harper is good, he is old and Butler is a great athlete and him and Cortland Finnegan would team so well its unbelievable. Show this mock to Jeff Fisher and hes the happiest man in America.

    – Vincinerator: Many people who don’t know the NFL and its trends would go receiver here. Truthfully there are only two viable options here. Darius Butler and Michael Johnson (DE mainly, could be Barwin).

    Jeff Fisher doesn’t mind taking defensive monsters with slight issues. Seems like only yesterday Fat Albert was stepping on a center’s head. Oh wait, I think he already did that at the Redskins’ practice.

    That being said, Michael Johnson would be a great addition to this defense. They need some D-line help, as Jevon Kearse and Kyle vanden Bosch aren’t terribly young anymore. The three of them, with the brute force and trickery of Kearse and vanden Bosch, then to be struck by a demon of a physical specimen of Johnson is something the ol’ coach may not be able to get away from.

    – MikeTheDudeV2: I believe Michael Johnson would do well with the Titans. He can learn under Jevon Kearse and slowly start taking more and more of the snaps. He would be an excellent pass rusher to add to the line.

    – Dkpeagles: Darius Butler or Sean Smith. Butler is one of the best if not the best corner in this draft, so shocked he hasn’t been picked. That being said Sean Smith is extremely versatile and can play safety or corner. I believe he is 6-3 yet still extremely fast. Given that a lot of teams are looking toward larger WR in order to improve red zone offense by creating jump balls, this is a huge advantage for him. In the real draft, there is no way Butler makes it this far, so I think Smith will be the pick.

    – Pick6: Darius Butler seems so obvious at this point, so I voted for him. I’d love to see the Titans surprise every one and grab a WR early though…

    – TheBinz: I am tempted to go with a wideout because they have NOBODY. (Robiskie)

    I am tempted to go with a line backer because they could use serious help (Laurinaitis)

    I am tempted to go corner because Harper is 35 and they have little depth. (Butler)

    I am tempted to go DE in the wake of losing Haynesworth so they get the 3 DE rotation that worked so well for the giants. And their 2 current DE’s are both in their 30’s (Johnson)

    I went corner because Butler is incredible value here. One of my favorite prospects in the draft has fallen to number 30. A sad sight. but he will help them out.

    – Flaming Thumbtack: I voted for Butler, but there are a few other options. In Round 1, I truly believe that Tennessee will take BPA at any position BUT SS, FS, OT, RB, QB. If a WR is the best player on their board they will take him, however the Titans are not just looking for a good receiver they have specific things they want. Mike Heimerdinger wants his receivers primarily running deep routes and making big plays, if he wants to throw short it will go to a tight end or a RB out of the backfield. The evidence for this can be seen in Justin Gage’s YPC, which went from 13.6 in 2007 to 19.1 in 08 (Heimerdingers first year).

    This is why I think the titans will pass on Nicks and Robiskie; not because they are WRs, but because they do not excel at the specific parts that the titans place an emphasis on. I think Butler is the best player on the board, so he will be the Titans pick.

    I honestly have no Idea what grade Tennessee will have on Michael Johnson, but I think they will shy away from him because after Pacman they have placed a huge emphasis on intangibles.

    I also do not think Laurinaitis will be the pick because the titans do not use a traditional middle linebacker, they use three outside linebackers.

  31. Arizona Cardinals: Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Knowshon Moreno: 66.7%
    – Chris Wells: 24.7%
    – Alex Mack: 4.9%
    – Michael Johnson: 2.5%
    – Jared Cook: 1.2%
    – Connor Barwin: 0%
    – Clint Sintim: 0%
    – Sean Smith: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – ChiBears56: It’s all about Knowshon Moreno here (or as my friend from the Big Ten network calls him No-Shonn-Greene). I think that the Cards are going to go running back because their running game was horrible (I know this because I had Tim Hightower on my fantasy team). So the choice is between Moreno and Wells. I pick Moreno simply because he has that game changing ability with his cuts that Wells lacks.

    – CardShark: If Moreno lasts this long, which I highly doubt, I can’t see the Cards passing on him. There are 4 players that I hope the Cards are targeting here. Moreno, Wells , Barwin and English, in that order. Moreno fits the Cards offense better than Wells and I think he can give Warner and Leinart better protection. While many veiw RB as a priority for the Cards, I think it’ll come down to the best RB or 34OLB/DE available because putting pressure on the QB is just as big of a need as RB. If the unthinkable happens and Boldin is traded, then I see both positions being addressed in the 1st round. There are many here that want English ahead of Barwin, but even though he is new to the DE/OLB position, I think Barwin is an athletic freak that will end up dominating in that position. Worst case he is an excellent TE.

    – Draztek: Center is still the weakest link on this team and Mack is the best center prospect in how many years? I think there is comparable talent to Moreno available in the next round (sorry Matt) but I believe Mack is by far the best center.

    – Invisibulman: With both top RBs still on the board, i think one of them has to come off here. I went with Beanie, but it could just as easily be Knowshon. On Draft Day, you may see both of these guys long gone by pick No. 31. In that case, the Cards have a big problem at Center and might snap up Alex Mack with this pick.

    – Tdonegan: I think Donald Brown is moving up boards fast enough now that he’s the most likely pick here. They need an RB and Wells and Knowshon won’t last this long, in my opinion. Donald Brown dominated Moreno at the combine and was productive in college. I think Moreno is the better prospect and I don’t trust those combine numbers (a 25.5-inch vertical for a guy who can hurdle me? Yeah, right), I think he just had a bad day and was sick at his pro day.

    Will there be better players here at 31? perhaps, but D. Brown is the pick, I think.

    – Dkpeagles: Realistically, both Wells and Moreno won’t make it this far. That being said, I think more teams value Wells as the better player because he is such a dominant power-type back with great speed. I think the Cards will go with Moreno here because he fits their offensive style a lot better. When you throw it as much as they do, you need a back who can catch and be a home run threat and that back is Moreno. With him in the backfield, teams won’t be able to double Fitzgerald as much. It takes their passing game to another level … not to mention the running game was a disappointment last year. Edge might be on the way out since he takes five million in cap space and wants out. Hightower is not the long term option.

    – Kizyle03: Its hard to imagine both the top RB still left. I wouldn’t mind seeing them trade up ahead of Philly if N.O. takes Wells… I think they need to do everything possible to grab one of these guys. Can you imagine their offense with a legit running threat?! A for real unstoppable offense, now if they could only resign Boldin..sigh…

    Final vote goes for Moreno simply for receiving skills, Wells would shine in AZ as well though.

    – Leo Fender: I have written draft previews on a Swedish site and when I did the write up for Arizona I wrote that if any of the two top running backs are still on the board at this time the Cardinals will hand in their selection card before Goodell has left the stage after the Titans pick. Now, though, both backs are on the board which might make the Cardinals think things through. I say they pick up Moreno and sends the Edge packing.

  32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Alex Mack, C, California

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Alex Mack: 77.9%
    – Max Unger: 9.1%
    – Eric Wood: 6.5%
    – Alphonso Smith: 3.9%
    – Jarron Gilbert: 2.6%
    – Phil Loadholt: 0%
    – Duke Robinson: 0%
    – Sean Smith: 0%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Leo Fender: If you take the number of times Big Ben got sacked last year and to that number you add the number of times he was hurried when throwing you’ll get the total number of attempted pass plays by the Steelers last year. Their O-Line is horrendous. The only OL player that is not a reach at this point is Alex Mack and, luckily, center is also a position of need.

    – MikeTheDudeV2: Well, obviously an OL is needed with this pick. I would go with Mack, because he is one of the most impressive Center prospects in many years. I’m sure Big Ben would love this guy. He is an absolute beast.

    – Mycarman: I’m assuming that the Steelers will be smart with their pick. I think that they are smart enough to realize that they need just a tad bit of help on the O-line. And by that I mean Big Ben is close to a lawsuit for assault against the other 31-teams in the league.

    While I think Alex Mack might seem nice here, I think Max Unger is a better pick. Unger is arguably a top 2-center, a top 2-guard, and a top-10 tackle prospect this year. They grab Unger for his fantastic versatility, and then can draft a second O-line position the next round. This is maybe the deepest center class ever. Luigs is a legit first center taken in almost any other draft. If they were able to take Unger in the first, the next best center (unless a tackle or guard falls), and then either a guard or tackle in the later rounds, Big Ben might drop the charges.

    – Daphenomx: The Steelers offensive line was absolutely horrendous last year. Ben Roethlisberger was tossed around like a rag doll and its a surprise he was able to last without any major injuries. They need to focus on shoring that up and they will not be able to pass up Mack who is the best center prospect in a long time.

    – Stupac: This offense has so many nice pieces. A franchise QB in Roethlisberger. A dynamic WR corps with Santonio Holmes becoming a big play threat, Hines Ward as the savvy, over-the-middle possession receiver, and a budding talent in Limas Sweed. The running game that was already strong with Willie Parker is adding a new dimension with Rashard Mendenhall finally healthy. And Heath Miller is a solid playmaker from the TE position.

    That’s a lot of talent. Now all they need is an offensive line. Alex Mack isn’t just the best Center on the board, he’s the best offensive lineman period.

    – Geek101: Mack is a cut above any other Center prospect in recent memory. The steelers won’t hesitate to draft him, they’ll address the secondary in Round 2. Remember, the Steelers pick BPA, and usually draft for three or so years out. They also always draft to fit the system. They like to draft people who fit their scheme, groom them for a couple years, and then insert them into the lineup when they are ready. CB is more of an immediate need, but Mack is too good to pass up with one of the worst SB winning OLines in the history of the sport. Mack all the way.

    – Tdonegan: Center might not be the most important position, but it certainly is important for an offense like theirs where you need guys who can maul defenders in the run but still pass block effectively.

    I think you have to go Mack here, if only for the value of picking a guy who could’ve gone in mid to low 20s at 32. That or they just trade out of the first altogether and pick up a second this year and next or a first next year.

    – RockNRollSuicide: We all know that they should address that pathetic offensive line. But reality is, they re-signed most of their linemen, so it’s doubtful that they persue a tackle or guard in the first round. That being said, they would also like it if Big Ben lives to see age thirty. And I’m sure Big Ben has been hinting that he would like to be able to tie his own shoes without assistance in 2010. So even though center is far from the most important position on the offensive line, the Steelers will look to Alex Mack, the best center available.

    – Symocourage20: Finally, my Steelers are on the clock! Team needs say the pick could go in any number of directions, including DB (GM Kevin Colbert said he likes the DEPTH this year at DB, not the top end talent), (3-4) DE (Fili Moala might be the choice if available at pick 64), OT (the top 6 will be OTB by # 32), or interior OL. Some even speculate that Colbert & Tomlin will select WR Percy Harvin, though I doubt it, since Team Pittsburgh always puts character as paramount when considering it’s draftees (Reports have Harvin testing positive for marijuana).

    Since January, I’ve stalked every ounce of information I could about whom the Black & Gold might select at pick 32. The results of that exhaustive but fun search tells me the choice comes down to one of three players. OC Alex Mack, OC Eric Wood, and O Lineman Max Unger.

    While Wood has the grit Pittsburgh covets, and Unger plays multiple positions along the OL interior (which head coach Mike Tomlin likes), I find it hard to accept that the Steelers would pass on a guy who many describe as the best pure OC prospect to enter the draft in a quarter of a century. That young man’s name is ALEX MACK, OC, California.

    Mack can finally re-establish the succession of great Centers for the Steelers while giving Big Ben protection from bull rushes that have landed the 100 million dollar investment on the ground more times than one can count, plus recharge the running game. Mack could also start out of the gate and force current OC Justin Hartwig to compete for starting RG duties with Darnell Stapleton.

    49. Chicago Bears: Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Hakeem Nicks: 38.3%
    – Brian Robiskie: 23.4%
    – Louis Delmas: 10.6%
    – Paul Kruger: 8.5%
    – Juaquin Iglesias: 6.4%
    – Rashad Johnson: 6.4%
    – Sean Smith: 4.3%
    – Darcel McBath: 2.1%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – MikeTheDudeV2: Considering I, at one point, had the Bears taking Nicks in the first round, I believe they would absolutely LOVE to get him in the 2nd.

    – Scyte&Hammer: If Hakeem Nicks is on the board, he’s no brainer then, otherwise, pick will be either Rashad Johnson or Louis Delmas.

    – Mycarman: I can’t believe that so many people think a receiver will go here. Remember last year when everybody thought they would grab a QB early… well they didn’t get one at all. They are often conservative, and I find it unlikely that they draft a WR this early. I see safety help for them, and if Sean Smith falls, he will be a “steal” at 49.

    – Leo Fender: They have Devin Hester lining up to be a deep threat. If you pair him with Robiskie who is a great route runner you’ll make your new quarterback very happy. I also think that they might consider OL help “early” on.

    – Stupac: I made this pick under the assumption that Hakeem Nicks and Robiskie will be off the board. But if one of the three free safeties should be available (Delmas, Johnson, S. Smith), I think they have to be the pick. In terms of value, I think a first round safety is far better than reaching for a third round wide receiver like Mohamed Massaquoi, Brandon Gibson, Derrick Williams or Ramses Barden.

    In this scenario, I took Rashad Johnson, with the hope that one of those four WR’s is available at the end of Round Three.

    – TrueBlueInMD: Nicks — no brainer if he’s there. And no brains in at least a half-dozen GM’s for letting him fall this far, if it happens.

    – Soup: The Jay Cutler trade was great for the Bears from my perspective, but there is a huge drop off in Cutler’s receivers from Marshall, Royal, and Sheffler to Hester and … nobody. If they truly want to get the most benefit from having a real QB on the field, they need real receivers on the team. Hakeem Nicks can catch anything that comes his way, and is the perfect possession receiver across from Hester’s incredible speed.

    – RockNRollSuicide: Chicago just brought in an elite quarterback. It’s time to surround him with some potent weapons. Considering that it’s possible for Hakeem Nicks to be off the board by the middle of the first round, Chicago gets a great value in him here.

    – Pick6: Give the new era gunslinger a decent WR in Hakeem Nicks! Think about, Cutler would probably cry if they didn’t grab Nicks in this scenario…

    51. Dallas Cowboys: Patrick Chung, SS, Oregon

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Patrick Chung: 30.2%
    – Louis Delmas: 23.3%
    – Percy Harvin: 16.3%
    – Pat White: 11.6%
    – Rashad Johnson: 9.3%
    – Phil Loadholt: 4.7%
    – Jamon Meredith: 2.3%
    – Derrick Williams: 2.3%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – Soup: The Cowboys need a good strong safety across from Ken Hamlin. Roy Williams was horrid in coverage, and his Chung will do a great job replacing him with his great coverage skills.

    – Invisibulman: I think Delmas might end up being the best saftey in this draft. Cowboys certainly need help in the back of the defense, so i think he is the pick.

    – Mycarman: I think that Chung might end up the best safety in this draft, but Chung isn’t likely to have a penalty named after him, so he won’t go to the Cowboys. Percy Harvin seems just like the player for Jerry Jones to take a risk on. I mean he got rid of tank, pacman, and T.O. the last couple of years, and we know he needs a new distraction.

    – Leo Fender: I’m sure that Jones would be tempted by Pat White, but the Cowboys safeties are so horrific it is not even funny. I say they take the best safety left on the board which in this case is Delmas.

    – BobLoblaw: With TO and Pacman gone, the Cowboys don’t currently have enough problems in the locker room for the liking of Jerry Jones. If he’s going to keep his team in the headlines everyday, he’ll have to fix that problem. Percy Harvin would be just the guy to bring those issues back to Dallas, so I went with him.

    – TheBinz: With this pick Cowboys go either Safety or Wideout.

    Safety wins and the pick is Louis Delmas. They want to focus the Passes from romo to Witten and Roy Williams, and Crayton held his own last year.

    I know that Hamilin plays FS and they need a SS, but Delmas is too good to pass up, better than Chung in my opinion. He is fast, and hits hard, puts his body on the line every play. Just the kind of player Jerry Jones loves.

    Either he or Hamlin could move over to SS.

    – Stupac: The Cowboys re-signed Miles Austin, so I don’t see a WR here unless someone with a first round grade is available. Pat White? They brought in Jon Kitna to play the 3 or 4 games that Tony Romo decides to sit out. And if they wanted a converted QB to play WR, doesn’t Matt Jones seem like a better ideological fit with this team?… I went with Patrick Chung as he’s the best true SS prospect in the draft, and the ‘Boys have a definite need there after releasing the original Roy Williams.

    – Pick6: Patrick Chung, SS, Oregon

    The good news is Roy Williams is gone so he won’t be there to ‘mentor’ Chung into playing coverage on passing plays by waiting for the receiver to catch the ball and then trying to tackle him!

    59. Carolina Panthers: Paul Kruger, DE, Utah

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Voting Results:
    – Paul Kruger: 25.0%
    – Victor Harris: 20.5%
    – Sen’Derrick Marks: 18.2%
    – Fili Moala: 13.6%
    – Ramses Barden: 9.1%
    – Kevin Barnes: 6.8%
    – Lawrence Sidbury: 4.6%
    – Juaquin Iglesias: 2.3%

    Reader 2009 NFL Mock Draft Member Comments:

    – BobLoblaw: The only way I can make any sense of the extension the Panthers just gave Delhomme is that they needed to free up a bunch of cap space right away. The most likely reason they would need to do that is if they thought Peppers might sign his tender soon, leading to a huge addition to the cap once he did. The only reason Peppers would sign his tender is so New England, who seems interested, but will only negotiate with the team and not his agent, would be able to work out a trade by draft day. Peppers knows that once the draft goes by he’s far less likely to be traded, so these things combined would help make some sense of giving an aging, average QB a ton of money.

    But of course there’s also the possibility that Carolina’s just stupid. Either way, the Panthers need some help at DE, since they almost certainly won’t have Peppers for more than one year. I went with Kruger here, who should fit nicely at LE in Carolina’s defense.

    – MikeTheDudeV2: I really like the idea of getting Sen’Derrick Marks with this pick. That would make me a very happy Panthers fan.

    – Soup: In the wake of Ken Lucas being released for financial reasons, the Panthers need a new Cornerback. Victor Harris was amazing at Virginia Tech, and will make an immediate impact if he gets the start, which I suspect he will.

    – Blueingreer: Will this team ever get another QB? They should trade Peppers and get in the Freeman race. Oh well, they go DT. I’m a Lion fan living in South Carolina and I discuss the merits of Stafford daily on MLive. I wish that half them were forced to watch Panther games for a couple of seasons. Bet they would be taking a QB over a MLB then.

    – JoeMiken: I’ve had them getting Paul Kruger forever now. DE or DT has to be the pick.

    – Pick6: Paul Kruger, DE, Utah

    This move makes sense sense because they get to add depth to their line and will all of a sudden have the flexibility to move Peppers if they really have to.

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2018 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/26): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
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2019 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/25): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
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2022 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/28): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
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2023 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/27): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
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