Reader 2018 NFL Mock Draft

This is an opportunity for you, the readers, to vote on the picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. All you need to do is vote for each selection. Look for updates on Twitter @walterfootball.

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Reader 2018 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

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  1. Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, QB, USC
    Sam Darnold: 75.1%
    Saquon Barkley: 11.5%
    Josh Allen: 8.5%
    Baker Mayfield: 2.9%
    Josh Rosen: 2.0%
    Total votes: 800

    David S: Great pro day seems to have sealed the deal. If the Browns want Sam Darnold, they better take him #1 because he won’t get to the #4 pick at this point.

    Jack J: This is a slam dunk, Sam Darnold all the way. He’s the same size as Josh Allen, but moves better and is much more accurate, not a dick like Rosen, and not Johnny Football like Baker Mayfield. Bills/Giants/Cardinals will be on the clock at #2.

    Michael S: Most likely they can get their top non-QB at #4, so they take the best QB prospect at #1. Allen might have more upside, but Darnold is the more complete QB package.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: I would honestly be surprised if the Browns didn’t select Darnold #1. They need a Quarterback, and they can’t continue to pass of some of the better prospects merely based upon their own track record. Darnold is clearly the best of the top four Quarterbacks in this year’s draft, having the most upside as well. Allen might be able to throw the ball ninety yards downfield, but he is the least accurate Quarterback in the bunch. I’m not saying he will turn out like JaMarcus Russell, but throwing strength doesn’t mean much when you can only hit your intended target half of the time. Darnold is far more accurate than Allen, and throwing sixty to seventy yards in heavy rain isn’t all that bad. Whether the Browns select Darnold or Allen or even Barkley, I think it’s clear that Buffalo will do all they can to trade with the Giants at #2. It might cost them all six of their picks in the first hundred picks – based on the price tag of the Colts/Jets Trade – but they will get at least the second best Quarterback on their board. Personally, I think the Bills should go with McCarron and use their top six picks to add six good starters to their roster. If McCarron doesn’t work out, I say go QB in the 2019 Draft. But, come on, we all know that isn’t happening. If I was making the Browns pick, Darnold would be it. Should the Giants trade out of #2, Barkley will still likely be there at #4

  2. New York Giants: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
    Josh Rosen: 36.5%
    Saquon Barkley: 28.9%
    Bradley Chubb: 20.5%
    Josh Allen: 8.6%
    Quenton Nelson: 4.1%
    Baker Mayfield: 1.4%
    Total votes: 1,501

    Rob N: The Giants most likely will be trading this pick to the Bills but if they stay here Saquon Barkley is the pick. Barkley will give him a power running game has been sorely missed since Tom Coughlin left. Which will allow Eli to utilize play action to take advantage of Odell Beckham down the field. If if the Bills get this selection then the pick will be Josh Allen.

    Lucas S: Josh Rosen and the Giants may be the best QB-team match in this draft. Rosen is Eli Manning Jr., not very athletic but has an accurate arm with decent strength. His personality also fits with the New York media. The Giants aren’t going to this high up in the draft very often, they need to take advantage. Yes, the Giants could take Chubb or Barkley or Nelson to help win now but that’s unlikely anyways. Rosen and the Giants are a perfect match.

    Matt M: The Giants want to commit to Eli for the next couple years, and they get the best offensive weapon in the draft. Barkley will make that offensive line look immediately better next year.

    Rolf L: I selected Rosen just because he’s the only QB who makes sense for the Giants. In all honesty, with all the holes the Giants have, they will most likely just trade down and worry about QB either later this draft or next year.

    Joe H: The JPP trade with no replacement on roster, along with the lack of defensive end depth in this class, suggests Chubb is the pick at 2. New York has made zero indication that they are looking for a Manning replacement, and this isn’t the year to draft a QB high anyways. Barkley is tough to pass on but doesn’t provide much positional value, certainly not as much as a cornerstone edge rusher.

    Rob S: The Departure of JPP opens the door for the Giants to take Bradley Chubb or Saquon Barkley. I went with Chubb as there are plenty of other capable RB’s in the draft. Taking a QB here is a complete reach for a franchise that already has a QB in place. There should be plenty of value left at the top of the 2nd round for the Giants to grab their heir apparent to Eli. 2nd overall needs to be an immediate impact on a roster that isn’t good enough to sit their first rounder for a year or two.

    Kevin A: The Giants are the only team that can draft a franchise QB while already having a franchise QB on the roster. That is why they may look at the QB rankings differently and go with upside over readiness to play. Allen would check off a lot of boxes for them – size, arm talent, athleticism, personality – while his flaws are things that a good coaching staff can fix behind the scenes. Plus, it is a copycat league, and their rival Eagles just won the Superbowl. Their franchise QB has a carbon copy in this draft. The new GM also drafted Cam Newton first overall, who had prototypical size and questions about whether he could succeed at QB at the pro level when he declared. That is a lot of coincidences for me.

    Spoon: I think it’s time for a rebuild. This is a good team who had an unlucky year with injuries and such. They aren’t going to have a pick this high in the next few years, so why not draft Josh Rosen, who I think they like the most, and let him learn behind Eli for a year?

    Joseph: Anyone mocking Saquon to the Gmen has not watched the team the past few years. Eli Manning has been in steep decline but it the past few years and is borderline awful nowadays. This is their chance to grab their franchise QB. One of Penny, Guice, Michel, Or Jones will be available in round 2 and any of them would be immediate starters for the Giants. Taking a RB at 2 is an awful decision.

    Vaughn M: I personally think the Giants should trade down, and the Bills seem like the best option considering all their assets. I also think they will trade down. However, since there aren’t trades in this for some reason, if they stay put I think Barkley is the pick. They have a weakness at RB and he is the best player in this draft. I wouldn’t have a huge problem if they took Nelson or Chubb there, but Barkley is the obvious pick in my opinion. Again, I think they will and should trade down with the Bills, but assuming they don’t trade the pick, they can do the no-brainer move of taking the best player available who also fills arguably its biggest weakness.

  3. New York Jets: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
    Josh Allen: 66.2%
    Baker Mayfield: 26.0%
    Saquon Barkley: 5.6%
    Bradley Chubb: 1.7%
    Quenton Nelson: 0.5%
    Total votes: 609

    Sam B: I am in the minority and I really like Allen. He has a great attitude and tremendous raw potential. With that being said, Allen going to the Jets spells disaster. The Jets still have the worst roster in the NFL, and pairing the worst roster in the NFL with someone as raw as Allen will end badly. The Jets need skill players. They should pick Barkey if he falls to 3.

    David S: The Jets moved up to #3 for one purpose, to take a guy they view as their franchise QB. Josh Allen would not need to be thrown right into the fire with capable options like Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown who can start until Allen is ready to step in.

    Christopher F: You don’t trade your #6, 2 2nd round picks, and a 2019 2nd round pick for anything other than a quarterback. The real question is which QB? Rosen and Darnold of off the boards, so why not pick up the kid who can throw 80 yards downfield? Let Teddy play some of the season (not all, since he’ll undoubtedly get hurt), and then let Allen take it from there.

    BK: The Jets will have their choice of 2 (maybe 3) of the top 4 Quaterbacks in the 2018 NFL draft. Cleveland is expected to take a Darnold or Allen at 1. The New York football Giants have the toughest decision high in this draft in my opinion. Barkley or Rosen at 2 will have huge ramifications for the number 3 and 4 pick, as well as, the Buffalo Bills if one of the top 4 quarterbacks falls out of the top 7. A big splash is needed for the GM and coach to both keep their jobs after this season. Baker Mayfield is a high risk high reward option for the Jets at 3, and especially something the Jets fanbase has been desperate for…excitement

    John J: Well if you trust charlie from this site which hes called the last 2 drafts perfectly for the jets its Allen at 3. I’m hoping hes wrong and the jets go Barkley. they have there QB of the future in Bridgewater and if the jets didn’t trade up to three id be able to convince myself of that.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: I don’t see Darnold-Rosen going #1 and #2 in the draft – primarily because I strongly feel the Bills will be trading into the #2 slot – but I would have to assume the Jets would go with Allen if things shook out like this. I honestly believe the Jets want Allen when all is said and done, as well as the Bills if they can trade with the Giants for #2. If such a trade were to happen, I have a feeling that Rosen would be the pick over Mayfield for the Jets at #3. No matter what, the Jets are going to be drafting at Quarterback at this slot. You don’t pay (overpay) like they did to trade up a mere three slots if Quarterback isn’t the way they are going. And lucky enough, the get the Quarterback they wanted all along, Allen, in this mock draft.

    Joe H: This absolutely has to be a quarterback, but it would be the quintessential Jets move to take Barkley instead.

  4. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
    Saquon Barkley: 76.3%
    Bradley Chubb: 17.2%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 2.9%
    Quenton Nelson: 2.5%
    Denzel Ward: 1.1%
    Total votes: 723

    Kyle Z: The choice here is between Barkley and Chubb, as either one would fit into this team. Chubb fits the mold for an overwhelming pass rush that Gregg Williams pushes, and Barkley fits the dynamic rushing attack with pass catching dynamics that Todd Haley had with the Steelers and Bell. Really it’s honestly a push where one is more of a reliable choice and the other is the best player in the draft. You couldn’t go wrong with either at #4

    Ben W: This pick should be Saquan Barkley, if he’s still available (which I believe he will be), BUT The Browns just signed Carlos Hyde, so I can’t imagine them going with an RB round 1. Add to that that this is still the Browns we are talking about, so imagine the temptation there to pair Bradley Chubb with Myles Garrett. I can’t see Cleveland passing that opportunity up, especially given the strong class of Running Backs available this year.

    Jeff D: In this scenario, I think it’s fair to assume that the Browns would get some massive trade offers. You have teams like the Bills calling to trade up for Mayfield bidding against every team who’s sold on Barkley as a franchise changer and needs an RB. With Hyde signed for 3 years and a strong interior O-line already in place, I think even the post-analytics Browns will feel good enough about their run game as it is to be willing to take an offer they can’t refuse from, say, the Bucs or the 49ers, pick up something like a high 2nd this year and a 1st next year, and drop down a few spots and grab a top of the draft OT or CB next. Ultimately, I think teams shooting for Mayfield will feel like they can wait a bit longer, and one of the teams targeting Barkley wins out.

    BK: Barkley needs to be the pick here. The Browns have a rare 2 picks in the top 4, so you damn well better come out of this draft with something special. They already have enough draft capital that trading down doesn’t seem to be an logical option, unless they can get a 1st rounder next year. They will gather offers for this pick, as teams will be clamoring to move up to get Barkey given the success of Gurley, Elliot, and Fournette. These high picks spent on top running backs have paid dividends in recent years.

    Obvious: Best player in the draft who fills a huge need is still on the board. All of the others are either not as good (Ward, Fitzpatrick) or don’t fill a need (Chubb, Nelson). Not sure why people aren’t voting for Barkley.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: If Darnold, Rosen and Allen all go in the Top 3 – whether or not Buffalo trades with the Giants at #2 – you would have to assume the Browns go with Barkley with the #4 Selection. Not only is he the best player in this year’s draft, but Darnold-Barkley could be a force to be reckoned with for the next 5-10 years. Even though I would love to see Chubb play with Garrett on that D-Line, we all Taylor and Hyde are just temporarily options at both Quarterback and Running Back for the Browns. The Browns Secondary is a serious issue, but this draft is so deep with D-Backs that the Browns can address this need in the Second Round. If Buffalo doesn’t trade for the #2 Pick and things unfold like they have in this Mock Draft, I’m sure the Browns would also consider trading #4 for both #12 and #22 (perhaps even more) if the Bills get desperate and want Mayfield.

    Mike B: This has to be the dream scenario for the Browns. They get their franchise QB and a franchise RB. Barkley is the only choice here. They can go into the 2nd round and focus on O-Line and Defense.

  5. Denver Broncos: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
    Quenton Nelson: 40.2%
    Baker Mayfield: 32.8%
    Bradley Chubb: 17.7%
    Denzel Ward: 4.9%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 2.7%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 0.8%
    Derwin James: 0.8%
    Total votes: 729

    Alex: If anyone is taking Mayfield it’s the Broncos. They have liked him since the beginning and he has done nothing but show them he has the potential to be a great quarterback. Case Keenum I believe is a system guy and that system is now in NY he is not in New York. After six games into the season we will probably see that and Mayfield will be ready to take over. Hell he might beat Keenum right out of camp the guy is that competitive. They have invested a lot of time in Mayfield from demanding him on their team at the senior bowl to having the biggest showing at his pro day that just shows there is interest. I get BPA But I think the broncos love the guy .

    Ben W: The temptation to go with Baker Mayfield here is palpable, and I wouldn’t blame Denver for going with him; however, Denver’s offensive line is god awful, and I don’t believe they’ve given up on Paxton Lynch being the long time solution to the QB problem. Quenton Nelson is one hell of a lineman and would act a as a much needed upgrade to that line, so that Case Keennum or Paxton Lynch will be able to act as a proper QB should.

    Jeff D: The way of the league for a few years now is to build up an area of strength as much as possible and use that to protect deficiencies elsewhere on the field. That used to be the Broncos secondary, but those days are gone. As such, I agree that taking Chubb would be awfully tempting. A pass rush featuring Von Miller, Shane Ray, Shaq Barrett, and Chubb could take over a lot of games on defense and provide a lot of scheme versatility. That said, they’ve got to get the QB position right. Case Keenum could work out, but it’s pretty likely that he won’t, and John Elway can’t afford to continue to have a failure for a QB and keep his job. Trading up wouldn’t be wise considering where their roster is at, but if any of the 4 QB’s drop to them at 5, they’re the pick. In this case, that’s Mayfield.

    BK: The Broncos are in good position sitting at 5. A majority of the 4 previous picks will be “need” selection, so that sets the Broncos up nicely for a BPA selection. Quenton Nelson would be the safe pick, much like Brandon Scheriff to the Redskins a few years ago. Drafting a great player with minimal downside who they can plug into their O-line is their outlook with Nelson. The other option is drafting Bradley Chubb. Similar to Nelson, Chubb is the BPA at his position, and with the a clear top 3 player in this draft class. The selection comes down to what side of the football the Bronco execs wish to bolster. Either one of these players is an outstanding selection.

    Analyst Dude: If the draft plays out like it has, the Broncos will probably wait for next year rather than reach for a QB. As a result, they would take either Nelson or Chubb, as none of the other prospects are nearly as good as either of them. I think they take Nelson simply due to the fact that Chubb doesn’t fill the biggest need and because Nelson isn’t that much worse than Chubb. Denver has been in dire need of offensive line help, so this will plug a hole at guard.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Is it just me, or are there others who feel like the Broncos would take Chubb if he fell to them at #5 and they can’t orchestrate a trade? I get that Nelson would help further bolster the Broncos’ weak O-Line, but the Broncos have two 3rd Round Picks and two 4th Round Picks that can see them fill in the holes they have along their O-Line. I also understand that the Broncos could use Fitzpatrick or Ward to help replace Talib and upgrade their somewhat lacking Defensive Backfield, but this draft is do deep with DBs that the Broncos could easily still get great value for one with their first pick in the 2nd Round. Chubb is no Clowney or Garrett, but he’s just slightly not as good as though two. He plays a key position, more than what can be said (no offense) for Nelson at Guard. Also, the idea of Miller-Chubb could be a nightmare for opposing offenses. On top of all of this, I have a feeling that Chubb could be the pick simply because it would allow Elway to get over on the Colts & Irsay Family one more time. He got them to trade him to Denver after they originally refused to trade their pick for him so long ago, plus he was able to nab Peyton from them after Irsay wisely/unwisely decided to let him go. Taking Chubb would leave the Colts without either of the prospects they wanted all along (Barkley or Chubb), forcing them to select Nelson (who doesn’t play a star position) or Fitzpatrick/Ward (in a draft where they could still get value at the DB Position in the 2nd Round).

    Aaron L: Unless the Broncos really love Manziel, they’ll likely go BPA here at a position of need. They could use both a DE and an OG, so it’s just a matter of whether they have Chubb or Nelson higher on their board and if one need greatly outweighs the other. I voted Chubb since he’s potentially a lot better than the other edge rushers in this class, and Guard isn’t usually chosen so high (although Nelson may be worth it).

    Noah W: I understand the immediate need for offensive line help, but denver is missing the most valuable part to any team: a franchise qb. I don’t believe Keenum is the long term option, hence they take a qb in Mayfield who can sit behind Keenum for a year and take the reigns of the offense in 2019.

    Christopher F: Wow, you have Bradley Chubb fall to you – a pass rusher to potentially put on the other side of Von Miller? But do you pull the trigger on the best offensive lineman in the draft (cue “Don’t draft a guard in the first round”)? Or… do you replace Aqib Talib with a new cornerback and can bolster the secondary and recreate the No Fly Zone? Or… do you go quarterback after whiffing on Paxton Lynch and praying Case Keenum still has the magic? Me… It’d be hard to not pick up Chubb and envisioning the steady pass rush on Philip Rivers, David Carr, and Patrick Mahomes.

    Rex: I think if the brass is high on Mayfield, and they seem to be, they’ll take him here. If not though, Nelson offers Denver a chance to beef up their O-Line which have been arguably worse than the QB position. Pair him with Paradis, Bolles and Leary, that’s a strong line which can help any QB from Keenum to Kelly

  6. Indianapolis Colts: Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C.State
    Bradley Chubb: 91.3%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 2.7%
    Denzel Ward: 2.0%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 1.7%
    Derwin James: 1.7%
    Marcus Davenport: 0.7%
    Total votes: 297

    Sam B: The Colts defence sucks. They should just take the best defensive player available, which is Chubb.

    Titans Fan: This will be the quickest walk to the podium in NFL draft history Taking Bradley Chubb is a slam dunk pick its not just bpa its also a huge need He will be the best Colts pass rusher since Dwight Freeny or Robert Mathis take our pick.

    Jeff D: I picked Chubb. Apparently so did everyone else. He’ll be a great fit in their new 4/3 base. That said, I don’t think it should be the 93% certainty that it currently is, so I’ll play devil’s advocate and give some reasons it may not happen. 1) If you believe in designing a team to beat the teams in your division (I don’t, but we don’t yet know what Chris Ballard will be like), rushing the passer is not a high priority in a division with Bortles, and two mobile QB’s who like to escape the pocket, 2) Sheard and Simon are a decent pass rushing duo – there are bigger weaknesses on this team, 3) They could be staring down some pretty big trade offers from a team looking to jump in and take Mayfield or Chubb himself, and they can probably stand to drop down 3-6 spots and still address one of their many needs at CB, OT, LB, etc. Still – Chubb is the right call here.

    BK: Chubb is a no-brainer here. BPA for a team severely lacking roster depth. The 6th pick has panned out well for teams in recent years; acquiring a top tier player as the first 5 teams drafted on needs. After getting 3 second round picks to move back here to 6, it doesn’t get much easier for a recently incompetent organization.

    Noah: Colts look like the biggest winners in the draft right off the bat. They move down 3 spots with the Jets and get 3 second round picks (two this season and 2019 2nd) from the Jets all while getting the player they were going to take at 2. Chubb will help the pass rush in Indy while making the secondary better by getting pressure on the QB. Biggest no brainer in this draft.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Since it appears that the Colts are sticking with Luck for better or for worse, you have to believe that this pick will be either Chubb or Barkley since those are the two players the Colts have wanted all along. Since there is no way that Barkley makes it this far, Chubb will clearly be the pick if he falls to #6. However, should both Chubb and Barkley be off the board, or even if one of them are but there is still one of the top four QB Prospects available, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Colts traded down to the mid-teens or further. The Colts have holes all over the place, and the plan could be to fill as many as them as possible with quality players instead of one major hole with a potential superstar. Also, I wouldn’t be surprise if the Colts seriously go after Odell Beckham. They could give the Giants far more than the rest – #6 plus one of their three Second Round Picks – in order to obtain him. Plus, they have the Cap Room to sign him to that big deal he is basically demanding. If something like this were to unfold, the Colts could still use their other two Second Round Picks on a RB and DE.

    David S: Indianapolis would run this pick up to the podium in about 10 seconds. Bradley Chubb would be by far and away a best case scenario for them. The new 4-3 defense the Colts will use in 2018 is a perfect fit for Chubb and they need pass rushers in the worst possible way.

    Rex: When you look at 5 and 6 in this draft, they are basically interchangeable. If Nelson was here, no doubt Indy takes him. The Colts O-Line is a train wreck and the fact Jacoby Brissett can walk still is impressive after being behind it. With Nelson gone, they take Chubb and help that defense as well as becoming their pass rusher in a division that touts 2 top-5 pass rushing combos.

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
    Mike McGlinchey: 38.9%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 24.7%
    Derwin James: 20.3%
    Denzel Ward: 12.1%
    Marcus Davenport: 2.1%
    Vita Vea: 1.5%
    Da’Ron Payne: 0.4%
    Total votes: 478

    Joey Y: I’m surprised to see McGlinchey getting so much of the vote. I understand the need and teams willingness to reach at a position like T, but I don’t think the Bucs can afford to reach that much. Safeties are commonly mocked to the Bucs, and Fitzpatrick and James are rightfully receiving a large number of votes. However, I voted that I believe the Bucs will go Denzel Ward in this situation. Safety is a bigger need yes, but CB provides more positional value than safety. So if the Bucs stay put, I think they grab an understudy who can replace Brent Grimes. If the draft plays out like it has however, I don’t think the Bucs stay put. They need a lot of pieces on defense and the o-line, and no one presents value for them here from a needs or positional value standpoint. Therefore, I think this could be the spot where the Bills, Dolphins, or Cardinals jump up for Baker Mayfield. Tampa picks up extra picks and gets better value at Safety or on the O-line that way.

    Hurricane Ditka: Chris Conte actually played for the Bucs last year. Let me repeat that for you. Chris Conte actually played SIGNIFICANT TIME last year for the Bucs last year. Conte may actually be the best safety on the Bucs which makes it even worse. In a draft with 2 blue chip safety prospects I feel like it would be stupid not to pick either James or Fitzpatrick, given those circumstances. Personally I feel like Fitzpatrick is both safer and a culture changer, so I would go with him, but honestly, given the Bucs recent draft history, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went with a completely random pick.

    Jeff D: I went with Fitzpatrick. This secondary desperately needs to get younger and better, and Fitzpatrick provides the most scheme versatility. He can slot right in next to TJ Ward and start, with an eye on considering whether he can make it as an NFL CB as they look towards life after Brent Grimes. That said, I don’t think McGlinchey is an unreasonable choice. While it didn’t happen last year, most years see OT’s get drafted higher than expected, and we have quietly seen a resurgence in early career play from highly drafted OT’s such as Ronnie Stanley, Jack Conklin, and Taylor Decker from 2016. I see nothing wrong with ending the Donovan Smith experiment, getting a pair of successful tackles, and seeing how good their young QB can be with sufficient protection, and not wanting to trade down and miss out.

    BK: Fitzpatrick should be the pick here. McGlinchey is a solid player but many people fall into the mindset that drafting O-line will instantly result in better quarterback play. I’ll concede that was the case in Tennessee when drafting Lewan and Conklin, though that is hard to replicate. The Bucs flopped on Vernon Hargreaves III, so adding secondary help should benefit an otherwise unimpressive roster.

    Spartan01: Over 3x the votes for McGlinchey at #7? I might consider him if he fell to #22 if we did a trade down with Buffalo, and take one of Minkah, James, or Ward at #12. But as the polling shows, at #7 it is very close between Minkah, James, or Ward with the coaches deciding what makes best sense. My vote would be for Ward due to this likely being Grimes last year.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: This is by far one of the tougher picks yet. Honestly, I think the Buccaneers could stand to drop a few spots and still get a quality player, perhaps even the one they want. If one of the top four QBs are left, the Bucs could definitely do this with say Miami, Buffalo (if they don’t trade with a team before #7), or even Arizona. Since we aren’t taking trades into account, I guess I will go with the Bucs taking McGlinchey since their O-Line was downright terrible last year. It seems like a bit of stretch, but like I said, I think the Bucs could be looking to trade back in order to stockpile some picks while still getting McGlinchey. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jones or Fitzpatrick are the pick here, as the Bucs need help in this area as well.

    Christopher F: If the Bucs want to continue to address sub-par o-line, they should trade down. If I had to stay at this pick, I would look to find a playmaker in my backfield – because, no offense, but what QB in the NFC South is scared of throwing at Chris Conte and Tandy Keith? How about you go for the best swiss army knife in Fitzpatrick or your bruiser in James? Personally, I’d go Fitzpatrick so he can help line up against those dynamic TEs.

    Si: If the draft plays out this way, this is almost a sure-fire spot for a trade – If the Cardinals, Dolphins or Bills (assuming they don’t trade up before this) want the last remaining highly rated QB (Baker Mayfield), they’ll want to trade up to here. Bucs can move down to 11-14 range and quite possibly still get one of James, Fitzpatrick, Ward or McGlinchey, so no reason for them to stay here on a team with many holes.

    Aaron L: I think Tampa goes with a DB here, whether James or Fitzpatrick or Ward, who are all good value here. I voted Ward, as he’s the best CB, but Fitzpatrick would make sense as well, as he’s the DB getting the most votes. I don’t think McGlinchey makes sense here, as it’s probably too early for him.

  8. Chicago Bears: Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa
    Joshua Jackson: 25.6%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 21.7%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 18.5%
    Derwin James: 7.3%
    Denzel Ward: 16.7%
    Marcus Davenport: 3.4%
    Vita Vea: 3.4%
    Roquan Smith: 2.6%
    Da’Ron Payne: 1.0%
    Total votes: 508

    Nathan T: The Bears just signed two corners to long-term big-money deals. They are lacking at multiple linebacker spots. So I’m going for Tremaine Edmunds, a 20-year old guy who reminds me of a rich-man’s Lawrence Timmons that can play all four linebacker spots in a 3-4

    Jay B: I am sure the Bears would love to trade back since none of the players available at this point really stand out, but that’s not going to be easy since the main QBs are off the board. I would say their best case is a team panics and trades up for Baker Mayfield.

    Dennis: I think the Bears need help in all areas of their defense, so I picked the BPA, which, to me, is Roquan Smith.

    BK: This pick should be defensive. I personally think Denzel Ward will be the pick here. The Bears are trending upward for sure so improving the roster is definitely on their mind. With the offence starting to taking shape, they should look at Fitzpatrick (if he falls to them), Ward, or Edmunds. All are great players with Pro bowl potential. It all depends on who they Bears want to take the flyer on sitting here at #8.

    Ben W: Derwin James is the best DB in this draft. As an Alabama fan that’s hard to admit, given that Minkah Fitzpatrick is in this draft as well. But given the history of Alabama DB’s and FSU DB’s, I trust the transition ability of FSU’s program more than Alabama’s. With that Being said, how does this make sense for the Bears? Easily. as despite them resigning Kyle Fuller, the Bears passing defense is terrible. While they could go with Denzel Ward at this point, Derwin James gives them that back-end of the field help that they need. They could always get lucky and end up drafting a decent corner in round 2 or three, but this is not a very deep safety class, and this makes sense to take a player of Jame’s caliber at this point.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: In a division with Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and now Kirk Cousins, the Bears will definitely be looking to upgrade their already lacking Defensive Backfield. Since James, Fitzpatrick and Ward are all still available, I believe the Bears, if this scenario panned out, could look to trade with back with the Dolphins at #11 or the Bills at #12 if one of the top four QBs are still available (and if those teams haven’t already traded up). Even back dropping back a few spots, the Bears could still grab one of the three players already mentioned. If they stay at #8 and the said players are still available, I personally would think they would go with Ward since Corner is more of a priority than Safety in the current NFL. I personally like Josh Jackson out of Iowa, the same who happened to clock in as high as a 4.42 at his combine, but I think most teams consider Ward the favorite after his stellar combine in front of the entire world.

    Rob N: The Bears defense was ranked 10th in yards allowed per game, 7th in passing yards, 11th in rushing yards and 9th in points allowed. The team stats say the Bears have an underrated defense by the numbers. However the Bears recorded just 8 interceptions all of last year. Thus the Bears need a playmaker in the secondary and should select Minkah Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick can provide versatility by playing both safety and nickel.

    Aaron L: Again, the vote is splitting between the 3 DBs with Edmunds getting slightly more than any of the 3. I think it’ll be a DB here, and I think CB is the choice, hence my choice of Denzel Ward.

  9. San Francisco 49ers: Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
    Da’Ron Payne: 26.2%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 22.7%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 19.1%
    Denzel Ward: 11.3%
    Derwin James: 9.3%
    Calvin Ridley: 5.6%
    Courtland Sutton: 2.4%
    Marcus Davenport: 1.5%
    Vita Vea: 1.8%
    Total votes: 452

    Tanner W: I honestly think this is were Roquan Smith goes. Best LB in this class. But since he wasn’t not an option I went with Edmunds here. Versatile guy with tons of upside. I think he becomes an edge in the pros and has a similar effect as Anthony Barr for the Vikings. Plus he’s still only 19! That mean by the time his fifth year option comes around he’ll still only be 24. To me that’s a very valuable thing.

    Matt B: The 49ers will be eyeing Tremaine Edmunds at this spot but I’d be amazed if he falls to the 49ers given the Bear’s huge need at the position. If he is on the board he will absolutely be the pick, but if not the 49ers will strongly consider Roquan Smith to pair with / replace Reuben Foster. However in this mock I think the 49ers will instead be taking Davenport – they won’t take Da’Ron Payne for the simple reason that they have Buckner & Armstead to man the middle, with Solly Thomas at DE they have a need on the opposite side (LEO). There was a large 49ers turnout at his pro day which shows their interest. Should they not go Davenport/Smith the pick will be Fitzpatrick, as they need a back end leader to go alongside the impressive Colbert who was lights out in 2017.

    Joe B: I think the 49’ers, if the draft goes as the readers have mocked, will snipe the player the Raiders are targeting and go with Edmunds. The 49ers used to have one of the best LB crews in all of football with Bowman and Willis as anchors. Selecting Edmunds will start to bring back that dominance. Either safety would also be a good pick, but there’s a sleeper who I think is just as good as Fitzpatrick and James than my be available in the third round for them – Bates of Wake Forest.

    BK: This pick should be defensive. I personally think Denzel Ward will be the pick here. The Bears are trending upward for sure so improving the roster is definitely on their mind. With the offence starting to taking shape, they should look at Fitzpatrick (if he falls to them), Ward, or Edmunds. All are great players with Pro bowl potential. It all depends on who they Bears want to take the flyer on sitting here at #8.

    Mike B: Since John Lynch is a former Safety himself, I think he would absolutely ecstatic if both Fitzpatrick and James fell to the 49ers at #9. I know most people think the 49ers are in the market for a linebackers since Foster can’t stay out of trouble off the field, but it sounds like to me that Lynch and Shanahan are at least going to give him one more shot at straighten up his act. Because of this, I honestly think Fitzpatrick or James will be the pick if the draft unfolded how it has in this Mock Draft. Ward could also be in play, but I’m going to go with Fitzpatrick here since he probably reminds Lynch more of himself than James does. Fitzpatrick isn’t the most dynamic player – much like Lynch was in his great career – but he can literally do whatever you ask of him. He can play both Safety and Nickle, and we all know a guy like Lynch has to love that.

  10. Oakland Raiders: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
    Courtland Sutton: 24.4%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 20.8%
    Roquan Smith: 13.5%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 11.7%
    Vita Vea: 8.3%
    Denzel Ward: 7.5%
    Derwin James: 5.2%
    Marcus Davenport: 5.2%
    Calvin Ridley: 3.4%
    Total votes: 385

    Doug: Honestly, I think the best pick here isn’t listed and that’s Maurice Hurst. He is the best 3-technique in this draft and provides excellent interior rush and good overall play. Of the choices, Roquan Smith is the best player choice. He does everything that a modern LB should do in the NFL at exceptional levels.

    Armand: I’m picking Vea, aiming to free Mack and Irvin from double teams. This would make the secondary look reasonably decent for a pro football team.

    Joe B: Any one of the defensive picks here work for the Black and Silver. I chose Roquan Smith to give Khalil Mack help, but let’s face it – The Raiders need defense. Period.

    Dennis C: Very disappointed that there’s not a punter on the choices.

    Mike B: I highly doubt that Edmunds, Fitzpatrick, James and Ward are all still on the board by the #10 Selection, especially because (for some ungodly reason) Jackson and Payne were chosen before all four of those guys. No matter the case, however, I honestly think the #10 will be for a defensive player either way. I honestly have no clue why Sutton is one of the most popular picks right now, especially since the Raiders already have Cooper and just signed Nelson. On top of that, Gruden has always been a more defensive-minded Head Coach. Personally, I selected Edmunds, just because I can’t recall any other LB on the Raiders outside of Mack (OLB/DE). But I don’t think the Raiders could go wrong with drafting James, Fitzpatrick or Ward (or even Vea for that matter) either, as they all have a bit of an edge the Raiders Organization tends to go with. In my mind, the Raiders will be going Defense all the way at #10.

  11. Miami Dolphins: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
    Baker Mayfield: 39.3%
    Calvin Ridley: 24.7%
    Roquan Smith: 7.9%
    Vita Vea: 7.9%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 7.5%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 5.6%
    Derwin James: 3.8%
    Denzel Ward: 3.4%
    Total votes: 267

    Titans Fan: The Dolphins are in a interesting spot here in pick 11 They have a lot of needs and they might be thrilled that Mayfield has dropped to there laps here at 11 I can see a team like the Bills Cardinals or Maybe the Saints might surprise some people and trade for the 2017 Heisman winner of course Saints tried to trade up in last years drafted and drafted Patrick Mahomes and that didn’t happen but since this not a mock draft they will select Baker here with this pick. Ryan Tannehill has injury problems in past couple of years and hes only in average QB when healthy Calvin Ridley or Vita Vea will be a good picks as well but Adam Gase will get his new starting quarterback for the feature.

    Demarcus Cousins Cousin: Kinda surprised that Baker Mayfield is leading the poll i chose Vita Vea to replace Suh but most likely MIA trades out but cant really do that in a reader mock so Vita Vea.

    Harth M: No way Minkah Fitzpatrick makes it past the 49ers and if they did the Raiders would be high not to draft Fitzpatrick…they had the worst secondary in the NFL last year. After Barkley, Fitzpatrick is the best player in this year’s draft. I get teams taking Quarterbacks before Barkley or Fitzpatrick but no way Minkah is available when the Dolphins pick unless they trade up to get him.

    Ryan T: Are there any veterans out there, past their prime, they can trade it for? Of course they MUST overpay said veteran as to get worse in the present, and the future. Mike Tannenbaum should not be employed in the NFL,and the Dolphins are quickly becoming the most pathetic team in the league. Happy Easter

    Wanna Be Like Mike: I’m actually a huge Miami Fan, and I hope to god that we don’t draft Baker Mayfield (or any other QB for that matter) if they should drop to us at #11. We’ve had one of the worst offseasons ever thus far, and drafting a QB will only make it worse (as it will be a waste of a pick). If one of the QBs drop to us, we really need to trade back. Since Buffalo is believed to be trading up into the Top 5, then perhaps we can trade back with Arizona so they can draft the fourth of the Top 4 QB Prospects in the draft. At #15, perhaps we can trade back again with a team looking to jump in order to grab a falling draftee or even Lamar Jackson. Sure, this will see us picking at the bottom of the First Round, but we would earn so many picks in return that we can then use to fill the number of holes (and there are many) on our team. This is really the only formula that would see Miami have successful draft after our miserable Free Agency. For the sake of this mock draft, however, where we must assume no trades, I went with Ward. In a division where Tom Brady could play four more years and where the Bills & Jets are both likely going to getting their future signal caller in this very draft, we will need all the DB help we can get. To everyone voting, especially those that are Miami Dolphins Fans, please stop picking Mayfield (as well as Ridley). We’re already in a very bad place, most likely vying for the #1 selection in next year’s draft.

  12. Buffalo Bills: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
    Lamar Jackson: 43.8%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 13.4%
    Roquan Smith: 12.4%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 11.3%
    Denzel Ward: 8.1%
    Calvin Ridley: 5.3%
    Derwin James: 5.3%
    D.J. Moore: 0.4%
    Total votes: 283

    Ben W: The Bills are going to attempt to trade up, either in front of the Jets or Broncos. The question then becomes who do they want (My money is on Baker Mayfield or Rosen), and who do their trade partners want. If this is the case, I think that the pick at 12 is Fitzpatrick or an OL, depending on the trade partner.

    Christopher F: At 12, Lamar Jackson will be a HUGE reach – especially when you have AJ McCarron. But I mean, there was huge run on QBs so maybe the Bills will panic and reach. If was the Bills, I would trade back for an OT. But if I stay put, you take the BPA and that would be Edwards at LB (upgrade over Vallejo), Ward or Fitzpatrick in the backfield, or how about Ward to pair up as a great young tandem with White, especially if Vontae doesn’t live up to his previous production.

    Si: If the Bills are at this pick and haven’t traded up for a QB, it means they’re comfortable with McCarron or waiting another year to get the QB. Lamar Jackson doesn’t happen to the Bills here. I’m with everyone else who thinks it’s likely they trade up for a QB, but if they don’t, it’s either Tremaine Edmunds (my best bet) or one of the two safeties (James, Fitzpatrick) who have inexplicably dropped.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: I’d be the first to tell you that the Bills should stay put and give McCarron a shot, keeping all of their picks instead of trading them away to grab a QB. If they do this, they could literally add up to six new starters (or more) with all the selections they have, allowing them make a repeat playoff run. Even if McCarron is just a backup talent in the end, the Bills can grab their QB next year (or even the following year after). If the Bills remain put and the Top 4 QB Prospects are all gone, I don’t see the Bills panicking and drafting Lamar Jackson. Though he has a higher ceiling than Tyrodd Taylor, they are basically the same type of QB. And last I checked, the Bills Coaching Staff and Executives didn’t think he was the future. Instead, I see the Bills drafting one of the many Defensive Players that will still likely be on the board at #12. It’s clear that most of the picks made in this Reader’s Mock Draft won’t be correct since there is zero chance whatsoever that the Bills will have the option between Ward, Fitzpatrick, James, Edmunds, Smith, and Vea, but for the sake of picking, I went with Edmunds. The Bills or in my division, and yet I can’t name even one of their LBs. I know their Secondary was dynamite last year, the main reason why I didn’t choose between Top 3 DBs. If people could start picking realistic selections, that would be great. lol

    Sam B: If the Dolphins grab Baker, the Bills will panic and grab Lamar Jackson.

  13. Washington Redskins: D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland
    D.J. Moore: 27.1%
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 21.2%
    Vita Vea: 13.7%
    Derwin James: 12.6%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 9.1%
    Denzel Ward: 7.0%
    Calvin Ridley: 4.0%
    Roquan Smith: 3.2%
    Marcus Davenport: 2.1%
    Total votes: 373

    Ben W: The Redskins lost Bashaud Breeland to the Panthers and traded Kendall Fuller to the Chiefs. Their current top corners are Josh Norman and Quinton Dunbar. While Norman is who he says he is, the Skins could use a second corner to pair with him. Enter Denzel Ward, who some consider the best CB in the draft. He’d work plenty as a compliment and opposite of Norman, plus it’s a nice value here. Also, if they want, the Redskins could use this as trade leverage, as they have multiple other needs aside from CB (EDGE, WR, OL, RB), that if they trade down for more picks, they could address them in this draft.

    Kane G: I don’t know what happened to this draft already, but most of these guys probably won’t be on the board right now. If these are the options, I’d say Minkah, Derwin, or Denzel should be the selection. Roquon and Tremaine are ehh for the redskins as they just signed McPhee. Who knows.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Even though the Redskins need a lot of help on offense to ensure Alex Smith appears to be an upgrade over Cousins, I don’t think they could pass on a Defensive Player should what is available in this mock draft actually turns out to be the case on draft night. Because of this, I went with Fitzpatrick, but, honestly, any of the defensive players on the board at this point would be an absolute steal. Since I highly doubt all of these talented players will make it to the #13 selection, I wouldn’t put it past the Redskins to trade down. I don’t think any of the Top 4 QB Prospects will make it to this point, but there could be desperate team that is ready to put all their chips on Lamar Jackson that might be willing to trade with the Redskins. Even if that is just the Cardinals at #15, it could help the Redskins regain a little they lost in order to obtain Alex Smith. If something like this happened, the Redskins would still have basically the same players to pick from at #15 instead.

  14. Green Bay Packers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, S/CB, Alabama
    Minkah Fitzpatrick: 31.7%
    Calvin Ridley: 21.8%
    Denzel Ward: 16.9%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 13.2%
    Derwin James: 5.8%
    Marcus Davenport: 5.5%
    Roquan Smith: 5.2%
    Total votes: 326

    Ben W: Should Minkah Fitzpatrick still be on the board, take him and RUN. Considering I have him going several picks earlier, I’m going to say that the Packers go ahead and take Calvin Ridley. Yes, they do still have Davante Adams and Randall Cobb, but Cobb is hasn’t had strong seasons as of late and they just released Jordy Nelson. Why go Calvin Ridley? Easy, he fills the need and he’d be a great compliment across from Adams, that way Cobb can go back to the slot and offensive weapon. I could also see this pick maybe being the start of Derriuce Guice territory, as the Packers have a need at RB they have been trying to fill since Eddy Lacy fell off from his promising rookie start.

    Mike S: I dont see Fitzpatrick still being on the board. But if he is this is a no brainer. The pack lost Burnett to FA. Adding a versitale playmaker like Fitzpatrick along with last years top pick Kevin King and another play anywhere guy in Josh Jones, Mike Pettine could have a lot of fun with some defensive packages. Davenport is still tempting as the top available pass rusher but Fitzpatrick is too good to pass up at this spot, especially with Davenport still a little raw.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Again, I don’t think there is any chance all of these great defensive players fall this far. Honestly, I have no idea why other people are voting for players that have no business being selected before all of these guys. That being said, I think the Packers would be absolutely ecstatic if they had the pick between all of these defensive players. I went with Fitzpatrick, but James and Ward would also be nice picks. The Packers need DB help, especially after losing their best Safety to the Steelers in Free Agency and trading their best Cornerback to the Browns.

  15. Arizona Cardinals: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
    Denzel Ward: 39.1%
    Derwin James: 30.2%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 11.7%
    Vita Vea: 11.7%
    Marcus Davenport: 5.0%
    Roquan Smith: 3.4%
    Total votes: 179

    Ben W: Since James is still on the board in this mock, Take him and don’t look back. Here’s the thing, yes the Cardinals need an CB opposite of Patrick Peterson, but those morons let go of Tyrann Mathieu and now have a need at S. This need can be met by drafting once again, the DB in my opinion, is the best in this draft class.

    Mike S: Ward and James are both top 10 guys. However James is the pick here in this mock with both available and Mathieu out. Jackson and Rudolph are both in play here too. They could sit for a year behind Bradford (injuries pending) But they are not available in this vote. I think Ward is a better DB but James is just as good and fills a bigger need on the back end of the secondary. Rudolph could be there in round 2 for the cards. For the sake of this voter mock Arizona is also in a spot to trade back with Ravens, Chargers, Patriots to name a few teams, and still get Jackson or Rudolph depending on who the aforementioned teams trade up to take.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: Since all five of the top quarterbacks are already off the board, I think this pick would be between Ward or James. There is no way both of these guys fall to #15 – I would actually be surprised if even one of them do – but I went ahead and voted for James. After losing the Honey Badger, I think James would be the perfect player to replace him. The young man is dynamic, and I actually think he has the potential to be better than Fitzpatrick in the long run. If this scenario would unfold, however, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cardinals go with Ward. The duo of Peterson and Ward would make things a little more difficult for the Rams and 49ers, plus Ward could replace Peterson down the road since he is starting to get older.

    David S: I see no chance Derwin James (or Denzel Ward for that matter) are available here at 15 in three weeks, but I don’t see how Arizona could pass on Derwin if he’s somehow still on the board. Pairing him with Budda Baker would give the Cardinals arguably the best young safety duo in all of football. These are two athletic, versatile players who are great run defenders and blitzers and also very capable pass defenders. Top 10 talent with the 15th overall pick? The Cardinals should take it and run.

    Rob N: The Arizona Sports Media has been clamoring for a QB to be taken in the first round this year. Unfortunately for them this draft has 5 QBs going before the Cardinals pick at 15. However the Cards do benefit from the run on QBs and talented players do slide to there selection. In this scenario the Cards should go fill a need and select Denzel Ward. Ohio State has been producing talented defensive backs and Ward appears to be the next in line. He would fill the enternal void across from Patrick Peterson that neither current Cardinals CB Brandon Williams or the former special teams standout Justin Bethel could fill. Another possibility for the Cards is to trade back from this position into the late first round and take a QB such as Mason Rudolph. It would be a reach but having the 5th year option is worth the gamble for a QB.

    Christopher F: Cardinals should go defense with this pick, especially with how the draft has fallen. One of the top corners in Denzel Ward or shore up the middle of your defense with Tremaine Edwards. Either one would be a great upgrade.

  16. Baltimore Ravens: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
    Calvin Ridley: 42.0%
    Tremaine Edmunds: 19.1%
    Derwin James: 15.3%
    Vita Vea: 7.6%
    Roquan Smith: 7.6%
    Marcus Davenport: 4.6%
    Derrius Guice: 3.8%
    Total votes: 131

    Christopher F: The clear need for the Ravens is finding offensive targets for Joe Flacco – but 16 is no-man’s land. Calvin Ridley’s stock is dropping, and all other WRs are slight if not far reaches at 16. No TE is worth a 16, especially since you can find a decent WR or TE in Rounds 2, 3, and 4. Ozzie may trade back a couple spots especially with the top 2 LBs and a top safety left on the board, pocket a couple more draft picks, and then pick up Ridley or a TE.

    Titans Fan: Ozzie Newsome loves to the pick Best Alabama Player Available and will select Calvin Ridley i understand his draft stock has gone down a little bit but Joe Flacco could use a little more help in the passing game Mike Wallace John Brown and Calvin Ridley will be a upgrade and their wr corps might be better than is in recent years.

    Wanna Be Like Mike: We all know that the Ravens are in desperate need of some playmakers on Offensive; however, at this juncture with the players still left on the board, I think it will be hard not to pick Edmunds, Smith, or James. I doubt any of them will be here on draft night, but you have to think the Ravens would look to find their next Ed Reed or Ray Lewis should all three of these guys somehow be there at #16. I personally like Smith more than I do Edmunds, but I think he would be the most likely pick if things somehow unfolded like this. He’s from Virginia Tech, a school not so far away from Baltimore, and he has loads of talent with a very high ceiling. Smith and James also make sense, and I wouldn’t be surprised if either of those guys are chosen here. If the Ravens look to trade back, then a WR could definitely be in play, and understandably so, after dropping down. It would be a stretch to draft Ridley or some other weapon for Flacco at this point, especially if any of three aforementioned defensive players are still on the board.

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2017 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/27): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
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2018 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/26): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
2018 NFL Mock Re-Draft (UPDATED 4/28): Walt Round 4 /Walt Round 5 /Charlie Round 4 /Charlie Round 5 /Walt Round 2 /Walt Round 3 /Charlie Round 2 /Charlie Round 3
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2019 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/25): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
2019 NFL Mock Re-Draft (UPDATED 4/27): Walt Round 4 /Walt Round 5 /Charlie Round 4 /Charlie Round 5 /Walt Round 2 /Walt Round 3 /Charlie Round 2 /Charlie Round 3
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2020 NFL Mock Re-Draft (UPDATED 4/25): Walt Round 4 /Walt Round 5 /Charlie Round 4 /Charlie Round 5 /Walt Round 2 /Walt Round 3 /Charlie Round 2 /Charlie Round 3
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2023 NFL Mock Draft (UPDATED 4/27): Round 1 /Picks 17-32 /Round 2 /Round 3 /Round 4 /Round 5 /Round 6 /Round 7
2023 NFL Mock Re-Draft (UPDATED 4/29): Walt Round 4 /Walt Round 5 /Charlie Round 4 /Charlie Round 5 /Walt Round 2 /Walt Round 3 /Charlie Round 2 /Charlie Round 3
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