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Drake Maye
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NFL Team Logo for Bears Chicago Bears: Caleb Williams, QB, USC Image for USC

It’s not clear why, but to start the season, Justin Fields styled himself after Drew Bledsoe, a statue-esque quarterback who held the ball way too long in the pocket and took tons of sacks. Fields ran just twice following the opening drive versus the Buccaneers. He rebounded after that, especially after returning from injury, but he was woeful against the Packers to close out the year. With the No. 1 pick will locked up, the Bears will draft a quarterback after trading Fields.

Caleb Williams supplanted Spencer Rattler at Oklahoma, then put together massive performances at USC.


1. None – The only way Williams isn’t the pick is if he falls down the stairs or is abducted by aliens.

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NFL Team Logo for Redskins Washington Redskins: Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU Image for LSU

The Redskins had major blocking issues that weren’t giving Sam Howell much of a chance. Howell, however, was benched twice, so the experiment is over. The Redskins will select a quarterback with this pick.

Jayden Daniels is an accurate passer and a dangerous runner who possesses a quality arm. Rumors indicated that the Redskins liked Maye more than Daniels, but some sources have said that the Redskins are inclined to draft Daniels.


1. Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy, QB – The other quarterback options, though it sounds like the pick will be Daniels. What we know is that the Redskins won’t be trading out of this pick.

NFL Team Logo for Patriots New England Patriots: Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina Image for NCar

Mac Jones sucks. The Patriots weren’t in a position to land a franchise quarterback in previous versions of this mock draft, but they are now that they are locked into the No. 3 spot. Jones is gone, so the Patriots will be selecting a quarterback.

Drake Maye is an athletic quarterback with good accuracy and field vision. His mechanics need a bit of work, but he’s still an elite quarterback prospect.


1. Jayden Daniels or J.J. McCarthy, QB – The other quarterback options. The Patriots love Daniels, but it doesn’t sound like he’ll be available. Like the Redskins, the Patriots don’t have any intentions of trading down unless they’re absolutely blown away by a deal.

NFL Team Logo for Vikings Minnesota Vikings: J.J. McCarthy, QB, Michigan Image for MICH

I don’t often predict trades in my mock draft, but I’m going to make an exception in this instance because we know Minnesota is aiming to move up after acquiring pick No. 23. The Vikings can trade Nos. 11 and 23, as well as a 2025 first-round pick to the Cardinals for No. 4.

The Vikings are obviously moving up for a quarterback. They have nothing at the position, so I understand their desperation to make a move. Ideally, they’d go to No. 3 and land one of the three studs, but they might be limited in what they can do.

J.J. McCarthy is an accurate quarterback with a solid arm and mobility.


1. Another team trades up – Charlie Campbell was told by sources that they believe a trade is in place between the Vikings and Cardinals. However, Arizona is still fielding offers to see if it can obtain a better deal.

2. Malik Nabers, WR – If the Vikings pull the offer and no one else wants to trade up for the fourth-best quarterback in the draft, the Cardinals will select Malik Nabers, whom they prefer over Marvin Harrison Jr., according to Mike Jurecki.

NFL Team Logo for Chargers Los Angeles Chargers: J.C. Latham, OT, Alabama Image for ALA

I’ve seen some mock drafts slot J.C. Latham here, and I think they could very easily be correct. Latham, unlike Joe Alt, fits in well at right tackle and can even slide inside if needed. There are a number of teams in the teens hoping Latham falls to them, so perhaps he’ll be drafted earlier than the consensus suggest. Keep in mind that the Chargers could also obtain Latham in the 8-11 range.

J.C. Latham has the power to start at guard and athleticism to be a tackle.


1. Marvin Harrison Jr. or Malik Nabers, WR – The other receiver option for the Chargers. It could go either way between the two wideouts.

2. Trade Down – I’m sure the Chargers would love to trade down and still obtain Latham.

Pick change; previously Marvin Harrison Jr., WR

NFL Team Logo for Giants New York Giants: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State Image for OSU

The Giants have to be thrilled that the Vikings are moving up for a quarterback. That means that they’re locked in for one of the top two receivers in this class. This is huge for a team that has zero talent at the position.

Marvin Harrison Jr. is a 6-foot-4 receiver who happens to be a huge mismatch weapon. He was sorely missed in the college football semi-final versus Georgia when he suffered a concussion. Jim Harbaugh had a great look at how dominant Harrison can be, so he may select the receiver who went for five receptions for 118 yards and a touchdown against his defense this past season.


1. Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy, QB – The Giants are another candidate to trade up. This would be a big mistake because they sorely lack talent across their roster.

2. Malik Nabers, WR – The other receiver option.

NFL Team Logo for Titans Tennessee Titans: Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame Image for ND

The Titans could go back-to-back offensive linemen. They drafted Peter Skoronski to replace Nate Davis, and they could use this pick to find someone to fill Taylor Lewan’s shoes.

Joe Alt is a former tight end who has moved to left tackle. He has good size, length, and athleticism.


1. J.C. Latham or Olu Fashanu, OT – Here are the other tackle options for the Titans, who have no viable blind-side protector.

2. Malik Nabers, WR – The Titans signed Calvin Ridley to a big-money contract, but I don’t think that would preclude them from drafting a stud receiver at No. 7.

NFL Team Logo for Falcons Atlanta Falcons: Laiatu Latu, DE, UCLA Image for UCLA

The Falcons can’t possibly go into the 2024 season with Desmond Ridder as the starter again. However, this is too early to draft J.J. McCarthy or Michael Penix. Plus, Atlanta may go after a veteran anyway, given that the team is ready to win now. The Falcons may decide to fix their edge rush instead.

Laiatu Latu is a dangerous pass rusher with incredible athleticism and a strong frame. There was some fear that he could fall, however, due to injury concerns. However, many teams have cleared Latu medically, so he’s live to be chosen in the top 10 again.


1. Rome Odunze, WR – Just as Calvin Ridley won’t prevent the Titans from drafting Malik Nabers, Darnell Mooney won’t deter the Falcons from drafting Rome Odunze.

2. Trade Down – The Falcons could move down a few spots and still obtain Latu.

NFL Team Logo for Bears Chicago Bears: Malik Nabers, WR, LSU Image for LSU

I hate projecting trades in my mock draft even though I have one slated earlier. The reason is that predicting players is tough enough; guessing what trades will occur is even more difficult. However, I’d be shocked if the Bears don’t trade down. After they select Caleb Williams, they’ll have just three more picks. They need more assets, so a receiver-hungry team that wants Malik Nabers could move up. I’m looking at the Colts as a possibility.

Nabers is quick and athletic. He outplayed Kayshon Boutte when the two were in school together.


1. Byron Murphy or Laiatu Latu, DLs – Here are some other defensive linemen who make sense for the Bears. Trading down for these players is likely to be done because Chicago has just four picks in the draft.

2. Rome Odunze, WR – If the Bears stay put, they may select the third receiver in this talented class.

Pick change; previously Dallas Turner, DE

NFL Team Logo for Jets New York Jets: Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia Image for UGA

The Jets are no longer locked into a tackle at No. 10 in the wake of the Tyron Smith signing. They can afford to go best player available, which in this case is a tight end. The Jets have nothing at the position, so I’m sure Aaron Rodgers would be in favor of this selection.

Brock Bowers is an elite athlete and a mismatch weapon.


1. Rome Odunze, WR – It sounds like this pick will come down to Bowers versus Odunze.

2. Trade Down – The Jets don’t have a second-round pick, so they may try to move out of the No. 10 spot.

NFL Team Logo for Cardinals Arizona Cardinals: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington Image for Wash

Mike Jurecki is the best team reporter in the business. He has never gotten anything wrong about the Cardinals as far as I know. He said that if Arizona obtained a top-three pick, it would trade out of it and draft Marvin Harrison Jr. or Malik Nabers to replace DeAndre Hopkins because the team is stuck with Kyler Murray’s contract. The Cardinals, however, aren’t in such a position because they defeated the Eagles in a very Pyrrhic victory. Besides, they are likely to move down from No. 4. Given their vast resources, however, it wouldn’t surprise me if they move up for a top-three receiver. I could see them doing a trade with the Bears, for example, to leap the Jets for Rome Odunze.

Odunze has great size, but there are some concerns about separation ability.


1. Trade Back Up – Don’t be surprised if the Cardinals move down from four to 11, and then back up to the 5-7 range to select Malik Nabers. They did something similar last year, moving down from three to 12, and then back up to six.

NFL Team Logo for Broncos Denver Broncos: Bo Nix, QB, Oregon Image for ORE

Russell Wilson’s days in Denver have come to an end. Sean Payton will want to find his own quarterback to establish as the face of the franchise. I could see the Broncos trading down 10 or so spots and then selecting Bo Nix.

Nix has a solid arm and scrambling ability.


1. Drake Maye or J.J. McCarthy, QB – The other quarterback options the Broncos could trade up for. Denver can’t sell its fans on Jarrett Stidham and Ben DiNucci.

2. Laiatu Latu, DE – If the Broncos can’t get a quarterback for whatever reason, they’ll strongly consider a talented edge rusher to replace some recently departed players.

NFL Team Logo for Raiders Las Vegas Raiders: Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington Image for Wash

It’s becoming more apparent that Michael Penix Jr. is going in the first round. The Raiders just might be the team that drafts him.

Michael Penix Jr. is a smart quarterback with a huge arm. He’s a 24-year-old with a dubious injury history, but is otherwise a terrific prospect.


1. Olu Fashanu, Taliese Fuaga or J.C. Latham, OT – The Raiders could pursue Penix later in the first round. If so, they’ll need a stud right tackle to protect Penix’s blind side.

2. Quinyon Mitchell, CB – The Raiders are considering cornerback as well at this spot.

NFL Team Logo for Saints New Orleans Saints: Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT, Penn State Image for PSU

The Saints wanted Myles Murphy in the 2023 NFL Draft, so they could draft a talented edge rusher to help the mediocre pass rush. And speaking of the pass rush, the Saints don’t have a left tackle to defend against it because Trevor Penning has been a major bust. They may take the best edge rusher or tackle available.

Olumuyiwa Fashanu looks like a franchise left tackle. He is a massive blocker with elite athleticism for the position.


1. J.C. Latham, OT – The other left tackle option. This is a big problem area for the Saints.

2. Dallas Turner or Laiatu Latu, DE – As mentioned earlier, the Saints wanted Murphy last year, but couldn’t get him.

NFL Team Logo for Colts Indianapolis Colts: Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo Image for

The Colts need cornerback help to combat all the firepower the Jaguars and Texans have at receiver. If they don’t trade up (more on that below), they could opt for the top cornerback in this class.

Quinyon Mitchell is raw, but he has incredible upside that could put him in the first round.


1. Trade Up – It wouldn’t shock me at all if the Colts tried to beat the Cardinals to the punch by trading up for a receiver. A Bears-Colts trade makes so much sense.

2. Brian Thomas Jr., WR – The Colts could reach a bit for Thomas, or perhaps trade down for him.

Pick change; previously Terrion Arnold, CB

NFL Team Logo for Seahawks Seattle Seahawks: Cooper DeJean, S/CB, Iowa Image for Iowa

The Seahawks could address the offensive line, but they’re incredibly weak in the secondary despite drafting Devon Witherspoon last year. They could opt for another defensive back with this pick.

Cooper DeJean is an instinctive and versatile player.


1. Taliese Fuaga or Troy Fautanu, OT/G – The Seahawks have major issues in the interior of their offensive line.

2. Trade Down – The Seahawks don’t have a second-round pick, so they’re likely to trade down. They could move back 4-6 spots and still land DeJean.

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