2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: J.C. Latham

  • J.C. Latham, 6-6/360
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Alabama

J.C. Latham Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Massive size with height and weight
  • Natural strength
  • Very powerful
  • Heavy hands
  • Overwhelms in the ground game
  • Road grader who drives block defenders off the ball
  • Overpowers defensive linemen
  • Finishes blocks well
  • Violent blocker
  • Nastiness
  • Plays with a mean streak
  • Great length
  • So massive he is tough to run around
  • Neutralizes second efforts
  • Massive blocker
  • Very powerful
  • Engulfs and overwhelms defensive linemen
  • Good athlete for a huge lineman
  • Quality feet
  • Bends at the knee
  • Quick out of his stance
  • Plays with good leverage
  • Can cut off speed rushers
  • Gets depth in his drop to cut off the edge
  • Natural to avoid bending at the waist
  • Can move in the open field
  • Hits blocks in space
  • Upside
  • Experience against top competition


  • Lacks the feet and movement of a left tackle
  • Right tackle only
  • Can have issues with some speed rushers

Prospect Summary:

After serving as a backup to Evan Neal during the 2021 season, Latham earned the starting right tackle position as a sophomore after Neal left for the NFL. In 2022, Latham allowed zero sacks and was credited with along only 11 hurries and 12 pressures over 517 pass-blocking snaps. He was an imposing presence on the Crimson Tide offensive line. As a junior in 2023, Latham allowed only two sacks in 408 pass-blocking plays. He was consistent in the ground game as well.

As a pass blocker, Latham has a natural build with good size, strength, and length to play on the edge. He does a nice job of sinking his weight to stop bull rushes, using a good anchor and his upper body strength to tie up defenders. Aided by his quickness off the ball, Latham gets some depth in his drop and will rapidly get out of his stance. When Latham keeps his feet moving, he can cut off the corner and give his quarterback the necessary time to get the ball out. Latham works well in tandem blocks with his guard and is adept at handling games up front with his guard.

As a junior, Latham was rock solid in pass protection and only gave up a pressure once in a while. Speed rushers coming around the corner can give Latham some issues every so often. He may not have the feet and smooth movement skills that NFL teams want out of their left tackles, and some team sources think Latham is a right tackle only for the next level.

In the ground game, Latham uses his strong upper body to tie up defenders and push them around. He can knock defenders backward on occasion, while on other plays, he will twist, turn, and manipulate his defender to keep them away from his back. Latham also can create a push and straight blast defensive ends out of their gaps with sheer power. Latham has some real nastiness to him. He blocks through the whistle and is very physical at the point of attack. Using a mean streak, Latham gets violent with defenders and will finish them off. He has the quickness to fire to the second level and is athletic enough to hit blocks in space.

Latham is a young player and has upside, so he could continue to develop. Latham looks like a safe pick to be a very good right tackle in the NFL who will be a consistent pass protector and a force to run behind. In the 2024 NFL Draft, Latham looks like a future top-20 pick. He could even go as a top-10 selection.

Prospect Comparison:

Evan Neal. Latham is very similar to Neal. Neal (6-7, 360) and Latham are almost identical in size while being similar players. Both can overwhelm and dominate as run blockers and possess enough athleticism and quickness to stay on the edge at right tackle.


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