NFL Confidence Pool Picks: Week 14

Dak Prescott

NFL Confidence Pool Picks: Week 14

I’ve received requests to make selections for Confidence Pools. I’ll offer those picks each week. Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

If you’re unfamiliar with confidence pools, you select each team to win, straight up, and you assign point values for how confident you are that each team will win. For example, the team you’re most confident in will get 16 points (if there are 16 games), then the next team will get 15, and so on.

Here are my confidence picks for Week 14:

15. Miami Dolphins

14. San Francisco 49ers

13. Green Bay Packers

12. Baltimore Ravens

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Houston Texans

9. Cleveland Browns

8. New Orleans Saints

7. Atlanta Falcons

6. Chicago Bears

5. Dallas Cowboys

4. Kansas City Chiefs

3. San Angeles Chargers

2. Cincinnati Bengals

1. Minnesota Vikings

We had our best results in Week 12 and our worst results in Week 13. Go figure.

The Dolphins are the obvious choice, followed by the 49ers. Green Bay over Baltimore is controversial, but I like the Packers’ chances of winning more. If you’re wondering why the Lions are missing, I’m betting the Bears, per my NFL Picks page.

Points in Week 1: 78/136
Points in Week 2: 88/136
Points in Week 3: 90/136
Points in Week 4: 106/136
Points in Week 5: 65/105
Points in Week 6: 79/120
Points in Week 7: 57/91
Points in Week 8: 103/136
Points in Week 9: 78/105
Points in Week 10: 50/105
Points in Week 11: 80/105
Points in Week 12: 112/136
Points in Week 13: 48/91

Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.




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