NBA Trade Grades

Alec Burks

Updated: Sat., Feb. 10, 2024.

Pistons trade Alec Burks and Bojan Bogdanovic to the Knicks for Quentin Grimes, Malachi Flynn, Evan Fournier and two second-rounders

The biggest trade so far has helped make the Knicks the potential No. 3 seed in the East. They added a much-needed third scorer with Bojan Bogdanovic, who should start at forward, which should move OG Anunoby to shooting guard. Also getting much-needed shooting and scoring in Alec Burks for the bench further improved their offense. I love this for the Knicks.

Quentin Grimes is a nice prospect, and the picks are nice, but Bogdanovic was worth twice what the Pistons got for him, and they seemingly threw Burks to the Knicks. This is a really, really poor trade for Detroit, although I’m a fan of Quentin Grimes.

Grade for Pistons: D

Grade for Knicks: A

Hornets trade P.J. Washington to the Mavericks for Grant Williams, Seth Curry and a first-round pick

This is, in a way, two teams showing buyer’s remorse because Washington and Williams were given large 3-year deals an offseason ago, but this makes sense. The Hornets were using Washington in the second unit, but he’s a starter, so they were wise to trade him for value. The fact they got a three-and-D guy in Williams is a win, although there are apparently character concerns, but also netting a first-rounder is big.

P.J. Washington is a perfect modern four along with being a talented scorer and shooter, which the Mavericks needed. They preferred Kyle Kuzma, and although he is rather expensive, he’s a relative star while Washington is more of an elite role player in the league.

Grade for Hornets: A-

Grade for Mavericks: B-

Pacers trade Marcus Morris and a second-round pick to the Spurs for Doug McDermott

The Spurs have no need for a veteran shooter, so McDermott returns to the Pacers who traded shooting specialist Buddy Hield to Philly.

McDermott isn’t the big-time scorer that Buddy Hield is, but McDermott will give the Pacers excellent shooting and cost them very little. The Spurs were wise to get an asset for a piece they had no need for.

Grade for Pacers: B

Grade for Spurs: A-

In a three-team deal, the Suns acquire Royce O’Neale from the Nets and David Roddy from the Grizzlies. Nets receive three second-round selections, Keita Bates-Diop and Jordan Goodwin. Grizzlies receive Chimezie Metu, Yuta Watanabe, and a 2026 first-round pick swap

The Suns have been after Royce O’Neale for awhile, as he is a very nice bench piece, where they are still quite poor. They also added David Roddy who is rather meh.

The Nets had no need for a veteran role player of O’Neale’s talents, so getting three picks was smart, plus they won’t miss him too much. The players moved in this deal mean little to the Nets.

The Grizzlies have wisely just traded another role player for draft capital, which is the right move for them.

Grade for Suns: B

Grade for Nets: A-

Grade for Grizzlies: B+

Mavericks trade Ricaun Holmes and a first-round pick to the Wizards for Daniel Gafford

The Mavericks wanted a scoring center, where Dereck Lively still needs a lot of work, and Gafford is an excellent scorer and rebounder in a reserve role. The Wizards get Holmes and a late first-rounder for Gafford, which was a strong move, but it was a bit much for Dallas to pay.

Grade for Mavericks: B-

Grade for Wizards: A-

Nets trade Spencer Dinwiddie to the Raptors for Dennis Schroder and Thaddeus Young

This is an odd trade, because this is a trade of veteran starting point guards; Dinwiddie has already been cut though, as has Young. Schroder is a true point guard with excellent playmaking and scoring skills and is on a cheap three-season contract, and as the Nets needed stability at point guard, he was a very nice find.

Grade for Nets: A-

Grade for Raptors: C

76ers trade Patrick Beverly to the Bucks for Cam Payne and a second-round pick

This is an interesting trade, but I really like it for the Bucks and Sixers. This is them trading reserve point guards, but they couldn’t be more different. Beverly is an elite defender and capable scorer, while Payne is a pure scorer with playmaking talent. The Bucks needed defense and the 76ers needed offense, so this should work well.

Grade for 76ers: B

Grade for Bucks: A

76ers trade Jalen Springer to the Celtics for a second-round pick

The Celtics were able to pry a talented young defender from a big rival for just a second-round pick, which is a nice move considering how well Springer has played recently. The 76ers obviously valued the pick and roster spot more than the talent, which I wouldn’t have considered.

Grade for 76ers: D+

Grade for Celtics: B

Pacers trade Buddy Hield to the 76ers for Marcus Morris, Furkan Korkmaz and three second-round picks

The 76ers won’t have reigning MVP Joel Embiid for a few weeks, but the team needed another scorer in a big way after Maxey and Embiid, and Hield can be that third guy, making Harris and Oubre excellent secondary options. Hield is one of the league’s elite shooters and should be Philadelphia’s starting shooting guard and a 17-18-point scorer.

The Pacers wanted to trade Hield, who will be a free agent they wouldn’t be keeping, and although a few second-round selections is nice, Morris is a solid veteran and Korkmaz can shoot the ball. It is ridiculous a player like Hield was traded without a first-round pick being involved. This is a huge win for the 76ers, but not so much for the Pacers.

Grade for Pacers: D+

Grade for 76ers: A+

Pistons trade Monte Morris to the Timberwolves for Shake Milton, Troy Brown and two second-round picks

The Timberwolves really needed a guard who is a playmaker and scorer, and they have added one of the truly elite reserve point guards in the NBA with Morris. The depth for Minnesota was pathetic for a potential contender, but as to why the team got rid of Milton, who is actually pretty solid, is odd. Regardless, it was a decent value and the Timberwolves have improved as a team.

The Pistons just keep collecting picks, which is what they should be working on; I can see them trading the two veterans as well.

Grade for Pistons: A-

Grade for Timberwolves: B+

Thunder trade Tre Mann, Visile Misic and Davis Bertans to the Hornets for Gordon Hayward

This was genius. Already a title contender, the Thunder have grabbed the very talented Gordon Hayward, who improves their depth hugely. The fact it that it only cost two decent young players and a contract to match is a huge win. The former All-Star provides Oklahoma City experience and offensive and defensive help.

The Hornets actually had no need for the veteran, and a young team getting Mann and Misic has to count as a win; I love Misic, the once EuroLeague MVP.

Grade for Thunder: A-

Grade for Hornets: A

Raptors trade a first-round pick, Otto Porter Jr. and Kai Lewis to the Jazz for Ochai Agbaji and Kelly Olynyk

This trade makes zero sense for the Raptors, but they are impossible to read. Why is a rebuilding team trading a first-round pick for a veteran when the squad has no shot at the playoffs? The only reason why this isn’t an F is because Agbaji has what it takes to be a strong role player for the Raptors.

The Jazz are rebuilding and getting one more first-round pick, of which they have many, for two pieces who weren’t big for them. But since Utah isn’t winning, letting those two go was wise.

Grade for Raptors: D-

Grade for Jazz: A-

76ers trade Danuel House and a second-round selection to the Pistons

This is simply Philadelphia paying Detroit to take on a contract. It’s a wise move for both Team A and B.

Grade for 76ers: A-

Grade for Pistons: A

Memphis trades Victor Oladipo and three seconds-round picks to Houston for Steven Adams

The only reason this trade would make sense is if Houston is buying low for Steven Adams, the Memphis starting five who is missing the season due to injury. The Grizzlies receive at least some compensation in picks and financial help in this deal. This year is a wasted season for Memphis, so selling veterans for assets makes some sense, but the organization is a contender when healthy, plus Adams fit very well, so I have no idea as to the team dealt him.

Grade for Houston: B-

Grade for Memphis: D+

Jazz trade Simone Fontecchio to the Pistons for a second-round choice, Kevin Knox and the rights to Gabriele Procida

The Jazz are performing well, but Danny Ainge knows how to collect assets and is aware they are rebuilding, so he just fleeced Detroit. The second-round pick is from our nation’s capital, meaning it will be basically a late first – 31st or 32nd -, and that alone is a win for a 28-year-old role player. Kevin Knox is basically a contract, and is a bust, but he’s still a talented scorer in his own right who could help Utah. As for Gabriele Procida, who knows if we will see him in the NBA.

Fontecchio isn’t well-known, but the Italian forward is an excellent shooter who would play well off a contender’s bench. As the Pistons are trash, this makes no sense.

Grade for Jazz: A

Grade for Pistons: D

Celtics trade two second-round selections to the Grizzlies for Xavier Tillman

The Celtics needed to find a solid fourth big man – and still need a sixth man – and were smart to go to the Grizzlies, as they are trying to collect assets and clean their finances in a season during which they have no shot. Tillman gives Boston a reserve big man who has some shooting ability, but he is a pesky defender and rebounder. He’s no star, but he’s excellent depth. For a player they clearly no longer thought of as a big piece, the Grizzlies were able to grab a couple picks, which was more than I assumed he would cost. This is a win-win deal.

Grade for Celtics: B+

Grade for Grizzlies: B

Three-team Deal: Pacers send Bruce Brown, Jordan Nwora, two 2024 first-rounders and a 2026 first-rounder to Raptors for Pascal Siakam. Raptors receive Kira Lewis Jr. from Pelicans; Pelicans send a 2026 second-rounder to Pacers

After a more than a year’s worth of speculation, Toronto has moved on from Siakam in return for a somewhat lackluster package of assets from the Pacers.

Bruce Brown was signed this offseason, and while he is a valuable role player, moving him doesn’t quite make sense for a team that is obviously rebuilding. I think he could get flipped again before the trade deadline to a team that is looking for a wing scorer and defender, helping Toronto build its future stockpile.

Nwora seems to be salary-filler in this deal, but he has value as a shooter and defender on the wing as well – should the Raptors decide to keep him. The biggest factor in this trade for Toronto, however, was the three first-round selections, two in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft and one in 2026. While these picks will likely be in the 20s, Masai Ujiri has a decent track record of finding talent later in NBA drafts, including Siakam himself, who was chosen 27th overall in 2016.

Getting Kira Lewis Jr. from New Orleans gives the Raptors a former first-round pick to attempt to develop as well. I’m just shocked Toronto did this deal without insisting one of either Jarace Walker or Bennedict Mathurin were included, as they are two young players with great ceilings who would help accelerate the club’s rebuild. That feels like a missed opportunity.

The Pacers have been pushing to acquire a second star player after Tyrese Halliburton’s ascension and have found their guy. Siakam is a two-time All-Star selection who is averaging 22 points, six rebounds and five assists per game this season. He will gives Indiana someone who can guard multiple positions, including on the wing, where the team has been desperate to find some help.

A reduced offensive load thanks to the Pacers’ multitude of options could help Siakim be even better as a defender. Adding in his fit as a player, reports say he would be willing to negotiate a long-term contract to stay with Halliburton and the Pacers, this deal makes even more sense. And as I mentioned in the Toronto section, not having to include Mathurin or Walker in this trade was a huge win for Indiana. These two young players have great ceilings and are still on their rookie deals. I can’t say enough how well Kevin Pritchard and the Pacers front office did in this trade.

As for the Pelicans moving on from Lewis, their first-round pick in 2020, it was all about getting under the luxury tax threshold. Lewis is still young, but he has yet to establish himself as any sort of consistent player.

Grade for Raptors: C-

Grade for Pacers: A

Grade for Pelicans: B

Wizards trade Mike Muscala and Danilo Gallinari to the Pistons for Marvin Bagley, Isaiah Livers and two second-round selections

As these are the two cellar dwellers of the East, this seem like a weird trade, but the Pistons have said multiple times they want veterans to help them win and for the locker room. By adding Gallinari and Muscala – two players in their mid-30s – the Pistons at least met that goal, but a pathetic team trading two second-round choices isn’t ideal.

The Wizards are trying to rebuild, and so trading veterans means little. Adding two picks and a solid young big man was wise of on their part. This was not a big trade, but the Wizards easily won.

Grade for Wizards- B+

Grade for Pistons- D+

The Raptors trade O.G. Anunoby and Precious Achiuwa to the Knicks for a second-rounder, Immanuel Quickley and R.J. Barrett

The Raptors and Knicks in the first blockbuster trade of the season have swapped four players in a trade where to me, the Raptors have won quite easily. OG may be the biggest talent in the trade, but the Knicks traded their third and fourth scorers who are rather young. And Achiuwa, the fourth player in the swap, although important as they lost starting 5 Mitchell Robinson, isn’t on the level of the three guards and that gives a big advantage to Toronto.

Replacing Robinson, not having to pay Quickley big money in the offseason and getting an elite defender in Anunoby makes sense as to why they would make the trade, but Barrett fit well, is a 20 point scorer and Julius Randle is the piece the Knicks need to move on from. This isn’t the trade they needed to make a move in the East.

I love this for Toronto, who added two legitimate young keepers at guard. Quickley will slide right into the sixth man role and Barrett the starting two guard spot and with Scottie Barnes, Dennis Schroeder and Pascal Siakam, they have a far, far improved offense.

Grade for Raptors- A

Grade for Knicks- C-

Sixers trade James Harden and P.J. Tucker to the Clippers for Marcus Morris, Robert Covington, Nic Batum, K.J. Martin and two first-round picks

So, I said this trade would not take place … oops. As for this trade, I initially hated it, but I can see the merits. It looked like a selfish, filthy rich star getting his way, and it is quite true that the 76ers received nobody resembling a star, but they received three very strong role players in Morris, Covington and Batum; three guys with a lot of playoff experience. Harden was toxic as well, so just getting rid of him is almost a win, and Philadelphia got a half-solid return, but P.J. Tucker was an important part of the team and I have no idea why the organization settled. I may not hate the trade, but I’m in no way a fan.

The main reason I really could not and still can’t see why the Clippers would make this trade is that they had little need for Harden. Yeah, their roster looks star studded, but there is not an ample supply of touches for four guys – they already had Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook – who want the ball. I like Westbrook on this roster a lot more than Harden, and that’s a lot of depth and chemistry for a guy who is a luxury, not a need. Regardless, although I dislike Harden, when you can trade for an all-star, in most cases you should, I just have little idea if this is one of those cases. My favorite aspect of the trade is actually receiving P.J. Tucker, who is an animal at forward. I may not love this trade, but the Clippers obviously won.

Grade for 76ers- D+

Grade for Clippers- C+

The Boston Celtics trade Robert Williams III, Malcolm Brogdon and two first-round picks to the Portland Trail Blazers for Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday was one of the two big pieces who Portland received for Damian Lillard – DeAndre Ayton – and as the club had zero need for a veteran guard, hence the Lillard trade, they flipped Holiday for more young assets. The Trail Blazers received reigning sixth-man winner and combo guard Malcolm Brogdon and excellent big man Robert Williams III. Williams will likely come off the bench, but is a starting talent. Portland got a lot for Holiday.

Furthermore, the Trail Blazers just want to keep adding assets and young talent, and they have performed beautifully at those things. For those of you counting the Damian Lillard trade assets, it is now at DeAndre Ayton, Robert Williams III, three first-round picks and pick swaps, and likely more as Brogdon is now likely to be traded.

I’m not a big fan of this deal for the Celtics. Yes, they now have yet another all-star, but their ridiculous depth was actually one of the real strengths if the team. This is no longer the case. They also now have a big hole, as they have to find another quality big man and Brogdon is a lot like Holiday, just at like 75%. I see why Boston made this deal, but I really dislike it.

Grade for Trail Blazers- A-

Grade for Celtics- C

Bucks trade Grayson Allen, Jrue Holiday, multiple swaps and a 2028 NBA Draft first-round selection for Damian Lillard; Trail Blazers trade Damian Lillard, Jusuf Nurkic, Keon Johnson and Nassir Little for Deandre Ayton, Jrue Holiday, pick swaps and a future first-round choice; and the Suns trade Deandre Ayton and Touami Camara for Jusuf Nurkic, Nassir Little, Keon Johnson and Grayson Allen.

I love blockbuster trades and this is arguably the biggest trade in quite awhile, as one of the NBA’s 10 biggest stars has just been traded. Damian Lillard is expensive and aging, but it seems that he and Giannis Antetokounmpo wanted to play together, so not only do the Bucks now have a ridiculously stacked roster, this makes Antetokounmpo very likely to sign another contract with the club, which was in doubt, which is bigger than just this coming season. This a home run.

This is a big win for the Trail Blazers, as they simply got more in this then they would have from Pat Riley. Their incredible young point guard Scoot Henderson can learn so much from Jrue Holiday, who should be starting with him. Deandre Ayton also gives them the stud center they wanted, and I think he could be an all-star for them. The swaps and picks are nice and obviously you want more, but the talent Portland got is far more valuable.

Trading Ayton for Jusuf Nurkic and three role players isn’t the big haul that I had long assumed Ayton would cost, but the Suns lacked the needed depth for a title run and they are now a superior team to what they were.

Grade for Suns- B

Grade for Trail Blazers- A-

Grade for Bucks- A

Clippers trade two second-round picks to the Rockets for Kenyon Martin Jr.

This is a really nice move for the Clippers, providing much-needed youth and athleticism to their aging roster. Not having to spend a first-round pick for Martin is kind of ridiculous, as he just averaged 12.7 points a game and is 22. The Rockets already had more young talent than they could use, and after adding Amen Thompson, Cam Whitmore, Fred VanVleet, Dillon Brooks and Jock Landale, there were far fewer minutes for Martin. My issue is that Houston simply did not receive solid compensation.

Grade for Clippers- A-

Grade for Rockets- D+

Suns trade two pick swaps and Isaiah Todd for three second-round picks.

This is a boring trade to most, but I like to see how and why two teams would make this kind of deal. For the Suns, it seems to be about creatively losing a player while adding a roster spot. For the Grizzlies, it is realizing a need and hoping those pick swaps work in their favor, so I can see why they made that deal. It’s a fascinating trade.

Grade for Grizzlies- B

Grade for Suns- B+

Hawks trade Ty Ty Washington, Usman Garuba, Rudy Gay and a second-round pick to the Thunder for Patty Mills.

This is the financially in-trouble Hawks sending a bunch of minor assets to Oklahoma for Patty Mills, which saves them about $5 million. I would normally grade this poorly, but Atlanta gave up little. The Thunder acquire assets when they can, so this is one more nice move for the franchise.

Grade for Hawks- C

Grade for Thunder- B

Celtics sign and trade Grant Williams to Mavericks, which signs him for four seasons, $54 million; Celtics receive two second-rounders; and Spurs acquire Reggie Bullock and swap future pick with Mavericks.

This move is mostly about Williams, who is about to become a household name. The former Celtic is one of the truly elite three-and-d talents in the NBA who hasn’t gotten the minutes he deserves. He should be a starter next season and should be perfect with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, as he won’t take away shots and his defense will help a lot. I love this for Dallas. I also really like the Celtics getting assets for a guy most knew was leaving. The Spurs, as usual, also win here receiving one of the biggest shooting talents in the league.

Grade for Celtics- B

Grade for Mavs- A

Grade for Spurs- B+

Knicks trade Obi Toppin for two second-rounders.

Personally, I love this trade for the Pacers, who have had a really nice offseason. Toppin needed to be moved, as he simply wasn’t a fit on the Knicks. I have a feeling he will have an excellent season and could start.

Grade for Knicks- C

Grade for Pacers- A

Nets trade Patty Mills and a second-rounder to Thunder.

This was purely about the Nets ridding themselves of a contract. The Nets gave the Thunder a championship-winning point guard who can still be a key reserve and a tutor for their young roster.

Grade for Thunder- B

Grade for Nets- C

Miami signs and trades Max Strus to Cavaliers for a second-round pick; Cavaliers trade Cedi Osman and Lamar Stevens to the Spurs. Cavaliers sign Strus for four seasons, $68 million.

In this complicated three-team sign-and-trade, Cleveland is basically paying the Heat a pick to sign Strus to a ridiculously large contract. Obviously, I’m not a fan of this for the Cavs. They at least got financial help by being able to trade Osman. I like Osman, who is a fantastic role player, and he should really help the Spurs.

Grade for Spurs- A-

Grade for Cavaliers- D+

Grade for Heat- B

Wizards trade Monte Morris to Pistons for a second-rounder.

So, I’ve really liked how the Pistons have looked to add veteran talent to their young and talented team to speed their rebuild. Morris is not flashy, but he’s been an elite reserve point guard since he got in the NBA and can start if need be. As for Washington, I like how the organization keeps adding assets, so this is a win for the Pistons and Wizards.

Grade for Wizards- A

Grade for Pistons- B+

Heat trade Victor Oladipo to Thunder for a second-rounder.

The Heat are trying to lose enough salary to add a third star, with Damian Lillard being their chief target, so they needed to trade Oladipo. Oladipo’s not a star now, but is a fine sixth man. As for the Thunder, I assume he won’t play for them, and at least they collect one more asset.

Grade for Heat- B

Grade for Thunder- A-

Nets trade Joe Harris to Pistons for two second-round picks.

I like this trade a lot for the Pistons because it shows the league they want to win. Trading two picks for one of the NBA’s truly excellent shooters and a much-needed forward is somewhat expensive, but a strong trade. The Nets needed to lower their payroll and are stacked at forward, so this makes a ton of sense for them as well.

Grade for Nets- A-

Grade for Pistons- B

The Kings trade draft capital to the Pacers for guard Chris Duarte.

In a smallish trade, the Kings have added guard depth in third-year guard Chris Duarte. Because of a bevy of guards and forwards, Duarte was no longer deemed important, so the Kings gain a solid, although inefficient, scorer for cheap.

Grade for Kings- A-

Grade for Pacers- C-

Hawks trade John Collins to the Jazz for Rudy Gay and a second-round pick.

Danny Ainge is truly a fantastic GM. This is the Jazz using their cap to absorb an excellent player and only having to trade Rudy Gay, who is barely a rotation guy now, and a second-round pick.

The Hawks are in dire financial shape, and so they traded former franchise cornerstone John Collins and his really expensive contact. With Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler as the big men in Utah, Collins may not start, but he can still give the team 15-8 off the bench in a Bobby Portis kind of role. Collins is an elite athlete with excellent size, and he can shoot the ball, so he will make a difference whether he is a starter or not.

Rudy Gay is just a contract, and the second-round pick is at least a pick, but this was simply about getting rid of Collins’ deal.

Grade for Jazz- A

Grade for Hawks- F

Warriors trade Jordan Poole and a first- and second-round choice to Wizards for Chris Paul.

This is easily one of my favorite trades in sometime, as it makes perfect sense for the Warriors and the Wizards.

As for the Warriors, they lose a big talent, as Poole is an excellent starter and a premier sixth man. He’s a walking 20-point scorer and can play the one and the two. Regardless, Paul at 38 isn’t Poole on the court, but he will play a similar role and the Warriors are able to get away from his $123 million contract, which was simply ridiculous, and throwing some draft capital their way is fine. Chris Paul deserves a title, and this may be his strongest chance.

As for the Wizards, I kind of love it. Poole will give them a true first option offensively and someone they can build around. Also, adding draft capital is their only way to build and grabbing a few more selections is a big deal. I really like Washington’s Jordan Poole-Tyus Jones duo too, so this is big for the team.

Grade for Warriors- A

Grade for Wizards- A

Wizards trade Kristaps Porzingis to Celtics; Grizzlies trade Tyus Jones to Wizards and trade two first-round selections to Celtics. Celtics trade Marcus Smart to Grizzlies and trade a first-round choice, Danilo Gallinari and Mike Muscala to Wizards.

This is a confusing trade. Basically, it is Washington trading Porzingis to the Celtics, the Grizzlies trading Tyus Jones and draft picks to the Celtics, and the Wizards getting rewarded for having to deal Porzingis. Porzingis is also oddly opting into his $36 million option instead of taking a potential $160+ million contract. He may want to win, but that’s a ridiculous amount of cash to say “no” to.

When it comes to the Celtics, I love them finding that third 20-point scorer in Porzingis who fits at center, but also has the ability to be a four with Robert Williams. Porzingis just averaged 23-8 and gives Boston the star big it had lacked. Trading away Smart hurts a lot, as he was a huge, huge part of the team, but the Celtics have Derrick White to take his role, so this is a real win.

When it comes to the Grizzlies, I understand wanting to improve the roster and having Ja Morant insurance in Smart, who fits them perfectly, but Jones is an elite reserve guard, and they traded two firsts and him for Smart. I love Smart, but he cost a lot.

The Wizards, meanwhile, are tanking hard, as they have now very recently traded by far their two biggest talents, but they got a pick and Tyus Jones for Porzingis, which is somewhat decent because Jones should become their starting point guard, so I’m fine with this for them.

Grade for Celtics- A

Grade for Grizzlies- B

Grade for Wizards- C

The Phoenix Suns trade Chris Paul, Landry Shamet and two second-round choices, plus swap picks, with the Washington Wizards for Bradley Beal.

You know, I though Beal would cost at least Deandre Ayton, maybe a few first-rounders for the Suns, but this is one of the funniest trades I can remember. The Wizards just traded their franchise player for scraps.

As my friend told me, Beal had a no-trade clause and the only options seemed to be Phoenix and Miami. The Wizards are now in a rebuild with very few assets, and Porzingis and Kuzma are free agents, and although the Wizards may sign Porzingis, Kuzma has basically said that he is leaving. Washington already traded Rui Hachimura; Deni Avidja seems to be a bust; and the organization’s only real assets are Johnny Davis and its lottery pick in a stacked draft.

Yes, the Wizards’ options were limited, but they should have kept Beal rather than trade him for scraps. James Jones is probably still laughing that he was able to get a third all-star to pair with Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, for so little. The Suns also still have 18-10 from Deandre Ayton to use or trade. Yes, Phoenix really need to find some role players as the team literally has like two, but this is an epic, truly epic steal for the franchise.

Grade for Suns- A+

Grade for Wizards- F

Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder Swap Picks.

This may seem boring, and trust me, I thought it was as well and it still may be to most, regardless it is quite fascinating. Denver is simply trading a higher pick later for several picks now. Why? It’s quite simple, the Nuggets have a championship roster and will be contenders for as long as they have Nikola Jokic, and that’s expensive. So, the Nuggets are simply giving themselves the chance to add more cheap talent now. Denver drafts very well, so I love this. The actual trade is three picks over the next two drafts for one in six years. With these three picks, the Nuggets will get younger, get cheap talent, and potentially grab keepers.

As for the Thunder, they have more picks than they can spend. This is simple business for Sam Presti, who is the king for the Thunder organization.

Grade for Nuggets- A+

Grade for Thunder- A

Memphis receives Luke Kennard; the Clippers receive Eric Gordon and four second-round picks; and Houston receives John Wall, Danny Green and a 2023 first-round pick.

This is an interesting trade because all three clubs did very well. The Grizzlies got a much-needed big-time bench scorer in former Duke star Luke Kennard, who simply didn’t fit well with the Clippers. The Memphis bench was in no way poor, but the team has really improved its roster with Kennard, who is shooting 44% from three for the season. As a trade though, I dislike the value of trading four second-rounders for just Kennard.

The Clippers paid a big price, but basically changing Kennard for Gordon is a fantastic move, and also receiving these picks is simply genius. Gordon is one of the best shooters and sixth men of his generation and an excellent fit for the Clippers. He will bring them excellent scoring and solid playmaking to their bench.

As the favorites to get the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, this is just being smart by Houston’s general manager, Rafael Stone. He has added assets while making the Rockets a lesser team.

Grade for Grizzlies- B

Grade for Rockets- A

Grade for Clippers- A+

The Lakers trade point guard Patrick Beverly to the Magic for center Mo Bamba.

The Lakers made one more move, and although it was small, I like the deal for them. They had to get more size after trading Thomas Bryant, and Bamba can be a fantastic bench piece for them. As for the Magic, I have no idea why they chose to trade Bamba for a player they are likely to cut.

Grade for Lakers- D

Grade for Magic- D

Charlotte receives Svi Mykhailiuk and a second-round pick; Philadelphia receives Jalen McDaniels and two second-round picks; and Portland receives Matisse Thybulle.

This is a ridiculously complicated trade, but it’s just getting the Trail Blazers a defender and the 76ers landing a shooting big while the Hornets are just helping them out.

Personally, I love this move for the Trail Blazers, as they needed a guard/forward to replace Josh Hart and added a much-needed defender. Thybulle is one of the NBA’s elite defenders – he is truly incredible -, but he is a poor, poor offensive talent. He has a averaged 4.4 points in 245 games, but if he can become at least average on offense, he could be a star.

When it comes to Jalen McDaniels, I love the fit. The 76ers needed a scoring and shooting big off their bench. Still, although they filled a need, they should have gotten more for Thybulle.

Grade for Blazers- A-

Grade for Hornets- A

Grade for 76ers- C+

Phoenix trades Dario Saric and a second-round pick to Oklahoma City for Darius Bazley.

The only way this trade makes sense to me is the Thunder wanting to be a lesser team and improving their shot at a prime draft choice, because Saric hasn’t accomplished much in awhile and Bazley is a talented young big. Saric gives Phoenix, which is now a title favorite more bench help, which the team truly lacked, and he could give them 20 solid minutes a game. He is a small big man, but a strong rebounder and shot-blocker, plus he can shoot the ball. This was a fantastic trade for Phoenix.

Grade for Suns- A-

Grade for Thunder- D-

Denver receives two second-round picks and the Los Angeles Clippers receive Bones Hyland.

This is a steal. The Nuggets wanted uber-talented second-year guard Bones Hyland gone so much that they literally pawned him off for only two second-round picks. He is just 22 and was averaging 12 points, two rebounds amd three assists per game, but was on the court for less than 20 minutes. Basically, the dude can score the ball at an elite rate, and he and Eric Gordon will be monsters in their second unit. I know he had issues with some people with the team, but the Nuggets couldn’t get a first-round pick, a talented young player in return, or more than two seconds? This is a poor deal.

Grade for Nuggets- D

Grade for Clippers- A-

Los Angeles Clippers trade Reggie Jackson and a second-round pick to Charlotte Hornets for Mason Plumlee.

The Clippers had the best 1-12 roster in the league, yet improved it by swapping Plumlee for Jackson. The Clippers thought they needed some big help, so they wisely brought in the veteran center who could start for half the teams in the NBA. With Plumlee averaging 12 points, 10 rebounds and four assists per game, the Clippers now have the best second center in the league.

As Jackson is a strong veteran guard about to be a free agent, he will likely not play for the Hornets, which will buy him out of his contract or just waive him. This was obviously just about getting an asset for the Clippers long-time starting center who this offseason is a free agent, and in his 30s, so he was not what they were looking for.

Grade for the Clippers – B+

Grade for the Hornets – B

San Antonio Spurs trades Josh Richardson to Charlotte for Devonte Graham and four second-round picks.

Lost in the shuffle of all the trades was this little trade that to me is quite interesting. Josh Richardson can and will help the Pelicans because he is a solid bench two/three, but this trade is about the Pelicans ridding themselves of Graham’s contract, hence the four picks.

The deal is interesting because Graham is the superior player, but the Spurs got the picks and a player who pretty recently averaged 18 points and seven assists a game for the Hornets. Graham has had a rough two seasons for the Pelicans though, and Richardson still has two seasons at about $25 million owed to him, so you can see why the Spurs traded him.

Grade for Pelicans- C+

Grade for Spurs- A

Boston trades Justin Jackson and two second-round picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Mike Muscala.

Woah, I like this for Boston. The Celtics have needed a stud shooting big man off their bench and have just gotten one of the best for very little. Muscala is shooting just about 40 percent for the season from three. As for the Thunder, Sam Presti … what the heck are you thinking? I guess a few assets beats zero assets if Muscala was walking as a free agent.

Grade for Celtics- A-

Grade for Thunder- D+

The Nuggets receive Thomas Bryant and the Lakers receive Davon Reed and three second-round picks.

The Nuggets wanted some more big man depth and so they have dealt for one of the elite in that regard. Thomas was a monster for the Lakers with Anthony Davis injured and is a 20-10 threat if he receives proper minutes. He makes the West’s best team stronger. Second round picks are nice for the Lakers who need as many assets as possible, but it’s doubtful Reed makes a difference for L.A.

Grade for Nuggets- A-

Grade for Lakers- C+

The Atlanta Hawks receive Saddiq Bey, the Detroit Pistons receive James Wiseman, the Golden State Warriors receive Gary Payton II and the Portland Trail Blazers receive five second round picks.

As for the Hawks, I love this trade for them, as sending just a couple of second rounders for someone who could start, but is likely to become their best bench player is smart. This was needed since their bench is mediocre at best. Bey should give them 15 points and a lot of shooting off the bench.

The Warriors received 5 second round picks for Wiseman and then traded them for Payton. It is obvious why they made the deal as Wiseman is still raw, a center isn’t their biggest need, and Payton fit them perfectly, but Wiseman could be a star. I love the player and the fit, but I hate the actual value of the deal.

The Pistons traded just a few second round picks and got Wiseman who I think will become an all-star, so this is a W. He is also on a team that is spending this season simply helping their talent thrive and is a huge addition to their franchise.

The Blazers traded Payton and got 5 second round picks. He barely got minutes in Portland and they did take quite a bit of money off their books. The Pistons are the winners of the deal.

Grade for Hawks- A-

Grade for Warriors- D

Grade for Pistons – A

Grade for Blazers – C

The Atlanta Hawks have dealt Frank Kaminsky and Jrue Holiday and 2 second round picks to the Houston Rockets for Garrison Matthews and Bruno Fernando.

This was a real trade, so I shall grade it, but keep it short as I’m confident that most fans have no clue who Matthews and Fernando are and that the well known former Hawks were still in the league. This is simply Atlanta paying 2 second round picks for the younger talents, while saving about $5 million.

Grade for Hawks- B+

Grade for Rockets- A-

San Antonio Spurs trade Jakob Poeltl to Toronto for Khem Birch, a first-round pick and two second-rounders.

As we are all aware, the Spurs are rebuilding, so they have traded center Jakob Poeltl. I like that they were able to get several draft picks, but Birch wont be a factor for the Spurs, and I think they should have gotten at least one more asset.

I hated how Toronto handled this deal. First, the Raptors traded some legit assets for a center who fits them very well and their age range, but they should be rebuilding. The team kept Fred VanVleet and O.G. Anunoby, who were two of the most talked-about trade candidates and could have yielded Toronto as many as four first-round picks. The Raptors weren’t a playoff team yesterday and aren’t one today with Poeltl. They could have started their rebuild with a boatload of picks and young talent, but they choose to trade for a starting center who is a free agent after the season. Why?

Grade for Spurs- B+

Grade for Raptors- D-

Portland Trail Blazers trade Josh Hart to the Knicks for Cam Reddish, Svi Mykhailiuk, Ryan Arcidiacono and a first-round pick.

As I have written many times, I love Josh Hart, who is an NBA swiss army knife. He is a strong scorer when he needs to be, an elite rebounder, a talented playmaker, and the type of guy who can make a playoff team a much stronger team. But he isn’t a talent who can turn an average playoff team into a contender, so I don’t love this for the Knicks. I do somewhat like it though.

Hart fits the Knicks rather well, as he can be the versatile player for them and start for them, but they need a star, so this is a waste of assets to me. Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle and R.J. Barrett are all nice pieces, but the Knicks need a star. Wasting assets for another role player is simply a mistake, as much as I like Hart.

The Trail Blazers are about to give Jerami Grant a massive extension, and as helpful as Hart was, they probably realized that paying big money to Hart as well wasn’t a wise choice. Receiving a first-round pick, which is likely to turn into three second-round picks, and a strong prospect in Cam Reddish, who can be a fantastic NBA scorer, is strong value; Mykhailiuk and Arcidiacono likely won’t be factors for Portland. I think the Trail Blazers could have gotten more for Hart in this trade.

Grade for Knicks- C

Grade for Trail Blazers- B

Phoenix Suns have traded Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson and four first-round picks to Brooklyn for Kevin Durant and T.J. Warren. .

Well, this is the trade of the decade because the Suns somehow got one of the NBA’s five best players, signed for three more seasons to come to one of the NBA’s best rosters. It is true that Phoenix lacks much after Durant, fellow superstar Devin Booker, former superstar Chris Paul and excellent center DeAndre Ayton, but how the club was actually able to make this trade and not have to include Ayton is ridiculous.

The Suns now have probably the beat roster in the NBA, although the Celtics and Nuggets would have a gripe with that statement. Phoenix has a very real chance of winning a title for the next four seasons. Somehow, the Suns also convinced Brooklyn to give them scoring bench forward T.J. Warren, who will instantly be their best bench player. I rarely, rarely give a signing, draft pick or trade grade a perfect score, but Phoenix earned it.

This is hard to grade. With Kyrie Irving getting his trade request, it was obvious that the Nets were no longer a threat for a title and they kindly traded Durant, which was his wish and to one of the teams he wanted to be with. The issue is Brooklyn could have gotten more for him. I get that the Nets had no need for Ayton with Nik Claxton; I really like Johnson and Bridges, who are their biggest pieces aside from Claxton; and four picks is solid, but the Nets need a true re-build, and Bridges (26) and Johnson (26) aren’t really younger pieces. Brooklyn is too talented to rebuild as is, and the team will probably still make the playoffs. I wont grade the Nets too harshly, but what is their direction? I have no idea.

Grade for Phoenix Suns- A+

Grade for Brooklyn Nets- D+

Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves agree to a three-team deal; the Lakers receive D’Angelo Russell, Jared Vanderbilt and Malik Beasley; the Jazz receive Russell Westbrook, Juan Toscano-Anderson, Damion Jones and a first-round pick; and the Timberwolves receive Mike Conley, Nickeil Alexander-Walker and three second-round picks.

This sounds pretty tricky, but I can assure you, it’s actually quite simple. This is basically the Lakers trading Westbrook’s massive expiring contract and a first-round pick to the Jazz, which are then trading Mike Conley to the Timberwolves. Minnesota is then sending three pieces to the Lakers.

As for the Lakers, I love this deal, given that thought it would take two first-rounders to make it, which was not the case. I also love D’Angelo Russell for the Lakers, as he gives them a legit 20-point scorer, a shooter and a playmaker. He really fits. I’m also a fan of Beasley, who should be a fantastic sixth man for them and is another young shooter and scorer. As for Vanderbilt, he is a forward who is a strong rebounder and playmaker who can play as a combo forward off the bench and be a shooting four as well. He is an excellent fit too for the Lakers. The only reason this isn’t an A is that Russell and Beasley are free agents in the offseason, just like Rui Hachimura, and the Lakers have to keep at least two of them, one of which must be Russell. It will be expensive, but it will give the Lakers a chance to compete for the next several seasons. This was a fantastic trade by Rob Pelinka.

The Jazz have no intention of keeping Westbrook, who will be a free agent very soon; they did this to get rid of Conley’s huge deal, get that first-round pick and become a lesser team to end up with a stronger draft pick. I can’t see Toscano-Anderson or Jones making much noise for Utah, if either remains in Utah. I like the trade for the Jazz, which have received another first-round pick for their rebuild.

Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of this move for the Timberwolves. They traded the best player in this deal and got jutr an overpaid, aging guard, a mediocre young talent, and a bunch of second-round picks. I like second-round picks because the improving international talent has made NBA drafts much deeper, and Alexander-Walker could play a sixth-man role for a team that has no depth, but isn’t Minnesota trying to win? I have no idea why the Timberwolves made this trade.

The Lakers are the winners of this blockbuster.

Grade for Lakers – A-

Grade for Jazz – B

Grade for Timberwolves – C-

Miami Heat trade Dewayne Dedmon and a second-round pick to the San Antonio Spurs.

This is the Heat trading a second-round pick to the Spurs for the simple deed of taking on Dewayne Dedmon’s contract. This gives the Spurs a veteran big man, which is nice as they likely will be trading Jakob Poeltl; he could also be cut. I like this for the Spurs, but the Heat gaining a roster spot is a big deal because they want some bigger deals.

Grade for Spurs – A

Grade for Heat – B+

Brooklyn Nets trade Kessler Edwards and cash to Sacramento Kings for David Michineau’s draft rights.

This is a very simple trade. The Nets want another roster spot and to lessen their luxury bill, so they are trading a young guy who had no role to Sacramento. The second-rounder from Pepperdine, in his second season, will go straight to the Kings’ minor league affiliate, but they get a talent almost for free, as Michineau is 28 and likely to stay in France, so this is a win.

Grade for Kings- A

Grade for Nets – A-

Brooklyn Nets trade Kyrie Irving and Markieff Morris to the Dallas Mavericks for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney Smith, a future first-round pick and two future second-round picks.

Kyrie Irving’s story this season is well known. He asked for an extension twice and a trade twice; the second trade request was granted after he learned that Brooklyn wasn’t willing to give him a 4-year, $200 million contract. How someone who also insulted the Jewish community a mere two months ago and was suspended thought such a deal was an actual viable option, I won’t try to ponder why, but he got his wish for a trade. Let me be clear though, the Mavericks are a near-perfectly run team, so he’s still not getting that max deal if he helps them win a title this season; no owner will.

As for the basketball aspect of this huge, huge deal, it makes sense for both Brooklyn and Dallas. The Nets had to cut bait as soon as possible to simply rid the franchise of Irving’s toxicity, so kudos to them on the quick trade, and they did want proven talent to help them win this season, which they got, as well as some draft picks, but the exchange leaves me wanting more. I’m a big fan of Dinwiddie and Finney Smith, who will slide into the starting point guard and the combo forward bench roles respectively, but I feel the Nets could have torn Christian Wood from the Mavericks, keeping Dallas one of the East’s elite. To me, Brooklyn can’t win a title with this roster, but the team had to, just had to, trade Irving.

As for the Mavericks, they went from a mediocre playoff team to a true contender. With Luka Doncic, who is the best offensive player in the NBA; Christian Wood, who is one of the best offensive bigs in the league; and Irving; the Mavericks have a Big Three that can compete with any trio. Irving is one of the 15 or so best players in the world, averaging 27-5-5, so this is a steal of a trade, and while Dallas could be incredible, but they team now has to deal with Irving and his impending free agency, which will be headaches. Also, Markieff Morris will have a role for Dallas, as he is a physical four/five who can score the ball and shoot. Regardless, Luka Doncic asked for help, and the Mavericks helped him, so this has to be a solid grade for Dallas.

Grade for Nets – B-

Grade for Mavericks – A-

Los Angeles Lakers trade Kendrick Nunn and three second-round picks (’23, ’26, ’29) to Washington for Rui Hachimura.

The first trade of the season! This isn’t the blockbuster Lakers fans wanted, but I’m a big fan of Hachimura. The combo forward is just 24 and should be their starting power forward, which was a need for the Lakers. He is also averaging a solid 13 points and four rebounds per game, but he is a just a mediocre shooter.

The Wizards likely were seeking a first-rounder for Hachimura, who was the ninth pick a few years ago, but obviously couldn’t find one. This is likely because he’s about to be a free agent. Wizards fans may not love the haul, but Nunn was recently a very productive guard, is still just 27, and second-round picks have a lot of value now because the foreign talent has improved so much.

This move could help the Lakers make the playoffs, although I doubt it, but it makes sense for them and the Wizards.

Grade for Lakers – B

Grade for Wizards – B+