Live 2024 NBA Draft Grades: Round One – Picks 16-30

Jared McCain
Live 2024 NBA Draft Grades: Round 1 – Picks 1-15
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2024 NBA Mock Draft

16. Philadelphia 76ers: Jared McCain, G, Duke – B- Grade
Jared McCain is short, but he can shoot well. I would have gone with Dalton Knecht with this pick, as his age wouldn’t be a factor for a team trying to win now. However, McCain was my No. 2 player available, so this is a solid choice if you can ignore the fingernail painting and weird TikTok dance videos.

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17. Los Angeles Lakers: Dalton Knecht, SF, Tennessee – A+ Grade
The steal of the draft thus far. Dalton Knecht should have been chosen in the top 10, but apparently fell because he’s 23, even though a 22-year-old was drafted several picks ago. Age won’t be a factor here because the Lakers need someone who can play now, and that applies to Knecht.

18. Orlando Magic: Tristan Da Silva, F, Colorado – B+ Grade
Hey, look, a 23-year-old who didn’t plummet in the draft. Tristan Da Silva could have gone a couple of picks earlier, but the range makes sense for him. Da Silva is a defensive specialist who can play right away for an Orlando team that can win now.

19. Toronto Raptors: Ja’Kobe Walter, F, Baylor – A Grade
Ja’Kobe Walter was my best player available, as he easily could have been chosen five or six picks earlier than this without any complaints. Walter is a good shooter with potential who seems like a good fit for Toronto.

20. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jaylon Tyson, F, California – C Grade
This is a reach, but it’s not an egregious reach. I thought Jaylon Tyson would go toward the end of the first round or atop the second frame. He doesn’t seem to be great at anything, so I wonder about him having any sort of upside.

21. New Orleans Pelicans: Yves Missi, C, Baylor – B+ Grade
This pick makes a lot of sense. Yves Missi fits the range at No. 21, and he also fills a huge need. Jonas Valanciunas is as good as gone, so the Pelicans needed a center who can be a rim protector.

22. Denver Nuggets: DaRon Holmes, F, Dayton – B Grade
I’m not a fan of teams moving up in this horrible draft, but the Nuggets are giving up some second-round picks to do so, which is not a big deal. DaRon Holmes is a good fit in Denver as a versatile big man who can play off the bench.

23. Milwaukee Bucks: A.J. Johnson, G, USA – MILLEN Grade
Yikes. The Bucks needed someone who can help them win now. A.J. Johnson is incredibly raw. He’s also a huge reach, as he was expected to be a second-round pick. I don’t understand this selection at all.

24. Washington Bullets: Kyshawn George, F, Miami – A Grade
The Bullets probably didn’t have to move up a couple of spots for Kyshawn George, but they’re only giving up the 51st-overall pick, so it’s not a big deal. Kyshawn George was one of the top players available, as he could have gone in the teens without any complaints. This is a great value selection for Washington.

25. New York Knicks: Pacome Dadiet, F, France – C Grade
This is a bit disappointing for Knicks fans because the team needed someone who can help them win now. Pacome Dadiet is not that player because he’s an overseas stash guy. He’s also a bit of a reach. However, with two picks, it would be difficult for New York to use both this upcoming season, so I can understand this choice.

26. Oklahoma City Thunder: Dillon Jones, F, Weber State – MILLEN Grade
Why did the Thunder trade up for Dillon Jones? He was expected to go in the middle of the second round. Surely they could have waited and surrendered fewer resources. Dillon Jones is a versatile player who posted great stats at Weber State, but that was Weber State.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves: Terrence Shannon, SG, Illinois – B+ Grade
This is a much better value pick for Terrence Shannon. He doesn’t have much upside as a 24-year-old, but he can play right away. He’s a versatile player who is capable on both ends on the court.

28. Phoenix Suns: Ryan Dunn, F, Virginia – A+ Grade
This is a stellar pick. Ryan Dunn is a steal, as he could have been chosen in the late teens without any complaints. He also fills a big need as a great defensive stopper the Suns can use off the bench.

29. Utah Jazz: Isaiah Collier, PG, USC – A Grade
The Jazz aren’t ready to win right now, so it makes sense for them to select a player with a ton of upside like Isaiah Collier. I think Collier is a nice value here, as I thought he would go in the early or mid 20s.

30. Boston Celtics: Baylor Scheierman, SG/SF, Creighton – B+ Grade
It would make sense for the Celtics to draft the best player available. Baylor Scheierman was No. 4 on my board, so it could be argued that he fits. Scheierman is a versatile player who should fit in as a solid role player off the bench.

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