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Monday, April 5, 2021

Baylor at Gonzaga.
Line: Gonzaga by 5.

9:20 PM ET (Game 811-812)

Talk about an overreaction: This spread was Gonzaga -6.5 prior to Saturday's games. It has dropped two points because Baylor crushed Houston. I don't understand why that happened, but the Cougars simply played their worst game at the wrong time. Baylor has the inferior defense in this matchup, so I like Gonzaga to win this game by 7-10 points.

I may post another pick later or add a unit to this game. If so, I'll tweet it out. I'll have updates on Twitter - @walterfootball.

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College Basketball Pick: Gonzaga -5 +105 (2 Units) - Bookmaker


Saturday, April 3, 2021 (1-2, -$195)

Houston at Baylor.
Line: Baylor by 4.5.

5:15 PM ET (Game 801-802)

I'm picking Houston to cover. In fact, I think they'll win outright. And I'll go even further: I just placed a bet on them at 8.5/1 to win the entire NCAA Tournament. Houston has a top-level offense and defense. Baylor has an amazing offense, but a mediocre defense. That should be the difference this evening, as we're getting a gift with Houston and the 4.5 points.

College Basketball Pick: Houston +4.5 +103 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Incorrect; -$200
Houston to win NCAA Championship +850 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Incorrect; -$200

UCLA at Gonzaga.
Line: Gonzaga by 13.5.

8:35 PM ET (Game 803-804)

Two touchdowns with a team in the Final Four? Sign me up. Gonzaga is obviously an amazing team, but UCLA is very good as well. I don't see why the Bruins wouldn't be able to stay within striking distance. I don't think they'll win, but this should be a single-digit victory for Gonzaga.

College Basketball Pick: UCLA +13.5 +102 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$205

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 (1-1, $0)

USC at Gonzaga.
Line: Gonzaga by 8.

7:15 PM ET (Game 657-658)

Gonzaga hasn't lost this year, but that certainly wouldn't be the case if they had played in the Pac-12. Gonzaga beat BYU three times this year, and yet USC's victory over BYU was by a greater margin than any of Gonzaga's wins. USC's defense is awesome, and it should frustrate Gonzaga.

College Basketball Pick: USC +8 +100 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Incorrect; -$200

UCLA at Michigan.
Line: Michigan by 6.

9:55 PM ET (Game 659-660)

The Big Ten versus the Pac-12. I'm choosing the Pac-12 team. Michigan still hasn't been punished for the Isaiah Livers injury, but that doesn't mean it won't happen tonight. I also like UCLA's coaching advantage in this game.

College Basketball Pick: UCLA +6 +100 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$200

Monday, March 29, 2021 (2-0, +$410)

Oregon State vs. Houston.
Line: Houston by 7.5.

7:15 PM ET (Game 655-656)

Let's back Oregon State again! The Pac-12 continues to be incredible in the NCAA Tournament. The Beavers dominated Loyola-Chicago, which was incredibly impressive. I love this Houston team - I picked it to win the championship - but this spread is way too high, given how well Oregon State is playing.

College Basketball Pick: Oregon State +7.5 +105 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$210

Arkansas at Baylor.
Line: Baylor by 8.

9:55 PM ET (Game 653-654)

Baylor is the far superior team in this matchup, so I see a double-digit win by the No. 1 seed. Arkansas has a strong defense, but Baylor is too gifted offensively to be stopped by what the Razorbacks are doing.

College Basketball Pick: Baylor -8 +100 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$200

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Florida State vs. Michigan.
Line: Michigan by 1.5.

5:00 PM ET (Game 627-628)

Big Ten teams have been terrible in the NCAA Tournament thus far. Michigan made it out of the first weekend, but didn't face much competition. This could be their final game, as not having Isaiah Livers will likely be their undoing.

College Basketball Pick: Florida State +1.5 +106 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Incorrect; -$200

UCLA vs. Alabama.
Line: Alabama by 5.5.

7:15 PM ET (Game 645-646)

While the Big Ten has floundered, the Pac-12 has been brilliant. I'm backing UCLA in this game. This spread is simply too high; the computer model believes that Alabama -3 is correct.

College Basketball Pick: UCLA +5.5 +106 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$210

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Oregon State vs. Loyola-Chicago.
Line: Loyola-Chicago by 6.

2:40 PM ET (Game 625-626)

I'm going to continue to bet on these Pac-12 teams. Besides, Loyola-Chicago is often an underdog in these big-stage events. They may not handle being favored very well. This spread is high anyhow.

College Basketball Pick: Oregon State +6 +105 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$210

Villanova vs. Baylor.
Line: Baylor by 8.5.

5:15 PM ET (Game 621-622)

Villanova isn't exactly at full strength, but they were able to get by in the previous round because they hit at an unreal rate from three. That's unlikely to happen again, and Baylor is a huge step up in competition.

College Basketball Pick: Baylor -8.5 +103 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$205

Monday, March 22, 2021 (2-0, +$415)

Abilene Christian vs. UCLA.
Line: UCLA by 6.

5:15 PM ET (Game 829-830)

I haven't issued a college basketball pick in five years. I can't believe it's been that long. I had a bad losing streak, and I was busy with other things, so I didn't even bother. However, the Pac-12 teams have been killing it in the tournament thus far, so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Abilene Christian matches up poorly versus UCLA anyhow.

College Basketball Pick: UCLA -6 +104 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$210

USC vs. Kansas.
Line: USC by 1.5.

9:40 PM ET (Game 821-822)

I'm betting USC as well. I could see the Trojans' length bothering this Kansas team, which isn't as dominant as Jayhawk teams have been in the past.

College Basketball Pick: USC -1.5 +103 (2 Units) - Bookmaker -- Correct; +$205

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