2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Teven Jenkins

  • Teven Jenkins, 6-6/320

  • Offensive Tackle

  • Oklahoma State

  • Teven Jenkins Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Athletic
  • Thick build
  • Strong upper body
  • Quality length
  • Reliable pass protector
  • Has quick enough feet for RT
  • Recoverability; can stop rushes after initial move upfield
  • Strength to sustain blocks
  • Creates a push as a run blocker
  • Twists and manipulates blockers
  • Strong hands
  • Physical
  • Fighter; physical demeanor

  • Weaknesses:
  • Feet can get crossed up
  • Feet keep him at RT or take him to guard in NFL
  • Will bend at the waist
  • Can lunge after defenders
  • Loses balance sometimes late in plays
  • Slight stiffness makes him more of a RT
  • Lacks good intangibles

  • Summary: The Topeka, Kansas product Jenkins broke into the starting lineup as a sophomore and was mainstay for Oklahoma State over the next three years. In both 2018 and 2019, Jenkins made three starts at left tackle due to injuries to teammates, but he was back at right tackle as a senior. As a junior, Jenkins was a key factor in running back Chuba Hubbard leading the nation in rushing and the Cowboys having a stellar average of 229.6 yards per game on the ground. With his steady play, Jenkins placed himself on the radar for NFL scouts, and he looks likely to be an early-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

    Jenkins is a reliable contributor in the ground game, using his strong upper body to tie up defenders. Jenkins is able to twist and manipulate opponents, turning them away or pushing them out of their gaps. By firing to the second level or going out to the flat on a kick-out block, Jenkins gets in position with his quickness and athleticism, showing a nice ability to be effective in space. As a run blocker, Jenkins would be a fine fit in a power-man- or a zone-blocking scheme. He is a fighter with a physical demeanor.

    As a pass blocker, Jenkins is a good athlete on the edge with quickness and length. He uses his upper and lower body strength to hold his ground on bull rushes, and his size helps him to have nice recoverability. Thanks to his power and strength, Jenkins does a nice job of stopping rushes after they get some initial penetration upfield, and that gives his quarterback adequate time to get the ball out. He sustains blocks well, utiliizing his strong hands to tie up defenders.

    Jenkins has good-enough quickness and the feet to be a candidate to remain at right tackle in the NFL; however, he might be more dominant and a better fit at guard. He gets his feet crossed up in pass protection at times, and that leads to him not being able to mirror pass rushers or play the typewriter with his feet. He also bends at the waist sometimes, leading to him having to lunge after defenders rather than bending at the knee to glide into position to wall off their rush lane. If Jenkins moved inside to guard, the footwork issue would be diminished, and he could be a really good fit on the inside. Jenkins would have the power and strength to handle heavy defensive tackles and the quickness to take on speed rushers.

    In speaking with sources at seven teams, none of them had a first-round grade on him. Five of those teams graded him in Round 2. The other two teams had in the third round. Even though Jenkins is not a consensus first-rounder, multiple team sources think he has a shot at going late in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

    “We have him in the second,” said a NFC director of college scouting. “There is some guard projection in there as well. I think the athletic ability and traits will push him up boards for teams that need an offensive tackle. Isaiah Wilson went in the first last year. Late in the first, some teams take guys that have second-round grades.”

    Multiple team sources said Jenkins could be best off in the NFL by moving inside to guard. A number thought he would be fine as a right tackle, but none of the team sources said they thought Jenkins could play left tackle in the NFL.

    “I think he goes early [in Round 2],” said a national scout. “He’s an odd dude and might quit on you, but has all the tangibles.”

    Player Comparison: Morgan Moses. Team sources said Jenkins was similar to Moses. Moses (6-6, 330) was an astute third-round pick by Washington in 2014 and has become a solid right tackle in the NFL. Jenkins is similar in size and skill set. If he stays at right tackle, Jenkins could be a blocker who is comparable to Moses.


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