Reader 2017 NFL Mock Draft

This is an opportunity for you, the readers, to vote on the picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. All you need to do is vote for each selection. Look for updates on Twitter @walterfootball.

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Reader 2017 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

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  1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M
    Myles Garrett: 94%
    Mitchell Trubisky: 2.3%
    Deshaun Watson: 2.2%
    Jonathan Allen: 1.5%
    Total votes: 648

    Rodrigo M: Myles, by miles away..

    Obviously: Myles garret is the best player in the draft. Easy pick.

    William W: Nobody in this draft is the must have player. Just a mediocre talent level this year.

  2. San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
    Solomon Thomas: 35%
    Jonathan Allen: 25.8%
    Mitchell Trubisky: 13.5%
    Jamal Adams: 8.8%
    Malik Hooker: 6%
    Marshon Lattimore: 5.4%
    Deshaun Watson: 5.2%
    Marlon Humphrey: 0.3%
    Total votes: 1,233

    Joshua C: Thomas provides versatility as a pass rusher who could also kick inside. Along with Buckner and Armstead, he would help the 49ers in solidifying their defensive line.

    Michael H: The 49ers are messed up I feel like they are going to miss on K. Cousins and then panic and draft a qb.

    Jeff D: The best way to begin to build up a team from nothing is to start by developing a young core in one general area of the field. The 49ers are closest to achieving that in their secondary. There’s been talk of moving Jimmie Ward back to free safety. Instead, they could pair Jamal Adams with Eric Reid and keep an effective CB duo with Ward/Brock.

    Jordan M: As long as they steer clear of any QB and target a blue chip talent on the defensive side, they’ll be headed in the right direction. Pairing Solomon Thomas with Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner provides a young and strong defensive front

    David S: Jamal Adams. There are no worries about scheme like there are with Thomas nor injuries like with Allen and Hooker. Complete player and tone setter in the secondary.

    Andrew: While the 49’ers should go for one of the top notch defensive players, I believe the win-now mentality causes them to draft a QB like Trubisky. Brian Hoyer is not the answer

    Kevin O: Allen or Thomas. Whoever Lynch picks here will be all based on how they want to construct their D-line. Both he and Shanahan have gone on record saying that recent history (Armstead/Buckner) will not influence their decision, but this is a smokescreen. They want and will find a way to implement those 2 plus their draft pick into a formidable D-line so they can get back to defensive dominance.

    Blake A: Soloman Thomas. Dude is a monster. I see JJ Watt.

  3. Chicago Bears: Jonathan Allen, DE/DT, Alabama
    Jonathan Allen: 45.1%
    Jamal Adams: 29.5%
    Mitchell Trubisky: 10.6%
    Malik Hooker: 5.6%
    Marshon Lattimore: 4.2%
    Deshaun Watson: 4.1%
    Marlon Humphrey: 0.9%
    Total votes: 813

    Joe: Bama players peak in college (coughcoughsteroidscough). Adams or Hooker is the way to go here. Either player will have a long successful career but not effect the W and Ls this year, which is good because the Bears are tanking. I wish there was a nifty rhyme like suck for Luck but Darnold doesn’t rhyme easily. Knowing this picture all Bears draft picks on how they can help in 2018 and forward.

    John S: This secondary wasn’t terrible in 2016 in terms of yards allowed. However, they were tied for 31st in the league with only eight interceptions. Stick Jamal Adams back there and let him lead an already promising unit.

    Chris: The Bears need to create turnovers, Malik Hooker is a ballhawk in coverage. New England used to fear throwing the ball near Ed Reed – Hooker has the upside to give Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford nightmares.

    JohnnyFire: People claiming that Jonathan Allen is the BPA are missing the fact that Jamal Adams is really not that far off from him, in terms of total upside. Allen carries a bit more disk due to his shoulder concerns, while Adams would shore up a lifeless secondary in Chicago. They can grab a DT later like Elijah Qualls

    Jordan M: If you’re in a division with Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford, you better hope you have a great safety to play the center field. That’s what Malik Hooker does better than anyone in the draft.

    Joshua C: Allen would be a good fit in the Bears defensive line as a do-it-all lineman. While he doesn’t have elite traits, he’s possibly one of the most technically sound players in this draft and would be worth the pick here provided his medicals check out. I feel Adams could be in the discussion here as well.

    Jonathan M: With the departure of Jay Cutler, the team will look for a player to draft to mold to become their franchise quarterback. I can’t see Mike Glennon or Mark Sanchez as suitable starters in the long run.

    Greg D: Since we can’t trade in this draft, the pick should be Jamal Adams. While I can see reasons for Adams or Hooker, I would rather see the bears trade down to select Hooker (thanks to injury ?’s). This would allow them at least one extra pick to add to their many many holes on both sides of the ball. Just don’t trade down too far and miss out on both of these soon to be studs.

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
    Leonard Fournette: 60%
    Jamal Adams: 20.4%
    O.J. Howard: 7.2%
    Malik Hooker: 4.4%
    Marshon Lattimore: 3.8%
    Cam Robinson: 3.3%
    Marlon Humphrey: 0.9%
    Total votes: 577

    Jim M: Jags addressed defensive needs in free agency so it’s more likely they get RB help.

    JohnnyFire: Jacksonville’s desperate need should be on the offensive line. Unfortunately for Jacksonville, there’s not a single offensive lineman worth this spot. Cam Robinson, Ryan Ramczyk, Forrest Lamp, Garrett Bolles, Ethan Pocic and others won’t be sniffing the top 20, let alone the top 10, due to this being a much stronger class elsewhere. The Jags will want to trade down. If that doesn’t materialize, there’s a lot less routes to take. Finding a LCB would be huge, but after getting Ramsey last year, I doubt they take secondary back to back. they won’t grab a DE with the Campbell signing. That leaves RB and TE, in a class stacked with them. Yes, Leonard Fournette is an impressive talent, but I’m leaning towards OJ Howard. Currently, the Jaguars TE lineup consists of Mychal Rivera and Marcedes Lewis, plus a bunch of young, unproven guys. It’s a deep draft at RB and Jacksonville can obtain a viable starter (if they really do want to replace TJ Yeldon) in the 2nd or 3rd round. Howard, in the meantime, fills an immediate need and takes away any remaining excuses for Bortles’ productivity next year.

    Phil S: Jags may be tempted to take Fournette at this spot to help take the pressure off of Blake Bortles, however the RB class is pretty deep this year and they will have options available in Rd 2 and 3 that can provide similar immediate impact in the lackluster run game. Jamal Adams will add another young piece to an up and coming Jacksonville defense

    Joshua C: Jacksonville seems content to give Bortles another year to try and show that he can take the next step. In order to help him, he needs to have a running back that would be a legitimate threat. Throwing a lot of money on a plodding back didn’t work out (shockingly), so taking the best offensive player in the draft seems like a more sound strategy. Fournette would give them a player that is a threat every time the ball is in his hands. I doubt Bortles is the long-term answer, but Fournette would also give a future QB pick a chance to succeed.

    Jeff D: This is a spot where need is seriously misaligned with what’s available. The Jags have spent money or draft capital on Church, Gipson, Ramsey, and Bouye between this and last offseason. I doubt they’ll have much appetite to spend more on their secondary. They could use O-line help and edge rushers, but have no good options here unless they reach on someone. Instead, I say they swing for the fences with Fournette (or a QB if there’s one they like). If they happen to back into decent O-line play, they could either be a playoff team right away or look like a team that is a QB away from contention.

    Greg D: First shocker of the draft as the Jags go with Cam Robinson. OT is at a premium with only 3 players within discussion of being first round picks. Luckily enough for the Jags, Cam is versatile enough that he can play RT or G and be a solid upgrade over Brandon Albert. The reach is justified again due to lack of the ability to trade 🙂 Let Fournette slide to a team with a stable front 5.

  5. Tennessee Titans: Jamal Adams, S, LSU
    Jamal Adams: 43.1%
    Marshon Lattimore: 19.2%
    Malik Hooker: 12.3%
    Mike Williams: 10.1%
    O.J. Howard: 9.6%
    Reuben Foster: 3.0%
    Marlon Humphrey: 2.7%
    Total votes: 406

    Walter W: As a Titans fan I would rather have Hooker on the roster. I wasn’t impressed with Adams combine and feel Hooker, despite the surgery, is the surer player with the higher ceiling as well.

    Peter W: The Titans secondary is still weak, even after signing Logan Ryan. Jamal Adams is the best player available, and will fill an important need for the Titans at safety. It’s a perfect fit.

    Jeff D: In general, players with issues (whether it’s injury or attitude) tend to slide way more than people expect. Myles Jack, Randy Gregory, Shane Rey, Reggie Ragland…even Tunsil last year fell 10 spots due to a 10 second video. I wouldn’t be surprised if teams shy away from Malik Hooker big time, leaving only one first round safety in the draft, causing teams like the Titans to do things like go out and spend on Jonathan Cyprien. In this scenario, Jamal Adams does fall to them, so he’s the pick. Byard becomes a great asset to have to work Adams in slowly and provide depth throughout the year in case of injury. They can bail on Cyprien’s contract after this year without much damage if they want. They can still grab a top WR or TE at 18, then target a CB in later rounds.

    Ryan M: I see that the popular vote here is Jamal Adams. However, why would they choose Adams when they just signed Cyprien and have Kevin Byard (a good young talent) on the other side? Titans could go CB here for depth, but with the CB class being as deep as it is, they’ll wait till their other pick or even the second round. The best choice here would be Mike Williams, they are very thin at WR and they don’t really have an established WR1.

    JohnnyFire: The running line is “pick a secondary player”. Had Sidney Jones remained healthy, he would’ve honestly been my pick here, but the line is between Hooker, Adams, and Lattimore now (and arguably even Quincy Wilson). I’m going Malik Hooker; I know he’s likely more of a FS than a SS given his size, and I’m aware that Tennessee has signed Jonathan Cyprien, but I don’t think that will preclude them from taking a player they like; and the paper trail seems to suggest that Hooker and Lattimore are well liked by the Titans. In a deep class at CB, they can grab a safety first

    Joshua C: This seems like a prime trade-down spot for the Titans as they’re likely to go WR or CB. At this point, I think the Jets are the most likely team to grab a QB off the board first, so any team in love with one of the top QB prospects would probably want to jump in here. I think OJ Howard could be a surprise pick if they stay in this spot, but I’m of the belief they take the highest rated CB on their board, who is likely to be Lattimore. Marshon has the most upside of any CB in this draft and I think the Titans would be happy to have shored up their backfield through a strong combination of free agency and good drafting.

    Tom M: I’m tempted to say Lattimore here, because the Titans need help at corner and adding Cyprien in FA reduces the need for a safety. However, the Titans have shifted recently to drafting players who have produced at a high level consistently in college, and few players have produced as well as Adams. He would help shore up a leaky secondary for years to come, and brings insane leadership skills to the table.

  6. New York Jets: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
    Marshon Lattimore: 33.9%
    Mitchell Trubisky: 19.5%
    Malik Hooker: 13.5%
    O.J. Howard: 9.0%
    Deshaun Watson: 8.0%
    Marlon Humphrey: 5.2%
    Reuben Foster: 3.7%
    Dalvin Cook: 3.0%
    Mike Williams: 2.7%
    Cam Robinson: 1.5%
    Total votes: 406

    Jim M: Jets released Revis, so they will likely be looking for another CB. They make Lattimore the pick.

    Nicholas P: The Jets would love a quarterback, but they have to face reality; they need to have a foundation before drafting the guy they believe can lead their franchise. I start with their biggest need outside of quarterback; the secondary. Draft a guy like Marshon Lattimore or Marlon Humphrey to solidify the cornerback position, or get a safety like Malik Hooker to become a defensive leader not only on the field but off the field.

    David H: The Jets can be relied upon to take the worst possible selection, and that would be Cam Robinson, who has issues on and off the field but will be wildly overdrafted by some desperate team with a bad GM because of how strong this OL class isn’t. The Jets fit that description perfectly, and so could be the second team in four years to need a left tackle, take a Robinson as the first offensive lineman off the board, and still need a left tackle.

    Scott P: Lattimore is the best player available and fills a top need. This should be a no brainer for the Jets.C

    JohnnyFire: With Solomon Thomas not in play in this scenario, I truly see New York blocking the Cleveland Christmas Miracle of Mitch Trubisky to CLE uncontested at 12. The Jets have BADLY needed an answer at QB and are running out of time to make it happen with their current core of players. A QB can jump start a rebuild heading into 2018 and beyond, and Trubisky seems to fit the mold of what they’d like for Mean Green. In theory anyway; really NYJ can grab almost anyone on the board and nobody would bat an eyelash.

    Joshua C: This is a huge wildcard spot. Maybe the Jets fall in love with a QB here, but I think they’d be more likely to tank for a prospect next year. Plus, it’d give them a chance to see what (if anything) they have in their current prospects. Given the abysmal play by Revis last year, I see them wanting to get young at the CB position and since Lattimore is still on the board, I feel he should be the pick here.

  7. Los Angeles Chargers: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State
    Malik Hooker: 67.9%
    Mike Williams: 7.7%
    Cam Robinson: 5.6%
    John Ross: 4.6%
    Garett Bolles: 3.6%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 3.1%
    Derek Barnett: 2.6%
    Marlon Humphrey: 2.6%
    Derek Barnett: 2.6%
    Total votes: 198

    Jeff D: As I’ve said before (and will only have to say this one last time), I think Hooker falls precipitously due to the injury and no one drafts him this early. Even if he doesn’t, the Chargers got quietly passable play at safety last year out of Addae and Lowery, meaning they have 2 usable safeties with no depth and 2 usable CBs (Heyward, Verrett) with no depth. Both spots should be addressed, but a 3rd CB matters more. I’ll say Humphrey. A short-term upgrade and a long-term succession plan in case they don’t want to give Verrett $12m/year for his 2nd contract.

    Xavier L: I’d be shocked if Hooker is still available at 7, but if he is, that’s a slam dunk. If he’s not there, i think they could select Mike Williams.

    Bob B: Easy pick. The Chargers have been looking for someone to replace Weddle ever since he left. While Hooker has some injury issues, he fills a huge need for the Chargers.

    JohnnyFire: If either Adams or Hooker makes it this far, the Chargers are taking one. There’s not a worthy O-Lineman for this spot, and grabbing a WR might be a bit of a leap when there’s other needs. Safety will be a big concern for San Diego moving forward and this is absolutely dead-on perfect value for Hooker.

    Greg D: As much as they would love to pick Eric Weddle’s successor, I can see a better case being made for marlon Humphrey as corner help would be ideal for them. But, to be fair this is another team, like the Jets, where they can pick quite literally anybody and it should improve their team. I wouldn’t even hate them taking a QB if they decided. They can only get better from here.

  8. Carolina Panthers: Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
    Dalvin Cook: 24.6%
    Derek Barnett: 20.8%
    O.J. Howard: 13.1%
    Marlon Humphrey: 8.6%
    Taco Charlton: 8.4%
    Cam Robinson: 8.2%
    Mike Williams: 6.2%
    Garett Bolles: 4.0%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 3.1%
    Christian McCaffrey: 3.1%
    Total votes: 452

    Jeff D: If the past few years are any indication, tackles will be overdrafted eventually, and this seems like as good a spot as any. I went with Robinson, but it could just as easily be Ramczyk or Bolles. With Kalil being hurt constantly and terrible permanently and Oher in perpetual concussion protocol, it’s hard to find a worse OT situation in the league, and they’ve got a huge investment to protect in Cam. If they don’t go that route, Howard could also be a good option considering their affinity for tall pass catchers. I think they’d consider Fournette if he’s still around, but not Dalvin Cook.

    James H: There is Zero chance that the Panthers would roll with Cook at this point, especially after all the bad press with Hardy. The guy seems like most of his trouble is ahead of him, not behind. No OTs are worth this high of a pick, so BPA would suggest Barrett or Howard. Gettleman loves his hog mollies, but Greg Olsen is 32 and OJ Howard looks like an absolute stud. Don’t forget that during Cam’s best years as a passer, the Panthers used a 2-TE set with Shockey and Olsen. I think you take the talent at TE and another DE later in a very deep draft.

    Ben W: The Panthers have failed at doing many things in the past few years, but none so much is more apparent than the failure to protect Cam Newton properly. Because they failed to get a competent lie around him, Newton had his worst year by far as a Pro and lost some of his confidence and swagger that made him MVP just a season ago. They need to Draft OL here and since Fournette is off the board, Ramcyzk, being the best offensive line prospect in this class, is available, they need to jump on the opportunity while they can.

    JohnnyFire: My pick isn’t really on the board here, as I believe the Panthers would do well to consider Quincy Wilson at 8 if Leonard Fournette is not in play (kid ourselves what we will, if Fournette is on the board at 8, I’d imagine Cam Newton will personally start punching Gettleman in the face until he runs up to the board with Leo’s name.) So, given who is on the poll here, your options boil down to an inferior RB with some character concerns in Cook, a bunch of offensive linemen who should not crack the top 10, a pass rusher or a CB. While the Panthers can grab a solid CB later (round 2 could bring them the likes of Fabian Moreau, Tre’Davious White, or Chidobe Awuzie), I think they’d do well with Humphrey in this scenario nevertheless.

    Scott P: Even with Matt Kalil being signed, right tackle is still a need because Michael Oher needs to be upgraded. I think Cam Robinson will be the pick. Running backs, pass rushers, corners and safeties are pretty deep this year and can be obtained in later rounds.

    David H: I definitely think this is another spot where a tackle could get overdrafted. Perhaps Bolles might be the pick, given that the Panthers seem to like highly athletic players. Alternatively, Barnett would fit Dave Gettleman’s “if we build an elite front seven and pray really, really hard, we’ll never need to pay big bucks for a defensive back” roster-building philosophy. I think the RB need can wait until Friday; Cook tested like a UDFA, McCaffrey would be a big reach here, and it’s not like Stewart has gone away or anything.

    Von M: Think about it: Julius Peppers is 37, Charles Johnson is having surgery, and Kony Ealy was traded. Mario Addison is a solid rotational pass rusher, but they need a successor. Peppers and Johnson could be great mentors for a guy like Derek Barnett, an elite edge prospect who dominated the SEC. Taco Charlton is bigger, but Barnett is more athletic and a better pass rusher. Besides, they have Kawann Short, Star Lotulelei, and elite linebackers to stop the run. He almost has to be the pick. If he happened to be gone, I would say it has to be Lattimore or Humphrey. I have absolutely no clue why O.J. Howard is leading the vote right now. Ever heard of Greg Olsen???

    Greg D: The Panthers let Kony Ealy walk in free agency, and Charles Johnson is no spring chicken so DE would be a great pick up here. The Offensive line could use help (even if they feel good about Matt Khalil) but they can wait until 2nd/3rd round for this. I don’t see the panthers pulling the trigger on Cook or Howard even though they could surely use some weapons in the backfield/Greg Olsens understudy. Lots of options…I choose Derek Barnett to give them some help in the defence.

  9. Cincinnati Bengals: Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama
    Reuben Foster: 36.9%
    Derek Barnett: 20.8%
    Taco Charlton: 8.0%
    Corey Davis: 7.8%
    Cam Robinson: 6.4%
    Mike Williams: 5.7%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 4.7%
    Garett Bolles: 3.6%
    John Ross: 3.1%
    Marlon Humphrey: 2.9%
    Total votes: 612

    Jeff D: Another draft and another year of fans and analysts alike putting way more value on the ILB position than NFL teams do. Over the last 5 years, there have been exactly 3 non-edge rushing linebackers drafted in the top 20: Luke Kuechly at 9, CJ Mosley at 17, and Darron Lee at 20. Two MVP-level players and an overreach by the Jets, which looks like it will work out poorly. Even last year’s Readers’ Mock had Jack going at 5, Lee at 19, and Ragland at 20, and Lee was the only one taken in the first round. No way Foster goes this high. Oh well. Speaking of last year, Cincy was part of the “3 consecutive WR’s” projection in all the mocks last year, which did end up happening, except that Houston jumped the list and left Cincy with no good WR options. They certainly have other needs now and Tyler Boyd has helped a bit, but AJ Green is their best player, and supporting him has to remain a top priority. I say Mike Williams is the pick.

    Nick V: The Bengals have a.) drafted two T’s in round 1 and 2 of the 2015 draft in preparation for Whit leaving. They’ll get a shot to start at the positions they were drafted to play before the front office gives up on them and considers drafting another early b.) signed Kevin Minter, which means Reuben Foster would be our 5th string linebacker, not to mention the fact that he’s much smaller than the Bengals typically roll with at the position, and projects to play WILL in the NFL, Burfict’s position c.) not drafted a DE under 6’5 since 2006, meaning if it’s a DE here, it’ll be Taco, not Barnett I think the pick here is Davis or Howard, with Taco and Mike Williams as other options.

    Scott P: Reuben Foster is the popular pick here, but I think Kevin Minter might have something to say about that. I still think Cincinnati will go defense with this pick, but it will be a pass rusher instead. Derek Barnett will get his name called here.

    JohnnyFire: Cincinnati has proven time and again that they don’t scare easy when it comes to character concerns. Reuben Foster does make a fair amount of sense here, even if I think his stock is starting to slip a little bit based on what we read in the evaluations, but either Foster, Barnett, or grabbing a viable WR would help. Foster may not be, say, Khalil Mack, but the Bengals need one piece as a “round out” for the defense and he certainly meets that criteria in the LB corps. Don’t put it past Cincy to reach on an O-Lineman here either, but I doubt it.

    Greg D: This is the toughest pick so far in this reader draft. The Bengals have 2 glaring 1st round worthy needs in OL, DE, and a LOT they can do to improve in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The Bengals just switched to a Base 4-3, meaning that Minter will be the starter, and drafting an ILB to replace a player (Maualuga) that wasnt going to start this year, is a foolish first round tactic. Cam Robinson would be ideal as he is a great run stuffer for a T prospect, and can easily slide into a guard position, or take over if the likes of Ogbuehi and Fisher can’t produce. That being said, those two players were drafted in succession in 2015, so perhaps the Bengals go DE to try to boost their anemic pass rush from last year.

    Joshua C: Foster’s off-the-field issues won’t concern the Bengals. His on-the-field play warrants a top 15 selection and I’m sure they’d be happy with the value here. Foster is easily the best ILB in the draft and would provide an upgrade. I think they could consider a pass rusher here too as that is an area that desperately need. However, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if they reached for an OT here, considering their OL is in shambles.

    Blake: While it may not be BPA, I can’t see the Bengals passing on a tackle here. Their offensive line needs work and they like selecting lineman. I see Cam Robinson as the pick if he doesn’t go to the Panther’s in the actual draft

    Bob B: Before Foster was sent home from the combine, he was the consensus pick for the Bengals in this spot. However, after the combine incident and the signing of Kevin Minter, people are starting to wonder if Foster really will be the pick. That being said, I think that the Bengals still pick Foster. Derek Barnett makes a case for being picked here, but I think that with the recent release of Rey Maualuga the Bengals go with a linebacker.

  10. Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
    Mike Williams: 42.1%
    O.J. Howard: 22.3%
    Corey Davis: 11.3%
    Marlon Humphrey: 9.7%
    Mitchell Trubisky: 4.6%
    Deshaun Watson: 3.2%
    John Ross: 2.8%
    Cam Robinson: 1.6%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 1.6%
    Garett Bolles: 0.4%
    Total votes: 247

    Jeff D: In the universe in which the Bills ended last season confidently reaffirming their faith in their effective QB, Mike Williams is a no-brainer here. They desperately need a WR, and he is the best prospect. In this universe, they will ridiculously be gauging whether or not to keep Taylor around after this season, so much more consideration has to be given to how NFL-ready the prospect is. Corey Davis is a polished route runner who should be in the best position to contribute on day 1. Will Mike Williams be Mike Evans as a rookie or Alshon Jeffery as a rookie? Taylor’s fate could be based on the answer. Still, there are risks with any rookie, so I say go with Williams and the upside.

    Dennis C: This was a tough choice for me between Howard and Williams. I think both could turn out to be great players. Clay is actually a pretty decent TE, but I think Howard would give them the weapons to use a two- TE set.

    Bob B: While I am slightly tempted to pick O.J. Howard, the Bills should definitely pick Mike Williams here. They have no proven WR2, and with Sammy Watkins’ injury history, the Bills must have someone who can function as a WR1. Williams is the best prospect in the draft to fill that need.

    JohnnyFire: Just following the paper trail here and going OJ Howard. The Bills have had interest in Howard, and as crazy as adding the Clemson “Big 2” would be for the Bills, I think the need for Howard, someone who is a more clear generational talent, it going to win out.

    Spencer F: Sammy Watkins is injury prone. The bills need another legit target beside him. Mike Williams is perfect for them.

    Thomas M: I’m going with Marlon Humphrey. The bills somehow botched keeping Gilmore I know he had a bad year but that happens to even the best. And what’s worst is that he went to the patriots. They need to replace him and should with this pick. It’s a deep class but I wouldn’t wait as the run at CB will be fierce especially since cover guys are a big need in the game. Pairing someone with Darby is paramount to combat the patriots offense. If they want any shot albeit slim at winning the division.

    Ryan M: Ok so I’m pretty sure this pick is down to Mike Williams or OJ Howard.Especially if Howard is taken as early as they say,This pick will be Mike Williams.New Coach Sean McDermott said in a recent interview that WR #2 is on the roster.I don’t buy that.I think they are trying to make sure they get Williams.Translation,He is trying to stop the chance of a team like the Titans or buccaneers from trading up to top 9. We have needed a TE for quite awhile.So it wouldn’t be shocking to see the bills skip out on Howard,Especially when they are paying Charles Clay so much money.

    Chris S: Buffalo would be fools to select anyone but Mike Williams. Sammy Watkins is the only receiver they have with the departure of both Robert Woods and Marques Goodwin. If they remotely want to help their Quarterback and LeSean McCoy in the backfield there needs to be more than 1 aerial threat especially since Watkins gets hurt every season.

  11. New Orleans Saints: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee
    Derek Barnett: 52.6%
    Taco Charlton: 17.0%
    Marlon Humphrey: 11.7%
    Corey Davis: 4.8%
    John Ross: 4.4%
    Jabrill Peppers: 3.5%
    Gareon Conley: 2.6%
    Tre’Davious White: 1.7%
    Adoree Jackson: 0.9%
    Obi Melifonwu: 0.9%
    Total votes: 230

    Greg D: Two Possibilities: Butler Trade or No Butler Trade If they still have this pick…Marlon Humphrey If they don’t…Pats take Derek Barnett Saints have 2 quality safetys, but they might as well be on the field by themselves. While “deep” these CBs are going to go quicker than they have in past years as many teams can use help in this area. Also, with Mike Williams still available in this draft…no no no just kidding they are going to take John Ross with that 32nd pick.

    Joshua C: The Saints desperately need to improve their defense in several areas. Given how deep the DB class is, I think the Saints will wait to address that and take the top pass rusher on their board. Since Barnett is still available, I think he would be the pick. It would be a big success if New Orleans can come away from this first round with upgrading the pass rush and the secondary.

    Bob B: Even though the Saints need help at almost every defensive position, they reportedly have been looking for a pass rusher. The Saints reportedly like Taco Charlton, but Derek Barnett is the better prospect. I think they go with Barnett here and address the secondary with the No. 32 pick or in the second round.

    Alex T: This comes down to whether the Saints think the BPA is a pass rusher or can help in the secondary. While Charlie Campbell has said the Saints are huge on Taco, who is available here, Malcolm Butler is looking less and less likely and a playmaker in the secondary, like Gareon Conley- or, if he were to fall, his Ohio State colleague, Marshon Lattimore- may well tempt the Saints at number 11.

  12. Cleveland Browns: Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
    Mitchell Trubisky: 45%
    O.J. Howard: 26.1%
    Deshaun Watson: 10.4%
    Marlon Humphrey: 5.2%
    Patrick Mahomes: 3.8%
    Gareon Conley: 2.8%
    Cam Robinson: 2.4%
    Corey Davis: 1.9%
    DeShone Kizer: 1.9%
    John Ross: 0.5%
    Total votes: 211

    Greg D: Shocking Prediction Alert! The Browns wanted Assweiler all along / will start this year until 2018 when they can draft their QB of the future (2nd shocking prediction – Pat Maholmes only QB ready for action in 2017). In light of this, the browns can address their corner needs as well. Joe Haden isn’t of probowl caliber anymore. I can also see them taking a reach on Dalvin Cook since they did an alright job getting their OL in order. Last option, Mike Williams/reach on John Ross/Corey Davis…because really???Kenny Freaking BRITT????

    Joshua C: The Browns finally grab their elusive franchise quarterback. But, in a shocker, they take Pat Mahomes out of all of the available quarterbacks. Mahomes is raw as a prospect, but if Cleveland can afford to be patient, he has arguably the highest ceiling. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trubisky was the pick as the hometown kid coming to save the franchise is a nice story, but the analytics would seem to favor Mahomes. OJ Howard, if he falls here, would certainly be in play (given that the coaching staff got hands-on with him at the Senior Bowl) as he would give them a dynamic weapon. A dark horse candidate would be Malik Hooker, as the Browns have nothing at safety and have spent a lot of time studying him.

    Bob B: While there is some temptation for me to slot O.J. Howard to the Browns, the Browns will most likely go with Mitch Trubisky. Even though Howard is the BPA, the Browns desperately need a quarterback and Trubisky is the best one available.

    David S: O.J. Howard. We have likely already seen the best year Gary Barnidge is going to have in his career. He’s probably a better #2 tight end. Howard would give them that number one tight end and also a two tight end set they could use which is becoming popular in today’s NFL. Plus Howard is the best player available and may go top 10 on April 28th, so the value is a plus at this juncture.

    Scott P: Personally I think Cleveland should go with the best player available…which in this case would be O.J. Howard. But knowing the Browns they will pick yet another bust quarterback.

    Adam D: The Browns need to wait until next year’s much better QB class. With the offensive line set, Kenny Britt, Corey Coleman and Gary Barnidge a QB could step in and succeed right away.I chose Marlon Humphrey here because the secondary is the most glaring need, assuming they pick up Myles Garrett at 1.

    Matt Y: Last year the Browns went for highly productive college players, if Hue thinks he can improve Watson”s accuracy then Watson is the pick with the largest body of work and best resume.

    Joe L: It’s going to be Peppers. Greg Williams is drooling over Peppers and the Browns are doing a good job wiping it up with a hanky so no one notices.

    LionGator: Joe Thomas, Bitonio, Tretter, Zeitler at RT….Cam Robinson. Finish the OL and it’ll help the RB’s and QB’s. and help keep the defense off the field. When Thomas retires you have Robinson to move in at LT possibly. Second choice was Conley, the DB’s are god awful. But it’s a deep class, they can pick up a CB and Safety later. Please, no QB. Mahomes has the most upside and I still wouldn’t spend more than the #33 pick for him. This QB class reminds me of the year Gabbert, Locker, Ponder and Freeman all went in the first round.

  13. Arizona Cardinals: O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama
    O.J. Howard: 20.8%
    Corey Davis: 18.8%
    Marlon Humphrey: 14.8%
    Patrick Mahomes: 14.1%
    Deshaun Watson: 12.1%
    DeShone Kizer: 8.7%
    Jabrill Peppers: 4.4%
    Gareon Conley: 3.7%
    John Ross: 1.3%
    Obi Melifonwu: 1.3%
    Total votes: 298

    Scott P: The Cardinals need to prepare for life without Larry Fitzgerald. Corey Davis is a somewhat comparable player with lots of production and sure hands.

    Joshua C: The Cardinals need to prepare for life without Palmer and Fitzgerald. Corey Davis would be a good pick, giving them a weapon for what is presumably the last year for Palmer before he retires. However, I think the Cards will be thinking longer term and take the best QB prospect on their board. Kizer has the physical attributes that Arians wants in a QB, but he reportedly has slipped down boards because of poor interviews and questions about his mental make-up. I advocated Cleveland taking Mahomes, but if he’s still on the board, I think he checks the boxes for what Arizona would want. Having Palmer would help prevent Mahomes on the field before he was ready. I wouldn’t be shocked if Arizona traded up in front of Cleveland to ensure they get their guy.

    Bob B: Even though the Cardinals should prepare for life after Palmer and Fitzgerald, they NEED another cornerback to play across from Pat P. With the second best cornerback prospect, Marlon Humphery, still on the board, the Cardinals take him to add a Day 1 starter to their team.

    Spencer F: I don’t think there’s a super obvious option here. I would say OJ Howard, but they spent horrible money on Gresham. I would say Corey Davis, but Arians public ally said they weren’t taking a WR. I think Marlon Humphrey is the best option. The Cardinals have no one across from Pat P except for Brandon Williams, who is still finding his way. Humphrey can step in and start from day one.

  14. Philadelphia Eagles: Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama
    Marlon Humphrey: 25.8%
    Corey Davis: 19.0%
    Christian McCaffrey: 15.0%
    Gareon Conley: 14.1%
    John Ross: 8.4%
    Taco Charlton: 7.1%
    Tre’Davious White: 4.3%
    Haason Reddick: 3.5%
    Zach Cunningham: 1.6%
    Adoree Jackson: 1.1%
    Total votes: 368

    Scott P: The Eagles should take the best corner on the board. They’d be extremely lucky if Marlon Humphrey made it this far, so he’d definitely be the pick.

    Joshua C: Philly could certainly use talent in the secondary, but I think they’re going to want to help their young QB get some more weapons. They get that in Christian McCaffrey, who can be used in a variety of ways while giving the Eagles a big upgrade at the RB position.

    Bob B: Even though the Cardinals should prepare for life after Palmer and Fitzgerald, they NEED another cornerback to play across from Pat P. With the second best cornerback prospect, Marlon Humphery, still on the board, the Cardinals take him to add a Day 1 starter to their team.

    Dennis C: I am actually surprised that Dalvin Cook is not an option. Eagles need a CB, but also need to help out Wentz with a running game. McCaffrey may not be an every-down back, but he is a major weapon.

    LionGator: The most obvious need now is RB, but McCaffery is more a swiss army knife than a machete. They got WR weapons for Wentz in free agency, which leaves the huge need for DB’s they’ve had since the “Dream Team” got broken up. Marlon Humphrey over Conley by a nose.

    Bob B: The Eagles pick Marlon Humphrey here, addressing the secondary with the 14th here. With the need at WR addressed in free agency and both Cook and Fournette gone, the Eagles fill a big need by drafting Humphrey, the second best CB prospect in the draft.

    Mike B: The Eagles biggest need is corner. They haven’t had a shutdown corner in years and with the WR talent in the NFC East it’s critical to have someone who can take away Dez and OBJ. Humphery is the clear choice here. He’s a huge value pick and their first options (Fournette, Cook, and Williams) are all gone at this point. There is plenty of solid WR and RB depth in the later rounds.

  15. Indianapolis Colts: Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama
    Cam Robinson: 29.9%
    Taco Charlton: 20.9%
    Haason Reddick: 16.5%
    Gareon Conley: 10.6%
    Charles Harris: 5.9%
    Zach Cunningham: 5.3%
    Corey Davis: 4.7%
    John Ross: 2.8%
    Adoree Jackson: 1.9%
    Tre’Davious White: 1.6%
    Total votes: 321

    Jake W: Offensive lineman feels like the best option here, even in a weak class the Colts could take the top lineman on the board. However, I think it’s really a toss up between the top 3 tackles this year.

    Joshua C: Given Grigson’s awful picks through the past several drafts, the Colts need to improve in a bunch of areas, so taking the BPA would be prudent. Their linebacking corps are especially weak, so I have them taking Haason Reddick, who some actually believe is the best LB in this class. He could go in the top 15, so this is a good value for Indy. If Taco does fall this far, he would be a good choice. I don’t seem an OT tackle going this high, but wouldn’t be shocked if one came off the board here.

    Steven E: Yes, the Colts do need protection for Andrew Luck. However, one also has to consider that Ryan Grigson actually had a really solid draft last year, in regards to the O-line. While far from perfect, it improved down the stretch. It was still too late for Grigson though; he should’ve been gone before last year’s draft. That being said, the Colts’ biggest needs are CB, ILB, and pass rush. Most of the choices here are solid, if unspectacular. I chose White here, but I really don’t know which player to pick, since most of the options are good for what the Colts need. However, it should not be an O-lineman (and it sure as heck shouldn’t be a WR – no idea why the Colts would consider Ross or Davis). At least one O-lineman should be drafted, but with a relatively unspectacular class, especially at the top, the Colts can wait a couple of rounds for that.

    Xavier L: Taco is the BPA but he doesn’t appear to fit well into their 3-4 scheme. Both Conley and Robinson would make sense and would fill a huge need. Conley has more value at this point, but the Colts could go Robinson in rd 1, plug him at RG or RT and rely on the strenght of the draft at CB to select one in day 2.

    LionGator: Haasan Reddick will bring the pass rush and speed they’re missing, especially with Robert Mathis retiring. Hopefully they can get a RB like Kamara in the second round.

    Greg D: I would really like to see the Colts have an improved O-Line, but as mentioned before they spent some valueable picks on those positions last year(4/8 picks). Allowing them time to mesh will be fine and there are still some O-lineman that can be grabbed off FA down the road. That all being said, I wish OJ Howard were still available here, because this is his new home. Until then, even though I wish he would fall to the Ravens, Chronicles of Reddick is the pick here.

    David S: Haason Reddick can do it all. He can rush the passer and he’s got the speed and athleticism to excel in down field coverage. I know they did bring in Jabaal Sheard, John Simon and Barkevious Mingo, but none of them have the total package Haason Reddick brings.

    Von M: With Mariota being the best QB by FAR elsewhere in the division and not even being a top 15 passer in the league yet, the Colts don’t really NEED to have elite CBs. Thus, I wouldn’t prioritize that position. Instead, with no great OL in this draft, I’d switch my attention over to RB, where Frank Gore is in his mid-30s. I’m thinking Christian McCaffrey, an explosive, dual-threat runner who can catch passes out of the backfield from Luck. He’d be a perfect fit in their offense as the #1 RB and #2 receiving option to T.Y. Hilton. I’m confused as to why he’s not an option, as I think they can easily go that route.

  16. Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
    Corey Davis: 37.1%
    John Ross: 15.5%
    Taco Charlton: 14.4%
    Haason Reddick: 9.8%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 8.3%
    Garett Bolles: 7.2%
    Gareon Conley: 3.6%
    Charles Harris: 2.6%
    Adoree Jackson: 1.0%
    Zach Cunningham: 0.5%
    Total votes: 194

    P. Le Kappa: Corey Davis is far and away the best player available. With the Ravens needing help in the passing game, he is the most logical pick. I wish Cam Robinson would have fallen one more pick.

    Bob B: If Cam Robinson had fallen one more pick, he would have been the Ravens pick. That being said, the Ravens didn’t do anything to address the loss of Ricky Wagner to the Lions in free agency. I think they go with Bolles here, as his versatility helps the Ravens a lot.

    Nick T: I feel partially responsible for this. Having posted the first comment on the previous pick, I argued that the Colts should finally get to protecting Andrew Luck already. Considering the Colts did use a lot of resources on O-Line in the previous year’s draft, I found myself second guessing that selection. However, even though I believe Robinson will be available for the Ravens in real life, I believe they have quite a few options here. On one hand, they could reach for the next best offensive tackle on their board, but that doesn’t sound like something Ozzie Newsome would do. They could try to trade down to get more resources to continue to fill out a roster being handicapped by albatross contracts. They can try to improve their defensive line after the trade of Timmy Jernigan. However, in the end, the Ravens cannot go into the 2017 season with Mike Wallace and Bershard Perriman as their top two targets at hideout, so since they have their deep bomb target in Wallace, Corey Davis it is.

    Jeff D: The Ravens, like most good drafting teams, tend to draft based on their board as much as possible, with a very small element of keeping needs in the back of their mind. That said, they have clear needs at WR, edge rusher, and RT, so it should be pretty easy to find a player they like that fits a need. I went with Hasson Reddick. He’s the most natural fit as a 3-4 OLB. He should be able to step in right away and help an aging Terrell Suggs with the pass rush, then develop his tackling and pass coverage enough to be a good every down player in their scheme. I will say, as much as I love Corey Davis, I think the WR for them would be John Ross. Joe Flacco is at his best when he can throw bombs and check downs. With Danny Woodhead added, a guy like Ross could really help their offense get back to a place that is most conducive to Flacco being successful.

    HurricaneDitka: Reddick reminds me a lot of Leonard Floyd, in the way that he can fill multiple roles for a 3-4 defense. Baltimore has always seemed like a place that is able to alter their scheme to fit talented personnel, so who could be better to learn from than Mosley and Suggs for an athletic specimen like Reddick.

    Greg D: Lots of avenues here. 1. Ravens trade down because “their boy” isn’t available but another teams “their guy” is available. 2. The Ravens could take Hassan Reddick since he has slipped down to them in this draft, alternatively taking Taco Charlton to boost the pass rush. 3. The Ravens snag Corey Davis, the most polished receiver in the draft to create competition for Breshad and Co. (wait what company does he have besides mike wallace?). But, in a LONG SHOT #4. Give the Ravens Christian Mccaffrey. He is an upgrade over Terrence West, he is a compliment to Kenneth Dixon when he returns, and Danny Woodhead…meh. I would not be upset with any mentioned above however.

    LoneWolf: Ozzie Newsome likes Alabama players. He also would like to replace Wagner, but two birds feel with one stone which Cam Robinson already gone. Baltimore usually drafts BPA, but I think with a couple down years recently, albeit, not that far off from contending they need to get the BPA that fills a NEED. In this case Corey Davis fills a HUGE need, and he might actually be the BPA regardless.

    Thomas M: The Ravens have plenty of needs but receiver has to be the biggest and with their bpa approach to the draft Davis makes sense. They just traded jernighan which was questionable so they could go Charlton or maybe the dynamic Riddick. But I believe that they go receiver to give a viable weapon to their grossly overpaid qb.

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