Reader 2017 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 – Picks 17-32

This is an opportunity for you, the readers, to vote on the picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. All you need to do is vote for each selection. Look for updates on Twitter @walterfootball.

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Reader 2017 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

  1. Washington Redskins: Haason Reddick, LB, Temple
    Haason Reddick: 22.0%
    John Ross: 18.8%
    Taco Charlton: 18.8%
    Jabrill Peppers: 14.8%
    Zach Cunningham: 8.0%
    Forrest Lamp: 5.2%
    Obi Melifonwu: 5.2%
    Gareon Conley: 3.6%
    Adoree Jackson: 2.0%
    Charles Harris: 1.6%
    Total votes: 250

    Pepe L.K.: I will defend my vote since someone has commented on why it should not be this player. In a “rational” world, Washington would take Jabrill Peppers to fill their hunger for talent and a position need. I voted for Haason Reddick because he has the flexibility to play any position in the front seven, and would allow the Redskins to play a linebacker rotation for the best possibilities of generating pass rush and filling zone coverage. Having three solid linebackers is necessary in almost every defensive scheme, so Reddick would be a beneficial pick. Core needs at safety can be addressed later with all of the depth in the draft.

    Bob B: Tough choice for me here, but I went with John Ross (sorry, Titans). After Desean Jackson left, the Redskins had no speedy playmakers on their roster to replace him. John Ross is the fastest player in the draft, and I think that the Redskins go with Ross to replace Jackson.

    Nick T: Umm, why is Reddick the top choice right now? You guys do realize that the Redskins are fine at OLB with Kerrigan and Smith, right? I get that he may be the BPA for some of you, but let’s face it, the Redskins have not drafted well in recent years, and I am pretty sure “rational” is not part of Dan Snyder’s vocabulary. Besides, they have bigger needs anyways. As for Defensive ends, I’m guessing Charlton would be a good pick, but again, this is Snyder we’re talking about. Meanwhile, they do have quite the need at Free Safety, where its a toss-up if DeAngelo Hall will ever be the same again after missing a massive bulk of last season due to injury. He’s also a free agent next year, meaning they will have to replace him soon anyways. For me, this selection is a duel between Obi Melifonwu and Jabril Peppers. I would not be shocked with either of these two. I picked Melifonwu, because I felt like he fit better with what the ‘Skins want to do, but Snyder could always go for the flashier Peppers.

    Jeff D: It’s interesting that most draft analysis talks about how the 49ers don’t have to draft a QB because they should have Cousins coming next year, but no one seems to focus on the converse. If this scenario happens – 16 picks and only 1 QB gone, I think Washington has to give serious consideration to going with Watson or Mahomes. It would basically be like the Eagles situation from last year, only in this case it’s the incumbent QB being the jerk so it wouldn’t be as controversial. Perhaps next year’s crop of QBs will be better, but if they are, they’ll probably be taken with top 5 picks. Does Washington really think they’ll be one of the worst teams in the league this year, allowing them to draft a QB they like? Do they want to be forced into another RGIII type of trade to get the guy they want? If they like one of these QBs, they can take him, let him sit and learn for a year, then maybe be ready to take over in year two. Or, even better, maybe a contender loses their QB like the Vikings last year and they get a huge offer of draft equity for a guy that’s leaving anyway. In any case, since that option is not listed, I went with Forrest Lamp. Guys with flexibility are always coveted. They need another Guard anyway, and if he does seem capable of playing RT, they could have the option of not re-signing Moses after this year, which should help them balance the books considering how much they’re paying Trent Williams. They’ve got a good QB (for now), good WRs, a top-5 TE…if they can really sure up that offensive line, they could be a scoring machine.

    Colin W: If Washington addresses its primary need, they’ll take a versatile talent to play up the middle of their defensive back-seven. The best fit for that need here is Peppers, who can step up at linebacker in sub/speed packages and slot in quite nicely at safety on most downs. Let’s be frank, though – this is the Redskins front office in 2017. They might pick a running back, or an edge rusher, or a Chipotle gift card.

    Ben W: Washington is a mess. They fired their GM, let go of two of their best play-makers, and have been in an ongoing contract negotiation battle with Kirk Cousins for around 2 years now. How are they going to convince Cousin’s to stay in Washington if he has no one outside of Jordan Reed and possibly Jamison Crowder. The Redskins need to draft John Ross, as his speed and big play capabilities are upside they cannot afford to pass him up.

    JohnnyFire: Taco Charlton. Simply put, Washington at the moment is not good enough up front. Taco at least gives them a chance at that position group, as opposed to adding a safety (which its a deep class for anyway) or a WR like John Ross who is too similar in function to Josh Doctson.

    Scott P: I think the Skins will go with Forrest Lamp here. The run game could use better blocking on the interior.

  2. Tennessee Titans: John Ross, WR, Washington
    John Ross: 62.8%
    Taco Charlton: 9.5%
    Gareon Conley: 8.1%
    David Njoku: 6.1%
    Zach Cunningham: 4.1%
    Tre’Davious White: 3.4%
    Adoree Jackson: 2.0%
    Jarrad Davis: 1.4%
    Charles Harris: 1.4%
    Obi Melifonwu: 1.4%
    Total votes: 148

    David H.: In this scenario, with Taco inexplicably on the board, I’m sure the Titans would be fielding trade calls and quite plausibly doing a deal to let a playoff team move up for him. But this is a no-trade mock, so it’s impossible not to go with John Ross. He would have a potentially transformative impact on the Titans’ offense without necessarily needing to make many catches or even run a full route tree; the mere threat of a 4.2 guy over the top on a play action shot play is going to stop defenses from selling out to stop the run. How many times per game will a safety who could have decked Murray or Henry at the line of scrimmage get suckered into adding deep coverage to bail out a corner getting burned by Ross? How many yards per game will that add to the offense’s production without Ross even needing to rely on his questionable hands?

    Bob B: Very easy pick here. The Titans desperately need a WR and John Ross is the only Round 1 talent on the board.

    Nick T: Yeah, a lot of what I could say has already been said. However, let me try for unique insight, if I would. Being that this is a no trade mock, it is surprisingly hard to decide who the Titans should pick. Not hard narrowing it down, mind you; both Charlton and Ross are the clear favorites here. Unlike some people, I can see the Titans picking Taco here (defensive line depth never hurt anybody), or Corey Davis if he slips down below where he is in this mock. However, after a lot of thought, I think Ross will be the selection, considering the lack of explosive playmakers in general on the Titan’s offense. I like DeMarco Murray, but he isnt exactly the fastest guy around. While I don’t always agree with this philosophy (being a die hard Raiders fan), you can teach proper catching technique, but you can’t teach speed like his.

    Jeff D: I picked Ross because that is the correct answer. However, since so many people have talked about why he is the right choice, I’ll play devil’s advocate. Taking a corner like Conley or White is not at all out of the question, even with a hypothetical pick of Jamal Adams at 5. Keep in mind, the Titans don’t have a 2nd round pick. While this draft is deep at corner, it’s entirely possible that the 15 or so strong CB prospects are mostly gone by the time their next choice comes around. As a unit, I don’t see much difference in quality between the WR’s/TE’s (Matthews/Sharpe/Douglas/Walker) and the CB’s (Ryan/McCoury/McCain). They’ve got a decent front 7 for now if Orakpo and Morgan can hold up on the edge. Add two first round prospects to the secondary and you could have a top flight defense to pair with a strong running game and young and improving QB. They could potentially 14-10 their way to the playoffs, then focus more on their passing game next offseason.

    HurricaneDitka: When the actual draft comes around, I think there’s a good chance that we see the Titans try and leap ahead of Baltimore, in order to insure that they get the receiver of their choice. In this case, they end up with John Ross, far from a consolation prize, who already has experience working with a mobile quarterback, and as a #1 receiver.

    Spencer F: I would have to go with the record breaker himself, John Ross. The Titans are a pretty balanced team, and I believe they will shore up their secondary at pick 5 (Jamal Adams). This would leave WR the biggest need for the Titans. Ross has very good speed, obviously, but he is also a dynamic playmaker, as he can run back kicks and help turn the game around for a Titans team who’s top WR is Rishard Matthews or Tajae Sharpe.

    Thomas M: Being that Taco is still on the board this pick is likely to be traded in this scenario. With no-trade though I think the titans go Defense. Cunningham is a stud and would provide a long term starter in at ILB for years. Yes the Titans have other need especially at receiver but I have bust written all over Ross. Yes he has the speed but he reminds me of Mike Wallace not character wise but fundamental wise sure he can run really fast but if that’s all he isn’t worth the pick. I could be wrong about him but the expectations on 1st rounders are high and he may not meet them. Titans will pick a defender and build that championship defense and use its other picks to shore up offense.

    Alex G: With the Texans still having strong core defense and Jags making big investments in theirs. (Sorry colt fans) Titans need to find a playmaker to challenge both of them or risk falling behind in the up and coming AFC south. Ross is a multiple position receiver being a vertical threat, slot threat, and even a screen threat. Titans get some luck with the pick and start adding to their already growing offense.

    Alex G: With the Texans still having strong core defense and Jags making big investments in theirs. (Sorry colt fans) Titans need to find a playmaker to challenge both of them or risk falling behind in the up and coming AFC south. Ross is a multiple position receiver being a vertical threat, slot threat, and even a screen threat. Titans get some luck with the pick and start adding to their already growing offense.

    Jay B: I literally said: “How is John Ross still there?” when I saw this poll. He would be a great fit and give Marcus Mariotta a much needed weapon.

    Scott P: The Titans need an offensive playmaker in the worst way for Marcus Mariota. John Ross is definitely the pick.

  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Christian McCaffrey, RB/WR, Stanford
    Christian McCaffrey: 39.5%
    Taco Charlton: 20.4%
    David Njoku: 16.2%
    Jabrill Peppers: 7.8%
    Gareon Conley: 6.6%
    Takkarist McKinley: 3.0%
    Adoree Jackson: 1.8%
    Charles Harris: 1.8%
    Obi Melifonwu: 1.8%
    Tre’Davious White: 1.2%
    Total votes: 167

    Scott P.: The Buccaneers could use someone besides Gerald McCoy to get to the quarterback. Taco should be the pick here.

    Bob B: If Taco was not available, McCaffrey would be my pick. However, with Taco still on the board and no trades allowed to any teams willing to move up for him, the Bucs take the BPA in Taco Charlton.

    Nick T: Well, I believe this is it. Where Taco finally goes. Wait, no Christian McCaffery? Yes, let me explain. Besides the fact that the Bucs could stand to upgrade William Gholston, having Charlton line up in some defensive sets next to Gerald McCoy and/or Chris Baker could be lethal, and could challenge the Rams and Giants for title of best defensive line in the NFC, in not the entire league, in 2-3 years. In addition, good running backs can be found in the 3rd round or later, and you don’t have to pay them anything for 4 years. If Taco were available, would the Bucs be fielding calls? Probably so. However, at this juncture, the value presented would be too hard to resist.

    JohnnyFire: Is replacing Doug Martin truly a top priority, especially in this draft class? In my view, Tampa can still remain in position here to nab a RB in rounds 2 or 3, from nthe likes of Joe Mixon or D’onta Forman or Alvin Kamara, or even diving deeper for Marlon Mack, Kareem Hunt, or Samaje Perine. Options are out there. You know what isn’t out there? Top level defensive linemen who can compliment Gerald McCoy. Most of the remaining “pure DL” players are similar in function to McCoy (like Charles Walker, Chris Wormley or Carlos Watkins), play too close to a NT role (Dalvin Tomlinson or Jaleel Johnson), or are too undersized to be pure DL (Jordan Willis, Charles Harris, TJ Watt, Carl Lawson). That leaves, in my eyes, Taco Charlton, an impressive mix of size and speed who can immediately put some fear into the South’s dearth of QB’s, as the obvious pick here.

    HurricaneDitka: Do I think that Gareon Conley is the BPA at 19? Absolutely not, but when your team has no real backup plan for the inevitable decline of Brent Grimes I felt it was a pick that was a necessity. Vernon Hargraves is a shorter CB, so TB needs to have someone with the physical stature to potentially match-up with Thomas, Benjamin, and Jones for the next decade. To me this comes down how the Bucs want to team build. The best player at this junction is either Njoku or McCaffery, in my opinion, but in a throwing league how can you pass up a potential #1 CB. If they do go BPA, I expect to see the Bucs attack their secondary weakness on day 2.

  4. Denver Broncos: Garett Bolles, OT, Utah
    Garett Bolles: 38.9%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 25.3%
    Forrest Lamp: 11.4%
    Taco Charlton: 10%
    David Njoku: 8.7%
    Takkarist McKinley: 1.8%
    Jarrad Davis: 1.3%
    T.J. Watt: 1.3%
    Charles Harris: 0.9%
    Zach Cunningham: 0.4%
    Total votes: 229

    Scott P.: Exterior blocking is a desperate need for Denver right now. Garrett Bolles looks to be the best option, as Ryan Ramczyk has medical concerns.

    Bob B: Yes, the Broncos really need an O-Lineman, but with Taco still inexplicably still on the board, they solidify their pass rush by taking Charlton.

    Nick T: You know, I personally think they’ll be forced to take their favorite OT on the board, but at the same time, John Elway is not a stupid man, no matter how big of a Raiders fan I am. I’d be very interested to see if they pull the trigger on Taco, or if they trade this pick, as DE is a pretty big need for them as well. I voted for Taco, but yes, I think that Bolles will be the pick. Although if you all want Taco to slip down to the Raider’s pick, by all means, let him do so. We’ll get a Linebacker in Round 2. ???? But in all seriousness, I have to comment on the silent majority win of Christian McCaffey on the Buccaneer’s pick. Found it interesting that NO commenter was defending the leader, and he won by over 20%. Interesting.

    LionGator: Ramczyk if his hip injury clears medical, just because Bolles would be 30 by the time his rookie deal ran out thanks to a troubled past. Plus he has Mark Davis’s haircut.

    Dennis C: I like Bolles quite a bit, but I don’t know how you can pass up Njoku. None of the offensive linemen are considered to really be sure-fire starters at left tackle, which is where the need is. Njoku is a stud. I think he will be a sure-fire starter at TE and could develop into a pro bowl player down the line. I think Bolles will be solid, and I like his toughness, but I think he would be a 2nd round pick in a year with good offensive linemen.

    Alex G: Denver needs so much help on that turn style they call an offensive line. With two of the top O-linemen still available, it was a toss up for me. I decided to go with Ramczk with the pick. I understand the cause for concern with his injury history but he also comes with youth. Something Bolles doesn’t have too much of in “NFL” years. During the beginning of the 2017 NFL year Bolles will be 25 years old. If he so happens to be drafted in the first round. Once that rookie contract is up he will be 30 (if 5th year option is exercised). So I’m rolling the dice on youth over off season surgery with the pick.

    JohnnyFire: Honestly just following the paper trail here. Denver needs upgrades on their offensive line (in addition to some other concerns), and it seems like they hold Bolles in high regard. Garrett Bolles here, and if not, perhaps the next best OL available, regardless of who that might be.

    Joe Y: There are not a lot of good offensive linemen in this draft, and Denver needs to improve it’s blocking if they want to turn the reins over to Paxton Lynch. Denver can take it’s choice of Bolles or Ramczyk. However, it this plays out this way, where Denver still has two tackle options, this could certainly be a slide back spot for someone who wants Taco, since Denver could feel pretty confident that one of the two tackles will fall to wherever they slide back.

  5. Detroit Lions: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
    Taco Charlton: 56.1%
    Jabrill Peppers: 14.4%
    Gareon Conley: 5.3%
    Zach Cunningham: 5.3%
    Adoree Jackson: 4.6%
    Forrest Lamp: 3.8%
    Charles Harris: 3.8%
    Jarrad Davis: 2.3%
    David Njoku: 2.3%
    Obi Melifonwu: 2.3%
    Total votes: 132

    Scott P: You need all the defensive help you can get when you play against Aaron Rodgers twice a year. Detroit’s will be having Taco Thursday.

    David S: Kind of surprising that Taco Charlton is still on the board considering he could go in the top 10. His athleticism is amazing for a guy his size and I think his best football is ahead of him after a big senior season. He’d make a great pass rushing partner across from Ansah.

    Nick T: You know, I personally think they’ll be forced to take their favorite OT on the board, but at the same time, John Elway is not a stupid man, no matter how big of a Raiders fan I am. I’d be very interested to see if they pull the trigger on Taco, or if they trade this pick, as DE is a pretty big need for them as well. I voted for Taco, but yes, I think that Bolles will be the pick. Although if you all want Taco to slip down to the Raider’s pick, by all means, let him do so. We’ll get a Linebacker in Round 2. ???? But in all seriousness, I have to comment on the silent majority win of Christian McCaffey on the Buccaneer’s pick. Found it interesting that NO commenter was defending the leader, and he won by over 20%. Interesting.

    LionGator: Luther Ellis was a helluva DT, if only the Lions would’ve gotten some help around him. I don’t want to watch Ansah try to carry the dline all by himself the way Luther had to…get Taco on the other side to take Devin Taylor’s place.

  6. Miami Dolphins: Forrest Lamp, G/C, Western Kentucky
    Forrest Lamp: 22.3%
    Zach Cunningham: 17.8%
    Jabrill Peppers: 16.9%
    David Njoku: 13.6%
    Charles Harris: 8.3%
    Jarrad Davis: 7.0%
    Obi Melifonwu: 4.6%
    Takkarist McKinley: 4.6%
    Adoree Jackson: 2.9%
    T.J. Watt: 2.1%
    Total votes: 242

    Jeff D: I went with what I thought was the most obvious, straightforward choice in Adoree Jackson. Apparently only 6 other people were on the same page. I realize that this is a deep draft for CBs, but if you’re 22 picks in and need a CB and have your choice of a number of different guys with 1st round grades, you take whoever is your favorite. There will be a run on corners at some point, and if it’s before their 2nd rounder, they’ll be passing up the 3rd (or higher) CB on their board and risking having to grab the 9th or 10th to make sure they get someone they like. And yes, they certainly do need a CB. They did get a pretty good year out of Maxwell last year, but it’s pretty clear he’s best as a number 2 guy like he was in Seattle. Xavien Howard should improve, but 3 starting CB’s are necessary in this league, and McCain and Lippett are just depth guys.

    David S: Miami could go a number of different directions and nothing would surprise me too much. Forrest Lamp seems like the safest pick to make for them. Offensive guards aren’t glamorous selections, especially in the first round, but they can be very good ones. Especially if Lamp is the next Zack Martin, a guy I often see him compared to. Drafting him lets the Dolphins move Laremy Tunsil out to tackle and takes care of the O-Line.

    David H: The Dolphins should absolutely have traded up for Zack Martin in 2014, and Lamp profiles as a very similar player in many ways. However, that would be a safe, conservative move. This front office doesn’t do those, do they? I could see them locking in on a risky prospect, and they seem the type to take a chance on Obi Melifonwu, who has definite bust potential but undeniably absurd athleticism. When you’re chasing the Patriots, it makes a certain amount of sense to swing for the fences anyway.

    Joey Y: Some people will look at the interior of the offensive line here with Forrest Lamp, and the Dolphins could certainly take a guard. But remember, this regime likes certain players and targets them. They sat back and let Tunsil fall to them and gave up way too much to move up for Lenote Carroo last year. That said, I dont see them going after Lamp. In this situation it’s Jabrill Peppers all the way. Although guard is a need, Miami likes players that they perceive as tremendous value, thus the move up for Carroo last year, whom they had as a 2nd rounder. They will not feel like that about Lamp. None of the LBs or DEs fit the “great value” either, as there is not much star power. And besides, Miami just traded for Hayes and handed a fortune to Andre Carter. They also still like former late round pick Terrance Fede, so DE isnt as likely as one would think. Neither is LB with the Timmons signing and Alonso resigning. Now yes, Miami just signed Nate Allen, but hes veteran depth at best. Peppers is a big name with star power and will entice the Dolphins. Miamis secondary has been a weakness for a while, but put Peppers back there and Miami potenually has one of the best safety tandems in the league as both players have a great combination of stepping up and making tackles, and yet being dangerous playmakers with the ball in their hands at the same time. Miami takes Peppers (from Michigan, not USC) and locks up their safeties for the next 7-8 years.

  7. New York Giants: David Njoku, TE, Miami
    David Njoku: 36.1%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 27.7%
    Zach Cunningham: 10.6%
    Deshaun Watson: 6.1%
    Patrick Mahomes: 5.5%
    Charles Harris: 4.6%
    Jarrad Davis: 4.6%
    DeShone Kizer: 3.0%
    Takkarist McKinley: 2.4%
    T.J. Watt: 1.5%
    Total votes: 329

    Scott P: I’m thinking the Giants would be ecstatic that one of the top three offensive tackles is still available. A bookend for Ereck Flowers is needed, so the Badger is the pick.

    Hurricane Ditka: I don’t like the Giants linebackers, and I feel like they could absolutely use an offensive tackle; that being said, I just don’t see the value at either position with who is available. Put Njoku on an offense with OBJ and Paul Perkins, and I see the foundation for the next decade. Njoku has the potential to be a top 5 TE, and with OBJ and Brandon Marshall already there he will have veterans to coach him up, as well as no pressure to be an immediate focal point.

    P. Le Kappa: I think New York would love to get Ryan Ramcyzk, who would be a top ten pick in the draft if it weren’t for injuries. At the same time, Njoku out of Miami is a rare talent at tight end. Considering how often Eli Manning throws to his three talented wide receivers, I would find Ramcyzk to have a little more value, where a talented tight end could be drafted with their second round pick.

    Kevin: The Giants got DJ Flucker in free agency, so the need for a OT is reduced slightly. They still need younger and better lineman, but they have a strong core in Flowers (if they move him to the right side, Pugh, and Westburg). Flucker gives them a veteran presence at left for now. The defense improved greatly in 2016. However, linebacker has been a plug and play group since the early 90’s when they had the constant presence of Carl Banks, Pepper Johnson, and Lawrence Taylor. they did have some great talent at one or two of the linebacker spots, but the group overall needs better consistent play. Constant presence of 5 individuals, 3 starters and 2 backups, that can gel and make plays sideline to sideline. Zack Cunningham can be added to the group to start this process.

    LionGator: A top RB would help, but the big three are gone. Comes down to Njoku vs Ramcyzk. Njoku has potential, but he’s too raw to help this year. Ramcyzk could step right in and make this a pretty good line, and having some time to throw will do wonders for Manning….Ramcyzk it is.

    JohnnyFire: Man, this draft bones the Giants hard. My bet is that they’d be waiting on a top-line RB at this point, and if one wasn’t available it would certainly diminish their enthusiasm to go off board. DE isn’t a need, and while they could justify grabbing a LB here, if Davis and Cunningham fall this far, then there should be viable LB talent around in round 2 as well. So, we have to find the most logical remaining upgrade vs value vs BPA; that’s David Njoku. He’s a top 30 player by most metrics and gives Eli one hell of a foursome catching the ball (with Beckham, Marshall, and Shepard at WR). But they still need a RB, badly, and they might need to make a move in round 2 to get someone to carry the load.

    Joey Y: The Giants have been in desperate win now mode for a couple of years now, as they are running out of time with Eli Manning (if they haven’t already). Eli has been struggling, but they must hope that one more trip to the playoffs will rekindle the old magic, and the Giants aren’t afraid to mortgage the future to accomplish that. They spent about $3.2 Billion on the defense last offseason, and this offseason they seem focused on giving Eli as many weapons as they possibly can, perhaps hoping to mask his decline. Therefore, Njoku makes the most sense as New York hasn’t had a real weapon at TE since when… Jeremy Shockey? Tackle also makes sense but New York has drafted a bunch lately, and may which to diversify their assets. I also do not see the Giants looking for Eli’s successor here. New York will probably draft a QB project that they like, but not in the first round. Jerry Reese is still probably feeling like he’s on the hot seat, and rightfully so as he should’ve lost his job before Coughlin did two years ago. Reese will go for broke one more time and hope for the best… that’s the only thing I can call putting Brandon Marshall on the same team as ODB

  8. Oakland Raiders: Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt
    Zach Cunningham: 22.5%
    Jabrill Peppers: 20.0%
    Gareon Conley: 14.5%
    Jarrad Davis: 11.5%
    Adoree Jackson: 7.3%
    Malik McDowell: 7.3%
    Caleb Brantley: 5.5%
    Obi Melifonwu: 5.0%
    T.J. Watt: 4.0%
    Charles Harris: 2.5%
    Total votes: 524

    Scott P: Jabrill Peppers has Raider written all over him.

    Alex G: With the Raiders losing out on signing Zach Brown, I think they go in for some LB help. Zach Cunningham has a knack for finding the ball, very instinctive and is a quick hitter. He will help tremendously with taking some of the pressure off of Mack and continue to help build a solid pass rushing defense. If it was wasn’t Cunningham, I would probably choose Peppers. Either way, Raiders will build their defense through the draft to help match what they have on offense.

    P. Le Kappa: The Raiders need help all across the defense, finishing last in the league in total defensive efficiency. Finding a player that can bring a dynamic impact could bring together the whole defensive unit. The Raiders have always found ways to have a fairly good defensive line and secondary, leaving linebacker needing to be addressed. As far as impact linebackers, I would say Jabrill Peppers would be the pick, which is who I voted. Peppers fits the Raiders linebacker corps model, but could also start at safety. If an interior linebacker is the consensus need, my top player would be TJ Watt, but I believe Peppers is the better pick.

    Jeff D: Peppers is an interested proposition for the Raiders considering how much they vary their defensive schemes. With his athleticism, they could probably figure out a role for him that played to his strengths. That said, I don’t think a team that finished this high in the standings last year will make such a wild card pick, especially with Reggie Nelson and Karl Joseph as two solid starting safeties. I think they’ll make a much more “fix a problem” type of pick, and that means traditional linebacker or interior d-line. Zach Cunningham makes sense, but if you’re looking to stop the run, you’d rather that happens at the line then at the second level. Malik McDowell would make a strong 5 technique in their base, and give Dan Williams some much needed help when Mack is playing on the edge. If they get a good year from Mario Edwards, suddenly their line could go from weakness to strength. As they saw last year on the offensive side of the ball, big guys up front aren’t sexy, but they can win you games.

    LionGator: Malik McDowell, because big men in the middle stop the run and keep blockers off the LB’ers, freeing them up to make plays. Cunningham is solid, but he does no good if he gets washed out every play because the DL is weak.

    Nick T: Ahhh, my team, the not (yet) Lad Vegas Raiders. Couldn’t they at least move to Carson City? I digress. Anyways, the Raiders. As someone who has watched this team since the mid-2000’s, when they were at their very lowest, I really like the majority of what they have done over the past 5 years. Even moves I have initially questioned, such as the Michael Crabtree signing, have worked out for the best. If the Raiders nail this draft, they could honestly compete with the Patriots for the AFC title. That would involve shoring up their weaknesses, however, and I cannot think of a bigger weakness that Oakland has than Linebacker. Just Linebacker in general. Even if they sign back Perry Riley, they’ll still need a long-term solution. That’s why I believe the pick will be one of three players: Jabril Peppers, Zach Cunningham, and Jarrad Davis. My personal selection for this would be Cunningham, because of his excellent production, and his high level of technical skill, but I’d be happy with any of these players. As long as it is defense, I’ll understand the pick, because for the first time in a long time, I trust the Silver & Black.

    Thomas T: Cunningham is the obvious pick for me here. The Raiders need help with off the ball linebackers, and Cunningham is the perfect balance between a cover linebacker and a run stuffer for today’s NFL. He should be able to become a 3 down starter from day 1.

  9. Houston Texans: Pat Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech
    Pat Mahomes: 44.6%
    Deshaun Watson: 27.5%
    DeShone Kizer: 8.6%
    Ryan Ramczyk: 8.6%
    T.J. Watt: 3.2%
    Gareon Conley: 2.7%
    Jabrill Peppers: 1.8%
    Obi Melifonwu: 1.8%
    Adoree Jackson: 1.4%
    Charles Harris: 0%
    Total votes: 222

    Scott P: Tony Romo retired, so the Texans need to find quarterback help early in the draft. Pat Mahomes seems like a Bill O’Brien type of player.

    Alex G: Finally, we have arrived to my favorite team. Thanks for taking forever Walterfootball haha. So with this pick I’m going with the not so sexy OT position. I believe it will be a toss up between Ryan and Cam once the 25th pick comes in. What people see with the Texans is they are a “win now” team, and “all they need is a QB” While a QB would be nice, it wouldn’t have any impact on the new football year. Billy O’s offensive playbook is way too much for even a season veteran (saying that loosely) to understand much less a rookie QB. Tom Savage will start either way, and I’m sure we will get the same result by the end of the year. Texans in the playoffs, thanks to our defense and run game. That’s where this pick comes in, RT is a HUGE hole on this O-line. Mainly because there is no RT on their roster. Please don’t say Chris Clark is a RT, after watching him last year. I have no idea how he made it this far in his NFL career. The quality of OT in this draft dips pretty bad after the top 3 and I doubt their will be anyone left once the Texans second round comes along. (Davis Webb in the second?) Either one of these top O-lineman can be an immediate starter on the right side, giving whomever is back behind center a chance to preform. The Texans will rely heavily on the run game and that will not work unless the line is shored up. Another reason I like the pickup is due to the age restraints on LT Duane Brown, Cam or Ryan could possibly be his replacement.

    P. Le Kappa: I have to be honest… I think believing in Tom Savage is a smoke screen from Houston. While I voted for Pat Mahomes, I believe that the Texans situation calls for a quarterback like Deshaun Watson. My vote for Mahomes is based on who WILL be the pick, since Mahomes has a strong arm and can grow from the vast knowledge of Bill O’Brien. I think Watson is a bit more pro-ready as of today, which would mean that he could comfortably start day one and is also able to grow with a team, but Mahomes staying in Texas seems like a storybook ending that Houston will not pass up on. Neither quarterback would be a bad draft pick here.

    Jeff D: I voted for Watson, but I have to say, I think there’s a much greater chance of a non-QB being the pick in this situation than this poll is giving credit for. Both Watson and Mahomes will have big adjustments to make to the NFL and will be best added to a system where they can sit and develop for a year or two. I think Watson is slightly more pro-ready, but will require more of an adjustment by the team to fit the player. Houston is not designed to be an up tempo offense, and that will have to change if they’re going to be successful with Watson in the short-term. Still, they have almost literally no one. Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden are not going to win you playoff games. Watson or Mahomes probably won’t either this year, but maybe you get a chance that they’re on the right track in year 2 or 3. Also, stranger things have happened than both of these QBs falling into the mid to late 2nd round and being accessible to Houston there. If they do go in a different direction, I think Melifonwu could be the guy. They have the CBs to withstand losing Bouye, but an upgrade to their secondary is probably still necessary at some point, and safeties always get drafted higher than expected.

    LionGator: Conley to replace A.J. Bouye. Sure they need a QB, but they need one NOW and none of these guys are close to being ready to take over. The only one that ran a pro offense and might be a game manager for them this year is Nathan Peterman, but not this early.

    Nick T: You know, this is weird. For a team that many have said that if they got Romo, they couldve been a contender, they have a surprisingly large amount of needs. Granted, QB is certainly one of them, and I’ll get to that, but let’s go down the list: Quarterback, Right Tackle, Guard, Inside and Outside Linebacker, Defensive End, Safety, Corner… you see what I mean? All of these positions can be either upgraded, need to be filled with new, fresh talent, or badly need depth. I’m not sure if the Texans think the same way, but the idea that getting a QB will make everything okay is misguided at best.However, with ALL of that said, Houston can’t exactly afford to wait with its current roster of players to take a QB in the much stronger 2018 draft class. Therefore, even though I could see them going in a number of directions with this pick (including trading down if they think the guy they want will still be there), I believe picking Pat Mahomes from their own backyard, Texas Tech. Agreeing with the consensus is boring, I know, but it is a rough spot for Texans fans, as well as the organization themselves.

    HurricaneDitka: Mahomes is my favorite quarterback in the draft, and with Bill O’Brien developing him I honestly don’t feel it will be close. He gets a ready made number one receiver, as well as a strong supporting cast, and a defense that will rarely force him to be a superstar; that’s a recipe for success. I’ve read places that this pick could be traded for Jimmy, but would you rather have a 21 year old with 5 years of contract left or a 25 year old with 1 year? That seems obvious to me. The only other pick that I would like would be Conley as a replacement for Bouye, as I see him as a top 15 talent this year.

    JohnnyFire: The best pick here would be Pat Mahomes, who has a skill set ready for NFL refinement. What I think the pick will actually be here, however, is Deshaun Watson. One caveat that Mahomes will likely face is that he probably needs more time to work out mechanical snafus, which will pop him on the bench in most programs. The Texans don’t have that time. And while Watson is not the superior prospect, he can (subjectively) likely start Day 1. Now, yes, he has issues; his accuracy, his decision making, and other pieces. But in my eyes, Houston needs to capitalize on this window now. Kizer and Mahomes would not start day 1; Watson can mask his inefficiencies the same way many more athletic QB’s have within the context of a solid offense and give Houston at least a ghost’s chance to win games. It’s not the best move, but it’s the move Houston needs; a Week 1 2017 QB who can try to get them to the dance before Tennessee or Indianapolis catch back up.

    Greg D: Hello Texans. Welcome to a great spot to choose from. Please dear god…take TJ Watt, let your offense stay mediocre, and have the Swatt brothers run havoc for years to come (also trade for their brother. I would love to see the Watts take on the Khalils in Carolina 😀 Trade for Derek to be your FB and have a nice family affair 🙂

    David S: Part of me wants to vote T.J. Watt to pair him with J.J., but the Texans need a QB. Because they’re a team built to win now, I’d go with Deshaun Watson. He’s done it twice on the big stage against very good Alabama defenses, so I think he’s the guy most equipped to go in and help Houston out now.

  10. Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin
    Ryan Ramczyk: 46.5%
    Kevin King: 14%
    Adoree Jackson: 8.9%
    Jabrill Peppers: 8.9%
    Gareon Conley: 8.9%
    Obi Melifonwu: 5.7%
    Takkarist McKinley: 3.2%
    T.J. Watt: 1.9%
    Jordan Willis: 1.3%
    Charles Harris: 0.6%
    Total votes: 159

    J.P. P: Melifonwu is an athletic freak who might even end up at CB in our defense. He’s easily the biggest athletic freak available here–Pete Carroll was practically drooling on himself while watching him run the 40. He can potentially contribute as a “big nickel” early on and replace Kam Chancellor down the line. As for our needs on the OL, Ramczyk reportedly has question marks surrounding his love of the game, which is the single biggest red flag for Carroll and Schneider, and Schneider has publicly discussed moving Ifedi to right tackle. Kevin King is a strong option here as well, especially with his local ties and potential to start immediately, but the Hawks’ brain trust is very interested in Melifonwu. If he’s available here, they’ll swoop him up.

    Jeff P: This one is obvious. A top 3 tackle at a team desperate fro quality O-lineman. Ramczyk to the Seahawks.

    Scott P: This is an ideal scenario for Seattle as one of the top three tackles are is available. Pete Carroll obviously likes Wisconsin players, so the Badger would be the pick.

    Thomas T: In this no-trade mock it’s easy to see them taking Ramczky. Plug-and-play guard/tackle although I think it’ll take a year or two for them to be comfortable protecting Wilson’s blind side. BUT in a reality where Richard Sherman is traded expect Kevin King to be the replacement. With King’s 6’3″ frame and 4.43 dash it’s easy to see why the Seahawks would move on from Sherman.

    Nick T: In a surprising turn of events, one of the top 3 pure OT’s in this class falls to Seattle. Which is good, becuase Russell Wilson can’t keep running for his life every damn week. They have other issues, but I would not be surprised to see Ramczyk as the top player on Seattle’s board at this point, or at least the best player that fills a huge need.

    JohnnyFire: Let’s get real here: this is a terrible class for OL talent (on paper, anyway), which helps Seattle in exactly 0 ways. Their offensive line is hot trash at the moment. Ryan Ramczyk being the only OT left worth a damn at this venture would honestly be a surprise in my eyes, but the Seahawks have no choice but to invest heavily through the draft on tackles, guards, and a center. They may end up taking 4 linemen, and that’s no joke. Even though I’d slot Ramczyk as a 2nd round guy, Seattle can ill afford to end up behind the curve here and has to draft him in the first. I’ve little doubts that we will see someone like an Ethan Pocic, Dan Feeney, Taylor Moton, Pat Elflein, or otherwise heading to the Pacific Northwest in the next two rounds as well.

  11. Kansas City Chiefs: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson
    Deshaun Watson: 37.1%
    Gareon Conley: 14.6%
    Jarrad Davis: 12.9%
    DeShone Kizer: 11.8%
    T.J. Watt: 6.2%
    Jabrill Peppers: 5.1%
    Charles Harris: 4.5%
    Adoree Jackson: 3.9%
    Kevin King: 2.8%
    Obi Melifonwu: 1.1%
    Total votes: 179

    J.P. P: Melifonwu is an athletic freak who might even end up at CB in our defense. He’s easily the biggest athletic freak available here–Pete Carroll was practically drooling on himself while watching him run the 40. He can potentially contribute as a “big nickel” early on and replace Kam Chancellor down the line. As for our needs on the OL, Ramczyk reportedly has question marks surrounding his love of the game, which is the single biggest red flag for Carroll and Schneider, and Schneider has publicly discussed moving Ifedi to right tackle. Kevin King is a strong option here as well, especially with his local ties and potential to start immediately, but the Hawks’ brain trust is very interested in Melifonwu. If he’s available here, they’ll swoop him up.

    Jeff D: Once again, we get the annual argument that teams need to start grooming their heir apparent QBs to one day take over for their long-entrenched, successful, but aging starters. Pop quiz: Without looking it up, how many teams over the past 10 years have spent a first round pick on an heir apparent to a long-entrenched starter? If you guessed anything other than 0, you guessed too high. Even stretching it to the second round, there have only been two example of this over the past five years, and that was Jimmy Garrapolo, who will likely spend his whole rookie contract on the bench (though could fetch a good price in a trade), and Brock Osweiler. Even the two of them were taken with some of the last few picks of round 2 by teams who were clear Superbowl contenders with loaded rosters. Yes, Kevin Kolb was picked by Andy Reid in the 2nd round six years ago with McNabb still around, but overall, we’re not talking about a strategy that has worked out well for the teams involved. GMs support this idea in a vacuum – making sure there is continuity at the league’s most valuable position and all that, but in practice, considering the current CBA, it’s just been way too difficult to use your first foray into the current year’s talent pool on a guy who is probably going to be sitting on the bench for the next 2+ years. This league runs on affordable talent on rookie contracts, and when you’re in your window of success, it’s just too tempting to try to add an additional cheap asset to help you now, even at the expense of your best long-term interests. I went with Conley.

    HurricaneDitka: At this point, if Conley falls this far in the draft I believe someone will trade up to get him. Since we aren’t doing trades, I think this comes down to Conley vs Davis, and the value of non-elite ILBs has plummeted in the last decade. I don’t see Davis as more than a top half ILB in the NFL, while I see potential for the combination of Peters and Conley to become one of the top 5 best CB duos in the entire league. To me it’s a no-brainer, but this is Andy Reid, so honestly who knows. I can’t see Andy taking a QB this early, the Chiefs are still a yearly contender, and I think they go with someone who can help them immediately. That, plus the fact that I personally have Watson and Kizer as 2nd day picks, due to Watson’s low ceiling and Kizer’s low floor.

    Thomas T: This offseason there have been numerous reports out of KC that managent feels that this team can only go as far as Alex Smith can take them, which has not been far. Here they act on their beliefs and take a proven winner in Deshaun Watson. Don’t expect him to compete in camp, but if the cards fall right we could have a Prescott-Romo like takeover mid season. I opted for the QB over position players because it looks like the AFC is wide open excluding the patriots and KC feels their window defensively is closing with Justin Houston and Tamba Hali aging.

    Nick T: If I know Andy Reid, I will know that he selected Kevin Kolb in the 2nd round when he was with the Eagles, when he already had Donovan McNabb. On the other hand, Kolb never did anything in the NFL, and it is very possible this was a one time incident, never to be repeated unless absolutely necessary. As of right now, depth at Inside linebacker and edge rusher are among their bigger needs, so there are about a half-dozen players I see going here, and none of them are QBs. He’ll, I could see KC reaching for a guard before taking a QB. Not saying it isn’t an option, but still. Anyways, I think the player they’ll take is Jarrad Davis, a really good inside linebacker that’ll be able to take over for Derrick Johnson in a couple of years.

    JohnnyFire: I don’t think KC can really go too wrong in the first several rounds of this draft. I’ll have them grab Gareon Conley, who meets their talent needs and shores up a 1-man show in the CB corps. As for QB, why would KC reach in a class that seems devoid of sure-fire first rounders? Even if I do think players like Watson, Trubisky, Mahomes, and to a lesser extent Kizer and Kaaya would thrive given time, Kansas City has a window in the West that is going to start closing if they pass on primary needs; Alex Smith is still competent enough at the moment at QB, and more than enough to justify not taking a QB in the first frame. Talk to me again in 2018.

  12. Dallas Cowboys: Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State
    Gareon Conley: 27.8%
    Jabrill Peppers: 20%
    Takkarist McKinley: 12.2%
    Adoree Jackson: 9.3%
    T.J. Watt: 9.3%
    Charles Harris: 8.3%
    Obi Melifonwu: 4.4%
    Kevin King: 3.4%
    Chidobe Awuzie: 2.9%
    Jarrad Davis: 2.4%
    Total votes: 207

    Greg D: Im confused why Awuzie shows up here since he has been linked as a 2nd rounder. Especially with Conley and Kevin King available. Washington has proved to be a breeding ground for DB’s in recent years, as they are starting to overtake the Florida Gators in this category. I would love to see KK vs. OBJ as they both have freakish ball skills. But, in reality, in this draft the Cowboys should be going CB, and if its between Conley and KK, I would flip a coin and not worry about it because they both look to be solid career players. That being said, both of these CBs were CB2’s on their teams, so the cowboys could go all Myles Jack and wait until round 2 to grab Sydney Jones…but i digress. I went with Kevin King. 🙂

    Jeff D: This is a pretty ideal scenario for the Cowboys, who have plenty of first round talent to choose from in addressing their two biggest needs (Edge Rusher and Corner), and some room to either hope a targeted player at their other need either falls to them in the second round or falls enough to spur them to trade up and grab them. I went with Charles Harris, who is a bit raw, but should fit well as a DE in the Cowboys base. As to the Andrew Luck question, as Greg eluded to, Peyton Manning was cut prior to the draft, so Luck was clearly being brought in to start in year 1. I could see an argument to be made for Carson Wentz, since the Eagles did have a decent starter in Bradford at the time of the draft, but it was clear that Wentz would be sitting for one year max, and even that didn’t end up happening. I’ll discuss Aaron Rodgers once we get to the Steelers’ pick.

    Nick T: Despite the Cowboys’ need for a pass rusher, the reality is, there will be likely quite a few good ones to choose from by the time the Cowboys’ 2nd round pick comes around. I cannot be so sure about good corners. Either way, both Conley and King provide too much value at this spot in my opinion to justify taking a pass rusher. If they did, though, I would not be surprised, or even that upset if I were a Cowboys fan.

    Thomas T: In this no trade I see them going pass rusher. It’s easy to pick Conley as he is the highest ranked player available but this years depth at corner will ultimately cause him to slide along with King. In this situation they pick Takk McKinley. He’s coming off a torn shoulder but he could man the RE spot for years to come and has the relentless pursuit that defensive coordinator Rod Marineli loves. But in a REAL mock I expect the Cowboys to trade out of this spot for an early 2nd rounder as the race for the QBs available will drive the price up. Expect the Bears to be the team to trade for this spot.

    David S: Got a feeling that Jerry Jones would want Jabrill Peppers while other Cowboys personnel may prefer Gareon Conley. Perhaps this year, they’ll have a compromise and go with Obi Melifonwu. If they take Melifonwu, the Cowboys may have the most athletic pair of safeties in the NFL between him and Byron Jones. Byron Jones himself would like the pick considering both are former UConn guys. Plus Melifonwu does have versatility to play some cornerback. Dallas could use some versatility since they’re not likely to fill every single hole on their defense in just one draft.

    Bob B: I think that the Cowboys go with Jabrill Peppers as once again, Jerry Jones overrules the rest of the Cowboys front office and picks the big name player.

    LionGator: Jerry Jones will want Peppers because he wants as big name player. But his son will take the card out of his hand and select Conley, just like he took the Manziel card out of his daddies hand and took Zach Martin.

  13. Green Bay Packers: a href=”/scoutingreport2017tjwatt.php”>T.J. Watt, DE/OLB, Wisconsin
    T.J. Watt: 27.9%
    Jabrill Peppers: 16.8%
    Kevin King: 12.5%
    Takkarist McKinley: 11.5%
    Adoree Jackson: 7.7%
    Charles Harris: 7.2%
    Chidobe Awuzie: 5.3%
    Obi Melifonwu: 5.3%
    Jarrad Davis: 4.8%
    Jordan Willis: 1.0%
    Total votes: 208

    Greg D: If this is what the Pack has to choose from at this spot in the draft, they should greatly consider trading down to grab extra picks. If they were to trade up, they should be doing so to grab Forrest Lamp. But, in this case, I am going to go devils advocate and pick Obi Melifonwu. 6-4, speed to cover the field, great against tight ends. I could see this happening because Obi is so versatile, he can play either safety position effectively and worst case scenario, he is their 3rd stringer who can be their 6th DB in certain sets. To be fair, Obi would likely be an upgrade over 50% of the CBs on roster. A safer bet in Kevin King or even grabbing Takk or Charles Harris…but…GO UCONN 😉

    Jeff D: Agree with all the CB-related comments, though I’m surprised to see Watt in the lead. It wouldn’t be a bad pick. The cupboard is pretty bear for GB in terms of edge rushers after Matthews, who may be declining, and Perry, who was mediocre for 4 years, then suddenly found his game in his contract year. Still, their secondary needs to get better, and I think any of the CBs on this board would be a smarter move. I went with Adoree Jackson. He’s a wildcard to be sure, but with his athleticism, he could develop into one of the best players in this draft. Their top 4 corners (Rollins, Randall, House, and Gunter) were all terrible last year, but have all played well in the past and are relatively young, so you can envision working Jackson in slowly as they find his ideal roll and give him time to improve.

    Nick T: The Packers should feel grateful that quite a few good players at positions of need dropped to them this late. Even though it’s close with T.J. Watt coming in a close second for me, I think that King would get taken here, as the Washington DB factory continues to build its legacy.

    Thomas T: I personally see them taking Takk McKinley in this scenario. I believe they will have him as a higher grade than TJ. Personally by watching the tape on TJ I feel if his last name weren’t “Watt” he’d be late 2nd/early 3rd round pick. Packers being one the more levelheaded franchises select the better player and not the name.

    Chris S: The Pack has so many needs that they need to take BPA, who I think is Mixon, but everyone would flip if they took that baggage in the first. Just look at their losses in FA and just about anybody fits. Jabrill Peppers is a faster version of Micah Hyde, Charles Harris replaces Julius Peppers, Forrest Lamp would have been nice to fill TJ Lang’s hole, and Jarrad Davis is an upgrade at linebacker. Kevin King would probably be a nice replacement for Sam Shields who was retired with a concussion. TJ Watt would be a good pick because of the Wisconsin connection, and who knows how good he could become. With this many choices, the best choice is to trade down and get another pick.

    JohnnyFire: Pick your poison at CB. I personally believe they’ll end up with Cordrea Tankersly, but as he’s not an option here, I’m going with Adoree Jackson, basically by coin flip. You could probably toss this up between any of the CB options on the board though. The Pack will wait and get a second-level LB/DE in the next frame like Trey Hendrickson or any of that ilk.

    Zach C: As a diehard, life-long Packer fan, I hope the draft winds up like this. The Packers have many talented options across the board to choose from. Hopefully TT realizes that it’s pretty important to defend the pass in today’s NFL, and Kevin King has the size/speed to cover against the top NFL wideouts. He’s got a ton of potential, and should be the pick. I wouldn’t be opposed to Peppers, Watt, or Obi, though.

    LionGator: As a Lions fan, I hope they take a long-snapper or punter. However my guess would be McKinely, they have no pass rush outside of Mathews and he’s getting long in the tooth.

  14. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jabrill Peppers, S/LB, Michigan
    Jabrill Peppers: 38%
    Takkarist McKinley: 14%
    DeShone Kizer: 14%
    Charles Harris: 8.7%
    Kevin King: 7.3%
    Obi Melifonwu: 7.3%
    Jarrad Davis: 4%
    Adoree Jackson: 2.7%
    Jordan Willis: 2%
    Evan Engram: 2%
    Total votes: 150

    John: Although Peppers doesn’t fit Pittsburgh’s most glaring needs at cornerback and outside linebacker, he likely will prove to be too tempting to pass up if he falls this far. The Steelers have had a long-standing policy of selecting “best player available,” and Peppers’ off-the-charts athleticism certainly fits that bill. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Pittsburgh select him, trust his talent and the team’s ability to develop it, and worry about the questions concerning his position and fit later. Additionally, given the deep pool of players at OLB and CB, the team may still be able to grab an impact player at those positions later, particularly given their multiple picks in round 3. The depth at those positions may make trading down a possibility here as well. Overall, unless a top tier prospect at OLB or CB also falls this far, I think Peppers is the likely selection if they stay put at 30.

    David S: I would personally take a pass rusher here if I were the Steelers since James Harrison can’t play forever. They couldn’t go wrong with McKinley or Harris. However, I voted for Jabrill Peppers since it seems as though he’s the guy the Steelers front office really likes.

    Nick T: I want to agree with Walt and Charlie here, but I just can’t. If the Steelers hadn’t re-signed Landry Jones this off-season, I would be a lot more comfortable in picking Kizer. Seriously, I dont know who Jones is screwing in the organization to keep his job, but whatever. Anyways, to help Big Ben through what will probably be his last 1-2 years, a pass rusher or defensive back would be in order, especially if they are the BPA. It comes down to either Peppers or McKinley for me, and I chose McKinley because he is much more of a natural pass rusher that they need opposite James Harrison after Jarvis Jones bombed.

    Jeffrey P: Not sure what everyone is smoking here. We drafted Sean Davis last year, safety is not the most glaring need. Timmons just left in free agency, and you have arguably the best ILB in the draft sitting there in Jarrad Davis. He’s what the team needs and I’m hoping he’s the pick at number 30.

  15. Atlanta Falcons: Takkarist McKinley, DE/OLB, UCLA
    Takkarist McKinley: 34.3%
    Charles Harris: 16.9%
    Obi Melifonwu: 8.4%
    Caleb Brantley: 7.9%
    Adoree Jackson: 7.9%
    Jordan Willis: 7.9%
    Jarrad Davis: 6.2%
    Kevin King: 3.9%
    Budda Baker: 5.1%
    Chidobe Awuzie: 1.7%
    Total votes: 178

    Nick T: At this point, the Falcons’ big weakness is stopping the inside run. Pairing Brantley with Dontari Poe would help to fix that quite a bit, especially considering their mostly strong group of linebackers. However, considering that quite a few good players are still on the board, I would not be shocked if with any of these last five picks, the team that has them trades down. Besides, the can try to get an improvement at outside linebacker in rounds 2 or 3

    Greg D: Fun Speculation: Falcons trade up to top 15 and grab Christian Mccaffrey for seemingly no reason (cough already stacked offense/RB). However, they stick him in as the immediate best FB in the game. Probably not the strongest run blocker, but this would be the type of move to spring them directly back into the SuperBowl.

    Nick T: And speaking of trading up, Greg, another possibility is if Taco Charlton falls, like he does in this draft, the Falcons trade up to snatch him. They can do a lot of things with him, from pass rushing linebacker, to going inside to shore up that part of the field, to having him at defensive end. Again, if Taco actually falls towards the teens, I guarantee that a trade will happen.

    Greg D: I could absolutely see If Taco fell to say…16 where Baltimore is picking…Thats absolutely a slam dunk for ATL to trade up. Their last trade up (1st rnd) netted them Julio Jones (at somewhat of a deep cost) but that panned out well for them. I just find it funny that since they had the #1 offense last year that their isn’t even an option for an offensive player being taken round 1 here, hense my “Fun Speculation”.

  16. New Orleans Saints:

    Vote for whom you think the Saints will take No. 32 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft (assuming no trades) and post in the comment board below. If the voting is a landslide, I may end the voting early and post the next pick. Follow @walterfootball to stay updated.

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