2017 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Ryan Ramczyk

  • Ryan Ramczyk, 6-6/310

  • Offensive Tackle

  • Wisconsin

  • Ryan Ramczyk Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

  • Dependable pass protector
  • Quick feet
  • Can mirror speed rushers
  • Anchors well against bull rushes
  • Athletic
  • Agility
  • Quality run blocker
  • Can get movement in the ground game
  • Sustains blocks
  • Flashes quality technique
  • Good length
  • Athletic ability for his size
  • Ability to bend
  • Fires off the line
  • Can bend at the knee

  • Weaknesses:
  • Teams question his love of football
  • Lacks heavy hands
  • Could stand to add more upper body strength
  • Inexperienced; only one year of top level college football
  • Had offseason hip surgery

  • Summary: Every season in the college football, there are some players that come from out of nowhere to be first-round picks in the NFL Draft. Ramczyk is one of those players this year after taking a long road to becoming standout in the Big 10.

    In 2013 and 2014, Ramcyzk was the starting left tackle at UW-Stevens Point, where he earned a lot of accolades before sitting out the 2015 season with a redshirt after transferring to Wisconsin. Ramcyzk won the starting left tackle position and played well in 2016. He needed hip surgery for a torn labrum after the season, but Ramcyzk declared for the 2017 NFL Draft after getting a first-round grade from the NFL Draft Advisory Board.

    Ramczyk is an effective blocker for the ground game, but lacks a mean streak. He is good at sustaining his blocks and keeping his defenders from making tackles. Additionally, Ramczyk is quick to the second level and can hit blocks in space. While he isn’t a blocker who blasts defenders off the ball, he is effective at manipulating them and turning them to open up holes for his back. A general manager from a tackle-needy team told WalterFootball.com that Ramczyk disappointingly lacks heavy hands. Ramczyk probably won’t ever be a bull in the NFL, but he could be a solid run blocker.

    The best strengths for Ramczyk come in pass protection as he is very reliable at protecting his quarterback. Ramcyzk has a lot of good qualities that could lead to him being a starting left tackle in the NFL. He is quick out his stance, fast to hit blocks in the second level, and is able to get in position for blocks in space. In pass protection, he can play the type writer with his feet and shuffle with rushers. Ramcyzk gets depth in his drop as well. Sometimes though, he can be slow to react and adjust to counter pass-rush moves. Ramcyzk also needs to add more strength. He can get bull rushed and pushed back by rushers. His frame doesn’t look maxed out, however, and he should get stronger in a NFL strength and conditioning program if he is dedicated to being the best he can be.

    Sources said that Ramczyk seems like a good kid and don’t have any off-the-field concerns about him. They don’t worry at all that he could get into any trouble or fail tests. However, Ramczyk’s level of football knowledge reflected his lack of experience with top competition.

    The other issue for Ramczyk that rubbed some teams the wrong direction is a concern that he lacks a love for football. It didn’t sit well with some team sources that Ramczyk quit playing football after high school. They got the impression that he returned to the field not necessarily out of love for the game, but because he could get special opportunities by playing the game. Those sources have real questions if Ramczyk really loves football, and if he will be fully committed to doing everything in his power to max out as a player.

    For the NFL, Ramczyk has the potential to be a starting left tackle and could be a right tackle. Ramczyk should go in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

    Player Comparison: Anthony Castonzo. Ramczyk reminds me of Castonzo. Both are quality blockers, but not dominant. Neither blasts defenders off the line in the ground game or is a shutdown pass protector. However, they are generally reliable to get the job done. They are almost identical in size as well. Castonzo was taken in the back half of the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, and Ramczyk could go in the same range. I think Ramczyk would be an NFL left tackle comparable to Castonzo.

    NFL Matches: Carolina, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Oakland, Houston, Denver, Minnesota, Seattle, Los Angeles Chargers

    There are a lot of teams in need of offensive line help in the 2017 NFL Draft. Ramczyk could benefit from the general weakness of this draft class and end up going higher than expected because teams can’t count on landing offensive tackle help on Day 2. Perhaps the highest that Ramczyk could hope to go would be to the Panthers at the eighth pick. They neglected their tackle need last offseason to the detriment of Cam Newton. Carolina signed Matt Kalil to be its left tackle and are moving Michael Oher to the right side, but the organization could draft Ramczyk as an upgrade over Oher.

    With the 10th pick, Ramczyk could be in play for the Bills as they need a new right tackle. The Browns need to find a right tackle, and Ramczyk could be under consideration for their second first-round pick.

    Baltimore lost Ricky Wagner in free agency and could consider Ramczyk to be the replacement. Denver needs a lot of help on its offensive line, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Broncos sign some veterans to upgrade their line. Still, Ramczyk could be a candidate for the Broncos.

    In the AFC South, the Colts need to continue to build up their offensive line to better protect Andrew Luck. Houston has to replace right tackle Derek Newton, and Ramczyk could be on the short list to be the Texans’ pick.

    In the AFC West, Oakland has gotten good play out of Donald Penn, but the team needs to start grooming its long-term left tackle as Penn is aging.

    Seattle had one of the worst offensive lines in the league last year. If Ramczyk slides, he could be an upgrade for the Seahawks.


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