Reader 2015 NFL Mock Draft

This is an opportunity for you, the readers, to vote on the picks in the 2015 NFL Draft. All you need to do is vote for each selection. Look for updates on Twitter @walterfootball.

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Reader 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

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  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State
    I’ve decided to skip the No. 1 pick in the reader mock because the selection is locked in. The Buccaneers will draft Jameis Winston – credit to Charlie Campbell for reporting that first way back in very early January – and if that’s not enough to convince you that this pick should be skipped, 92 percent of mock drafts have the Buccaneers picking Winston.

  2. Tennessee Titans: Leonard Williams, DE/DT, USC
    Leonard Williams: 51.4%
    Marcus Mariota: 40.3%
    Dante Fowler: 4.3%
    Randy Gregory: 2.5%
    Vic Beasley: 1.7%
    Total votes: 1,878

    Charles M: The Titans have re-signed Derrick Morgan and signed Brian Orakpo, shoring up their edge rushers. With the money tied into that position, it�s unlikely they�ll pick one of the top edge rushers with this pick. They have a solid front line, one that Leonard Williams would fit into. However, quarterback is the biggest need on this team. Williams is a great prospect, but is he on the level that Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy were in 2010? Absolutely not. Since that�s the case, positional value overcomes prospect rankings. Zach Mettenberger isn�t the answer in Tennessee, and as a former sixth round pick he�s expendable. Another point to the argument for Mariota is the fact that Zach Mettenberger hasn�t exactly been the model of health at the quarterback position. General Manager Ruston Webster (Jake Locker) and Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt (Kevin Kolb) have both had stalled progress in their careers from quarterback injuries. Mariota never missed a game due to injury during his college career which has to be enticing for both Webster and Whisenhunt. Mariota has the potential to be a very good to elite quarterback in this league and that�s nearly impossible to pass up.

    William C: I’m not sure how well mariota would fit in Tennessee but it wouldn’t surprise me seeing Mariota getting selected here. However, Williams is the better prospect and with so many holes on this team it doesn’t matter what position they address. To me it seems like Mettenberg will be given another shot as a starter. Even with the Titans signing Orakpo and Morgan, Williams will be on that line and either Morgan or Orakpo will move to OLB.

    David H: I think Mariota goes #2 but I’m not confident it’s to the Titans. The Jets could move up out of desperation, Philaduckia could flip Bradford right back, and maybe the Chargers really are in play. (As a Chargers fan, I think Rivers might be planning retirement and is using his leverage to influence the relocation decision; if that really is the endgame, the Bolts will likely trade picks for Mariota and then redshirt him behind Rivers, which would be a terrific situation for the former Duck.)

    Bryon E: Beasley best edge player in this draft. Offers huge upside. Williams popular here but at the combine his metrics were that of JAG(just another guy). Tenn. has an side presents and Mettenberger has the dimensions Wisenhunt prefers(Big Ben, Philip Rivers)

    Mohamed I: Mariota won’t fit with the Titans and the best players available are DL/OLB. Considering that is Tennessee strength it will be wise of them to trade down and pick up a WR or CB.

  3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dante Fowler, DE/OLB, Florida
    Dante Fowler: 63.8%
    Vic Beasley: 11.9%
    Randy Gregory: 10.7%
    Kevin White: 7.4%
    Brandon Scherff: 3.3%
    Shane Ray: 1.6%
    Trae Waynes: 1.4%
    Total votes: 647

    Thomas P: I picked Scherff, because honestly, would anyone on this site really be surprised if David Caldwell takes a right tackle?

    David H: Fowler looks the likeliest to be first edge rusher off the board, but that’s because he’s the only one with the size to play 4-3 end. The Jags are looking for a Leo, so they don’t need that size; a trade down should still leave them with either a lighter edge rusher (Gregory, Beasley) or a much-needed tackle or DB. And one of Mariota or Williams – the former, in this mock – will be available as a tempting trade-up target for someone, and the Jags have no need for either. I’d be genuinely surprised if the Jags held onto this pick. Then again, this front office just made a backup the best paid RT in the NFL, so anything is possible.

    Aaron J: It’s fair to say that the past five years of offensive first round picks, haven’t exactly worked out well for the Jags. Defense is what Bradley knows and what they should look to bolster with this pick. Dante Fowler is the most pro-ready of his class and a Day 1 starter. That said Caldwell can be his own worst enemy and I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds a way to mess this up!

    Mike S: Has to be fowler. They have enough developing talent at WR to spend the 3rd pick on White or Cooper. Also they signed Parnell to big money so they will probably wait on drafting a young OL. They also signed Odrick for the interior defensive line so the next step is to draft an edge rusher. Beasley’s build is more of a 3-4OLB so Fowler is a better fit.

    Jared S: The Jags have to get Fowler. Initially it was Gregory but he didn’t impress at the combine that much and needs to add weight to play DE. Fowler on the other hand was a beast at the combine and has a better chance of having a bigger impact. Plus the Jags need all the help they can get defensively because Chris Clemons is 33 and apart from Sen’Derrick Marks, their front 7 is weak.

  4. Oakland Raiders: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia
    Kevin White: 48.5%
    Amari Cooper: 38.5%
    Vic Beasley: 5.3%
    Randy Gregory: 4.6%
    Brandon Scherff: 1.3%
    Shane Ray: 1.0%
    Trae Waynes: 0.8%
    Total votes: 1,152

    David H: I’m a Chargers fan so it pains me to say it, but the Raiers (they still have no D) don’t draft the Al Davis way anymore. In fact, they might want to make a huge point of not doing so because Mark Davis’ ownership is seen as a barrier to them bring approved back in LA. I’d love them to take Kevin White because he has bust written all over him for me, but I think they’re smart and take Cooper to help Derek Carr instead. Or, of course, trade with a Mariota suitor if that’s in play.

    Joel W: The Raiders are attempting to rebuild their franchise around 2 players: Khalil Mack and Derek Carr. Mack has proven to be a stud even with the Raider’s current defense, so expect them to go with help for Carr. Kevin White over Amari Cooper simply because White is a much larger red zone threat.

    Jon B: Kevin White. Measurables break the tie between him and Cooper. White has the ability to light the fire that will turn Carr into a top 10 QB some day (optimistic, I know.) A top receiver would give the offense the ability to at least make teams respect the pass and not stuff the box. Cooper would be great, but the allure of White will be too hard to ignore.

    Joseph T: Cooper. White may be a superior athlete, but Cooper is a guy that is a playmaker and that will pick up yards after the catch. you can get very creative with Cooper because of his skillset.

    Taylor V: Raiders go with Cooper or White. WR and the Raiders pick here just makes too much sense. Could also see a team trading up here to nab Mariota or one of the WR’s. I’ll give Cooper the nod over white because he is more ready to step in and produce, which is what the Raiders desperately need. #results

    Kevin O: Raiders will select a WR, finally giving Carr actual weapons to use and develop with. The big question is whether they’ll pick Cooper or White, both who have the potential to be #1 wide receiver. I believe its around 50/50, but White seems to be the better choice, considering he’s drawing comparisons to Larry Fitzgerald.

    Mike S: Has to be Cooper here. White is a big time deep threat while Cooper is more the complete package. If Carr is developed right he will be a very good QB in the NFL…and part of that development will be getting him big weapons to throw to. Cooper not only helps him, but helps James Jones be more productive for Carr by not being the #1 receiver.

    Tom F: Very well could be K. White (The receiver, not the corner). The raiders have nothing at receiver, and Derek Carr had a big receiver at Freno State, so why not give him another weapon like that. And plus, hes a perfect fit for the raiders. Big, Fast, awesome 40 time, and unlike some other 1st round raider receivers, this guy can actually catch the ball

  5. Washington Redskins: Vic Beasley, DE/OLB, Clemson
    Vic Beasley: 30.6%
    Randy Gregory: 21.1%
    Marcus Mariota; 18.2%
    Brandon Scherff: 7.8%
    Amari Cooper: 7.7%
    Shane Ray: 6.3%
    Danny Shelton: 4.2%
    Trae Waynes: 4.0%
    Total votes: 1,186

    Taylor V: Washington is a team that can go in many different directions but really only have 2 options here at pick #5 in my opinion. Vic Beasley and Amari Cooper. Randy Gregory could be the next Josh Gordon(In the suspended kind of way). Shane Ray doesn’t have top 10 pick type athleticism. I can’t see an OG being picked at #5. I doubt the Redskins trade RG3 for Mariota, they are clones. Picking CB’s this high is never really a good idea. Wr isn’t a need, but Cooper is probably the best available player. Beasley is a freak who fills a huge need with Orakpo leaving. I see Beasley as a top 5 talent in this draft, but does look a bit like the Vernon Gholsten workout warrior type. If i’m the GM i’m looking at Beasley the hardest, he’d be my pick.

    Bryon E: I look for MM to go here but not to DC but to the Browns. Chip wants him but the Browns have way more draft capital to mortgage. DC will bluff to maximize trade but have even more needs than the Browns. Beasley could be the pick to replace Orapko

    Duncan F: The Redskins have 3 QB’s, which means they have no QB’s. If they were smart, they would take Mariota here, and ship RG3 to Philly for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. It’s clear that Jay Gruden’s guy isn’t on the roster, and that organization could use a few high character guys. They just let Orakpo walk in free agency, which tell’s me that pass rusher isn’t their priority with this pick.

    Rob S: The Combine and Losing Brian Orakpo to free agency cements this pick to me. I can’t see the Redskins taking another Quarter Back when RGIII may still have something to give if he comes into camp healthy.

    Matthew T: Don’t be surprised if Cooper is the pick for the Skins if the draft turns out this way. McCloughan has repeatedly preached a BPA philosophy, and the draft is more about 2 or 3 years down the road than right now. Garcon and Jackson both have huge contracts and are closing in on 30 years old. Cooper would be their biggest receiver from Day 1, a red zone threat, and can be worked into the game plan as the season goes on (or as injuries occur – Jackson has a long history there). Cooper was seen as the #1 receiver from the beginning of the season, and his production matched that. Although he didn’t have the mind-blowing numbers of White, his combine performance was solid and shouldn’t raise any flags.

    David H: Washington will want to trade down – they’ve been given the mother and father of all lessons in the importance of not putting your eggs in one basket. If they’re stuck here I think they go edge rusher because that’s where the quality is and you can never have enough edge rushers, and I think Beasley’s ridiculous athleticism makes him the likely choice.

  6. New York Jets: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
    Marcus Mariota; 53.4%
    Amari Cooper: 18.7%
    Shane Ray: 10.9%
    Randy Gregory: 10.8%
    Brandon Scherff: 2.6%
    Danny Shelton: 2.0%
    Trae Waynes: 1.7%
    Total votes: 771

    Ryan T: The Jets are the primary candidate to trade down since they’re (idiotically) going with what they have at QB for another year. If they stay put, Randy Gregory is almost too good of a pick based on the best player available. But, I believe the pick will be Amari Cooper. Despite picking up Brandon Marshall, they need a long-term option for their new QB.

    Joey Y: New regimes mean new Quarterbacks. Next pick.

    Taylor V: Mariota is the popular pick for the jets, but I’m reading that Todd Bowles is cool with running with Geno. This could be a ploy to hide their interest in Mariota(not that I think Mariota is getting past the titans- he’s not), but I buy it. QB’s aren’t given enough opportunities to fail in this league now-a-days and Mariota is a project. If you draft him, expect at least 2 years of Mediocre QB play. So, with that being said, I’d look for the Jets to trade down or draft Amari Cooper. Sure they have Decker and Marshall, but both of those men are possession reciever types. Cooper is the bombshell, and could carve out a role year 1. Also, as a side note I think Brandon Scherff would be the Jets ideal pick if they traded down.

    Matt M: Mariota is a project. If we are taking a QB in the top 10, a project is not what I am looking for. The Jets already have a project in Geno. Gregory would be a better pick here. Bowles needs an edge guy that can get after the QB. Gregory can do this, and do it in a variety of ways. Unlike Ray, we know he can stand up. He could be a terror on the edge for years to come in Todd Bowles defense.

    Mike S: Mariota will obviously be the heavy favorite here, however with the uncertainty of him being a stud on top of Bowles being a defensive guy he will look to build the DEF and spend this year evaluating Geno Smith…hence the acquisition of Fitzpatrick to be a bridge. With Gregory making recent unwanted news Ray is the best DEF player on the board at this stage…also a perfect setup for someone to trade up for Mariota and could also set the Jets up for Hackenberg from Penn State next year if Bowles doesnt like Geno.

    David H: Cooper is the long-term #1 receiver that the Jets need regardless of QB, and could definitely see him being g the pick at 6. I’d be amazed of Mariota made it here because of the trade possibilities earlier.

    Kevin O: RIP Mariota’s NFL career… Jets jokes aside, the Jets sorely need a franchise QB, one who actually looks pro-ready and not another Mark Sanchez. Mariota is the smart pick here if they’re are willing to develop and build a system around him. That’s a big if though, considering the Jets’ track record with developing QBs

    Tom F: I think its same dumb franchise, new regime. Mariota would be nice, but the jets need an immediate answer at QB. Mariota is not an immediate answer. I like mariota, but are the jets planning on having Ryan Fitzpatrick start for 1-3 years? Mariota needs time, and New York would be the worst possible place for him. Nobody to learn behind, and will probably be forced in immediately. Shane Ray is a very talented pass rusher, and who else can rush the passer from off the edge on the jets? If they don’t get a new edge rusher, Walt may as well start for them (No offense)

  7. Chicago Bears: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama
    Amari Cooper: 47.2%
    Danny Shelton: 29.3%
    Randy Gregory: 10.0%
    Shane Ray: 7.4%
    Trae Waynes: 4.3%
    Brandon Scherff: 1.9%
    Total votes: 703

    Jason C: Wow. Cooper is this years Crabtree. Too slow to be a stud in NFL despite his hands. A 2nd day pick in my book. I see folks saying his combine #’s were OK, NO WAY. Look again. 4.7 40, horrible 3 cone. This guys will never be more than a solid possession receiver. Unless he ends up on Broncos, Saints or Patriots…..which could make me look good.

    Tom F: Fixing a defense that gave up over 100 points in consecutive weeks, or giving a heartless quarterback (who is unfixable) a weapon. Hmmm, very tough decision. Receivers are easy to find. Defensive tackles who rush the passer and stuff the run equally are not. Quarterbacks hate interior pressure more than anything else, so why not get a weapon to stop a quarterback who is standing between you and the division crown? Its not like they have anyone rushing the passer anyway.

    Taylor V: How many times can I pick Amari Cooper, that is the question. The Answer: 3 times. As you can probably Tell i’m a bit biased towards him, but for a very good reason… he’s a stud. For him to fall to pick 7 is a steal for the Bears. Having traded Marshall they are in a perfect position to replace and reload. Shane Ray and Danny Shelton are also decent options, if Cooper and Mariota were to be chosen ahead of pick #7.

    Larry B: I picked Gregory because Fox loves D players and he is a top 5 talent. So if you can get a p layer like this here, go for it.

    David H: There are not enough good nose tackles. Chicago is running a 3-4 for the first time in history and haven’t got one yet. There is no justification for not taking Shelton here, to the point that if Washington hadn’t picked up Knighton I would’ve advocated them trading with Oakland to make sure.

    Jacob C: If I’m the Bears, I take Danny Shelton here. As long as Jay Cutler is the quarterback, the team is going to be stuck in mediocrity. For that reason, I would pass on Cooper with this pick and focus on upgrading the defense. The team could take an edge rusher, but they invested a lot in Pernell McPhee. They should look to get a true nose tackle for their new 3-4 defense and Shelton could be one of the first steps to rebuilding the Bears’ defense.

  8. Atlanta Falcons: Randy Gregory, DE/OLB, Nebraska
    Randy Gregory: 39.2%
    Shane Ray: 38.2%
    Alvin Dupree: 9.3%
    Todd Gurley: 5.1%
    Brandon Scherff: 3.5%
    Trae Waynes: 2.6%
    Melvin Gordon: 2.2%
    Total votes: 949

    Lance S: The Falcons haven’t made the playoffs since their run game disappeared. Melvin Gordon might seem like a reach right here but I think it’s a good move.

    Scott C: Shane Ray at 8 is ludicrous. Not good value there at all. RB at 8 would also be ridiculous. Either Dupree or Gregory in this situation.

    Chucky W: The Falcons need a leo but an underrated guy I like isnt in the poll…Danielle Hunter….so I voted Gregory.

    Larry B: Randy Gregory is the hands down the best D player on the board for a team that really needs the help. With a D minded HC now calling the shots, this will be the pick. BOOK IT!!!!!!!!!

    Bryon E: I think in today’s world the fewer issues the better. Ray over Gregory. Too skinny, too high.

  9. New York Giants: Brandon Scherff, OT/G, Iowa
    Brandon Scherff: 48.9%
    Shane Ray: 14.5%
    Ereck Flowers: 11.8%
    Landon Collins: 4.9%
    Malcom Brown: 4.6%
    Alvin Dupree: 4.7%
    Trae Waynes: 4.2%
    DeVante Parker: 3.7%
    Todd Gurley: 1.7%
    Melvin Gordon: 1.0%
    Total votes: 593

    Taylor V: The Giants have MAJOR holes on the offensive line and safety. Landon Collins I hear really isnt in play at number 9, and its obvious the giants follow the best player available philosophy. So who do they draft? Brandon Scherff. Perhaps he isn’t the best player available, perhaps he is… I cant say because i’m not privy to the giants draft board. Given their ineptitude at both the right tackle and guard position this selection just makes too much sense for me. Scherff can play both, and should be pretty damn good at both. This selection gives the giants a needed started and versatility when deciding the starting line-up. Picking oline in the first round is pretty common recently, theres nothing to suggest to me that 9 is too high for a non left tackle lineman.

    Thomas P: Andrus Peat not an option for Giants? I want him, I guess I’ll pick Erick Flowers as the high upside tackle with length. Any o-line would be nice though, Brandon Scherff has plug and play potential. Would love to see Todd Gurley in Blue, but not worth it at 9.

    Bryon E: I think in the copy cat league known as the NFL, The success of Zach Martin by the Cowboys will try to be duplicated. Next up, Brandon and the Giants.

    Chucky W: If the Giants go bpa like they usually do it will be Gordon, Gurley or Waynes. If they go for need it will be an o.t. (I like Fisher) or a d.e. like Dupree or Hunter. All things considered I voted Waynes.

    David H: The consensus is the Giants will take their favourite offensive lineman, and I don’t think that’s at all misguided for a team who has a franchise quarterback and a top receiver but a lack of protection. Scherff, by way of his resemblance to Zack Martin (who looks likely to be a thorn in the Giants’ side for a decade), seems perhaps the likeliest to gain that status.

  10. St. Louis Rams: La’el Collins, G/OT, LSU
    La’el Collins: 32.8%
    Ereck Flowers: 19.9%
    DeVante Parker: 19.7%
    Trae Waynes: 11.8%
    Shane Ray: 7.1%
    Todd Gurley: 3.8%
    Landon Collins: 3.4%
    Alvin Dupree: 1.3%
    Melvin Gordon: 0.4%
    Total votes: 534

    David H: After addressing the trenches with both picks in the first round last year,I can definitely see the secondary being addressed here. Waynes and Collins could both be in play, as could Peters given the front office’s willingness to take guys with flags. With multiple good options and no great ones, I’d try and trade down if I were the Rams here.

    Taylor V: Rams should pick La’el Collins at pick 10 with the hope of trading down. I know i’m picking a need here over other better players, but without the Rams official big board this is how i’ll draft. Collins is more ready to step in year 1 at RT than any other oline prospect, and adds some versatility because he should be a solid Guard as well. Lacks the wow factor, or ‘measurables’ but is a fairly safe pick to turn into a good pro. Flowers probably has the most upside and could be the choice here as well. Peat is falling down draft boards. Gurley probably is the BPA, but selecting a RB round 1 has been proven to be an obsolete philosophy despite Gurley’s obvious talent. I personally don’t like selecting CB’s high in the first round, they take too long to develop. I think Jaelen Strong would be a sneaky good pick here over Devante Parker.

    Bryon E: I was shocked that Fisher went OL last year with Robinson. Two years in a row on OT is a real stretch. You have to go best available and Ray/Waynes toss up.

    Jared S: The Rams have too many needs on the O-Line to go for any other position in the draft at this point. Right now they have 1 starting tackle(Greg Robinson) and 1 starting guard (Rodger Saffold). The center may be in house because Fisher has been talking up Demetrius Rhaney and Barrett Jones as possible starters at center. Berrett Jones is also serviceable at guard if need be. That leaves both the RT and RG positions vacant. Knowing the 2 major holes narrows it down to Ereck Flowers and La’el Collins and with Collins being slightly more versatile than Flowers I feel like the Rams pick would go for Collins.

  11. Minnesota Vikings: Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State
    Trae Waynes: 41.6%
    DeVante Parker: 27.2%
    Todd Gurley: 8.3%
    Shane Ray: 7.6%
    Ereck Flowers: 3.9%
    Melvin Gordon: 3.3%
    Alvin Dupree: 2.6%
    Andrus Peat: 2.4%
    Malcom Brown: 1.7%
    Landon Collins: 1.5%
    Total votes: 541

    Bryon E: In a division where you must face Aaron Rogers, Mathew Stafford. and their elite supporting casts twice a year, the Vikings cannot have enough CB’s.

    Andrew: I think it is a toss up between Trae Waynes and DeVante Parker. Right now I would go with Parker. I trust Xavier and Captain more than I trust the vikings WR corps, even with the addition of Wallace.

    Vaughn M: I view this as a no-brainer selection for the Vikings. When you have a need at receiver, and your QB’s favorite receiver in college is talented and on the board, you take him. DeVante Parker. No questions asked.

    Kevin: It’s got to be defense. All things considered, our offense clicked along pretty well last year, but it was our defense that struggled, particularly towards the end. I see us taking a safety, corner, or linebacker with the 11th pick, and my hunch is that Waynes world will be bringin’ it to Minny

    Brad: Bud Dupree- Zimmer and Staff are always looking for Play makers on the defensive line and OLB positions. I think they are going to grab one of the Edge/OLB or DE prospect with the #11 pick. With Brian Robison approaching the end of his career, now is as good a time as any to take a great value here at #11. Zimmer loves to rotate his defensive lineman, and I think Bud Dupree could make some splash plays in split time with Robison right away in his first year. Dupree would fill the Corey Wooten role in year 1 and have an impact on the defense right away.

    Aaron L: I think this is between Trae Waynes, DeVante Parker and Alvin Dupree. I think Waynes is the pick, due to his high value and significant position of need. The Vikings would love to have Rhodes and Waynes on the outside, Munnerlyn at Nickel, and Robinson at Dime. And they wouldn’t fall apart if there are injuries. I think the WR corps is deep enough and can grow and develop with Bridgewater, especially if Wallace catches on. If Wallace flops, a WR is likely high next year. Dupree would be very intriguing to me. He would rotate with Robison across from Griffen and be a future force at the position in place of an aging and slowing Robison. However, I think the need at CB is slightly more necessary to address, although I view them as similar level needs. However, Waynes is slightly higher value than Dupree, so that’s why I have him here.

    Jeff D: Zimmer is looking to put together one of the best D’s in the league, so I think they’ll look on that side of the ball. While Trae Waynes is enticing and may end up being the choice in the real draft, Shane Ray has fallen too far, and I think Mike Zimmer rushes the card to the podium to take the SEC defensive player of the year. It’s not quite a perfect fit since the Vikings run a 4-3 and Ray projects to a 3-4 OLB, but he could definitely find a spot as either the WILL linebacker, utilizing his speed and power, or a DE if he can add some weight, ultimately replacing Greenway or Robison, respectively.

  12. Cleveland Browns: Danny Shelton, NT, Washington
    Danny Shelton: 40.8%
    DeVante Parker: 28.1%
    Shane Ray: 14.4%
    Ereck Flowers: 4.7%
    Todd Gurley: 3.3%
    Alvin Dupree: 3.0%
    Malcom Brown: 2.9%
    Andrus Peat: 1.4%
    Melvin Gordon: 1.4%
    Total votes: 659

    Lance S: It doesn’t matter who the Browns draft. Any player they take will be a steaming hot pile of Browns regardless.

    Taylor V: Browns pick at 12 is tough. The good kind. Shelton, Ray, Parker and Flowers all look like great picks here. I’d go with Shelton. true NT’s are hard to find, and Shelton was a monster at washington. He does things at 340lb’s that make you go wow. Also, their NT play last year wasn’t very good. Ray has fallen a bit too far in my estimation though, but with the success of missouri pass rushers over the past couple seasons you have to ask the question, is it them or their defensive scheme? The SEC co-defensive player of the year in 2013 Michael Sam couldn’t make it in the NFL as a rookie and he started over Shane Ray. I think Wr and Ol can be address at pick 19 with Jaelen Strong or Andrus Peat.

    Bryon E: Already stated earlier I expect the Browns to package their picks and move up to take MM. Their QB coach didn’t spend all that time with him so they could be each others “Wing Man”. If the Browns stay at 12 and Gurley is available he could be the play action ground and pound that Trent never was.

    David H: Shelton has no business being available at 12, and is a run-to-the-podium pick for Cleveland if he is. Which means they’ll probably take Dorial Josh-Gordon instead, because this is the Browns.

  13. New Orleans Saints: Shane Ray, DE/OLB, Missouri
    Shane Ray: 42.8%
    Alvin Dupree: 28.4%
    DeVante Parker: 12.9%
    Malcom Brown: 4.5%
    Eric Kendricks: 3.8%
    Jalen Collins: 2.7%
    Landon Collins: 2.3%
    Todd Gurley: 1.5%
    Breshad Perriman: 1.1%
    Total votes: 603

    Lance S: It’s gotta be DeVante Parker. If Brees is apart of their future, even in the short term. they have to give him a target to throw to.

    Reginald J: Desperate need for a pass rusher. We have receivers on our practice squad who’s just as good. In spite of his off the field problems, I would prefer Randy Gregory who in my opinion, is the most complete lb in this years draft.

    Bayouranch J: Gurley or Parker are the best talents, but I went Dupree because it’s a bigger need and I like him over Ray, both SEC with good numbers, but Dupree has the size to play 3-4 or 4-3 and we use both

    David H: Edge rusher for sure here. Dupree’s athleticism might give him more upside, and if the Saints are looking to a post-Brees future that would be the pick; I voted for him because I think they are, indeed, doing just that. Alternatively, Ray has been more highly touted for most of the pre-draft process, and if he made it to 13 I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if someone tried to trade for him. The Saints would probably seriously consider letting it happen, too, especially if they’re as besotted by Perriman as they’re reported to be.

    Trey M: If Shane Ray is still an option at 13 the saints steal him without a doubt ryan would love to add a blitzing linebacker who plays aggressive but i dont see shane falling this far especially since randy gregory is having issues with his weight loss, health and drug use.

    Bryon E: I doubt seriously doubt that Shane Ray makes it to #13. The previous pick by the Browns of Shelton not happin. The Browns had their entire D Line on IR by mid season. They are all back and signed Starks. Typical fans with heads in the sand. Shelton could go here to NO.

  14. Miami Dolphins: DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville
    DeVante Parker: 58.9%
    Todd Gurley: 9.0%
    Jalen Collins: 7.4%
    Breshad Perriman: 6.9%
    Alvin Dupree: 5.6%
    Malcom Brown: 4.3%
    Landon Collins: 4.3%
    Melvin Gordon: 3.6%
    Eric Kendricks: 3.2%
    Total votes: 444

    David K: Parker in a landslide. Guard and LB can be had in later rounds, passing on talent at this position is foolhardy.

    Taylor V: For the Dolphins pick i am a little irritated with Walt that he made Perriman a possible selection and not Jaelen Strong. Perriman is another speed Wrs in the mold of Mike Wallace/ Kenny Stills. I doubt they go that direction. Parker looks like the more complete Wr, despite being a 10th of a second slower in the 40(4.25 pro day = ~4.35). Jaelen Strong is going to be better than Parker imo. We are also getting in Todd Gurley’s potential draft area.

    Aaron L: Here’s a #1 WR for Tannehill who’s not necessarily a deep threat. The Dolphins have plenty of #2-type WR’s, but they’re missing a #1 WR. Parker has great speed and size and good hands and should be just what the Dolphins need.

  15. San Francisco 49ers: Eric Kendricks, ILB, UCLA
    Eric Kendricks: 23.7%
    Malcom Brown: 23.5%
    Alvin Dupree: 15.2%
    Dorial Green-Beckham: 10.6%
    Breshad Perriman: 6.8%
    Jalen Collins: 6.5%
    Todd Gurley: 5.8%
    Melvin Gordon: 2.2%
    Total votes: 996

    Tom F: Justin Smith was the key to the pass rush/ run stop of the niners. Aldon smith (Their best pass rusher) was a product of Justin smith. So why not replace him with the best full time defensive lineman not named Williams or Shelton in this draft?

    Chucky W: 49ers biggestneed is ilb and the best ilb in this class is EASILY Stephone Anthony…he should be an option, Kendricks isnt worth that pick and the 9ers need a 3-4 d.e. more than a n.t. which is what Browns best at….so of the guys have listed i’m gonna have to go bpa which is Gurley or Gordon…I vote Gordon.

    Bryon E: At this point the voters are thinking LB for well documented reasons. Kedricks is this years version of the retired Badger as both are tackling machines that aren’t big enough just good enough. Actually my choice at LB would be Shaq as the boy is a Swiss Army knife that can play several positions with plus athleticism like CJ Mosely, Ryan Shazier, and Alec Ogletree to name a few of the recent picks that fill the bill.

    Kevin O: The Niners’ selection will entirely depend upon whether Justin Smith retires or not. His supposed announcement on his decision has apparently been postponed for nearly a month, so it isn’t very clear what his final decision will be. Should he retire, the Niners need to find an immediate replacement in the first round, and Malcolm Brown would be the pick. He can play DE or DT and has dangerous pass-rushing skills, much like Smith. Should he decide to stay one more year, WR becomes a bigger need with Crabtree and Johnson gone. Boldin and T. Smith make a solid 1-2, but it’s best to draft a #3/potential #1 receiver with Boldin’s career almost done, and Jaelen Strong would be the pick in this situation. He’s big, fast (4.44), and is a lethal weapon in the red zone, something the Niners have lacked.

    Taylor V: 49ers have some options at pick 15. The team seems to be in rebuilding mode defensively, and offensively they were anemic last season. They could use Lb’s, CB’s, Dline as well as a Wr, G. Also knowing Trent Baalke he’ll probably draft another RB early. Bud Dupree’s scheme fit is questionable, given he’s too small to be a 3-4 DE(also would be a waste of his talent) and may not transition well to 3-4 olb. Depending on the 49ers thoughts on him as a 3-4 olb he could be the best available player. Gurley has a shot here despite carlos hyde and reggie bush as the teams top 2 backs. I’ve heard scouts believe Brown could play in the 3-4, and could replace/ add depth behind Justin Smith. Ilb is a huge need, and I could see Kendricks being the pick here. He was very productive, has an NfL pedigree and looks to be a draft board riser. Jalen Collin’s, or Marcus Peters are the best CB’s available, but both don’t look to be the best/ smartest picks here. WR can be addressed later unless they really like Strong. Perriman is similar to torry Smith and shouldn’t be targeted unless the 49ers offensive game plan is to throw it deep every other passing attempt. DGB is a problem waiting to happen. Domestic Abuse seriously lowers his draft stock. My pick is Bud dupree(assuming they think he could play olb). If not, Malcolm Brown.

    David H: It’s astonishing to think that Eric Kendricks is a need pick. Two months ago that would have been unthinkable. They might take him given the lack of ILB options in the draft, but I have them taking Malcom Brown because of the scarcity of big defensive linemen almost any draft. A trade down is possible, and we all know how much Baalke loves one of those – it’s his greatest, maybe only, strength as a GM.

    Collin D: The 49ers are now cellar dwellers in the NFC west thanks to a number of things. A lot of the blame goes to Baalke. He pushed a stellar head coach out the door and then replaced them with no names who may or may not be able to get anything from this team. Aside from questionable management decisions, they have been severely depleted by retirement. Justin Smith, Willis, and the promising rookie Borland, all gone. Not to mention all the bodies they lost in Free Agency and who knows if Bowman still has it. They really can’t go wrong with either Brown or Kendricks here, but I really love Kendricks’ athleticism here. He would go a long way towards solidifying the ravaged linebacker position for the Niners. Either way, I see a full rebuild coming after they tank next season and any defensive guy would be good to keep around.

  16. Houston Texans: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia
    Todd Gurley: 25.7%
    Jaelen Strong: 14.4%
    Ereck Flowers: 11.8%
    Landon Collins: 11.7%
    Alvin Dupree: 9.6%
    Breshad Perriman: 8.5%
    Malcom Brown: 6.1%
    Melvin Gordon: 5.7%
    Jalen Collins: 4.4%
    Total votes: 575

    Joey Y: As much sense as the Gurley pick makes, I don’t think the Texans pull the trigger on it. They will want insurance in the event of another foster injury as Alfred Blue didn’t exactly strike fear into opposing defenses, but I think they pull form the deep RB class in the later rounds. I believe that the Texans go oline here, and snag a versatile guy with upside in Humphries. Humphries can step right in and upgrade at guard, and in the long run could be an upgrade over Newton or Brown at tackle. If they want Foster to stay healthy and Ryan Mallet or Brian Hoyer or Tom Savage or Vinny Testaverde or whomever plays QB for them next year to have a chance, they need to improve that oline, especially the interior.

    Tris X: I don’t think we’d blast a first round pick on a RB (a position which the Texans have always done well with without 1st rounders) who’s coming off a major injury. And for those who’ve chosen Landon Collins – I don’t think the Texans need a strong safety, or are giving up on DJ Swearinger just yet. What is of greater need though is a pass rusher, especially with Brooks Reed moving to Atlanta. Alvin Dupree is right value for the spot and seems to make the most sense talent wise.

    Adam M: Texans need as many offensive weapons as possible, Gurley or Gordon then Smith, Dorsett or someone(WR) who has fallen in the second. We have to compete with the offence of the Colts to be competitive in the playoffs.

    David H: There’s a decent case for numerous options here. As this site has documented, Gurley (or maybe Gordon) alongside Foster would allow the Texans to run the bejeesus out of the ball in the absence of a quarterback; however, Alfred Blue has proven a perfectly capable deputy (as fantasy owners who used him as a Foster handcuff, myself included, can confirm!), and the Gurley interest could be fishing for someone to trade ahead of the Chargers. Collins is a straight swap for Swearinger if they’re sufficiently bleeped off with him now, or could join him in heavy nickel sets; he’s a viable pick either way. Brown would add some versatile DL depth; he can move around depending on formation and what Watt’s doing. Strong would be a great intermediate target for Hoyer, and Perriman would be a fun deep threat who would punish defenses for the seemingly sensible approach of focusing on the run. I picked Ereck Flowers – he might be the perfect zone-run guard, and that’s exactly what Houston need – but if I’m the GM in this spot, I’m hoping for someone to offer me a trade out of it.

    Bryon E: I’m going to continue stomping for Shaq Thompson until he is drafted. Cushing is a great LB but at this stage resembles Frankenstein. I see the voters are being influenced by the media thinking future with Gurley. Can’t argue but the Texans are close and someone without medicals In the !st that can come right in and be a difference maker maybe higher on their Board. Brown, Dupree, and Collins might be those names.

    Go to Reader 2015 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 17-32

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