Live 2019 NFL Draft Grades: Round 7

These Live 2019 NFL Draft Grades will be posted minutes after each pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Follow @walterfootball for updates.

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  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Terry Beckner Jr., DE/DT, Missouri C+ Grade
    Terry Beckner makes sense as a seventh-round pick. He was productive at Missouri, but offers very limited athleticism in addition to a lengthy injury history and some off-the-field problems. Still, it wouldn't be shocking if Beckner developed into a backup.

  2. Kansas City Chiefs: Nick Allegretti, G, Illinois C Grade
    Nick Allegretti wasn't in my top 500, and I have zero notes on him. I've looked around, and I can't find any information on him outside of basic information. This is a reach, but it's also the seventh round, so it's not a big deal.

  3. Minnesota Vikings: Kris Boyd, CB, Texas A Grade
    Kris Boyd offers more value than the other two picks of the seventh round. Boyd could've gone as high as the fourth round without any criticism, so this is a nice bargain for the Vikings. Boyd is a project, as he lacks discipline and good technique, but he has great upside because of his athleticism. Boyd may not pan out - it's the seventh round, after all - but I love how high his ceiling is.

  4. Dallas Cowboys: Mike Weber, RB, Ohio State A+ Grade
    I mocked Mike Weber to the Cowboys - at pick No. 136. This is a steal for sure. Weber tested better athletically than the tape showed, so I thought he would be chosen earlier on Day 3. I think he has a good chance to make the 53-man roster as Ezekiel Elliott's direct backup.

  5. Pittsburgh Steelers: Derwin Gray, OT, Maryland B Grade
    I once mocked Derwin Gray as high as the third round, but that was before his severe lack of athleticism was exposed at the combine. Gray could become a strong run blocker in the NFL, but he's going to have severe problems blocking speed pass rushers.

  6. Houston Texans: Cullen Gillaspia, FB, Texas A&M-Commerce C Grade
    Cullen Gullaspia was a team captain in school and figures to be a career special teamer in the NFL, if he actually happens to stick in the pros. This isn't a very good pick, as Houston could've obtained someone with more upside.

  7. Cleveland Browns: Donnie Lewis, CB, Tulane C+ Grade
    Donnie Lewis is a try-hard player who was a 4-year starter for Tulane. Perhaps his hustle can earn him a spot on a 53-man roster as a special-teamer, but Lewis seems to lack the strength and physical traits to be a defensive player in the NFL.

  8. Chicago Bears: Kerrith Whyte, RB/KR, Florida Atlantic B Grade
    Kerrith Whyte didn't get to carry the ball very much at Florida Atlantic because of Devin Singletary. Whyte is not a very good runner, but he was dynamic as a return specialist in college. I imagine the Bears drafted him for that role, and if so, this is a promising selection.

  9. Cincinnati Bengals: Jordan Brown, CB, South Dakota State A Grade
    The Bengals made some terrific value selections on Day 3 of the draft, and this is one of them. Jordan Brown has some level-of-competition questions, but he was a sound cornerback at South Dakota State and projects well to the NFL because of his solid athleticism. Brown was also a team captain, so the Bengals will enjoy his high-character traits.

  10. Detroit Lions: Isaac Nauta, TE, Georgia C Grade
    Isaac Nauta was one of the worst testers at any position at the combine, which didn't mesh well with his sub-par route-running ability. Nauta isn't a poor blocker, but there aren't many positives here. This is not a very good pick.

  11. Buffalo Bills: Darryl Johnson, DE/OLB, North Carolina A&T B Grade
    Darryl Johnson didn't face much competition at North Carolina A&T, which is a concern, as is his lack of strength, which needs to be developed. The one promising thing here is that Johnson posted a solid 3-cone time, which translates well. Johnson is a project, but perhaps the Bills will be able to make something out of him.

  12. Green Bay Packers: Ty Summers, LB, TCU A Grade
    And yet another top-end athlete for the Packers! I had Ty Summers in the fifth round, and I thought that was a bit too late. Summers is a tough linebacker with high-character traits, so I figured he would be a late-round selection entering the combine. However, he tore up Indianapolis, posting terrific workout numbers. It's apparent that Summers has good upside, so he's a steal in the seventh round.

  13. Washington Redskins: Jimmy Moreland, CB, James Madison A Grade
    This is another steal in the seventh round, as I thought Jimmy Moreland would be chosen very early on Day 3. Moreland is shorter than 5-10, but projects as a tough slot receiver with his terrific ball skills. I love the value Washington is getting with Moreland at this juncture.

  14. Buffalo Bills: Tommy Sweeney, TE, Boston College B Grade
    Tommy Sweeney was highly productive at Boston College, both as a receiver and a blocker. He's a solid player, but doesn't have much upside because of sub-par athleticism. Still, he's good at what he does, so he could stick as a backup tight end in the NFL.

  15. Detroit Lions: P.J. Johnson, NT, Arizona B Grade
    P.J. Johnson played just nine games of Division I-A football, as he was a transfer from Sacramento State. He has some upside, but is an unknown at the moment. He has a chance to stick as Detroit's backup nose tackle. He's worth taking a shot on in the seventh round.

  16. Oakland Raiders: Quinton Bell, DE/OLB, Prairie View A- Grade
    Mike Mayock stumped the truck with this pick, but I had him in my top 500, so I won't criticize this pick. On the contrary, I think it's pretty good. Bell caught my attention with an amazing pro day performance. He leapt 41 1/2 inches and posted an 11-4 broad jump despite weighing 240 pounds. He's a freak athlete and has immense upside. If coached up well, he could make something of himself.

  17. New Orleans Saints: Alize Mack, TE, Notre Dame B+ Grade
    The Saints signed Jared Cook, but needed a long-term solution. Alize Mack has the athletic upside to eventually take over for Cook in a couple of years. Mack has great upside, but needs to be developed. He drops too many passes and can't run routes, but perhaps he can learn. If so, he'll contribute in the future. If not, the Saints are just losing out on a seventh-round pick. The potential is worth it.

  18. New York Giants: George Asafo-adjei, OT, Kentucky C Grade
    It's amazing that the Giants didn't draft an offensive lineman before this pick. George Asafo-adjei was not in my top-500 list, so I can't get behind this pick. Still, there's no such thing as a bad reach in the seventh round.

  19. Miami Dolphins: Chandler Cox, FB, Auburn B Grade
    The Dolphins don't have a viable starting running back - one of many things they lack - but they at least have a solid blocker at fullback now. Chandler Cox will be a nice lead back and a contributor on special teams. This is a fine choice, but not a spectacular one.

  20. Miami Dolphins: Myles Gaskin, RB, Washington A Grade
    I wrote that the Dolphins don't have a viable starting running back, but perhaps Myles Gaskin will be able to emerge as one. Gaskin is a very good runner with great vision and feet. He also never fumbles. The problem is that he's barely 200 pounds and probably won't be able to shoulder a complete workload. However, he could develop into someone who is a nice contributor in a running back committee. Gaskin could've been chosen much earlier than this, so I love this pick.

  21. Jacksonville Jaguars: Dontavius Russell, DT, Auburn B+ Grade
    Dontavius Russell was highly recruited out of high school, but never lived up to his potential. He can plug the run well, but offers nothing as a pass rusher. He's a limited athlete, but has a chance to develop into a two-down run plugger. He's a solid choice as a potential role player, which is what you want from a seventh-round pick.

  22. Seattle Seahawks: John Ursua, WR, Hawaii C Grade
    The Seahawks have chosen so many receivers, which doesn't bode well for Doug Baldwin's future in the NFL. I didn't have John Ursua as a drafted prospect and never included him in a mock. He could potentially emerge as a slot receiver in the pros, but likely won't make the 53-man roster.

  23. Carolina Panthers: Terry Godwin, WR, Georgia B- Grade
    Terry Godwin appeared in my mock draft at times, but didn't make the final cut. Godwin is a short and slow receiver who doesn't run routes very well. He also tested poorly at the combine. The one positive is that he possesses high-character marks, so perhaps he'll be able to work hard and develop.

  24. Chicago Bears: Stephen Denmark, CB, Valdosta State A Grade
    Stephen Denmark's upside is off the charts. He played cornerback for just one year at Valdosta State, so he's still learning the position. He then put himself on the radar with an amazing pro day, testing as one of the top athletes in the 2019 NFL Draft class. Denmark is obviously raw, but has the upside to develop into a potential starter.

  25. Minnesota Vikings: Dillon Mitchell, WR, Oregon B+ Grade
    Dillon Mitchell lacks strength, route-running ability and sure hands, but he's quick and athletic enough to develop into a viable receiver in the NFL. He was highly productive last year, but still needs to be coached up. It's possible that Mitchell evolves into a No. 3 receiver for the Vikings, but he has a long road ahead of him. The upside is there to warrant a seventh-round pick, however.

  26. Indianapolis Colts: Jackson Barton, OT, Utah B Grade
    Jackson Barton is a project. His run blocking is well ahead of his pass protection, but he tested well enough athletically to make me believe in his upside. Barton could develop into a capable swing tackle for Indianapolis.

  27. Dallas Cowboys: Jalen Jelks, DE, Oregon C Grade
    I like the player more than the fit in this instance. Jalen Jelks has some nice length and ability to translate into a pass rusher, but he's a 3-4 prospect more than a 4-3 player. I don't see how he fits into Dallas' defense, so I can't say I'm a fan of this selection.

  28. Los Angeles Chargers: Cortez Broughton, DT, Cincinnati B+ Grade
    Cortez Broughton never made it into my mock draft, but I always had him in consideration to be a sixth- or seventh-round pick. This is a solid selection by the Chargers, as Broughton has good athleticism and potential to be a situational interior pass rusher in the NFL.

  29. Los Angeles Rams: Nick Scott, S, Penn State B Grade
    Nick Scott's amazing pro day probably got him drafted. Scott showed the potential with some stellar testing numbers, so I can see why the Rams are taking a flier on him. They need a safety for the future, so perhaps they'll be able to develop the undersized Scott over the next couple of years.

  30. New Orleans Saints: Kaden Elliss, LB, Idaho B Grade
    Kaden Elliss is still learning how to play linebacker - he was a quarterback in high school - so he's raw and needs development. However, he has very good athleticism, so there's definitely some upside. It's worth taking a shot on him near the end of the draft.

  31. New York Giants: Chris Slayton, DE/DT, Syracuse B Grade
    Chris Slayton isn't much of a pass rusher, and he doesn't have very good athleticism, but he's a rock-solid run defender, so he could carve out a role as a two-down player in a 3-4 scheme. I had him getting drafted in the seventh round, so the range certainly makes sense.

  32. Indianapolis Colts: Javon Patterson, C/G, Ole Miss B Grade
    Javon Patterson was highly recruited out of high school, but never developed into a stud offensive lineman. However, he is definitely versatile, having started at both guard and center positions throughout the past four years. Patterson is quick for an interior blocker, so there's still some potential for him to become a late bloomer. I had him pegged as a seventh-round pick, so he makes sense for Indianapolis.

  33. Minnesota Vikings: Olabisi Johnson, WR, Colorado State B Grade
    Olabisi Johnson is a hard worker who has overachieved in his career thus far. We'll see if that will continue in the pros. Johnson has some separation questions heading into the NFL, but he tested well at the combine, so perhaps there shouldn't be much concern in that regard.

  34. Arizona Cardinals: Joshua Miles, OT, Morgan State B+ Grade
    Joshua Miles helped himself with a solid East-West Shrine Week, which may have been the primary reason he was drafted. Miles performed then well, presumably giving the Cardinals some hope that Miles could meet his potential. Miles is very raw right now, but Arizona might be able to develop him into a capable blocker.

  35. Arizona Cardinals: Michael Dogbe, DE/DT, Temple A- Grade
    Michael Dogbe was one of the winners from the pro day circuit, posting some terrific workout numbers. This undoubtedly got him noticed, as Dogbe was already known as a high-effort player. He's a bit raw, but doesn't seem too far off from being a viable rotational player on a three-man front. I mocked Dogbe in the sixth round, so I like the bit of value Arizona is getting with this pick.

  36. Minnesota Vikings: Austin Cutting, LS, Air Force C Grade
    I'll be honest with you: I don't look into long snappers at all. Players who snap the ball farther than other players can be found anywhere. I'd normally criticize a team for wasting a pick on a long snapper, but not really this late in the draft.

  37. Los Angeles Rams: Dakota Allen, LB, Texas Tech D Grade
    I can't really get behind this pick. Dakota Allen is a mediocre athlete with very little upside. Even worse, he was charged with burglary where he broke into a house, stole some guns and then sold them. This seems like a wasted selection.

  38. New England Patriots: Ken Webster, CB, Ole Miss A- Grade
    Ken Webster used to be a late first-round pick in my mock draft. He had a brilliant start to his career at Ole Miss, but following an injury and an arrest, his play completely fell off. However, Webster tested extremely well at the combine, so perhaps the Patriots believe he can return to pre-2016 form. With a pick this late, why not take a shot?

  39. Washington Redskins: Jordan Brailford, DE/OLB, Oklahoma State A Grade
    I mocked Jordan Brailford in the fourth round, but he slipped to the very end of the draft because of injury concerns. Brailford has a very lengthy injury history, so I can't say I'm surprised he fell so far. However, Brailford was productive in 2018 and tested very well at the combine, so there's definitely some good upside. This is the sort of pick teams should make in the seventh round.

  40. Arizona Cardinals: Caleb Wilson, TE, UCLA C+ Grade
    Caleb Wilson appeared in my mock draft at times, but didn't make the final cut. He's a mediocre athlete who dropped way too many passes at UCLA. He doesn't offer much upside, so the Cardinals could've made a better Mr. Irrelevant pick.

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