2013 NFL Draft Team Rumors

April 25, 2013
These are NFL Draft rumors for teams. When I see something, I’ll post it here. Follow @walterfootball for updates.

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  1. Kansas City Chiefs:
    April 25: “Joeckel apparently has been told by KC that Fisher is their pick.” – Charean Williams

    April 24: Jay Glazer, Mike Mayock, Ian Rapoport, Jason La Canfora, and Albert Breer are all now predicting #Chiefs take Eric Fisher at No. 1.

    April 24: “Most people around the league expect” the Chiefs to draft Luke Joeckel at No. 1.

    April 23: “As we get closer to draft, hearing more that if Chiefs cant deal Albert, then Eric Fisher will be 1st overall pick.” – Jason La Canfora

    April 22: “All signs now point to Luke Joeckel being the top pick. He would be the first for the city of Arlington as well as A&M.” – Charean Williams, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

    April 20: “Sources tell me several position coaches for the Kansas City Chiefs prefer tackle Eric Fisher over Luke Joeckel.” – Tony Pauline

    April 18: “Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel will be the first name called next week. According to numerous league sources, the Chiefs are locked in on him, barring anything unforeseen, after also strongly considering Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher.” – Jason La Canfora

    April 17: “I wouldn’t be shocked if the Chiefs decided to take Eric Fisher with the #1 pick. A lot of buzz out there.” – Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

    April 15: Peter King wrote that he doesn’t see the Chiefs picking anyone outside of the top two tackles with the first pick. There was a rumor floating around that Dion Jordan was Kansas City’s top option, but Jordan wouldn’t make any sense with Tamba Hali and Justin Houston in the starting lineup.

    April 12: “The Dolphins have Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher rated considerably higher than Lane Johnson. As such, the Dolphins don’t appear to be all that interested in trading up for Johnson as has been speculated around the league in recent days, but are very keen to move up for either Joeckel or Fisher. In fact, according to sources the Dolphins won’t rule out trading all the way up to the #1 pick to get one of those guys if that�s what it takes.” – GBN Report

    March 29: “All signs point toward the Chiefs selecting Luke Joeckel.” – Daniel Jeremiah

    March 25: “There are no holes on Texas A&M tackle Luke Jockel (still the odds-on favorite to go No. 1 overall).” – Peter King

    March 9: “After today’s Pro Day at Texas A&M, scouts believe it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs bypassing OT Luke Joeckel with No. 1 overall pick.” – Adam Schefter

    Feb. 24: The Chiefs are high on Joeckel, the Texas A&M offensive tackle. – Ian Rapoport

    Feb. 22: Chiefs unlikely to take a quarterback first overall – Jason Cole

    Feb. 20: The Kansas City Star considers the Chiefs “unlikely” to use the No. 1 overall pick on a quarterback.

    Feb. 17: “There is no quarterback where personnel guys can definitely say, ‘He’s a first-round pick.’ There were so many inconsistencies in the collective group. There was not one guy that stood up and said, ‘I’m the guy in the position this year.'” – General manager John Dorsey

    Jan. 27: “We hear three teams who select at the top of round two, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets, think highly of [Ryan] Nassib.” – Tony Pauline.

    Jan. 27: I’m hearing very quiet unsubstantiated rumors that the Chiefs may be leaning Joeckel in the first and then Tyler Wilson in the 2nd. I still think that Geno Smith is the odds on favorite, right now, at No. 1 overall but I’m hearing rumors of other possibilities. Still a long way to go to Draft Day. – Chiefs source.

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  2. Jacksonville Jaguars:
    April 26: “Mort on ESPN “don’t rule out” Jags take a QB on 2nd Rd. I think we can rule it out. No QB before 3rd round for Jags.” – Vito Stellino, Jacksonville.com

    April 26: “I’m hearing @Jaguars leaning toward taking Johnthan Banks w/ 1st pick in 2nd round, not a QB.” – Gil Brandt

    April 26: “Jax picks first today, and expect the Jags to field offers for that pick. If it’s not a deal down, or a QB, Cyprien could be in play too.” – Albert Breer

    April 25: Scott Bischoff of NewEraScouting.com says that the Jaguars will take Ezekiel Ansah at No. 2.

    April 24: “The more I’ve thought about it, the more trouble I have getting on board with a tackle at No. 2. They can fill a hole at right tackle easily in later rounds and don’t need two left tackles.” – Paul Kuharsky, ESPN AFC South Blogger

    April 23: “Feeling is OTs Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher will be first two players picked Thursday night.” – Adam Schefter

    April 21: “I’ve had Dion Jordan going to JAX for a long time. However, I’ve talked to several GM’s/Personnel Directors that expect JAX to take an OT.” – Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

    April 19: It’s unclear if Brian Baldinger had inside information while saying this, but he stated on 97.5 the Fanatic that Dion Jordan to Jacksonville is a lock.

    April 15: Peter King wrote that the Jaguars could look for a “special pass-rusher” with the second-overall pick, with Dion Jordan being the obvious choice. “[Gus Bradley] can find plugger interior defensive linemen and corners down the line, the way he’s done in his last couple of coaching stops.”

    April 4: “Geno Smith will be a top-five draft pick. There isn’t any doubt about it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him go in the top three. Specifically, to Jacksonville second overall.” – Jason La Canfora

    March 28: Daniel Jeremiah tweeted that he’s heard a connection between Ryan Nassib and the Jaguars.

    March 26: “I’m always skeptical of draft rumblings during this time of year but I’ve heard several league sources mention JAX-Geno.” – Daniel Jeremiah

    March 25: “The Jaguars are interested [in Geno Smith], preliminarily at No. 2.” – Peter King

    March 22: Adam Schefter said that the first landing spot to watch for concerning Geno Smith is No. 3 overall. He doesn’t believe the Jaguars are genuinely interested in Smith despite their perceived interest.

    March 20: The Jaguars were “more impressed than they were prepared to be” when working out Geno Smith. – SI.com’s Don Banks

    March 18: Referencing the March 14 item by Pro Football Talk, head coach Gus Bradley, general manager David Caldwell and the others I mentioned all met with Geno Smith and then spent about 90 minutes breaking down video. Team president Mark Lamping was also there. – Jaguars.com

    March 14: “The Jaguars are meeting with Geno Smith as we speak. They have a lot of interest.” – Todd McShay

    March 14: Pro Football Talk reports that the Jaguars are sending the entire contingent to West Virginia’s Pro Day on Thursday. This includes general manager David Caldwell, head coach Gus Bradley, offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and senior vice president Tony Khan. Caldwell gushed about Blaine Gabbert earlier, but that could have been a smokescreen. The Smith visit could be smoke as well, but it’s more logical that Jacksonville would be more interested in Smith than its new general manager would be in favor of sticking with the player who got his predecessor fired.

    Feb. 4: “Matt Scott, a favorite of the Jaguars recently hired quarterbacks coach Frank Scelfo. The two are familiar with each other from their days in Arizona and word was they spent a significant amount of time together prior to Scott�s appearance at the Shrine Game.” – Tony Pauline

    Jan. 27: Gus Bradley told the NFL Network crew that learned from Pete Carroll to build team on speed.

  3. Oakland Raiders:
    April 26: ESPN’s Bill Williamson is hearing that the Raiders are targeting Matt Barkley in the second round.

    April 25: “Several execs picking early in round 1 believe OAK will take corner DJ Hayden 3rd overall if they keep the pick.” – Jason La Canfora

    April 25: “WalterFootball.com has heard that the Raiders plan on drafting one of the elite left tackles if they fall to their pick at No. 3 overall. Oakland feels Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher are too good to pass up. Drafting one of them would give them bookend offensive tackles with Jared Veldheer and shore up their offensive line.” – Charlie Campbell

    April 24: Charley Casserly was adamant that the Raiders don’t want Sharrif Floyd, citing multiple sources.

    April 23: “Word from few people today is Oakland Raiders may have a trade in place to move down a few slots if either Joeckel/Fisher lands in their lap.” – Tony Pauline. I’d guess it’s either the Lions or Dolphins.

    April 23: “In the past week or so, there have been reports that the Oakland Raiders could consider taking an offensive tackle with the third-overall pick. For months that pick has been projected to be a defensive lineman. After speaking with sources, the Raiders are in fact discussing drafting an offensive tackle. However, they are still probably going with a defensive lineman. Their defensive line needs multiple new starters, while their offensive line is in better shape. Sources believe that the pick is probably going to be either Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd or Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei. Floyd remains the favorite.” – Charlie Campbell

    April 20: “Lot of buzz about Oak taking a LT with #3 pick. Floyd could take a tumble if that happens.” – Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network. ESPN’s Bill Williamson doesn’t like that move, however. “Joeckel or Fisher would help Raiders for sure. But I just think a defensive talent would help more at this point.”

    April 1: “I think Oakland could still take [a quarterback], with only three potential impact picks in this draft, but I think it’s likely Oakland looks elsewhere at No. 3 overall.” – Peter King

    March 22: As mentioned above, Adam Schefter said that the first landing spot to watch for concerning Geno Smith is No. 3 overall. The Raiders could start over by drafting Smith and cutting the expensive Carson Palmer.

    March 20: “They’re thinking about Geno Smith seriously, I believe.” – Chris Mortensen on the Raiders’ No. 3 overall pick.

    Feb. 28: “Raiders Geno “Smokescreen” Smith” – Steve Corkran

    Feb. 27: “Word around the NFL is the Raiders have interest in Geno Smith with that third overall pick in the draft. Now I can’t get this confirmed by the team, but Geno Smith is a guy that everybody sees as a top-10 pick right now — not everybody — but he’s got a chance to go in the top ten. And if the Raiders do like him, you better take him at No. 3.” – Chris Mortensen

    Jan. 27: Rumor mill is working through the league that Oakland scouts love Geno Smith. Front office is ready for a new QB. – Matt Miller.

  4. Philadelphia Eagles:
    April 26: Stedman Bailey is drawing interest from the Panthers, Buccaneers and Eagles, according to Tony Pauline.

    April 26: The Philadelphia Inquirer says that it’s not “feeling the Geno Smith” vibe.

    April 25: “Two independent NFL insiders told The Inquirer that the new Birds coach has zeroed in on Johnson even if top-rated tackles Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher are on the board.” – Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer

    April 25: “LJ, Jordan my top-2 at #4” – Adam Caplan

    April 25: Sheil Kapadia writes that Sharrif Floyd should be considered at No. 4 because the Eagles look like they might be running a 4-3 Under scheme.

    April 24: Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger: “Eagles best hope in draft is that Joeckel or Fisher fall to #4 – to pick or trade down. If not, grab Star Lotulelei.”

    April 24: “Here is what a general manager told me. ‘I know the Eagles want a tackle.’ And if those are all gone, he said, ‘Don’t be shocked if Chip Kelly takes Tavon Austin No. 4.'”

    April 24: “Eric Fisher. A lot of buzz around this guy and the #Eagles.” – Geoff Mosher

    April 23: “For all of the chatter about the Eagles and Dion Jordan, for obvious reasons, I keep hearing more and more about Mingo in that 4th pick.” – Jason La Canfora

    April 23: Sal Paolantonio on 97.5: “If Oakland leaves one of those tackles there then the Eagles will stay. If they snap him up then the Eagles will jump out.”

    April 23: Tavon Austin is on the Eagles’ radar, according to Sal Paolantonio. He could be the pick if Philadelphia finds a way to move into the 7-12 range.

    April 21: “If Manuel falls to 35, the Eagles will think seriously about taking him. But I�m not sure they�d be willing to trade back into the first round to get him. Which means the quarterback to keep an eye on might be Arizona�s Matt Scott. Expected to be a Day 3 pick, Scott has the athleticism Chip Kelly covets out of the quarterback position.” – Sheil Kapadia, Philly Mag

    April 18: A source told our Charlie Campbell that the Lane Johnson to the Eagles speculation is likely coming from Johnson’s agent. The source said that the four players the Eagles are focusing on are Dion Jordan, Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel and Star Lotulelei.

    April 17: The Fanatic’s (97.5) Tim McManus says “the Eagles don’t seem to be interested in taking Geno Smith with pick No. 4.”

    April 17: “Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson on Eagles drafting him: ‘It’s a good possibility.'” – Jeff McLaine, Philadelphia Inquirer

    April 17: E.J. Manuel on the Dan Patrick Show: “I feel really good about the Eagles and Bills.”

    April 15: Peter King wrote that the Eagles like Star Lotulelei “a lot to play all along the line, even at nose.”

    April 12: The Houston Chronicle’s Lance Zerlein on mocking Geno Smith to the Eagles: ‘I was told to �plug Geno in here’ by a league source and I usually listen when this guy speaks.”

    April 11: CSN’s Geoff Mosher believes the Eagles will avoid Sharrif Floyd and Star Lotulelei at No. 4 overall.

    April 11: “I don�t have Geno Smith graded as a top 20 player but the fit in Philly is interesting. His experience in a fast-paced offense is a huge plus … I know people and I hear things.” – Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network

    April 8: Eric Fisher is the Eagles’ most-likely pick, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Dion Jordan and Star Lotulelei were listed as the other options.

    April 5: “As Eagles are working out Lane Johnson I will add that I heard Chip Kelly loves him. Trading down and drafting him a distinct possibility.” – Jordan Raanan, Xfinity.com

    April 2: Star Lotulelei has been medically cleared after undergoing five tests. He’s a strong option for Philadelphia at No. 4.

    April 1: “There may be plenty of reasons the Eagles won’t draft Geno Smith with the No. 4 overall pick. But Chip Kelly’s belief that his offense can thrive without a franchise quarterback suggests that a team with many needs will pass on the West Virginia prospect.” – Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer

    March 18: Jeffrey Lurie hasn’t traveled to meet a top draft prospect except for Donovan McNabb in 1999 – until he did so with Geno Smith.

    March 15: Despite Sal Paolantonio reporting that the Eagles are serious about Geno Smith, Philly Mag’s Tim McManus doesn’t think they’ll take him. “I would say no right now … I would say offensive line [at No. 4].”

    March 13: “From what I’m hearing the Eagles are serous about Geno Smith and it’s not a smokescreen. They’re dead serious.” – Sal Paolantonio on 97.5 Philadelphia

    Feb. 21: Chip Kelly said that he would like the opportunity to coach E.J. Manuel. Kelly attempted to recruit Manuel a few years ago.

    Feb. 19: “I don’t think the Eagles will go for Geno Smith at the No. 4 pick. Beyond that, it really is hard to predict.” – Tommy Lawlor, PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

    Feb. 4: “In the draft, there might not be a quarterback worth taking at No. 4. Geno Smith might impress in the next month and move into consideration, but it seems more likely the Eagles will take a quarterback late in the first round with a trade or early in the second round, where they pick. (49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the No. 4 pick in the second round two seasons ago.) One name to watch will be Florida State’s E.J. Manuel. The story you’ll hear is how Kelly recruited him out of high school, but Manuel has much more going for him than a recruiting battle five years ago.” – Philly.com

    Jan. 27: “We hear three teams who select at the top of round two, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets, think highly of [Ryan] Nassib.” – Tony Pauline.

    Jan. 27: I had heard that the Eagles came away from the Senior Bowl impressed with Rice tight end Vance McDonald. – Phillymag.com

    Jan. 27: #Illinois DE Michael Buchanan tells @GeoffMosherCSN that #Eagles showing interest in him; asked him about playing in a 3-4 – @walterfootball

  5. Detroit Lions:
    April 24: “Ziggy Ansah’s name is one that’s being bandied about in the Top 5. The Lions like him and he could be a target for teams looking to move up.” – Albert Breer

    April 23: “I’ve talked to a number of teams that are baffled by the rise of Lane Johnson. One college director termed him “not ready for primetime’.” – Albert Breer

    April 22: Chris Mortensen on Detroit’s No. 5 pick: “If no Fisher or Joeckel, probably Ansah or trade if they can.”

    April 20: “Wrote about this at the Owners meetings and am hearing it more this week. Teams aren’t as high on Milliner as the pundits. There are questions as to what type of corner Milliner will be in the pros, speed isn’t blazing, and there’s the shoulder. Reminds me of Prince Amukamara in 2011, when everyone assumed he was a Top 10 pick.” – Peter Schrager, FOX Sports. Milliner is indeed overhyped and almost definitely won’t go in the top five.

    April 18: Mel Kiper had the Lions moving up to No. 1 in his most recent mock draft, but general manager Martin Mayhew said that’s not going to happen. “There’s a lot of rumors and speculation – we’re gonna trade up to No. 1 – which is not going to happen,” Mayhew said.

    April 18: “Detroit, at fifth overall, would be willing to fall all the way back to the 20s, sources said, to pick up value along the way.” – Jason La Canfora

    April 17: “Lions brought in 6 OL, 4 RB, 1 FB, 4 WR, 3 TE, 2 DE, 3 LB, 4 CB, 2 S, 1 punter” for pre-draft visits according to writer Tim Twentyman.

    April 10: “[Lane Johnson is] the kind of guy that has to even be in the discussion at 5 for Detroit. He’s right there with Joeckel & Fisher” – Mel Kiper

    April 9: Jason La Canfora says that it’s a possibility that the Lions could take guard Chance Warmack No. 5 overall. This goes against Adam Schefter’s report that Warmack could slip to 18 or later.

    April 3: “Best DE or best OT on board at 5 spot.” – Chris Mortensen on whom the Lions would draft.

    March 25: “I am hearing doubts on Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner (could drop out of the top five).” – Peter King

    March 3: “Multiple sources have reported that the Detroit Lions are high on CB Dee Milliner and plan on drafting him 5th overall” – @PFCentral (broke the Alex Smith trade story)

    Feb. 27: I talked to Martin Mayhew, and he’s defintiely looking for a corner (Dee Milliner) – Deion Sanders

    Feb. 26: If you want the draft’s top CB, Dee Milliner, you’ll probably have to trade ahead of Detroit at 5 to get him. – Peter King

    Feb. 15: “Alabama’s Dee Milliner is this year’s top cornerback prospect and is certainly in play with the fifth-overall pick for the Lions in April’s NFL Draft.” – DetroitLions.com

    Jan. 29: “If the Lions look to improve their safety group in the middle rounds, they may reunite Cyprien, the 15th-ranked safety in the draft by ESPN Scouts Inc., with Delmas [Cyprien’s mentor], assuming they re-sign the restricted free agent. Like Delmas, Cyprien is represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus.” – DetroitNews.com

    Jan. 27: The Lions have indicated on multiple occasions that they plan on adding a running back this offseason. General manager Martin Mayhew: “We need that shifty back that can be a change-of-pace guy and can catch passes out of the backfield, a guy that can run routes one-on-one and beat a linebacker. That was what Jahvid gave us, a guy with some juice and some elusiveness. We’ll be looking for that guy.”

  6. Cleveland Browns:
    April 25: “#Browns have no interest in #Patriots QB Ryan Mallett afterall, league source tells PD.” – Mary Kay Cabot

    April 25: “I’m told they like Geno Smith. And Brandon Weeden is not from the new regime.” – Todd McShay

    April 25: Solomon Wilcots says the Browns trading up to No. 3 ‘much ado about nothing.’

    April 25: The Boston Globe’s Greg Bedard reports that the Browns may trade a 2013 2nd-rounder or 2014 1st-rounder for Ryan Mallett. The Browns will lose hundreds of fans upon completion of that trade.

    April 25: “Rumor out there Browns could reverse field & deal up to third overall? Would likely be to jump Eagles/Lions for pass rusher … On the Browns, I’d heard Mingo like everyone else. But then Jordan’s name came up repeatedly last night.” – Albert Breer

    April 24: “If Cleveland trades up to get the Raiders’ pick at 3, I believe Browns are targeting Ansah.” – Michael Silver. Yahoo’s Jason Cole said he heard this as well.

    April 24: “”Don’t let..Jason Campbell fool you: Browns want a QB in this draft, and they get one.” – Peter King, who has Geno Smith going to the Browns at No. 11.

    April 24: “They could choose to go with a quarterback and run a type of read-option at the No. 6 pick. I think it could happen right here in Cleveland.” – Solomon Wilcots

    April 22: NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said he’d be “a little surprised” if the Browns didn’t draft Dee Milliner at No. 6 overall.

    April 22: Dee Milliner may not be ready for training camp, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Milliner has been frequently mocked to the Browns, but he may last until No. 9 or 10.

    April 16: “Sources close to situation tell me Dee Milliner/CB/Alabama is #1 priority for Cleveland Browns with Barkevious Mingo/LB/LSU the contingency.” – Tony Pauline

    April 15: ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi mocked Dion Jordan to the Browns. “If it falls this way, Browns won’t want to trade out.”

    April 15: Albert Breer tweeted that the Browns are the “wild card” for Geno Smith.

    April 14: When asked whom the Browns’ most-likely trade partner is, ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi tweeted, “1. Dolphins, 2. Chargers.” Grossi also said that Jabaal Sheard and Ahtyba Rubin could be dealt. Grossi said that the Browns could obtain a second-rounder for Sheard.

    April 3: Chris Mortensen on Dee Miller going to the Browns – “Browns do need corners; usually top-10 pick CBs have better ball skills but he’s on radar.”

    April 1: “The Browns just lost free-agent cornerback Brent Grimes to the Dolphins, so I think that increases the likelihood of them targeting Dee Milliner. I know they’re bringing in North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper for a visit, so they’re likely studying Warmack as well. But I also think a pass-rusher is very much in play at No. 6 too, and there are plenty of good ones from which to choose.” – Mary Kay Cabot

    March 30: The Browns’ interest in Geno Smith is “due diligence,” according to ESPNCleveland’s Tony Grossi.

    March 28: Both Nate Ulrich and Ryan Lewis of Ohio.com have the Browns selecting Dee Milliner. “If the Browns don’t pick him here, they’ll likely target a pass rusher. Also, don’t be surprised if they try to trade down,” Ulrich wrote.

    March 20: Owner Jimmy Haslam told the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot that he will not be trading up.

    March 18: Joe Banner says that quarterback is not the focus with the sixth pick. He said that improving the pass rush is the priority, even after free agency.

    March 8: Brian Baldinger revealed that Michael Lombardi is a big fan of Jarvis Jones. Whether or not Lombardi told Balinger this before Jones’ medical red flags at the Combine is unknown.

    Feb. 27: “Source says #Browns are interested in QB Geno Smith. He will definitely get attention from Cleveland’s front office” – Keith Britton CBS Cleveland

    Feb. 25: “CEO Joe banner said QB at no. 6 “is not the focus of our thinking.” – Mary Kay Cabot

    Jan. 31: “Right now, the only viable tight end on the roster is Jordan Cameron, who played 36 percent of the snaps in 2012 and caught 20 passes. The coaches like Cameron, but they want more depth at the position.” – Cleveland.com

    Jan. 27: Michael Lombardi frequently said on Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report that he believes in building a defense by acquiring pass-rushers. He’s a big proponent of positional value, stating that he doesn’t believe in drafting positions like safeties and inside linebackers very high.

  7. Arizona Cardinals:
    April 26: Mike Jurecki is hearing the Cardinals could target Kevin Minter or anothr linebacker.

    April 26: “Hearing that AZ may look at Tyrann Mathieu today, the thought is he could play a little safety & corner in certain packages, play maker.” – Mike Jurecki

    April 25: “Hearing Arizona and Chicago want Mike Glennon. Both will be jockeying for him early in 2nd round. Neither want to use 1st on him.” – Pete Schrager, FOX Sports

    April 24: “Steve Keim reiterated #AzCards unlikely to trade up b/c they need all their picks. Preliminary trade calls with teams have happened” – Darren Urban, AZCardinals.com

    April 24: Michelle Beisner said that the Cardinals really want Lane Johnson.

    April 23: “If (Lane Johnson) isn’t there, don’t be surprised if they pick Jonathan Cooper, the UNC guard.” – Chris Mortensen

    April 22: Mike Jurecki said the Chiefs-Dolphins Branden Albert talks have stalled because Arizona has gotten in the mix. The Cardinals would have to give up the 38th-overall pick for Albert. However, the AZCardinals.com’s Darren Urban doesn’t think Arizona will do the deal. Kent Somers agrees. He believes it’s too much money for him.

    April 22: The Cardinals are high on Lane Johnson, according to Jason La Canfora. This contradicts what Kent Somers wrote yesterday.

    April 21: “[The Cardinals “feel better about their tackles than outsiders do; they would pass on Lane Johnson” – Kent Somers, Arizona Republic. Somers thinks Arizona could take Chance Warmack.

    April 19: “I was informed by separate sources the Arizona Cardinals will consider DJ Fluker/T/Alabama with the 7th pick of the draft. … Right now I can�t see Fluker getting out of the top half of round one as Arizona at 7, Miami at 12 and Tampa Bay at 13 are all zeroing in on the big tackle.” – Tony Pauline

    April 18: Jason La Canfora wrote that the Cardinals are high on D.J. Fluker and J.J. Wilcox.

    April 15: Peter King wrote that Lane Johnson won’t get past the Cardinals at No. 7.

    April 9: “Every single mock draft has the Cardinals going offensive line. There’s no doubt that there’s a definite need. But remember they were missing their left tackle a year ago. If they go Eric Fisher, OK. If they go Luke Joeckel, yes. If those guys are there, I’d be surprised if they didn’t go that direction… But if a pass-rusher falls, then I can easily seem them going that route because Steve Keim, the new general manager, is a former offensive lineman himself. He trusts his ability to scout that position. And so if a pass-rusher is there I would not be surprised to see the Cardinals refrain from going offensive lineman until Rounds 2 or 3 – maybe a safety in there. One thing Steve Keim will not do is reach. He’ll take the best player available.” – Paul Calvisi, Cardinals Radio Network

    April 2: XTRA 910’s Mike Jurecki tweeted in response to a Johnson question, “If Fisher & Warmack are gone they would try to trade down a spot or two,” and then, “they like Fisher & Warmack, ranked higher [than Jonathan Cooper].”

    April 1: “I believe the Cardinals are now out of the first-round quarterback market.” – Peter King

    March 21: Bruce Arians told the media that he’s happy with just having Drew Stanton and Brian Hoyer as the only quarterbacks on his roster. This is probably in direct response to Cris Mortensen’s report.

    March 20: Chris Mortensen said that the Cardinals are targeting N.C. State quarterback Mike Glennon in the second round. Glennon is a good fit for Bruce Arians’ vertical offense.

    March 15: Geno Smith’s not expected to be available at No. 7, but if he is, don’t look for the Cardinals to select him. The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport stated that the Cardinals are unlikely to take a quarterback with their first-round pick. XTRA 910’s Mike Jurecki agrees: “I believe even IF Geno Smith is on the board they wouldn’t take him.”

    Feb. 26: @Cardschatter: I’ll second that. RT @kentsomers: And I would be very surprised if #azcardinals took Barkley at 7.

    Feb. 26: “Text I received from a scout this morning: Matt Barkley will not get past the Arizona #Cardinals at No. 7 overall.” – Matt Miller

    Feb. 25: It should come as no surprise to anyone but the Arizona Cardinals have told people the plan is to come away with a starting offensive tackle from the first two rounds of April�s draft. – Tony Pauline

    Feb. 11: “I don’t think they will take a QB in the first round.” – Mike Jurecki

    Jan. 27: Cardinals general manager Steve Keim: “I think that�s a little bit of a cop-out [to say that the quarterback class is thin.] Everybody likes to say it�s not as deep at certain positions, but I think if you have confidence in your system, you�re always able to find certain players at certain points in the draft who are value picks.� – AZCentral.com

  8. Buffalo Bills:
    April 25: “The more I hear from people involved in the situation, the Bills are going to take Ryan Nassib and not risk losing him.” – Ian Rapoport

    April 25: Tavon Austin is the No. 1 player on Buffalo’s board.

    April 24: Ian Rapoport says that the Bills would target Matt Barkley in the second round. However, they’re afraid Ryan Nassib won’t be there because the Jaguars would take him at No. 33.

    April 24: “I think speculation is on the mark. I think #Bills at 8 could make Nassib the 1st QB. Better chance of happening than not.” – Chris Mortensen

    April 24: Peter King says that he’s hearing the Bills are targeting Matt Barkley.

    April 24: The Bills are worried the Jets will draft Ryan Nassib according to Sal Paolantonio; New York had a long dinner with Nassib and Marty Mornhinweg is “very high” on him. However, Adam Caplan says that there’s no way the Bills draft Nassib at No. 8, contradicting the reports of Albert Breer, Jason La Canfora and Chris Mortensen.

    April 24: John Wawrow of the Buffalo Democrat has the Bills drafting Geno Smith at No. 8.

    April 23: “Buzz is growing that the Bills take a quarterback [at No. 8], because they don’t like the alternative of having to trade next year’s No. 1 to get into the bottom of this first round. I’ll stick with Nassib, but have heard they might like Matt Barkley more.” – Albert Breer

    April 21: “Growing belief around NFL it’s Nassib [for the Bills] or trade down if they can.” – Chris Mortensen

    April 17: E.J. Manuel on the Dan Patrick Show: “I feel really good about the Eagles and Bills.”

    April 17: Buddy Nix on taking a guard at No. 8 overall: “Not at all. Not at all. I know people have said we�re taking one of those top two guards. Our roster in house is better than I think we get credit for especially offensive line. We’re pretty deep there. We’ve got six guards and we think a couple of them can play.”

    April 16: Buddy Nix said that it wouldn’t be a reach to take a quarterback at No. 8 overall.

    April 16: “Nix sees inconsistency in Florida State QB EJ Manuel. Much higher on Barkley.” – Jonah Javad, Bills Reporter

    April 15: Peter King wrote that he heard “guard a lot” pertaining to Buffalo’s first-round pick.

    April 15: Albert Breer wrote that teams believe the Bills are targeting Ryan Nassib at No. 41.

    April 14: “The will absolutely not take a quarterback at eight – they can get a quarterback through free agency or in a later round. They have bigger needs. They definitely need to go out and get a wide receiver, and they need to shore up the offensive line. And with Nick Barnett gone now they need to take a hard look at the linebacker position.” – Jim Kelly

    April 11: “I’ve been told the #Bills are still fairly high on NC State QB Mike Glennon. DOESN’T mean they are “in love” or will target him.” – Sal Capaccio, Sports Radio 550 Buffalo

    April 8: “I can’t wait to see the Nassib and Manuel shows. When I talk to teams leading up to the April 25 first round, I keep hearing both Nassib and Manuel as late-first-round prospects. Nassib in particular, and certainly more than Manuel … The other day, one personnel man for a team not interested in drafting a quarterback this year told me, ‘No way if you want Nassib you think there’s a realistic chance he gets past 41.'” – Peter King.

    April 8: “After AZ, OAK and BUF each made QB moves last week, one NFL GM predicted ‘these quarterbacks in this draft are going to fall like logs.'” – Adam Schefter.

    April 1: “The Bills could do anything at No. 8, including taking a long-term prospect at quarterback like West Virginia’s Geno Smith.” – Peter King

    March 29: “It will not surprise me one bit if Barkley still goes in the top half of the first round of the draft. Look at all the teams in the top 10 that have quarterback questions: Jacksonville, Oakland, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Arizona, Buffalo and the New York Jets. Would you be floored if any of those teams decided to use their first-round pick on a quarterback, or Barkley in particular? Not really. Barkley will go in the first round — I don’t have any doubt about that. But it will be a bit more challenging to be the first quarterback off the board.” – Adam Schefter

    March 28: “Most people around the league expect that Matt Barkley will be a first-round pick. The question is how high. It would not surprise a lot of people if Matt Barkley wound up going in the top half of the first round. Because that’s where quarterbacks wind up going.” – Adam Schefter

    Feb. 12: “Appearing on WNML radio in Knoxville, Nix was asked about where the team needs lie. In addition to linebacker, wide receiver and quarterback Nix said with the uncertainty about Scott Chandler coming off ACL surgery the team needs to add a tight end. ‘We need a young one at that position,’ said Nix.” — BuffaloBills.com

    Jan. 28: We�ve been told the Buffalo Bills are not as high on Ryan Nassib as most presume. In fact we�ve heard their scouts don�t even rank him as the best quarterback in Mobile. – Tony Pauline

    Jan. 27: Buddy Nix: ‘Time is now’ for Bills to trade up and draft a QB. “Let me be as honest as I can,” Nix said. “I think we really need to address it this year. The thing we can’t do is you can’t create one. You can’t go out, thinking ‘I’ve got to make this guy a player.’ If you do, then you’re going to be in a bigger mess.” – Buffalo News

  9. New York Jets:
    April 26: Adam Schefter says the Jets are trying to trade up for a quarterback. Rich Cimini noted that they considered Geno Smith at No. 13.

    April 26: “Tight end is strong possibility today for Jets. Keep an eye on Travis Kelce of Cincinnati.” – Manish Mehta. Mehta also mentions Geno Smith as a possibility.

    April 25: The Jets love Tavon Austin according to Rich Cimini. They also aren’t as high on Barkevious Mingo as some think, per Cimini.

    April 24: “Draft eve buzz: QB unlikely for #Jets in first round. On radar: Cooper, Warmack, Eifert (rising), Mingo, Jones.” – Rich Cimini

    April 23: Tony Pauline on the Jets: “Someone with knowledge of the situation told me, ‘they are looking for a weapon.’ Seems receiver Tavon Austin of West Virginia is now in play for the team.”

    April 23: “A player that Jets fans should familiarize themselves with: Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones.” – Manish Mehta, New York Daily News

    April 23: “Sources believe the Jets will use the ninth pick on the best pass-rusher available. They think New York has a decent chance of trading down from pick 13. It is much cheaper for teams in the 20s to move to 13 rather than the ninth pick. ” – Charlie Campbell

    April 22: Rex Ryan was the only head coach who attended D.J. Hayden’s workout Monday. ESPN’s Rich Cimini tweeted that Hayden is a possibility at 13.

    April 22: “From all indications, the Jets are smitten with LSU pass rusher Barkevious Mingo.” – Rich Cimini, ESPN New York

    April 19: Adam Schefter wrote that people around the NFL believe that the Jets would love to draft Barkevious Mingo.

    April 18: Jason La Canfora has confirmed a report a posted a month ago about Tavon Austin having some top-10 buzz. La Canfora specifically noted the Jets.

    April 17: “[Geno Smith] isn�t as high on [the Jets’] board as some people might think. If he fell to them at the right spot, say in the middle of the round, maybe he could be used by them then. But right now at No. 9, he doesn�t appear to currently be their top priority. That all could change as picks ahead of them go in different directions, but don’t look for Geno to be a Jet.” – a source to the Metro’s Kristian Dyer

    April 17: The New York Jets are very high on Sio Moore.” – Tony Pauline

    April 15: Rich Cimini wrote that the Jets really like Ryan Nassib. “He probably won’t last until 39, not with the quarterback-needy Bills and Jaguars picking ahead of them, so the Jets would have to trade up.”

    April 15: Peter King wrote that the Jets are “awfully smitten” with Barkevious Mingo. King also said that Rex Ryan may want a corner.

    April 13: “I think #Jets may draft a guard at 9. If so, it’ll be the first time they drafted a guard in the 1st since Paul Seiler in ’67.” – Ian Rapoport

    April 12: “I’m told if the New York Jets still need a pass rusher on the second day of the draft they are very high on Cornelius Washington/OLB/Georgia.” – Tony Pauline

    April 11: ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini has the Jets drafting Jonathan Cooper. “I’m not saying I’d agree with this decision, but it would be a safe choice for new GM John Idzik, who scouted the North Carolina pro day. Cooper is the complete package and would start immediately at left guard. … In a perfect world, I think the Jets would love Jordan or Milliner (if they trade CB Darrelle Revis), but a slip to nine doesn’t seem likely. There are a couple of defensive linemen in the mix — Florida’s Sharrif Floyd and Utah’s Star Lotulelei — but that would make three straight first-round picks on the D-line.”

    April 4: “Considering the state of affairs with the team it would be a surprise if they select anything other than an offensive guard or pass rusher in the first round. But what will the team do round two? Two names I continue to hear associated with the the Jets, and a pair of players who are evidently favorites of general manager John Idzik, are Sylvester Williams/DT-NT/North Carolina and Zach Ertz/TE/Stanford.” – Tony Pauline

    March 27: “I can tell you who Rex [Ryan] wasn’t impressed with at his Pro Day… Damontre Moore. I might have been listening in.” – Lance Zierlein, TheSidelineView

    March 24: The Jets spent time with Geno Smith at his Pro Day, and according to ESPNNewYork’s Rich Cimini, they “came away very impressed.” – NFL.com

    March 13: “Mark down Jonathan Franklin/RB/UCLA as 2nd round target for New York Jets…very high on the RB and a terrific fit for Mornhinweg offense.” – Tony Pauline

    Feb. 28: “He’s a good football player. I know a lot of us gave him pretty good grades, but when you look at the Alabama game and you look at what’s happened since, it just scares you a little bit. … It has caused everybody to go back and re-watch and see what we have here. It’s going to be interesting to see where he’s drafted.” – Terry Bradway on Manti Te’o

    Jan. 27: “We hear three teams who select at the top of round two, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets, think highly of [Ryan] Nassib.” – Tony Pauline.

  10. Tennessee Titans:
    April 22: “Add the Tennessee Titans & San Diego Chargers as potential suitors for DJ Fluker/Alabama.” – Tony Pauline

    April 19: Jason La Canfora confirmed Tony Pauline’s report that the Titans love Jonathan Cooper.

    April 8: Chris Mortensen tweeted that D.J. Fluker is “ine of the true rising players in draft.” NBC Sports Network’s Ross Tucker then replied that at least one team picking in the top 10 “loves” Fluker.

    March 26: “Jonathan Cooper is drawing heavy interest from the Titans and Cowboys.” – Tony Pauline

    March 10: At the current moment, Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean believes that this pick will be used on Chance Warmack.

    Feb. 28: “Told that #Titans don’t seem to be that high on Manti Te’o despite interviewing him at Combine.” – Terry McCormick, TitanInsider.com

    Jan. 27: It is popular among many to project the Tennessee Titans to take a pass-rushing defensive end with their first-round pick. After speaking with sources with the Titans, they say not so fast. They like the pass-rushing ability of Kamerion Wimbley and Derrick Morgan. They felt that Akeem Ayers will continue to bring more pass rush. Titans sources point out that Ayers had six sacks in the second half of the season after the team started blitzing him. Second-year linebacker Zach Brown also has some blitzing ability. The secondary and offensive line sound like the primary areas of focus for the Titans’ offseason additions. – Charlie Campbell

  11. San Diego Chargers:
    April 22: “Add the Tennessee Titans & San Diego Chargers as potential suitors for DJ Fluker/Alabama.” – Tony Pauline

    April 22: “It seems almost impossible Lane Johnson will fall to 11. #Chargers may have to hope Jonathan Cooper is there to salvage some O-line help.” – Bill Williamson, ESPN

    April 22: The Chargers are high on Lane Johnson, according to Jason La Canfora.

    April 14: When asked whom the Browns’ most-likely trade partner is, ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi tweeted, “1. Dolphins, 2. Chargers.”

    April 12: “Chargers spotted in Oklahoma, getting one last look at Lane Johnson.” – Michael Gehlken, San Diego Union-Tribune. The Chargers met with Johnson at the Combine.

  12. Miami Dolphins:
    April 26: Armando Salguero on whether the team will draft Tyrann Mathieu: “Asked source yesterday. Answer: LOL.”

    April 23: Tony Pauline listed the Giants as one of Tank Carradine’s “top suitors.”

    April 22: Daniel Jeremiah wrote that he believes the Dolphins will draft their cornerback in the second round. He thinks they’ll land Kenny Vaccaro, Tyler Eifert or Chance Warmack at No. 12 overall.

    April 21: Chris Mortensen on the Dolphins moving up for a tackle: “For Joeckel or Fisher but no trade up for [Lane] Johnson.”

    April 20: “Hearing #Dolphins & Brandon Albert are negotiating a new contract. Dolphins would send one of their two second rounders to #Chiefs.” – Mike Jurecki, XTRA 910

    April 17: Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Dolphins are “very high” on Dee Milliner. They’d likely have to move up to the 7-8 range to land him.

    April 17: The three realistic options for the Dolphins at No. 12 are Tyler Eifert, Jonathan Cooper and Xavier Rhodes, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Omar Kelly, though selecting Rhodes that high is “iffy.” Kelly is leaning toward Cooper.

    April 17: “I’m told by reliable sources [Justin Pugh] won’t be there by Miami’s 2nd round pick. Dolphins have come to terms with that.” – Omar Kelly, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    April 14: When asked whom the Browns’ most-likely trade partner is, ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi tweeted, “1. Dolphins, 2. Chargers.”

    April 13: ” For those advocating a cornerback at No. 12 for Miami, Kiper said he�s not even sure any cornerback other than Alabama’s Dee Milliner will be taken in the top 22 or so. Milliner is projected as a top-six pick. Kiper said Xavier Rhodes, Desmond Trufant or DJ Hayden could go next after Milliner, but perhaps not until the 20s.” – Miami Herald

    April 12: “The Dolphins have Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher rated considerably higher than Lane Johnson. As such, the Dolphins don’t appear to be all that interested in trading up for Johnson as has been speculated around the league in recent days, but are very keen to move up for either Joeckel or Fisher. In fact, according to sources the Dolphins won’t rule out trading all the way up to the #1 pick to get one of those guys if that�s what it takes.” – GBN Report

    April 12: The Dolphins really like Zach Ertz, according to the Miami Herald. They also “appreciate” Tyler Eifert.

    April 12: “Ireland did not come out and say the Dolphins will trade up into the top 10 for a tackle, which is the buzz in football circles. Other league sources, however, believe the Dolphins will stand pat at 12, and if any of the three premier left tackles – Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson – is available, grab one. If not, they will trade back to take advantage of a deep draft.” – Miami Herald

    April 8: “Close sources tell me DJ Fluker/T/Alabama is a real possibility for the Miami Dolphins with the 12th pick.” – Tony Pauline

    April 8: “The Dolphins really like Joekel and Fisher. But I KNOW they have questions about Johnson. So there’s that.” – Armando Salguero, Miami Herald

    April 8: “Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for free agent Eric Winston, is ‘hearing from everyone’ that the Dolphins will take an offensive tackle in the first round … The Palm Beach Post ‘keeps hearing’ the Dolphins are high on Johnson, and suggests pairing the 12th pick with the 54th or 77th overall to move up.” – Chris Wessling, NFL.com.

    April 2: “The name I keep hearing for the #Dolphins and their first pick: OT Lane Johnson. But would require a trade-up, 12 and maybe 54 or 77 overall.” – Ben Volin, the Palm Beach Post

    Jan. 27: General manager Jeff Ireland stated that he has to find some help for Ryan Tannehill: “We’ve got to get him help. Maybe its (O-line) help. We’ve got to score TDs. That’s what we didn’t do enough of.”

    Jan. 27: General manager Jeff Ireland attended the bowl game between West Virginia and Syracuse according to the NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah. (Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey, Justin Pugh).

  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
    April 26: Stedman Bailey is drawing interest from the Panthers, Buccaneers and Eagles, according to Tony Pauline.

    April 20: Buccaneers’ reporter Jenna Laine tweeted that Tampa Bay is comfortable with Darrelle Revis’ knee. However, “in terms of surrendering picks in the 1st, 3rd, and 6th (or 5th, depending on who you talk) I’m told the team still believes it’s too much.”

    April 18: The Tampa Bay Times’ Stephen Holder tweeted that he isn’t buying the connection between the Buccaneers and Tavon Austin.

    April 17: “One source estimated this afternoon that it was 60-40 that Revis would wind up dealt to Tampa.” – Adam Schefter on the Darrelle Revis trade.

    April 17: The Buccaneers believe that “the Jets’ price is currently too high” for Darrelle Revis, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

    April 15: Peter King wrote that the Buccaneers love Tavon Austin. Charlie Campbell, meanwhile, has heard that Austin isn’t an option at No. 13. Austin may not even be there anyway.

    April 5: Tony Pauline said that it’s “not out of the question” that the Buccaneers will trade up for Ezekiel Ansah.

    April 4: “Keep an eye on Tampa Bay; if they can�t swing a deal for Darrelle Revis before the draft its not out of the question they trade up for Ansah.” – Tony Pauline

    April 3: Mel Kiper said that Tavon Austin is in the mix for the Buccaneers, Panthers and Rams.

  14. Carolina Panthers:
    April 26: Stedman Bailey is drawing interest from the Panthers, Buccaneers and Eagles, according to Tony Pauline.

    April 25: “#Panthers considering Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert for their first-round pick.” – Joe Person

    April 22: Chris Mortensen tweeted that Chance Warmack won’t fall to the No. 14 spot in the 2013 NFL Draft.

    April 18: “General manager David Gettleman is a firm believer in taking the best player available. The Panthers have the No. 14 pick and it doesn’t sound like they trade up.” – Steve Reed, Associated Press in Charlotte

    April 17: “Not sure Panthers love [Sheldon] Richardson.” – Joe Person, the Charlotte Observer

    April 9: Sheldon Richardson and Xavier Rhodes are the favorites to go No. 14 to the Panthers, but Tavon Austin and Kenny Vaccaro are also in play. – Panthers source

    April 9: “The Carolina Panthers are expected to select a defensive tackle sometime during the draft�s initial three rounds … Sylvester Williams/UNC, Akeem Spence/Illinois, Datone Jones/UCLA all drawing lots of interest from Carolina Panthers.” – Tony Pauline

    April 8: “Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins is visiting with the Panthers today. He’s already had a private workout with WRs coach Ricky Proehl. Hopkins could be a potential long-term replacement for Steve Smith if they pull the trigger on him at No. 14.” – Steve Reed, Associated Press in Charlotte

    April 3: Mel Kiper said that Tavon Austin is in the mix for the Buccaneers, Panthers and Rams.

    March 4: Steve Smith told the media that his team should pick Sheldon Richardson. It’s at least an indication that the Panthers are looking at a defensive tackle.

  15. New Orleans Saints:
    April 26: Tony Pauline reports that the Saints really like Cornelius Washington.

    April 23: “Right now I�m told Vaccaro could end up with the New Orleans Saints, who own the 15th selection.” – Tony Pauline

    April 22: “With many pass rushers dropping, Tank Carradine still generating buzz from recent workout. Saints seem quite intrigued among others.” – Jason La Canfora

    April 20: “Even after they signed the star of their [cornerback] class, Keenan Lewis, [the Saints] continued to pursue veterans Nnamdi Asomugha and Tracy Porter. Clearly, the Saints want to improve their pass defense, with an emphasis on physical corners who can handle man-to-man press coverage. That makes Florida State’s Xavier Rhodes a very realistic option with the Saints’ first-round pick. He’s a big, physical corner at 6 feet 2, 210 pounds, and he’s projected to go off the board somewhere between the 10th and 20th pick.” – Mike Triplett, New Orleans Times-Picayune

    April 9: “With 15th pick, Saints would likely need to trade up to get L. Johnson. But I asked Sean Payton about LT and said it keeps him up at night.” – Sean Jensen, Chicago Sun-Times

    March 3: “We understand both the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints will look hard at defensive backs in the early rounds of the draft.” – Tony Pauline

    Jan. 27: Sources told Charlie Campbell the Saints don’t put much value into the offensive tackle position, so they likely won’t pursue someone like Lane Johnson at No. 15 overall.

  16. St. Louis Rams:
    April 23: “The Rams are interested in drafting Texas safety Kenny Vacarro in the first round, but he is unlikely to make it to their first selection at No. 16. Safety is a huge need for the Rams after losing both of their starters from last year. If St. Louis does look for a safety in the first round with Vaccaro off the board, sources indicate that LSU’s Eric Reid is the most likely target. The Rams are said to not be very big fans of Florida International’s Jonathan Cyprien, the consensus second-rated safety in the draft. ” – Charlie Campbell

    April 22: DeAndre Hopkins worked out for the Rams twice in four days. St. Louis paid the same close attention to Brian Quick last year and ended up drafting him earlier than expected.

    April 21: “St. Louis is likely to take Tavon Austin or DeAndre Hopkins” at No. 16, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo!

    April 19: “Rams private workout Friday with Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins went “very, very well” according to league source.” – Jim Thomas, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    April 14: According to a Rams’ source of ours, St. Louis really loves Alec Ogletree. The Rams are expected to go safety and linebacker over a receiver in the first round, though Tavon Austin and Cordarrelle Patterson are “in play.”

    April 13: “It will be surprising if the Rams don�t take a wide receiver with one of their two first-round picks. It will be shocking if they don�t take a wideout somewhere in the first two rounds.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    April 10: “According to league source, Cordarrelle Patterson may fall out of the 1st.” – Lance Zierlein, Houston Chronicle. The NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah backed this up, tweeting, “I’ve been hearing this a lot.” Patterson is widely mocked to the Rams at No. 16 or 22.

    April 5: “As much as they need help on offense, Rams might not be able to pass on Alec Ogletree if he’s there at 16,” – Jim Thomas

    April 3: Mel Kiper said that Tavon Austin is in the mix for the Buccaneers, Panthers and Rams.

    April 1: “Scouts are questioning whether Lacy is too injured to run or just too slow.” – Tony Pauline on Eddie Lacy, who has been linked to the Rams more than any other team.

    March 30: “For [Tavon] Austin, some perceive his over-under spot in round one to be pick 15.” – ProFootballTalk

    March 24: Jim Thomas, who covers the Rams for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, has the Rams picking Chance Warmack and Eddie Lacy going to the team in his most recent mock draft. Lacy is worth noting since the Rams recently lost Steven Jackson. However, Lacy could be available in Round 2 if he doesn’t run prior to the draft.

    March 19: Adam Schefter said that Tavon Austin won’t make it to Minnesota’s pick. One team that could use him in St. Louis; the team needs a replacement for Danny Amendola.

    Jan. 27: The Rams showed special interest in Georgia safety Sanders Commings. – St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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