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Live 2015 NFL Draft Grades: Round 5

These Live 2015 NFL Draft Grades will be posted minutes after each pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Follow @walterfootball for updates.

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  1. Atlanta Falcons: Grady Jarrett, DT, Clemson: A Grade
    Grady Jarrett doesn't provide a need at all for the Falcons, so why the "A" grade? Because he's a steal here. Grady Jarrett was mocked in the first round by one draft analyst. I thought that was nuts - I had him in the third - but it just goes to show that Jarrett was highly regarded by some. It's easy to see why; Jarrett has incredible athleticism and upside.

    Follow @walterfootball for updates.

  2. Tennessee Titans: David Cobb, RB, Minnesota: A- Grade
    The Titans were expected to pick a running back at some point during the 2015 NFL Draft. There were some high opinions on David Cobb, so I like this selection. Cobb could challenge Bishop Sankey to be the team's starting running back.

  3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Rashad Greene, WR, Florida State: A Grade
    What took so long? Rashad Greene was projected to go in the third round, so him dropping this far is a shocker. With Justin Blackmon falling out of favor with the front office, Jacksonville had to find another wideout, and Greene is a steal.

  4. Oakland Raiders: Ben Heeney, ILB, Kansas: B+ Grade
    This is much better than Oakland's previous pick. Ben Heeney is a highly athletic linebacker who could have gone a round earlier than this. The Raiders have a weak linebacking corps, so Heeney could push for a starting job sooner rather than later.

  5. Washington Redskins: Martrell Spaight, LB, Arkansas: B Grade
    The Redskins know they have issues in the secondary, right? I'm concerned for them that they haven't addressed either position there yet, but Martrell Spaight is a solid choice. He could have gone in the fourth. He'll contribute on special teams to begin his career and will eventually fight for playing time on defense.

  6. Chicago Bears: Adrian Amos, S, Penn State: A Grade
    The Bears have a new front office, so I didn't know how they would draft. Based on their picks thus far, Chicago fans should be very optimistic (despite the Jay Cutler situation). Adrian Amos, a potential third-round pick, is a fantastic athlete who was highly productive at Penn State. He fills a big need in the Bears' secondary. Great pick.

  7. Minnesota Vikings: MyCole Pruitt, TE, Southern Illinois: B Grade
    Kyle Rudolph has not been able to stay healthy, so it's hardly a surprise that the Vikings addressed the tight end position in the 2015 NFL Draft. The highly athletic MyCole Pruitt fits the range as a fifth-round prospect, and he could eventually evolve into a starter.

  8. New York Giants: Mykkele Thompson, S, Texas: C- Grade
    No one mentioned Mykkele Thompson as a draftable prospect, so this pick is pretty sketchy. Thompson has a lot of experience at Texas, but will probably be relegated to special teams for most of his career. This is a reach.

  9. Miami Dolphins: Bobby McCain, CB/KR, Memphis: B+ Grade
    Bobby McCain makes sense for two reasons. The first is that he'll provide depth at the cornerback position, which is pretty thin in Miami. The second is that he'll be a solid return specialist; he thrived in that regard at Memphis. McCain generated strong interest during the pre-draft process, so he projects as a solid pick in Round 5.

  10. Minnesota Vikings: Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland: B+ Grade
    I like what the Vikings are doing with these mid-round picks. I had numerous readers yell at me for having Stefon Diggs too late in my mock draft, but I always thought the fourth round was the right spot for him. Diggs had injury issues in Maryland, but he could develop into a No. 2 wideout if he can stay healthy. He'll also be able to contribute as a return specialist, if needed.

  11. Green Bay Packers: Brett Hundley, QB, UCLA: A+ Grade
    I love this pick. I wouldn't have been a fan of any team picking Brett Hundley in the second round because expectations would've been too high for him. Hundley has a first-round skill set, but he plays football like a seventh-rounder. He needs time to develop, and he'll have that in a great environment. At the very worst, Hundley will be a decent option for the Packers if Aaron Rodgers gets hurt again. Best case, the Packers will develop him and flip him for a second-round selection.

  12. New Orleans Saints: Davis Tull, DE/OLB, UT-Chattanooga: B+ Grade
    I may have been a bit too harsh on the Hau'oli Kikaha pick, but I like this one more. Davis Tull has been linked to the Saints, as he's a good fit for Rob Ryan's scheme. He's highly athletic and has a good chance of eventually emerging as a starter.

  13. Miami Dolphins: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State: A Grade
    Mike Mayock described Jay Ajayi's knee as "bone on bone," which would explain his drop to Round 5. He's great value here though, as he would've gone in the second or third round had he been completely healthy. If Ajayi can get over his injury, he stands a chance of being a starter in this league.

  14. Miami Dolphins: Cedric Thompson, S, Minnesota: B Grade
    More secondary help makes sense for the Dolphins. I'm not as excited about this fifth-round pick, but it makes sense, as Thompson fits the range at this juncture.

  15. Indianapolis Colts: David Parry, NT, Stanford: C- Grade
    The Colts traded up for... David Parry? Why? They could've obtained him at their spot - or perhaps even a better nose tackle. A nose tackle makes sense, but the trade does not.

  16. New York Jets: Jarvis Harrison, G, Texas A&M: B Grade
    Jarvis Harrison is a very athletic lineman. Unfortunately, he's not a good football player. It's going to take a ton of time for him to develop, so perhaps the Jets can stash him and get him ready to play by 2017. He makes sense in the middle of the fifth round because of his upside, so it's a solid choice.

  17. San Diego Chargers: Kyle Emanuel, DE/OLB, North Dakota State: B Grade
    Kyle Emanuel is one of the more athletic edge players in this class. The issue with him is the level of competition, as he's coming out of North Dakota State. Still, the Chargers need another pass-rusher on the exterior, so perhaps they'll be able to develop Emanuel to eventually become a starter.

  18. New Orleans Saints: Tyeler Davison, DT, Fresno State: B+ Grade
    I had Tyeler Davison going a round earlier than this in most of my mock updates, so I like this selection. The Saints hadn't addressed their defensive line yet, so Davison definitely makes sense at this juncture.

  19. Buffalo Bills: Karlos Williams, RB, Florida State: C Grade
    A very "meh" selection by the Bills at this spot. Karlos Williams can catch passes out of the backfield, but he's just not an effective runner. The question needs to be asked, though: How many running backs does this team need?

  20. Miami Dolphins: Tony Lippett, WR/CB, Michigan State: B+ Grade
    Will the Dolphins use Tony Lippett at receiver or cornerback? That's the question, and it's interesting that they listed him as a defensive back upon making the selection announcement. Lippett will probably be better at corner, and Miami needs talented players at that position. I was told to put Lippett in the fourth round, so there's some value with him here.

  21. Cincinnati Bengals: C.J. Uzomah, TE, Auburn: C Grade
    Only 100 picks remaining in the 2015 NFL Draft! The Bengals made their second tight end selection by picking C.J. Uzomah, who is more of a blocker. I'm not crazy about adding blocking tight ends until the end of the draft, but the middle of the fifth is not a terrible spot. I'm not crazy about this pick, though.

  22. Arizona Cardinals: Shaquille Riddick, DE/OLB, West Virginia: B Grade
    Shaq Riddick needs to be developed. He's razor-thin at just 6-6, 244, and despite this, he played on the defensive line at West Virginia. He needs to pack on about 20 pounds, and he has the frame to do it. If he can accomplish this goal and is able to carry this weight well, he could evolve into a decent starter on the edge. He fits the range in the middle of Round 5.

  23. Arizona Cardinals: J.J. Nelson, WR, UAB: B Grade
    The final player to be drafted out of UAB in a very long time, J.J. Nelson fits the range as a mid-fifth-round prospect. The Cardinals have three strong receivers right now, but Larry Fitzgerald doesn't have much time left, while Michael Floyd has generated some trade discussions. Another wideout is needed as insurance.

  24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jesse James, TE, Penn State: B+ Grade
    I mocked Jesse James to the Steelers at this spot because I thought he made a lot of sense for the team. James is a great fit in Pittsburgh's offense, and he obviously makes sense at this range. James, a good athlete, might be able to take over for Heath Miller in a couple of years.

  25. Oakland Raiders: Neiron Ball, LB, Florida: D Grade
    Blegh... Neiron Ball has glaring injury issues. Not only did he have microfracture knee surgery recently; he also underwent brain surgery a couple of years ago. Ball probably won't be able to play in 2015, which makes this selection very curious.

  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Kenny Bell, WR, Nebraska: A- Grade
    Kenny Bell isn't as big as the monstrous skill players on Tampa's offense, but he's still pretty big at 6-1, 197. He's also very athletic, and he can run routes pretty well. With Vincent Jackson on his way out soon, Bell, who could've gone earlier than this, may emerge as a starter in a year or two.

  27. Dallas Cowboys: Ryan Russell, DE, Purdue: C Grade
    Jerry Jones has had success with a Purdue pass-rusher before, but going back to the well this time may not work out. Ryan Russell is a good athlete, but he never developed into a quality player at Purdue. Russell has upside, and Dallas might be able to develop him, but he probably should have gone a bit later in the draft.

  28. Denver Broncos: Lorenzo Doss, CB, Tulane: B Grade
    Lorenzo Doss was a fifth-round pick, and he fits a need as a player who can give the Broncos some cornerback depth, so he's a logical choice. Doss is a small corner, but he can fit in as a slot player.

  29. San Francisco 49ers: Bradley Pinion, P, Clemson: C Grade
    Rich Eisen says that punters are people. They should not, however, be fifth-round prospects. The 49ers have way too many holes to take a position that they could easily address in the UDFA market. Bradley Pinion is very good at what he does, but San Francisco should have gone in a different direction.

  30. New England Patriots: Joe Cardona, LS, Navy: D Grade
    It's great that a Navy player was drafted for the first time in 20 years, but this is likely a wasted pick. A long-snapper can be obtained anywhere, which is why a player at the position hasn't been chosen in six years. Joe Cardona might not even be available because of service requirements.

  31. New Orleans Saints: Damian Swann, CB, Georgia: B Grade
    This is the second cornerback the Saints have selected, but given their need at the position, it's hardly a surprise that they've decided to double up. Damian Swann was a productive player at Georgia, but his poor athleticism sunk his draft stock. He has a chance to succeed in the NFL despite this, however, and the range here is right for him.

  32. Detroit Lions: Mike Burton, FB, Rutgers: C Grade
    Mike Burton is a solid pass-catcher and blocker, and he'll be able to contribute on special teams. I thought he'd go a round or two later than this, but I don't have a problem with this selection.

  33. Carolina Panthers: David Mayo, ILB, Texas State: D Grade
    I didn't have David Mayo in my top 400 rankings, and I don't know of anyone else who did either. Mayo doesn't project to be anything more than a special-teamer.

  34. Seattle Seahawks: Tye Smith, CB, Towson: B Grade
    Hold on one minute... the Seahawks just selected a tall, athletic cornerback? WOW! I like this pick for Seattle, as Tye Smith, who fits the range as a low fifth-rounder, could emerge as the team's next sleeper corner.

  35. Baltimore Ravens: Nick Boyle, TE, Delaware: B+ Grade
    Nick Boyle has to deal with Maxx Williams ahead of him on the depth chart, but the Ravens needed another tight end. Nick Boyle is a big, long, tight end who is very athletic. He has good upside and could eventually emerge as a strong No. 2 option at the position behind Williams.

  36. Kansas City Chiefs: D.J. Alexander, LB, Oregon State: B+ Grade
    Another inside linebacker makes sense for the Chiefs, who need to shore up that position. D.J. Alexander is a top athlete who was productive at Oregon State. The concern with him is a neck problem that he needed surgery on. He should be able to become a solid contributor if he can stay healthy.

  37. Kansas City Chiefs: James O'Shaughnessy, TE, Illinois State: C+ Grade
    James O'Shaughnessy was very productive at Illinois State, both in terms of a pass-catcher and blocker. Though level of competition is obviously an issue, he has upside as a solid athlete. The Chiefs needed another tight end, and while O'Shaughnessy was a slight reach, he does make sense at this juncture.

  38. Carolina Panthers: Cameron Artis-Payne, RB, Auburn: A- Grade
    DeAngelo Williams is gone, and Jonathan Stewart is frequently hurt. The Panthers had to find a new running back, and they may have secured a good one in Cameron Artis-Payne, who was outstanding at the Senior Bowl. It wouldn't surprise me if Artis-Payne, a projected fourth-round pick, emerged as a starter down the road.

  39. Houston Texans: Keith Mumphery, WR, Michigan State: C Grade
    The Texans waited a while to make a selection on Day 3, and this one is a bit of a disappointment. Keith Mumphery is a strong receiver, but has major issues with drops. Besides, with Jaelen Strong on the roster now, it's hard to figure out where Mumphery fits in.

  40. Baltimore Ravens: Robert Myers, G, Tennessee State: A- Grade
    Another steal for Ozzie Newsome. I had the Ravens taking Robert Myers - but at No. 136. Newsome is getting a skilled guard 40 spots later than projected, so this obviously deserves a high grade.

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royale with cheese (Anonymous Poster)
22 hour(s) 50 minute(s) ago - hide
btw Robert K I accused you of being a troll, and now you do it to me!  OBVIOUSLY PLAGIARIZING!  I also said things like "assuming" and "keep on" before so you are OBVIOUSLY plagiarizing that too!  How dare you!
0    0 Reply
royale with cheese (Anonymous Poster)
22 hour(s) 58 minute(s) ago - hide

@Robert K 

I guess there were more irrational and desperate comments you wanted to throw at me.  8 to be exact.

1. Yet again your ego never ceases to amaze me.  I say that because it is how I truly feel, and it has nothing to do with what you said.  But go ahead, keep on thinking that. I don't care, your so full of yourself you won't allow yourself to think anything else anyway.

2. As for you never calling out Walt for some occasional Steeler bashing, you don't even believe that, and it's obvious that you're lying.  You can call pointing out your hypocrisies "reaching" if you want, it only points more towards your inability to argue.

3. I called you a terrible person based on all the evidence, that's all.  When you act like a terrible person, you're going to be called that.  Change your general attitude then maybe people will stop calling you that.  Pretty simple.

4. Nice contradiction.  First you say you didn't call Walt under qualified, then in the very next sentence you say that he is not qualified?  Tell me, if he is not qualified {based on your flawed logic and incredible reach} then how is he not under qualified?  

5. Just proving me right about the "terrible person" remark that so obviously touched a nerve with you, probably because its not the first time you've been defined as such.  Classless bashing with witless remarks are not the acts of a good person.  A lot of the comments here are largely subjective and to be so disrespectful to basically everyone just speaks to your character.

6. LOL irrelevant.  It totally tears apart your argument, so naturally you would arbitrarily label it as "irrelevant."  It doesn't negate what I said at all.  Just because Johnson was one of the first backs I looked up it doesn't mean I looked up others afterwards.  Besides, I never said I I only looked up Johnson and nobody else.  All I said was after I saw him play I knew he would be one of the better ones, then after looking up an ample amount of others my belief was solidified.  So congrats on misquoting and being wrong.  Again.

7. Actually my first reply was 7 days ago to your comment that was 9 days ago, so nice lie.  I apologize for the hiatus of my last comment, I'm sure you've been awaiting eagerly for my response due to the alarmingly large amount free time you have.  I just wish I could see the look on your dopey little face as you sit there in anticipation lol.  Keep thinking about me!

8. I wasn't hurt at all by that comment, but if it helps your ego to tell yourself that you have that big of an influence on people who don't respect you at all {i.e. me} then go ahead, whom am I to get in the way of that.  I was just tired of you bringing that up to distract yourself from the verbal beat down I'm giving you {and you still bring it up! Amazing.}, so I decided to change pseudonyms in the hopes that you would stay relevant in regards to the argument, but I was foolish to think you would do that. 

There.  Served again.  I can only hope that this ignorant display is just a facade and you're only being this flagrantly ignorant and wrong because you are too full of yourself or proud {for some reason} to admit when you've been beat.  Keep on swinging and missing {OH a common expression, have you ever said that before?  If you did then I must be plagiarizing lol.  Please learn what plagiarizing means before you use it in an argument to prevent further embarrassment}.  And btw I will keep laughing at you!  That's the first correct thing you've said this whole time!

0    0 Reply
ChuckD (Anonymous Poster)
3 day(s) 14 hour(s) ago - hide
You are such a Steeler homer! You contradict yourself consistently to give the Squelaers high draft grades, then give other teams like the Browns lower draft grades for VERY GOOD players! SMDH!! People who have been paid a lot more than you to evaluate NFL talent have graded the Browns Draft as the second best of the year, but you give them a C-.... That's comical; and totally kills your credibility! But Browns fans have known for years you have serious bias issues when it come to the AFC North in general; and specifically the Browns.
2    0 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 21 hour(s) ago - hide
Not to mention Walt said that they didn't get a play maker, and Duke Johnson is CLEARLY one.  Anyone who watched him play at Miami knows he's a play maker at RB who specializes at catching the ball and getting in the open field, ala Darren Sproles.  I was really hoping the Browns drafted him if he was still there in the 3rd round; Cleveland could use a Darren Sproles type of player on offense.
5    0 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 16 hour(s) ago - hide
@process server Lots of players look good in college. The competition is inferior. Limas Sweed dominated in college; nobody would mistake him for a playmaker. It's all projection. That you saw a playmaker in Johnson does not mean he will be one. This is, again, an obvious observation. In fact, I'll just go ahead and call it the best in human history given your distorted definition of the term.
1    1 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 14 hour(s) ago - hide

@Robert K 

nitpick nitpick nitpick, man you continue to reach and reach after you've been beat instead of just manning up and admitting it.  Again, thanks for the laughs your ignorance really is mind boggling and amusing.

You are once again confusing OPINION with FACT.  It is my OPINION that Johnson is one of the better play makers at RB in the draft after looking up the other top RB's, and is going to be good.  No shi t just because he was really good in college doesn't necessarily mean he'll be good in the NFL, but it is my OPINION that he will be.  Do you understand the difference between opinion and fact now?  Were you sick that day of second grade when they taught that or did you just never get past that point in education?  Or will your terribly inflated and misplaced ego continue to think anybody who disagrees with your opinion is disagreeing with fact?  Thanks for the painfully obvious observation, what are you going to tell me next that 2+2=4?  Dude just stop, for your sake, you're embarrassing yourself.

1    0 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago - hide

@process server I'm not confusing opinion with fact. Your opinion is that Johnson is one of the best running backs in the draft. It is an unfounded statement, as you have admitted that you haven't extensively scouted the position. If I say "I think that process server (seriously, why that name?) is an intelligent person with lots of interesting things to say," but can't point to a single statement to back that up (and I can't), then my opinion is unfounded. Basic logic. I have not, in any way, confused opinion with fact. I have not distorted definitions based on narcissism (read the definition of best again very slowly), nor have I played the victim when someone accurately points out that I have no basis to reach a conclusion.

You like Johnson? Fine. You think he'll be a good player? No problem. You think he's one of the best playmakers in the draft when you haven't begun to look over the others is an unfounded opinion that would be trashed by any objective observer.

This is all what happened, and once again it took you over a week to finally discover the central point of my arguments. Wow. BTW, who has time to scout every player? I'm guessing you do while you're not reading literature, coming up with your own dismissive retorts, and accepting ribbons for being the "best" student despite performing in the lowest 10% of your class due to lack of effort and intelligence.

Keep petting those soft rabbits, and while you're at it consider tattooing the definition of best on your forearm. It may help.

0    2 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
15 day(s) 11 hour(s) ago - hide

@Robert K 

Aright, go ahead, stick by your weak argument, since you clearly don't have the balls to admit you're wrong.  Keep on lashing out and taking personal shots, because, you know, that's not how a sore loser acts.  Keep on giving me those warm fuzzy feelings that someone like you doesn't agree with me.  Keep on making me laugh with those aggressively witless remarks, because I can tell you think you're being clever, and that really makes it funny!  Keep on telling yourself whatever you have to tell yourself to help you get through the day.

Keep on keeping on!  You're ignorance is bliss and never ceases to amaze me!  Maybe one day you'll be able to learn from this verbal beating I've given you over the past week, or just keep on living in ignorance, I don't care.

P.S., since Walt has not scouted every player in the draft {every year there are many prospects that go undrafted or are drafted late that he admittedly doesn't know how hasn't looked into}, using that logic that means he also doesn't now what he's talking about and he is "lying" lol.  I just hope it doesn't effect your relationship at all, I think you two make a great couple.

3    0 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
10 day(s) 14 hour(s) ago - hide

@process server It's amazing how you're not witty enough to come up with your own retorts. I called you out several times on blatantly lifting them from me, yet you continue to do it.

P.S. I didn't say that Walt was qualified to say who the best player in the draft is. The lying remark was directed specifically at you and not to the draft community in general. The number of straw man arguments (look it up) you have trotted out is staggering.

0    2 Reply
Mr.B (Anonymous Poster)
4 day(s) 8 hour(s) ago - hide
@Robert K So Walt is right and the Browns fan base so look forward to a 1-15 year?
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royale with cheese (Anonymous Poster)
8 day(s) 9 hour(s) ago - hide

Also, perhaps u should choose to actually read my quotes that you chose.  In one quote I say some play makers, and the other quote i say many RB's.  Again, running backs and play makers are two totally different things, so yet another swing and a miss on your part.  Keep on reaching to make your "points" instead of admitting defeat. You don't take verbal beating very well do you? The least you could have done is look graceful in defeat, but you have failed at that as well.  Pity.

Any other irrational or desperate comments u want to throw at me?

0    0 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
7 day(s) 11 hour(s) ago - hide

@royale with cheese 

Because of your refusal to address my points in a rational manner, I'll just do this response as a numbered list. You should reply in the same manner in order to actually reply to all of them.

1. Is the "keep it up" and "thanks for the laughs!" a bit now? You've repeatedly ripped off those lines from me and just keep posting them. You can’t just call them common phrases, as you are lifting phrases word for word from my posts. Are you really incapable of crafting your own material?

2. I've never bashed Walt for hating on the Steelers. He is, in fact, frequently too light on them. I detested both the Colson and Coates picks (D- and F in my book, respectively) and thought he was way too light on the Mike Mitchell signing last year (also an F as far as I'm concerned). Don't bother looking for me complaining about Walt hating. That material does not exist. You were saying something about reaching?

3. I apologized (twice) for getting personal. I've bashed your intelligence multiple times due to overwhelming evidence that you don't have much going on upstairs, and you decide to get viciously personal and call me a "terrible person" because of some message board disagreements? That's just sad.7.

4. I didn't call Walt underqualified. I said he wasn't qualified to say who the BEST player in the draft was if he hadn't scouted them all. First, you reject the dictionary meaning of a term ("best") because it doesn't support your argument; you follow that up by strawmanning another of my posts in order to claim a victory you haven't earned. It failed...miserably.

5. "then why do you feel the compelling urge to bash people who disagree with him and "like" his analysis?"

I don't suffer fools gladly, nor do I pretend that their absurd beliefs have any grounds in reality. Given how I've responded to your posts, you should know that by now.

5. "Keep on thinking about me to an unhealthy extent and bring me some more of those "theories about me!  I love it!"

Theories like "you're a terrible person?" You were saying something in your post about hypocrisy?

6. "In one quote I say some play makers, and the other quote i say many RB's.”

Irrelevant. your post about watching Johnson's film and being convinced *without any other evidence* that he was one of the best playmakers in the draft negates what you subsequently said. You're trying to cover your tracks, and it is failing.

7. "I'm sure I can go back and dig up all the times u praise Walt and think his analysis is great, but I obviously don't have as much free time as you."

Yes, you do. Your first reply to my last post was (as of this post) 27 hours ago. You checked in 5 hours later, was dismayed to see I hadn't replied, and so wrote yet another one. You have plenty of free time.

8. "Keep on thinking of me and writing all those long posts, I enjoy living rent free inside your head!"

You were clearly very hurt when I insulted your lame "process server" character and got really vicious when I tried to apologize, so who is living rent free inside whose head?

But please, do tell me more about my long posts while writing 3 in reply. Do continue to steal my insults, and by all means, continue to pretend that you weren't insanely inconsistent in your evaluation of Johnson. You can keep laughing. At this point, I'm just sincerely sorry for the people in your life if this is how you function there. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is just a strange internet troll act (you're welcome).

0    2 Reply
royale with cheese (Anonymous Poster)
8 day(s) 15 hour(s) ago - hide

@ Robert K

I'm sure I can go back and dig up all the times u praise Walt and think his analysis is great, but I obviously don't have as much free time as you.  I'm sure there are times where you bash Walt for hating on your precious Steelers, just like these other "homer" fans do, yet you spew your classless hate at them.  Good job on being a hypocrite and a terrible person!  Although that is definitely not the first time someone has called you a terrible person, and it certainly won't be the last. If he is so under-qualified {according to your flawed logic} then why do you feel the compelling urge to bash people who disagree with him and "like" his analysis?  Keep on contradicting yourself kid, you never cease to amaze me! You really believe you're misguided theories and assumptions are true, its amazing!  I don't think I've ever witnessed an ego of this caliber that wasn't deserved in the slightest.  It's truly a humorous experience!  Keep on bringing it please!  Keep on thinking about me to an unhealthy extent and bring me some more of those "theories about me!  I love it!

0    0 Reply
royale with cheese (Anonymous Poster)
8 day(s) 15 hour(s) ago - hide

@Robert K 

YES!  Keep it up please!  I love it when you keep on nitpicking and reaching and reaching.  It's a sign of defeat and the farther out you reach the better I feel!  Keep it coming!  Your ridiculous and over-analyzed "points" as you call them {that's so adorable} keep bringing me those warm fuzzy feelings!  Keep on thinking your the first one to use very general and common expressions and that I "plagiarized" you lol, your ego knows no bounds!  Keep on thinking of me and writing all those long posts, I enjoy living rent free inside your head!  and again thanks for the laughs!

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PDH (Anonymous Poster)
15 day(s) 16 hour(s) ago - hide
Draft grades are such BS. Not even coaches can exactly predict how their picks will turn out let alone "writers". I just love how they elaborate on why they give their grades on every team's draft class. Like player A was a reach or player B was a steal. No one knows anything until these guys get on the field. It just bugs me how these writers grade draft picks and determine which pick was a reach and not, like they now it all. I bet they haven't watched a second of tape on over half of those prospects and yet they have their opinions about every player. What makes you think you know about a prospect more than the actual team that drafts that prospect? You're telling me, you've put in more time in evaluating a prospect than any of these teams' coaches and GMs? Every team has its own draft board that is created based on their own system and schemes. Your opinion means nothing about who is a reach and who is not. Those opinions are made based on your own draft board which means nothing. Grading draft picks is flat out stupid and pointless.
1    3 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
10 day(s) 13 hour(s) ago - hide
@PDH So which of the teams that Walt blasted do you root for?
3    2 Reply
royale with cheese (Anonymous Poster)
15 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago - hide

If I say "I think that process server (seriously, why that name?) is an intelligent person with lots of interesting things to say," but can't point to a single statement to back that up (and I can't), then my opinion is unfounded

Nice try, but ultimately a swing and a miss.  I have told you repeatedly {but you have chosen to ignore it because it is inconvenient for your argument, or maybe you're the one that has Leonard Shelby syndrome and you need to start getting tattoos of what you've already said to remind yourself } that I have scouted and extensively looked at many other RB's and play makers to come to my decision.  Terrible analogy that's not the same thing as ranking players for the draft and thus doesn't really apply to what we were talking about and only satisfies you're innate need to criticize and angrily bash people.  But thanks for the complement!  Such a charming guy.

2    1 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
10 day(s) 13 hour(s) ago - hide

@royale with cheese 

Your quote above: "I have told you repeatedly {but you have chosen to ignore it because it is inconvenient for your argument, or maybe you're the one that has Leonard Shelby syndrome and you need to start getting tattoos of what you've already said to remind yourself } that I have scouted and extensively looked at many other RB's and play makers to come to my decision."

Two prior quotes:

"And I did know about Duke Johnson, and as a Browns fan I did some research on who are some of the better play makers in the draft (since the Browns really need one) and Duke Johnson I discovered was one of them."

"When I saw Duke Johnson I saw special speed and play making ability, not to mention his impressive stats (most rushing yards in Miami-FL history, which has a pretty rich history of running backs), and that told me all I needed to know and convinced me that he was one of the best play makers at RB in the draft."

In making a false argument, you changed "some" to "many." Also, you flat out admitted that all you needed to make a judgment on Johnson was HIS OWN TAPE, yet later claim to have scouted him against other playmakers when making your decision. You're incapable of keeping track of your own lies.

Here's what is happening. You were offended when I accurately pointed out that the "process server" act was really cheesy. You rejected my apology and became even more irate when I started with the Leonard Shelby references. I have repeatedly mocked your lack of intellect and wit, but do you blame me? You have contradicted yourself many times, trotted out an astonishing array of fallacious arguments, and have lifted some of my quotes nearly word for word (Leonard Shelby, not wanting me to agree with you, etc...) instead of coming up with your own clever dismissals. Initially I thought it was an act, but I no longer do. I think you're functionally incapable not only of following my arguments, but your own.

I'll offer you another apology because it is obvious that I have really hurt your feelings, but I know that it won't be accepted. Every new post from you stoops to new lows as far as logical inconsistency and plagiarism, and I don't expect the next to be any different. You can accept the apology and move on, or you can keep trying to dig yourself out of this hole. Please keep in mind that what I pasted above was not some distorted interpretation of what you said. Those are YOUR OWN WORDS. You only needed to see Johnson's tape to make your decision, but you scouted him against many backs before making your decision. Beautiful.

0    1 Reply
Vikes167 (Anonymous Poster)
11 day(s) 23 hour(s) ago - hide
Did this guy just Clemmings could start at LT? it'd be a huge miracle, because he won't even be in competition/playing LT, rather he will be competing with David Yankey to play LG. Though I must say i am surprised, a lot of people aren't hating the Vikes class like they do every year. another thing, Don't doubt Bryce Petty, that was a brilliant pick by the Jets, he can develop into a solid starter
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DreBeast (Anonymous Poster)
12 day(s) 1 hour(s) ago - hide
Brandon Scherff is going to start at right tackle for the Skins, not guard. 
1    0 Reply
royale with cheese (Anonymous Poster)
15 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago - hide

@process server 

Again, I've said multiple times that I have looked at and scouted other top running backs and play makers in the draft {no not everyone, but a lot of them, and Walt hasn't scouted everyone either } but you can stick to your straw man fallacy and pretend like I haven't looked up players or running backs at all so you can further placate your ego to feel better about yourself, it's more convenient for you and your argument.

since you keep resorting to bringing up something irrelevant to the argument like my bs anonymous name, like a tempter tantrum-throwing sore loser often does, I'll change it for ya.  It's a reference to my favorite movie.

1    0 Reply
Nick Perry (Anonymous Poster)
15 day(s) 22 hour(s) ago - hide
Why would you be surprised the Packers took a CB under 6 feet tall? Take a look at the Corners the Packers have fielded the last several years, they're ALL under 6 feet tall. Rollins was a great pick for the Packers, Steelers fans are going to be screaming "Why didn't we take this guy instead of a midget!" 
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dude15 (Anonymous Poster)
16 day(s) 6 hour(s) ago - hide
@Uugh Dallas  I think you mean the next two years uless they sign a star FA qb
0    0 Reply
Bearman (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 7 hour(s) ago - hide
The Bills get a B-....  Really?  No 1st round pick.  Nick O'Leary a steal?  What am I missing?  Buffalo fans should start thinking about the 2016 draft.
1    0 Reply
B- is generous (Anonymous Poster)
16 day(s) 9 hour(s) ago - hide


That's actually a generous grade; most analysts gave them a C or so.


0    0 Reply
Dallas fan (Anonymous Poster)
16 day(s) 13 hour(s) ago - hide
@Uugh Dallas  They didnt draft Collins. They pick him up in UDFA. Gotta grade fairly.
1    0 Reply
Uugh Dallas (Anonymous Poster)
16 day(s) 16 hour(s) ago - hide
The winner of the draft is Dallas....by a mile. They drafted three 1st round draft picks this year including the best edge rusher in Gregory and arguably the best offensive linemen in Collins. I am not a happy guy giants guy. Dallas has set themselves up for a Super Bowl run for the next four years. Uuugggghhhh. 
1    1 Reply
IssacH (Anonymous Poster)
19 day(s) 9 hour(s) ago - hide
Walt, your man-crush on Ozzie Newsome is just ridiculous. There's no reason to praise every single thing he does.
5    1 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago - hide

@IssacH He doesn't.

Back to you.

1    2 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 16 hour(s) ago - hide

@process server The definition of best, according to Merriam-Webster: "better than all others in quality or value."

Better than ALL OTHERS. So yes, if you're defining a population as all players eligible for the NFL Draft, you must scout them all in order to be intellectually honest in calling one of them the best. The same holds true for running backs.

This has been the crux of all my arguments since I started posting here. If you want to say a player is promising, fine. If you want to say he looks good on tape, fine. If you want to say he's the best (or one of the best), you must scout everyone. Your lack of time or effort is irrelevant to the discussion, and it is narcissistic to assume that you shouldn't have to put in the effort before making a blanket statement that you can't support.

I don't understand what issue you have with this. People here are mouthing off all the time about the best when it is as clear as day that they have no evidence to say so. Seriously, what's the problem here? You can't redefine a term simply because it isn't convenient for your argument.

Finally, I can't believe you had your "aha!" moment over a week after we started going back and forth. Congratulations!

0    1 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 14 hour(s) ago - hide

@Robert K 

If that's really the best remaining argument you have, if you have to reach THAT far then I just take it as your way of saying you got beat.  Although it would have been far less embarrassing to just admit you were wrong instead of rolling out that weak as argument.  

So say I scouted Todd Gurley but didn't scout some division 2 player who was eligible for the draft and was a projected 7th round draft pick at the highest, would I be lying if I said Gurley was the better player?  Would I be lying if my OPINION was that Gurley was the best RB even though I didn't extensively scout some scrub RB?

LOL get the @#$@ out of here man.   Such a sorry argument and such a pathetic reach on your part.  Thanks again for the laughs though I'm busting a gut over here!

1    0 Reply
Robert K (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago - hide

@process server It's not a reach. It's a fact. To be called the best, you have to be better than everyone. To determine that someone is the best, you have to scout the rest of the argument. Rage against that all you want. You're wrong.

"Would I be lying if my OPINION was that Gurley was the best RB even though I didn't extensively scout some scrub RB?"

As long as you say something to the effect of "I haven't actually looked at said scrub and am simply basing my statement on the opinions of others," than no, you're not lying. Otherwise, yes, you are.

0    1 Reply
Ender (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 13 hour(s) ago - hide
With the Cowboys signing Collins can you just go ahead and upgrade their draft grade to a A/A+.  3 first round talents with 1 first round pick... they got some major steals
1    0 Reply
KILLER (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 10 hour(s) ago - hide


If Gregory can gain weight and stays out of trouble he is a Top 10 level player.  I thought Byron Jones was the #2 CB after Trae Waynes.  So, really, a Top 20 level pick.  Collins a major steal -- a 1st rounder at low cost as well.  Including free agents like Collins the only draft comparable would be the Vikings.  In my view they also got 3 first rounders despite only having one round 1 pick.  Waynes is a Top 10er.  T.J. Clemmings and Daneille Hunter I had as late 1st rounders.  I know most do not agree about Hunter but he is only 20 and his athleticism is comparable to Ziggy Ansah or Jedeveon Clowney.  He led the SEC in tackles on or behind the line of scrimmage.  Most had Kendricks as a 1st rounder, I did not.  One could argue the Vikings got 4 first rounders then.

0    0 Reply
skinsfan (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 5 hour(s) ago - hide
@KILLER if Gregory can gain weight? He's a pot head to begin with... what happened to the munchies? Wait till he gets million dollar paychecks... coke anyone? Whenever hes on the field run the ball down his throat and knock him on his ass in a haze of pot smoke! HTTR
1    1 Reply
Ender (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 20 hour(s) ago - hide
@skinsfan Poor Redskins... 3 first round picks going to 1 guy... who will probably be a backup this year
2    0 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 21 hour(s) ago - hide

@ Robert K

I would just like to thank you, because you inability to admit when your wrong is really amusing and it has provided me with a lot of laughs, so thank you.

I was gonna let it go, but I can tell you think you're being smart with your comment so let me knock you down a peg. Using your logic, in order to know a player like Jameis Winston is one of the best overall players in the draft, you would have to scout EVERY other player in the draft, so naturally if you think that your "lying" right?  Because who outside of Mel Kiper Jr. actually has the time for that?  Do you see the flaws in your logic?  If you think someone like Amari Cooper is the best WR in the draft, according to your logic you would have to look up EVERY WR in the draft and if you didn't do that then you're "lying" lol.   

When I saw Duke Johnson I saw special speed and play making ability, not to mention his impressive stats (most rushing yards in Miami-FL history, which has a pretty rich history of running backs), and that told me all I needed to know and convinced me that he was one of the best play makers at RB in the draft. Not quite as good as guys like Gurley or Gordon, but really good and one of the better ones, and most draft experts agree with me.  That retort was an incredible reach on your part, even for you.

But if it's easier and helps your ego to tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself, then hey, who am I to get in the way of your self-satisfaction, however deluded and wrong it may be.

2    0 Reply
BuckFan (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 0 hour(s) ago - hide

Walt, your analysis of the Browns draft is objectively wrong on multiple counts.

1) Mariota was never an option - the Titans wanted him, period.

2) Erving was the ACC's top blocker for the last 2 years. He was first-team allACC at C and second team at LT.. in the same season.  He is much more athletic than the current Browns RG or RT - he started college as a DT and switched.

3) The depth chart was upgraded at TE, FB, RB, ILB, CB, and S... in addition to the top picks of 2xDL and OL. The draft wasn't flashy, but it did upgrade the talent on the roster.. that's a minimum of a B+ draft.

5    0 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
17 day(s) 21 hour(s) ago - hide


LOL i know.  I generally like Walt's analysis when he's not talking about the Browns, but when he does he can unfairly criticize them.  Not to mention his final grade for the Browns makes no sense.  Every single pick except the Erving pick (which for some reason he "doesn't get") he gave a C or better to, yet he gave the Browns a C- as an overall grade??  What kind of deluded mathematical statistics made him come to that conclusion?

He's probably faulting them for not taking Mariota, but earth to Walt: MARCUS MARIOTA IS NOT ANDREW LUCK.  He is far from a surefire prospect, so Walt please stop pretending like he is.  Also it's unfair to criticize the Browns for a player they had no chance to get, so please get a clue.

When talking about the Browns he needs to get someone who actually watches the games and fully understands their needs, and he can get some crayons and a coloring book and sit in the corner until the adult is finished.

3    0 Reply
KILLER (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 16 hour(s) ago - hide
Walter, just wanted to thank you.  Your site is absolutely excellent and so detailed and thorough.  I checked it out usually several times a week for the past several months and it is a cornucopia of stats, intrigue, and information.  I learned a lot and I like this site better than any other draft site.  I've been a severe diehard draftnik for about 30 years now and you are the best reference.  Thank you very much for all your hard work and timely updates!
2    1 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 20 hour(s) ago - hide

@ Robert K

BTW Spock is NOT overrated.  It was because of Spock that they were able to beat Khan, perhaps the greatest enemy in the Star Trek universe.  But it would make sense how someone like you would think that, so I can't say I'm surprised.  Keep the ignorance coming!

1    0 Reply
process server (Anonymous Poster)
18 day(s) 20 hour(s) ago - hide

@Robert K 

LOL you called Lennie from Of Mice and Men Leonard Small?? LOL who calls Lennie "Leonard Small"?  Oh man, you got me there.  Using a vague reference from a book from high school, wow, you really made your point.  That's like calling Dr. Seuss by his actual name Theodore Geisel and not Dr. Suess then saying HA I GOT YOU!  LOL ah man you are so unintentionally funny.  Leonard Nimoy is of course Spock but I don't really care about some other obscure Leonard you looked up before your post to throw in my face, but thanks for thinking about me!

I'm starting to think you're Leonard Shelby and forgot to tattoo yourself with previous arguments because you keep saying the same thing over and over again as if you haven't said it before.  Thanks for providing me with more of those warm fuzzy feelings.  It's people like you that really make me feel better about myself.  Keep it coming!

1    0 Reply
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