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Forum 2008 Mock Draft: Round One

This is the Forum 2008 NFL Mock Draft.

Thirty-two users on the Forums got together and had a 7-round 2008 NFL Mock Draft. Below are all of the picks and analysis from each person.

Next regular update: Regular 2008 Mock Draft later this week.

  1. Miami Dolphins: Chris Long, DE/OLB, Virginia
    By Leo Fender:

    Mike Mayock's Take: Although I am pretty shocked that they didn't pick Matt Ryan, whom I've been plugging like crazy as the No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft, it is hard to argue with this selection. The Dolphins get a player who will fit like a glove in the Parcells/Sparano 3-4 defense, either as a DE or as an OLB. Although I feel a bit disgruntled about them not picking Ryan, I like this pick a lot.

  2. St. Louis Rams: Jake Long, OT, Michigan
    By candyman82:

    After seeing almost all of our offensive talent go down with injuries, this was the clear choice for me.

    Walters reaction: I love Vernon Gholston! You suck, candyman!

  3. Atlanta Falcons: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
    By scar988:

    No write-up posted.

  4. Oakland Raiders: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
    By P.Manningfan102:

    No write-up posted.

  5. Kansas City Chiefs: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
    By titansqb3:

    No write-up posted.

  6. New York Jets: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State
    By vbsiena24:

    So happy he fell here. Let's hope this happens on Draft Day. Vernon Gholston steps in to become an immediate contributer to the 3-4 rush OLB position. This monster will likely rotate with Bryan Thomas during his initial season at OLB, especially on passing downs until he feels comfortable enough dropping in coverage. A pairing of Gholston, Thomas, and recently acquired Calvin Pace will have QBs on their heels during the 2008 season. Gholston was No. 2 on my draft board before Chris Long.

  7. New England Patriots: Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy State
    By tonynyy:

    No write-up posted.

  8. Baltimore Ravens: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
    By PuppyPuncher:

    No write-up posted.

  9. Cincinnati Bengals: Keith Rivers, OLB, USC
    By thetechnocrat:

    The Bengals were holding out hope that one of the top two defensive tackles would be around for their pick. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Then it came down to Derrick Harvey or Keith Rivers. With Rivers you get the best linebacker in the draft, they'll take that any day over the third- or fourth-best defensive ends.

  10. New Orleans Saints: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, TSU
    By Craig Smith:

    No write-up posted.

  11. Buffalo Bills: Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida
    By bills_red:

    Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denny both just came off down years filled with injures. Denney underwent a second surgery on his foot on Dec. 20 and could miss most of the offseason. Denny is also is 30 years old so he doesnít have much left in the tank. Kelsay had surgery on a torn tendon in his ankle after the season ended, and isnít expected to be 100 percent for OTAs. Derrick Harvey is a gifted athlete and a natural pass rusher, which is a need when you run a Tampa-2. He has an explosive first step and can beat most blocker to the point of attack. Harvey is also very solid against the run. He plays nasty and would replace Anthony Hargroveís fire and heart.

  12. Denver Broncos: Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State
    By jimmyp:

    The Broncos really need help everywhere on defense. Unfortunately, all of the top defensive players are off the board.

    Ryan Clady as a pick is pretty straightforward. Both "elite" defensive tackles are off the board, Rivers gone and no safety worth taking at No. 12 (in my opinion). It was a pretty simple choice. The other go here for Denver is maybe reciever, but they can get one later on in this draft and not have to reach here. Some might argue that Mike Shanahan doesn't like taking offensive lineman this high up, and that's true, but Clady is good (not great) value here and is compatible with Denver's system. Plus it's definitely addressing a team need.

  13. Carolina Panthers: Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
    By Warpig:

    Carolina chose Chris Williams because he works the best on an island as well as working well with his guards, which is perfect for our zone-blocking scheme. All the write-ups I read about him were glowing. He's a team player, well liked, willing to teach others and a damn fine football player. We'll probably break him in at right tackle and gradually move him to left tackle, moving Gross back to the right side.

    Other considerations were Ryan Clady and Jeff Otah. Also entertained the thought of drafting Rashard Mendenhall, but figured the game is won in the trenches.

  14. Chicago Bears: Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois
    By NoNonsenseCoach:

    We wanted to select Chris Williams. We thought he was the better tackle than Ryan Clady. Cedric Benson had a rough year, but we figured he should get another chance to run behind a better offensive line... Rashard Mendenhall fits our system perfectly and we just couldn't pass on him at this juncture.

  15. Detroit Lions: Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson
    By animal52:

    The Giants proved in the Super Bowl the importance of an effective pass rush, and Phillip Merling was the best at this position available at this point. Losing Shaun Rogers depleted our already-anemic ability to get sacks.

  16. Arizona Cardinals: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida
    By offset:

    The Cardinals were tempted to go running back with this pick, but with Rashard Mendenhall off the board, the Arizona Cardinals decided to fill their greatest need on defense and draft a corner. Mike Jenkins will immediately compete with Eric Green for the starting cornerback spot.

  17. Minnesota Vikings: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
    By ZN0rseman:

    I know most draft "experts" seem to think the Viking's biggest need is at DE. However, while I will acknowledge that there is a need there, the cupboard certainly isn't bare. The Vikings have a few good (but not great) DE's in Erasmus James, Brian Robinson and Ray Edwards. At this point in the draft, with Long, Gholston, Merling and Harvey off the board, in my opinion, there isn't really another DE worthy of a 1st round selection in this rather weak DE class. That makes my choice extremely easy.

    Whether the Vikings organization wants to admit it publically or not, their biggest need by far is at the QB position, where the cupboard is as bare as it gets. Last year, the Viking defense was the strength of the team, and with the exception of Adrian "All-Day" Peterson, the offense was atrocious... mainly due to horrible QB play. Brohm provides and immediate and drastic upgrade to the position.

    Brohm wowed scouts at the combine and his pro day by throwing his usual extremely accurate passes. He was the only QB at the combine to not miss a single throw. He has a great arm, not a howitzer like Flacco, but of the QB's in the combine he had the second best arm strength. He ran a solid 40 at his Pro Day, siliencing the critics on his running speed. Plus he had the best Wonderlic score of all 2008 NFL combine players. With his hyper-accurate throwing ability, incredible football smarts, excellent arm and ability to buy time by moving in the pocket, he is the perfect fit for the Vikings WCO.

  18. Houston Texans: Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
    By Casey:

    Texans management has stated that they won't take a running back in Round 1, and that they'll look to the tackle position for a player like Jeff Otah, Ryan Clady or Chris Williams. Well, with Rashard Mendenhall off the board, Jonathan Stewart nursing a toe injury, and Otah the best tackle available, the Texans make an easy selection.

  19. Philadelphia Eagles: Devin Thomas, WR, Michigan State
    By SuperT:

    Devin Thomas has the most "potential" of any receiver in the draft.

  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Branden Albert, T/G, Virginia
    By Matt McGuire:

    The Buccaneers add their franchise left tackle in Branden Albert. This is a team with not many glaring needs, so I went with best player available at a position of need, and Albert is the best player on my board at this time.

  21. Washington Redskins: Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn
    By Carnack:

    Though Quentin Groves has been projected by many to be coverted by teams employing the 3-4 defense such as the Patriots, Groves started two games at OLB for the Auburn Tigers in their 4-3 defense and can play either defensive alignment. A classic speed, edge-rusher, Groves has the size to put his hand in the dirt at DE or play OLB at the next level.

    Washington desperate to improve their pass rush must also insure that OLB, Rocky McIntosh can return to form after season-ending knee surgery in 2007 (his second), and that OLB, Marcus Washington can stay healthy at his advancing age after both were injured in two of the past three years.

    Washington decides to go with the best edge-rushing DE in the Draft over a top WR to make new defensive coordinator Greg Blache happy.

  22. Dallas Cowboys: Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami
    By dWeaver44:

    No write-up posted.

  23. Pittsburgh Steelers: James Hardy, WR, Indiana
    By bulldog0123:

    Big Ben wanted a new contract, a big receiver and to keep some offensive linemen. He got a contract, a huge receiver, kept some o-lineman and will draft some later. James Hardy has an amazing frame which adds red-zone value, has blessed speed, and will learn to block like a Pro Bowler playing under Hines Ward. He also has great hands...can hardy play against big competion? Yes against Penn State (Justin King) he had 14 receptions, 142 yards and two touchdowns. Hardy is so great, some compare him to Larry Fitzgerald. He will be a dominant receiver for years to come.

  24. Tennessee Titans: DeSean Jackson, WR/PR, California
    By regoob2:

    I went with the obvious pick of receiver. I think that DeSean Jackson has the best overall skill set - great speed and is also a very good return man. Tennessee has a few slower possession receivers and Jackson gives them a home run threat that can stretch the field.

  25. Seattle Seahawks: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
    By Dumb Azz Kracka:

    There were three players I was targeting with this selection: Branden Albert, Jonathan Stewart and Kentwan Balmer, in that order. The two that were going to give me problems, if they were available, were Albert and Stewart, but Tampa Bay made that decision easy for me.

    It's no secret, after the debacle in Green Bay to end last season, that our run defense needs some help at the defensive tackle spot, but given the value of Stewart at this selection it was just too hard to pass him up. Stewart is great value here and even though we picked up two running backs in free agency, we will fill the position for the future with a man who has great size, power, speed skill and isn't even 21 yet.

  26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
    By rockhead:

    With all of the top defensive ends off the board, the Jaguars may look at a defensive tackle to ease the loss of Marcus Stroud. I'm not sure if Rob Meier's the full-time answer next to John Henderson.

    No write-up posted.

  27. San Diego Chargers: Carl Nicks, OT, Nebraska
    By Walter:

    I know I'm reaching here, and I think if the Chargers were in this position, they would trade down to the highest bidder. But I can't deal this pick and I really need a tackle. Carl Nicks is the best player available at that position, in my opinion.

  28. Dallas Cowboys: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas
    By dWeaver44:

    No write-up posted.

  29. San Francisco 49ers: Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
    By 49ersfan:

    Kentwan Balmer slipped after his sub-par 40 time at the combine. However, the 49ers desperately need a new defensive end after Bryant Young retired, and Balmer fills the hole. Of course, a wide receiver like Early Doucet or Devin Thomas is needed, even after Bryant Johnson was signed by the Niners.

  30. Green Bay Packers: Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue
    By starqb14:

    Does anyone really expect Green Bay to stay at 30? I don't think so. Ted Thompson likes to trade back, and this draft is deep enough to be quite successful doing so.

    That said, the players I am targeting at 30 are all in the 45-55 range. Since I can't trade back, I guess I'll have to reach for one of the three. Which one? I will grab the most unique player. I will hope the others slide to where I can grab them also at 56 and 60, but it appears that there is only one Dustin Keller in this draft. I can get a good corner later on, and I can get a good blocking TE later on, but there is only one Dustin Keller that will bring the explosiveness and physicality to the passing game and special teams that will have McCarthy drooling. So, I'll make the reach and grab the utility athlete in Keller.

  31. New York Giants: Reggie Smith, CB/S, Oklahoma
    By giantsfanmike:

    No write-up posted.

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