NFL Free Agents Tracker 2016

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NFL Free Agents Tracker 2016: Below are a set of links for every position in our NFL Free Agents Tracker. This NFL Free Agents Tracker will be updated as soon as a move is made in free agency. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

Star rating in the NFL Free Agents Tracker is out of five. NFL Free Agents age listing as of Sept. 1, 2016.

To see a log of all NFL Free Agents Signings, click the link. Our NFL Free Agents Tracker will be updated accordingly for all of the moves.

NFL Free Agents: Top 90
Take a look at the top 90 NFL free agents for the 2016 offseason. Unrestricted players only; kickers, fullbacks and punters are excluded.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Quarterbacks - Updated 1/11
The free-agent quarterback market is usually pretty weak, but that's not the case this year. The group is led by capable starters like Kirk Cousins and Sam Bradford.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Running Backs - Updated 1/11
Running backs aren't coveted like they used to be, so it's no surprise that there are plenty of starting-caliber players available, including Matt Forte and Lamar Miller.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Fullbacks - Updated 1/11
Believe it or not, some teams still like to use lead blockers.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Wide Receivers - Updated 1/11
The wide receiver group is pretty weak this year, save for one big name: Alshon Jeffery.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Tight Ends - Updated 1/11
The two Charger tight ends are the big names here. There are a couple of big names ranked beneath them as well.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Offensive Tackles - Updated 1/12
There are some very talented tackles available this offseason. However, the depth is lacking, as the skill level drops off rapidly after the top few guys.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Guards - Updated 2/8
There are a ton of talented guards available in free agency, led by the extremely talented Kelechi Osemele and Evan Mathis.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Centers - Updated 1/12
Sorry if your team needs a center this offseason. There are just three centers graded above 1.5 stars heading into the offseason.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Defensive Ends - Updated 2/1
It's a good offseason to need a pass-rusher, as there are plenty of talented players available who can get to the quarterback.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Defensive Tackles - Updated 1/13
The group of defensive tackles is even better than the defensive ends. There are so many talented players at this position available.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Outside Linebackers - Updated 2/8
Von Miller and Bruce Irvin highlight the outside linebacker group, but there are plenty of non-pass-rushing outside linebackers available as well.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Inside Linebackers - Updated 2/8
The inside linebacker group is pretty top-heavy. There are several very talented players available, but it drops off after the top five.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Cornerbacks - Updated 1/14
This free agency class features an extremely deep group of cornerbacks. I can't ever remember this position being so packed with talent on the open market.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Safeties - Updated 2/9
There are a ton of talented safeties available as well. It's definitely a good offseason to need help in the secondary.

NFL Free Agent Tracker: Kickers and Punters - Updated 1/15
Kickers are more important than ever because of the new extra-point rule. Oh, and Rich Eisen says, punters are people, too.

NFL Free Agent Signing Grades - Updated Daily
The latest major NFL Free Agent Signings are all graded here. This includes coaching firings/hires. There's bound to be some disagreement, so leave a note on the comment board on this NFL Free Agent Signing Grade page.

NFL Free Agent Rumors - Updated Daily
The latest NFL Free Agent Rumors are posted here. Updated every single day!

2016 NFL Free Agent Signings:

Follow me @walterfootball for NFL Free Agent Signing updates. Post comments below.

NFL Roster Cuts

  • Colts waive QB Ryan Lindley - NFL Free Agent Signings for 2/9
  • Patriots waive RB Montee Ball
  • Raiders cut S Nate Allen
  • Titans cut S Michael Griffin

  • Eagles cut WR Riley Cooper - NFL Free Agent Signings for 2/8
  • Falcons cut OLB Justin Durant
  • Falcons cut S William Moore
  • Saints cut G Jahri Evans
  • Saints cut ILB David Hawthorne
  • Saints cut OLB Ramon Humber
  • Saints waive WR Seantavius Jones
  • Seahawks announce retirement of RB Marshawn Lynch

  • Eagles re-sign DE Vinny Curry - NFL Free Agent Signings for 2/2

  • Raiders announce retirement of DE Justin Tuck - NFL Free Agent Signings for 2/1

  • 49ers sign OL Colin Kelly - NFL Free Agent Signings for 1/23

  • 49ers sign WR Eric Rogers - NFL Free Agent Signings for 1/20

  • Redskins sign CB Cary Williams - NFL Free Agent Signings for 1/5

  • Dolphins sign CB Tyler Davis - NFL Free Agent Signings for 1/4

  • Steelers cut WR Jacoby Jones - NFL Free Agent Signings for 1/1

    NFL Free Agent Tracker:
    Top 90 | QB | RB | FB | WR | TE | OT | G | C | DE | DT | OLB | ILB | CB | S | K/P | FA Grades | FA Rumors

    NFL Free Agent Trackers from previous years: 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009



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    daroman (Anonymous Poster)
    10 month(s) 16 day(s) ago - hide

    2 free agents and 4 picks the browns need to make

    1.Brandon Spikes-lb- we need depth and talent to keep the inside core running

    2. Jermaine Gersham-te. Someone has to fill the huge hole jordan left. Why not take a chance.

    3. Danny Shelton-dt- we were horrible against the run. We need him to rebuild the d line.

    4. Andrew peat-ot-  A massive human who may sure 

    5. Dorsett-wr- a wr who can stech the field and provide a much needed weapon

    6. Nate Orchard-de-olb- another brick to rebuild the d line. Doesnt hurt he can play olb.

    0    0 Reply
    Anony (Anonymous Poster)
    10 month(s) 20 day(s) ago - hide
    You going to grade the Bears' signings or keep ignoring them?
    0    0 Reply
    RavenFan (Anonymous Poster)
    11 month(s) 7 day(s) ago - hide

    Pernell McPhee to Bears not Ravens

    1    0 Reply
    Really? (Anonymous Poster)
    11 month(s) 11 day(s) ago - hide
    @Eagles Fan (this reply system is really @#$@ed up every time I click reply it takes me to the top of the page) think about this, tearing your ACL is a very painful injury and once you tear it once, you have a bigger risk to tear it again and again and again, Kiko already has TWO ACL tears in his career (one in college and one last year) plus this isn't a case where a player tears his ACL and comes back and looked like he didn't miss a step, this is a guy who is coming off a ACL tear and didn't play at all his 2nd year, I'd take a player having 2 productive years in the NFL than an injury prone player. Chip made an awful decision.
    0    0 Reply
    Really? (Anonymous Poster)
    11 month(s) 13 day(s) ago - hide
    I read your grading score on the Eagles and Bills and your reasoning is awful.
    The Eagles are getting weak on offense, Maclin might be hitting free agency who do they have left, they gave away a top 5 running back for a LB who had off the field issues in college and who is coming off a ACL tear, I don't care how young he is we have seen that injuries can make players lose a step and they never look the same again. I'm not saying that will happen to Kiko but it is a chance.
    Bills gain a top running back and the Eagles gain a very good LB with questions about injuries and off the field issues and you give the Eagles an A- and the Bills a C????? Stupid
    2    1 Reply
    Eagles Fan (Anonymous Poster)
    11 month(s) 12 day(s) ago - hide
    @Really? How about the fact that McCoy has about 2000 career NFL touches. He can go 1-2 more years, and Kiko Alonso is only coming into his third year!
    0    2 Reply
    Secondary Issue (Anonymous Poster)
    1 years 1 month(s) ago - hide
    No Cornerbacks or Safeties are free agents this year? Hard to believe  ...
    0    3 Reply
    IssacH (Anonymous Poster)
    1 years 0 month(s) ago - hide

    @Secondary Issue

    Be patient.

    1    0 Reply


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