Grade given on 5/1/06: A+
Grade given on 7/3/07: A-

Good Moves: The five Cardinals fans out there must have been thrilled that Matt Leinart fell into Arizona's lap. In my opinion, Leinart is far and beyond the best quarterback in the 2006 class. If Dennis Green manages to revamp his offensive line, the Cardinals will have an offense comparable to Indianapolis'. Leinart will feel right at home with Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Edgerrin James and tight end Leonard Pope at his disposal. Speaking of Pope, the University of Georgia alumnus offers an instant upgrade at his position.

Leinart's teammate, guard Taitusi Luti, was an excellent selection in the second round. Green also had some solid picks during the second day, including defensive tackle Gabe Watson, outside linebacker Brandon Johnson and receiver Todd Watkins.

Bad Moves: Green should have drafted more than one offensive lineman. Kurt Warner will continue to get sacked into oblivion next year.

July 3, 2007 Update: The jury's still out on Matt Leinart, but he helped the Cardinals score at least 20 points the final six weeks of the season. He threw for 405 yards at Minnesota, and 232 yards and two touchdowns against Seattle. ... Deuce Lutui (2nd round) is the starting right guard, while Leonard Pope (3rd) is the tight end in the lineup. ... Gabe Watson (4th) also starts at defensive tackle. ... All the other picks are still on the roster. ... I still maintain that Dennis Green should have drafted an offensive lineman in the later rounds.

Instant 2006 Starters: TE Leonard Pope, G Taitui Lutui.
Potential 2006 Starters: QB Matt Leinart, DT Gabe Watson, OLB Brandon Johnson.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A+
Grade given on 7/3/07: A

Good Moves: Going into the draft, Romeo Crennel was doing an outstanding job in rebuilding the Browns organization, bringing in talented players, like center LeCharles Bentley, outside linebacker Willie McGinest, defensive tackle Ted Washington and wide receiver Joe Jurevicius. That didn't change in the first two rounds; Crennel acquired outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley in the first and inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson in the second. Both defenders are expected to be in the starting lineup by September.

The Browns also made numerous second-day selections that will pay dividends. Players like guard Isaac Sowells, running back Jerome Harrison, cornerback DeMario Minter, full back Lawrence Vickers and defensive tackle Babatunde Oshinowo will all contribute in the near future.

Bad Moves: I thought wide receiver Travis Wilson was a reach in round three. Maurice Stovall was still available.

July 3, 2007 Update: As predicted, Kamerion Wimbley and D'Qwell Jackson have become staples of Cleveland's defense. Wimbley notched 11 sacks in 2006. ... Travis Wilson (3rd round) caught only two passes last year, but has been promoted to No. 4 on the depth chart this offseason. Still think he was a reach. ... Lawrence Vickers (6th) is projected to be the starting fullback. ... All other draft picks are still on the team.

Instant 2006 Starters: OLB Kamerion Wimbley, ILB D'Qwell Jackson.
Potential 2006 Starters: G Isaac Sowells.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A+
Grade given on 7/3/07: A+

Good Moves: The Broncos made great selections during every stage of the draft. They traded up from No. 15 to No. 11 to secure quarterback Jay Cutler, who should be able to take over the starting gig by 2007. By making this move, Mike Shanahan finally conceded that it would take a miracle for Jake Plummer to take them to the Promised Land.

When Cutler becomes the starting signal caller, he will have plenty of weapons at his disposal. Shanahan traded for Javon Walker, and drafted receivers Brandon Marshall and Domenik Hixon, and tight end Tony Scheffler. One of the top selections of the entire draft came in the seventh round when the Broncos picked Greg Eslinger, a second-round prospect. Eslinger will be a staple on Denver's offensive line for years to come.

Bad Moves: I don't think defensive end Elvis Dumervil is a good pro prospect, but he was a fourth-round gamble. I say it's worth it.

July 3, 2007 Update: As I mentioned in my 2007 Quarterback Rankings, the Broncos were 2-3 when Jay Cutler started, scoring an average of 24.8 points in those contests. Despite his Spock-like haircut, Cutler looks like he'll turn out to be a solid pro. ... Tight end Tony Scheffler (2nd round) played well when Cutler was under center. ... Brandon Marshall (4th) was the No. 3 wide out last year, notching 20 receptions. ... Looks like I was wrong about Elvis Dumervil (4th); he led the team with 8.5 sacks in 2006. ... All other picks are still on the team, although Domenik Hixon (4th) looks like a waste. ... Don't forget that one of Denver's selections was used to acquire Javon Walker. I think that worked out pretty well.

Instant 2006 Starters: WR Javon Walker, TE Tony Scheffler.
Potential 2006 Starters: QB Jay Cutler.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A+
Grade given on 7/3/07: F

Good Moves: For the second year in a row, it seems as though Nick Saban came away with a solid draft class, even though he only had six choices to work with (one second-round choice was used on Daunte Culpepper). Safety Jason Allen, chosen No. 16 overall, will start right away and has Pro Bowl potential down the road.

Third-round wide receiver Derek Hagan will eventually become a potent weapon for Daunte Culpepper. Even Saban's seventh-round picks look like they will pan out; defensive tackle Rodrique Wright and wide receiver Devin Aromashodu both have enough skills to contribute.

Bad Moves: My only gripe with Saban's draft is his choice of Hagan over Maurice Stovall.

July 3, 2007 Update: Allen has yet to crack the starting lineup, which has to be a concern for the Dolphins' organization. ... Derek Hagan (3rd round) had two solid games in October as a rookie, but didn't do much else. He's currently fifth on the depth chart. ... Joe Toledo (4th) is the last tackle on the roster, so he may not make the team. ... Only one of the other selections (Rodrique Wright - 7th) is still on the roster. ... Miami's second-round pick was used on Daunte Culpepper. ... Looks like I was way off with this grade the first time around.

Instant 2006 Starters: QB Daunte Culpepper, S Jason Allen.
Potential 2006 Starters: WR Derek Hagan.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A+
Grade given on 7/3/07: B

Good Moves: Andy Reid wasn't kidding when he noted that he would be upgrading his offensive and defensive lines in the draft. His first four picks were all used on revamping the two fronts. Defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley should be able to provide pressure up the middle, while offensive tackle Winston Justice and guard Max Jean-Gilles provide some youth for an aging offensive line. I expect Justice and Jean-Gilles to become long-term fixtures in Philadelphia.

One of the most intriguing picks in this year's draft was wide receiver-kick returner Jeremy Bloom. A two-time Olympian, Bloom will bring speed and toughness to the Eagles special teams. Philadelphia also added wide out Jason Avant, who could be a solid No. 4 next year.

Bad Moves: Chris Gocong, taken in the third round, doesn't really fit Philadelphia's system. Gocong is more of a 3-4 hybrid and probably won't last long on the Eagles roster. But who really knows?

July 3, 2007 Update: Brodrick Bunkley really needs to step up this year; he was a non-factor as a rookie. ... The jury's still not out on Winston Justice (2nd round) and Max Jean-Gilles (4th). Both linemen will get a shot in the future. ... I still maintain what I wrote about Chris Gocong (3rd). He's more suited for the 3-4, and I'm really confused as to why Philadelphia picked him. ... Jason Avant (4th) doesn't seem like anything special. ... The surprise of the Eagles' draft class was linebacker Omar Gaither (5th), who played exceptionally as a rookie.

Instant 2006 Starters: G Max Jean-Gilles, DT Brodrick Bunkley, KR Jeremy Bloom.
Potential 2006 Starters: OT Winston Justice.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A+
Grade given on 7/3/07: B

Good Moves: I hope that Vernon Davis was crying because he went sixth overall; not because he was drafted by the 49ers. Nevertheless, Davis will be one of the elite tight ends in the NFL one day. As for San Francisco's other selections on Saturday, outside linebacker Manny Lawson and wide receiver Brandon Williams will respectively be able to replace Julian Peterson and Brandon Lloyd.

Three Sunday picks to watch for: Running back-wide receiver Michael Robinson, outside linebacker Parys Haralson and safety Marcus Hudson. All three players could be competing for starting jobs by 2007.

Bad Moves: You could always say that the 49ers didn't address all of their needs, but how could they? They had so many. Perhaps San Francisco's greatest error was not waiting an extra year for Matt Leinart. That said, the 49ers had an outstanding draft.

July 3, 2007 Update: Manny Lawson was taken out of the starting lineup in December; he recorded only 2.5 sacks in 2006. More production is needed. ... Vernon Davis was hurt for the majority of the season, but most of his yardage came in the final month of the year, which looks promising for San Francisco. ... Brandon Williams (3rd round) failed to record a single reception and was horrendous as a return specialist. ... Many criticized the Michael Robinson (4th) selection, but he looks like he'll be a capable backup for Frank Gore. ... All other picks are still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: TE Vernon Davis, OLB Manny Lawson.
Potential 2006 Starters: WR Brandon Williams, OLB Parys Haralson, S Marcus Hudson.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A+
Grade given on 7/3/07: B+

Good Moves: The Seahawks only had six picks to work with, but I think that at least four of them will turn out to be solid contributors to the team. Cornerback Kelly Jennings was an outstanding late-first-round choice, but perhaps the best pick Seattle made on Saturday was defensive end Darryl Tapp in the second round. Tapp and Tamba Hali could be the two best defensive ends in the 2006 class. Furthermore, the Seahawks' final three selections were terrific. Fullback David Kirtman, punter Ryan Plackemeier and wide receiver Ben Obomanu are all valuable as late-round choices.

Bad Moves: The only pick I disagreed with was Seattle's choice of guard Rob Sims in the fourth round.

July 3, 2007 Update: Tim Jennings was highly regarded coming out of Miami, so why is Jordan Babineaux ahead of him on the depth chart? ... Darryl Tapp (2nd round) saw some action as a rookie and recorded three sacks. ... Despite what I said about Rob Sims (4th), he was a steal who is penciled in at left guard. ... Ryan Plackemeier (7th) had a great year as a punter. .. David Kirtman (5th) and Ben Obomanu (7th) still have a place on the team.

Instant 2006 Starters: None.
Potential 2006 Starters: DE Darryl Tapp, CB Kelly Jennings, P Ryan Plackemeier.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A
Grade given on 7/3/07: A+

Good Moves: Ray Lewis asked for a wide body to protect him and he got his wish. The Ravens drafted Haloti Ngata after swapping picks with Cleveland. Ngata has some character issues, but I think he'll be a solid player in the NFL. If Lewis can't excel with Ngata in front of him, he's officially over the hill.

Meanwhile, Baltimore had desperate needs at center, nickel back and wide receiver. The team respectively addressed those positions with Chris Chester, David Pittman and Demetrius Williams. I was also a fan of two choices the Ravens made on Sunday: cornerback Derrick Martin and defensive end-outside linebacker Ryan LaCasse. Both of those players will be solid contributors down the road.

Bad Moves: I didn't like Baltimore's fourth-round selection of running back P.J. Daniels; the Ravens already have Jamal Lewis and Mike Anderson, and there were better options available. The Ravens needed a new offensive tackle and linebacker depth, but failed to acquire personnel at those positions.

July 3, 2007 Update: I guess we can say Ray Lewis was right about Haloti Ngata; Baltimore's new nose tackle revitalized the team's defense, increasing the production of Lewis, Bart Scott, Adalius Thomas and others. ... Chris Chester (2nd round) has yet to beat out the mediocre Mike Flynn as the starting center. ... David Pittman (3rd) and P.J. Daniels (4th) look like they're busts. ... However, the steal of the draft, excluding Marques Colston, was Dawan Landry (5th). Landry started at strong safety and quickly became an important member of Baltimore's stop unit. ... Demetrius Williams (4th) also looks promising. Punter Sam Koch (6th) nailed 30 punts inside his opponents' 20-yard line. ... Every other selection, excluding Ryan LaCasse (7th) is still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: DT Haloti Ngata.
Potential 2006 Starters: C Chris Chester.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A
Grade given on 7/3/07: A+

Good Moves: I thought the Panthers should have drafted an outside linebacker in the first round, but I have no problem with DeAngelo Williams. DeShaun Foster is too injury-prone to be counted on for an entire season. Williams will probably turn out to be the best pure running back in this draft class.

Second-round selection Richard Marshall has the tools to become a top-notch cornerback in the NFL, while offensive tackle Rashad Butler could be considered a steal at No. 89 overall. As for Day 2, a pair of picks stood out: tight end Jeff King and defensive end Stanley McClover.

Bad Moves: Outside linebacker James Anderson, taken in the third round, was a reach; the Panthers probably could have secured him in the fifth. Carolina consequently did not do a good job of upgrading the outside linebacker position, which was vacated by Will Witherspoon, who signed with St. Louis.

July 3, 2007 Update: DeAngelo Williams didn't get many rushing yards (501), but he had a higher per-carry average than DeShaun Foster and caught 33 passes in the process. ... Richard Marshall (2nd round) was fourth on the team in tackles and started the final seven games of the 2006 campaign. He's looks like a promising corner. ... Outside linebacker James Anderson (3rd) saw some action and even was in the starting lineup for two games. If Jon Beason moves to inside linebacker, Anderson could get the nod as the guy who will play outside. ... Nate Salley (4th) is currently penciled in as the starting strong safety. ... Every other pick is still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: None.
Potential 2006 Starters: OT Rashad Butler.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A
Grade given on 7/3/07: B+

Good Moves: Owner Zygmund Wilf made it clear that he would be looking for character after his team's alleged boat incident. That was apparent when he snagged outside linebacker Chad Greenway at No. 17 overall. Greenway, who will instantly secure a spot in the starting lineup, has the talent and the drive to become one of the premier outside linebackers in the NFL one day. The Vikings had three second-round choices and all of them were outstanding. Cornerback Cedric Griffin could beat out Fred Smoot for the starting job; center Ryan Cook provides insurance should Matt Birk's injury still linger; while Tarvaris Jackson will eventually succeed Brad Johnson as the team's starting quarterback.

Minnesota continued its pristine draft into Sunday, as the team grabbed defensive end Ray Edwards and safety Greg Blue, both of whom will contribute in 2006. Wilf also traded for Eagles guard Artis Hicks, who will provide some needed depth on the offensive line.

Bad Moves: I was disappointed to see that the Vikings failed to address the running back position, especially in the wake of Onterrio Smith's upheld suspension.

July 3, 2007 Update: It's tough to give the Vikings a grade at this juncture. Chad Greenway missed the entire season with an injury, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (2nd round) only started two games and right guard Ryan Cook (2nd) was in the lineup for just three contests. However, cornerback Cedric Griffin (2nd) started six of the team's final seven contests and is currently penciled in as the guy who will play across from Antoine Winfield. ... Ray Edwards (4th) recorded three sacks as a reserve.

Instant 2006 Starters: OLB Chad Greenway.
Potential 2006 Starters: C Ryan Cook, CB Cedric Griffin.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A
Grade given on 7/3/07: A+

Good Moves: How lucky are the Saints? They didn't even do anything and Reggie Bush fell into their laps. Maybe that's some retribution for playing 16 road games in 2005. Bush was the right selection. Remember, New Orleans picked Deuce McAllister when it had Ricky Williams on the roster. Besides, Bush and McAllister can be used simultaneously in many different formations. I'm anxious to see how head coach Sean Payton utilizes Bush.

But enough about Bush; the Saints made other solid acquisitions in the draft. Safety Roman Harper could take over for incumbent Dwight Smith, whom New Orleans is attempting to deal. Seventh-round offensive tackle Zach Strief could be a starter one day. The Saints also acquired center Jeff Faine and defensive tackle Hollis Thomas in two separate deals.

Bad Moves: Between Harper and Streif, the Saints made four questionable selections.

July 3, 2007 Update: Reggie Bush and Marques Colston (7th round). Is that enough for an A+? If not, remember New Orleans acquired center Jeff Faine and defensive tackle Hollis Thomas in draft-day deals. Also, Roman Harper (2nd) looked solid at strong safety and started every game until he was lost for the year. ... Jahari Evans (4th) is the Saints' top right guard. ... Mike Hass (6th) and Josh Lay (6th) are no longer on the roster. ... That said, it doesn't get much better than what the Saints accomplished last April.

Instant 2006 Starters: RB Reggie Bush, C Jeff Faine.
Potential 2006 Starters: DT Hollis Thomas, S Roman Harper.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A
Grade given on 7/3/07: B+

Good Moves: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually liked Oakland's first five draft picks. Yeah, I'm shocked too. Safety Michael Huff, chosen No. 7 overall, will terrorize opposing offenses in the same manner that Ronnie Lott did two decades ago. Meanwhile, don't be surprised if outside linebacker Thomas Howard, offensive tackle Paul McQuistan and safety Darnell Bing find their way into the starting lineup by the commencement of the 2006 campaign. Sixth-round guard Kevin Boothe was also a solid selection.

Bad Moves: Al Davis will regret not drafting Matt Leinart. How can he possibly go into a season with Aaron Brooks and Andrew Walter battling for the starting quarterback gig?

July 3, 2007 Update: Michael Huff's a good player, but how do you pass on Jay Cutler and Matt Leinart? Just plain foolish. ... Oakland's top rookie was outside linebacker Thomas Howard (2nd round), who was second on the team in tackles with 110. ... Left guard Paul McQuistan (3rd) started six games for the Raiders, but that's not saying much because the offensive line sucked. ... Kevin Boothe (6th) was another guard who saw tons of action; Boothe started 14 contests.

Instant 2006 Starters: S Michael Huff.
Potential 2006 Starters: OT Paul McQuistan, G Kevin Boothe, OLB Thomas Howard, S Darnell Bing.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A
Grade given on 7/3/07: D

Good Moves: The Steelers needed to replace Antwaan Randle El, who defected for Washington a few months ago. It seems as though they were able to find a substitute in Santonio Holmes, an Ohio State alumnus who is capable as a receiver and a return man. Pittsburgh made a few solid selections in the middle rounds of the draft, including safety Anthony Smith and nose tackle Orien Harris. Fifth-round tight end Charles Davis will be a quality backup for Heath Miller.

Bad Moves: I don't understand the Willie Reid pick. The Steelers chose Reid, a wide out from Florida State, in the third round. Reid was a fifth-round prospect at best and is currently slated as the No. 7 receiver on the depth chart. Guard Willie Colon, taken No. 131 overall, was also drafted too early.

July 3, 2007 Update: Santonio Holmes started slow, but he really picked it up at the end of the year, finishing with 824 yards. ... Anthony Smith (3rd round) will battle it out with Ryan Clark for the free safety gig. ... As predicted, Willie Reid (3rd) is a bust so far. ... Orien Harris (4th), Omar Jacobs (5th), Charles Davis (5th) and Cedric Humes (7th) are no longer with the team. Talk about inefficient drafting.

Instant 2006 Starters: WR/KR Santonio Holmes.
Potential 2006 Starters: None.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A-
Grade given on 7/3/07: A-

Good Moves: The Falcons did not possess a first-round selection because of the John Abraham acquisition. So, they responded by taking a first-round prospect with the No. 37 overall pick. I won't be surprised if cornerback Jimmy Williams leapfrogs Jason Webster to supplant himself in the starting lineup. Atlanta took its running back of the future, Jerious Norwood, in the third round.

As for Sunday's selections, kick returner Adam Jennings should be able to contribute immediately. Quarterback D.J. Shockley wasn't a bad choice in the seventh round.

Bad Moves: Atlanta took offensive tackle Quinn Ojinnaka in the fifth round, even though Jonathan Scott was available. The offensive line was not addressed.

July 3, 2007 Update: The Falcons traded their first-round pick for John Abraham, but he missed half the year with an injury. ... Jimmy Williams (2nd round) started the final four games of his rookie campaign and will be moved to free safety in 2007. ... Jerious Norwood (3rd) looks like he'll be the starting running back in Atlanta for a long time. ... The other three picks are still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: DE John Abraham.
Potential 2006 Starters: CB Jimmy Williams, KR Adam Jennings.

Grade given on 5/1/06: A-
Grade given on 7/3/07: B+

Good Moves: Kudos to the Jets, who recognized their need for offensive linemen in an offseason where Kevin Mawae and Jason Fabini defected for other organizations. Offensive tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson and center Nick Mangold will be staples in New York's offensive line for at least a decade. Quarterback Kellen Clemens, taken No. 49 overall, should be ready to take over as the starter by the commencement of the 2007 campaign. Rounding out Saturday evening, inside linebacker Anthony Schlegel will be a quality backup for Jonathan Vilma.

The Jets made numerous, solid acquisitions on Sunday. Fourth-round running back Leon Washington could become Curtis Martin's heir apparent. Defensive tackle Titus Adams was a steal in the final round.

Bad Moves: Ferguson will be an outstanding player for years to come, but Jets fans will regret that their team passed up on Matt Leinart. Clemens will be a solid signal caller in the NFL, but he won't be nearly as successful as the USC alumnus. Moving on, I question two picks New York made in the middle rounds. Safety Eric Smith was a first-day reach, while former quarterback Brad Smith doesn't seem to have the determination to change his position. He looks like another Ronald Curry to me.

July 3, 2007 Update: Both linemen the Jets picked up in the first round - D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold - were instrumental to their 10-6 playoff-bound season. ... However, with a healthy Chad Pennington at the helm, Kellen Clemens (2nd round) looks like a waste. ... Leon Washington (4th) can't be an every-down back in this league, but he's an excellent weapon to have on offense. ... Third-round selections Anthony Schlegel and Eric Smith didn't really contribute. ... Brad Smith (4th) wasn't worth the draft pick the Jets used on him. ... All other picks, excluding Titus Adams (7th), are still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, C Nick Mangold.
Potential 2006 Starters: QB Kellen Clemens.

Grade given on 5/1/06: B+
Grade given on 7/3/07: B-

Good Moves: The Giants failed to score a single point against the Panthers in the playoffs, so they went after wide receiver Sinorice Moss in the second round. Moss will provide New York with some much-needed youth and speed. General manager Ernie Accorsi, who indicated that he will be retiring after the 2006 season, made four solid selections in the middle rounds fo the draft. Middle linebacker Gerris Wilkinson, defensive tackle Barry Cofield, offensive tackle Guy Whimper and safety Charlie Peprah could all be starters three years from now.

Bad Moves: Giants fans were the only people from New York who booed their team during the first round of the draft. That's because their team acquired defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka when it already had Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora. Jimmy Willaims would have been a better option. New York should have addressed the cornerback position before the seventh round.

July 3, 2007 Update: I didn't like the Mathias Kiwanuka selection because the Giants already had Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora, and needed too many other things. It's a good thing Kiwanuka can also play outside linebacker, because that's where he'll be starting next year. ... Sinorice Moss (2nd round) caught only five passes in 2006, prompting New York to draft Steve Smith in 2007. ... Defensive tackle Barry Cofield (4th) started every single game for the Giants last year. ... Guy Whimper (4th) will compete with David Diehl for the left tackle gig. ... Charlie Peprah (5th) is no longer on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: None.
Potential 2006 Starters: DT Barry Cofield, S Charlie Peprah.

Grade given on 5/1/06: B+
Grade given on 7/3/07: B+

Good Moves: Jon Gruden didn't back away from his promise of upgrading his offensive line. He spent his first two picks on guard Davin Joseph and offensive tackle Jeremy Trueblood. However, his top two selections of the 2006 Draft occurred in the third and fourth rounds -- wide out Maurice Stovall and cornerback Alan Zemaitis. The former is probably the best receiver in his class, while the latter fits perfectly in Tampa Bay's cover-2 scheme. I won't be surprised if both players are Pro Bowlers in a few years.

Bad Moves: Joseph is an upgrade over Sean Mahan at right guard, but the first round was too early for him. Gruden probably should have grabbed Winston Justice at No. 23. None of Tampa Bay's second-day picks really impressed me. I'm also confused as to why the Buccaneers waited until the sixth round to draft a tight end.

July 3, 2007 Update: Like the Jets, Tampa Bay's top two selections were offensive linemen - Davin Joseph and Jeremy Trueblood (2nd round) - who contributed right away. ... Maurice Stovall (3rd) didn't do much until Week 15. He started two games but was largely ineffective. But was it his fault or the quarterback's? ... Cornerback Alan Zemaitis (4th) has the talent to start in the NFL, but Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly are in the way. I wouldn't count him out just yet. ... All of the other picks, excluding two seventh-round players, are still on the team.

Instant 2006 Starters: G Davin Joseph.
Potential 2006 Starters: OT Jeremy Trueblood.

Grade given on 5/1/06: B
Grade given on 7/3/07: D

Good Moves: The Cowboys managed to acquire four talented players in the draft: outside linebacker Bobby Carpenter, tight end Anthony Fasano, safety Pat Watkins and defensive tackle Montavious Stanley. Carpenter should be able to step into the starting lineup right away, taking over for aging Al Singleton. Watkins, a fifth-round selection, will challenge Keith Davis for the starting job at free safety. Stanley is a project but should see significant playing time by 2008.

Bad Moves: I mentioned Fasano was talented, but where does he fit in? The Cowboys already have Jason Witten. Instead of picking Fasano, Dallas should have pursued inside linebacker Abdul Hodge or safety Darnell Bing. Furthermore, I wasn't a fan of the Cowboys' third- and fourth-round selections. Defensive end Jason Hatcher and wide receiver Skyler Green were both reaches. Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones failed to upgrade the middle of their defense, which was a liability in 2005.

July 3, 2007 Update: I thought Bobby Carpenter could step into the lineup right away. Wrong. Carpenter started only one game and didn't do much else the rest of the season. ... I still don't get the Anthony Fasano (2nd round) selection. He just doesn't seem to fit in. ... Pat Watkins (5th) started nine games at free safety and picked off three passes. ... No other rookie really did anything.

Instant 2006 Starters: OLB Bobby Carpenter.
Potential 2006 Starters: S Pat Watkins.

Grade given on 5/1/06: B
Grade given on 7/3/07: A

Good Moves: Was it just me, or did it seem like the Packers had about 50,000 picks in the draft? When a team has that many selections, it's bound to get some right. The first choice was easy; outside linebacker A.J. Hawk was a no-brainer. Tom Jackson called Hawk the best defensive player in this draft class, and I cannot disagree. Joining Hawk at linebacker will be inside man Abdul Hodge, who was taken in the third round. Hodge will be able to spell incumbent Nick Barnett and could even challenge the Oregon State alumnus for the starting gig.

Green Bay made some other bold acquisitions on Saturday evening. Guard-center Jason Spitz should be able to help open up some running lanes for Ahman Green and Samkon Gado, while wide receiver Greg Jennings could evolve into a lethal target for Aaron Rodgers in the future.

Bad Moves: Offensive tackle Daryn Colledge has quite a bit of skill, but the Packers needed an interior offensive lineman; not a tackle. Colledge will not be able to contribute right away. Instead, Green Bay should have gone with Chris Chester. As for Sunday's selections, I was not a fan of any of them. I'll be shocked if any of the players that were picked on Day 2 will contribute to this organization.

July 3, 2007 Update: As projected, A.J. Hawk played exceptionally well and even led the team in tackles. ... The Packers are yet another squad to start two effective rookies on the offensive line, Daryn Colledge (2nd round) and Jason Spitz (3rd). I was wrong about the former; I thought he was limited to offensive tackle. Colledge is currently penciled in at left guard. ... Abdul Hodge (3rd) didn't see much action as a rookie. It'll be tough for him to get into the lineup, given that Nick Barnett's in front of him. ... I really like Greg Jennings (2nd). He was a solid second option for Brett Favre, and can only get better. ... Cory Rodgers (4th) didn't make the team. ... Other than offensive tackle Tony Moll (5th), no other rookie did much in 2006.

Potential 2006 Starters: OLB Abdul Hodge, G Jason Spitz.
Potential 2006 Starters: WR Greg Jennings, MLB Abdul Hodge.

Grade given on 5/1/06: B
Grade given on 7/3/07: C+

Good Moves: Tamba Hali has the tools and determination to be the best defensive end in this draft class. He will immediately contribute for a team that only had one player who registered more than four sacks in 2005. Second-round safety Bernard Pollard will soon replace the aging Sammy Knight. One second-day prospect to look for is cornerback Marcus Maxey, who could be in the starting lineup by the middle of the 2007 campaign.

Bad Moves: I like Brodie Croyle, but I would rather have seen the Chiefs spend their third-round choice on a wide receiver or a defensive player. Trent Green is nowhere near retirement; Kansas City could have found someone to groom in the 2008 NFL Draft.

July 3, 2007 Update: I guess Trent Green is close to retirement. One hard hit and you're done. ... As predicted, Tamba Hali contributed immediately. He accumulated eight sacks as a rookie. ... Bernard Pollard (2nd round) didn't make it into the starting lineup last year, but the Chiefs think enough of him to pencil him in as the top strong safety on the depth chart this offseason. ... Jarrad Page (7th) was a nice value pick, as he collected 35 tackles as a reserve. ... Every other selection is still on the roster, although Brodie Croyle (3rd) remains a mystery.

Instant 2006 Starters: DE Tamba Hali.
Potential 2006 Starters: S Bernard Pollard.

Grade given on 5/1/06: B
Grade given on 7/3/07: A-

Good Moves: Credit the Rams for trading down a few slots and grabbing the player they were coveting, cornerback Tye Hill. Maybe the Bills should take some lessons from the Rams, who made two other great selections on Saturday: tight end Joe Klopfenstein and outside linebacker Jon Alston.

St. Louis also managed to acquire talent on Sunday, picking underrated players such as defensive end Victor Adeyanju, middle linebacker Tim McGarigle and guard Mark Setterstrom.

Bad Moves: Character issue was the theme of the 2006 Draft, but not for the Rams. Both tight end Dominique Byrd and defensive tackle Claude Wroten slipped on numerous draft boards because of their questionable personalities. We'll see if they pan out. And speaking of Byrd, why did the Rams take another tight end just one round after Klopfenstein?

July 3, 2007 Update: The Rams moved down, got the player they wanted and watched him perform well. Nothing gets better than that. Tye Hill is St. Louis' No. 1 corner. ... Joe Klopfenstein (2nd round) doesn't look like he's going to be anything special; the Rams signed Randy McMichael to replace him at tight end. ... Claude Wroten (3rd) has a shot to win the starting defensive tackle job next to Adam Carriker. ... Jon Alston (3rd) didn't get much playing time, but he'll likely take over for Corey Chavous at strong safety once the veteran leaves. ... St. Louis' other third-round selection, Dominique Byrd, is buried on the depth chart. I'll never understand why the Rams took two tight ends in the span of two rounds. ... Victor Adeyanju started nine games at defensive end before getting hurt. He recorded only one sack, however. ... Mark Setterstrom was a nice surprise in the seventh round; the Minnesota alumnus started six contests in 2006.

Instant 2006 Starters: TE Joe Klopfenstein, CB Tye Hill.
Potential 2006 Starters: TE Dominique Byrd, G Mark Setterstrom, DT Claude Wroten.

Grade given on 5/1/06: B-
Grade given on 7/3/07: A-

Good Moves: Ernie Sims has the tools to develop into one of the premier linebackers in the NFL. Drafted at No. 9 overall, Sims will immediately step into the starting lineup. Safety Daniel Bullocks, chosen in the second round, should be able to challenge incumbent Terrence Holt for the starting job. Matt Millen managed to acquire two absolute steals toward the end of the draft: offensive tackle Jonathan Scott and guard Fred Matua.

Bad Moves: Although Sims is extremely talented, how could Millen possibly justify passing on Matt Leinart? The city of Detroit will regret his decision for decades to come. Also, running back Brian Calhoun was an odd choice in the third round. Leave it to Millen to draft an offensive player at a position that his team has no use for. Cornerback David Pittman would have been a better option. And speaking of cornerbacks, Millen did not do a good job of revamping his secondary and defensive line.

July 3, 2007 Update: Ernie Sims definitely looks like the real deal. Sims started all 16 games in 2006 and had almost 50 more tackles than anyone else on his team. ... Daniel Bullocks (2nd round) finished third on the team in tackles, although he was in and out of the starting lineup. Still, he should become a staple of Detroit's secondary for years to come. ... As predicted, Brian Calhoun (3rd) played a minimal role. I'm still not sure why Matt Millen drafted him. ... Jonathan Scott (5th) played his fair share at offensive tackle, starting four contests as a rookie. ... All but one pick (Fred Matua - 7th) is still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: OLB Ernie Sims.
Potential 2006 Starters: OT Jonathan Scott, G Fred Matua, S Daniel Bullocks.

Grade given on 5/1/06: C+
Grade given on 7/3/07: B-

Good Moves: The Redskins did not have a first round pick and they only possessed just one selection in the first four rounds, so it's tough to gauge how good their draft is. Washington picked outside linebacker Rocky McIntosh, who should be able to step in for the departed LaVar Arrington.

Bad Moves: I wasn't impressed with any of Washington's other picks; they had one fifth-round, two sixth-round and two seventh-round selections.

July 3, 2007 Update: The jury's still out on Rocky McIntosh, who started one game as a rookie. In that contest, he recorded a career-high 10 tackles. He's currently penciled into the lineup at weak side. ... Defensive tackle Kedric Golston started 11 times in 2006. Not bad for a sixth-round pick. ... Washington had just one selection in the first four rounds. That seems to be the norm for Daniel Snyder.

Instant 2006 Starters: None.
Potential 2006 Starters: OLB Rocky McIntosh.

Grade given on 5/1/06: C+
Grade given on 7/3/07: A+

Good Moves: Punt returner Bobby Wade was brutal in 2005, so the Bears responded by choosing University of Miami receiver Devin Hester in the second round. Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek, selected in the third round, will provide quality depth at his position. And finally, defensive end Mark Anderson, taken with the 159th pick of the draft, will prove to be a quality player for Chicago.

Bad Moves: Going into the draft, I liked safety Danieal Manning. I liked him as a late-third-round prospect. The Bears chose him at No. 42 overall, which was much too early for the Abilene Christian graduate. And aside from the Anderson selection, all of Chicago's day-two picks baffled me. The Bears failed to provide Rex Grossman with a quality tight end. Why didn't they draft Leonard Pope, Dominique Byrd, Anthony Fasano or Joe Klopfenstein?

July 3, 2007 Update: Although the Bears didn't have a first-round pick, they still managed to land three outstanding players: Danieal Manning (2nd round), Devin Hester (2nd) and Mark Anderson (5th). All three played a crucial role in Chicago's Super Bowl appearance. Manning was the starting free safety, Hester had five returns for touchdowns and Anderson recorded a team-high 12 sacks. ... Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek (3rd) missed the entire season with an injury, so we have no idea what to expect from him. ... Jamar Williams (4th) didn't see much action in 2006, but he will this season if Lance Briggs holds out. The Bears seem to like Williams.

Instant 2006 Starters: None.
Potential 2006 Starters: S Danieal Manning, KR Devin Hester.

Grade given on 5/1/06: C
Grade given on 7/3/07: B-

Good Moves: Like the picks or not, defensive end Mario Williams and outside linebacker DeMeco Ryans will improve Houston's defense. How could it possibly get worse? I'm a huge fan of the latter; Ryans will be an outstanding player in this league. It took Charley Casserly a while, but he finally upgraded his offensive line; he selected tackle Eric Winston and guard Charles Spencer with a pair of picks in the third round. A second-day prospect to watch for? Tight end Owen Daniels could make it into Houston's starting lineup by the end of training camp.

Bad Moves: I'm eager to find out why Casserly hates David Carr so much. He should not have waited until the third round to revamp his pathetic offensive front. Casserly should have found some way to trade the No. 1 pick down a few slots in an attempt to acquire tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson. And speaking of the No. 1 choice, I found it hilarious that Casserly spoke candidly about the improvement of his team's pass rush, while Williams conceded that he is more of a run-stopping defensive end. Oops.

July 3, 2007 Update: Mario Williams struggled to get to the quarterback, while Reggie Bush was a legitimate threat on one of the top offenses in the league. Oops. ... Houston made amends for its poor decision in Round 1 with some of its later picks. Linebacker DeMeco Ryans (2nd round) was a steal and one of the top defensive rookies in the NFL last year. ... Two offensive linemen taken in the third round - Charles Spencer and Eric Winston - both saw significant playing time. Unfortunately, Spencer was lost for this season and the next. ... Owen Daniels (4th) was a nice surprise for a franchise that has never had a potent tight end. Daniels was third on the team in receptions and receiving yards. ... Although he wasn't very good, Wali Lundy (6th) saw ample action. ... Still, the highest grade I can give the Texans is a B- because they botched the No. 1 overall selection.

Instant 2006 Starters: DE Mario Williams, OLB DeMeco Ryans.
Potential 2006 Starters: TE Owen Daniels, OT Eric Winston, G Charles Spencer.

Grade given on 5/1/06: C
Grade given on 7/3/07: B+

Good Moves: The Jaguars desperately needed a tight end and they managed to acquire one, obtaining Marcedes Lewis at No. 28 overall. Lewis will become a great safety valve for the improving Byron Leftwich. As for Sunday, I don't know how Jacksonville did it, but all three of its selections were outstanding. Defensive ends Brent Hawkins and James Wyche, and cornerback Dee Webb will become solid contributors in the near future.

Bad Moves: Jacksonville's worst pick might have been outside linebacker Clint Ingram. Why? The team traded up 12 slots in the third round to acquire him, when it probably could have secured him with the fourth-round selection they surrendered. Maurice Drew, taken No. 60, will initially be labeled as Fred Taylor's heir apparent. However, I don't think he has what it takes to succeed one of the NFL's best running backs. He will, however, be valuable in the return game.

July 3, 2007 Update: Looks like I was completely off on Marcedes Lewis and Maurice Jones-Drew. Lewis appears to be a bust; he caught only 13 passes in 2006 and showed no promise. Jones-Drew, on the other hand, proved that he is capable of becoming Jacksonville's every-down back once Fred Taylor moves on. Jones-Drew (2nd round) compiled 941 rushing yards, 436 receiving yards and 15 total touchdowns at a 5.7 yards-per-carry clip. ... I still think the Jaguars could have obtained Clint Ingram (3rd) without moving up, but the fact that he started 11 contests makes that assumption meaningless. ... Jacksonville's other three selections are still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: TE Marcedes Lewis.
Potential 2006 Starters: None.

Grade given on 5/1/06: C-
Grade given on 7/3/07: A

Good Moves: Safety Donte Whitner, chosen No. 8 overall, will be a solid player for the Bills for years to come. Cornerback Ashton Youboty, a fellow Ohio State alumnus, will able to step in for Nate Clements, should the disgruntled defensive back be traded to a different team. I was also a fan of two of Buffalo's second-day selections: safety Ko Simpson, who had the talent to be drafted in the second round; and defensive tackle Kyle Williams.

Bad Moves: Although Whitner has loads of talent, I have a problem with how general manager Marv Levy approached his first pick. First of all, he passed on Matt Leinart, the premier quarterback in the 2006 Draft. Secondly, Levy could have secured Whitner around the middle of the first round. He should have traded down. It seems to me that the Bills had their eyes set on Michael Huff and simply panicked when the Texas safety was taken off the board.

While the Whitner decision was bad, Buffalo had a much worse blunder later in the opening round. The team dealt one of its third-round selections to move up to No. 26. The Bills chose defensive tackle John McCargo at the spot, even though they could have obtained him in the second round. Even if McCargo turns out to be a solid player, Buffalo surrendered a draft choice for no apparent reason.

I was not a fan of any of Buffalo's selections after Williams. The organization also failed to address the offensive tackle position.

July 3, 2007 Update: I gave the Bills a C- because they reached far too often. Donte Whitner and John McCargo, both taken in the first round, could have been obtained later, especially the latter. McCargo was hurt and didn't play much. Whitner, on the other hand, was second in tackles. ... Whitner wasn't the only rookie safety who made an impact in 2006. Ko Simpson (4th round) started 15 games. ... Ashton Youboty (3rd) didn't see much time, but I have a feeling that will change now that Nate Clements is gone. ... Defensive tackle Kyle Williams (5th) is another guy who made a difference right away; the LSU alumnus started 11 contests. ... The Bills seem to like outside linebacker Keith Ellison (6th), which made Takeo Spikes expendable. ... Offensive tackle Terrance Pennington started nine games. Not bad for a seventh-round selection.

Instant 2006 Starters: S Donte Whitner.
Potential 2006 Starters: CB Ashton Youboty, DT John McCargo, DT Kyle Williams, S Ko Simpson.

Grade given on 5/1/06: C-
Grade given on 7/3/07: B-

Good Moves: Corey Dillon averaged just 3.5 yards per carry in 2005, prompting the Patriots to select talented running back Laurence Maroney, who will be able to help Tom Brady and company move the chains on a more-consistent basis. Second-round receiver Chad Jackson provides Brady with a speedy, downfield target in the wake of David Givens' departure. Offensive tackle Ryan O'Callaghan and defensive tackle LeKevin Smith, both of whom were late selections, should be able to help the Patriots maintain their stranglehold in the AFC East.

Bad Moves: Given Bill Belichick's draft history, it's difficult to question his moves. However, how many tight ends do the Patriots need? Despite already having Ben Watson and Daniel Graham, New England chose Dave Thomas and Garrett Mills in consecutive rounds. In the fourth, Belichick found someone to replace Adam Vinatieri -- Memphis kicker Stephen Gostkowski. Even though he kicked three field goals from longer than 50 yards during his collegiate career, there is no way he is as clutch as Vinatieri.

New England's first five picks were spent on offense. Didn't its defense struggle last season? The Patriots needed to address outside linebacker, inside linebacker and safety. None of those three positions were satisfied.

July 3, 2007 Update: Laurence Maroney looks like he's capable of collecting at least 1,500 rushing yards this season. That's possible without Corey Dillon stealing his carries. ... Chad Jackson (2nd round) looks like a complete bust. ... Offensive tackle Ryan O'Callaghan (5th) stepped into the starting role for a handful of games and has proven himself to be a reliable backup on the front. ... I'm still not sure what to make of tight end Dave Thomas (3rd) and Garrett Mills (4th). We'll find out now that Daniel Graham is gone. ... Stephen Gostkowski (4th) nailed just 3-of-5 field-goal attempts from beyond 40 yards. Not exactly Adam Vinatieri. ... Jeremy Mincey (6th), Dan Stevenson (6th) and Willie Andrews (7th) are not on the roster anymore. Note: Andrews is still on the roster. I made an error by saying he wasn't. Sorry for any confusion.

Instant 2006 Starters: K Stephen Gostkowski.
Potential 2006 Starters: RB Laurence Maroney, WR Chad Jackson.

Grade given on 5/1/06: D
Grade given on 7/3/07: B

Good Moves: Offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth was a sound second-round selection; he is now the heir apparent to right tackle Willie Anderson. The Bengals also drafted talented outside linebacker A.J. Nicholson on Sunday afternoon.

Bad Moves: While Jonathan Joseph will be a solid player in the NFL, can anyone tell me why the Bengals spent a No. 1 pick on a cornerback? They needed defensive line help and they already have two stout corners, Deltha O'Neal and Tory James. Speaking of defensive linemen, Frostee Rucker was a reach at No. 91 overall; he was a fifth-round prospect, at best. Cincinnati should have traded up in an attempt to secure Brodrick Bunkley or Tamba Hali. Furthermore, excluding the A.J. Nicholson selection, none of the Bengals' second-day acquisitions made any sense.

July 3, 2007 Update: It looks like Jonathan Joseph and Andrew Whitworth (2nd round) are both winners. Unfortunately, the Bengals drafted two losers - Frostee Rucker (3rd) and A.J. Nicholson (5th) - who were arrested. The latter is no longer with the organization. ... Defensive tackle Domata Peko (4th) made an impact as a rookie, recording 43 tackles as a reserve. He's currently penciled in as the starter. Ethan Kilmer (7th) made an impact on special teams. ... Why didn't the Bengals upgrade their defensive front prior to the third round?

Instant 2006 Starters: None.
Potential 2006 Starters: DE Frostee Rucker.

Grade given on 5/1/06: D
Grade given on 7/3/07: B-

Good Moves: Offensive tackle Marcus McNeill was an outstanding acquisition in the second round. If only Drew Brees had him last year. I also like inside linebacker Tim Dobbins, who was picked on Sunday afternoon.

Bad Moves: General manager A.J. Smith is not having a good offseason. He began by letting go of Brees. Now he took a player in the first round who only started one game in his collegiate career. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who missed the entire 2005 season, is expected to help the Chargers improve their pass defense. You don't draft pure potential in the first round. It's hard to believe that Smith doesn't realize that.

I don't understand the selection of Charlie Whitehurst in the third round. If Smith is so confident in Philip Rivers, why does he need another young signal caller on the roster?

July 3, 2007 Update: Antonio Cromartie didn't start in 2006, but he played a role as a reserve. That said, I don't think the Chargers wanted to use a first-round pick on a backup corner. ... I was right about Marcus McNeill being an "outstanding acquisition in the second round," but I never imagined he would have been this good this quickly. ... I'll never understand the Charlie Whitehurst (3rd round) pick. ... Tim Dobbins (5th) has a shot at starting this season. ... Kurt Smith (6th), Chase Page (7th) and Jimmy Martin (7th) didn't make the team.

Instant 2006 Starters: OT Marcus McNeill.
Potential 2006 Starters: None.

Grade given on 5/1/06: D
Grade given on 7/3/07: C+

Good Moves: Safety Calvin Lowry, middle linebacker Stephen Tullock and outside linebacker Terna Nande were all solid picks made on Sunday afternoon.

Bad Moves: What a terrible Day 1. The Titans had the opportunity to draft Matt Leinart, the best quarterback in the draft and the only signal caller that truly fit into their system. Instead, they chose Vince Young, whose inability to digest defenses and unorthodox release point makes him a risky proposition. And no, he won't be able to run wild like he did in the Rose Bowl. General manager Floyd Reese should be fired.

Want another reason why Reese has to go? He spent a second-round pick on sluggish running back LenDale White, who couldn't even stay in shape before he earned his millions. What will his work ethic be like when he actually possesses millions?

July 3, 2007 Update: I've already admitted I was dead wrong about Vince Young 5,000 times on this site. Young doesn't put up the prettiest stats in the world, but he knows what it takes to win. ... I was right about LenDale White's work ethic; instead of trying to improve himself, all he does is eat cheeseburgers and Doritos. ... Calvin Lowry (4th) didn't contribute much. ... On the other hand, Stephen Tulloch (4th) is penciled in as the starting middle linebacker. Tulloch had 47 tackles as a rookie. ... Irishman Cortland Finnegan (7th) played extremely well as a reserve corner. ... All the other picks are still on the roster.

Instant 2006 Starters: None.
Potential 2006 Starters: QB Vince Young, MLB Stephen Tulloch.

Grade given on 5/1/06: F
Grade given on 7/3/07: A

Good Moves: Linebacker Freddie Keiaho is OK... I guess?

Bad Moves: The rest of Indianapolis' draft is comprised of reaches and no-talents. Running back Joseph Addai, taken No. 30 overall, was not a first-round prospect and has no chance of coming close to replacing the departed Edgerrin James. Second-round corner Tim Jennings could have been obtained on Sunday. The other picks the Colts made were terrible.

July 3, 2007 Update: Way, way off. Joseph Addai was most definitely a first-round prospect and played a key role in Indianapolis' Super Bowl victory. ... "The other picks the Colts made were terrible." Oops - forgot the "not" in that sentence. Sixth-round pick Antoine Bethea was exceptional, earning himself a spot in the starting lineup next to Bob Sanders. ... With Nick Harper and Jason David gone, cornerbacks Tim Jennings (2nd round) and T.J. Rushing (7th) may get a chance to prove themselves. Neither did much in 2006. ... Freddie Keiaho (3rd) will also get an opportunity with Cato June off to Tampa Bay.

Instant 2006 Starters: RB Joseph Addai.
Potential 2006 Starters: OLB Freddie Keiaho.

Initial Grade Analysis: I'll give myself a B-. I botched a few grades, notably Indianapolis, Buffalo, Miami and Chicago. However, I feel more of my grades were on than they were off.

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