Reader 2013 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1 - Picks 17-32

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Reader 2013 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 1-16

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas
    Kenny Vaccaro: 38.7%
    Barkevious Mingo: 37.7%
    Alec Ogletree: 7.6%
    Keenan Allen: 7.0%
    Arthur Brown: 3.9%
    D.J. Fluker: 3.6%
    DeAndre Hopkins: 1.5%
    Total votes: 1,741

    Stephen T: Pittsburg drafts BPA and that happens to be a position of need. Other possibility would be Vaccaro. I guess it depends on how they have these two ranked.

    Jarrod W: Polamalu and his hair have had a great run in the Steel city but its time to put some young blood in the secondary and Vaccaro is the best safety in this class.

    Taylor H: James Harrison has left the Steel City and they find a replacement right away in Barkevious Mingo. Mingo is fast and has the ability to explode off the ball and get to the Quarterback in a hurry. Maybe the Steelers can bring in a veteran to help Mingo learn the system and what it takes to be a great 3-4 OLB.

    Jum M: Bjoern Werner? In this scenario, OLB is the biggest need and Werner is the best OLB available and he did show in his pro day that he could drop in coverage and play OLB. With what Walt has available, I will go for Vaccaro, he is a playmaker, something sorely lacking in Pittsburgh and who knows how long Polamalu will play and if he plays a full season.

    Christopher F: Gotta replace Harrison, and since Mingo is the only rush linebacker to pick, I pick him.

    Joshua C: James Harrison needs to be replaced (even if he had stayed) and Mingo would be a good fit. Assuming he lives up to his potential, Pittsburgh would get a great pass rusher and help a defense that hasn't been as potent lately as they were just a few years prior.

  2. Dallas Cowboys: Jonathan Cooper, G/C, North Carolina
    Jonathan Cooper: 62.6%
    D.J. Fluker: 15.9%
    Bjoern Werner: 12.6%
    Sylvester Williams: 5.0%
    Arthur Brown: 3.8%
    Total votes: 609

    Terry J: The cowboys should chose the big tackle over the gaurd,Doug Free is not very good and should be moved to guard or let go.

    Wharthog: If Cooper fell to the Cowboys they would be fools not to take him - enter reality. As long as Jerruh runs the team he'll reach for a glamor pick instead of helping his team out. His comments about Romo's ability to elude pressure scares me to death.

  3. New York Giants: Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State
    Bjoern Werner: 36.2%
    Alec Ogletree: 22.1%
    D.J. Fluker: 12.4%
    Arthur Brown: 8.9%
    Manti Te'o: 8.5%
    Tank Carradine: 7.5%
    Datone Jones: 4.5%
    Total votes: 1,355

    Brett K: Giants need linebacker help and I think Ogletree is the best player available at this juncture. He can play inside or out and fills a need. No brainer.

    Stephen F: I think the Giants could easily choose Tyler Eifert here to help prop Eli up after a sub-rar season; that choice not here I went with Werner, who has Giant DE written all over him.

    Taylor H: I feel as if the Giants can go with either Ogletree or Werner and be fine. Werner is the best 4-3 DE in this draft class and can be a great replacement for Umenyiora and if Ogletree is selected in this spot, he can play WLB if they really need him to. Ogletree has speed to cover space quickly and close in on backs. Ogletree will be the pick simply because of his athleticism.

    Drew F: We all know how much how the Giants GM Jerry Reese loves him some pass rushers. Osi Umenyiora isn't coming back and Justin Tuck needs to rebound from a down year. Werner is a perfect fit in a 4-3 defense and would contribute immediately as a rotational player.

    Christopher F: Giants seem to have this infatuation with having multiple rush capable ends. I would like to hope that the Giants would address other issues, but they lost Osi... thus... Bjoern Werner has a good chance of becoming a G-Man.

    Joshua C: The Giants usually take the best player available and that so happens to be Werner here. Werner would be a great replacement for Oni and give the Giants yet another pass rusher.

    Thomas M: When it comes to the Giants, there's no such thing as too many pass rushers.

  4. Chicago Bears: Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia
    Alec Ogletree: 34.3%
    D.J. Fluker: 24.7%
    Arthur Brown: 17.8%
    Manti Te'o: 12.3%
    Keenan Allen: 5.1%
    Tyler Eifert: 4.7%
    DeAndre Hopkins: 1.2%
    Total votes: 1,322

    Riley C: The Bears signed D.J. Williams who is pretty solid, so they don't need Brown or Ogletree here. Te'o shouldn't even be an option for any team in the first round pick at this point. They just singed Martellus Bennett so no need for Eifert, at WR they have Marshall and Jeffrey so I chose Fluker. He'd play right tackle since Carimi is at guard.

    Taylor H: Let's all take a moment of silence for the departure of Bears great Brian Urlacher........... Anyways, since he's not in the Windy City anymore, they need someone to step in and take his spot. Regardless of off the field issues, Ogletree is a really good linebacker. Sure, you can make the argument that they need to protect Cutler but I guess they feel fine with having Bushrod protect him (which is asinine). In the end, they have to give that defense a young linebacker to fly around the field and Ogletree is just that.

    Joshua C: I would expect the Bears to address their need at ILB. Out of the options available, Alec Ogletree would be the best selection. Ogletree is good value here has upside. I think Arthur Brown would be a decent pick here as well if the Bears weren't comfortable with Ogletree.

    Christopher F: Jay Cutler has been sacked almost 150 times in 4 years, the Bears should really consider D.J. Fluker to help Cutler out. Plenty of solid (maybe not Urlacher grade) linebackers to help solidify the defense, but there's not many great OTs to find in the later rounds.

    Jack C: I voted for who I hope the Bears take, rather than who I think they will take (because it is a tough pick to project at this point, with all four of the highest-rated linebackers there). That is BPA on either line, and therefore DJ Fluker.

    Thomas M: Jay Cutler has been sacked 148 times in four seasons since joining the Bears. Perhaps this year they help him out with some young o-line talent?

  5. Cincinnati Bengals: D.J. Fluker, OT/G, Alabama
    D.J. Fluker: 27.1%
    Arthur Brown: 26.1%
    Matt Elam: 19.4%
    Manti Te'o: 14.6%
    Jonathan Cyprien: 12.9%
    Total votes: 1,042

    Jarrod W: Burfict and Brown could form a nice LB tandem behind Geno Atkins. Add a good RB later and they could become the favorites in the division.

    Taylor H: I just don't know if you can go ILB here simply because of the fact the Bengals absolutely love Maualuga, for whatever reason. He isn't anything special. Fluker may be the pick here depending on who is still on the board. They could go BPA if they truly want and hit the safety need early in the second.

    Joshua C: The Bengals will take the best LB left on the board. I'm not surprised they resigned Ray Maualuga (despite the fact that he was awful last season) because it's Mike Brown. However, they need to upgrade the position and Arthur Brown is by far the best LB left on the board.

    Christopher F: Jay Cutler has been sacked almost 150 times in 4 years, the Bears should really consider D.J. Fluker to help Cutler out. Plenty of solid (maybe not Urlacher grade) linebackers to help solidify the defense, but there's not many great OTs to find in the later rounds.

    Brett K: Despite the many glaring issues with the pick, Manti Te'o just seems like a Bengals kind of pick. I could certainly see them adding another linebacker whose biggest flaws are off the field.

  6. St. Louis Rams: Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama
    Eddie Lacy: 31.1%
    Matt Elam: 23.1%
    Jonathan Cyprien: 17.2%
    Arthur Brown: 16.1%
    Menelik Watson: 13.0%
    Total votes: 860

    Jarrod W: Burfict and Brown could form a nice LB tandem behind Geno Atkins. Add a good RB later and they could become the favorites in the division.

    Mark B: Now we understand why the using the 16th pick for Austin would be really stupid. They could have filled a real need (Cooper, Vacarro, Ogeltree) and still came back and got the most NFL ready receiver in the draft, Keenan Allen. Instead, they get Austin (who won't start ahead of Givens, Quick, Cook, and Pettis), and will use the Redskins' bonus pick to select 2nd round talent to fill a position of need. Great. As a Rams fan, I'm not even going to vote. None of these guys are worthy of the 22nd pick in the draft.

    Joshua C: The Rams lost Stephen Jackson, so it wouldn't be overly surprising if they take Lacy. I would say that Jonathan Cyprien would be a solid pick here; he's arguably the BPA and has the versatility to play both FS and SS.

    Christopher F: I wanted the Rams to go Vaccaro and then Keenan Allen to address two big needs in the first round. However, if it falls like this, and they pick Austin first, they should aim for Elam to help their secondary. Considering the talent of Richardson and Pead, the Rams shouldn't reach for a running back if their backs can share the load. How about LeVeon Bell in the later rounds?

    Andrew B: The Rams should take Matt Elam. He would help with their void at secondary. For those voting for Eddie Lacy, I don't see the rams using their first round pick on running back, considering they drafted two last year.

    Adam P: Rams don't have a single starting safety on the roster, which is why I think they'll go Cyprien or Elam. Elam seems more like a Jeff Fisher type player. But I honestly think they'll take Vacarro before Tavon Austin at 16.

  7. Minnesota Vikings: Keenan Allen, WR, California
    Keenan Allen: 39.8%
    Arthur Brown: 15.3%
    Sylvester Williams: 9.0%
    DeAndre Hopkins: 8.3%
    Justin Hunter: 7.2%
    Manti Te'o: 7.1%
    Johnthan Banks: 6.6%
    Johnthan Hankins: 3.1%
    John Jenkins: 1.6%
    Jesse Williams: 1.6%
    Jamar Taylor: 0.7%
    Total votes: 1,180

    Jarrod W: This is going to be the last year for Ponder to prove he is the QB for the Vikings. That is why the first pick will be the best wide receiver on the board and a strong case can be made that Keenan Allen fits that bill. If the first pick is used on a WR then the second pick definitely has to help sure up the defense. Sly Williams could fit nicely next to Williams. Also keep an eye out on CB after cutting Winfield despite a great year from him.

    Taylor H: I think they would have to go with Arthur Brown with the first pick then Deandre Hopkins with the second. Arthur Brown fills a need at MLB for the Vikings that they will need to compete in the division. Also, if you haven't heard, Percy Harvin was traded to the Seattle Seahawks and Hopkins can be a good replacement for him. Hopkins will help quarterback Christian Ponder by giving him a quick guy who can catch screens and slants and run for days. Hopkins has the ability to be a playmaker in the NFL and putting him on an offense with Adrian Peterson as the major workhorse could make way for Hopkins to shine in the passing game.

    Joshua C: The Vikings need to replace Harvin, as well as grabbing a DT or ILB. Allen and Hopkins are the best WRs on the board. Sylvester Williams is arguably the best DT left. However, I would take Arthur Brown as the vikings could address the DT in the next round.

    Christopher F: Vikings were able to pick up Greg Jennings to fill the void left by Percy Harvin. Vikings still need a middle linebacker and a defensive tackle, and more importantly they need emerging defensive leaders. Manti Te'o may not have impressed at the combine, nor really impressed at his Pro Day, but his passion, his drive, and hopefully his ability to bounce back from a bad Alabama game can translate to a solid middle linebacker for a decade. Then again, Keenan Allen is somehow still on the boards...

    Andrew B: So many choices for my vikes here. This first choice should factor in what the Colts will do with their pick, which will probably be grabbing a WR. We should get the most NFL ready WR in Keenan Allen. After that pick up Arthur Brown with the old seahawks pick, and take advantage of the depth on the defensive line in this draft by waiting until the second round to get someone for the line.

  8. Indianapolis Colts: Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB, LSU
    Barkevious Mingo: 59.4%
    Johnthan Banks: 9.5%
    DeAndre Hopkins: 8.5%
    Tank Carradine: 8.5%
    Justin Hunter: 6.8%
    Datone Jones: 6.3%
    Jamar Taylor: 1.0%
    Total votes: 621

    Jarrod W: The signing of Gosder Cherilus, whether you think it is a good one or not means the Colts will snag the best 3-4 pass rusher on the board. If Mingo falls this far do not expect the colts to take long to run the card up and address offensive line in the later rounds.

    Taylor H: It shouldn't even be a question if Mingo is on the board for the Colts. Mingo refusing to bench at both the combine and his pro day is definitely a read flag. Even if he would've benched and put up mediocre numbers, he would've been fine. The fact that he didn't do it all together is leaving scouts scratching their heads. We know about Mingo's motor and how he can easily achieve double digit sacks each year but he has to go to a team that can utilize him correctly.

    Joshua C: The Colts get a draft day gift in the slide of Mingo, who has the upside to be considered in the top of the draft. If he's on the board at this point, he's absolutely worth the gamble; if he pans out, it would give the Colts a top-flight pass rusher.

    Christopher F: Robert Mathis isn't getting younger or better. You released Dwight Freeney. Pagano needs to be able to blitz and pressure the quarterback like he did as the DC for Baltimore. Pick up Mingo, who's quick and can replace the hole Freeney left.

  9. Minnesota Vikings: Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State
    Keenan Allen: 39.8%
    Arthur Brown: 15.3%
    Sylvester Williams: 9.0%
    DeAndre Hopkins: 8.3%
    Justin Hunter: 7.2%
    Manti Te'o: 7.1%
    Johnthan Banks: 6.6%
    Johnthan Hankins: 3.1%
    John Jenkins: 1.6%
    Jesse Williams: 1.6%
    Jamar Taylor: 0.7%
    Total votes: 1,180

    Voting for this pick took place above.

  10. Green Bay Packers: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
    Tyler Eifert: 23.2%
    Datone Jones: 18.9%
    Matt Elam: 14.4%
    Jonathan Cyprien: 14.3%
    Menelik Watson: 11.5%
    Sylvester Williams: 7.0%
    Justin Hunter: 6.3%
    Total votes: 1,081

    Jarrod W: Green Bay just resigned Finley so they might hold off drafting a TE early. Datone Jones will be tempting but former first rounder Nick Perry should get a chance to see what he can do. That is why I believe the Packers might make a surprise pick and take Justin Hunter or DeAndre Hopkins with their pick. The current trio of receivers is highly capable but Hunter or Hopkins could be that number 1 wideout to replace Greg Jennings.

    Taylor H: The Packers could surprise many with this pick, they could easily go WR, RB, DE, S, or OT. Aaron Rodgers turns receivers into stars so they may be able to go to the defensive side of the ball. Datone Jones is a guy who has been flying up draft charts for many weeks. He can give them more of an edge rush and they need because many teams in that division have been bolstering their offensive lines to protect their precious jewels more and more.

    Joshua C: Thompson generally takes the BPA and I would expect that to continue here. Packers could address safety with Cyprien, who would be arguably the BPA if the draft fell this way. They resigned Finley, but that doesn't mean they won't look at Eifert, the highest rated TE in the draft (who would be cheaper as well.) If they have Hopkins or Hunter rated highly, I could see them taking one of them to replace Jennings.

    Know My Stuff: Ted Thompson is one of the best gm's in the NFL and dam in a jaguars fan. Yes we still exist. He in fact does pick the best available player. Now hear me out. Eifert is the best player available that also fills a huge need. First, finely is on a one year contract. He's an injury prone inconsistent fast TE that is very mediocre i promise put him on a team without Arod see how he does. Anyways, they lost Jennings, a great going up the middle guy. That's what eifert is going to be now. Finely is too brittle for the hard stuff inside and eifert has Jimmy Graham size. And he's also insurance in case finely has to walk next year. Besides, patriots, ravens, niners, broncos, colts, and Texans all use two TE sets frequently and look at where their offenses are. I bet he sees that potential here. So no more bashing the eifert pick. Jones wouldn't make the same impact on the whole team the way eifert, finely, Cobb, Jones, and Nelson would on any defense. Personally i think this is where giovanni Bernard goes but not my mock draft

  11. Houston Texans: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson
    DeAndre Hopkins: 35.6%
    Justin Hunter: 32.0%
    Manti Te'o: 7.4%
    Matt Elam: 5.7%
    Jonathan Cyprien: 5.1%
    Johnathan Hankins: 4.8%
    Jesse Williams: 3.2%
    John Jenkins: 2.5%
    Menelik Watson: 2.0%
    Sylvester Williams: 1.8%
    Total votes: 884

    Jay P: The Texans have a major need for a second WR to compliment Andre Johnson and ultimately replace him. Having a WR like Hopkins would make an already dangerous Texan team even better.

    Taylor H: Andre Johnson and Deandre Hopkins. Can you picture that tandem? That can make them real competitors in the AFC and get past that road block of the first round of the playoffs with someone to compliment AJ. Hopkins is a speed guy but he can also catch the ball extremely well. When teams are busy putting their best defender on Johnson, Hopkins has the ability to run free and make big plays. Simply put, Hopkins should be the pick here.

    Joshua C: There's little doubt that the Texans are going after a WR. Andre Johnson needs someone to take all the pressure off him so defenses can be stretched. Hopkins gets the nod over Hunter here.

    Chris F: The Houston Texans still need to find a replacement for Mario Williams, and Brooks Reed was not that answer. Ed Reed also isn't a long term answer at Safety. However, Matt Schaub needs more than just Andre Johnson as a receiving option, and Johnson would be very grateful having a receiving partner with talent.

  12. Denver Broncos: Tank Carradine, DE/OLB, Florida State
    Tank Carradine: 24.9%
    Johnthan Banks: 22.5%
    Manti Te'o: 10.9%
    Matt Elam: 10.2%
    Sylvester Williams: 9.0%
    Johnathan Hankins: 9.0%
    Jonathan Cyprien: 6.9%
    John Jenkins: 3.5%
    Jesse Williams: 3.2%
    Total votes: 1,183

    Alex S: Tank Carradine over Banks is Denver's smart choice in the draft this year. He was a top-tier prospect before and ACL tear and should have been a top-10 prospect in the draft. He is a BPA, and is a way to fill a position of need. Can he fill the void left by Dumervil this year, possibly yes, but when looking down the line at the next 5 year, I think him and Miller give the Broncos the best chance to a dominant force for the next decade, where Dumervil couldn't be held accountable for that. While Banks is a nice prospect, he is being overrated and is more of a mid-round pick then a first rounder, plus he doesn't offer what Denver currently needs to keep there dominant D.

    Taylor H: Champ Bailey is at the end of the road in his career. The Broncos must bring in a young defensive back to grow under the wing of one of the all time greats at that position. Jonathan Banks can be that guy as he is the best cornerback on the board at this position. He is a tall, lanky defender who can learn the position for a year and come in and start. At one point, Banks was projected as the top CB in the class so giving him time to learn is crucial.

    Lucas O: The Broncos have 3 decent young CBs in Chris Harris, Tony Carter, and DRC. A CB shouldn't really be an option in round 1. Carradine wasn't productive enough to warrant a 1st rounder, IMO. Manti Te'o was productive and a 4 year leader of the Irish defense. The Broncos have been lacking a leader on defense since Al Wilson. Te'o is the best option from those available.

    Chris F: Rahim Moore. Torched. Champ Bailey. Torched. You can pick up some receivers to play the slot to help out Manning, and even a running back in the later rounds. You need to upgrade Safety or Cornerback. Jonathan Banks would be a good CB, and then perhaps sliding Bailey to safety may prolong his career.

  13. New England Patriots: Johnthan Banks, CB, Mississippi State
    Johnthan Banks: 22.3%
    Justin Hunter: 19.4%
    Matt Elam: 14.3%
    Jonathan Cyprien: 9.7%
    Datone Jones: 9.2%
    Sylvester Williams: 7.0%
    Johnathan Hankins: 6.0%
    Kawann Short: 4.5%
    Jesse Williams: 3.9%
    John Jenkins: 3.7%
    Total votes: 1,044

    Chris F: The Patriots lack a leader on defense. What many people forget is how strong the Patriots defense was when they won their super bowls. Bruschi, Harrison, Ty Law, etc. Belechick needs to add strong leadership back to his defense because Tom Brady cannot carry an entire team to the Super Bowl. Patrick Chung left (good) and Steve Gregory could be upgraded with Elam.

    Joesarcer: I chose Banks because of the uncertainty around Alfonzo Dennard. With the evenness of talent from pick 11 or so to about 50 or 60, I have a hunch a trade down is more of a possibility for the Patriots, considering the absence of 4th, 5th, and 6th round picks.

    Bendan: In terms of "need" the Patriots should be looking for a WR, CB, or DT. Of those 3, DT seems like the "safest" route to take. I think they'd like a pass rusher next to Wilfork instead of a space eater. Short is my pick.

  14. Atlanta Falcons: Datone Jones, DE/DT, UCLA
    Datone Jones: 30.3%
    Zach Ertz: 20.3%
    Alex Okafor: 18.2%
    Johnathan Hankins: 5.6%
    Sylvester Williams: 5.3%
    Manti Te'o: 4.9%
    Jamar Taylor: 4.7%
    Kawann Short: 4.3%
    John Jenkins: 3.9%
    Jesse Williams: 2.5%
    Total votes: 769

    Chris F: Tony Gonzalez is coming back, which is good; at the same time, it would be great to prepare for his retirement with someone like Ertz or Eifert - adds another weapon. Falcons also need help at the cornerback position, and the loss of Banks to the Patriots stings a lot. They also need to replace John Abraham, but there are plenty of DEs in this draft. If it fell like this, Atlanta could trade down, pocket a few picks to maybe trade back up later, and pick up a corner without having to reach. I'll go Ertz since trades aren't allowed.

    Joshua C: The Falcons are going to need an heir for Gonzalez so I could see them grabbing the top TE on the board; in this scenario, that's Ertz. Atlanta could also stand to improve their pass rush and nab a solid pick in Datone Jones.

    Coco G: The Falcons want a CB here, but all the first round prospects are gone in this mock. In that case, The Falcons would probably be looking to trade down. In the second round, they could pick up one of several prospects at CB and add another DL or a LB as well. As far as the pick at 30, it comes down to Datone Jones or Kawann Short; Ertz is not an option.

  15. San Francisco 49ers: Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International
    Jonathan Cyprien: 32.6%
    Matt Elam: 21.5%
    Margus Hunt: 14.2%
    Zach Ertz: 6.3%
    Jesse Williams: 6.3%
    Johnathan Hankins: 5.1%
    Kawann Short: 4.8%
    John Jenkins: 4.6%
    Jamar Taylor: 1.7%
    Sylvester Williams: 3.0%
    Total votes: 605

    Kevin: I went with Jesse Williams for SF considering Sopoaga left via FA. In my actual mock Jesse goes to GB, and Cyprien is the choice for SF.

    Joh Brodie's Ghost: Free safety and DT/DE are the 49ers two biggest needs at this point, and Cyprien's versatility in coverage and run support makes him a great fit for Harbaugh and Vic Fangio's defensive philosophy. The depth available at DT/DE means that someone like Jenkins or Jesse Williams will definitely be available three picks from now.

    Tony: The 49ers pick feels very forced. No option to get Eric Reid over Cyprien? Reid is going to be a better FS then Cyprien, who's probably better suited to be a SS.

  16. Baltimore Ravens: Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame
    Manti Te'o: 30.2%
    Matt Elam: 22.5%
    Kevin Minter: 21.2%
    Justin Hunter: 12.1%
    John Jenkins: 5.0%
    Menelik Watson: 3.9%
    Johnathan Hankins: 2.4%
    Jesse Williams: 2.0%
    Jamar Taylor: 0.6%
    Total votes: 973

    Chris F: What's interesting about this pick, I believe, is the needs of the Ravens are positions where the draft still has depth when entering the second round. Te'o and Minter are still on the board with decent LBs behind them. There are still a decent list of WRs that could make solid starters, maybe not #1s, but I don't think you were going to find a #1 in this draft. I wouldn't be surprised if Ozzie traded out of the first round like he usually does, picks up Minter, Te'o, or Elam in the top of the 2nd, and then pockets more picks. I chose Manti Te'o in this draft because I believe Suggs and Ngata and that defense will make someone like Te'o once again be what everyone saw him as at Notre Dame before the Alabama game.

    Stephan G: Menelik Watson would be a perfect fit to replace Bryant McKinnie. Joe wont be worth 120 mil if he's on his back all of the time.

    Jerome: Has to be Elam he is best player available and he fills a huge need the ravens lost both starting safety's

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