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Greg Cox's 2011 NFL Mock Draft: Round Seven

Last update: Tuesday, April 26, 2011. - Round 7 added.
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  1. Green Bay Packers: Mike Person, OT/G, Montana State
    The Packers are not a needy team and can add more support for their offensive line here.

  2. Detroit Lions: Cliff Matthews, DE, South Carolina
    This could be the draft that establishes a solid defensive line for the Lions, so they double dip here.

  3. Buffalo Bills: Jermale Hines, SS, Ohio State
    The Bills are going to fish for someone to replace free agent Donte Whitner, who is probably not going back. I expect the move to come earlier than this although the safety class is weak.

  4. Cincinnati Bengals: Johnny Culbreath, OT, South Carolina State
    Offensive line is an area of concern for the Bengals. Andre Smith still has no established impact role on the line, and I still have nightmares about him running without his shirt on. The team has shown interest in Culbreath and might take him in the final round simply because there is no way to sign free agent rookies until the CBA is settled.

  5. New York Jets: Adam Weber, QB, Minnesota
    Backup quarterback is a priority for the Jets. Someone who accepts snot boogers being rubbed on them is not a requirement. A lot of teams are looking at Weber, Jets included, and I expect him to get drafted.

  6. Seattle Seahawks: Tori Gurley, WR, South Carolina
    Next year, another Gamecock receiver, Alshon Jeffery, is a likely first-round pick. Pete Carroll likes big receivers, and while it is not a big need, this is the seventh round.

  7. Atlanta Falcons: T.J. Yates, QB, North Carolina
    The Falcons are on the lookout for a reliable backup quarterback, and are one of the handful of teams interested in T.J. Yates.

  8. San Francisco 49ers: Mike Mohamed, ILB, California
    As a late-round addition, I really like Mike Mohamed's ability to support a team's linebacker depth chart. He travels across the bridge and takes his aggressive style with him to contribute as a backup and on special teams.

  9. Tennessee Titans: Chris L. Rucker, CB, Michigan State
    I will not mention a certain opposing quarterback's name yet again, but the Titans do face a couple teams capable of passing the football and need to keep the talent flowing at cornerback.

  10. Washington Redskins: Mario Harvey, ILB, Marshall
    Rocky McIntosh is miscast in a 3-4 and London Fletcher was around when the wheel was invented.

  11. Houston Texans: Joshua Portis, QB, California-PA
    A dozen teams or so have checked out Joshua Portis and he is likely to get drafted. The Texans aren't desperate for a backup quarterback, but Matt Leinart wants to go somewhere else and compete for starting job. Does he mean the UFL? Is there a hot tub league I don't know about?

  12. Minnesota Vikings: Jonas Mouton, OLB, Michigan
    I don't think any position is off limits to add talent for the Vikings.

  13. St. Louis Rams: Jock Sanders, WR, West Virginia
    Plenty of teams are taking a look at Jock Sanders, including the Rams, and he could be an intriguing weapon for new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to play with.

  14. Miami Dolphins: Derek Newton, OT, Arkansas State
    The offensive line did not play well last year and the Dolphins have taken a look at the slightly less coveted Derek Newton in this year's draft class.

  15. Miami Dolphins: Jerrard Tarrant, FS, Georgia Tech
    Chris Clemons needs a challenger. Unfortunately this is not the draft class to be looking for one, and the Dolphins do not have a lot of picks to work with.

  16. Oakland Raiders: Andrew Jackson, OG, Fresno State
    The Raiders would be well served to add multiple offensive linemen and get a somewhat local product here from just down the road in "The Valley."

  17. Dallas Cowboys: Collin Zych, S, Harvard
    More defensive help for the Cowboys.

  18. New York Giants: Akeem Dent, ILB, Georgia
    In reality, the Giants are going to add linebacker help earlier than this, but no mock draft should be "perfect." The real one will certainly not be for every team.

  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Armon Binns, WR, Cincinnati
    If you think about it, the letters in Armon Binns and Arrelious Benn are pretty similar. Imagine the fun we could have with the announcers trying to keep their names straight. Oh, and Benn is injured.

  20. Kansas City Chiefs: Jarred Fayson, WR, Illinois
    Clearly the Chiefs are going to find a way to grab a receiver earlier than this. I would have had to force it though and not every team gets what they want in every mock draft. If I tried to do it that way, it would be unrealistic. A lot of teams are poking around Jarred Fayson including Kansas City.

  21. Washington Redskins: Tyrod Taylor, QB, Virginia Tech
    Sweet! The Redskins get their franchise quarterback in the seventh round. Just kidding, but they have looked at him and might add him as an option if available this late. Way too many quarterbacks are going to get drafted way too soon in the 2011 NFL Draft.

  22. Baltimore Ravens: Justin Rogers, CB, Richmond
    There are too many question marks at cornerback. The Ravens might add two.

  23. New Orleans Saints: David Mims, OT, Virginia Union
    In the seventh round, I can always justify additions on the offensive line.

  24. Philadelphia Eagles: Jason Kelce, C, Cincinnati
    Depth for the center position where Jamaal Jackson returns from injury.

  25. St. Louis Rams: Keith Williams, G, Nebraska
    Truth be told, I wish I had given the Rams help on the interior of their line sooner than this.

  26. Atlanta Falcons: David Arkin, G, Missouri State
    The Falcons love to keep the ball away from the other team with their running game and need to keep their interior line strong.

  27. Atlanta Falcons: Reid Forrest, P, Washington State
    As one of my readers pointed out, Michael Koenen's play is not commensurate with his performance.

  28. San Francisco 49ers: Colin Brodie, CB/KR, South Dakota State
    More help in the secondary and another option in the return game to boot.

  29. Pittsburgh Steelers: Chas Henry, P, Florida
    Daniel Sepulveda is a free agent with injury issues.

  30. Green Bay Packers: Anthony Gray, DT, Southern Miss
    This has been portrayed as a bigger need by some, but this makes a lot more sense and they have looked at Anthony Gray.

  31. San Diego Chargers: Bryant Browning, G, Ohio State
    A lot of my picks are based on team interest, and as I have said, offensive line help is always justifiable in the late rounds.

  32. Miami Dolphins: J.T. Thomas, OLB, West Virginia
    Every year I usually include at least one reference to 3-4 teams constantly searching for linebackers and they have given J.T. Thomas a look.

  33. Minnesota Vikings: Alex Linnenkohl, C, Oregon State
    This is not a great year to be looking for a center, but the Vikings are in the market.

  34. Philadelphia Eagles: Zach Pianalto, TE, North Carolina
    College football fans were robbed of watching the Tar Heels chase a BCS title. Who wouldn't have wanted to see their stacked defense take on either Auburn or Oregon? Yeah, I'm running out of material. The Eagles have kicked the tires on Zach Pianalto.

  35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chris White, ILB, Mississippi State
    Free agency issues make linebacker a priority for the Buccaneers in the 2011 NFL Draft.

  36. San Francisco 49ers: Jeff Maehl, WR, Oregon
    This mock draft has Maehl. OK, that was bad. Sorry, it's the seventh round.

  37. Philadelphia Eagles: Deron Mayo, LB, Old Dominion
    With all of the players with NFL bloodlines who will be taken much earlier, no one is really talking about Jerod Mayo's brother. He could be worth a late round flier, and the Eagles are one of the interested parties. They take linebackers late anyway.

  38. Oakland Raiders: Nate Enderle, QB, Idaho
    I want to get Nate Enderle off the board because he will be drafted and the Raiders are probably going to take a quarterback. I don't love the fit. If Colin Kaepernick gets close to their spot in the second round, expect Al Davis to strike by trading up.

  39. Seattle Seahawks: Adrian Moten, OLB, Maryland
    The linebacker position needs a little support, and it might come a little earlier than this.

  40. New Orleans Saints: Chris Neild, DT, West Virginia
    More help up front for the Saints who still feel the sting of giving up 41 points in the playoffs to a 7-9 team.

  41. Carolina Panthers: Byron Bell, OT, New Mexico
    The Panthers had injury problems on the offensive line and need to draft depth.

  42. Buffalo Bills: Lee Smith, TE, Marshall
    We're closing in on Mr. Irrelevant, and I'm giving the Bills one of the highest rated tight ends left. Maybe they get lucky.

  43. Cincinnati Bengals: Ryan Jones, CB, Northwest Missouri State
    Depth at cornerback, and if Johnathan Joseph departs, they will probably need to be more aggressive than this.

  44. Denver Broncos: Josh Thomas, CB, Buffalo
    Andre Goodman could be cut, and while Champ Bailey is sticking around, he is getting close to the age where injuries kick in. They need to secure depth.

  45. Cleveland Browns: Ryan Winterswyky, DE, Boise State
    Again, the Browns are going to add a lot of pieces for their defensive line in the 2011 NFL Draft.

  46. Arizona Cardinals: Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn
    The Cardinals could use another option in their backfield.

  47. San Francisco 49ers: Derek Hall, OT, Stanford
    The best way for new head coach Jim Harbaugh to offset the impact of his first season being screwed up by a labor dispute is by taking one of his old players. He knows what he is getting.

  48. Tennessee Titans: Ray Dominquez, OT/G, Arkansas
    Whoever the quarterback winds up being, the Titans have to make sure their offensive line is improved.

  49. Dallas Cowboys: Josh Bynes, ILB, Auburn
    This is unbelievable. How do I come up with the same player this late in the draft as Walt? Well, it happened with me thinking independently based on what is left on my board.

  50. Washington Redskins: Ryan Bartholomew, C, Syracuse
    The Redskins need several additions along the offensive line.

  51. Houston Texans: Nick Bellore, ILB, Central Michigan
    My Mr. Irrelevant isn't as good as Walt's, but you would never believe (again, see two picks above) I actually had the same player. I had to switch this one. The Texans get depth inside at linebacker here.

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2011 NFL Mock Draft - Walt's

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Brett 02-04-2011 11:01 am (total posts: 1)
20     17

How many teams leave their healthy leading receiver (albeit with a paltry 608 yards) inactive for a playoff game as they did with Chris Chambers?

Chambers was not the Chiefs leading receiver. He barely had 200 yards, not 608. Tony Moeaki had more than twice the yards Chambers had this year. McCluster had 7 fewer yards receiving than Chambers, Jamaal Charles 250 more yards receiving. So I wouldn't even call Chambers the 4th best option. Terrence Copper and Verran Tucker combined at the #2 WR spot for more production than Chambers. It's fort knox in KC, but rumors were that Chambers had a broken finger or ligament damage in one of his hands.
Obie 02-04-2011 10:40 am (total posts: 2)
20     19

Try again Pal
Nick 02-04-2011 09:34 am (total posts: 4)
24     19

I can only pray that Peterson falls to #7.
Greg 02-04-2011 09:25 am (total posts: 51)
24     20

Well, suffice it to say I am new here. Hence posting my other two comments with a "subject" instead of my "name".

I'm sure everyone is smart enough to have figured it out...

Vikings - I also just realized I actually did throw a Webb comparison in there for the Kaepernick selection.

Adam - On paper that looks like an imposing duo. It's also a lot of money to commit in the secondary where they just paid Haden a bunch. Nothing is a guarantee in the draft.
re-post 02-04-2011 09:17 am (total posts: 3)
21     21

The Hoodie 02-04-2011 09:15 am (total posts: 3)
21     20

Adam 02-04-2011 08:18 am (total posts: 2)
19     23

No way the Browns let Patrick Peterson get pass them.. he is the BPA and will probably be gone before the 5 spot anyway...
Let me try to keep up with some of these 02-04-2011 08:00 am (total posts: 51)
23     20

Best I can I want to address the comments. Without people reading I wouldn't be writing and hopefully I can respect that relationship by responding to the feedback (without writing a novel) so here goes.

Ivan - Thank you

Alexito - Pre-combine nothing is loco. Corners typically will not go top 5 if you look at draft history. There are some teams who really like Prince and others are quietly very high on Jimmy Smith. It's not like PP is the #1 QB. Very possible to me he is there when SF picks.

Varela - Maybe the Lions won't draft an OT because they are stupid, but in early mocks I lean towards should rather than will.

Jake - Um, thanks. I think.

SilentJaguar - You're not alone being down on Greg Jones. I'm having trouble finding a good spot for him because linebackers of his skill set (ie guys that don't terrorize the QB) have a tendency to plummet.

Franchize - Thank you. I actually had another diehard Rams (a scout) fan who loved my Pouncey pick so while it seems like a reach I like the fit for the reasons you point out. As for Kerrigan, that's another good point. A few good apples in that locker room would go a long way. And yes, sticking Bowers at #1 is about draft history and what teams have done. Maybe you can work on Valera for me regarding the Solder pick.

mrcarter - Every mock is going to have a stretch or two, especially in February. I like Colin's intangibles and in this class haven't locked on to a QB the Vikes would grab at #12. Plus, Julio Jones energizes their offense in a way Moss was supposed to. They need weapons and people tend to forget that before an injury/Favre plagued season these guys were a Harvin choke fumble from probably winning the Super Bowl. They struggled to get the ball down the field and Jones would help. There are always guys to take later at every position, but obviously Jones is better. Regarding Murray, Bush can take a hike and Payton would turn him into everything Bush was at his best.

FoRM - Thank you, and I like Murray in their offense better. I should have found a place for Kendall Hunter somewhere else, but for the Saints Murray would take on a bigger role and have more value.

Aruca - Here is my problem with Mallett. If you put yourself in a fan's shoes do you want this guy leading your franchise? Basically, do you want Mallett to be responsible for your team's success or failure? I don't think fans of many teams would. He seems like a very risky pick. Some might expect him to be an Al Davis choice, which is not a good thing and if he did slide down the draft board the Raiders (even though they are fully behind Campbell with Hue at HC) could grab him. Ultimately I am waiting out the skeletons in the closet before committing him to the first two rounds. The values of the quarterbacks in this class could fluctuate wildly. In fact, more than any QB class I can remember. Also bear in mind that last year two pretty accomplished signal callers dropped a full round behind their consensus projection (Clausen & McCoy) so you never know.

Thanks for all the comments everyone.


missed one 02-04-2011 07:56 am (total posts: 51)
25     20

Vikings - Somehow when I was trying to tighten up my comments I left out the comparison to Joe Webb as a reason Minny might not take Colin, but I acknowledge that. I also agree Solder would be a good move, as well as chasing that pick with a guard. When the left side of the line dominates it is pretty easy to run the ball. We saw this with Shaun Alexander behind Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson a few years back. I can't really buy ignoring the QB though. If they make a play for someone at a reasonable price, let's say Hasselbeck just for argument's sake, then yes they can take a chance by passing on this crop of quarterbacks. The problem is that they probably won't be bad enough next year to draft Luck or Barkley so their only play would be a "Sanchez" type trade up and that's iffy at best.
Vikings 02-04-2011 07:28 am (total posts: 1)
20     21

Julio Jones is not a bad pick and neither is Colin Kaepernick although he is just like Joe Webb.

I see the Vikings going offensive line. Solder is the pick. McKinnie will be 32 and needs to lose 25 pounds. Not many players get better once they are in their 30s. If the Vikings do not want a QB then they would be wiser to get the next most important position on the field locked up for the next 10 years like they did when they got McKinnie.

They have no viable backup behind McKinnie either. It would be wise for them to try and trade McKinnie if there are trades allowed.

As much as they need a safety, I think they should go for John Moffitt in round 2 if he is going to go this high.

Now they have a guard/center prospect that can take over for Hutchinson who will be 34 next November. This is the Vikings biggest weakness besides safety. They need to rebuild their line ASAP.

Then all they need to do is HAND the ball to Adrian Peterson more often (and Toby Gerhart).

They do not have to get a QB this year especially with there being so many questions surrounding the top guys.
Ivan 02-04-2011 06:56 am (total posts: 2)
20     20

the best mock to date
Alexito 02-04-2011 06:39 am (total posts: 1)
20     21

You guys are talking too much el crazy loco.

If Peterson fell to the Niners at #7, I would go quadruple loco! But stranger things have happened. I would go absolutely ape-crap and I would go streaking to the gymnasium.
Varela 02-04-2011 05:41 am (total posts: 1)
23     22

The Lions wont draft OT in the 1st...
Jake 02-04-2011 05:21 am (total posts: 5)
21     20

This new guy can Tounge Punch a mock draft right in the Fart Box.
SilentJaguar 02-04-2011 04:17 am (total posts: 1)
21     22

I'd rather grab any one of the next 5 picks after the Jags' in the second round(except Williams) than Greg Jones. Didn't really like what I saw out of him in the last half of the season and the bowl game.

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