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2005 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades
AFC Re-Grades

This page is dedicated to my 2005 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades for the AFC. The latter is basically going back three years and re-grading how every team fared in the 2005 NFL Draft. The new analysis is in red, while all the old stuff has been preserved.

Here are my 2005 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades: NFC.

Grade given on 5/1/05: D
Grade given on 6/3/08: D

Good Moves: Buffalo's best and only good draft choice was their sixth-round pick, G Justin Geisinger. Maybe the Bills just got lucky.

Bad Moves: Wide receiver Roscoe Parrish is a decent player, but wide out was not a pressing need. Tight end Kevin Everett has character issues. Buffalo did not address their offensive line until the sixth round, and they did not take care of their need for a defensive tackle. What are the Bills doing?

June 3, 2008 Update: I said Justin Geisinger (6th round) was Buffalo's best draft choice because I had him as a fourth- or a fifth-round prospect. He hasn't become a starter in this league, but he's a backup for the Redskins. At least he's still in the NFL.

So, is Geisinger better than Roscoe Parrish (2nd round)? No, but Parrish has never evolved into a solid receiver. He has two punt return touchdowns the past couple of years, but he's never eclipsed more than 35 receptions in a single season ... Is Geisinger better than Kevin Everett (3rd round)? Everett has become a nice story after his horrific injury, but he had two career receptions prior to his injury ... What about Duke Preston (4th round)? They're about equal; like Geisinger, Preston is a backup guard ... Eric King (5th round)? About the same - King is buried in Tennessee's secondary ... Lionel Gates (7th round)? Out of the league. (I recently had Terrence Pennington and Aaron Merz here, but apparently I was on crack and looked at the wrong year for the seventh-rounders; not that Pennington and Merz amounted to anything anyway).

Potential 2005 Starters: TE Kevin Everett, G Justin Geisinger.

Grade given on 5/1/05: B+
Grade given on 6/3/08: C-

Good Moves: Nick Saban opened his first NFL Draft with two very solid picks. The addition of RB Ronnie Brown bids good riddance to Ricky Williams. Second-round pick DE Matt Roth is very underrated and could end up starting this season. Two other solid selections were: CB Travis Daniels and OT Anthony Alabi.

Bad Moves: Middle linebacker Channing Crowder and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson were two questionable picks.

June 3, 2008 Update: Can Ronnie Brown carry the load on his own? That's the question that Brown's skeptics had prior to the draft. Brown shared rushing opportunities with Ricky Williams his rookie year. He missed three games in a mediocre sophomore campaign. Last season, Brown missed nine contests. So, the answer has to be no.

Meanwhile, Nick Saban's other "very solid pick" hasn't worked out well either. Matt Roth (2nd round) is currently slated as the team's starting defensive end in the 3-4, but he's severely undersized. He's going to struggle along with the rest of the team in 2008.

Miami's best choice in this class was the third-rounder it used on Channing Crowder. Crowder is currently slated to start right next to Akin Ayodele at inside linebacker in Bill Parcells' 3-4.

No real late-round sleepers. Travis Daniels (4th round) is a reserve in an awful cornerbacking corps ... Anthony Alabi (6th round) is currently backing up the horrendous Damion McIntosh in Kansas City ... Kevin Vickerson (7th round) has yet to play an NFL game.

Potential 2005 Starters: RB Ronnie Brown, DE/OLB Matt Roth.

Grade given on 5/1/05: A-
Grade given on 6/3/08: A

Good Moves: The Patriots lost G Joe Andruzzi to the Browns, so they drafted Logan Mankins to take his place. All of New England's picks were solid, especially their fifth-round selection, OLB Ryan Claridge.

Bad Moves: I think New England should have drafted more cornerbacks, but no one can really question what Bill Belichick does.

June 3, 2008 Update: If only Bill Belichick listened to me. If he drafted more corners in 2005, maybe his defense would have been able to get off the field in their previous two playoff losses. I'm kidding, of course, but there's some truth to that.

At any rate, I think I was close to nailing this draft grade. First- and third-round offensive linemen, Logan Mankins (No. 32 overall) and Nick Kaczur, are both starting for New England. They had problems keeping the Giants out of the backfield, but so did everyone else in the NFL ... The Patriots' other third-rounder was used on Ellis Hobbs, who has been effective as a starting cornerback and kick-returner.

Day 2 wasn't as lucrative, though James Sanders (4th round) is currently penciled in as the starting free safety over Brandon Meriweather. I'm not sure how long that's going to last, but I think it says more about Meriweather's ineffectiveness than Sanders' performance ... Matt Cassel (6th round) hasn't been given a chance to start in the NFL, which is something he should be used to; he backed up Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart at USC ... Ryan Claridge (5th round) and Andy Stokes (7th round) are no longer in the NFL.

Potential 2005 Starters: G Logan Mankins, G Nick Kaczur, OLB Ryan Claridge, CB Ellis Hobbs.

Grade given on 5/1/05: A-
Grade given on 6/3/08: B+

Good Moves: Considering the Jets did not have a first-round pick, they walked away with a solid draft. Jets fans booed the selection of K Mike Nugent, but they will grow to love him. Cornerback Justin Miller, New York's other second-round pick, will receive a warm welcome as well. Other decent picks by the Jets include: DT Sione Pouha, S Kerry Rhodes, RB Cedric Houston and TE Joel Dreessen.

Bad Moves: Not much to complain about. I did not like their fifth- and seventh-round picks.

June 3, 2008 Update: Jets fans aren't booing now, are they? In his career, Mike Nugent (2nd round) is 17-of-22 from 40-49 yards. He's also 3-of-7 from 50-plus the past two years ... New York's other second-rounder, Justin Miller, returned three kicks in his first two years as an NFL pro, but missed 14 games because of a knee injury in 2007. If Miller doesn't regain his explosiveness, he may not make the team.

The Jets' best pick in this class was the fourth-rounder they used on Kerry Rhodes. Rhodes, one of the most underrated players in the league, was awarded for his exceptional play at strong safety with a $33 million contract this offseason.

Nothing else too special. Sione Pouha (3rd round) is a solid reserve nose tackle, but never materialized into a defensive force ... Joel Dreessen (6th round) and Harry Williams (7th round) are backups in Houston ... Andre Maddox (5th round) and Cedric Houston (6th round) are no longer in the league.

Potential 2005 Starters: DT Sione Pouha, CB Justin Miller, S Kerry Rhodes, K Mike Nugent.

Grade given on 5/1/05: A+
Grade given on 6/3/08: C+

Good Moves: Yet another near-perfect draft for Brian Billick. His class is led by WR Mark Clayton and DE Dan Cody, two players who will have a huge impact on their new team this season.

Bad Moves: The only pick I did not agree with was the sixth-round selection of QB Derek Anderson. Why draft Anderson when you already have Anthony Wright and Josh Harris in reserve?

June 3, 2008 Update: All but one of Baltimore's seven draft picks are still on the roster. That's impressive, but the one guy not on the team? He just happens to be the best player Baltimore drafted in 2005. Then again, I can't criticize them for letting him go because it was the only selection I trashed.

It's still hard to believe that Derek Anderson was taken in the sixth round, though at the time it wasn't. Anderson failed to complete 50 percent of his passes at Oregon State. No one saw him coming. Haters want to trash Anderson for his completion rate with rival Cleveland in 2007 (56.5 percent) but forget that at 24, he was a first-year starter. I can only see him improving. I have a feeling the Ravens are going to regret letting him go for a long time, especially if he sticks with the Browns.

Baltimore's first choice, Mark Clayton (No. 22 overall), improved in his second year in the league, catching 67 passes for 939 yards. He regressed in 2007 to 48 receptions and 531 yards, but you can blame that on the Ravens' quarterback dilemma. Unfortunately, they won't be getting any better in that department until Joe Flacco is ready ... Dan Cody (2nd round) hasn't been as impressive as Clayton. Not that he's had the chance; Cody has played in only three games in his career, thanks to multiple injuries ... The Ravens' other second-round pick, Adam Terry, was replaced at right guard by second-year Marshal Yanda.

The other offensive lineman Baltimore drafted, Jason Brown (4th round), is currently the team's starting right tackle ... Justin Green (5th round) is the backup fullback. He may not make the squad ... Like Cody, Mike Smith has suffered through a number of injuries in his career.

Potential 2005 Starters: FB Justin Green, WR Mark Clayton, C Jason Brown, DE Dan Cody.

Grade given on 5/1/05: A
Grade given on 6/3/08: D

Good Moves: Cincinnati's first two picks--DE David Pollack and MLB Odell Thurman--will be stars on the Bengals' defense for a very long time. Central Michigan offensive linemen Eric Ghiaciuc and Adam Kieft are welcome additions to the Bengals' offensive line. Cincinnati chose WR Chris Henry in the third round. While Henry has some character issues, he is worth the risk in the third round.

Bad Moves: I was not a fan of Marvin Lewis' sixth- and seventh-round choices.

June 3, 2008 Update: The draft is unpredictable for a number of reasons. I often state how difficult it is to project how prospects will play at the next level, given that there are so many busts in the top 10. Another reason is injury. David Pollack (No. 17 overall) was forced to retire this season after playing just 17 games in his career.

Something less difficult to project is character and work ethic. The Bengals clearly didn't pay attention to those things in 2005, as their second- and third-round choices were used on Odell Thurman and Chris Henry, respectively. Both were kicked off the team this offseason.

The rest of the Bengals' draft was unspectacular, save for the fourth-round pick. Eric Ghiaciuc played well as Cincinnati's starting center in 2007 ... Adam Kieft (5th round) never materialized into an NFL player ... Tab Perry (6th round) may have suffered a career-ending injury, though he wasn't anything special before that ... Jonathan Fanene (7th round) is a solid reserve defensive lineman for the team.

Potential 2005 Starters: DE David Pollack, MLB Odell Thurman.

Grade given on 5/1/05: B+
Grade given on 6/3/08: B-

Good Moves: The Browns actually have a solid draft class? The city of Cleveland is in shock. What a difference a coach makes. Perhaps the most important pick Romeo Crennel made was in the third round, when he took QB Charlie Frye, who will be the future of the Browns' organization. Frye will have WR Braylon Edwards to throw to. Safety Brodney Pool and corner Antonio Perkins will vastly improve Cleveland's secondary.

Bad Moves: Cleveland did not have any solid picks after the fourth round. The Browns needed to address their front seven, but they failed to do so.

June 3, 2008 Update: One incredible pick, one solid choice and a bunch of other junk. The incredible pick was Braylon Edwards (No. 3 overall), who's one of the very few busts in this year's top 10. Finally armed with a solid quarterback, Edwards exploded in 2007, registering 80 receptions, 1,289 yards and 16 touchdowns.

The solid choice was the second-rounder the team used on free safety Brodney Pool. Pool isn't a great player by any means, but I have no problem with his starting. He should be the least of Romeo Crennel's worries regarding his secondary.

As we all know, Charlie Frye (3rd round) is a bust ... David McMillan (5th round) is buried on Cleveland's depth chart ... Jon Dunn (7th round) is a camp body in Detroit ... The following players are no longer in the league: Antonio Perkins (4th round), Nick Speegle (6th round) and Andrew Hoffman (6th round).

Potential 2005 Starters: WR Braylon Edwards, S Brodney Pool.

Grade given on 5/1/05: A
Grade given on 6/3/08: C+

Good Moves: The Steelers drafted TE Heath Miller, who becomes a very dangerous weapon for Ben Roethlisberger. Their second-round choice was used on cornerback Bryant McFadden. Pittsburgh also had a few solid second-day selections like: WR Fred Gibson, OLB Rian Wallace and G Chris Kemoeatu, all of whom were third-round prospects.

Bad Moves: A few picks didn't make sense, including third-round offensive tackle Trai Essex. Pittsburgh should have drafted a second cornerback.

June 3, 2008 Update: I'm going out on a limb and saying Pittsburgh's first-round pick worked out pretty well. Heath Miller (No. 30 overall) is one of the better tight ends in the league ... The Bryant McFadden (2nd round) choice, meanwhile, wasn't as lucrative. McFadden has been inconsistent in his career, though he's still the team's nickel corner ... Trai Essex (3rd round) has been even worse. He's a backup tackle, which speaks volumes, given how much Pittsburgh's offensive line struggled in 2007.

If it seems like each of the Steelers' succeeding picks are getting worse, you're right. Fred Gibson (4th round) and Rian Wallace (5th round) are currently unemployed. Both seventh-rounders, Noah Herron and Shaun Nua, are barely holding on to jobs.

The one exception to the declining trend was Chris Kemoeatu (6th round), who happens to be the favorite to step in for Alan Faneca at left guard.

Potential 2005 Starters: TE Heath Miller, CB Bryant McFadden.

Grade given on 5/1/05: C+
Grade given on 6/3/08: D

Good Moves: Houston's draft is headlined by two terrific players. The Texans chose DT Travis Johnson with their first-round pick, while WR Jerome Mathis may have been the steal of the draft in the fourth round. Mathis will eventually be the number-two receiver across from Andre Johnson.

Bad Moves: All other picks were questionable. Did the Texans need to draft a backup running back in the third round? Why wasn't the offensive line addressed?

June 3, 2008 Update: A typical Charley Casserly draft class: Crappy picks, crappy picks and even more crappy picks.

Travis Johnson (No. 16 overall) is currently slated to be the starter, but he's been plagued by inconsistency and injury. He wouldn't start on many other teams ... Vernand Morency (3rd round) has been a marginal reserve running back in his career ... Jerome Mathis returned two kicks for touchdowns as a rookie, but hasn't done much since. The Redskins signed him this offseason but released him a few months later. His career has probably come to an end ... Kenneth Pettway (7th round) backs up Clint Ingram at outside linebacker in Jacksonville.

Casserly's lone solid selection came in the sixth round. In Dunta Robinson's extensive absence, C.C. Brown has become the only reliable player in Houston's secondary. Brown is also a proud member of the Forum!

Potential 2005 Starters: WR Jerome Mathis, DT Travis Johnson.

Grade given on 5/1/05: F
Grade given on 6/3/08: B

Good Moves: Indianapolis had the worst draft in the NFL, excluding the Seattle Seahawks. The Colts made decent selections with their first- and seventh-round picks (CB Marlin Jackson and RB Anthony Davis), but nothing of note in between.

Bad Moves: The Colts wonder why they have one of the worst defenses in the NFL. It's because they cannot draft.

June 3, 2008 Update: It's usually foolish to criticize The Bill Polian, so I've learned my lesson over the years. If only I could go back three years and warn myself.

The Bill Polian utilized his first two picks on cornerbacks Marlin Jackson (No. 29 overall) and Kelvin Hayden (2nd round), both of whom are starting and thriving in Tony Dungy's scheme ... Matt Giordano (4th round), another defensive back, is a solid reserve and special-teamer ... Tyjuan Hagler (5th round) is one of the team's starting outside linebackers. He played well in 2007, but missed four games and was often hobbled by injuries.

No one's perfect, and that certainly applies to The Bill Polian. The Bill Polian whiffed on fourth-rounder Dylan Gandy, a camp body for in Denver ... Dave Rayner (7th round) hit less than 69 percent of his field goals with the Chargers last year ... The following of The Bill Polian's picks aren't in the league anymore: Vincent Burns (3rd round), Jonathan Welsh (5th round), Robert Hunt (5th round) and Anthony Davis (7th round).

Potential 2005 Starters: CB Marlin Jackson, CB Kelvin Hayden.

Grade given on 5/1/05: B-
Grade given on 6/3/08: D

Good Moves: Matt Jones, a WR-TE hybrid freak of nature, was a great first-round pick. He will become a great weapon for Byron Leftwich. The Jaguars needed an offensive tackle, and addressed the position in the second round by drafting Khalif Barnes, a first-round prospect. Jacksonville made a great second-day selection by drafting safety Gerald Sensabaugh.

Bad Moves: The Jaguars had a few picks that didn't make sense like CB Scott Starks and WR Chad Owens. Jacksonville failed to fix their problem at defensive end.

June 3, 2008 Update: This just in: Matt Jones, was not a great first-round pick. In fact, he was a horrendous draft choice, and has become an excellent example for teams looking to draft a guy just based off combine numbers.

Khalif Barnes (2nd round) has had a fun career. He's a talented starting left tackle, but a year after registering a DUI, Barnes crashed his car when he drove through a front yard and slammed his vehicle into a tree. Don't diss Khalif's driving skillz!

Scott Starks (3rd round) is Jacksonville's nickel corner, though Trae Williams could challenge him there ... Fifth-round strong safety Gerald Sensabaugh was handed the starting job when Donovin Darius was released last offseason. Unfortunately, Sensabaugh missed 14 games with a shoulder injury ... Pat Thomas (6th round) is a backup linebacker in Kansas City ... Alvin Pearman (4th round), Chad Owens (6th round) and Chris Roberson (7th round) are all currently unemployed.

Potential 2005 Starters: WR/TE Matt Jones, OT Khalif Barnes.

Grade given on 5/1/05: C+
Grade given on 6/3/08: B+

Good Moves: Tennessee drafted some good players, but they took them all about a round too early. Cornerback Pacman Jones is the exception, but Antrel Rolle could prove to be the better corner in this draft. Wide receiver Roydell Williams, taken in the fourth round, could be the Titans' best selection.

Bad Moves: Once again, OT Michael Roos, WR Brandon Jones, S Vincent Fuller, OT David Stewart, and others were all taken a round too early.

June 3, 2008 Update: The Titans were warned about Pacman Jones' antics. They didn't listen and they were consequently burnt, as the No. 6 overall pick had just one productive season with the team. He was just reinstated and cleared to play with the Cowboys this preseason, but who knows how long he's going to stay out of trouble?

The Titans hit the jackpot with the two offensive tackles they selected, though I argued they took both too early. While that may be true, it doesn't matter right now. Michael Roos (2nd round) and David Stewart (4th round) are both dynamic talents on Tennessee's offensive front.

A few other solid choices: Roydell Williams (4th round) was the third receiver the Titans drafted, so it's odd that he became the best of the group. He hasn't done anything great yet, but his 55 receptions and 719 yards in 2007 give Titans fans hope for the future ... Bo Scaife is one of Vince Young's favorite targets. Again, he's not an exceptional talent by any means, but he was a bargain in the sixth round ... Vincent Fuller (4th round) and Reynaldo Hill (7th round) will compete to be the nickel corner in 2008 ... Daniel Loper is the Titans' top reserve offensive tackle.

Tennessee had 11 selections in this draft, so they were bound to have some busts in addition to Pacman. Third-round receivers Courtney Roby and Brandon Jones are complete failures.

Potential 2005 Starters: WR Courtney Roby, WR Roydell Williams, OT Michael Roos, CB Pac-Man Jones.

Grade given on 5/1/05: D
Grade given on 6/3/08: B

Good Moves: Denver made two solid draft picks. Their second-round selection of Darrent Williams will give them a solid defensive back to pair up with Champ Bailey in the future. I am also a fan of the Maurice Clarett pick.

Bad Moves: What are the Broncos doing? Karl Paymah? Domonique Foxworth? Chris Myers? Paul Ernster? Why not just draft Ryan Leaf and Curtis Enis?

June 3, 2008 Update: Disaster struck the Broncos organization more than a year ago when Darrent Williams was senselessly killed in a shootout. Williams, a second-round pick, was turning out to be an excellent corner, and would have been an incredible talent to have across from Champ Bailey.

Denver drafted two other corners early in response to losing to the Colts in the playoffs. Karl Paymah and Domonique Foxworth, both third-rounders, are solid reserves on the team. It's been rumored that the latter could be going to Cleveland for a third-round selection in 2009.

I liked the Maurice Clarett pick at the time it was made. I made that clear in the "Good Moves." I thought he was worth the final choice in Day 1. Sure, he was a major risk, but isn't every draft pick a risk?

Chris Myers (6th round) was traded to Houston this offseason for a sixth-round selection. Myers is going to be the starting center for the Texans ... Seventh-rounder Paul Ernster goes to Detroit to be a camp body.

Potential 2005 Starters: CB Darrent Williams.

Grade given on 5/1/05: C
Grade given on 6/3/08: C-

Good Moves: Unlike the Chiefs' 2004 draft class, this one shows potential. Some potential. Outside linebacker Derrick Johnson could become the best defensive player to come out of this draft. Three second-day selections really stand out: WR Craphonso Thorpe, CB Alphonso Hodge and OT Jeremy Parquet; the latter was taken in the seventh round.

Bad Moves: Many questionable picks, including the selection of a punter in the third round. Kansas City did not address their defensive line until the sixth round.

June 3, 2008 Update: Derrick Johnson had a strong 2007 campaign after struggling early on in his career. Johnson credits it to being healthy for the first time; he apparently was hampered by a foot injury in 2005 and 2006 ... It's unusual to see a punter drafted in the third round. I guess it's a good thing for the Chiefs that Dustin Colquitt has become one of the better directional punters in the league; otherwise, they'd have to cower in embarrassment.

The rest of Kansas City's class wasn't as impressive. Craphonso Thorpe (4th round) has bounced around the league. He'll have a tough time making the Jaguars' roster ... Boomer Grigsby (5th round), now with the Dolphins, is a solid special-teamer, but nothing more ... Will Svitek (6th round) is a sub-par reserve offensive tackle ... Khari Long (6th round), who may have the largest forehead of all time, is a camp body in Dallas ... Jeremy Parquet (7th round) is buried on Pittsburgh's roster ... Alphonso Hodge (5th round) and James Kilian (7th round) are out of the league.

Potential 2005 Starters: OLB Derrick Johnson, P Dustin Colquitt.

Grade given on 5/1/05: A
Grade given on 6/3/08: B

Good Moves: Speed, speed and more speed. The Raiders drafted two of the faster cornerbacks--Fabian Washington and Stanford Routt--with their first two picks. Quarterback Andrew Walter, taken in the third round, has a powerful arm, and can fit into Oakland's system. Middle linebacker Kirk Morrison was a decent selection in the third round as well. Oakland really hit a home run in round six. They drafted DT Anntaj Hawthorne, DE Ryan Riddle and OT Pete McMahon, all very underrated players.

Bad Moves: The Raiders should have taken Justin Miller over Stanford Routt.

June 3, 2008 Update: We like to associate Al Davis with poor classes, but the 435-year-old owner actually drafted well in 2005. He spent his first two selections on cornerbacks. Fabian Washington (No. 23 overall) was once a starter before struggling in 2007 and then being arrested for battery charges. He was traded in April for a fourth-round pick. Stanford Routt, meanwhile, was more of a success in the second round. Routt's one of the best nickel corners in the NFL. The only reason he's not starting is because he's behind Nnamdi Asomugha and DeAngelo Hall.

Davis' best choice three years ago was the third-rounder he used on Kirk Morrison, who has become one of the better middle linebackers in the NFL. Unfortunately, Oakland's other third-rounder was on bust Andrew Walter.

The Raiders had three sixth-round picks, but whiffed on all of them. Of the three - Anttaj Hawthorne, Ryan Riddle and Pete McMahon - only the latter is still in the league, and he's barely holding on to his job in Jacksonville.

Potential 2005 Starters: DT Anntaj Hawthorne, MLB Kirk Morrison, CB Fabian Washington.

Grade given on 5/1/05: B
Grade given on 6/3/08: A+

Good Moves: The Chargers had trouble putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks last year. That will not be the case in 2005, as they drafted OLB Shawne Merriman in the first round. Their other first round pick was used on nose tackle Luis Castillo. San Diego made two great selections in the fourth- and fifth-rounds, respectively taking RB Darren Sproles and OT Wesley Britt.

Bad Moves: Wide receiver Vincent Jackson was a reach in round two. San Diego failed to address their secondary.

June 3, 2008 Update: The Chargers had one of the best drafts in this class and hit on nearly every pick. I'm not surprised, given that A.J. Smith has drafted extremely well over the years.

The highlight of San Diego's 2005 class is obviously Shawne Merriman (No. 12 overall). I'm not going to waste time talking about how great he is, so I'll concentrate on the Chargers' other first-rounder, Luis Castillo (No. 28 overall). Castillo has missed extensive time the past two years (12 games total), but he's a force on the defensive line when he's actually in the lineup.

Vincent Jackson (2nd round) struggled prior to the latter stages of the 2007 campaign, but he became a force to be reckoned with in the postseason. Just ask the Colts and Patriots how easy it is to stop a 6-5, 241-pound target ... Darren Sproles (4th round) is one of the fastest players in the NFL. He had two return touchdowns last season ... Wesley Britt (5th round) is a solid reserve offensive tackle in New England ... Scott Mruczkowski is San Diego's top reserve guard. Not bad for a seventh-rounder. Only one player the Chargers drafted - Wes Sims (6th round) - is currently unemployed.

Potential 2005 Starters: OT Wesley Britt, NT Luis Castillo, OLB Shawne Merriman.

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