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2003 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades
NFC Re-Grades

This page is dedicated to my 2003 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades for the NFC. The latter is basically going back five years and re-grading how every team fared in the 2003 NFL Draft. The new analysis is in red, while all the old stuff has been preserved.

Here are my 2003 NFL Draft Grades and Re-Grades: AFC.

Grade given on 5/1/03: A-
Grade given on 6/7/08: A+

Good Moves: Obviously, CB Terrence Newman at #5 was a no-brainer. C Al Johnson is an average second round pick, but he'll be a starter right away. TE Jason Witten in the third round was a great pick. I also liked LB Bradie James in the fourth round.

Bad Moves: They did not draft a defensive tackle, quarterback or running back. They will probably trade for a QB, but where will the other two come from?

June 7, 2008 Update: I spelled Terence Newman's name wrong in my initial write-up, but at least I was right in calling the pick a good move. Newman qualified for the Pro Bowl in 2007 and was awarded with a 6-year, $50.2 million contract. Unfortunately, he came into the league as a 25-year-old, so he'll be 30 at the start of the 2008 campaign.

Using a third-round selection on Jason Witten was pure genius. Witten is arguably the best tight end in the NFL ... Not as good but still pretty solid were Al Johnson (2nd round) and Bradie James (4th round). Johnson is Arizona's starting center, while James is Dallas' only solid inside linebacker going into the season.

The Cowboys' other three choices - B.J. Tucker (6th round), Zuriel Smith (6th round) and Justin Bates (7th round) - are out of football.

Potential 2003 Starters: CB Terrence Newman, C Al Johnson, TE Jason Witten

Grade given on 5/1/03: D
Grade given on 6/7/08: B+

Good Moves: DT William Joseph was a good pick, late in the first round. They drafted a good corner in the fourth round, Rod Babers.

Bad Moves: 2nd and 3rd round picks were duds: DE Osi Umenyiora and TE Vashante Shicarore should have TV and radio announcers baffled for years. They did not address their OT need.

June 7, 2008 Update: Osi Umenyiora still has TV and radio announcers baffled. You can include opposing offensive coordinators in that category too. Umenyiora (2nd round) had 15 sacks in 2005 and 13 in 2007.

I was way off on this draft, as you can tell. Umenyiora's not a dud, while William Joseph (No. 25 overall) and Rod Babers (4th round) were anything but good picks. Joseph was out of football in 2007, but recently signed a 1-year deal with the Raiders. I'm not surprised ... Babers, meanwhile, has been out of football since 2004.

In his first year as a starter, Visanthe Shiancoe (not Shicarore, the female pop singer) notched 27 receptions and 323 yards with the Vikings. Not terrible, but I get the feeling Minnesota regrets paying him $18 million over five seasons. Shiancoe was a third-rounder.

New York's best pick, with the exception of Umenyiora, was the fifth-rounder it spent on David Diehl. A former guard, Diehl transitioned over to left tackle and played extremely well ... Other solid Day 2 selections include Frank Walker (6th round), a solid special-teamer; David Tyree (6th round), the hero of Super Bowl XLII; and Kevin Walter (7th round), who had 65 receptions and 800 yards with the Texans in 2007.

Willie Ponder (6th round) returned two kickoffs for touchdowns a few years ago, but is currently out of the league ... Charles Drake and Wayne Lucier, both seventh-rounders, are also unemployed.

Potential 2003 Starters: QB Eli Manning, G Chris Snee.

Grade given on 5/1/03: B
Grade given on 6/7/08: Z-

Good Moves: Trading up to get a defensive end to take Hugh Douglas' place (Jerome McDougal) was a great move. DE Jamaal Green in the fourth round was a decent pick. Late round pick Jeremey Bridges will add depth at offensive tackle.

Bad Moves: TE L.J. Smith was not the best tight end available. WR Billy McMullen may not even make the team. They did not address their need for a linebacker.

June 7, 2008 Update: I didn't spell Jerome McDougle's name correctly, but who really cares? He sucks. The end. The idea of trading up for a defensive end was a good move. McDougle (No. 15 overall) was the wrong guy. He's played in 33 games in five seasons and has accumulated three career sacks. He's out of football.

"L.J. Smith was not the best tight end available." It doesn't say so here, but at the time, I begged the Eagles to take Jason Witten. Andy Reid was too busy eating cheese steaks to listen and consequently picked the oft-injured L.J. "Hands of Stone" Smith in the second round.

I was dead on about Billy McMullen (3rd round). He hasn't played since 2006 ... Unfortunately, I was off on Jamaal Green (4th round). He played in eight games in 2004 and none since ... Jeremy Bridges, taken in the sixth round, is actually still in the league (backup tackle in Carolina). However, Bridges was arrested for assault in November ... Like Green, Norman LeJeune (7th round) is done playing.

Potential 2003 Starters: DE Jerome McDougal.

Grade given on 5/1/03: D
Grade given on 6/7/08: C+

Good Moves: G Derrick Dockery will be a nice backup.

Bad Moves: WR Taylor Jacobs is a wasted pick.

June 7, 2008 Update: Not much analysis on the Redskins' 2003 draft class because they had only three selections. Taylor Jacobs (2nd round) definitely was a wasted pick. He notched his seasonal career high in 2004, registering 16 receptions for a whopping 178 yards. I don't understand how he's still in the league. Way to go, Spurrier.

Although he's not on the team anymore, Derrick Dockery (3rd round) saves the Redskins from a Z-. Dockery is an exceptional left guard, who signed a $49 million deal with the Bills last offseason. He helped rookie Marshawn Lynch rush for 1,115 yards and seven scores in only 13 games.

Gibran Hamdan (7th round) has a cool name; maybe that's why Buffalo is keeping him around as a third-string quarterback.

Potential 2003 Starters: None.

Grade given on 5/1/03: D
Grade given on 6/7/08: B-

Good Moves: Fourth rounder DT Ian Scott could start right away.

Bad Moves: DE Michael Haynes, a 14th overall pick, will not even start. QB Rex Grossman will not be a good pro. Other picks did not make sense, and the Bears didn't fit major needs until late in the draft.

June 7, 2008 Update: As a Penn State alumnus, I was really confused when the Bears spent the 14th-overall pick on Michael Haynes. Haynes wasn't even that good as a Nittany Lion, so I was puzzled as to why Chicago used such a high pick on him. Haynes played three NFL seasons and notched just six sacks ... Chicago spent its other first-rounder on Rex Grossman. Ouch. I'm going to give myself some dap for calling Grossman a bust on Draft Day.

Things got a bit better for Chicago after that. Charles "Peanut" Tillman (2nd round) is one of the better cornerbacks in the league. He recently signed a 7-year, $41.5 million deal ... Lance Briggs was an enormous steal in the third round. He may be a headache in the offseason, but he definitely gives opposing offensive coordinators migraines with his dynamic play at weakside linebacker ... Nothing spectacular after Briggs, but the Bears managed to draft quality depth guys in the middle rounds. Fourth-rounders Todd Johnson and Ian Scott are reserves in St. Louis and Carolina, respectively. Bobby Wade (5th round) and Justin Gage (5th round) respectively contributed a bit as receivers for the Vikings and Titans.

Chicago's final four picks were failures. Tron LaFavor (5th round), Joe Odom (6th round), Brock Forsey (6th round) and Bryan Anderson (7th round) are done. Tron? Tron!? Wasn't he on the Chappelle Show?

Potential 2003 Starters: DT Tommie Harris, DT Tank Johnson.

Grade given on 5/1/03: C+
Grade given on 6/7/08: C+

Good Moves: DE/DT Kenny Peterson was a nice pick in round 3.

Bad Moves: OLB Nick Barnett is a good player, but he was a reach in round one.

June 7, 2008 Update: Reach or not, Nick Barnett turned out to be a very good selection. Barnett (No. 29 overall) is one of the better middle linebackers in the league, though he recently got in trouble for pushing a woman and throwing her drink on the floor at a night club.

The rest of Green Bay's draft wasn't as spectacular, save for the fifth-rounder the team used on Hunter Hillenmeyer. Hillenmeyer may be a distant third in terms of talent when compared to Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs, but he's still a very solid strongside linebacker. Considering the Packers needed help at that position last year, I'm not sure why they let him go to their most hated rival.

Kenny Peterson (3rd round) wasn't a terrible choice; he's a second-string defensive lineman in Denver ... Chris Johnson (7th round) is Oakland's fourth corner ... Everyone else Green Bay took - James Lee (5th round), Brennan Curtin (6th round), DeAndrew Rubin (7th round), Carl Ford (7th round) and Steve Josue (7th round) - is out of the league.

Potential 2003 Starters: OLB Nick Barnett, DE/DT Kenny Peterson

Grade given on 5/1/03: A+
Grade given on 6/7/08: D

Good Moves: Obviously, Charles Rogers will give Joey Harrington a great target for the next decade. Second round pick OLB Boss Bailey was the best linebacker in the draft. Third rounder DE Cory Redding will one day replace Robert Porcher. Fourth rounder RB Artose Pinner gives the Lions more depth at that position. S Terrence Holt in the fifth round could compete for a starting job this year.

Bad Moves: None.

June 7, 2008 Update: Someone please shoot me if I ever call a Matt Millen draft great again. I mean, seriously. What is this crap? Charles Rogers (No. 2 overall)? Talk about a lazy P.O.S. Way to put forth absolutely no effort in your NFL career.

But Millen didn't stop there! He used his second-round pick on Boss Bailey, an absolute joke of a strongside linebacker. The Broncos signed Bailey this offseason, which is a move they'll soon regret ... Artose Pinner (4th round) never emerged as a good running back, but he's solid on special teams ... Terrence Holt (5th round) is a failure as a free safety, though he's still in the NFL ... David Kircus is Miami's fifth receiver, though I guess that's not bad considering he was a sixth-rounder ... Blue Adams (7th round) is Cincinnati's dime corner, unless Simeon Castille can beat him out ... James Davis (5th round), Ben Johnson (7th round), Brandon Drumm (7th round) and Travis Anglin (7th round) are unemployed.

One pick saved Detroit from the dreaded Z-. Millen used his third-rounder on Cory Redding, who had eight sacks at under tackle in 2006. Redding signed a $49 million contract and managed a whopping one sack in 2007. Looks like Redding attended the Charles Rogers School of Lethargy.

Potential 2003 Starters: WR Charles Rogers, OLB Boss Bailey.

Grade given on 5/1/03: C
Grade given on 6/7/08: B+

Good Moves: Despite their antics, DT Kevin Williams was the second best defensive tackle in the draft. MLB E.J. Henderson is a good player, although he will not start right away. RB Onterrio Smith was a great pick in the fourth round. OLB Mike Nattiel was value in the sixth round.

Bad Moves: Their antics were a bad move. WR Nate Burleson is a wasted third round pick.

June 7, 2008 Update: This was the year the Vikings had the seventh-overall pick and ran out of time. The Jaguars and Panthers ran up to the podium to get their cards in before Minnesota could. So, instead of picking seventh, the Vikings ended up with the ninth selection. Ironically, out of the three teams in this entire ordeal, Minnesota landed the top player. That happened to be Kevin Williams. Carolina took home Jordan Gross, while the Jaguars snagged bust quarterback Byron Leftwich.

Playing right behind Williams is E.J. Henderson, a very solid middle linebacker who was well worth the second-round pick Minnesota spent on him.

Two names you're familiar with in the middle rounds: Nate Burleson and Onterrio Smith. I criticized the Burleson (3rd round) selection when it happened, and once upon a time I looked like a fool. Burleson hasn't done much on offense since notching 1,006 yards and nine touchdowns in 2004. He did manage to return two kickoffs for touchdowns in 2007 though ... Onterrio Smith was once a promising running back, but got in trouble in the whole Whizzinator incident. He was recently arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Ed Johnson (6th round), Michael Nattiel (6th round) and Keenan Howry (7th round) are all unemployed.

Potential 2003 Starters: DT Kevin Williams.

Grade given on 5/1/03: F
Grade given on 6/7/08: D

Good Moves: None.

Bad Moves: None of their picks will pan out, including second rounder CB Bryan Scott, who was a reach.

June 7, 2008 Update: The Falcons lacked a first-round pick in 2003, but that's not an excuse for netting such a poor draft. Bryan Scott (2nd round) was the team's first choice. He's Donte Whitner's backup in Buffalo. He's been nothing but mediocre in his NFL career.

Scott was Atlanta's only first-day selection. Justin Griffith was chosen in the fourth round, which wasn't a bad move because he's been a decent fullback in this league. Griffith is now with Oakland ... Jon Olinger (5th round) and LaTarence Dunbar (6th round) are both done ... Atlanta's front office was definitely hungry toward the end of the draft. How do I know this? Because they decided on Waine Bacon (6th round) and Demetrin Veal (7th round). Bacon and Veal are also unemployed.

Potential 2003 Starters: None.

Grade given on 5/1/03: B-
Grade given on 6/7/08: C-

Good Moves: Jordan Gross will be a stud at right tackle. Second round pick C Bruce Nelson could also be a starter. CB Ricky Manning Jr. could also start. Lots of value with their seventh round pick, FB Casey Moore.

Bad Moves: TE Mike Seidman and S Colin Branch will not pan out.

June 7, 2008 Update: Jordan Gross (No. 8 overall) was a stud at right tackle, until the Panthers moved him to left tackle, where he was simply mediocre. Whoops. Gross is still at left tackle. I don't get why Carolina passed on Chris Williams, but whatever. I've ranted about that enough ... The second-most recognizable name on Carolina's 2003 draft list is Ricky Manning Jr., who had an incredible game against the Eagles in the 2004 NFC Championship. Manning Jr. signed a 5-year, $21 million contract with the Bears, but has struggled since. There's a good chance he's going to be cut.

I can't downgrade the Panthers for Manning Jr., as he helped them get to the Super Bowl. What I can mark them down for is their other picks. Other than Gross, Manning Jr. and Kindal Moorehead (5th round), who's a backup in Atlanta, none of Carolina's other selections are in the NFL anymore. That includes Bruce Nelson (2nd round) and Mike Seidman (3rd round) ... The other flops: Colin Branch (4th round), Walter Young (7th round) and Casey Moore (7th round).

Potential 2003 Starters: OT Jordan Gross, C Bruce Nelson, CB Ricky Manning Jr.

Grade given on 5/1/03: B-
Grade given on 6/7/08: D

Good Moves: OT Jon Stinchcomb and OLB Cie Grant are decent picks. I liked G Montrae Holland in the fourth round. WR Talman Garder was a good pick in round six.

Bad Moves: The Saints traded up into the sixth spot and took the wrong defensive tackle. The Saints did not address their need for a corner.

June 7, 2008 Update: When you trade up into the top six in the NFL Draft, you're supposed to land a perennial Pro Bowler, or a very reliable starter at the very least. Not a guy who plays only four years in the league! And that's actually three if you don't count the one contest Jonathan Sullivan (No. 6 overall) participated in during the 2006 campaign. Sullivan is among one of the top busts this decade.

Sadly enough, Sullivan's not the only Saint selection not in the league anymore. Cie Grant (3rd round), Melvin Williams (5th round), Kareem Kelly (6th round) and Talman Gardner (7th round) are all gone.

Two of New Orleans' choices worked out, and both happen to be offensive linemen. Second-rounder Jonathan Stinchcomb is the team's current starter at right tackle ... Montrae Holland (4th round), meanwhile, is Denver's starting right guard.

Potential 2003 Starters: DT Jonathan Sullivan.

Grade given on 5/1/03: B+
Grade given on 6/7/08: C+

Good Moves: 2nd rounder DE Dewayne White will fit in nicely for the Bucs. QB Chris Simms was worth a third round pick. He will eventually be the starter for the Buccaneers. Fifth rounder G Sean Mahan was a good selection. I really liked their sixth rounder, CB Torrie Cox.

Bad Moves: Both of their fourth round picks did not make sense: OT Lane Nimmo and C Austin King. The Buccaneers did not address their need at running back.

June 7, 2008 Update: The Buccaneers didn't have a first-round pick in 2003, and because they won the Super Bowl the year before, they were forced to wait until the 64th overall selection to take their first player. That happened to be Dewayne White, who was a solid rotational defensive end for the team. White signed a 5-year, $29 million deal with the Lions, but managed just six sacks in 2007. Rod Marinelli told that he expects White to have double-digit sacks in 2008. Marinelli must have been smoking the same stuff as me when I gave the Lions an A+; White has never had more than six in his career.

Jon Gruden made a controversial decision to take Chris Simms in the bottom of the third round. Simms had a decent 2005 campaign, but has only played three games since then, thanks to a spleen injury.

Two mediocre picks on Day 2. Sean Mahan (5th round) started for Pittsburgh's miserable offensive line last year. He'll be on the bench come September ... Torrie Cox (6th round) is solid on special teams ... Both fourth-rounders, Lance Nimmo and Austin King, are out of football.

Potential 2003 Starters: None.

Grade given on 5/1/03: C-
Grade given on 6/7/08: B

Good Moves: WR Anquan Boldin was a good second round pick. Their third round pick was an excellent one, in MLB Gerald Hayes. The Cardinals' fifth round pick was also a good one (DT Kenny King).

Bad Moves: The Cardinals lost the opportunity to draft Suggs by trading down. They took DE Calvin Pace and WR Bryant Johnson, when they could have had DE Terrell Suggs and WR Bryant Johnson. Trading down was not neccessary.

June 7, 2008 Update: The Cardinals had the sixth pick in the draft. Local product Terrell Suggs was available and happened to fill a position of need. Instead of taking the dynamic defensive end, Arizona brilliantly traded down with the Saints to acquire two selections in the middle of the first round. The guys they obtained - Bryant Johnson (No. 17 overall) and Calvin Pace (No. 18 overall) - weren't complete busts, but neither really lived up to his first-round billing. They each would have made more sense in the third round.

Luckily, the Cardinals redeemed themselves in the second round with Anquan Boldin. Everyone knows how great he is, so let's move on.

Two solid choices later on. Gerald Hayes (3rd round) is a solid middle linebacker, while Reggie Wells (6th round) is the team's starting left guard.

Arizona's final pick, Tony Gilbert (6th round) is Jacksonville's backup middle linebacker ... Kenny King (5th round) is out of football.

Potential 2003 Starters: WR Bryant Johnson, WR Anquan Boldin, DE Calvin Pace, MLB Gerald Hayes.

Grade given on 5/1/03: B+
Grade given on 6/7/08: F

Good Moves: The 49ers took the best player available at #26 (OT Kwame Harris), and it happened to be a position of need. DE Andrew Williams was a good third round pick because he will compete for a startng job. Fourth rounder WR Brandon Lloyd could be a starter in a year or two. WR Arnaz Battle, who was taken in the sixth round, will make the team.

Bad Moves: DT Anthony Adams was a reach in the second round. Although its not a big deal, the 49ers wasted their seventh round pick on QB Ken Dorsey.

June 7, 2008 Update: Kwame Harris (No. 26 overall) may have been considered the best player available on the board when San Francisco took him at the time, but man, does he suck now. The Raiders naturally overpaid for him, so look for JaMarcus Russell to be pressured relentlessly from his blind side.

That said, Harris may have been the best player the 49ers drafted back in 2003. I kid you not. Anthony Adams was the reach I projected him to be. He's a solid rotation guy with the Bears, but as a second-round pick, he should be more of a dominant force ... Brandon Lloyd (4th round), once considered a promising receiver, was cut by the Redskins. He's also playing in Chicago, where he will once again disappoint ... Arnaz Battle (6th round) will be San Francisco's third receiver in 2008. He's the only player the 49ers drafted in 2003 who's still on the roster ... Ken Dorsey (7th round) is somehow still in the league; he's the third quarterback in Cleveland ... Aaron Walker (5th round) is unemployed.

Potential 2003 Starters: OT Kwame Harris.

Grade given on 5/1/03: A
Grade given on 6/7/08: A-

Good Moves: The Seahawks landed a stud corner in Marcus Trufant at #11. S Ken Hamlin was a second round pick, and he could start next year. 3rd round pick OT Wayne Hunter could also be a starter. Taking an athletic guy like Seneca Wallace in round 4 was not a bad idea. DT Rashard Moore was value in round six. Trading another sixth rounder for DT Norman Hand was another good move.

Bad Moves: They walked away from the draft without improving the defensive end position.

June 7, 2008 Update: I don't have to tell you if the Seahawks like Marcus Trufant. Just look at the money they gave him: Six years, $50.2 million. Not bad. The No. 11 overall pick notched seven interceptions in 2007, so it's nice to see his efforts rewarded.

Seattle spent its second-round selection on a defensive back as well, snagging Ken Hamlin off the board. Hamlin's now in Dallas, where he had five picks last season. Dallas slapped its franchise tag on Hamlin.

The rest of Seattle's draft was pretty bland, barring the seventh-rounder the team used on Josh Brown, one of the better kicks in the league ... Wayne Hunter (3rd round) is a camp body for the Jets ... Seneca Wallace is a nice gimmicky option and a solid backup quarterback, but I don't think he lived up to his fourth-round billing ... Rashad Moore (6th round) is a deep reserve in Atlanta ... Solomon Bates (4th round), Chris Davis (5th round) and Taco Wallace (7th round) are out of football.

Potential 2003 Starters: CB Marcus Trufant, S Ken Hamlin, DT Norman Hand

Grade given on 5/1/03: C-
Grade given on 6/7/08: C-

Good Moves: The Rams might have found their third wide receiver in either third-round pick Kevin Curtis or fourth-round pick WR Shaun McDonald. CB Shane Walton should compete for a starting job in a few years. Not bad for a fifth round pick.

Bad Moves: A defensive tackle was something the Rams did not need. Jimmy Kennedy doesn't fit in here. Second round pick OLB Pisa Tinoisamoa was a bit of a reach.

June 7, 2008 Update: The Rams definitely found a guy to take over for Isaac Bruce in this draft class. Scratch that. They found two guys. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep either around long enough. Kevin Curtis (3rd round) and Shaun McDonald (4th round) are thriving with Philadelphia and Detroit, respectively.

I started in the middle rounds because St. Louis' first two selections sucked. Jimmy Kennedy (No. 12 overall) exclaimed that the Rams were going to win another Super Bowl with his help when he was drafted. All Kennedy has won, however, are Oreo-eating contests. It's a joke that he's still in the league ... Meanwhile, Pisa Tinoisamoa (2nd round) is starting for the Rams at weakside linebacker. So, why does this choice suck? Tinoisamoa hasn't been able to stay healthy; he has missed 12 games the past two seasons.

The Rams had five selections in between McDonald and their pair of seventh-rounders. They whiffed on all of them. DeJuan Groce (4th round), Dan Curley (5th round), Shane Walton (5th round), Kevin Garrett (5th round) and Scott Tercero (6th round) are all unemployed.

The two aforementioned seventh-rounders are still in the league. Scott Shanle is a much-maligned linebacker in New Orleans, while Richard Angulo is Jacksonville's fourth-string tight end.

Potential 2003 Starters: None.

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