NFL Trolling - September 2014

NFL Trolling - September 2014

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This is a compilation of my trolling attempts on that I've posted on my NFL Picks and NFL Power Rankings pages. Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

I used to love making fun of GameCenter comments. The people on there were such idiots. There were even perverts like Aaron3619, who always asked chicks for their pictures so that he could carry them around. I planned to mess with Aaron3619 as a fake user named TexasGirl1234, but shut down its GameCenter and implemented Facebook comments instead. This enraged me, so get revenge, I made a fake Facebook account named Mario Migelini to troll people. Other readers followed suit and made fake accounts of their own.

Week 4 Trolling:

There was a big game for the Seahawks coming up, so you know that Mario Migelini was excited:

Fourth-world country? How offensive. Mario is clearly from a fifth-world country, where they didn't even have SPAM.

Here's some Kevin Reilly:

Some know I'm trolling, but I'm glad that these people are buying it. The intelligence point Kiki brought up is very ironic, by the way.

Here's a new troller I spotted. This Ngelay Phyu posted "it will be a low scoring close game" on every single matchup page:

AZ Tilok, meanwhile, replied, "really?" to every single one of her posts. So, who's worse, the troller or the person who spent time reacting to every single one of the troll's posts?

Everyone else didn't get many responses. For instance, Juan Valdez had a nice post, but only one person reacted to it:

I may have to break out Vivian Williamson next week.

Week 3 Trolling:

It's rare when someone actually recognizes who Mario Migelini is:

I don't know why John Bostwick referenced such an old page, but whatever. The most amusing thing to me was Luke McCoy's reaction. He's chiding us for having no life - despite being wrong about us being the same person - yet he's wasting his time yelling at us. Who has less of a life?

Here's more from Luke McCoy in another Migelini post:

So important that he had to post it thrice. "Enjoy your last meal from me." What the hell does that even mean? This Luke McCown fellow must have zero friends.

Here's one more from Migelini:

I love how George Mellos is telling me not to use Google Translator, yet John Martin is suggesting that I utilize it. Oh, and more Luke McCown. Again, doesn't a guy who spends his entire day telling people they have no life have no life himself?

Moving on to Kevin Reilly, here he is with some outdated information:

I love how someone is telling Dikembe Mutombo that he has bad grammar. I can imagine Mutombo just shaking his finger at Tyler in response.

Here are some posts from the other trollers:

This post is hilarious. It took me a while to figure out who "Kesselwood" is. I don't know how a Mexican got "Kesselwood" from Cassel, and I'm upset no one really addressed it.

Dikembe Mutombo posted this:

Benjamin Hall's second post is referring to someone who actually believed this was the real Mutombo. They quickly deleted their post out of embarrassment. I'm upset I didn't capture it in time.

Week 2 Trolling:

If you were wondering, I have to use Mario Migelini on ESPN because his posts don't show up on Here's a new post:

Yeah, hear that haters? Mario came here for a better life and is trying hard! Justin Schmeierer even said so!

Oh, and thank you to Lourdes-Wayne for promoting my site!

Here's another Migelini post where he makes light of some Asian guy's touching story:

How funny is it that the "classless tool" comment got 23 likes? How could so many people think Mario is a classless tool? He came here for a better life and is trying hard!

By the way, this is yet another instance of people having too much sand in their vages. Peter Wader, Chris Breen and Zahir Siddiqui have exposed themselves as useless f***tards. When did Mario ever say anything racist? All he did was yell about Ruskell Wilkens not being a Chinese football player. How is that remotely racist? Peter Wader, Chris Breen and Zahir Siddiqui, please go to Wal-Mart where they have tools to help you remove the sand from your vages.

Time for some Kevin Reilly!

You know, I don't think people should be going around and calling Kevin Reilly an idiot. That's the last thing you should do to someone posting with a creepy mugshot. You never know what he might do.

This is a short one from

At least the people on have a sense of humor... though I do enjoy the sandy-vag posts.

Here are some posts from the other trollers:

I love how some people took a post seriously where someone mentioned a fifth quarter and Deuce McAllister playing. By the way, I love the Juan Valdes account; I'm waiting for more people to respond to him.

Here's a post that's tough to decipher:

Yeah, Moched, time to brush up on your roster!

Week 1 Trolling:

I didn't use Mario Migelini much last year. I received requests to bring him back:

Thank you, James Connor! I'm glad someone out there believes I'm that good at trolling.

Time to drop some more knowledge with Mario:

I love how people take so much time to respond to this. How long did it take Nick to type/research all of that? It's a shame his time is going to waste because Mario is definitely not learning anything.

One more from Mario:

Most definitely, Nicholas. Let's hope to God that Roger Goodell never puts a team in Italy; otherwise, all of its fans will sound like Mario.

I also wanted to bring back the perverted Kevin Reilly:

Burn! Well, maybe. I imagine that sleeping with a Foles jersey is more exciting to Kevin than banging a girl.

The other trollers are back too. Here's something from Victor Valentino:

I love how these people are calling the trollers "retards" when they themselves are being fooled. Gotta love the irony.

I also got a kick out of these power rankings from Robbie Rooter:

"Your special," eh? Maybe Robbie and Tanner are both in the same "special" class, yet they don't even know it.

Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

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