NFL Trolling – October 2013

NFL Trolling – October 2013

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This is a compilation of my trolling attempts on that I’ve posted on my NFL Picks and NFL Power Rankings pages. Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

I used to love making fun of GameCenter comments. The people on there were such idiots. There were even perverts like Aaron3619, who always asked chicks for their pictures so that he could carry them around. I actually met my ex-girlfriend, Awesome Girl Who Loves Football, this way. We exchanged e-mails about Aaron3619 and then hit it off, ultimately meeting in July 2012.

I planned to mess with Aaron3619 as a fake user named TexasGirl1234, but shut down its GameCenter and implemented Facebook comments instead. This enraged me, so get revenge, I made a fake Facebook account named Mario Migelini to troll people. Other readers followed suit and made fake accounts of their own.

I’ve added a second fake account this year – Vivian Williamson. This is based off of Miss Vivian, a security guard at the Philadelphia International Airport, whom I’ve written about in Jerks of the Week (click the link to read about her).

Week 8 Trolling:

Vivian Williamson has been banned! Douche bags with too much sand in their vag marked her as spam, so she’s gone. But no worries – because I can create infinite troll accounts! Muhahahaha!!!

It’s time for Kevin Reilly, the massive Eagles’ homer I make fun of on my NFL Picks pages every week.

Reilly would have a Foles poster above his bed. There might be stains around it, but he’d be careful not to get any stains on it – especially white ones.

Here’s more Reilly:

A homo? Not that there’s anything wrong with a poster of Foles hanging above anyone’s bed.

Meanwhile, Wallor Cherplinski (this is NOT my account for those asking) continued to troll:

OMG!! WOW!! You’ve been trolled.

Poor Wallor lost money on the Dolphins:

“Shut up and get your fat a** off the Internet.” If Wallor is banned like Vivian, that just may happen.

Week 7 Trolling:

One of the trollers had a great idea. If you happen to enjoy our troll posts, and you visit and see someone complaining about trollers, just click the X in their post and mark it as spam. Their comments will disappear with enough of those, and we will be able to troll freely!

Here’s something I forgot to post from last week:

Why do people keep referring to me as “Whoopie?” Just because I’m a black woman with curly hair doesn’t mean I look like Whoopi Goldberg. That’s racist!

Here’s more racism:

“Slave talk?” That’s nuts. I’m one for people not having sand in their vages regarding stuff like this, but saying “slave talk” is pretty bad. Because it’s offensive to all non-blacks who were slaves as well.

Here’s Vivian’s take on the Eagles-Bucs game:

It’s amazing how many people took Wallor’s post seriously. Do they really think there’s a fat man who believes Asante Samuel is still on the Eagles?

Speaking of Wallor, I thought this was hilarious:

That cracked me up. “Rhonde Barbor” being the best cornerback in the NFC East. It’s hilarious that people even responded to it.

Anyway, I was hoping this would get more notice:

No mention of “five hundred percent?” I am disappoint.

Week 6 Trolling:

I was worried early in the week that my trolling efforts this week would be thwarted. Some douche named Stewart Kassadin made a post saying that everyone should mark Vivian’s comments as spam because she’s an obvious troll. I thought about messaging Stewart, but then I marked his comment as spam on all three of my accounts (Walter Cherepinsky, Vivian Williamson, Mario Migelini). Suddenly, what Stewart wrote disappeared! Huzzah!

I was able to troll freely:

Whoopi Goldberg!? As a black woman, I find this very offensive. We do not all look the same!

Whoopi, I mean Vivian, is at least optimistic about her Eagles:

Hey, what’s wrong with Community College? Vivian is a hard-working woman raising five children. She can’t afford a great school like Mr. Fancy-Pants Max over here.

This post generated a ton of feedback:

I love it. Tommy berated me for not knowing my “shiz,” yet he’s the one who made the mistake. By the way, Tommy seems like a legitimate gangsta with his picture and ebonics. He real cool, yo.

Let’s see what the other trollers are up to:

Mentally ill? Considering that this is a parody account of me, I’d say that’s fairly accurate!

Week 5 Trolling:

This wasn’t a relatively strong week for trolling. Many of my trolling friends were banned from’s GameCenter, probably for impersonating former players. Charlie Batch’s fake account did a great job of trolling, but they removed all of his posts before I could save them. This made me sad.

Fortunately, Vivian Williamson is still safe…

Thank you, Anthony. Someone has to protect the illiterate and stupid people of America.

Speaking of stupid…

Who nicknames the Eagles the “Seagulls,” especially with the Seahawks in the NFL? Even Vivian is smart enough to realize how dumb that is.

Time to talk about NFL Hall of Fame candidates:

Forget the 5-year rule. Peyton Manning needs to be in now. With QB Dog Killer. I’m upset no one corrected “admirror” though.

Time to claim what Miss Vivian actually does for a living.

It’s good to know that there’s still a troller around who still has my back.

It’s always nice to talk about who the best players in the NFL are.

Thanks, Corey. Miss Vivian didn’t know the Broncos are in the AFC “conferents.”

Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

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