NFL Trolling - January 2013

NFL Trolling - January 2013

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This is a compilation of my trolling attempts on that I've posted on my NFL Picks and NFL Power Rankings pages. Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

I used to love making fun of GameCenter comments. The people on there were such idiots. There were even perverts like Aaron3619, who always asked chicks for their pictures so that he could carry them around. I planned to mess with Aaron3619 as a fake user named TexasGirl1234, but shut down its GameCenter and implemented Facebook comments instead. This enraged me, so get revenge, I made a fake Facebook account named Mario Migelini to troll people. Other readers followed suit and made fake accounts of their own.

I added a second fake account this year - Vivian Williamson. This was based off of Miss Vivian, a security guard at the Philadelphia International Airport, whom I've written about in Jerks of the Week (click the link to read about her).

Unfortunately, Vivian Williamson was banned! Douche bags with too much sand in their vag marked her as spam, so she's gone. But no worries - because I can create infinite troll accounts! Muhahahaha!!!

It's time for Kevin Reilly, the massive Eagles' homer I make fun of on my NFL Picks pages every week.

Week 20 Trolling:

The Eagles have been eliminated, but that doesn't mean Kevin Reilly is going to stop trolling the message boards:

"The Stupidest shi* I heard today or better yet in a long time" is a good way to describe Reilly's rants. Or perhaps Aaron Byrd should look himself in the mirror while saying that because he's been successfully trolled.

Here's something to piss off people from New Orleans:

I couldn't wait for reaction to this, and I wasn't disappointed. I love how Grayson wants Reilly to actually prove that people in the south sleep with livestock.

As you can tell, Kevin is pretty bitter about the loss:

"Kevin Reilly is just a miserable person who wants to spread hate and misery." Aww, I'm flattered!

Here's a new troller:

Reminds me of the good old days when I trolled as Mario Migelini. Here's more from Michael Maurin:

I'm hoping for way more Michael Maurin going forward.

Week 19 Trolling:

Kevin Reilly is having a rough week. In addition to his Eagles losing, someone continues to impersonate him on the boards:

Let's flash back though. Here's how the week leading up to the Saints-Eagles game started:

I love it. Kevin Reilly are his famous Eagles bed sheets are renowned on for bringing the team luck.

Kevin, meanwhile, had some concern that things would go wrong:

As you can see, the Kevin Reilly listed from "Philadelphia, Pennsylvania" is the person pretending to be Kevin.

Before Kevin saw this fake Kevin, he made yet another controversial post:

Why does everyone assume Kevin likes little boys? Sure, he has a sketchy picture and is a 60-year-old man living with his mother, who washes his bed sheets, but there's nothing wrong with that!

Meanwhile, the fake Kevin Reilly was causing some havoc, pulling a page out of the real Kevin's book and wishing harm on opposing players.

See, that's how you know this guy isn't legit. The real Kevin Reilly only wishes for NFC East opponents to get hurt or kidnapped by terrorists.

This fake Kevin Reilly actually added the real Kevin Reilly as a friend on Facebook, so we'll see if anything comes of that. In the meantime, here's something from another troller:

Week 18 Trolling:

Something I saw on Friday made my day. Look at this:

I DID NOT WRITE THAT! This means someone out there created a fake account about my fake account. That's absolutely hilarious. This troller, whoever he is, happens to be a genius.

Take a look at this thread for more of this new Kevin Reilly:

That's awesome. I love how these posts make all of the idiots come out. What's up with Errol Johnson's, "sound like uh kid?" When did "uh" replace "a?" That's not even an abbreviation.

Of course, just because there's a new Kevin Reilly doesn't mean that I would stop trolling. I put everyone on notice that there's someone impersonating me:

I love how Peter brushed off our drama as "typical Eagles fan BS."

Here are some posts I made before the other Kevin showed up:

Ah, there's nothing like comparing the Cowboys to slave traders and terrorists and having everyone overreact to it.

With the Dallas game coming up, Kevin Reilly may want to take matters into his own hands:

What's wrong with hoping a Cowboy player never takes the field again? Eagle fans cheered when Michael Irvin's career was over, after all.

Here's more of Kevin's wishful thinking:

What kind of "looser" chooses a girl over football? This is why Kevin Reilly is a 62-year-old man living with his mother.

Here's something from another troller:

Thanks, Patrick. I'm sure Deshaun will get right on downloading Google Chrome so he can improve his spelling.

Follow me on Twitter @walterfootball for contest updates.

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