2010 Fantasy Football Draft: ESPN’s Mock Draft

July 7, 2010.

This is the 2010 Fantasy Football Mock Draft found in ESPN’s fantasy magazine.

Why am I listing this? Quite simply, this mock draft was horrific and worth ripping. I’d say I’m surprised that ESPN ran this, but we’re talking about the network that hired someone who had no grasp of the English language to provide on-air football analysis.

Also, be sure to check out my other 2010 Fantasy Football articles, which will include rankings, sleepers, busts, cheat sheets, more mock drafts and other things.


(1) Kuselias – Chris Johnson RB
(2) Cockroft – Adrian Peterson RB
(3) Berry – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(4) Harris – Ray Rice RB
(5) Bell – Frank Gore RB
(6) Pod Vader – Michael Turner RB
(7) Mass – Andre Johnson WR
(8) Karabell – Steven Jackson RB
(9) Ravitz – Randy Moss WR
(10) Daube – Reggie Wayne WR

BEST PICK: The top seven picks actually make sense. I wouldn’t take Chris Johnson No. 1 overall because he led the NFL in carries last year, but most people are picking Johnson atop their drafts.

WORST PICK: Are you kidding me, Daube? Reggie Wayne No. 10 overall? You’re willing to use a first-round pick on an aging receiver with knee issues? Did you not notice that Wayne completely sucked at the end of last season? To recap, Wayne’s final eight outings:

at Texans: 3 catches, 19 yards. 1 TD.
vs. Titans: 4 catches, 48 yards. 0 TDs.
vs. Broncos: 4 catches, 43 yards. 0 TDs.
at Jaguars: 5 catches, 132 yards. 1 TD.
vs. Jets (2 1/2 quarters): 3 catches, 33 yards. 0 TDs.
vs. Ravens (playoffs): 8 catches, 63 yards. 1 TD.
vs. Jets (playoffs): 3 catches, 55 yards. 0 TDs.
vs. Saints (Super Bowl): 5 catches, 46 yards. 0 TDs.


(1) Daube – Shonn Greene RB
(2) Ravitz – DeAngelo Williams RB
(3) Karabell – Larry Fitzgerald WR
(4) Mass – Brandon Marshall WR
(5) Pod Vader – Aaron Rodgers QB
(6) Bell – Peyton Manning QB
(7) Harris – Drew Brees QB
(8) Berry – Rashard Mendenhall RB
(9) Cockroft – Roddy White WR
(10) Kuselias – Calvin Johnson WR

I’ve been harping about this for years. ESPN’s 10-team fantasy football mock draft format is lazy and stupid. Most fantasy leagues nowadays have 12 teams. In fact, all of my money leagues have 12 teams. I know there are still some 10-teamers out there, but wouldn’t it serve everyone’s best interest to compose a 12-team fantasy mock?

ESPN’s inability to go to 12 teams after all these years is a big sign of epic fail, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

BEST PICK: If Aaron Rodgers falls to No. 15 of any of my fantasy drafts, I’m not hesitating.

WORST PICK: Brandon Marshall at No. 14 ahead of Calvin Johnson, Miles Austin and Roddy White? Someone flag Mass please.


(1) Kuselias – Austin Miles WR
(2) Cockroft – Tom Brady QB
(3) Berry – Matt Schaub QB
(4) Harris – Cedric Benson RB
(5) Bell – Steve Smith WR (Panthers)
(6) Pod Vader – Ryan Grant RB
(7) Mass – DeSean Jackson WR
(8) Karabell – Knowshon Moreno RB
(9) Ravitz – Vincent Jackson WR
(10) Daube – Ryan Mathews RB

Speaking of epic fail, Austin Miles? Who the hell is Austin Miles? Hey, ESPN wrote it; not me.

This was not an isolated incident. The guy doing the recap of each round wrote, “I know it’s only one year, but Austin Miles didn’t start until Week 5…”

Nice work, ESPN. And by the way, I’ll have more of ESPN’s factual errors (and there were quite a few of them) in a separate article sometime soon.

BEST PICK: How did Ryan Grant and Ryan Mathews fall to Round 3? Can you guys please put together a realistic fantasy mock draft?

WORST PICK: I like Nate Ravitz, but he must have been drunk when he selected Vincent Jackson in Round 3. I’m aware that this magazine was published before Jackson’s holdout, but everyone knew that Jackson was going to be suspended 2-4 games this year. Ravitz just didn’t do his homework on this one, but in his defense, if I were participating in a silly 10-team mock like this one, I wouldn’t do my homework either.


(1) Daube – Anquan Boldin WR
(2) Ravitz – Joseph Addai RB
(3) Karabell – Greg Jennings WR
(4) Mass – Tony Romo QB
(5) Pod Vader – Sidney Rice WR
(6) Bell – Jonathan Stewart RB
(7) Harris – Marques Colston WR
(8) Berry – Jamaal Charles RB
(9) Cockroft – Chris Wells RB
(10) Kuselias – Philip Rivers QB

BEST PICK: I almost peed myself when I saw Jamaal Charles drop to No. 38 overall. Do these guys actually think Thomas Jones is going to take away Charles’ non-goal line work? Having Jonathan Stewart fall to No. 36 is also pretty embarrassing.

WORST PICK: I don’t really hate the pick, but I don’t get how someone can take Anquan Boldin over Greg Jennings, Sidney Rice and Marques Colston; let alone Jonathan Stewart and Jamaal Charles. Maybe our friend Daube knows something no one else does.


(1) Kuselias – LeSean McCoy RB
(2) Cockroft – Dallas Clark TE
(3) Berry – Steve Smith WR (Giants)
(4) Harris – Chad Ochocinco WR
(5) Bell – Matt Forte RB
(6) Pod Vader – Pierre Thomas RB
(7) Mass – Ricky Williams RB
(8) Karabell – Ronnie Brown RB
(9) Ravitz – C.J. Spiller RB
(10) Daube – Antonio Gates TE

BEST PICK: More running back steals: LeSean McCoy at No. 41 and Pierre Thomas at No. 46.

WORST PICK: I hate picking tight ends this early, but to each his own. I can’t say I hate anything in this round, though I found it interesting that Ricky Williams, Miami’s backup, went before Ronnie Brown, Miami’s starter.


(1) Daube – Clinton Portis RB
(2) Ravitz – Mike Sims-Walker WR
(3) Karabell – Hines Ward WR
(4) Mass – Brandon Jacobs RB
(5) Pod Vader – Michael Crabtree WR
(6) Bell – Percy Harvin WR
(7) Harris – Felix Jones RB
(8) Berry – Donald Driver WR
(9) Cockroft – Dwayne Bowe WR
(10) Kuselias – Marion Barber RB

Hilarious comment from the editor of this mock draft: “To choose Michael Crabtree over Donald Driver for your second receiver spot is to spit in the face of the old algebra axiom: Always take Aaron Rodgers’ Xth target over Alex Smith’s Nth target.” Hwa hwa hwa. Oh, I’m not laughing at his joke; I’m laughing at the fact that ESPN is ignoring Driver’s age (35) and two offseason knee surgeries. BEST PICK: Even more running back steals: Brandon Jacobs at No. 54 and Felix Jones at No. 57.

WORST PICK: At this point, I’m convinced Daube is drafting off his 2009 cheat sheet. If someone takes Clinton Portis in the sixth round of your 2010 fantasy draft, please make sure to invite them back next year so you can steal more of their money. They’re just asking for it.


(1) Kuselias – Tony Gonzalez TE
(2) Cockroft – Hakeem Nicks WR
(3) Berry – Brent Celek TE
(4) Harris – Vernon Davis TE
(5) Bell – Jason Witten TE
(6) Pod Vader – Pierre Garcon WR
(7) Mass – Reggie Bush RB
(8) Karabell – Brett Favre QB
(9) Ravitz – Jay Cutler QB
(10) Daube – Jeremy Maclin WR

I have to note that the fantasy mock editor bashed Nate Ravitz for picking Jay Cutler this high. Hilariously, I have Cutler three spots ahead of Brett Favre in my 2010 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings.

Ravitz, what are you thinking picking a Mike Martz quarterback in Round 7? I mean, seriously…

BEST PICK: Hakeem Nicks has a very good chance of outproducing Steve Smith this year.

WORST PICK: Six tight ends have come off the board, none of whom are named Jermichael Finley. Shocker.


(1) Daube – Jets Defense
(2) Ravitz – T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR
(3) Karabell – Jerome Harrison RB
(4) Mass – Darren Sproles RB
(5) Pod Vader – Owen Daniels TE
(6) Bell – Braylon Edwards WR
(7) Harris – Mike Wallace WR
(8) Berry – Devin Aromashodu WR
(9) Cockroft – Ben Tate RB
(10) Kuselias – Laurence Maroney RB

BEST PICK: Michael Lombardi predicted that Ben Tate will win the 2010 Offensive Rookie of the Year Award with 1,500 total yards. I agree. There’s no reason Tate should fall to No. 79.

WORST PICK: Of course Daube picks a defense in Round 8. Of course a receiver coming off sports hernia surgery goes off the board way earlier than he should. And of course a tight end with a torn ACL is picked before Jermichael Finley. This is just ESPN living up to its standards.


(1) Kuselias – Antonio Bryant WR
(2) Cockroft – Steve Breaston WR
(3) Berry – Fred Jackson RB
(4) Harris – Thomas Jones RB
(5) Bell – Donald Brown RB
(6) Pod Vader – Julian Edelman WR
(7) Mass – Montario Hardesty RB
(8) Karabell – Jermichael Finley TE
(9) Ravitz – LenDale White RB
(10) Daube – Joe Flacco QB

BEST PICK: Yay, Jermichael Finley, yay.

WORST PICK: Julian Edelman? Would you like some heroin with your cocaine, Mr. Pod Vader?


(1) Daube – Kevin Kolb QB
(2) Ravitz – Donovan McNabb QB
(3) Karabell – Eli Mannning QB
(4) Mass – Jahvid Best RB
(5) Pod Vader – Ben Roethlisberger QB
(6) Bell – Dez Bryant WR
(7) Harris – Santana Moss WR
(8) Berry – Derrick Mason WR
(9) Cockroft – Kenny Britt WR
(10) Kuselias – Darren McFadden RB

BEST PICK: I’d take Jahvid Best comfortably in Round 5 of any non-touchdown league fantasy draft.

WORST PICK: This magazine was published before Michael Bush started taking over the first-team reps in Raiders minicamp, so I can’t fault Kuselias too much for taking Darren McFadden with the 100th pick. But this just shows how useless fantasy mags are. I’m writing this in the first week of July, yet ESPN’s rag is already outdated.


(1) Kuselias – Matt Ryan QB
(2) Cockroft – Tim Hightower RB
(3) Berry – Robert Meachem WR
(4) Harris – Michael Bush RB
(5) Bell – 49ers Defense
(6) Pod Vader – Cadillac Williams RB
(7) Mass – Santonio Holmes WR
(8) Karabell – LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(9) Ravitz – Steve Slaton RB
(10) Daube – Eddie Royal WR

BEST PICK: Bravo to Harris for having the foresight to pick Michael Bush. And Matt Ryan going at No. 101 is proof that you can wait on quarterbacks this year.

WORST PICK: Bell is a big 49ers fan, so that explains her pick. Still, she probably could have obtained San Francisco’s defense two rounds later.


(1) Daube – Larry Johnson RB
(2) Ravitz – Kellen Winslow Jr. TE
(3) Karabell – Lee Evans WR
(4) Mass – David Garrard QB
(5) Pod Vader – Packers Defense
(6) Bell – Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(7) Harris – Chaz Schilens WR
(8) Berry – Justin Forsett RB
(9) Cockroft – Eagles Defense
(10) Kuselias – Ravens Defense

BEST PICK: Stop the presses – Daube makes a great pick! Larry Johnson is my favorite to win the Redskins starting running back job. He’s fresh and actually played well in Cincinnati last year. Plus, Clinton Portis is overworked and Willie Parker probably won’t make the team.

I also liked Ahmad Bradshaw and Justin Forsett in this round, though the latter lasted this long because LenDale White was still on the roster.

WORST PICK: Nothing bad, so let’s criticize the mock editor again. This guy thought Chaz Schilens was the worst pick because Oakland “hasn’t had an 800-yard wideout since 2005.” Yeah, they also have their first real quarterback since that year too. Thanks for paying attention.


(1) Kuselias – Dexter McCluster WR
(2) Cockroft – Devin Hester WR
(3) Berry – Chad Henne QB
(4) Harris – Golden Tate WR
(5) Bell – Austin Collie WR
(6) Pod Vader – Wes Welker WR
(7) Mass – Bengals Defense
(8) Karabell – Chester Taylor RB
(9) Ravitz – Leon Washington RB
(10) Daube – Terrell Owens WR

BEST PICK: I love Wes Welker in Round 13, though it’s interesting that Pod Vader handcuffed his earlier Julian Edelman selection. I think this might be the first wide receiver handcuff in fantasy football history.

WORST PICK: Daube on his latest selection: “My 2009 Fantasy Football mag says to take Terrell Owens in Round 5. I got him in Round 13! Major steal, guys!”


(1) Daube – Willis McGahee RB
(2) Ravitz – Vikings Defense
(3) Karabell – Brian Westbrook RB
(4) Mass – John Carlson TE
(5) Pod Vader – Jerious Norwood RB
(6) Bell – Carson Palmer QB
(7) Harris – Bernard Scott RB
(8) Berry – Toby Gerhart RB
(9) Cockroft – Kevin Smith RB
(10) Kuselias – Visanthe Shiancoe TE

BEST PICK: If I can get Visanthe Shiancoe in Round 14 of my fantasy league, I’m not drafting a tight end until Round 14.

WORST PICK: I don’t see the point of drafting Jerious Norwood in a non-PPR league. If Michael Turner gets hurt, Jason Snelling will be the primary ball-carrier. Norwood’s just a third-down back.


(1) Kuselias – Correll Buckhalter RB
(2) Cockroft – Vince Young QB
(3) Berry – Steelers Defense
(4) Harris – Cowboys Defense
(5) Bell – Greg Olsen TE
(6) Pod Vader – Stephen Gostkowski K
(7) Mass – Joshua Cribbs WR
(8) Karabell – Giants Defense
(9) Ravitz – Mario Manningham WR
(10) Daube – Garrett Hartley K

BEST PICK: My Nos. 3 and 6 defenses were taken in Round 15. I’m not taking a defense until Round 15.

WORST PICK: I’ll never get the infatuation people have with drafting backup tight ends. I guarantee that if this were a real league, Greg Olsen would be cut off Bell’s roster by Week 4. Why not spend a late-round pick on a running back or receiver with upside? When are you ever going to play your backup tight end?


(1) Daube – Tashard Choice RB
(2) Ravitz – Nate Kaeding K
(3) Karabell – David Akers K
(4) Mass – Mason Crosby K
(5) Pod Vader – Fred Taylor RB
(6) Bell – Rob Bironas K
(7) Harris – Ryan Longwell K
(8) Berry – Matt Prater K
(9) Cockroft – Jay Feely K
(10) Kuselias – Robbie Gould K

BEST PICK: As I always say in Round 16, anyone who took a kicker deserves the best pick – meaning that an earlier selection of theirs wasn’t spent on such a worthless position.

WORST PICK: No bad picks in the final round – only stupid analysis. The mock editor had this to say about Mason Crosby: “Among NFL kickers, Mason Crosby ranks 29th in accuracy. On the other hand, Mason’s middle name is Walker. That’s sorta, kinda bada**.”

Umm… Crosby was one point shy of being a top-five fantasy kicker last year. Way to pick an editor who knows nothing about fantasy, ESPN. He goes well with your former illiterate NFL TV analyst.

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