2010 Fantasy Football Draft: Real Traditional Fantasy Draft

Sept. 1, 2010.

This is a real traditional Fantasy Football Draft I participated in back on Sunday, Aug. 29.

This league starts two running backs and three receivers. Passing touchdowns are six points each.

I’ve been in this league for a long time. I lost in the championship in 2006 and 2007, and went out in the semi-finals in 2008 after earning a first-round bye. My team sucked in 2009 thanks to injuries and the fact that I was tasked with drafting another league member’s team (Stop Obama Express was in Mexico at the time). For future reference, if a fellow league member can’t make your fantasy draft, don’t volunteer to draft for them. You’ll lose focus when picking your own players.


(1) The Prodigy – Chris Johnson RB
(2) The Champ Is Here – Ray Rice RB
(3) The Plague – Adrian Peterson RB
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(5) WalterFootball.com – Andre Johnson WR
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Frank Gore RB
(7) Lansdale Legend – Michael Turner RB
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Cedric Benson RB
(9) Stop Obama Express – Aaron Rodgers QB
(10) Reebu George – Rashard Mendenhall RB
(11) 7-Eleveners – Drew Brees QB
(12) Dallas Devils – Randy Moss WR


(1) Dallas Devils – Peyton Manning QB
(2) 7-Eleveners – Calvin Johnson WR
(3) Reebu George – Reggie Wayne WR
(4) Stop Obama Express – Roddy White WR
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – DeSean Jackson WR
(6) Lansdale Legend – Brandon Marshall WR
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Steven Jackson RB
(8) WalterFootball.com – Ryan Mathews RB
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Jamaal Charles RB
(10) The Plague – Ryan Grant RB
(11) The Champ Is Here – Marques Colston WR
(12) The Prodigy – Philip Rivers QB

MY PICKS: Andre Johnson over Frank Gore and Michael Turner in a non-PPR scoring system? I wouldn’t agree with it normally, but this league starts three receivers. If we were obligated to start only two wideouts, I definitely would have drafted Gore.

Oh, and thank God that My Bad Dude isn’t in this league because I wouldn’t have been able to obtain Ryan Mathews.

BEST PICKS: Love Dallas Devils’ first pick. You have to grab Randy Moss in a three-receiver league if he’s there at the bottom of the first round.

Speaking of stud wideouts, Stop Obama Express was really thinking about Calvin Johnson at No. 9, so 7-Eleveners was able to get away with Grand Theft Receiver at No. 14. Megatron is a stud and he’s healthy again.

WORST PICKS: Speaking of Stop Obama Express, he proudly stated that he had never taken a quarterback in the first round of any league he’s been a part of since he started playing fantasy football in the mid-90s. Lo and behold, he drafted Aaron Rodgers at No. 9. I love Rodgers this year, but in a league that starts two running backs and three wideouts, drafting a quarterback over Calvin Johnson or Randy Moss is a tough pill to swallow.

An hour later, Stop Obama Express offered to trade Rodgers to 7-Eleveners for Calvin Johnson. 7-Eleveners declined.

At any rate, the worst pick in the first two rounds has to be Cedric Benson. He would have been available in Round 2 if 5th Street really wanted him. He could have grabbed both Benson and Calvin Johnson/Randy Moss with his first two selections.


(1) The Prodigy – Miles Austin-Jones WR
(2) The Champ Is Here – LeSean McCoy RB
(3) The Plague – Larry Fitzgerald WR
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Greg Jennings WR
(5) WalterFootball.com – Steve Smith WR (Panthers)
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Tom Brady QB
(7) Lansdale Legend – Anquan Boldin WR
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Shonn Greene RB
(9) Stop Obama Express – DeAngelo Williams RB
(10) Reebu George – Knowshon Moreno RB
(11) 7-Eleveners – Matt Forte RB
(12) Dallas Devils – Arian Foster RB


(1) Dallas Devils – Pierre Thomas RB
(2) 7-Eleveners – Ronnie Brown RB
(3) Reebu George – Matt Schaub QB
(4) Stop Obama Express – Jahvid Best RB
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Terrell Owens WR
(6) Lansdale Legend – Chris Wells RB
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Steve Smith WR (Giants)
(8) WalterFootball.com – Jonathan Stewart RB
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Brett Favre QB
(10) The Plague – Dwayne Bowe WR
(11) The Champ Is Here – Wes Welker WR
(12) The Prodigy – Joseph Addai RB

Adrian Foster MY PICKS: Again, under normal circumstances, I would have gone with Shonn Greene or Jahvid Best over Steve Smith of the Panthers. But we start three receivers, and there was a huge dropoff at the position after Smith. I figured I could get a quality RB2 in Round 4 anyway.

And I was right. I’m really happy with Jonathan Stewart as my RB2. If I had to do it over again though, I would have drafted Joseph Addai because I already had one Carolina Panther. Plus, Stewart may have fallen to Round 5.

BEST PICKS: I’m content with Steve Smith, but I was hoping Greg Jennings would drop to me in Round 3. Unfortunately, Cuban Raft Riders (awesome team name) scooped him up one pick before me.

Miles-Austin Jones should not have fallen into the third round of a three-receiver league. Shonn Greene, Jahvid Best and DeAngelo Williams really dropped too far as well.

I also have to note that I love the selection of Adrian Foster. And yes, I did write “Adrian” on purpose because that’s how Dallas Devils announced it. But Foster is going to have a big, Ryan Grant-esque year in Houston’s offense. I didn’t think someone would take him this early, but Dallas Devils, an avid Cowboys fan, watched Foster rip right through his beloved squad the night before.

WORST PICKS: I loved a bunch of picks in these two rounds. I also hated a couple. First and foremost, I can’t trust Wes Welker enough to use a high pick on him, especially in a non-PPR format. He’s coming back way too early from his ugly knee injury. He could easily re-injure himself.

I also think Chris Wells came off the board too early, especially with the likes of Joseph Addai and Jonathan Stewart available. Wells is having issues with fumbling, pass protection and catching, which would explain why Tim Hightower is starting.


(1) The Prodigy – Donald Driver WR
(2) The Champ Is Here – C.J. Spiller RB
(3) The Plague – Joe Flacco QB
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Chad Ochocinco WR
(5) WalterFootball.com – Tony Romo QB
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Dallas Clark TE
(7) Lansdale Legend – Michael Crabtree WR
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Donovan McNabb QB
(9) Stop Obama Express – Antonio Gates TE
(10) Reebu George – Vernon Davis TE
(11) 7-Eleveners – Jermichael Finley TE
(12) Dallas Devils – Tony Gonzalez TE


(1) Dallas Devils – Percy Harvin WR
(2) 7-Eleveners – Cadillac Williams RB
(3) Reebu George – Braylon Edwards WR
(4) Stop Obama Express – Hakeem Nicks WR
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Jason Witten TE
(6) Lansdale Legend – Dez Bryant WR
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Mike Sims-Walker WR
(8) WalterFootball.com – Jeremy Maclin WR
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Brent Celek TE
(10) The Plague – Mike Wallace WR
(11) The Champ Is Here – Pierre Garcon WR
(12) The Prodigy – Owen Daniels TE

MY PICKS: Both Stop Obama Express and I were shocked that Tony Romo was still available in Round 5. “If I had known that Romo would last until Round 5, I never would have drafted Aaron Rodgers,” Stop Obama Express lamented.

I don’t know what happened, but I’m thrilled to have him. Yes, he’s struggled this preseason, but the Cowboys have way too much talent for that to continue.

With Jeremy Maclin as my WR3, I just secured the best three-man receiving corps in this league. At least I think so anyway.

BEST PICKS: Lansdale Legend made my Round 6 decision a lot easier when he selected Michael Crabtree. I like Jeremy Maclin this year, but there’s no denying Crabtree’s talent. He would have made an intriguing WR3.

You can’t argue with selecting two starting, potentially productive running backs in the Rounds 5-6 (C.J. Spiller, Cadillac Williams). WORST PICKS: Donovan McNabb in the fifth round? Really?

And what is Prodigy doing, going for the All-Knee Injury Team? His Round 5-6 picks have had a combined three knee surgeries this offseason. Owen Daniels even admitted that he’s not going to be completely ready for the season opener.


(1) The Prodigy – Santana Moss WR
(2) The Champ Is Here – Carson Palmer QB
(3) The Plague – Justin Forsett RB
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Hines Ward WR
(5) WalterFootball.com – Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Eagles Defense
(7) Lansdale Legend – Ricky Williams RB
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Malcom Floyd WR
(9) Stop Obama Express – Marion Barber RB
(10) Reebu George – Felix Jones RB
(11) 7-Eleveners – Jets Defense
(12) Dallas Devils – Ravens Defense


(1) Dallas Devils – Matt Ryan QB
(2) 7-Eleveners – Johnny Knox WR
(3) Reebu George – Packers Defense
(4) Stop Obama Express – Lee Evans WR
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Steelers Defense
(6) Lansdale Legend – Jay Cutler QB
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Michael Bush RB
(8) WalterFootball.com – Brandon Jacobs RB
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Reggie Bush RB
(10) The Plague – T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR
(11) The Champ Is Here – Chris Cooley TE
(12) The Prodigy – Saints Defense

MY PICKS: I have monopolized the New York Giants backfield! Muhahahaha!

I love Ahmad Bradshaw this year. When my Round 8 pick came around though, Brandon Jacobs was the top player on my cheat sheet. So I just figured I might as well play it safe since my RB2 (Jonathan Stewart) is in a time share.

BEST PICKS: Prodigy makes up for his risky Rounds 5-6 picks with Santana Moss here. I love it. Moss should have a huge year with Donovan McNabb as his quarterback.

Speaking of big years, Johnny Knox could have one in Chicago. He’s been Jay Cutler’s favorite preseason target by far.

WORST PICKS: Take a look at Dallas Devils’ two picks. A defense in Round 7? Weh!? And I don’t mind Matt Ryan in the eighth round. I mind him as a backup quarterback in the eighth round though. Taking a defense and reserve signal-caller this early will hurt Dallas Devils’ depth later on, as you’ll see.

I suppose I should be fair and bash Drew Rosenhaus and 7-Eleveners’ selection of the Eagles and Jets in Round 7 as well. I’m also not going to let Reebu George, 5th Street and Prodigy off the hook either for their Round 8 selections. Defense does not win fantasy championships.


(1) The Prodigy – Tim Hightower RB
(2) The Champ Is Here – Eddie Royal WR
(3) The Plague – Jerome Harrison RB
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Kevin Kolb QB
(5) WalterFootball.com – Robert Meachem WR
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – James Jones WR
(7) Lansdale Legend – Santonio Holmes WR
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(9) Stop Obama Express – Devin Hester WR
(10) Reebu George – Bernard Berrian WR
(11) 7-Eleveners – Derrick Mason WR
(12) Dallas Devils – Nate Kaeding K


(1) Dallas Devils – Chris Chambers WR
(2) 7-Eleveners – Legedu Naanee WR
(3) Reebu George – David Akers K
(4) Stop Obama Express – Jabar Gaffney WR
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Jerricho Cotchery WR
(6) Lansdale Legend – Kellen Winslow Jr. TE
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Devin Thomas WR
(8) WalterFootball.com – Mike Williams WR (Buccaneers)
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Willis McGahee RB
(10) The Plague – Mohamed Massaquoi WR
(11) The Champ Is Here – Donald Brown RB
(12) The Prodigy – Mark Sanchez QB

MY PICKS: My wide receiving corps can beat up your wide receiving corps. I’m loving Robert Meachem and Mike Williams as depth, particularly the latter. As I’ve been harping since May, Williams is a freak of nature. Get him onto your roster.

BEST PICKS: OK, so maybe 7-Eleveners can give my receiving corps a run for its money. In addition to Calvin Johnson and Johnny Knox, he just added Derrick Mason and Legedu Naanee to his roster.

Sticking the wideout theme, Jabar Gaffney is a decent Round 10 selection for Stop Obama Express. And no, I’m not just being nice here because Stop Obama Express is actually Kenny Ortiz, who runs the hosting company that hosts this Web site. I really do like that pick. I swear!

WORST PICKS: Dallas Devils’ draft started off so well… A kicker and Chris Chambers in the Rounds 9-10 exchange? How does that happen? And how is Chambers anyone’s WR3 going into the year? See what I mean about Dallas Devils’ depth being compromised?

Shame on Reebu for following Dallas Devils’ example. Save your kicker picks to the penultimate or final rounds, people.

As for actual players I dislike aside from Chambers, I have to say that Jerome Harrison, Mark Sanchez and Bernard Berrian went way too early. Berrian and Sanchez stink, while Harrison may have fumbled his way out of a starting job in Cleveland.


(1) The Prodigy – Nate Burleson WR
(2) The Champ Is Here – Ben Roethlisberger QB
(3) The Plague – Clinton Portis RB
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Vikings Defense
(5) WalterFootball.com – Matthew Stafford QB
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Devin Aromashodu WR
(7) Lansdale Legend – Eli Manning QB
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Kevin Walter WR
(9) Stop Obama Express – Correll Buckhalter RB
(10) Reebu George – Kenny Britt WR
(11) 7-Eleveners – Thomas Jones RB
(12) Dallas Devils – Laurence Maroney RB


(1) Dallas Devils – Steve Slaton RB
(2) 7-Eleveners – Devery Henderson WR
(3) Reebu George – Chester Taylor RB
(4) Stop Obama Express – Leon Washington RB
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Darren Sproles RB
(6) Lansdale Legend – Fred Jackson RB
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Early Doucet WR
(8) WalterFootball.com – Zach Miller TE
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Steve Breaston WR
(10) The Plague – Laurent Robinson WR
(11) The Champ Is Here – Jason Avant WR
(12) The Prodigy – Ryan Longwell K

MY PICKS: Hey, look, my starting tight end in Round 12!

Here’s how it went down – Kenny has this nifty fantasy football software program on his computer that tells you whom the optimal player is that you should take based on your current roster. For example, I didn’t have a tight end on my roster back in Round 10, so the software told me to take Zach Miller.

Kenny brought this to my attention in Round 10, and I literally waved my hand at the computer and said “meh.” Every other team aside from Plague had a tight end, so I wasn’t too concerned. Lo and behold, I landed Miller in Round 12. Screw you, crappy software!

As for Matthew Stafford, he’s my super-sleeper quarterback (No. 9 in my 2010 Fantasy Football Rankings) so I happily nabbed him in Round 11.

BEST PICKS: I’ll make it up to Kenny by praising his 12th-round selection. Leon Washington is Seattle’s most talented running back. He could easily see the most touches out of all the Seahawks running backs this year.

The Prodigy really is hit or miss. I’ve either really hated or really liked all of his picks. Nate Burleson falls under the latter category. He’s looking good as Detroit’s No. 2 receiver.

The Champ Is Here and Lansdale Legends obtained low-end QB1s as their backups here, which I really liked. Hey, if your starting quarterback goes down, you need a backup option, or your season will be ruined.

One more best pick: I was considering Clinton Portis here. By process of elimination, he’s Washington’s starting running back. He may suck, but he’ll be the one getting the touches. Great job by Plague getting him in Round 11.

WORST PICKS: 5th Street grabbed Kevin Walter, citing that he could post big numbers if Andre Johnson gets hurt. Wrong wideout. Jacoby Jones is the other Texan receiver you want.

I’d also mention Ryan Longwell here, but I feel as though I’ve bashed too many of Prodigy’s picks. Wait, I think I just did mention Longwell. Oops.


(1) The Prodigy – Cowboys Defense
(2) The Champ Is Here – Sidney Rice WR
(3) The Plague – Visanthe Shiancoe TE
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Mason Crosby K
(5) WalterFootball.com – Montario Hardesty RB
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Darren McFadden RB
(7) Lansdale Legend – Vince Young QB
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Garrett Hartley K
(9) Stop Obama Express – Chad Henne QB
(10) Reebu George – Alex Smith QB
(11) 7-Eleveners – Jason Campbell QB
(12) Dallas Devils – Austin Collie WR


(1) Dallas Devils – Dustin Keller TE
(2) 7-Eleveners – Nate Washington WR
(3) Reebu George – Kevin Smith RB
(4) Stop Obama Express – Heath Miller TE
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Mike Bell RB
(6) Lansdale Legend – 49ers Defense
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – David Garrard QB
(8) WalterFootball.com – Anthony Armstrong WR
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Derrick Ward RB
(10) The Plague – Matt Cassel QB
(11) The Champ Is Here – Fred Taylor RB
(12) The Prodigy – Anthony Gonzalez WR

MY PICKS: Montario Hardesty could easily be Cleveland’s starting running back because Eric Mangini loves him and Jerome Harrison has fumbling issues. I’ll gladly take a shot on that in Round 13.

Anthony Armstrong is my final non-tight end, defense or kicker. He’s a Hail Mary; if he keeps playing in the regular season like he has been in the preseason, he could have a good year as Donovan McNabb’s No. 2 receiver. I also considered Julian Edelman, Fred Taylor, Jacoby Jones, Louis Murphy and Vincent Jackson as my final sleeper.

BEST PICKS: The two Colts receivers are excellent values down here as high-upside late-round sleepers.

I also mentioned Taylor above; he has easily been New England’s most impressive running back this preseason, though that’s not really saying much.

WORST PICKS: I don’t think Vince Young is going to have a bad season or anything, but he’s Lansdale Legend’s third quarterback. How is Young going to figure into his plans? And it’s not like Young has immense upside or anything, given that he plays in a run-oriented offense.

Cuban Raft Riders took a shot on Cadillac Williams’ backup. Unfortunately, he drafted the wrong guy. Kareem Huggins was the running back he wanted. The Buccaneers just cut Ward.


(1) The Prodigy – Kevin Boss TE
(2) The Champ Is Here – Bengals Defense
(3) The Plague – Josh Morgan WR
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Brandon Gibson WR
(5) WalterFootball.com – Greg Olsen TE
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Stephen Gostkowski K
(7) Lansdale Legend – Vincent Jackson WR
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Jermaine Gresham TE
(9) Stop Obama Express – Jacoby Jones WR
(10) Reebu George – Chaz Schilens WR
(11) 7-Eleveners – Louis Murphy WR
(12) Dallas Devils – Greg Camarillo WR


(1) Dallas Devils – Joshua Cribbs WR
(2) 7-Eleveners – Rob Bironas K
(3) Reebu George – Brian Westbrook RB
(4) Stop Obama Express – Dolphins Defense
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Matt Hasselbeck QB
(6) Lansdale Legend – Robbie Gould K
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Marshawn Lynch RB
(8) WalterFootball.com – Raiders Defense
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Darrius Heyward-Bey WR
(10) The Plague – Titans Defense
(11) The Champ Is Here – Matt Prater K
(12) The Prodigy – Larry Johnson RB

MY PICKS: I hate backup tight ends, but because this league has 18-man rosters, most teams will be carrying two tight ends. Last year, I made the mistake of having only one tight end (John Carlson) and it cost me. Jim Mora Jr. misused Carlson, but because there were no quality tight ends available on the waiver wire, I was screwed at that position. This is not happening to me again.

I’ll discuss what I’m doing with my defense in the next round breakdown.

BEST PICKS: I’m really pissed off that I didn’t watch the Bengals-Bills preseason game until after this fantasy draft because I otherwise would have taken Jermaine Gresham as my backup tight end. Great selection by 5th Street.

Two high-upside receiver sleepers that I loved here: Jacoby Jones and Louis Murphy. As mentioned, I considered them earlier.

WORST PICKS: The final four rounds are all about drafting for upside, or filling backup tight end and defense slots if you’re in a really deep league. Players who offer absolutely no upside: Brandon Gibson, Josh Morgan and Matt Hasselbeck.


(1) The Prodigy – Malcolm Kelly WR
(2) The Champ Is Here – Roy Williams WR
(3) The Plague – Brandon Pettigrew TE
(4) Cuban Raft Riders – Donte’ Stallworth WR
(5) WalterFootball.com – Cardinals Defense
(6) Drew Rosenhaus – Joey Galloway WR
(7) Lansdale Legend – Golden Tate WR
(8) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Bears Defense
(9) Stop Obama Express – Neil Rackers K
(10) Reebu George – Dexter McCluster WR
(11) 7-Eleveners – Tony Scheffler TE
(12) Dallas Devils – Earl Bennett WR


(1) Dallas Devils – Antwaan Randle El WR
(2) 7-Eleveners – Adam Vinateri K
(3) Reebu George – Julius Jones RB
(4) Stop Obama Express – Julian Edelman WR
(5) 5th Street Love the Phoenix – Derek Anderson QB
(6) Lansdale Legend – Rashard Jennings RB
(7) Drew Rosenhaus – Anthony Dixon RB
(8) WalterFootball.com – Dan Carpenter K
(9) Cuban Raft Riders – Marcedes Lewis TE
(10) The Plague – Joe Nedney K
(11) The Champ Is Here – Jake Delhomme QB
(12) The Prodigy – QB Dog Killer QB

MY PICKS: Dan Carpenter seems like a good kicker. Whatever. Let’s discuss defenses:

You may wonder what I’m doing with the Cardinals and Raiders. Take a look at the schedule. See whom those teams are playing in the first two weeks? Yep, the Rams. A good plan regarding fantasy defenses is to just exclusively play against crappy offenses. Read my 2010 Fantasy Football Defense Strategy for more.

BEST PICKS: As much as I hate Julius Jones, there’s no denying his value in Round 18. Like Jim Mora Jr., Pete Carroll just might be stupid enough to start him.

My favorite pick in the past couple of rounds is Julian Edelman. As mentioned earlier, Wes Welker is coming back way too early from his horrific knee injury. Edelman could easily replace him by October and post WR2-type numbers.

WORST PICKS: I’m not sure if Cuban Raft Riders knew, but Donte’ Stallworth is going to be out for a while. He’s not talented enough to keep stashed on the bench. I’d rather just have Mark Clayton.

Other poor-upside selections I disliked: Malcolm Kelly (may not make the roster), Joey Galloway (ditto), Antwaan Randle El (upside is 500 yards?) and Jake Delhomme (his son may get kidnapped again).

Oh, and remember when I said that I either really loved or hated all of Prodigy’s picks? Take a guess as to which category his final selection falls under.

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