2013 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

June 29, 2013.

This is a standard 2013 Fantasy Football Mock Draft I took part in with 11 other members of the forum. As usual, I’ll have analysis of my picks, as well as the best and worst selections from each two rounds. In a new addition this year, David Wipperman (forum member Ragnarok, a.k.a. Rags) will break down the best and worst teams from the mock draft.

Just a heads up that we have 2013 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts every Wednesday evening. Check out the fantasy mock draft thread for details.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: The No. 1 pick is boring to have in mock drafts, but it’s the selection you want this year. Adrian Peterson is the only sure-fire dominant running back with very little downside. I’ve discussed how thin the running back depth is this year, so that’s why I went with Frank Gore at the end of the second round.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: I love Clov’s first two picks. Ray Rice is a steal at No. 10, but that’s nothing compared to Aaron Rodgers at 2.03. Rodgers needs to be a first-round pick. Also, I was hoping Chris Johnson would fall to me, but Deem snatched him up one pick before I was up.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: To be honest, I don’t hate anything in these first two rounds. Dez Bryant before A.J. Green is a bit strange, but I don’t think it’s an awful decision or anything.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: I didn’t plan on going RB-RB-RB, but that’s just how it worked out. All the top wideouts were gone, so why not get a guy I can use as my flex? David Wilson is a stud who has improved his pass protection, so he’ll be on the field more often.

I love Russell Wilson. I would’ve chosen him at 3.01, but I was confident that he, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would fall to me at the end of the fourth. The gamble paid off.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: Deem is having a very strong draft thus far. Julio Jones was the top wideout available at 3.02. Deem then later stole another player I planned on taking at 4.11 (Victor Cruz). He Hate Me’s choice of Larry Fitzgerald was solid as well.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: A computer took over for PlayMaka003, so I’ll ignore his terrible selections. Outside of those, the pick I hate the most is Montee Ball at 3.12. He’s one of my 2013 Fantasy Football Busts.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: I had to go WR-WR considering I had none going into the fifth round. Considering I waited so long, I don’t think my top two wideouts are all that bad.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: Anyone who landed a quarterback in Round 5 (or Round 6, in Sancho’s case) must be praised. There’s so much value there, especially with Tom Brady. As for a non-quarterback selection, Ahmad Bradshaw is a good choice in Round 5 because he’s the projected starter in a high-octane offense.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: I’m not a fan of Rashard Mendenhall at all. I’ll be shocked if he makes it the entire year as the starter. I’ve also made my feelings known about Mike Wallace. He’s in the bust list with Montee Ball.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: Another receiver. I think Cecil Shorts is a hell of a WR3, considering he’s No. 22 in my 2013 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings. As for Robert Griffin, I just felt like he provided way too much value there. If he’s healthy, he can be a top-three fantasy quarterback.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: What I said before about the signal-callers dropping – which I guess means praising the computer for Matthew Stafford. I like 6’s pick of Andre Brown. I probably would’ve taken him at 7.01 if I didn’t have a lack of receiving depth. Shane Vereen could also pay off, but my favorite selection is Zac Stacy at 8.09 because he’s likely to be St. Louis’ starting running back.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: Jonathan Stewart is a waste, even when healthy. He’s hurt, so 7.07 is way too early for him. I’m also not a fan of DeSean Jackson. He hasn’t done anything in years.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: As my friend and forum mod Injured Reserve always says, “I’ve always had a lot of success drafting Darren McFadden’s backup.” Rob Housler is the starting tight end. That’s my weakest position, so I’ll need to find a strong TE2 later.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: Josh Gordon is a steal in the ninth round. He won’t play for two weeks, but he could be a WR2-caliber player after that. Knowshon Moreno also provides good value in the ninth round.

My favorite selection in these two rounds is Miles Austin-Jones at 10.07. Austin-Jones is constantly overrated, so I was shocked to see him drop to the 10th round. He provides tremendous value there. WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: Bryce Brown may not even be LeSean McCoy’s backup, so I don’t like that pick. I’m not a fan of rookie wideouts, so I would’ve held off on DeAndre Hopkins.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: Like I said, I needed to get a reliable backup tight end. I’m sure either Martellus Bennett or Rob Housler will pan out. Chris Givens is St. Louis’ No. 2 wideout, so maybe he’ll be a decent fantasy player. I’m not too crazy about that pick to be honest.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: I was hoping Kendall Wright would fall to me in the 12th round. I would’ve taken him at 11.01 if I wasn’t so desperate for a backup tight end. Denarius Moore and Justin Blackmon also provided good value for where they were taken.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: I see no reason to draft kickers or defenses in the 11th round. The 12th might be OK, but there are still quality players to be had.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: A handcuff for Frank Gore, followed by my defense and kicker.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: I considered Fred Jackson and Ronnie Hillman at 13.01, but felt it was more important to make sure I had some insurance for Gore. Michael Floyd and Alshon Jeffery are nice sleeper picks.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: It’s difficult to give a worst pick in Rounds 13-15. However, you’re looking for upside late, and Daniel Thomas doesn’t offer any because the coaching staff hates him.[ The same could be said for Jacoby Jones.

My Fantasy Team:

QB – Russell Wilson, Seahawks
RB – Adrian Peterson, VIkings
RB – Frank Gore, 49ers
WR – Eric Decker, Broncos
WR – James Jones, Packers
RB/WR – David Wilson, Giants RB
TE – Rob Housler, Cardinals
K – Sebastian Janikowski, Raiders
DEF – Rams Defense

BN – Cecil Shorts, Jaguars WR
BN – Robert Griffin, Redskins QB
BN – Marcel Reece, Raiders RB
BN – Martellus Bennett, Bears TE
BN – Chris Givens, Rams WR
BN – LaMichael James, 49ers RB

I like this team a lot. I think it’s deep and doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses, save for the tight end position. I feel like I have the best stable of running backs out of these 12 teams, while my quarterback situation will allow me to field a top-five producer every week based on matchups. The receivers aren’t very strong, but I feel like I have three quality guys I won’t regret starting.

Best and Worst Fantasy Teams:
By David Wipperman (Rags)

Aside from my own team, which will obviously be the best team week in and week out, I have decided to take a look at my favorite and least favorite teams from this week’s mock draft. I will take into account value, injury concerns, and my own personal preferences on players to determine the best and worst teams.

This week’s worst team is …

Team 6: Calvin Johnson, Drew Brees, Darren Sproles, Jason Witten, Reggie Wayne, Danny Amendola, Andre Brown, Vick Ballard, Kwonshon Moreno, Miles Austin, San Francisco Defense, Aaron Dobson, Ryan Williams, Garrett Hartley, Jacoby Jones

Ok, Johnson and Brees are a nice combination while Witten is solid, but the rest of this team is simply unimpressive. Sproles can’t be relied on in a standard league and none of the other backs drafted look to be the No. 1 for their respective teams. As for the wide outs, I think Wayne drops off this year and while Amendola could be a steal, I can’t ignore his injury history. As for his later-round picks, I don’t see much upside at all as most of the players drafted have had multiple seasons to showcase their abilities. All-in-all, the lack of running back quality and questionable wide receivers make this my worst team of the week.

Other least favorites – Well Oil Beef Hooked, TYBG

And my favorite team for the week is (I can’t believe I’m saying this)…

Team Sancho: C.J. Spiller, Stevan Ridley, Jordy Nelson, Chris Ivory, Torrey Smith, Cam Newton, Mark Ingram, Greg Olsen, Anquan Boldin, Jermichael Finley, Denarius Moore, Joe Flacco, Rueben Randle, Dan Bailey, Minnesota Defense

Two running backs I love with the first two picks; Nelson and Smith, who will both get a ton of targets; and Cam. That is a very good core group. Throw in Chris Ivory and Mark Ingram, who could both be the top backs for their teams, and Cam’s top tight end, and you have some nice upside as well. Denarius Moore that late was another favorite pick of mine as I think he will be underrated due to the poor quarterback situation in Oakland. I felt that this team had the best mix of proven ability and good upside so it gets my nod for the week.

Other favorites – Deem, Walter

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