2011 Fantasy Football: Mailbag

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2011 Fantasy Football – Mailbag (June 18):

The following 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the 2011 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings.

  • From Joe Legend:

    You named so many average #2and #3 WRs high. Anquan Bolden,Chad Ochoconco, Steve Smith (Former panther), Santanna Moss, and Randy Moss make plays no matter what. Yo have Cotchery over these guys. I’m not gonna go through your whole list again but you also have Jordy Nelson LOL really. Please let me in your FF league.

    –> You’d rather have Anquan Boldin or Randy Moss or Chad Ochocinco over Jordy Nelson? What are you, stuck in 2005? Someone, quick, get this man a time machine so he can return to the present!

  • From Wraith36444:

    Walt, what are the trends for WRs with ****ty QBs who get stabbed in the offseason?

    –> I’m definitely going to be watching Brandon Marshall closely this preseason. He may have Kyle Orton, which will help, but he hasn’t worked out yet. I may drop him in my rankings soon.

  • From KcChiefs Fan:

    Hey Walt, do you really like Mario Manningham that much? I’ve been able to get him in as late as round 13 in my mock drafts this year. Also, in my opinion Dwayne Bowe didn’t just have an ‘outlier’ year, he really improved and while Charlie Weis did help the offense, the Chiefs hired Jim Zorn to work with Matt Cassel in his place so I don’t expect a big drop-off. Thanks for all you do, you’re my favorite fantasy expert!

    –> Thanks, KcChiefs Fan. First, I do like Mario Manningham a lot because Steve Smith may miss a huge chunk of the 2011 season. When Smith was out last year, Manningham posted huge numbers.

    As for Dwayne Bowe, I’d be surprised if he scored double-digit touchdowns again. Charlie Weis is gone, and while Jim Zorn was a head coach before, there’s a huge difference between Weis and Zorn. Weis turned mediocre talents like Jimmy Clausen and Matt Cassel into stud quarterbacks. Zorn wasn’t able to do that with Jason Campbell.

  • From Automatic6:

    Walt. Good WR rankings so far but don’t you think you have Greg Jennings a bit too high? Looking back at last season, he didn’t do much until Finley went on IR and until Driver went down. Rodgers also had to throw much more with the running game being ineffective. Will Finley and Jordy Nelson eat into Jenning’s production this season? As talented as Greg Jennings is, I’m not sure if he’s worth taking before White and Fitzgerald (assuming Kolb is there).

    –> I love Greg Jennings. He’s working out with Larry Fitzgerald, which paid big dividends for other receivers in the past like Sidney Rice. Yes, Jennings’ numbers picked up when Jermichael Finley and Donald Driver disappeared. But Driver is a non-factor, and Finley may not be 100 percent coming off a nasty injury. Plus, the Packers started winning when Aaron Rodgers started going to Jennings often, so he may stick with what worked so well.

  • From Austin Collie:

    Im ahead of Dwayne Bowe? You are a f***ing idiot!

    –> Thanks, you too!

    Austin Collie in eight full games last year: 58 catches, 649 yards, 8 TDs.

    Extrapolate Collie over 16 games: 116 catches, 1,348 yards. 16 TDs.
    Dwayne Bowe’s stats in 16 games: 72 catches, 1,162 yards. 15 TDs.

    See, I told you that you were a f***ing idiot! But don’t worry, I’m a f***ing idiot as well. It’s not that bad being a f***ing idiot. Trust me.

  • From Mekootlobo:

    No one has said John Beck is the official starter. Stop leading everyone on. But speaking of fantasy, I really hope the ‘Skins shove all this hate right back in your face. Keep overvaluing the Cowboys just like every other sports commentator.

    –> If you say so. I wasn’t going to overvalue the Cowboys, but since you asked so politely, I might as well oblige.

    By the way, Adam Schefter, who is tight with Mike Shanahan, said that John Beck is the starter: “It’s his job to lose.”

    So I guess someone did say Beck will be the starter.

  • From Satan:

    If you take away Britt’s 40-point game, he had exactly as many fantasy points as Kevin Walter. He’s a receiver you draft for upside, but having Locker at QB severely limits that upside. I wouldn’t draft him before the 7th in a 12-teamer.

    –> Kenny Britt is very talented. The problem is that he has nothing at quarterback. The arrests are also an issue. I’d stay away from him unless he dropped to me late in the draft (9th-10th round in a 12-team league).

  • From Randall Cobb’s Mother:

    Where is Cobb on here? If Jones is gone (which all signs point to) then the next best receiver is Driver who is past his prime. Cobb will make something happen

    –> Randall Cobb? You mean Green Bay’s return specialist? Cobb won’t play a huge role on offense this year. That’ll happen down the road, but not in 2011.

    The following 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions are regarding the 2011 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings.

  • From C.Bauer:

    I’m not sure how Owen Daniels can be considered a sleeper and be ranked #7. Maybe its because I live in Wisconsin but hes always one of the first few tight ends off the board come draft day.

    –> That’s my bad. I didn’t look at the ADP list. I assumed he would be going much later, but he’s actually the sixth tight end selected on average.

  • From One Problem:

    Rudolph is going to finish in the top 15 TE’s this year. Ponder is going to develop a quick chemistry with him and all the passing TD’s will be going Rudolph’s way. 64 rec 730 yds 8 tds

    –> The lockout really hurts both Christian Ponder and Kyle Rudolph. They haven’t been able to handle normal practice reps or learn the system, so they are both way behind. Rudolph could very well post those numbers in 2012, but definitely not this season.

  • From Alastair F:

    Is there a reason Visanthe Shiancoe isn’t on the list? I know he’s not great, and there’s a rookie QB, but I would think he’d at least be in the top 40.

    –> I really don’t see the point in listing Visanthe Shiancoe because no one is going to draft him. Shiancoe is no longer an end zone target because Brett Favre is gone. Also, Kyle Rudolph will eat into Shiancoe’s targets.

    The following 2011 Fantasy Football mailbag questions came from my previous 2011 Fantasy Football Mailbag entries.

  • From NYCSportzFan:

    U drafted both Peyton Hillis and Mike Williams(bucs) on most your teams last yr? Sure you did….LOL Your full of it, i could see u picking em up early, as i did with Mike Williams, but there was just no reason to draft either player before the season began, it would of been extremely stupid if u did…

    –> Just because you suck at projecting fantasy players into the future doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

    This is from last year’s fantasy preseason stock page. Take a look at what I wrote about Mike Williams:

    Josh Freeman didn’t play for the Buccaneers, but that didn’t stop Mike Williams from producing. Williams caught three passes for 83 yards. His longest play was a 53-yard reception, which wasn’t as impressive as it sounds because Jacksonville’s corner fell down. However, Williams had a great back-shoulder reception in the third quarter. Quite simply, he doesn’t look like a rookie at all. As I’ve been saying, make sure you get Williams on your team because he is a stud.

    And now go down to the Browns-Lions game and check out the Jerome Harrison capsule:

    Stay away from Jerome Harrison. A week after fumbling twice against the Rams, Harrison lost the football yet again in this contest. Harrison was benched afterward for the rest of the half. He ran for 34 yards on 11 carries, and was overshadowed by Peyton Hillis, who compiled 26 rushing yards on seven carries, 40 receiving yards off four catches and a touchdown. Hillis is awesome; it’s a shame Cleveland spent such a high pick on Montario Hardesty because I’d like to see him get as many touches as possible.

    When Montario Hardesty went down with that season-ending injury a week later, I noted that Peyton Hillis would produce because Jerome Harrison sucks.

    Oh, and while you’re on that page, take a look at what I wrote about Brandon Lloyd and Seattle’s Mike Williams – two other guys who were on many of my teams.

    Make sure you check back throughout the summer, especially in August. I’ll have loads of fantasy content available.

  • From Matt:

    This is the first year in a long time you haven’t drastically overvalued rookies, especially rookie RBs. If I can recall correctly, you had early second round grades on Moreno and Mathews in their rookie years. And before they got injured last year you were already gushing over Tate and Hardesty. Yes, you hit on Mike Williams, but he is the exception, not the rule. Lockout or no lockout, you should stay away from rookies in the early rounds. Take the safe, proven player.

    –> Matt, was Adrian Peterson an exception too? How about Steve Slaton? Jonathan Stewart? Matt Forte? Mathews and Moreno were the exceptions (and only because they both got hurt); not Mike Williams.

  • From E-A-G-L-E-S:

    Your logic is wrong on Mccoy. so what if he doesnt get 250 plus carries when he is catching close to 80 balls a year?? Not only is that huge for ppr points, but also good for standard leagues since he averages almost 8 yards per catch. Those yards add up. He will get his 275 touches this year whether it is on the ground or thru the air.

    –> Oh, LeSean McCoy in a PPR league is a MUCH different story. He’s easily top five there. But McCoy not getting 250 carries and not scoring touchdowns is a big factor in my ranking him No. 9 in my 2011 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings. He’s only seven points behind the No. 6 running back though, so it’s not like I hate McCoy or anything.

  • From Mike:

    you’re pretty full of yourself huh? im suuure you had Foster as a sleeper before ANYONE else and you seriously respond to one of your readers by saying he has “sand in his vag”? very professional.

    –> Sounds like you have some sand in your vag as well, my friend.

    Look, I get my fair share of predictions wrong. I didn’t like Reggie Wayne last year. I was also too high on Randy Moss, Shonn Greene and Ryan Mathews. But I will never lie about my past prognostications.

    Arian Foster blew up in that nationally televised Dallas preseason game. That was Week 3 of the preseason – two weeks after Ben Tate was lost for the year.

    But what happened in between? The Texans were blown out at New Orleans in Week 2 of the preseason, but one player stood out to me, per my fantasy preseason stock page (scroll down to Arian Foster):

    Save for one play, Arian Foster had a very good performance. He ran well, gaining 28 yards and a touchdown on six carries to go along with his two catches for 15 receiving yards. The blemish? Foster fumbled, which is a big no-no for Gary Kubiak. However, the fumble was a play in which Foster seemed to lose his footing once he obtained the ball from Matt Schaub. Foster was back in the game on the next drive, so he should be OK for now. If Foster limits his fumbles, he could have a monstrous statistical season (Steve Slaton played exclusively in the second half). That said, we’ve seen how quick Kubiak’s hook is pertaining to running backs putting the ball on the ground.

    I did like Foster before almost everyone else. If you check back in August, I’ll have my Preseason Fantasy Football Stock pages posted once again.

    Now go clean out that sand stuck in your vag!

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