2011 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Forum Mock

July 3, 2011.

This is a regular 2011 Fantasy Football Mock Draft conducted with some of the guys (and girl) on the forum. We decided to hop into an ESPN mock draft on Saturday evening. Hopefully moving away from this site and onto ESPN will be unnecessary in the near future. I'll let you decide what that means.

Here are the results with commentary below each round.

Also, be sure to check out my other 2011 Fantasy Football articles, which will include rankings, sleepers, busts, cheat sheets and other things. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.


(1) Team Ragnarok - Arian Foster RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Adrian Peterson RB
(3) Team W - Chris Johnson RB
(4) Dolphins Homer - Ray Rice RB
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Jamaal Charles RB
(6) Team Kane - LeSean McCoy RB
(7) Washington Sentinels - Aaron Rodgers QB
(8) Leelee - Andre Johnson WR
(9) Team Bears - QB Dog Killer QB
(10) Team Ehioba - Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(11) Team G - Rashard Mendenhall RB
(12) Team Phatal - Roddy White WR

Before the actual fantasy football analysis, I have to voice my displeasure about ESPN's fantasy football mock draft software.

First of all, what the hell is up with 45 seconds per selection? Between writing in each pick on this page, crossing off each selection on my cheat sheet and deciding whom to take, I was extremely rushed. I seriously felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown every time I was on the clock.

MY PICK: No surprise here. With Arian Foster off the board, Adrian Peterson was the best available player on my 2011 Fantasy Football Top 150 Cheat Sheet.

BEST PICK: I was shocked Rashard Mendenhall lasted until No. 11. In the few seconds I had, I made sure to check the selected players list to make sure he was still on the board when we got down to the ninth pick or so.

WORST PICK: QB Dog Killer is going to post great fantasy numbers for Team Bears in 9-11 weeks this year. In the other weeks, it'll be a big fat zero. I don't see how you can take a quarterback in the first round when it's almost a lock that he's going to miss several games.


(1) Team Phatal - Frank Gore RB
(2) Team G - Calvin Johnson WR
(3) Team Ehioba - Greg Jennings WR
(4) Team Bears - Michael Turner RB
(5) Leelee - Steven Jackson RB
(6) Washington Sentinels - Mike Wallace WR
(7) Team Kane - Hakeem Nicks WR
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Darren McFadden RB
(9) Dolphins Homer - Larry Fitzgerald WR
(10) Team W - Drew Brees QB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Tom Brady QB
(12) Team Ragnarok - Peyton Manning QB

MY PICK: Tom Brady was my third-best player available. The two ahead of him were LeGarrette Blount and Matt Forte. I figured Team Ragnarok wouldn't take both of them (since that would give him three running backs), so I went with Brady and hoped that Team Ragnarok wouldn't screw me over. As you can see by his next selection, my gambit paid off.

BEST PICK: It has to be a two-way tie between Leelee and Julio Jones Was Not a Reach. Steven Jackson and Darren McFadden provide great value in the middle of Round 2.

And by the way, Jones was not a reach at No. 6 in the 2011 NFL Draft; I just feel like the Falcons gave up way too much to get him.

WORST PICK: Team Bears made me scroll all the way down my cheat sheet (I copy-paste it into Word) to find Michael Turner. I wouldn't take Turner in the fourth round; let alone the second.


(1) Team Ragnarok - Jonathan Stewart RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - LeGarrette Blount RB
(3) Team W - Miles Austin-Jones WR
(4) Dolphins Homer - Ryan Mathews RB
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Ahmad Bradshaw RB
(6) Team Kane - Peyton Hillis RB
(7) Washington Sentinels - Matt Forte RB
(8) Leelee - Reggie Wayne WR
(9) Team Bears - DeSean Jackson WR
(10) Team Ehioba - Philip Rivers QB
(11) Team G - DeAngelo Williams RB
(12) Team Phatal - Dez Bryant WR

MY PICK: As mentioned, it was either LeGarrette Blount or Matt Forte. Since this isn't a PPR league, I went with the former.

BEST PICK: This should be obvious. I considered Forte all the way back at 2.11. I also liked the Ryan Mathews pick.

WORST PICK: DeAngelo Williams could very well end up being a great selection at the end of Round 3. However, what if he goes to Denver? He won't get any touchdowns because of Tim Tebow. He wouldn't be worth that third-round pick under those circumstances.


(1) Team Phatal - Antonio Gates TE
(2) Team G - Mike Williams TB WR
(3) Team Ehioba - Vincent Jackson WR
(4) Team Bears - Knowshon Moreno RB
(5) Leelee - Tony Romo QB
(6) Washington Sentinels - Marques Colston WR
(7) Team Kane - Brandon Lloyd WR
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Dwayne Bowe WR
(9) Dolphins Homer - Jeremy Maclin WR
(10) Team W - Cedric Benson RB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Steve Johnson WR
(12) Team Ragnarok - Santonio Holmes WR

MY PICK: I'm expecting relatively big things out of the Bills this year due to team continuity in a lockout offseason and a ridiculously easy schedule, so I like getting Steve Johnson at the end of Round 4. Let's hope he doesn't drop a billion touchdowns this year.

BEST PICK: I was praying Mike Williams would drop down to me, but that was just wishful thinking. Williams has been going in the third round of many mock drafts this summer, so getting him at 4.02 was a steal.

WORST PICK: John Fox sees Knowshon Moreno as a third-down back, and the Broncos are expected to bring in DeAngelo Williams. If so, Team Bears is screwed.


(1) Team Ragnarok - Mario Manningham WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Brandon Marshall WR
(3) Team W - Jahvid Best RB
(4) Dolphins Homer - Matt Schaub QB
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Dallas Clark TE
(6) Team Kane - Shonn Greene RB
(7) Washington Sentinels - Jason Witten TE
(8) Leelee - Ryant Grant RB
(9) Team Bears - Wes Welker WR
(10) Team Ehioba - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
(11) Team G - Ben Roethlisberger QB
(12) Team Phatal - Mark Ingram RB

MY PICK: Both of my receivers are mentally insane. I guess that can either be a good or a bad thing. There's no way Brandon Marshall catches only four touchdown passes again, and I feel like he's a major steal at 5.02.

BEST PICK: If Marshall weren't on the board, I would have taken Jahvid Best. I feel like every single person is saying "Mikel Leshoure will be the starting running back by October." Maybe. But maybe Best will stay healthy and post ridiculous numbers.

WORST PICK: I'd love the BenJarvus Green-Ellis pick if Bill Belichick hadn't drafted Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley. You can't pick the Law Firm this early.


(1) Team Phatal - Fred Jackson RB
(2) Team G - Austin Collie WR
(3) Team Ehioba - Vernon Davis TE
(4) Team Bears - Jermichael Finley TE
(5) Leelee - Ryan Torain RB
(6) Washington Sentinels - Felix Jones RB
(7) Team Kane - Sidney Rice WR
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Percy Harvin WR
(9) Dolphins Homer - Jordy Nelson WR
(10) Team W - Michael Crabtree WR
(11) WalterFootball.com - Jimmy Graham TE
(12) Team Ragnarok - Mikel Leshoure RB

MY PICK: Jimmy Graham is going to score a ton of touchdowns this year in New Orleans' explosive offense. He was the best player available.

BEST PICK: I was hoping that Austin Collie and Felix Jones would drop to me. Both will be excellent fantasy players if they can stay healthy. I know that's a big if, but injuries are somewhat unpredictable. I mean, remember when Matt Schaub was considered a huge injury risk?

WORST PICK: Ryan Torain? Even if he can hold down the starting job - an even bigger if than the last one - he's not going to do much in Washington's horribly anemic offense. He was a massive reach in Round 6.


(1) Team Ragnarok - Johnny Knox WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Marshawn Lynch RB
(3) Team W - Owen Daniels TE
(4) Dolphins Homer - Daniel Thomas RB
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Josh Freeman QB
(6) Team Kane - Eli Manning QB
(7) Washington Sentinels - Anquan Boldin WR
(8) Leelee - Joseph Addai RB
(9) Team Bears - Steelers Defense
(10) Team Ehioba - Santana Moss WR
(11) Team G - Matt Ryan QB
(12) Team Phatal - Joe Flacco QB

MY PICK: It doesn't get more boring than Marshawn Lynch, but I needed a third running back, and he was the best one available.

BEST PICK: Two of the four quarterbacks selected in this round - Josh Freeman and Matt Ryan - are on the first page of my 2011 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings.

WORST PICK: Why did Team Bears take a defense in the seventh round? Does he want to have the worst fantasy team of all time? Meanwhile, washed-up Anquan Boldin is a waste. I wouldn't have considered him in the 17th round; let alone the seventh.


(1) Team Phatal - Mike Tolbert RB
(2) Team G - James Starks RB
(3) Team Ehioba - Jets Defense
(4) Team Bears - Steve Smith WR
(5) Leelee - Pierre Garcon WR
(6) Washington Sentinels - Tim Tebow QB
(7) Team Kane - Ryan Williams RB
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Kenny Britt WR
(9) Dolphins Homer - Michael Bush RB
(10) Team W - A.J. Green WR
(11) WalterFootball.com - Sam Bradford QB
(12) Team Ragnarok - Mike Williams WR Seahawks

MY PICK: If you're in a real fantasy league of mine, please don't read the following sentence: I plan on rostering Sam Bradford in almost every league I'm in this year. Bradford is going to have a huge season. Even though I have Tom Brady, I wanted Bradford on my squad.

BEST PICK: The James Starks pick is interesting. He could start, meaning Team G may have just scored a potential top 15 fantasy back in Round 8.

WORST PICK: Ryan Williams over Chris Wells? I'm not so sure about that. That would be like picking Thomas Jones over Shonn Greene in 2009, Jones over Cedric Benson in 2005, Jonathan Stewart over DeAngelo Williams in 2008, and so on. I'd rather have Wells.


(1) Team Ragnarok - Roy Helu RB
(2) WalterFootball.com - Deion Branch WR
(3) Team W - LaDainian Tomlinson RB
(4) Dolphins Homer - Matthew Stafford QB
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Braylon Edwards WR
(6) Team Kane - Zach Miller TE
(7) Washington Sentinels - Brandon Jacobs RB
(8) Leelee - Chris Wells RB
(9) Team Bears - C.J. Spiller RB
(10) Team Ehioba - Matt Cassel QB
(11) Team G - Robert Meachem WR
(12) Team Phatal - Marcedes Lewis TE

MY PICK: Deion Branch revitalized his career in New England last year. He and Tom Brady have a great rapport, so I definitely don't mind having him as my WR3.

BEST PICK: If Branch hadn't been available, I probably would have picked Chris Wells. I like Wells this year; he's healthy again, and his quarterback situation will improve once the Cardinals acquire either Kevin Kolb or Kyle Orton.

WORST PICK: Roy Helu could start for the Redskins. But if he does, so what? He's not going to score any touchdowns because John Beck sucks, and he won't have much running room behind a pathetic offensive line.


(1) Team Phatal - Julio Jones WR
(2) Team G - Montario Hardesty RB
(3) Team Ehioba - Malcom Floyd WR
(4) Team Bears - Pierre Thomas RB
(5) Leelee - Chad Ochocinco WR
(6) Washington Sentinels - Packers Defense
(7) Team Kane - Mike Thomas WR
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Jerome Simpson WR
(9) Dolphins Homer - Emmanuel Sanders WR
(10) Team W - Mike Goodson RB
(11) WalterFootball.com - Danario Alexander WR
(12) Team Ragnarok - Brandon Pettigrew TE

MY PICK: What I did with this and the next pick is interesting. I'll analyze in the next round...

BEST PICK: It's a tie between Montario Hardesty and Emmanuel Sanders. Hardesty will get a good amount of carries when (not if) Peyton Hillis wears down. Sanders, meanwhile, could easily emerge as Ben Roethlisberger's No. 2 target in 2011. He was great down the stretch last year.

WORST PICK: I could take the easy way out and criticize the Green Bay defense pick. However, I don't understand two other selections. First, I don't consider Chad Ochocinco a football player anymore. He drives race cars, rides camels and stars in stupid reality TV shows like Eating Cereal with the Stars. His career as a football player is over. And second, I feel like Team W could have landed Mike Goodson in Round 14 or 15.


(1) Team Ragnarok - Jacoby Ford WR
(2) WalterFootball.com - Mark Clayton WR
(3) Team W - Rashad Jennings RB
(4) Dolphins Homer - Rob Gronkowski TE
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Lance Moore WR
(6) Team Kane - James Jones WR
(7) Washington Sentinels - Kellen Winslow Jr. TE
(8) Leelee - Chris Cooley TE
(9) Team Bears - Randy Moss WR
(10) Team Ehioba - Chris Ivory RB
(11) Team G - Jacoby Jones WR
(12) Team Phatal - Kevin Kolb QB

MY PICK: I have secured both Rams receivers! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I can't wait for the preseason. I'm definitely going to pay attention to Sam Bradford's targets. Either Danario Alexander or Mark Clayton will emerge as a fantasy stud this year, as Brandon Lloyd did in 2010. Alexander has more talent, but Clayton has the experience. It'll be interesting to see whom Bradford prefers. BEST PICK: I liked the Jacoby Ford and Jacoby Jones picks. Both are high-upside receivers definitely worth taking in Round 11.

WORST PICK: It's a tie between Randy Moss and Chris Ivory. Moss is finished, while Ivory will get lost in the shuffle behind Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas.


(1) Team Phatal - Terrell Owens WR
(2) Team G - Greg Little WR
(3) Team Ehioba - Ben Watson TE
(4) Team Bears - Ronnie Brown RB
(5) Leelee - Donald Brown RB
(6) Washington Sentinels - Danny Woodhead RB
(7) Team Kane - Dustin Keller TE
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Anthony Armstrong WR
(9) Dolphins Homer - Leonard Hankerson WR
(10) Team W - Davone Bess WR
(11) WalterFootball.com - Delone Carter RB
(12) Team Ragnarok - Tashard Choice RB

MY PICK: It's time to swing for the fences. Joseph Addai is always hurt and isn't very good to begin with. Donald Brown can't pass protect to save his life. Delone Carter could emerge as Indianapolis' primary ball-carrier in the second half of the season. He could also see goal-line carries early on. I think he's very well worth the gamble at the end of Round 12.

BEST PICK: Danny Woodhead is a good pick in the middle of Round 12. Regardless of what's going to happen with BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley, you have to figure that Woodhead will get his touches.

WORST PICK: I guess Team Phatal didn't hear that Terrell Owens tore his ACL. Owens' career could be over despite what Drew "Terrelle Pryor is teh best player ever omg" Rosenhaus says.


(1) Team Ragnarok - Ravens Defense
(2) WalterFootball.com - Jay Cutler QB
(3) Team W - Plaxico Burress WR
(4) Dolphins Homer - Danny Amendola WR
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Javon Ringer RB
(6) Team Kane - Mark Sanchez QB
(7) Washington Sentinels - Reggie Bush RB
(8) Leelee - Donald Driver WR
(9) Team Bears - Hines Ward WR
(10) Team Ehioba - David Garrard QB
(11) Team G - Aaron Hernandez TE
(12) Team Phatal - Thomas Jones RB

MY PICK: A third quarterback? Well, Jay Cutler was the last startable signal-caller on the board, and he was also the top player available on my cheat sheet. So, why not? Barring injuries to Tom Brady and Sam Bradford, Cutler won't ever start for me. But that also means he won't start for anyone else.

BEST PICK: Dolphins Homer may have foiled my Danario Alexander-Mark Clayton plan by taking Danny Amendola. Damn it. Also, Thomas Jones is definitely a solid pick at the end of Round 13. Todd Haley wants to have sexy time with Thomas Jones.

WORST PICK: Draft players with upside in the final few rounds; not washed-up veterans like Donald Driver.


(1) Team Phatal - Derrick Mason WR
(2) Team G - DeMarco Murray RB
(3) Team Ehioba - Tim Hightower RB
(4) Team Bears - Bears Defense
(5) Leelee - Ryan Fitzpatrick QB
(6) Washington Sentinels - Jonathan Baldwin WR
(7) Team Kane - Giants Defense
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Jason Snelling RB
(9) Dolphins Homer - 49ers Defense
(10) Team W - Chargers Defense
(11) WalterFootball.com - Shane Vereen RB
(12) Team Ragnarok - Kyle Orton QB

MY PICK: Swinging for the fences again. Greg Cox, a follower of California college football, is an avid fan of Shane Vereen. The Patriots spent a second-round pick on Vereen, so maybe Bill Belichick has big plans for him. Or maybe not. But it's the 14th round, so who knows?

BEST PICK: Think Team Kane, Dolphins Homer and Team W are playing defensive matchups? The Giants, 49ers and Chargers battle the Redskins, Seahawks and Vikings, respectively, in Week 1.

WORST PICK: With Chris Wells and Ryan Williams on the roster, where does Tim Hightower fit in? If you want a handcuff, why not Ben Tate?


(1) Team Ragnarok - Jermaine Gresham TE
(2) WalterFootball.com - Patriots Defense
(3) Team W - Anthony Dixon RB
(4) Dolphins Homer - Eric Decker WR
(5) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Nate Kaeding K
(6) Team Kane - Jerome Harrison RB
(7) Washington Sentinels - Neil Rackers K
(8) Leelee - Eagles Defense
(9) Team Bears - Josh Brown K
(10) Team Ehioba - Rob Bironas K
(11) Team G - Falcons Defense
(12) Team Phatal - Saints Defense

MY PICK: I'm playing fantasy defensive matchups too. The Patriots battle the Dolphins in Week 1.

BEST PICK: There's nothing I really like here. My favorite kicker of this group is Josh Brown, who gets to kick in a dome for an explosive Rams offense.

WORST PICK: There's nothing I really hate here either. Maybe the Rob Bironas pick, since Tennessee won't have much of an offense next year. But kickers are kickers, so whatever.


(1) Team Phatal - Stephen Gostkowski K
(2) Team G - Sebastian Janikowski K
(3) Team Ehioba - Chiefs Defense
(4) Team Bears - Jason Campbell QB
(5) Leelee - Garrett Hartley K
(6) Washington Sentinels - Donovan McNabb QB
(7) Team Kane - Mason Crosby K
(8) Julio Jones Was Not a Reach - Raiders Defense
(9) Dolphins Homer - Dan Carpenter K
(10) Team W - Ryan Longwell K
(11) WalterFootball.com - Alex Henery K
(12) Team Ragnarok - David Akers K

MY PICK: I WANTED DAN CARPENTER ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I didn't think Sebastian Janikowski would drop to me at 16.11, but I figured Carpenter would. Curse you, Dolphins Homer!

BEST PICK: Janikowski is my No. 1 fantasy kicker, for what it's worth (which would be nothing since we're talking about kickers).

WORST PICK: Washington Sentinels apparently wanted to secure at least one "worst pick" by picking a fat quarterback in the final round of this mock draft. Or maybe he just panicked and selected Donovan McNabb because his 45 seconds quickly ran out before he had time to think.


QB - Tom Brady
RB - Adrian Peterson
RB - LeGarrette Blount
WR - Steve Johnson
WR - Brandon Marshall
RB/WR - Marshawn Lynch RB
TE - Jimmy Graham
K - Alex Henery
DEF - Patriots

BN - Sam Bradford QB
BN - Deion Branch WR
BN - Danario Alexander WR
BN - Mark Clayton WR
BN - Delone Carter RB
BN - Jay Cutler QB
BN - Shane Vereen RB


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