Fantasy Football Draft Queue: Quarterbacks and Running Backs

By Chet Gresham - @ChetGresham
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In every draft I enter, I always go straight to my queue and add my guys. It's a way to keep a focus on the players I really want versus the players I'm picking just because they fell too far in the draft. I will draft either, but I don't want my team filled with guys I picked just because they were still there. I want players I truly believe in, which is why I will often reach for someone. I can see why someone would want to diversify their lineups if they are in many leagues, but I want to have some core players who I believe in, and I have a group of them below this here paragraph.


Russell Wilson, Seahawks
I almost always wait on quarterbacks, but Wilson is a player I will jump on if he lasts too long in a draft. He has put up better passing stats each season, and now without Marshawn Lynch, I see this being Wilson's team, and he should take another step forward.

Eli Manning, Giants
Manning has thrown the ball more than he ever has in his career under now head coach Ben McAdoo, and this season they want to play even faster. Additionally, Manning gets Sterling Shepard to supplement the great Odell Beckham Jr.

Philip Rivers, Chargers
Rivers won't throw as much as he did last season, but he should be much more efficient with Keenan Allen healthy and Travis Benjamin picked up in the offseason. We should also see a more balanced attack with a more consistent running game, which should help open up things downfield.

Tyrod Taylor, Bills
Taylor was one of the best quarterbacks in fantasy points per snap last season and appears to have had a great offseason. The only drawback for Taylor is his exposure to hits and injuries as a running quarterback, but that is factored into his ADP.

Running Backs:

David Johnson, Cardinals
Johnson has the highest upside of any running back this year and should be drafted as such. The Cardinals' offense is elite, and that makes their scoring opportunities also elite. Then, factor in just how good Johnson was last season in both the rushing and passing game, and well, he could destroy the world of fantasy football LaDainian Tomlinson style.

Lamar Miller, Texans
Miller was underutilized in Miami, but when he did get the ball, he was fantastic. Now, he goes to a Texans team that will use him in a way that will make him a top fantasy running back this year. When looking at the running backs as a whole, there aren't many who are safer than Miller and with as much upside.

LeSean McCoy, Bills
McCoy is scary due to big usage in Philadelphia and injuries last season, but every report from training camp has McCoy in great shape and looking like his old self. I like him because he is good and was good last year, despite missing time with injuries. Then, add in the fact that the Bills love to run the ball, and McCoy has the ability, position and usage I want in a running back.

Eddie Lacy, Packers
It may seem too easy, but Lacy should have a much better season than last year due to two things: 1. Weight loss and 2. Jordy Nelson's return. Lacy lost weight and got in shape this offseason after carrying extra poundage last season and looking the part on the field. But, the true engine of that offense is, of course, Aaron Rodgers, and if Rodgers is having trouble due to offensive line play and his receivers not getting open, then the running game is also in trouble. Now, as long as Jordy Nelson is back and healthy, a fit Eddie Lacy should have many more holes to shoot through and goal-line opportunities to take.

C.J. Anderson, Broncos
Anderson was a first-round pick last season and then fell flat for most of the year. Injuries were a big problem there, as well as a weird reluctance to play Anderson more than Ronnie Hillman, even though his numbers were better. But in the end, Anderson won out and is now the starter once again. The Broncos will need to win with their defense and their running game this season, much like they did in their playoff run last year. The defense is one of the best in the league, so even if the offense isn't burning down barns on the way to the end zone, the Broncos shouldn't be so far behind that they have to abandon the run, which should help Anderson get plenty of opportunities.

Melvin Gordon, Chargers
Gordon had a lot of trouble last season. Some of it was self-inflicted, like not hitting holes decisively, but much was a product of an offense that was constantly in flux due to injuries. Of course, we can't predict injuries, so I'm going into this season believing the Chargers will have a normal number of injuries to the offense and Gordon and company should be able to get into a groove, especially with Ken Whisenhunt back as offensive coordinator.

Rashad Jennings, Giants
Jennings was relegated to a four-headed committee last season until the last quarter of the season, when he led the team and the league in rushing. He's no spring chicken, but who is? I mean he's not a bird, he's a grown-ass man! And, Jennings will lead the way at running back on a fast-paced and good offense.

Jerick McKinnon, Vikings
Adrian Peterson may never stop, but McKinnon is going to be there if Peterson ever does, and before then, McKinnon will be getting reps in the passing game due to Peterson's inability to catch the ball. McKinnon's ability makes him my favorite backup running back to draft tis season, as he would play well in Peterson's role and possibly even better from a fantasy perspective due to his ability as a receiver. McKinnon could have value in PPR leagues even with Peterson getting his full reps, so there really isn't a good reason not to draft McKinnon.

DeAndre Washington, Raiders
Washington looked great in his first preseason game and should continue to see time as a receiver even with Latavius Murray healthy. Murray's running style does worry me, and I could see him succumbing to injuries due to his upright gait, but either way, I do see Washington carving himself out a role as a receiver at the very least.

Tevin Coleman, Falcons
Injuries and a hot Devonta Freeman hurt Tevin Coleman last season, but Coleman looks like he's back in this competition and he's not going away. Coleman should be the better inside runner, and we could easily see this as a committee, but with Coleman getting goal-line looks. It's a fluid situation, but I believe Freeman and Coleman have similar upsides and grabbing the one with the later ADP is a good choice.

Spencer Ware, Chiefs
Ware is clearly ahead of Charcandrick West and would benefit the most if Jamaal Charles were to go down with an injury. Kansas City has a great running game, and if you can roster the backup in that offense, you are doing well for yourself, but Ware is more than just a backup. He has great vision and a punishing style when needed. I grab him in most of my drafts.

Keith Marshall, Redskins
Marshall looks to be next in line if Matt Jones were to get injured, but has also been talked up as a committee back with Jones. I believe Redskins will try to get Jones going as the lead back, but if he falters at all, Marshall has tremendous athletic ability and could take over without an injury to Jones.

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