Sunday Smackdown: Chiefs at Jets

Welcome to the new Sunday Smackdown section, a place for you to talk trash and discuss each individual NFL game during the week leading up to it and while the game is going on.

Unlike’s GameCenter, almost anything goes here. Certain words – the obvious ones – are bleeped out, but everything else is allowed and encouraged.

Kansas City�Chiefs at�New York Jets

Sunday Smackdown Game List:

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Week 17: All Games
Panthers at Saints | Bills at Patriots
Bears at Vikings | Jets at Dolphins
49ers at Rams | Lions at Packers
Buccaneers at Falcons | Ravens at Bengals
Steelers at Browns | Cowboys at Giants
Redskins at Eagles | Colts at Jaguars
Titans at Texans | Seahawks at Cardinals
Chiefs at Broncos | Chargers at Raiders

Week 16: All Games
Texans at Colts | Raiders at Chiefs
Jaguars at Titans | Dolphins at Patriots
Cardinals at Bengals | Broncos at Bills
Rams at Steelers | Giants at Jets
Vikings at Redskins | Buccaneers at Panthers
Browns at Ravens | Chargers at Lions
Eagles at Cowboys | 49ers at Seahawks
Bears at Packers | Falcons at Saints

Week 15: All Games
Jaguars at Falcons | Cowboys at Buccaneers
Panthers at Texans | Redskins at Giants
Dolphins at Bills | Seahawks at Bears
Saints at Vikings | Bengals at Rams
Titans at Colts | Packers at Chiefs
Lions at Raiders | Patriots at Broncos
Jets at Eagles | Browns at Cardinals
Ravens at Chargers | Steelers at 49ers

Week 14: All Games
Browns at Steelers | Chiefs at Jets
Buccaneers at Jaguars | Patriots at Redskins
Falcons at Panthers | Colts at Ravens
Eagles at Dolphins | Vikings at Lions
Saints at Titans | Raiders at Packers
Texans at Bengals | Bears at Broncos
49ers at Cardinals | Bills at Chargers
Giants at Cowboys | Rams at Seahawks

Week 13: All Games
Eagles at Seahawks | Panthers at Buccaneers
Bengals at Steelers | Falcons at Texans
Jets at Redskins | Lions at Saints
Raiders at Dolphins | Titans at Bills
Chiefs at Bears | Ravens at Browns
Broncos at Vikings | Cowboys at Cardinals
Packers at Giants | Rams at 49ers
Colts at Patriots | Chargers at Jaguars

Week 12: All Games
Packers at Lions | Dolphins at Cowboys
49ers at Ravens | Texans at Jaguars
Bills at Jets | Browns at Bengals
Vikings at Falcons | Cardinals at Rams
Panthers at Colts | Buccaneers at Titans
Bears at Raiders | Redskins at Seahawks
Broncos at Chargers | Patriots at Eagles
Steelers at Chiefs | Giants at Saints

Week 11: All Games
Jets at Broncos | Buccaneers at Packers
Panthers at Lions | Jaguars at Browns
Titans at Falcons | Raiders at Vikings
Bills at Dolphins | Cowboys at Redskins
Bengals at Ravens | Cardinals at 49ers
Seahawks at Rams | Chargers at Bears
Eagles at Giants | Chiefs at Patriots

Week 10: All Games
Raiders at Chargers | Cardinals at Eagles
Titans at Panthers | Texans at Buccaneers
Redskins at Dolphins | Jaguars at Colts
Broncos at Chiefs | Bills at Cowboys
Lions at Bears | Saints at Falcons
Rams at Browns | Steelers at Bengals
Ravens at Seahawks | Giants at 49ers
Patriots at Jets | Vikings at Packers

Week 9: All Games
Dolphins at Chiefs | Falcons at Colts
Buccaneers at Saints | Jets at Bills
Seahawks at Cowboys | Browns at Texans
49ers at Redskins | Bengals at Titans
Broncos at Raiders | Giants at Patriots
Rams at Cardinals | Packers at Chargers
Ravens at Steelers | Bears at Eagles

Week 8: All Games
Cardinals at Ravens | Vikings at Panthers
Jaguars at Texans | Dolphins at Giants
Saints at Rams | Colts at Titans
Lions at Broncos | Redskins at Bills
Bengals at Seahawks | Browns at 49ers
Patriots at Steelers | Cowboys at Eagles
Chargers at Chiefs

Week 7: All Games
Chargers at Jets | Bears at Buccaneers
Redskins at Panthers | Falcons at Lions
Seahawks at Browns | Broncos at Dolphins
Texans at Titans | Chiefs at Raiders
Steelers at Cardinals | Packers at Vikings
Rams at Cowboys | Colts at Saints
Ravens at Jaguars

Week 6: All Games
49ers at Lions | Rams at Packers
Panthers at Falcons | Colts at Bengals
Bills at Giants | Jaguars at Steelers
Eagles at Redskins | Texans at Ravens
Browns at Raiders | Cowboys at Patriots
Saints at Buccaneers | Vikings at Bears
Dolphins at Jets

Week 5: All Games
Titans at Steelers | Seahawks at Giants
Bengals at Jaguars | Saints at Panthers
Raiders at Texans | Eagles at Bills
Chiefs at Colts | Cardinals at Vikings
Buccaneers at 49ers | Jets at Patriots
Chargers at Broncos | Packers at Falcons
Bears at Lions

Week 4: All Games
Lions at Cowboys | Panthers at Bears
Bills at Bengals | Titans at Browns
Vikings at Chiefs | Redskins at Rams
Saints at Jaguars | Steelers at Texans
49ers at Eagles | Giants at Cardinals
Falcons at Seahawks | Dolphins at Chargers
Patriots at Raiders | Broncos at Packers
Jets at Ravens | Colts at Buccaneers

Week 3: All Games
Texans at Saints | Giants at Eagles
Jaguars at Panthers | Patriots at Bills
Dolphins at Browns | 49ers at Bengals
Broncos at Titans | Lions at Vikings
Ravens at Rams | Jets at Raiders
Chiefs at Chargers | Cardinals at Seahawks
Falcons at Buccaneers | Packers at Bears
Steelers at Colts | Redskins at Cowboys

Week 2: All Games
Chiefs at Lions | Raiders at Bills
Buccaneers at Vikings | Bears at Saints
Ravens at Titans | Browns at Colts
Jaguars at Jets | Seahawks at Steelers
Cardinals at Redskins | Packers at Panthers
Cowboys at 49ers | Chargers at Patriots
Texans at Dolphins | Bengals at Broncos
Eagles at Falcons | Rams at Giants

Week 1: All Games
Saints at Packers | Falcons at Bears
Bengals at Browns | Bills at Chiefs
Eagles at Rams | Titans at Jaguars
Steelers at Ravens | Colts at Texans
Lions at Buccaneers | Giants at Redskins
Panthers at Cardinals | Vikings at Chargers
Seahawks at 49ers | Cowboys at Jets
Patriots at Dolphins | Raiders at Broncos

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