NFL Power Rankings 2024: Eagles and Bengals in Top 10

Christian McCaffrey

My current NFL Power Rankings of the 2024 NFL season for pre-free agency. Eagles and Bengals in top 10.

I’m going to use these rankings as the order for my 2025 NFL Mock Draft during the early stages of the 2024 season. Follow @walterfootball.

NFL Power Rankings updated Feb. 22, 2024

  1. San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers (12-5) – Previously: 1.
    The 49ers are over the cap and will be losing some key players like Chase Young. They’re still an elite team, however, at least until Brock Purdy is owed a huge contract in a few years.

    Speaking of the 49ers, I saw an asinine tweet by a known football individual who said that the 49ers should tank because they should search for a quarterback who can compete with Patrick Mahomes. Yes, let’s just pluck one of those off a tree because they’re so easy to find. Also, Purdy took Mahomes to overtime, so I don’t know what this guy was thinking when he tweeted that nonsense.

  2. Kansas City Chiefs NFL Power Rankings Kansas City Chiefs (11-6) – Previously: 4.
    Will there be a three-peat for the first time ever? As long as Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are involved, anything is possible. That said, re-signing Chris Jones is essential because Kansas City’s defense is not nearly the same without him.

  3. Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens (13-4) – Previously: 2.
    What an MVP-type performance by Lamar Jackson in the AFC Championship. He should give back the MVP award. Jackson could win the Super Bowl eventually, but that would entail the Ravens revamping their offensive line, which stands to lose two guards to free agency.

  4. Detroit Lions NFL Power Rankings Detroit Lions (12-5) – Previously: 3.
    Of the four teams in the championship games, the Lions could be in the best shape. They have the most cap space of the four, and it’s not even close. They have $50 million to spend this offseason, so they could really bolster their roster.

  5. Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals (9-8) – Previously: 19.
    The Bengals have to be considered one of the top teams in the NFL. They would have challenged for the Super Bowl last year had Joe Burrow not gotten hurt. Burrow will be back, but what will become of his receiving corps, given that Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd are impending free agents?

  6. Los Angeles Chargers San Angeles Chargers (5-12) – Previously: 30.
    I love the Jim Harbaugh hire. He’ll be the first real coach the Chargers will have since Marty Schottenheimer in 2006. Perhaps Harbaugh will hire a new training staff to keep the Charger players from getting injured all the time for a change. If the Chargers have better injury luck, they’ll be able to compete for the Super Bowl.

  7. Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles (11-6) – Previously: 25.
    The Eagles were an obvious fraud when they were 10-1 last year, but they’re a good bet to bounce back. They made a great hire in Vic Fangio, who is going to improve their defense. Provided the Eagles also address their secondary, they’ll be in line to compete for a Super Bowl in 2024.

  8. Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams (10-7) – Previously: 5.
    The Rams nearly beat the Lions in the opening round of the playoffs. This didn’t impress many people at the time, but considering that Detroit was up by 17 over the 49ers in the NFC Championship, the Rams may have made some noise had they gotten past the Lions. The Rams have a lot going for them heading into 2024 with a great offense and lots of talented young players on defense.

  9. Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers (9-8) – Previously: 6.
    “No Cookie” Jordan Love was an enigma last year. He looked unbeatable at times, but in some games, he played horrendously. I guess this sort of inconsistency should have been expected from a young quarterback throwing to receivers with barely any experience. Love should be better in 2024, especially if Aaron Jones can remain healthy.

  10. Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills (11-6) – Previously: 7.
    The Bills were so much of a mess defensively last year with all their injuries, yet they were so close to beating the Chiefs. And given what happened in the next two rounds, Buffalo could have won the Super Bowl had things gone differently for them in the divisional round. However, the Bills are $55 million over the cap, so we’ll see what they do this offseason.

  11. Houston Texans Houston Texans (10-7) – Previously: 8.
    Houston’s offensive line wasn’t a liability all year, but it was during the divisional-round loss to the Ravens. C.J. Stroud had no time in the pocket, so the offensive line must be addressed this offseason.

  12. Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns (11-6) – Previously: 9.
    It sucks to see the Joe Flacco run come to an end in just the first round of the playoffs. It was poor offensive line play that betrayed Flacco, as Cleveland’s blocking was horrendous after Joel Bitonio got hurt. Deshaun Watson will be back as the starter in 2024, which some may not see as a good thing.

  13. Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins (11-6) – Previously: 11.
    Had the Dolphins just taken care of business against the Titans, they would have hosted the Steelers rather than played a negative-temperature game at Kansas City. Next time, don’t take easy games for granted!

  14. Chicago Bears Chicago Bears (7-10) – Previously: 12.
    The Bears were one of the hottest teams down the stretch. They’ll be much better in 2024 because they have tons of cap space. They’ll be able to load up their roster, which was already packed with talent. I like them at 50/1 to win the Super Bowl.

  15. Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys (12-5) – Previously: 10.
    According to Charlie Campbell, Jerry Jones was very close to firing Mike McCarthy, but had to be talked out of it. Jones was going to give an interview to Jason Witten had he fired McCarthy, but I wouldn’t read much into that, as Jones may have been giving an old friend some buzz to begin his coaching career.

  16. New York Jets New York Jets (7-10) – Previously: 26.
    Aaron Rodgers will presumably be back in 2024, though you never know what could happen during one of his vision quests. Still, the Jets really need to improve their dreadful offensive line so Rodgers will have a chance to take the team deep into the playoffs.

  17. Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars (9-8) – Previously: 24.
    The Jaguars were 8-3 at one point last year, but they only beat the Panthers down the stretch. This was a major implosion by the defense, but it wasn’t all on them, given Trevor Lawrence’s injuries. The Jaguars will compete for the AFC South crown once again in 2024, but it seems as though they’re behind the Texans.

  18. Las Vegas Raiders Las Vegas Raiders (8-9) – Previously: 15.
    Charlie Campbell pointed out that there’s a Raiders connection to Justin Fields, so perhaps Fields will serve as a big upgrade for the Raiders in 2024. The Raiders are an upgrade at quarterback and some improvements on the offensive line away from being an 11-win team.

  19. Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers (10-7) – Previously: 13.
    The Steelers were able to compete well against the Bills in the opening round of the playoffs, but they never had a chance without T.J. Watt. They’re going to need to find better depth behind him and Alex Highsmith. They’ll also have to think long and hard about what to do at quarterback. There are some rumblings about a Justin Fields trade, which would have me more excited if Arthur Smith weren’t the offensive coordinator.

  20. Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts (9-8) – Previously: 16.
    The Colts’ 2023 season ended with a disappointing loss, but Anthony Richardson and a healthy Jonathan Taylor will be back next year. There’s also some chatter that Indianapolis may trade for A.J. Brown.

  21. Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings (7-10) – Previously: 23.
    The Lions did the Vikings a favor by playing their starters in the final week of the regular season, as they were able to help Minnesota improve its draft positioning. The Vikings need defense, but the Kirk Cousins free agency situation must be resolved. The Vikings are currently difficult to rank because it’s unclear if Cousins will return.

  22. New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints (9-8) – Previously: 14.
    The Saints are $83 million over the cap entering the offseason. That’s right – $83 million over the cap! I’m sure they’ll keep kicking the can down the road, which is a strategy that will eventually blow up in their face. In the meantime, they’ll continue to be mediocre.

  23. Denver Broncos Denver Broncos (8-9) – Previously: 17.
    Some reports surfaced recently citing that Russell Wilson is unlikely to return to Denver next year. My reaction:

    No duh.

    The Broncos desperately need an upgrade at quarterback.

  24. Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons (7-10) – Previously: 18.
    The Falcons lost to the Saints in the finale, but it was for the best. They’ll be in better position to draft a quarterback or trade for Justin Fields. Hopefully the new offensive coach makes better use of his skill players than Arthur Smith did.

  25. Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks (9-8) – Previously: 20.
    The Seahawks will need to make a decision at quarterbck this offseason. Geno Smith is favored to return as the starter, but the Seahawks need a solution of some sort for the long term.

  26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8) – Previously: 21.
    It wasn’t a surprise that the Buccaneers trailed the Lions by double digits in the fourth quarter. This Tampa bay team should have lost to the Panthers in Week 18 and lucked into many wins earlier in the year. It’ll be interesting to see if the Buccaneers manage to keep Mike Evans this offseason.

  27. New York Giants New York Giants (6-11) – Previously: 22.
    The Giants hurt their draft positioning by beating the Eagles, but I don’t think any Giants fan is going to complain too much about beating rival Philadelphia. Also, there are a ton of talented tackles and receivers in the 2024 NFL Draft, so the Giants might be able to get their targeted player anyway.

  28. Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals (4-13) – Previously: 28.
    The Cardinals were very fortunate that Matt Prater missed from 51 at the buzzer in the finale because it allowed them to keep the No. 4 pick, which will turn into Marvin Harrison Jr. Even before the kick happened, I wondered if the owner/general manager called Prater and asked him to miss.

  29. Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans (6-11) – Previously: 27.
    Derrick Henry made it sound like he’s not returning to the Titans when he addressed the crowd after beating Jacksonville in the finale. It’s been a great run, but as the saying goes, all good things come to an end.

  30. New England Patriots New England Patriots (4-13) – Previously: 29.
    Congratulations to the Patriots, who locked in a top-three pick with their loss to the Jets. They’ll be taking one of the top quarterbacks in this class. Check out the 2024 NFL Draft Quarterback Prospect Rankings for more.

  31. Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers (2-15) – Previously: 31.
    Bryce Young finished his rookie season with a zero-point banger against a bad pass defense. Maybe their owner can vent some more by spilling drinks on other fans and then getting fined peanuts for it. Then again, I love the Dave Canales hire, so perhaps the new coaching staff will be able to get something out of Young.

  32. Washington Redskins Washington Redskins (4-13) – Previously: 32.
    With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, the Redskins might be able to finally obtain a franchise quarterback, though we can’t forget what happened the last time they had a No. 2 overall quarterback. Go to my 2024 NFL Mock Draft to see what I have projected this April.

  33. 2024 NFL MVP Projection:

    1. Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs
    2. Joe Burrow, QB, Bengals
    3. Jalen Hurts, QB, Eagles
    4. Josh Allen, QB, Bills
    5. Justin Herbert, QB, Chargers

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