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I've recently discussed possibilities for players to either sign or get traded to certain teams. This analysis has been all over the place, so I thought I'd move everything to one page.

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Falcons rumored to be trading WR Julio Jones (updated May 23, 2021)
Multiple outlets have reported that the Falcons are seeking to trade Julio Jones. The superstar receiver is 32 and carries a huge cap charge for a rebuilding Atlanta team with limited financial resources. It would be in the Falcons' best interest to trade Jones while they still can get some value for him.

May 23 update: Michael Holley of NBC Sports Boston reports that Jones wants to play for the Patriots. Jones also said that Matt Ryan has "lost a little on his deep ball." With the Falcons needing cap space, Jones could be dealt soon.

Here are some teams that could trade for Jones:

New England Patriots: So, why does Jones want to play for the Patriots? Reportedly, it's because he wants to play with Cam Newton. Jones apparently still thinks it's 2015, back when Newton wasn't an injury-prone shell of his former self. Newton isn't even expected to last the entire year. If Jones is worried about Ryan's zip on the ball, just wait until he gets to play with Mac Jones!

New York Jets: Corey Davis is not a No. 1 receiver. The Jets need one for Zach Wilson, and they have tons of cap space to take on Jones' huge contract.

San Francisco 49ers: I'm sure Kyle Shanahan would love to coach Jones again. The 49ers will have a rookie quarterback under contract moving forward, and they'll free up money by dealing Jimmy Garoppolo, so it would make sense for them to trade for Jones.

Indianapolis Colts: Indianapolis has tons of cap space, and there's also a need for a No. 1 wideout with T.Y. Hilton in decline. The Colts are ready to win now if Carson Wentz can rebound, and the Colts can ensure that by giving Wentz a dynamic threat like Jones.

Washington Redskins: Ron Rivera watched Julio Jones devastate his defenses when he was coaching the Panthers. I'm sure he'd love to have Jones. The Redskns have enough cap space to roster Jones.

Cleveland Browns: The Browns have plenty of cap space. While receiver isn't a big need for them, they could put their offense over the top by obtaining Jones.

Baltimore Ravens: Receiver is a glaring need for the Ravens. They're in the middle of the pack in terms of cap space, but with Lamar Jackson still under a rookie contract, they can borrow Jones for a couple of seasons in order to get the most out of their young quarterback. The first-round pick used on Rashod Bateman makes this less likely, however.

Comment on the other free agent and trade possibilities below.

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Packers QB Aaron Rodgers disgruntled with Packers; doesn't want to return to team (May 23, 2021)
April 29 was supposed to be all about the 2021 NFL Draft, but Aaron Rodgers stole the show. Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers is so disgruntled with the Packers that he doesn't wish to report to the team. Several reports have since suggested that Rodgers could be dealt this weekend.

May 23 update: There hasn't been any news on the Rodgers trade front, but he can't be dealt until after June 1. I expect the Rodgers rumors to heat up once the calendar flips.

Here are some teams that could trade for Rodgers:

Denver Broncos: This is a bit odd because the Broncos just traded for Teddy Bridgewater, but that won't preclude them from acquiring Rodgers. Denver could deal two first-round picks, Jerry Jeudy and some other selections for Rodgers. They would instantly become one of the top teams in the NFL if they managed to acquire Rodgers.

Las Vegas Raiders: The Raiders were interested in Tom Brady last offseason, so they would be in play for Rodgers. The Raiders would have to give up three first-round picks and other assets like Henry Ruggs. Rodgers said he wants to go to the West Coast, so the Broncos and Raiders are the two leading candidates, by far.

Miami Dolphins: There was some chatter earlier in the offseason about the Dolphins trading for Deshaun Watson, so they could make the move for Rodgers. They have an extra first-rounder in 2023, which would help facilitate the deal. They could then trade Tua Tagovailoa somewhere else to recoup their resources.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins already have a grizzled veteran quarterback, but Daniel Snyder is always ready to make a splash move.

Philadelphia Eagles: I wouldn't discount the Eagles from trading for Rodgers because they tend to do nonsensical things. They have the ammo to acquire Rodgers, but the problem is that their roster is completely barren, so they wouldn't be in a position to win with Rodgers.

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Texans QB Deshaun Watson "wants out" (Feb. 13, 2021)
Multiple sources have indicated that Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston. In fact, Adam Schefter reported that Watson has played his last snap for the team. Watson is frustrated with Houston's inept front office and ownership, and it's easy to understand why he's so angry. Watson has also complained about SJW nonsense, which makes him a bit of a headache. However, his talent makes up for it, even when considering his contract. He's a top-five NFL quarterback, so several teams will be interested in trading for him.

Here are some teams that could trade for Watson:

New York Jets: Charlie Campbell posted a video on the Texans trading Deshaun Watson, and he opined that the Jets were the favorites to land Watson. I would agree with that assessment. The Jets have two first-round picks this year, and they have the third-most cap space in the NFL, so they can handle Watson's contract.

Miami Dolphins: Charlie also mentioned the Dolphins as a top option, and I would concur with that as well. Like the Jets, Miami has two first-round picks. It also has plenty of cap space, though not as much as the Jets (eighth-most in the NFL.) Also, like the Jets, the Dolphins have a young quarterback they can throw in as part of the package, and Tua Tagovailoa comes with far less baggage than Sam Darnold.

Detroit Lions: If the Texans are set on trading Watson out of the conference, the Lions would make the most sense. They have just $3 million in cap space, but that would change if Matthew Stafford is unloaded. The Lions have a top-10 pick, so they could trade that, their 2022 first-rounder, Stafford, some other picks, and even Jeff Okudah, as Charlie speculated.

Washington Redskins: The Redskins are in desperate need of a quarterback, and Daniel Snyder is never afraid to make a big splash. The Redskins also have the fifth-most cap space in the NFL. The problem is that they have just one first-round pick and no young quarterback to trade. In that case, perhaps they'd include Montez Sweat as part of the package.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers have been rumored as a trade partner for Watson. They don't have much cap space, but they'd clear some of it by trading Teddy Bridgewater in addition to multiple first-round picks and a young defensive player, whether it's Derrick Brown or Brian Burns.

New England Patriots: The Patriots are the third AFC East team that could trade for Watson. They have a huge need at quarterback, and they have the fourth-most cap space in the NFL. The problem is that they don't have much to trade. They have just one first-round pick and no young quarterback of note.

Other: The Bears and Steelers have been discussed as potential trade partners, but they're deep in the red as far as cap space is concerned, so it would be difficult for them to construct a trade for Watson.

Comment on the other free agent and trade possibilities below.

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