2024 NBA Free Agents: Top 50

Paul George

Updated: May 18, 2024.

2024 NBA Free Agents: The top-50 NBA free agents for 2024.

** There are no team options here, as we won’t know what choice the teams will make and most won’t become free agents.

Paul George, SF, Clippers, UFA, 33

George can sign a five-season deal around $300 million, but it looks like the Clippers aren’t interested in that, which they shouldn’t be. At his age that would be an albatross of a deal, but there are a number of teams that would pay him.

Tyrese Maxey, PG, 76ers, RFA, 23

Most wouldn’t have Maxey ranked No. 2, but he’s a 23-year-old All-Star who is only signing his second deal, making it a bargain. I’d take him over the rest considering these factors. The 76ers will be giving him a max.

LeBron James, SF, Lakers, PO, 39

LeBron James is obviously the big name of free agency, but it’s pretty likely he will sign with the Lakers for another short-max contract.

Pascal Siakam, PF, Pacers, UFA, 30

Siakam went from the star of Canada’s team to one of two stars on an impressive Pacers team. Indiana made the trade assuming the All-Star forward would re-sign, and that still seems most likely.

OG Anunoby, SG, Knicks, PO, 26

Since trading for Anunoby, the Knicks have been a stronger team. He is an elite defender, a strong scorer and a versatile piece, and the Knicks are a superior team for having him. He will likely be kept for a lot of money.

James Harden, PG, Clippers, UFA, 34

James Harden was the No. 1-ranked free agent on WalterFootball.com last offseason, but this is a stronger class. He may be 34, but if re-signed will age well with the Clippers.

DeMar DeRozan, SF, Bulls, UFA, 34

DeRozan is 34, but his game has aged perfectly and he should have several All-Star seasons to give. The management in Chicago adores him, and he is very likely signing a huge deal to basically retire with the organization.

Nic Claxton, C, Nets, UFA, 25

Claxton is still just 26 years old, is a double-double machine and a solid rim protector. He is a legit stud NBA five, the only one in free agency, and because of that he could be given more than the Nets are willing to.

D’Angelo Russell, PG, Lakers, UFA, 28

Russell is one of the least consistent players in the NBA; half the time, he looks like an All-Star, but for the rest of the time, he looks like a sixth man. At this point, can the Lakers afford to lose him?

Buddy Hield, SG, 76ers, UFA, 30

Buddy Hield isn’t a star, but one of strongest role players in the league. He’s an elite shooter, can be a 20-point scorer and is a plus starter. Philadelphia needs to sign him.

Tobias Harris, PF, 76ers, UFA, 31

With Joel Embiid hurt for half the season, Harris needed to play a bigger role for the 76ers, and he performed, mostly. He’s still a No. 3 guy on a team and will be paid as such, meaning he is leaving town.

Malik Monk, PG, Kings, UFA, 26

Monk is the third scorer for the Kings and the NBA’s current No. 1 sixth-man scorer. They can’t afford to lose him but it will be costly. He may want to be a starter somewhere and could make more money with another squad, but the fit in Sacramento is brilliant.

Miles Bridges, PF, Hornets, UFA, 26

Bridges is a question mark off the court, but he’s an athletic freak who scores 20 points a game and rebounds well. He will get a fairly large contract from the Hornets.

Immanuel Quickley, PG, Raptors, RFA, 24

The former Knicks sixth man and current starter for the Raptors, Quickley looks to be a key part of the foundation in Toronto. As he’s restricted, there’s little chance the Raptors will lose him.

Tyus Jones, PG, Wizards, UFA, 27

Tyus Jones is a really talented game-manager. He’s a solid starter and the kind of guy you want on your team. Washington really likes him and will probably overpay to keep him, which is smart.

Klay Thompson, SG, Warriors, UFA, 34

Thompson is no longer a star; he’s a role player. He’s an excellent role player, as he’s still an ace offensive player, but again, no star. It’s difficult to see him leaving the Warriors.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, Nuggets, PO, 31

The fifth starter in Denver’s elite starting five, Caldwell-Pope is a marksmen who is an important piece the club cannot afford to lose. He could make a lot of money if he walks.

Kelly Oubre, SF, Sixers, UFA, 28

With Tobias Harris probably leaving, Philadelphia simply can’t afford to lose another starting forward. Oubre, meanwhile, will cost much less than Harris.

Gordon Hayward, SF, Thunder, UFA, 34

Hayward is not an All-Star now that he is in his 30s and has dealt with a number of injuries. He still brings strong shooting, scoring and playmaking talent though.

Patrick Williams, PF, Bulls, RFA, 22

Williams is an excellent defender and a really talented shooter who is just 22. He still has a lot of potential to become an elite three-and-D guy. Williams won’t be a star, but he will get paid.

Royce O’Neale, SF, Suns, UFA, 30

O’Neale is a big part of the Suns and one of the few plus role players on the team, so they will likely keep him. The 6-foot-6 forward is a big-time shooter and a strong playmaker for a reserve.

Derrick Jones, SF, Mavericks, UFA, 28

Jones is an athletic combo forward who was an excellent signing by Dallas, which should keep him.

Taurean Prince, SF, Lakers, UFA, 30

Prince is a a former scorer, but is now firmly a shooting specialist – one of the brightest in the league – and will get paid.

Isaac Okoro, SF, Cavaliers, RFA, 23

In his contract year, Okoro looked a bit like the lottery pick he very recently was. He had a very nice season off Cleveland’s bench and is just 23 years old.

Isaiah Hartenstein, C, Knicks, UFA, 25

Injuries made Harteinstein a starter, and he’s had an excellent season for the Knicks, earning the starting spot. He should still be the third big man on the Knicks, but he fits very well where he is and should get paid well.

Malik Beasley, SG, Bucks, UFA, 27

Beasley is a big piece for the Bucks as an ace shooter. He has fit perfectly since signing his small contract and has earned a huge raise.

Saddiq Bey, SF, Hawks, RFA, 25

Bey is a scoring combo forward who is restricted, and it’s not likely he’s impressed some other team to the point that they would be willing to give more than his value to sign. He’s likely staying.

Obi Toppin, PF, Pacers, RFA, 26

Toppin is an elite-level athlete who was overshadowed by Julius Randle with the Knicks and then proved he should he should be a third big man with the Pacers. If Toppin can be kept cheaply, at say less than $16 million a season, he should be.

Luke Kennard, SG, Grizzlies, UFA, 27

Kennard has been first in the NBA in shooting twice in three seasons. Simply as a shooting specialist, he’s No. 1 in the league.

Precious Achuiwa, C, Knicks, UFA, 24

Achuiwa works hard, as a small big man, and could be the fourth big on an elite team and a solid third on most. It’s hard to see the Knicks paying two reserve centers when they have Jericho Sims.

Markelle Fultz, PG, Magic, UFA, 25

After his best season as a pro in 2022-23, Fultz took a step backward this season. He barely played in more than half of available games, and his shooting was abysmal, which really held back Orlando’s offense. Fultz is someone to root for, but justifying bringing him back for a role beyond the third or even fourth guard is not an easy case to make.

Gary Trent, SG, Raptors, UFA, 25

Just 25 years old, Trent is a proven shooting and scoring sixth man, who could start for a number of teams. He could be the No. 4 scorer on a strong playoff team.

Jonas Valanciunas, C, Pelicans, UFA, 31

Valanciunas fits well with New Orleans, which would be foolish to let him walk because he’s still in his prime. He could be getting at least $16 million on the market, but will the Pelicans pay?

Eric Gordon, SG, Suns, UFA, 35

The aging sixth man has been a very talented shooter and scorer for 15 seasons, and it’s hard to see that ability stopping for him. The Suns should keep him.

Doug McDermott, SF, Pacers, UFA, 32

McDermott has been a shooting specialist for a long while and is still excellent in that regard and has plus size. He is a nice fit with the Pacers.

Naji Marshall, SF, Pelicans, UFA, 26

Marshall is one of many excellent role players in New Orleans. As he is a restricted free agent, he likely will stay.

Russell Westbrook, PG, Clippers, UFA, 34

Westbrook is currently the No. 1 non-Malik Monk sixth man at guard, but he’s aging quickly. Westbrook should still have a few more seasons as an elite reserve and would be smart to stay with the Clippers, although he has said he may leave.

Andre Drummond, C, Bulls, UFA, 30

Drummond could start on half the teams in the NBA, but has been an excellent reserve for the Bulls. He’s still in his prime and the No. 1 rebounder in the league.

Simone Fonntechio, SF, Pistons, RFA, 28

The Pistons traded assets for the former Jazz forward, and as he’s restricted, he is very likely to stay in Michigan. His shooting and scoring numbers have been quite impressive with Detroit.

De’Anthony Melton, SG, 76ers, UFA, 25

Melton is an elite role player. He is a three-and-D guard who has the versatility to be a point guard or shooting guard. He’s quietly a very big piece for Philadelphia.

Caleb Martin, PF, Heat, UFA, 28

Martin has been a versatile piece for the Heat for a few seasons, whether starting or in a bench position. He fits the Heat “culture” to a “T,” and as a combo forward, he is able to provide shooting and scoring.

Monte Morris, PG, Timberwolves, UFA, 28

Morris is one of the stronger reserve point guards in the NBA. He can run an offense very well and is plus shooter. He has played well for the Timberwolves.

Gary Payton, SG, Warriors, PO, 31

Payton has injury concerns, but he’s a gritty guard who can shoot and can guard ones or twos. He may actually play on his option.

Lonnie Walker, SG, Nets, UFA, 25

Walker is one of the NBA’s elite shooters. Still just 25, he will find a lot of suitors.

Jalen Smith, PF, Pacers, RFA, 24

A smallish five, Smith has not performed as the lottery pick he was, but he’s an excellent shooting big who rebounds very well and can protect the rim.

Cedi Osman, SG, Spurs, UFA, 29

Osman is one of those role players who simply helps his team. He’s not a star, but he’s crafty and a plus shooter.

Haywood Highsmith, PF, Heat, RFA, 27

The Heat forward is one of the role players who has fit the identity of the Heat. Additionally, thanks to being a restricted free agent, he is probably not leaving the team.

Dario Saric, PF, Warriors, UFA, 30

Saric is tall and a talented shooter and scorer in a reserve role. He has some playmaking ability too. Saric fits Golden State quite well.

Kevin Love, PF, Heat, PO, 34

Love could retire, play on his option, or become a free agent. He’s no superstar at his age, but is still a talented rebounder, scorer and shooter and a valuable bench piece.

Kyle Anderson, SF, Timberwolves, UFA, 30

“Slo-Mo” Anderson has a lot of offensive ability. He’s a very talented playmaker for a forward, and although he’s not much of a scorer, he’s efficient.

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