2024 NBA Free Agents: Point Guards

Tyrese Maxey

Updated: May 18, 2024.

2024 NBA Free Agents: The top-20 NBA free agent point guards for 2024.

** There are no team options here, as we won’t know what choice the teams will make and most won’t become free agents.

Tyrese Maxey, 76ers, RFA, 23

Maxey is the No. 1 free agent point guard this offseason because he is just 23, fresh off his first All-Star Game, won the MIP and is already a 26-4-6 point guard.

James Harden, Clippers, UFA, 34

Switching positions has probably given Harden another two-plus seasons of strong play. There’s very little chance he leaves LA though.

D’Angelo Russell, Lakers, UFA, 28

Russell is a combo guard, and although he isn’t a true point guard and is somewhat inconsistent, when he’s on, he can score 30 points.

Malik Monk, Kings, UFA, 26

The sixth-man winner should remain as a sixth man because it fits his talents, but it also lessens the pay. He could start for a number of teams, but the Kings are aware of his value and fit, and they should pay for it.

Immanuel Quickley, Raptors, RFA, 24

The 24-year-old former combo guard has been a starter with the Raptors and has shown 20-point talent. However, he has a lot of growth needed as a point guard.

Tyus Jones, Wizards, UFA, 27

Jones isn’t a big name, but he’s a quality true starting point guard who is the type of veteran piece a rebuilding franchise needs. Washington should keep him.

Markelle Fultz, Magic, UFA, 25

After his best season as a pro in 2022-23, Fultz took a step backward this season. He barely played in more than half of available games, and his shooting was abysmal, which really held back Orlando’s offense. Fultz is someone to root for, but justifying bringing him back for a role beyond the third or even fourth guard is not an easy case to make.

Russell Westbrook, Clippers, PO, 34

Westbrook is aging, but he’s still an ace off the bench; the Clippers need to keep him.

Monte Morris, Timberwolves, UFA, 28

Morris is a rock-solid reserve point guard who can start if needed. He’s a talented shooter and playmaker who will be sought after.

Cameron Payne, 76ers, UFA, 28

Payne provides instant offense that can give you 10 points in 15 minutes, or he can run the team if needed.

Spencer Dinwiddie, Lakers, UFA, 31

Recently, Dinwiddie was a plus starting point guard, but he played poorly this season. Dinwiddie will probably sign a 1-year “prove it” contract.

Patrick Beverly, Bucks, UFA, 35

Beverly is an excellent defender with attitude who is excellent for the locker room.

Reggie Jackson, Nuggets, PO, 34

Jackson is the No. 1 reserve on the Nuggets, and they need to keep him. Whether playing on his player option or playing on a different contract, he should be staying in Denver.

Dennis Smith, Nets, UFA, 26

Smith was once a prized prospect due to his incredible athleticism and scoring talent, but he’s been a strong defender and playmaker for the Nets and is a solid reserve point guard.

Kris Dunn, Jazz, UFA, 30

Dunn is an ace defender who was a solid shooter and capable playmaker for the Jazz. He’s found his NBA niche.

Aaron Holiday, Rockets, UFA, 27

Holiday had a very nice season off the bench as a shooter. He may just be a specialist, but he’s an ace shooter.

Malachi Flynn, Pistons, RFA, 25

Flynn had a late-season 50-point game. Most lack the ability to score like that, and that says more about his potential than four seasons as a third point guard.

Kyle Lowry, 76ers, UFA, 38

Lowry’s no longer a starter at his age, but he’s still a solid reserve point who can hit a three and run the offense.

Isaiah Thomas, Suns, UFA, 35

Former All-Star Isaiah Thomas is in the NBA again, but will he be given a contract in free agency? He’s a 5-foot-8 scoring guard, which there is not much of a market for.

Patty Mills, Hawks, UFA, 35

Mills could retire because he has not been very relevant for awhile, but he still can provide bench points and a strong locker room teammate.

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