2024 NBA Free Agents: Centers

Updated: May 18, 2024.

2024 NBA Free Agents: The top-20 NBA free agent centers for 2024.

** There are no team options here, as we won’t know what choice the teams will make and most won’t become free agents.

, Nets, UFA, 26

Claxton is by a lot, the No. 1 free agent center this offseason. Not many double-double, athletic, shot-blockers hit the market at his age, so some team will pay a lot of money. There’s a lot of talk that he will leave Brooklyn.

Isaiah Hartenstein, Knicks, UFA, 25

Hartenstein went from a mostly unknown role player, to the Knicks’ starting five. He’s gritty, hustles and plays hard, which all translates to winning ball. Hartenstein can shoot somewhat, can protect the rim, plus he’s an efficient scorer and an excellent rebounder. His value to the Knicks is huge, but they will have to pay to keep him.

Jonas Valanciunas, Pelicans, UFA, 31

Valanciunas has been an NBA-average starter for a long time. He’s massive, strong and gritty, plus has ability. Valanciunas can shoot somewhat, is a talented scorer and thrives as a rebounder.

Andre Drummond, Bulls, UFA, 30

Drummond can be a starting center and happens to be arguably the No. 1 rebounder in the league. He also plays bully ball and gets easy dunks.

Mason Plumlee, Clippers, UFA, 34

A long-time starter, Plumlee has been a solid reserve center for the Clippers, but was injured this season. He’s a former double-double guy and is still a strong reserve.

Bol Bol, Suns, UFA, 24

Bol is 7-foot-2 and long. He has played well for the Suns, making their rotation. He should re-sign because they have need of size.

James Wiseman, Pistons, RFA, 23

The No. 2 pick in his draft, Wiseman has been a huge, huge bust and was just the second center on the NBA’s weakest team. He has the size, talent, athleticism, scoring and rebounding ability to still become a quality starter. Additionally, Wiseman is still the age of some college seniors.

Tom Bryant, Heat, PO, 25

Bryant can get double-doubles given the minutes, and he can shoot a bit, but he’s not a defender.

Precious Achiuwa, Knicks, UFA, 24

Achiuwa is a small center who plays hard and can really stack boards. He’s a nice energy big man.

Xavier Tillman, Celtics, RFA, 26

Tillman lacked the center role on the Celtics assumed when they traded for him, but he can score, rebound and defend like a No. 2 five, although he’s quite short at 6-foot-7.

Jaxon Hayes, Lakers, PO, 23

Hayes is not the talent assumed when he was a recent lottery pick, but he’s a solid reserve five. He’s big, athletic and could be a double-double center if his minutes were doubled, but that’s not likely.

Luke Kornet, Celtics, UFA, 28

At 7-foot-1 and 250 pounds, Kornet is massive. He is also a strong rebounder and solid scorer. For some reason, he really fits in Boston.

Daniel Thies, Clippers, UFA, 32

Thies is a strong energy big man who simply hustles. He’s the type of center who could be on all 30 teams.

Mo Bamba, 76ers, UFA, 29

Bamba is about as solid as a No. 2 center can be. He’s huge, rebounds and defends.

Alex Len, Suns, UFA, 30

A formery lottery pick, Len uses his 7-foot size and huge body, but he has not played much in several seasons.

DeAndre Jordan, Nuggets, UFA, 33

Despite being the second center on the Nuggets, Jordan is still a strong rebounder and rim protector. It’s hard to not see that continue to be the case for awhile.

Javale McGee, Kings, UFA, 36

McGee got old, to the point where he barely plays, but can still be of service in a deep-reserve type of role.

Adam Sanago, Bulls, RFA, 22

The undrafted rookie big man really only got serious minutes once because of injury and had 20-20. There is so much potential with him.

Richaun Holmes, Wizards, UFA, 30

Awhile ago, Holmes had a huge run in Sacramento, but his scoring has tapered off. He’s still a strong rebounder and a capable shot-blocker.

Robin Lopez, Bucks, UFA, 37

Lopez was actually cut by the Bucks and isn’t technically in the NBA, but he’s a strong veteran and if he wants a 17th season, he will likely get one.

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