2012 MLB Mock Draft

Last update: Monday, May 28, 2012.
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  1. Gavin Cecchini, SS, High School
    There is a lot of debate over Cecchini’s draft status. Some feel the 6-foot-1, 180-pounder should go in the top 10, but others like him in the back half of the first round. However, he is a good hitter for average and his ability to hit for contact makes him safer than many high school players.

    Shortstop is the only real need position for Washington. The Nationals have one of the best farm systems in baseball.

  2. Addison Russell, SS/3B, High School
    Russell (6-1, 210) looks like a player for the left side of the infield in the minors. He has a good bat and some feel he may be better off at third base.

    Toronto has been very aggressive in the draft and doesn’t shy away from a boom-or-bust pick. The team could use help at third and second base, so Russell could fill one of those voids with an easy position change.

  3. Courtney Hawkins, OF, High School
    Hawkins is a power hitter who will have to learn to hit breaking pitches. The 6-foot-3, 210-pounder could form a massive duo with Matt Kemp. The Dodgers don’t have much talent in their farm system and could also consider a first baseman, shortstop or catcher.

  4. Tyler Naquin, OF, Texas A&M
    The Aggies standout is a good fit for St. Louis. The team needs talent in the outfield for its minors. Naquin (6-2,175) has a cannon of an arm and is improving his hitting. He is turning into a solid, well-rounded prospect.

    The Cardinals’ farm system could use help in the outfield. Plus, Naquin is a big upside prospect and St. Louis has had success with these type of prospects over the years.

  5. Hunter Virant, LHP, High School
    The Giants might be wise to start grooming some talented young pitching behind their dynamic starters. Virant (6-3, 172) has the size that scouts love. He still needs significant developmental time, but the Giants’ farm system can afford him that. They’ve had success in developing these type of prospects.

    Pick change; previously Andrew Heaney, LHP

  6. Andrew Heaney, LHP, Oklahoma State
    Atlanta has a solid farm system. The team could reach for an outfielder to fill a bigger need, but would get better value by selecting Heaney and fortifying its pitching depth. He is a talented left-hander with a strong arm and developed off-speed stuff.

    Pick change; previously Hunter Virant, LHP

  7. Zach Eflin, RHP, High School
    Another aggressive pick from the Blue Jays. Eflin (6-5, 200) has big-time stuff with size and a good delivery. Toronto could also consider moving Eflin to the closers role to help get him to the majors faster.

  8. Brian Johnson, LHP, Florida
    St. Louis goes with an arm to balance out its first-round picks with a pitcher and position player. The Gators southpaw projects as a safe pick. Johnson (6-3, 235) has good size, but his off-speed stuff is truly special. He has some Mark Buehrle-style to him and could make a quick ascension through the minors to the big leagues.

  9. Nolan Fontana, SS, Florida
    The Red Sox need help at shortstop in their farm system. Fontana (5-11, 190) is an athletic line-drive hitter. He also has a patient approach at the plate. Fontana could remind Boston of the good old days of Nomar.

  10. Stryker Trahan, C, High School
    The Rays are great at development, so they can take a catcher like Trahan and straighten him out. He was a force last year, but has slid down some. Trahan (6-1, 215) has big upside, and Tampa Bay has had success with similar prospects. His defense is questioned by scouts, but he has the arm for catcher.

    The Rays can work with Trahan to turn him into a better receiver. Finding some backstop help is the only weakness in Tampa Bay’s loaded farm system.

  11. Joey Gallo, 3B/P, High School
    Arizona goes with a nice bat to develop. Gallo (6-5, 220) is a power hitter and has the frame to be a big-time run producer. He needs some seasoning in the minors, and could be moved to pitcher if he doesn’t take to hitting. Gallo has a cannon for an arm.

    Pick change; previously Carson Kelly, 3B

  12. Wyatt Mathisen, SS/C, High School
    Mathisen (6-2, 215) is an interesting prospect who can play multiple positions. Milwaukee will have to decide where he should be in the long term, but catcher may be the best spot. The Brewers have a need there as well as at shortstop, so Mathisen makes a lot of sense for them.

  13. Lucas Sims, RHP, High School
    The Brewers take a pitcher to pair with a position player in the first round. Sims (6-2, 195) has the potential to increase his velocity. He has a nice delivery and could be a good arm for the Brew Crew to develop.

  14. Chris Stratton, RHP, Mississippi State
    Stratton has four quality pitches and looks like a safe pick. There are reports that Texas is targeting a haul of pitchers in the 2012 draft. Stratton would be a good start. He’s having an outstanding season for Mississippi State and he allegedly is looking to sign with his pro team rather than returning to college.

  15. Walker Weickel, RHP, High School
    The Yankees could use some talented youth in the infield of their farm system, especially at first base, but Weickel is the best talent available. The 6-foot-6, 205-[punder has slid down some after a rough Spring, but he has a powerful arm to go along with his big size.

    There is a chance that Weickel decides to go to college at Miami and wait until the 2015 draft, but the Yankees have the money to change his mind.

  16. Carson Kelly, 3B, High School
    Kelly has had a strong Spring that has vaulted his stock into the first round. He has a live bat with a solid glove. Of course, Kelly could move across to diamond to first base if that would help him get to the big leagues sooner.

    Pick change; previously Joey Gallo, 3B/P

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