2017 Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 1

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  1. Tom Brady, QB, Patriots
    Brady lost Edelman, but he still has one of the best offenses he’s had since his record-breaking 2007. When hitting on all cylinders, this Patriots team should be able to pick apart any defense, and Kansas City isn’t an exception.

  2. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers
    Rodgers gets to play at home, which is always good, and he’s also played well against the Seahawks of late, with his best-rated game of 2016 coming against them last season. At full strength, this offense is no doubt top-3 in the league.

  3. Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons
    Ryan will have trouble putting up the huge numbers of last season, but he still has that upside from game to game, especially in easy matchups like the Bears.

  4. Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks
    Wilson’s numbers against Green Bay look bad due to his five interception game last season in Green Bay, but his previous three games against the Packers show a different, more efficient quarterback. I expect a make-up game for Wilson this year.

  5. Kirk Cousins, QB, Redskins
    Cousins has enough weapons and an offense that will throw the ball enough to give him plenty of opportunities against a weak Philadelphia secondary.

  6. Drew Brees, QB, Saints
    The loss of Willie Snead and a road game aren’t great for the Saints, but this is Drew Brees, whose down numbers are better than your average signal-caller.

  7. Le’Veon Bell, RB, Steelers
    Bell or Johnson are both strong contenders for the top spot this week, but I expect Bell to see plenty of work in a game the Steelers should lead throughout.

  8. David Johnson, RB, Cardinals
    Johnson gets work no matter game flow, so he will get his in Detroit, but if Detorit tries to slow the game down, it could hurt his upside slightly.

  9. Marcus Mariota, QB, Titans
    Oakland is hurting in its secondary, and Mariota has a bunch of offensive additions who should help him move the ball even easier than last season. Mariota had 10 games with multiple touchdown passes in 2016 despite dealing with injuries. I like Mariota to get off to a fast start at home against a weak secondary.

  10. Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Steelers
    Roethlisberger’s road woes are a real thing, but Cleveland is still a not good team. He also gets Martavis Bryant back, which will help this offense tremendously.

  11. Antonio Brown, WR, Steelers
    Brown has averaged 8.6 receptions for 127.2 yards and .8 touchdowns in his last five games against the Browns. He’s decent.

  12. Carson Palmer, QB, Cardinals
    The worries against the Lions is that they’ll slow the game down and Palmer will need to be super efficient to have a big game. I think I’ll take that risk though.

  13. Derek Carr, QB, Raiders
    Carr plays well against bottom-half pass defenses, and this game has the highest over/under of the weekend. I’m on board.

  14. Cam Newton, QB, Panthers
    Newton was brought along slowly this summer, and we could see the offense run through Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffrey this week in an extremely winnable game against the 49ers. Newton will likely not be asked to be the goal-line back this week either.

  15. Sam Bradford, QB, Vikings
    Bradford gets a great matchup and will likely need to push the ball to compete with the Saints’ high-powered offense. All things are set up for him to be able to reach his ceiling.

  16. Eli Manning, QB, Giants
    Manning has great weapons and the Cowboys are weak on defense, so there is upside here, but Manning’s upside is much lower than it used to be.

  17. Carson Wentz, QB, Eagles
    Wentz has plenty of good receivers to throw to and not many good running backs to hand off to. He’ll have his ups and downs, but his upside is high in this offense.

  18. Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions
    Stafford hasn’t fared well against tough pass defenses, which Arizona happens to be. The game being at home in the dome does help some, but he’ll need his receivers to help him out and find the end zone.

  19. Andy Dalton, QB, Bengals
    Dalton hasn’t fared well in the past against the Ravens, but does have all his offensive weapons at his disposal.

  20. Dak Prescott, QB, Cowboys
    The Giants are a formidable defense and were tough on these Cowboys last season. I don’t expect big numbers.

  21. Julio Jones, WR, Falcons
    If the team actually gets Jones more red-zone looks as promised, he could truly blow up this season. And the fact that this is Week 1 means that he’s about as healthy as he’s going to be all season.

  22. LeSean McCoy, RB, Bills
    Shady should be the focal point in this offense until he’s hurt or falls asleep on the field. The Jets gave up Sheldon Richardson, which will hurt their run defense, and they will have trouble scoring, which should give the Bills plenty of opportunity to give it to McCoy.

  23. Tyrod Taylor, QB, Bills
    Taylor doesn’t have the upside he had coming into this season, but he’s still a good player in a top matchup.

  24. Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers

  25. Brian Hoyer, QB, 49ers

  26. Todd Gurley, RB, Rams
    The Rams’ offense has to be better under McVay, and they get a great matchup to start the season.

  27. Alex Smith, QB, Chiefs

  28. Jared Goff, QB, Rams

  29. A.J. Green, WR, Bengals
    This game could be ugly, as these division games can be tough for offense, but Green gets his when healthy, and that should happen once again.

  30. Dalvin Cook, RB, Vikings
    The Saints are a perfect opponent for Cook, as they gave up the second-most rushing touchdowns in the league and the third-most fantasy points to running backs last season. Cook should be set up as the three-down back and could have a field day at home against the Saints.

  31. Trevor Siemian, QB, Broncos

  32. DeMarco Murray, RB, Titans
    I think we’ll see Derrick Henry start to cut into Murray’s workload as the season goes along, but Week 1 should be solidly in Murray’s camp, plus he gets a nice matchup against Oakland, which has seen turnover in its interior line this year.

  33. Odell Beckham Jr., WR, Giants
    Beckham Jr. is always a must-start if he plays, but it would be good to see a full practice out of him on Friday.

  34. Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens

  35. Mike Glennon, QB, Bears

  36. Blake Bortles, QB, Jaguars

  37. Brandin Cooks, WR, Patriots
    We aren’t going to feel good about projecting the Patriots out of the gate, but there is no doubt that Cooks is a top receiver in a top offense. He’ll need to be ignored by Brady to have a poor game in this offense, so until we see something like that, I’ll be keeping him high in the rankings.

  38. Melvin Gordon, RB, Chargers
    The Broncos’ “weakness” is against the run, and the Chargers defense isn’t worthless, so I expect this to be a close game with Gordon getting enough work to be a top contributor.

  39. Doug Baldwin, WR, Seahawks
    Baldwin should be the main target in this game for Wilson, and with Tyler Lockett not 100 percent, I expect that is carved in stone.

  40. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals
    Fitzgerald always seems to start hot, and this is a good spot for him to do so once again. Add in the fact that John Brown might not be 100 percent, and Fitzgerald should see double-digit targets.

  41. Jordan Howard, RB, Bears
    It will be interesting to see how much work Tarik Cohen gets if the Bears have to go into pass mode to try to keep up with Atlanta, but Howard will be used in the passing game as well and should be the focal point of this offense, especially when it’s reasonably close.

  42. Rob Gronkowski, TE, Patriots
    Gronkowski will always be the No. 1 tight end when healthy, but I could see Eric Berry slowing him down some. If the Patriots want to force the issue, they could likely give Gronk a big game, but Cooks and Hogan are nice options for Brady and will likely have easier coverage to exploit.

  43. Stefon Diggs, WR, Vikings
    Diggs will line up outside this season and in matchups like this, could put up huge numbers.

  44. Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Cowboys
    Elliott didn’t have much luck against the Giants’ tough defense last season, but he’s still Elliott and will likely be running with a chip on his shoulder.

  45. Jordy Nelson, WR, Packers
    Nelson will see a lot of Richard Sherman, but will also be moved around enough to be a strong candidate for a touchdown reception.

  46. Devonta Freeman, RB, Falcons
    The game flow should favor the Falcons’ run game, which of course is a good spot for Freeman. We’ll have to see if there’s been much change in roles between himself and Tevin Coleman, but for now I feel safe in having Freeman as a top-10 back.

  47. DeShone Kizer, QB, Browns

  48. Isaiah Crowell, RB, Browns
    If we knew the Browns could hang with the Steelers at home, Crowell would be a strong start, but as it is he has some risk due to game flow killing his rushing attempts. He’s good enough to be useful even in bad game flow if Hue Jackson uses him like he wants to.

  49. Leonard Fournette, RB, Jaguars
    Going to Houston as an underdog might not be the best set up for Fournette’s debut, but we do know the Jaguars will use him as much as they possibly can.

  50. Amari Cooper, WR, Raiders
    Cooper should take a step forward this season, but until we see it, I’m going to keep him and Michael Crabtree relatively close in the rankings. This matchup should be a good one for both of Oakland’s receivers, but they do have trouble both putting up good fantasy numbers together.

  51. Terrelle Pryor, WR, Redskins
    Pryor gets the best matchup of all of Washington’s receivers. He’s a bit of a wild card, as we didn’t see him do much in preseason, but this is a great spot for him to start off hot.

  52. Dez Bryant, WR, Cowboys
    Bryant is always a touchdown threat, but with Ezekiel Elliott playing and the Giants’ pass defense being one of the best in the league, we have to be wary. Last season, Bryant was shut down by this Giants team, but I’m still not willing to knock him too far down.

  53. C.J. Anderson, RB, Broncos
    Anderson will again get his shot to be the lead back, and that’s enough to give him the start, especially in a favored home game.

  54. Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Panthers
    Benjamin torched the 49ers last season in a down year and has looked good this summer.

  55. Josh McCown, QB, Jets
    The Jets have no offensive weapons other than Bilal Powell.

  56. Michael Crabtree, WR, Raiders

  57. Michael Thomas, WR, Saints
    The Vikings’ pass defense is tough, and Thomas should see a lot of Xavier Rhodes. Thomas is a must-start, of course, but his ceiling is capped.

  58. Marshawn Lynch, RB, Raiders
    Lynch is going to score touchdowns, and this game seems like a good place to start. Unfortunately, he’s not going to catch a ton of passes and play every snap, so we need to temper expectations.

  59. Kareem Hunt, RB, Chiefs
    Hunt will be the lead back and should see enough work to be a solid start, but the Patriots are tough to run on, which is boosted by game flow, as they get out to leads and push opponents to throw the ball.

  60. Sammy Watkins, WR, Rams
    Goff did look better this preseason, and the Colts are a bad defense, so this is the week Watkins should get close to his upside.

  61. Danny Woodhead, RB, Ravens
    Woodhead will likely be heavily targeted as the Bengals’ defensive backs should be able to contain Wallace and Maclin. A touchdown would be icing on the cake, but the cake should be filled with receptions at the very least.

  62. Tom Savage, QB, Texans

  63. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Texans

  64. Lamar Miller, RB, Texans
    Miller could be better off with Tom Savage at quarterback, but it’s not a big enough upgrade to cause me to feel good about him in a tough matchup. Miller should get enough work to be a RB2, but has a floor that I don’t love.

  65. Delanie Walker, TE, Titans
    Walker may be getting up there in age, but he gets a great matchup against Oakland’s poor tight end defense in a game with the highest over/under of the weekend.

  66. Demaryius Thomas, WR, Broncos

  67. Bilal Powell, RB, Jets
    I’d feel better about this if Matt Forte wasn’t practicing in full, but Powell is the best player the Jets have on offense, and he should be used both as a runner and receiver throughout the game.

  68. Allen Robinson, WR, Jaguars

  69. Brandon Marshall, WR, Giants
    If OBJ isn’t 100 percent, Marshall could be the de facto No. 1 receiver and push his upside up to top-10 proportions.

  70. Golden Tate, WR, Lions
    Tate might have trouble picking up big yardage and touchdowns, but he should be the Lions’ best chance at keeping the chains moving.

  71. Martavis Bryant, WR, Steelers

  72. Tyreek Hill, WR, Chiefs
    Belichick will likely do his best to take Hill out of this game. Hill’s ability to take any touch to the house makes him a high-risk/upside start, and I would have a hard time sitting him unless you are absolutely stacked at wide receiver.

  73. Ty Montgomery, RB, Packers
    This is not a good matchup, but Montgomery can do work in both the rushing and receiving game, and has enough ability to be a must start when healthy.

  74. Greg Olsen, TE, Panthers
    The 49ers don’t have the personnel to stop many offenses, and Olsen is still the most trusted receiver on the team.

  75. Alshon Jeffery, WR, Eagles
    Jeffery will match up with Josh Norman in this game, which isn’t an impossible task, but not the easiest either.

  76. Christian McCaffrey, RB, Panthers
    McCaffrey will have to score from distance if he wants a touchdown, but that is absolutely in the cards with his ability.

  77. Mark Ingram, RB, Saints
    The breakdown in touches between Ingram and Peterson is unknown, but Ingram is the younger player and is also a better receiver. Ingram is the start over Peterson, as he will need those receptions against a tough run defense.

  78. Eric Decker, WR, Titans
    Decker is a touchdown machine.

  79. Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings

  80. Jonathan Stewart, RB, Panthers
    I doubt Cam Newton is asked to run the ball at the goal line this week against San Francisco’s poor defense, which should set Stewart up for a gimme touchdown.

  81. Carlos Hyde, RB, 49ers
    The Panthers shut Hyde down last season, and if they get a lead early, he will likely have trouble getting the touches he needs for good stats.

  82. Terrance West, RB, Ravens
    West will likely need a touchdown to be a strong play, but he should see enough work to be useful.

  83. Davante Adams, WR, Packers

  84. Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers
    Chris Harris should be able to keep Allen from doing much in this game. But as the No. 1 receiver, the targets should be there to give Allen a chance.

  85. Scott Tolzien, QB, Colts

  86. T.Y. Hilton, WR, Colts
    Hilton without Luck is not close to the Hilton you wanted when drafting him early this season. He’s still startable, but only because we know he’s the No. 1 target for Mr. Tolzein.

  87. Rex Burkhead, RB, Patriots
    Burkhead could see 10 touches or 20, but I do think he has shown enough to the coaching staff for him to be a big part of this offense to start the season.

  88. Emmanuel Sanders, WR, Broncos

  89. Theo Riddick, RB, Lions
    Riddick will be needed if the Lions are to move the ball against the Cardinals.

  90. James White, RB, Patriots
    White is the Patriots lead receiving back, which is probably the only defined role for Patriots running backs right now. I like him as a flex play this season, until he proves me wrong.

  91. Kyle Rudolph, TE, Vikings
    Rudolph is solid week in and week out, and has a good ceiling against the Saints’ pass defense.

  92. Jamison Crowder, WR, Redskins
    Crowder had trouble with the Eagles last season and will likely be bottled up inside, where the Eagles are better against the pass.

  93. Robert Kelley, RB, Redskins
    Kelley is the lead back and worth a flex play, but his upside is capped due to him not being that good.

  94. Kenny Britt, WR, Browns

  95. Pierre Garcon, WR, 49ers

  96. Eddie Lacy, RB, Seahawks
    Lacy hasn’t looked very good this preseason, but should get the start as Thomas Rawls is dealing with a high ankle sprain. If Lacy is completely uneffective, we could easily see C.J. Prosise and Chris Carson get work, so this situation isn’t the best for fantasy.

  97. Jordan Reed, TE, Redskins
    Reed is nearly unstoppable when clicking on all cylinders, but did have trouble against Philadelphia last season.

  98. Chris Hogan, WR, Patriots
    Hogan is likely to see the best uptick in work with Julian Edelman on the pine. Brady and Hogan were on the same page when they connected for two touchdowns in the third preseason game, and I expect that connection to keep going against Kansas City.

  99. Jeremy Hill, RB, Bengals
    Hill is the lead back right now and should get all goal-line carries, but this matchup is tough.

  100. Adrian Peterson, RB, Saints
    Peterson will need touchdowns to be worthwhile, and we know he’s scored those in the past, but this run defense in Minnesota isn’t going to roll over.

  101. Kendall Wright, WR, Bears
    Wright may not be in line for a huge day, but he should be in line for the target lead and a good number of receptions for PPR leagues.

  102. Ted Ginn, WR, Saints

  103. Tyler Eifert, TE, Bengals
    Eifert scores touchdowns when healthy, so the odds are in his favor to do just that.

  104. LeGarrette Blount, RB, Eagles
    Blount will need a goal-line touchdown to be useful, and that is in no way assured.

  105. Zay Jones, WR, Bills

  106. Robby Anderson, WR, Jets
    Anderson is the Jets’ best receiver and has big-play ability. I expect McCown to take his shots, and the Bills secondary isn’t on lock down.

  107. Ameer Abdullah, RB, Lions
    Abdullah won’t have much room against Arizona and Theo Riddick will likely take away targets. I prefer Riddick this week as long as he’s healthy.

  108. Cooper Kupp, WR, Rams
    If he’s healthy, Kupp makes for a decent start in a great matchup. Don’t expect good touchdown numbers, but he should be useful in PPR leagues.

  109. Zach Ertz, TE, Eagles
    Ertz should be a top target for Wentz with Jordan Matthews out of the picture. Add in Josh Norman on Alshon Jeffery, and Ertz could end up as the No. 1 target this week.

  110. Jeremy Maclin, WR, Ravens
    I like Maclin a lot this season, but the Bengals’ defense coupled with Joe Flacco just coming off a back injury, makes me want to hold off on any of Baltimore’s receivers this week.

  111. Tevin Coleman, RB, Falcons
    Coleman should remain a flex play in this top offense, but I do expect a regression in his touchdown numbers this season.

  112. John Brown, WR, Cardinals
    It would be nice to know where Brown is healthy wise before going all-in on him. Plus, he’ll likely face a lot of Darius Slay when he does play.

  113. Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs
    Kelce will likely be the leading fantasy point accumulater for Kansas City this week, but I don’t expect that he will go off.

  114. Randall Cobb, WR, Packers

  115. Darren Sproles, RB, Eagles
    Sproles is the lead back for Philly, which doesn’t mean much with a committee, but he should be the safest play of the backfield, especially in PPR leagues.

  116. Mike Gillislee, RB, Patriots
    Gillislee has a lot of competition for touches, but also should be the favorite for goal-line work. I’m likely going to do my best to wait on starting him until I see a more defined role.

  117. Tyrell Williams, WR, Chargers

  118. Rishard Matthews, WR, Titans

  119. Shane Vereen, RB, Giants
    I expect Vereen to be more useful as a receiver than Paul Perkins is as a runner in this game.

  120. Jimmy Graham, TE, Seahawks
    Graham was up and down last season and didn’t see the targets we’d like for fantasy, but it appears he is healthier now and could end up seeing more targets.

  121. Paul Perkins, RB, Giants

  122. Donte Moncrief, WR, Colts
    Moncrief gets a decent matchup here, but like the other Colts players, he needs Andrew Luck throwing him the ball instead of Scott Tolzein.

  123. Mike Wallace, WR, Ravens

  124. Jason Witten, TE, Cowboys
    Witten owns the Giants, especially on opening day.

  125. Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints

  126. Corey Coleman, WR, Browns

  127. Frank Gore, RB, Colts
    No Andrew Luck means no Frank Gore for me. Gore is at a point in his career where he must have a functioning offense to put up fantasy points.

  128. Jordan Matthews, WR, Bills

  129. Charles Clay, TE, Bills
    Clay’s knees are a problem, but Week 1 against the Jets’ weak secondary should be the best spot for him all season.

  130. Marvin Jones, WR, Lions

  131. Duke Johnson, RB, Browns
    I love Johnson’s upside this season, but this game could be ugly and we just don’t know how well Kizer will target him. In PPR leagues, you can risk him as a flex, but I’d like to see his role before going all in.

  132. Coby Fleener, TE, Saints
    The last time Willie Snead missed a game, Fleener went off, but this Minnesota defense is no slouch.

  133. Kevin White, WR, Bears
    White will need to show me his legs still work before I start him this season.

  134. Derrick Henry, RB, Titans

  135. Corey Davis, WR, Titans

  136. Sterling Shepard, WR, Giants

  137. Joe Mixon, RB, Bengals
    Mixon is likely the best back in Cincinnati, but he’s currently behind Hill and Bernard, and facing a strong Ravens run defense.

  138. Cole Beasley, WR, Cowboys

  139. Eric Ebron, TE, Lions

  140. Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks

  141. Matt Forte, RB, Jets

  142. Thomas Rawls, RB, Seahawks

  143. Taylor Gabriel, WR, Falcons

  144. Martellus Bennett, TE, Packers

  145. Marqise Lee, WR, Jaguars

  146. C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Texans

  147. Danny Amendola, WR, Patriots
    Amendola has an opening with Edelman out, but the Patriots plan on limiting his snaps, and at this point, he’s just not good enough compared to his competition.

  148. J.J. Nelson, WR, Cardinals

  149. Paul Richardson, WR, Seahawks

  150. Hunter Henry, TE, Chargers

  151. Jamaal Charles, RB, Broncos

  152. Breshad Perriman, WR, Ravens

  153. Josh Doctson, WR, Redskins

  154. C.J. Prosise, RB, Seahawks

  155. Devin Funchess, WR, Panthers

  156. Torrey Smith, WR, Eagles

  157. Giovani Bernard, RB, Bengals

  158. Zach Miller, TE, Bears
    Miller could be a top target for Mike Glennon as the Bears trail the Falcons.

  159. Allen Hurns, WR, Jaguars

  160. Mohamed Sanu, WR, Falcons

  161. Latavius Murray, RB, Vikings

  162. Chris Thompson, RB, Redskins

  163. Jack Doyle, TE, Colts
    Doyle gets a tough matchup with the Rams and also has Scott Tolzein throwing him the ball.

  164. Laquon Treadwell, WR, Vikings

  165. Chris Conley, WR, Chiefs

  166. Robert Woods, WR, Rams

  167. Jamaal Williams, RB, Packers

  168. Antonio Gates, TE, Chargers

  169. Dion Lewis, RB, Patriots

  170. Samaje Perine, RB, Redskins

  171. Terrance Williams, WR, Cowboys

  172. Austin Hooper, TE, Falcons
    Hooper has the ability, but we just don’t know what his target share will be in this offense that spreads the ball out.

  173. Tavon Austin, WR, Rams

  174. Malcolm Mitchell, WR, Patriots

  175. Jermaine Gresham, TE, Cardinals

  176. Wendell Smallwood, RB, Eagles

  177. Kenny Golladay, WR, Lions

  178. Evan Engram, TE, Giants

  179. Brandon Coleman, WR, Saints

  180. ArDarius Stewart, WR, Jets

  181. Eli Rogers, WR, Steelers

  182. DeAndre Washington, RB, Raiders

  183. Curtis Samuel, WR, Panthers

  184. Jared Cook, TE, Raiders

  185. Darren McFadden, RB, Cowboys

  186. Jesse James, TE, Steelers

  187. Aldrick Robinson, WR, 49ers

  188. Brandon LaFell, WR, Bengals

  189. Charcandrick West, RB, Chiefs

  190. Chris Ivory, RB, Jaguars

  191. Vance McDonald, TE, Steelers

  192. Robert Turbin, RB, Colts

  193. Alfred Blue, RB, Texans

  194. Dwayne Allen, TE, Patriots

  195. Phillip Dorsett, WR, Patriots

  196. Marlon Mack, RB, Colts

  197. Jerick McKinnon, RB, Vikings

  198. Kamar Aiken, WR, Colts

  199. Tyler Boyd, WR, Bengals

  200. George Kittle, TE, 49ers

  201. Vernon Davis, TE, Redskins

  202. Benjamin Watson, TE, Ravens

  203. Nelson Agholor, WR, Eagles

  204. Brian Quick, WR, Redskins

  205. Tarik Cohen, RB, Bears

  206. Seth DeValve, TE, Browns

  207. Tim Hightower, RB, FA

  208. D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texans

  209. Dede Westbrook, WR, Jaguars

  210. David Njoku, TE, Browns

  211. Tyler Higbee, TE, Rams

  212. Andre Holmes, WR, Bills

  213. Devontae Booker, RB, Broncos

  214. Travis Benjamin, WR, Chargers

  215. Marquise Goodwin, WR, 49ers

  216. Chris Carson, RB, Seahawks

  217. Jaelen Strong, WR, Texans

  218. Braxton Miller, WR, Texans

  219. Alfred Morris, RB, Cowboys

  220. Matt Breida, RB, 49ers

  221. Deonte Thompson, WR, Bears

  222. James Conner, RB, Steelers

  223. Albert Wilson, WR, Chiefs

  224. Seth Roberts, WR, Raiders

  225. Jalen Richard, RB, Raiders

  226. Jonathan Williams, RB, Broncos

  227. Orleans Darkwa, RB, Giants

  228. T.J. Yeldon, RB, Jaguars

  229. Kyle Juszczyk, RB, 49ers

  230. Ryan Mathews, RB, FA

  231. Branden Oliver, RB, Chargers

  232. Malcolm Brown, RB, Rams

  233. Wayne Gallman, RB, Giants

  234. Jeremy Langford, RB, Ravens

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