2017 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft

Aug. 24, 2017.

This is a 2017 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft I took part in with 11 friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter (@walterfootball. As usual, I’ll have analysis of my picks, as well as the best and worst selections every two rounds.

Just a heads up that we have 2017 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts every Wednesday afternoon or evening. Check out the forum or follow me on Twitter to find out when the next mock draft will be.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: I’ve been drafting toward the end or middle of mock drafts this summer, so I thought I’d switch things up and go with the second pick in this PPR mock. The No. 2 overall selection was an easy one. It was going to be either David Johnson or Le’Veon Bell.

My second pick was spent on Keenan Allen, whom I’m high on. Allen’s injury history is dubious, but he’s healthy now, and I love him in PPR leagues. I was hoping to land both Amari Cooper and Allen or Jordan Howard and Allen, or Todd Gurley and Allen. Alas, that did not happen.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: I’ll list Cooper, Howard and Gurley as the top picks, given that I wanted them to fall to me. However, the best choice was Odell Beckham Jr. at seventh overall. I can’t believe he fell that far because of a very minor injury.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: I wouldn’t take a quarterback in the first two rounds this year. Not even in standard formats, so doing so in a PPR league is worse. Running back and receiver are too thin to do that.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: I’m not a huge fan of Jay Ajayi this year; I have him in my Fantasy Football Busts list. However, that’s as an early second-round pick. I’m perfectly fine with him atop Round 3.

I had to go with a second receiver with my fourth pick when C.J. Anderson was snatched off the board. Fitzgerald has eclipsed 100 receptions each of the past two years, so that makes him a viable option in PPR.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: Definitely Anderson. He’s in terrific shape this year and should be chosen earlier. Joe Mixon seems like a very good pick as well.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: I wouldn’t take Terrelle Pryor in the third round, or even the fourth frame. He’s not even Kirk Cousins’ top receiver. That would be Jamison Crowder. I’d actually take Crowder over Pryor.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: I was tempted to take a third receiver, but I thought there would be a chance either Stefon Diggs or Jamison Crowder would fall to me at 6.11. I considered Bilal Powell to be a better fantasy player, and he can be my flex anyway.

Womp-womp. Both Diggs and Crowder were snatched off the board. Tyler Eifert was the top player remaining on my cheat sheet, so I went with him.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: I should obviously mention Diggs and Crowder. Two other sharp picks that stood out to me were Ameer Abdullah and Matt Ryan. Abdullah has a high ceiling if he can stay healthy, while Ryan is my second-rated fantasy quarterback, and I think he should go in the fifth round.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: I don’t like Brandon Marshall at all this year; both he and Eli Manning are regressing. I also wouldn’t have taken Emmanuel Sanders this early either, given Denver’s quarterback woes.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: I’ve yet to draft DeVante Parker this summer (I think), but he has grown on me. He seems to be Jay Cutler’s favorite weapon.

Rex Burkhead is a tricky fantasy player. He’ll be a big part of New England’s offense some weeks, but he’ll disappear others. Still, the upside is certainly there, and he’s projected to be the goal-line back.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: Thomas Rawls is the favorite to start for the Seahawks, so he provides terrific value in the eighth round. The same can be said of Derrick Henry and the Titans. I don’t think DeMarco Murray will remain healthy all year, and Henry will be a bigger part of the offense anyway. Also, I loved Russell Wilson there. I was going to take him if he dropped to me.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: I don’t like Jordan Matthews in the single-digit rounds. He’s not even Buffalo’s No. 1 receiver, and that passing offense is pretty lackluster regardless. I also hated Kenny Britt. He doesn’t look like he’s trying, and he’s catching passes from a rookie quarterback.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: I’ve yet to take a quarterback, but there were a bunch I considered, and I thought one of them would fall to me in the 10th round. Dak Prescott, Cam Newton, Jameis Winston, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck and Carson Wentz were all on my list.

Lo and behold, six of the eight dropped to me, so I went with Prescott, who was terrific in his preseason debut. That allowed me to take Cameron Meredith, the Bears’ No. 1 receiver.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: I have to list Newton and Winston as the top picks. I also liked Jamaal Williams and Jonathan Williams, two of the top players in my Fantasy Football Sleepers list.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: I don’t think there were any bad picks here, but if I had to choose one, it would be Eddie Lacy because there’s a decent chance he won’t make Seattle’s final roster. Still, if Lacy does make the team, he could conceivably start, though I don’t think he will.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: I had to go with back-to-back quarterbacks, and I couldn’t believe Andrew Luck slipped to me in the 11th round. Luck is injured, but he’ll be a QB1 once he returns to the field.

Alvin Kamara is a stud, and he could lead the Saints running backs in receptions and total yards this year. The latter is a long shot, but he’s definitely going to be the option on passing downs.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: Again, there’s some great value with the signal-callers in these two rounds – Roethlisberger, Rivers, Wentz, Stafford – which just shows that you can wait on the position this year. Meanwhile, Kenny Golladay and Cooper Kupp ere two Fantasy Football Sleepers I was considering in the 12th frame.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: The defenses, of course. Eli Manning is well. He’s a regressing player who provides no upside.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: I was planning on taking either Golladay or Kupp as a sleeper receiver. Both were snatched off the board, so I went with J.J. Nelson, who will likely be Arizona’s No. 2 receiver this year in the wake of John Brown’s injury concerns.

I’ve been taking Atlanta’s defense because of the matchup with the Bears in Week 1. As for my kicker, well, I continue to make a mockery of the stupid position.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: High-upside picks include: Joe Williams, Austin Hooper, DeAndre Washington, Tyler Lockett and Ted Ginn.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: Low-upside picks include: Robby Anderson, Mohamed Sanu, Chris Thompson and Jamaal Charles.

‘ll be adjusting some of my Fantasy Football Rankings based on these draft results, so check them out. Also, we’ll be doing mock drafts every Wednesday afternoon or evening, so come join us!

My Fantasy Team:

QB – Dak Prescott, Cowboys
RB – Le’Veon Bell, Steelers
RB – Jay Ajayi, Dolphins
WR – Keenan Allen, Chargers
WR – Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
RB/WR – Bilal Powell, RB, Jets
TE – Tyler Eifert, Bengals
K – Josh Scobee, Free Agent
DEF – Falcons Defense

BN – DeVante Parker, WR, Dolphins
BN – Rex Burkhead, RB, Patriots
BN – Cameron Meredith, WR, Bears
BN – Andrew Luck, QB, Colts
BN – Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints
BN – J.J. Nelson, WR, Cardinals

I usually hate the teams I draft, but not this time. Perhaps that’s because I had an early pick for once. I don’t think I’m weak anywhere. My running backs and tight end are strong. My receivers are fine, as long as Allen can stay healthy. Quarterback is probably weakest, but not if Prescott lives up to the hype and Luck can return healthy at some point.

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