2017 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft

July 27, 2017.

This is a 2017 Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft I took part in with 11 friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter (@walterfootball. As usual, I'll have analysis of my picks, as well as the best and worst selections every two rounds.

Just a heads up that we have 2017 Fantasy Football Mock Drafts every Wednesday afternoon or evening. Check out the forum or follow me on Twitter to find out when the next mock draft will be.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: I was considering two players with the 10th pick: Devonta Freeman and Jordy Nelson. I was leaning toward Nelson because I've walked away from every single mock draft frustrated with my receiving corps. I think I would have taken Nelson in real life, but I wanted to see what would happen if I selected Freeman. As it turned out, my instinct was right: All of the top receivers were quickly snatched off the board.

I'm happy with Michael Thomas, and I still would have gone with him had I chosen Nelson.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: I'll give "12" the nod for taking Nelson. I also thought that some of the running backs - particularly Todd Gurley and Jay Ajayi - provided good calue in the middle of the second round, as did Dez Bryant.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 1-2: This was discussed in our chat, but T.Y. Hilton was selected too early. If Andrew Luck is out for a few games because of his shoulder injury, Hilton's stats will suffer.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: As in Rounds 1-2, I liked one of my picks and didn't enjoy the other. I'm happy that Isaiah Crowell fell to me, as I was hoping for either him or Lamar Miller. As for C.J. Anderson, I'm a fan of him this year because he's in great shape. However, look at the receiver run after that. I missed out on some talented wideouts again. I should have waited on my third running back.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: Miller was a good pick, and I like Keenan Allen even more. I was hoping he'd fall to me at 3.10, but that was a pipe dream. As Emmitt would say, "a dream about pipes." As for the receivers I missed out on, I'd say Allen Robinson and Davante Adams were my favorites.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 3-4: I've made many rants about Spencer Ware and Carlos Hyde over the summer. Check out my Fantasy Football Busts page for more. Hyde is looking better now, but it could be a ploy by the 49ers to trade him, which I guess is still good news for his fantasy owners.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: See what happens when you wait on receivers? I like Pierre Garcon and Stefon Diggs, but it seems way too early to take them in Rounds 5-6. Lesson learned!

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: Some of the running backs chosen here provide good value, including Danny Woodhead, Dalvin Cook, Joe Mixon and Adrian Peterson. Doug Martin as well in Round 6.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 5-6: The only pick I didn't like in these two rounds was Brandon Marshall. He's slowing down and a shell of his former self. I wouldn't take him in the first eight rounds.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: Unless you receive tremendous value - i.e. Aaron Rodgers in Round 4 - you can wait on a quarterback this year. Receiver and running back are too thin to pass on them, especially the former. Someone like Russell Wilson is fine in the seventh frame.

I was debating between John Brown and a tight end like Martellus Bennett and Kyle Rudolph, but I thought one of them would fall to me in the ninth round. Whoops! I don't mind Brown though, as it seems as though he'll rebound this year.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: I'll give Bennett and Rudolph the nod here, as I was considering them 10 spots earlier. Also, Eric Decker was someone I was considering at 10.03.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 7-8: I'm not sure I'd take Samaje Perine over Robert Kelley, as I expect the latter to be the starter. I don't hate the pick, though. Also, Frank Gore is running on fumes and provides no value in the seventh round.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: Speaking of Kelley, I'm happy to scoop him up in the ninth round. Kelley isn't a flashy pick, but he's a solid choice here, as he's a dependable backup I can use during bye weeks. Kelley still runs behind a solid offensive line, so he should do well.

Hunter Henry is my starting tight end, and I'm fine with that. I should note that I would have taken Henry at 9.10 had Will or 12 not had a tight end on their roster. They had tight ends, so I could wait on Henry.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: There are some great value picks in these two rounds, including DeVante Parker, Kareem Hunt, C.J. Prosise, Duke Johnson, Joe Williams and Thomas Rawls. Also, I should mention Andrew Luck. He's a big risk, but the payoff is well worth it in the ninth round.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 9-10: There's nothing too terrible in these two rounds. Jack Doyle might be a bit underwhelming with Andrew Luck hurt, but he might have been the best tight end available, so I don't hate the pick.

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: I had Jamaal Williams queued up, but Pistol stole him away from me. Adam Thielen would be fine if I didn't already have Stefon Diggs. As a result, I'm not too happy with the choice. As for Carson Wentz, he's in my Fantasy Football Sleepers list, though I should note that I was hoping for either Philip Rivers or Dak Prescott.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: Williams, obviously, and also Rivers and Prescott. Matthew Stafford would've been the choice had Wentz been off the board.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 11-12: The four defenses chosen were definitely the worst picks. Again, don't take defenses this early!

MY PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: I was looking for a running back, and it seemed like Alvin Kamara provided the most value. He could be a big factor in the passing game, even as a rookie.

I've been taking Atlanta's defense because of the matchup with the Bears in Week 1. As for David Akers, well, let's just say that I'm not going to be getting many points from my kicker.

BEST PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: High-upside picks include: Latavius Murray, Darren McFadden (if Ezekiel Elliott is suspended), Kevin White, Sterling Shepard, Austin Hooper, O.J. Howard, Marlon Mack and Evan Engram.

WORST PICKS, ROUNDS 13-15: Low-upside picks include: Carson Palmer, Coby Fleener, Cole Beasley, Ryan Tannehill and Ted Ginn.

'll be adjusting some of my Fantasy Football Rankings based on these draft results, so check them out. Also, we'll be doing mock drafts every Wednesday afternoon or evening, so come join us!

My Fantasy Team:

QB - Russell Wilson, Seahawks
RB - Devonta Freeman, Falcons
RB - Isaiah Crowell, Browns
WR - Michael Thomas, Saints
WR - Pierre Garcon, 49ers
RB/WR - C.J. Anderson, RB, Broncos
TE - Hunter Henry, Chargers
K - David Akers, Retirement Home
DEF - Falcons Defense

BN - Stefon Diggs, WR, Vikings
BN - John Brown, WR, Cardinals
BN - Robert Kelley, RB, Redskins
BN - Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings
BN - Carson Wentz, QB, Eagles
BN - Alvin Kamara, RB, Saints

One of these days, I'm going to be happy with my draft haul. This one isn't bad, but it could've been much better had I stuck with my instinct and selected Jordy Nelson at 1.10. I like my running backs, and my quarterback is good, but I'm weak at receiver and tight end.


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