2019 NFL Mock Draft – Round 1 (17-32) – Charlie Campbell

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17. NFL Team Logo for Giants New York Giants: Clelin Ferrell, ,

I think the Giants will come away from Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft with a quarterback and an edge rusher. If they land their quarterback at No. 6, then they could target an edge rusher like Ferrell at No. 17. If they take an edge rusher like Josh Allen at No. 6, then I think this pick would be targeting Daniel Jones first and Dwayne Haskins second.

Ferrell totaled 55 tackles with 11.5 sacks, 19.5 tackles for a loss, four passes batted and three forced fumbles in 2018. In 2017, Clemson fielded a defensive line that was comprised of future first-round picks, and some sources think that Ferrell created some of the big plays for the other Clemson defensive linemen that season. For 2017, he totaled 66 tackles with 18 tackles for a loss, 9.5 sacks, one pass batted and two forced fumbles. Fellow defensive end Austin Bryant spent 2017 playing himself into being an early-rounder, but Bryant did well at cleaning up a lot of scrambling quarterbacks running away from Ferrell.

The 6-foot-4, 264-pound Ferrell has quickness, athleticism, instincts, and the ability to bend around the corner. He looks like an edge rusher with double-digit sack potential in the NFL.

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18. NFL Team Logo for Vikings Minnesota Vikings: Cody Ford, ,

The Vikings could use an upgrade at guard and would be fortunate to land Ford.

While Ford started at right tackle for the Sooners, he projects to very being flexible for the NFL with the ability to move inside to guard or go to left tackle. Ford was phenomenal in 2018 and created a buzz among scouts going through Norman. The 6-foot-3, 329-pounder is a big blocker at the point of attack with excellent athleticism and quick feet. Ford broke into the starting lineup in 2016 before a broken leg ended his year early. In 2017, he was banged up, yet played in every game, making some starts. Ford took his game to another level as a senior and dominated on the field.

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19. NFL Team Logo for Titans Tennessee Titans: Dexter Lawrence, ,

The Titans could use more beef on the defensive line, and I could see Mike Vrabel targeting Lawrence. Vrabel loved D.J. Reader with the Texans and comes from New England, where Vince Wilfork was a key cog during parts of the Patriots’ dynasty. Lawrence could be Vrabel’s long-term nose tackle in Tennessee.

Lawrence recorded 37 tackles with 7.5 for a loss, 1.5 sacks and three passes broken up in 2018. He totaled 34 tackles with 2.5 sacks in 2017. While Lawrence’s numbers were down in 2017 over his freshman season, he helped create a lot of sacks for those around him. Team sources who did advance work on the 2019 prospects said Lawrence wasn’t the same player as a sophomore, and they theorize he was playing with an injury that was not disclosed. As a junior, Lawrence was better than he was in 2017, but still not what he was as a freshman. He also hurt himself with a positive test that led to him being suspended for the playoff games against Notre Dame and Alabama.

The 6-foot-4, 342-pounder was a tremendous freshman to help Clemson win the 2016 season’s National Championship. NFL sources were raving about Lawrence in the 2017 preseason, as he was impossible to ignore in 2016. Lawrence was an All-Freshman selection all over the nation, plus was named the ACC Rookie of the Year. He totaled 63 tackles with 9.5 tackles for a loss, seven sacks and a pass batted for 2016. One national scout for an NFC team told me that they thought Lawrence was among the two most disruptive defensive linemen that season – along with Alabama’s Jonathan Allen.

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20. NFL Team Logo for Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers: DeAndre Baker, ,

Inside linebacker is a huge need for the Steelers, and around the league, many believe that the Steelers will jump at Bush if he gets to their pick. I think this pick will come down to Devin Bush, Byron Murphy and DeAndre Baker.

In 2018, Baker totaled 40 tackles with nine breakups, two interceptions and one forced fumble. On one of his interceptions, he dropped the ball in front of the end zone on what should have been a 57-yard pick-six. The 5-foot-11, 193-pounder was very impressive as the No. 1 cornerback for Georgia in 2017. He showed enough speed and athleticism to run with receivers and prevent separation. Baker totaled 44 tackles with nine passes broken up and three interceptions on the year. As a sophomore, he had two picks, five pass breakups and 31 tackles.

Some sources feel that while other corners might go ahead of Baker because of a better size/speed combination, he could be the best pure cover corner to run the route and prevent separation in the 2019 NFL Draft. Baker has some off-the-field concerns, and may not run the fastest times, so that combination could cause him to fall out of the first 10 picks.

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21. NFL Team Logo for Seahawks Seattle Seahawks: Rashan Gary, ,

The Seahawks could use another edge rusher, and it is a critical need since Frank Clark was traded away. Gary could be phenomenal in the Seattle defense.

In 2018, Gary totaled 43 tackles with 7.5 for a loss and 3.5 sacks. He opened the season by consistently burning Notre Dame’s offensive tackles and putting steady hits on quarterback Brandon Wimbush. Gary missed three games in October with a shoulder injury – an AC joint sprain. In 2017, Gary notched 65 tackles with six sacks, one forced fumble and 12 tackles for a loss.

The 6-foot-4, 277-pounder is a rare athlete who could turn into a dominant defender. Scouting sources said in the preseason that Gary had high first-round potential if he put everything together, but during 2018, some team sources felt the junior was more of a mid-first-rounder given his so-so production in college. Gary has a tremendous skill set with rare athleticism, speed and versatility. His upside is off the charts.

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22. NFL Team Logo for Ravens Baltimore Ravens: Marquise Brown, ,

The Ravens grab a mismatch big-play receiver for Lamar Jackson. I’ve heard that Baltimore’s coaching staff is high on Marquise Brown.

Brown is a home run hitter with great speed. He should be a DeSean Jackson-type receiver in the NFL if he can stay healthy. Brown is very undersized, and teams have durability concerns about him holding up while getting tackled by pro defenders. The 5-foot-9, 166-pounder has a thin frame and needs to get stronger for the NFL. If he can maintain his speed while adding weight, he could be a dynamic wide receiver.

Brown notched 75 receptions for 1,318 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2018. As a sophomore, he averaged 19.2 yards per reception for 1,095 yards on 57 catches with seven touchdowns. Brown is a fast wideout who is a threat to score anytime he catches a pass.

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23. NFL Team Logo for Texans Houston Texans: Chris Lindstrom, ,

This the initial first-round pick for Houston general manager Brian Gaine, so it will probably be a safe pick. The Texans signed Zach Fulton and Senio Kelemete last year, but they were disappointments, so the team still had issues on the interior of the offensive line. Here’s a tough player who will help improve the protection for Deshaun Watson.

Lindstrom (6-3, 308) is a really good blocker, and one can quickly tell that he is a pro-caliber offensive lineman. Lindstrom plays with good leverage and shows some heavy hands to manipulate defenders. While Lindstrom looks put together well, he shows some quickness to the second level and is more athletic than one would think from the eye ball test. Against the pass rush, Lindstrom uses his hands well with good placement and uses his hands to sustain his block. As a player, Lindstrom reminds me of the Chicago Bears’ Cody Whitehair. Lindstrom would be a good fit and a plug-and-play starter.

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24. NFL Team Logo for Raiders Las Vegas Raiders: Josh Jacobs, ,

The Raiders grab a feature back for Jon Gruden. Jacobs could be a difference-maker as a runner and also has the receiving skills that Gruden likes his backs to have. Gruden also likes big backs who are fast, which Jacobs fits.

Jacobs is a very physically gifted running back, and I know some team sources who are super high on him. Of the talented Alabama running backs, some scouts feel that Jacobs is the best NFL prospect in the group. The 5-foot-10, 220-pounder is fast with athleticism, agility, running instincts, balance, power, and quick feet. He only carried the ball 120 times in 2018, but turned that into 640 yards – 5.3 average – with 11 touchdowns. He also had 20 receptions for 247 yards and three scores. After being a rotational back for three years, Jacobs will be enter the NFL with very little wear-and-tear.

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25. NFL Team Logo for Eagles Philadelphia Eagles: Jeffery Simmons, ,

The Eagles could use a defensive tackle to go with Fletcher Cox, and the word is they really like Simmons.

The 6-foot-4, 301-pounder is a special player who possesses an excellent combination of speed, athleticism, size and strength. He has the ability to put pressure on the quarterback and cause a lot of disruption behind the line of scrimmage. Unfortunately for Simmons, he tore an ACL preparing for the combine, so he could miss part or all off his rookie season in the NFL. That injury could turn drop him from the top 10 to the back half of the first round or even Round 2.

In 2018, Simmons recorded 63 tackles with 17 tackles for a loss, two sacks, one forced fumble and four passes batted. As a sophomore, he totaled 60 tackles with five sacks, 12 tackles for a loss, one pass batted and two forced fumbles.

Simmons will be very polarizing because of off-the-field issues. In a video that is reminiscent of Joe Mixon, Simmons is seen beating a woman in a street fight, throwing multiple punches. Some teams that don’t consider players with a history of domestic violence simply won’t have Simmons on their draft boards.

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26. NFL Team Logo for Colts Indianapolis Colts: Rock Ya-Sin, ,

The Colts could use more cornerback talent, and Ya-Sin fits the mentality they’re cultivating of strong and physical players.

Ya-Sin started out his collegiate career at Presbyterian before transferring to Temple. As a senior, Ya-Sin totaled 47 tackles with 12 passes broken up and two interceptions. His best year at Presbyterian came as a junior, when he notched 49 tackles, eight passes broken up and five interceptions. Ya-Sin (5-11, 192) plays bigger than his size and shows a nice ability to run the route to prevent separation.

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27. NFL Team Logo for Raiders Las Vegas Raiders: Johnathan Abram, ,

The Raiders grab a safety to pair with Lamarcus Joyner, and this is a good value, letting them land the top safety in the draft late in the first round.

Abram recorded 99 tackles, two interceptions, five passes broken up, three sacks and nine tackles for a loss in 2018. He totaled 71 tackles with five passes broken up and two forced fumbles in 2017. In speaking with multiple area scouts who cover the Southeast, Abram received some praise for helping himself in 2017. He was a physical defender and around the ball consistently for the Bulldogs. Team evaluators feel that Abram is a solid player with starting potential. They like his physical style of play and the presence he provides on the back end. Abram (5-11, 205) is a violent enforcer in the middle of the field.

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28. NFL Team Logo for Chargers Los Angeles Chargers: Byron Murphy, ,

The Chargers grab a corner to go with Casey Hayward.

Murphy (6-1, 185) played well in 2018 as part of a loaded Washington secondary that was comprised of future NFL talent. He totaled 58 tackles with 13 passes broken up and four interceptions on the year. In his freshman season, he notched three interceptions with seven breakups and 16 tackles. Sources say Murphy is a polished corner, and they really like what he put on tape. They like his instincts, awareness, ability to play inside or outside, and the excellent coaching/preparation he received from former NFL defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake. Their concerns with Murphy are with his size and him having average playing speed.

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29. NFL Team Logo for Seahawks Seattle Seahawks: Darnell Savage, ,

I could see Seattle trading down from this pick and adding more picks on Day 2 of the 2019 NFL. In this spot, the Seahawks grab their replacement for Earl Thomas, and Savage has a similar style of play to Thomas.

Savage (5-11, 198) played really well for the Terrapins in 2018, showing he is a potential starting free safety for the NFL. In 2018, Savage totaled 52 tackles with four interceptions and two passes broken up. He does not have great size, but he makes up for it with quickness and instincts. Savage has a special skill set with the ability to contribute as a free safety and nickel cornerback. In the deep part of the field, Savage is good in zone coverage and has the potential to be a true single safety. He can play the deep centerfield and cover a lot of ground to shut down the deep part of the field. With his good instincts, speed and athleticism, Savage is an asset to prevent big plays downfield and keep offenses from scoring quickly.

Savage had three interceptions with 59 tackles and eight breakups as a junior. He broke into the starting lineup as a sophomore and totaled 59 tackles with an interceptions.

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30. NFL Team Logo for Packers Green Bay Packers: Noah Fant, ,

The Packers take a receiving mismatch weapon for Aaron Rodgers.

Iowa has produced a lot of good tight end prospects in recent years, and Fant could keep that trend going, along with T.J. Hockenson. Fant totaled 39 receptions for 519 yards and seven touchdowns in 2018. He hauled in 28 passes for 486 yards with 10 touchdowns as a sophomore in 2017. The 6-foot-4, 249-pounder has off-the-field concerns with teams, and that could help push him to Day 2. Fant needs to get better as a blocker for the NFL. He could have three-down starting potential with his ability to contribute as a receiver.

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31. NFL Team Logo for Rams Los Angeles Rams: Greedy Williams, ,

The Rams could use more cornerback talent as Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib are in the last year of their contracts. Here’s a good fit for Wade Phillips.

In 2018, Williams collected two interceptions, 32 tackles and nine passes broken up. He had some problems against Alabama, giving up multiple first downs, a touchdown, and a longer completion on which Jerry Jeudy burned him with speed. Team sources have also said that the Georgia tape exposed Williams for being vastly overrated by the media. Some evaluators who like Williams see him as a late first-rounder, and others have graded him in the second round. The evaluators who were down on Williams feel that he lacks strength and gets bumped around and out-physicaled. He can’t play inside, lacks instincts and awareness, and doesn’t make plays in off coverage. Hence, they feel he really fits a press-man system only.

Williams broke out in 2017 with six interceptions, 11 passes broken up and 38 tackles. He showed an ability to break on the ball, and impressive ball skills. One big problem for Williams (6-1, 185) is a skinny frame that he needs to add a lot of weight to for the NFL.

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32. NFL Team Logo for Patriots New England Patriots: Jerry Tillery, ,

I think the Patriots are serious candidates to trade up in Round 1 given all the picks they have on Day 2. The Patriots lost Malcom Brown in free agency, while Danny Shelton remains unsigned. New England values defensive tackles highly, and Tillery has a first-round skill set.

Tillery was excellent in the early going of 2018. Against Stanford, he turned in one of the best games of the year from any player in college football, dominating the Cardinal with four sacks, six tackles and a forced fumble. Tillery totaled 30 tackles with eight sacks, 10.5 tackles for a loss and three forced fumbles on the season. In 2017, he totaled 47 tackles with nine for a loss, 4.5 sacks and a forced fumble. Tillery had 37 tackles with three tackles for a loss in 2016. The sophomore played better than the numbers illustrate and caused some havoc in the backfield.

Tillery (6-6, 295) has a good skill set with size, speed, and athleticism to develop. In the pass rush, he displayed excellent strength to shed blocks, technique to get under the pads of offensive linemen, power to bull rush, and speed to close on the quarterback. He also is a stout run defender who is sound to hold his gap. Tillery has off-the-field concerns that could cause him to slide.

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