2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Tyler Guyton

  • Tyler Guyton, 6-7/328
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Oklahoma

Tyler Guyton Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Monster size
  • Talented
  • Huge upside
  • Overwhelming size
  • Tough for defenders to get around
  • Smooth for a big blocker
  • Quick to the second level, open field
  • Good in space
  • Large wing span
  • Gets depth in his drop to negate speed rushes
  • Ability to move his feet to get depth
  • Can win in the ground game
  • Can overwhelm defenders as a run blocker


  • Inconsistent
  • Immature
  • Makeup issues
  • Rawness
  • Needs to improve leverage at point of attack
  • Should improve hand placement
  • Could have weight issues in the NFL

Prospect Summary:

After starting out his collegiate career at TCU in 2021, Guyton transferred to Oklahoma and worked his way onto the field. He saw some action in 2022 before becoming a starter in 2023. Guyton had a quality year at right tackle for the Sooners.

In pass protection, defenders have a very difficult time getting pressures versus Guyton. His sheer size makes him very difficult for edge rushers to get around because he eats up so much space and his length means they have to take extra steps to get around him. Those things lead to the quarterback having more time to get the ball out. On top of overwhelming size and length, Guyton is quick and smooth on the edge. He has lateral quickness and agility for such a massive blocker. Thanks to his ability to play the typewriter with his feet and get depth in his drop, Guyton can neutralize speed rushers. Guyton’s size and weight can also shut down bull rushes when he does a good job of sinking his weight and anchoring.

Guyton can be effective in the ground game as well. He has the mass to overwhelm and engulf defenders at the point of attack. Guyton is smooth and not bad athletically for a massive blocker, so he is able to execute zone runs. While Guyton has the size of a monster, he is not naturally physical or violent. Guyton needs to play with more power and show more of a mean streak for the NFL.

There is no doubt that Guyton needs development and is inconsistent on the field. He can look very good for a number of plays and then get beaten or allow something he shouldn’t. That kind of inconsistency could be problematic for protecting his quarterback against NFL edge rushers. As a result, Guyton might not be ready to start immediately and could need some time to improve while under pro coaching.

An NFC area scout told WalterFootball.com:

Character stuff keeps him from being a lock first-round guy …. More of a trust issue there and him having to convince people moving forward that it’s a non-issue. His ability has never been questioned; other than he’s maddeningly inconsistent and picks his spots too often when to turn it on. Can’t do that on the next level, but he’s really talented kid.

“He’s going high unless he has an injury,” said an AFC area scout. “First-round talent, 15-25 potential. But really immature. He’s more talented than Anton [Harrison].”

Guyton has the ability to be a good starting tackle for the next level. In order for that to happen, he has to mature and work hard. Guyton could end up as a first- or second-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Prospect Comparison:

Phil Loadholt. Some team sources have said Guyton is similar to Loadholt. Both are massive offensive linemen from Oklahoma. Loadholt (6-8, 345) was a second-round pick, and Guyton should be an early-rounder this year in the 2024 NFL Draft.


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