2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Amarius Mims

  • Amarius Mims, 6-7/340
  • Offensive Tackle
  • Georgia

Amarius Mims Scouting Report

By Charlie Campbell


  • Tremendous skill set
  • Extremely talented
  • Elite athlete
  • Great arm length – 36.13 inches
  • Massive wing span – 86.75 inches
  • Ideal height, length, weight
  • Superb athleticism
  • Fast to mirror speed rushers
  • Can play the typewriter to cut off the corner
  • Fast to the second level, open field
  • Outstanding body lean
  • Bends at the knee
  • Good leverage overall
  • Fires out of his stance
  • Quick hands to engage defenders
  • Superb ability to sustain bolocks
  • Excellent agility
  • Smooth mover
  • Blocks with an attitude
  • Punishes second-level defenders
  • Quick feet
  • Easily gets depth in his drop to neutralize speed rushers
  • Bends at the knee
  • Doesn’t have to reach for rushers
  • Can defenders off the ball
  • Able to generate movement as a run blocker
  • Asset in short yardage
  • Walls off and ties up defenders in the ground game
  • Bulk to hold his ground against bull rushes
  • Can anchor against bull rushes
  • Excellent body composition
  • Little body fat
  • Athletic upside
  • Has ton of upside
  • Fits man- or zone-blocking schemes


  • Lacks experience
  • Very few starts in college
  • Durability
  • Injured twice in his only season as a starter

Prospect Summary:

In the passing-driven NFL, edge protection is critical at keeping franchise quarterbacks healthy and effective. Coaches also want offensive lineman capable of generating movement in the ground game and helping to establish the run. Mims has a top-10 skill set with incredible natural talent. He is one of the freakiest athletes in the 2024 NFL Draft, and the only reason why he won’t go as a top-10 pick is because of his lack of experience.

During their prolific run over 2022 and 2023, Georgia produced a series of freak athletes, and Mims will keep that tradition going in 2024. He was a rotational backup as an underclassman, but at the end of his sophomore season in 2022, Mims was pressed into more playing time due to injury. In a college football playoff game, Mims dominated Ohio State making it look easy with how he was toying with Ohio State’s hyped-up defensive ends.

As a junior in 2023, Mims was superb, but he also missed significant time with an ankle injury and later got injured during the SEC Championship game. Despite starting fewer than 10 games in college, his dominant ability and freakish skill set were well-known across the scouting community. The durability concerns around Mims were given fresh validation at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine when a hamstring injury kept him from completing the tests.

In pass protection, Mims has shocking quickness for such a big blocker and shows impressive agility to mirror speed rushers coming around the edge. He should be an asset to take on the fast edge rushers of the NFL because he is quick out of his stance, reacts immediately to cut off the corner, and ties up defenders to keep them from running the loop around the edge. With his quick feet, long arms, and a tremendous ability to bend at the knee, Mims doesn’t have to reach after rushers and is not a waist bender. He uses his length well to tie up rushers and does a very good job of sustaining his blocks. Mims also has a very strong base to hold up against bull rushes. Mims is bursting with talent, and he often makes it look easy with how he shuts down good defensive ends. The only real flaw with Mims is his lack of experience, and the raw elements of his game should get ironed out with pro coaching.

As a run blocker, Mims can dominate, blocking with aggression and a mean streak. Finding nasty bullies up front is getting more difficult as the up-tempo and spread offense has changed the game. Mims is a throwback who blocks through the whistle, pushes defenders around, buries them into the ground, and finishes them off with violence. Mims displays developed strength to push defenders out of their gaps and open holes in the ground game. Utilizing his heavy hands, Mims is able to sustain his blocks after shocking defenders backward. He also has stunning quickness and athleticism to get to the second level. Mims seemingly flies to the second level and is very agile in space to hit blocks on second-level defenders. He can pull and would be a fit in a zone-blocking or power-man scheme. Mims has special size, strength, and athleticism to overwhelm defensive linemen.

Mims is not a finished product and has room for improvement. He needs to continue to refine his technique in pass protection. Sometimes, he gets in trouble when his weight gets over his toes, so keeping his weight in a good place and maintaining good conditioning will help to prevent that. Most of all, Mims just needs playing experience. He also needs to stay healthy. Mims’ injury issues in his one year as a starter, combined with not completing the workout at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine, are worrisome as to his ability to avoid getting hurt at the next level.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, Mims looks likely to be a mid- to late first-round pick.

Prospect Comparison:

Tyron Smith. Team sources have said Mims’ skill set and body are similar to Smith coming out of USC. Smith has been an outstanding offensive tackle for the Cowboys, and if Mims lands with the right team, he has that kind of All-Pro potential as well.


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