2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jake Locker

  • Good arm strength
  • Strong, athletic build with good height
  • Outstanding speed and agility for a quarterback
  • Fluid athlete
  • Great footwork; smooth mechanics
  • Good accuracy
  • Very quick delivery
  • Gets legs, hips into throw
  • Evades rushers to get throws off
  • Huge running threat
  • Terrific pocket awareness; nice instincts
  • Can throw on the run
  • Love how he sells play action
  • Competitive; good leader
  • Keeps head up out of pocket; passer first – runner second
  • Displays good timing
  • Productive; won despite poor supporting cast
  • One year in West Coast offense
  • Shown improvement and ability to learn NFL scheme
  • A lot of upside
  • Good work ethic
  • Natural feel for the position
  • Franchise quarterback

  • Will miss open receivers; limited field vision
  • Lacks a lot of polish
  • Inconsistent spiral on ball
  • Tendency to lock onto primary receiver
  • Sometimes forces throws
  • Hesitates/gets anxious in pocket
  • Occasionally indecisive with ball
  • Needs more experience learning before handed starting job in NFL

    Summary: If Jimmy Clausen wasn’t in this draft and I needed a quarterback, I wouldn’t hesitate to take Jake Locker No. 1 overall. Locker could very well go No. 1 this year even with Clausen, but we´┐Żll see. He is a highly unpolished prospect, but has shown the potential and intangibles to warrant a team believing he can develop. He will be a top-five pick. Don’t be shocked if Al Davis or Daniel Snyder trades the farm for him.

    Player Comparison: Jake Plummer. Plummer was a highly mobile quarterback with a similar build to Locker. Plummer was also an inconsistent decision-maker. But Locker isn’t the gunslinger Plummer was.


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