2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Brandon Graham

  • Plays with great strength
  • Outstanding motor and doesn’t take plays off
  • Elite level of production (29.5 career sacks)
  • Sets the edge in run support
  • Strong, active hands
  • Extends arms – knows how to disengage
  • Shows rip, swim, spin, club moves
  • Makes plays in pursuit
  • Knows how to set up an offensive tackle
  • Tough and plays through injuries
  • Plays with very sound technique
  • Quick to diagnose
  • Good intangibles
  • Great Senior Bowl week

  • Lacks a quick first step
  • Unimpressive speed and explosion
  • Below average height and poor arm length (30.5″)
  • Limited athletically
  • Not comfortable in coverage
  • Stiff hips
  • Can he play standing up?
  • Might be 4-3 left defensive end only

    Summary: The Lamarr Woodley comparisons are cliche and obvious, but Graham doesn’t have Woodley’s long arms or first step. However, Graham is the prospect I’m somewhat afraid to doubt. He put out very good tape and he’ll give you everything he’s got to make it in the league. If a team wants to convert Graham to outside linebacker, then they will have to find a way to hide his deficiencies in coverage. I don’t think Graham is a top-25 first-round value, and I think he’s a better college than pro player. Graham is going to come off the board in the top 40 picks.

    Player Comparison: Dewayne White. White has a non-stop motor, is great in run support, and has similar size to Brandon Graham.


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