2023 NBA Offseason Grade – Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz- Grade: C+


  • John Collins
  • Taylor Hendricks
  • Brice Sensabaugh
  • Keyonte George
  • Omer Yurtseven


  • Rudy Gay

So what happened to rebuilding in Utah? The franchise has had an odd offseason. I actually really liked most of the moves, as the team added three starting talents in the 2023 NBA Draft and nailed the Collins trade. My issue is that the Jazz need to simply develop their immense group of talent, but as is Danny Ainge’s way, they keep finding ways to improve.


  • Jordan Clarkson- Grade: A
  • Omer Yurtseven- Grade: B


  • John Collins- Grade: A

Jazz’s 2023 NBA Draft – Grade: C+

  • No. 9: Taylor Hendricks, F, Central Florida
  • No. 16: Keyonte George, SG, Baylor
  • No. 28: Brice Sensabugh, SF, Ohio State

The Jazz were the only team that had three first-rounders, and I like their work. I personally would not have drafted Hendricks at No. 9, but he’s a fantastic athlete and a big-time offensive prospect. I love the George pick, as he was a natural fit. George should become Utah’s starting two guard and was one of the draft’s elite bucket getters. He will be a nice replacement for Jordan Clarkson. Sensabaugh was on a poor Ohio State team, but he was excellent himself and provides a lot of scoring. It looks like the Jazz wanted offense in the draft, as they added three excellent scorers to an already really talented offense.