2011 NBA Mock Draft: Experts

Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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2011 NBA Mock Draft – Real Version
2011 NBA Mock Draft – Walt’s
2011 NBA Draft Prospect Rankings: C | PF | SF | SG | PG
2012 NBA Mock Draft
Updated: June 23, 2011.
  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving, PG, Duke, 6-3, Fr.
    Guest GM: Will Smith, MooRadio.com

    With the addition of PG Davis the Cavs saw what a real point gurard can do for an offense. Irving has great floor vision and makes very sound decisions. He will score a little more than you expect and if the Cavs can get a true 3 point shooter will be able to penetrate and dump the ball back for a trey.

  2. Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Williams, SF, Arizona, 6-9, So.
    Guest GM: Peter Christian, The Sports Bank

    Williams is a dynamic player that has improved from a decent recruit into a Naismith candidate in his two years at Arizona. Some question his true position, but the Sophomore is a proven worker that will exude the necessary effort to do what he needs to help his team win. I believe in this kid’s skills, but I’m confidently taking him with the 2nd overall pick because I believe in this kid’s character.

  3. Utah Jazz: Kemba Walker, PG, UConn, 6-1, Jr.
    Guest GM: David Kay, The Sports Bank

    If I am a general manager in need of backcourt help like the Jazz, I think Kemba is a game-changer, a winner, a fierce competitor, lightning quick, has that NBA-ready step back jumper. Sure, he is only 6-1 and not the best outside shooter, but I will take those intangibles and hope his shot becomes more consistent with time. I like Kemba more than Brandon Knight, and am not married to Devin Harris as the long-term point guard so I am throwing the first curve ball in this draft and taking Walker. By the way, I feel VERY good about this selection.

  4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Enes Kanter, C, Kentucky, 6-11, Fr.
    Guest GM: Will Smith, MooRadio.com

    The Cavs need a center but there are a lot of power forwards forced to play C. Kanter is the leading candidate for them at 4. Afterall, he has the John Calipari seal of approval. Unfortunately he did not get the NCAA seal and was not able to play for the Wildcats. He is short for a true C but those are hard to find. He will either be a big factor or Cavs fans will say “it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  5. Toronto Raptors: Brandon Knight, PG, Kentucky, 6-3, Fr.
    Guest GM: Chase Ruttig, RaptorsRapture.com

    This mock brought up my worst fears in this draft as there is no real team changer and picks 5-12 won’t be much different. I am picking Knight because, well, he is a guard and Jose Calderon is being run out of town. Now excuse me I am going to go on suicide watch ’til Friday.

  6. Washington Wizards: Jan Vesely, F, Czech Republic, 6-11, 1989
    Guest GM: DevonNBA, MidwestSportsFan.com

    One of the most versatile, if not the most versatile player in this draft. At 6’11 and 230 lbs, Jan Vesely can present problems to a defense in numerous ways. His length can be nightmares for undersized defenders on the post, and his quickness and explosiveness to the rim can be troublesome for taller, less athletic defenders.

  7. Sacramento Kings: Jimmer Fredette, PG, BYU, 6-2, Sr.
    Guest GM: Gregory Dix, KingsGab.com

    Jimmer is a big boy. I’m not convinced he will save this franchise but he will help. The broke and notoriously fickle Maloof bros are in love with him.

  8. Detroit Pistons: Bismack Biyombo, PF, Congo, 6-9, 1992.
    Guest GM: H. Jose Bosch, The Sports Bank

    The Pistons need a guy in the paint right now, not to mention a pick that fans will want to see after a dismal 2010-11 campaign. That’s why I’m taking Bismack Biyombo if I’m Joe Dumars. What he lacks on offense (and he lacks quite a lot) he makes up for in serious defense. He has the potential to become another Ben Wallace, especially since he’d be undersized for his position and the Pistons could use a guy like this. Biyombo is probably the most raw talent in the draft, but with such a weak class and the potential to play this guy right away, it’s well worth the risk.

  9. Charlotte Bobcats: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State, 6-7, So.
    Guest GM: John Pettice, BobcatsPlanet.com

    The trade of Gerald Wallace last season combined with the age of current starting SF Stephen Jackson make it an absolute must to pick up a young SF in this year’s draft. With Leonard’s athleticism and measurables, he has the potential to be the Bobcats SF of the future.

  10. Milwaukee Bucks: Alec Burks, SG, Colorado, 6-6, So.
    Guest GM: Jake McCormick, We’reBucked.com

    The Milwaukee Bucks’ wing play in 2010-11 left a strong taste of bile in their mouths, and Alec Burks and Washington State shooting guard Klay Thompson are sitting at the top of their board at pick 10. The Bucks will have to choose between upgrading their athleticism and pure scoring ability (Burks) or adding a long range bomber to help them spread the floor (Thompson). Shooting can always be improved if the talent is there, and Burks’ multidimensional abilities as a scorer, passer, and surprisingly strong rebounder give him the nod over the Cougars all-time leader in three point shooting.

  11. Golden State Warriors: Tristan Thompson, PF, Texas, 6-9, Fr.
    Guest GM: Evanz, MidwestSportsFan.com

    Length, post defender, upside, high ceiling, motor, tough, work ethic

  12. Utah Jazz: Chris Singleton, SF, Florida State, 6-9, Jr.
    Guest GM: David Kay, The Sports Bank

    I was really tempted to take Jordan Hamilton since I think he is hugely undervalued in the 2011 NBA Draft, but Chris Singleton gives us a versatile defender who can step in right away and replace what the Jazz will likely lose in free agency with Andrei Kirilenko being a free agent.

  13. Phoenix Suns: Marcus Morris, PF, Kansas, 6-9, Jr.
    Guest GM: Will Cantrell, BrightSideOfTheSun.com

    The Phoenix Suns are not in the position to make a risky choice at #13. The team is aging, in transition, and has many holes to fill. This is why the Suns will take Marcus Morris at the 13. Morris provides the Suns with 3 vital attributes of a draft pick for the franchise: 1. He is a fairly polished player. 2. He is a scorer, and 3. He projects as an NBA PF. Further, Morris isn’t a one dimensional player. He can take it to the rack, and he can also step out and hit a 15 footer. He’s not yet the defender or rebounder the Suns desperately need down low, but he’s go the tools, desire, and athleticism to develop into “that guy” who makes all of us in the desert forget about Amare Stoudemire.

  14. Houston Rockets: Klay Thompson, SG, Wash St., 6-7, Jr.
    Guest GM: Bill Ingram, HOOPSWORLD.com

    The Rockets have two primary needs this summer, a starting center and a replacement for Shane Battier on the wing. Thompson fills the latter role well, especially because he’s a dead eye shooter in spot-up situations. He got the bulk of this offense from isolations (23.5%) and spot-up plays (22.1%), and that fits Houston’s style of play perfectly.

  15. Indiana Pacers: Kenneth Faried, PF, Morehead State, 6-7, Sr.
    Guest GM: Nick Grays, The Sports Bank

    The Pacers could use some versatility in their frontcourt since they are very thin up-front. Markieff Morris brings good size but also the ability to step out and knock down jump shots.

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Written by Paul Banks of the Washington Times, and David Kay of the The Sports Bank.
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